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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6pm  FOX  June 8, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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moment. >> the bill introduced in congress today is in direct response to the nationwide >> reporter: house and senate protests of is over. democrats to need for an eight minute moment of silence in honor of george floyd and then they introduced the justice in policing act, a bill that has over 200 cosponsors. >> black americans unjustifiably have violence, experience violence at the hands of police. >> reporter: it will require cameras, and been chokeholds a no knock warrant in drug cases. it lowers the bar for qualified immunity which shields police from lawsuits. >> a profession where you have the power to kill should be a profession that requires highly trained officers accountable to the public. we cannot settle for anything less than transformative structural change . >> reporter: there may be limits. black lives matter protesters around the country are calling for police departments to be
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defunded. there appears to be little support on the federal level. >> there will be to funding or dismantling of our police. >> reporter: joe biden does not want to defend, the fun police departments. a campaign official states this funding would also go towards diversifying police department so they resembled the communities in which they serve. at the white house, there has been talk of trump giving a speech on racial inequality but nothing is planned. fox news. derek chauvin did not enter a plea at his first court hearing today. he appeared on closed-circuit television from a maximum- security prison wearing a mask in handcuffs.
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the judge raised his bail at the request of the prosecutors from $1 million to $1,000,000.25. he is charged with second- degree murder and george floyd's death and he is the officer see kneeling on floyd's neck. in houston today people paid their respects to george floyd before he is laid to rest tomorrow. >> you see people from all different backgrounds and colors and creeds coming together. >> hundreds of mourners were there for a six hour long public viewing. he was raised in houston and then moved to minneapolis several years ago. the viewing comes after his death a memorial day. >> this is a history making day. this was an events that made the whole world stop and listen. we are happy that white america has finally heard us when we say we cannot breathe. they not only hurt us, but they
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join in with us to let us know we have their support. >> joe biden travel to houston today and recorded a video message to play during his funeral service tomorrow. the funeral for george floyd will be at 9:00 a.m. our time and carried live in uninterrupted on ktvu plus. we will stream the service live on that ktvu news app. a new budget plan will be released that will reject calls to the phone the police department. shifting money from san jose police to other programs would undermine the cities reform efforts and her, her communities most in need of help. >> the minneapolis police department the city council announced they plan to disband the cities police department and invest in public safety
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programs instead. the police chief announcing changes to crowd control policy specifically banning the use of rubber bullets to dispersed crowds. this comes due to major during recent protests. eddie garcia says projectiles will only be used when a person is actively attacking an officer or another person or with someone armed poses a protest extract public defenders came together today to protest racial injustice and police brutality. they gathered in front of the hall of justice. they observed eight minutes and 46 seconds of silence in memory of george floyd. that was the amount of time an officer had his knee on floyd's neck. in martinez people join defenders for a black lives
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matter there. to oakland now where a large vigil is taking place for a man killed by police over the weekend. a few hundred demonstrators gathered at elmhurst elementary not far from where the 23-year- old was shot and killed by chp officers on saturday. they say he was driving a stolen car. his pregnant girlfriend was also shot. as our crime reporter explains, his family is demanding answers. >> reporter: video from a witness shows the chaos and you can hear the wheels of a car still spinning after the driver was shot and killed by the chp. sources say several chp officers believed they were in danger of getting hit by the
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car. they fired more than 40 rounds from the rifles killing the 22- year-old, the father of the three-year-old daughter. his family is outraged. >> arrest him and do something but why did they have to kill him? >> his girlfriend was also shot who is expecting. >> she was shot in the stomach and the arm. and after he passed away, they were yelling at them to come out of the car. >> reporter: a spokesman declined to comment referring questions to the lead agency. opt had no new information. the chp officers are part of a task force and the stolen car was one of the 74 stolen from the san leandro dealership. >> how could you have that kind of firepower in an intercity over a potential stolen car?
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>> she and the family have contacted a civil rights attorney. >> that doesn't justify the use of excessive deadly force. it doesn't make any sense to me and there is no legal justification for it. >> what happened wasn't right to happen. >> the alameda county das office will determine whether the shooting was legally justified. this was the 10th deadly shooting since easter. ktvu fox2 news . he was armed with pipe bombs and ar 15 sent a pistol.
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they say he was targeting police officers. we learn how a neighbor wrist to safety to tackle the armed man. >> taken away after being taken down. he's the air force sergeant who shot and killed a santa cruz sheriff sergeant. >> he was dangerous and he's an angry man intent on bringing harm to police officers. he murdered the sergeant and he entered another deputy and another police officer. he's going to be held accountable tick >> after police say he ambushed deputies, he was seen carjacking at least one person and may have victimized others. it came down to a backyard where a curious neighbor tackled the man police say was armed with a and ar 15. >> it was a remarkable and heroic thing that resident did.
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and he does not want to be named. >> he attempted to set off pipe bombs and reach for repairs so all before investigators say he was wrestled to the ground. this guy could've done a lot more damage in our community had that resident not taken the action he did. >> reporter: the fbi is seeing if the white van and drive by shooting and oakland matches the van used in the killing of the sergeant. we are investigating the possibility of links between these cases. >> investigators say he was targeting police. >> we will be filing appropriate charges based on the investigation as it is unfolding. i can assure you that this person will be brought to justice. >> this memorial stands as a
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place to honor the sergeant as a community tries to make sense of what happened and why. >> he is expected to face several charges including first- degree murder. he will be arraigned on friday. social distancing bubbles now encourage and alameda county. we will explain what that means. guidance for school reopening slate out today in preparation for the fall. we will tell you about changes being recommended. >> tomorrow and wednesday the next couple of days will be warm. the five day forecast is coming up. sex is seen for miles burning off of parkview boulevard. we will show you what caught on fire and the damage. taking a look at conditions on the san mateo bridge. there were more cars out on the
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road, but not too bad right now. it is nothing like the pre- covid traffic. we will be right back.
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the u.s. is closed to 2 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus the more the 110,000 deaths. in california, 131,000 confirmed cases of 4600 people have died. in the bay area 15,000 cases and 464 deaths. a contra costa county the health officer is relaxing stay- at-home restrictions. hair salons and barbershops will reopen an indoor restaurant dining will be allowed. bars, gems, hotels and museums can reopen with restrictions. contra costa county isn't the only county moving forward.
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social bubbles are the new thing today. >> reporter: monday marks the start of the first full week with social distancing bubbles part of the new norm in alameda county. >> we are allowing you to have contact outside your home to have that social connection to be around each other outdoors and still for the adults with face coverings and physical distancing and we want people to have that next layer of interaction. >> it allows up to one dozen people from one or multiple household together together outside. they cannot fix or merge with another bubble.'s another step to ease shelter and placed restrictions. leaders are allowing businesses to offer in-store shopping and restaurants to offer outdoor dining. great progress has been me
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slowing the spread of the coronavirus. >> i'd like it if it would move a little faster and as safely as possible. >> religious services are now allowed. officials credit early implementation of shelter in place orders is saving thousands of lives. >> i think that this really speaks to the tension between the needs for society to get back to work and people to get a job and businesses to get up and running and the desire to try to maintain some semblance of control of social interaction that minimizes the spread of the virus. >> back in march, actually february -- >> officials are pressing for more contact tracing before the next phase of reopening can move forward. >> it will depend on how
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quickly they can increase the speed of testing and contact tracing. there are concerns the demonstrations and protests could lead to a spike in covid cases and slow down the progress toward a full reopening. ktvu fox2 news . google maps is adding a new covid-19 feature to help users navigate restrictions. google made the announcement today. it is intended to provide people with more information about coronavirus restrictions. it will talk about transportation and local covid- 19 testing centers and information about covert 19 checkpoints. the world health organization is saying it's rare for people without covid symptoms the spread of the coronavirus.
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those patients are not likely to pass the virus on to others. during the early days of the output they thought they could silently spread covid-19. >> it appears to be rare that an asymptomatic person can transmit onward. what we really want to be focused on are the symptomatic cases. if we followed all of the symptomatic cases because we know this is a respiratory pathogen. >> in the meantime, the director general is reminding protesters to be cautious and practice social distancing while out demonstrin the winds of died down a little bit and that red flag warning in the winters area near the fire zone, that red flag warning will be dropped in the next hour or so.
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that includes davis in vacaville in fairfield. the winds have died down. sfo , you can see a little bit of wind. the fog is not coming back and the temperatures are going up. with that in mind we will see warmer temperatures and hotter as we go into tuesday and wednesday. by wednesday, we could easily see the mid-90s. not record-setting stuff and there shouldn't be any red flag warnings or spare the air days. definitely a warm up. today's highs are warmer than yesterday. we got out of the 70s and into the mid-80s in fairfield, annie up, highs will come up another 5 degrees. gusting to near 30 miles per hour at sfo.
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so winds dying down and no fog and that means heat. we will look at the latest computer model in your five day forecast specifically for tomorrow and wednesday. a fast-moving brush fire in solano county has grown to more than 1800 acres. the fire started on saturday afternoon on quail canyon road. three buildings have been damaged including one home and 600 firefighters are working the fire with hand crews and bulldozers building containment lines. cal fire per containment and 50%. the cause remains under investigation. fire crews responded to a structure fire this afternoon. the call came in at 230. video showing a lot of smoke in that area. this was a commercial building with retail on the ground floor and apartments above.
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two workers were rescued from the roof of the building and no injuries have been reported. no word yet on how the fire started. after the break, rebuilding santa clara's counties anderson tim. of $500 million project to make it seismically safe . a neighborhood conflict in san francisco. frustrations over the painting of a rock that serves as a community bulletin board. it's hard to eat a whole pizza.
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pg&e and is it will move is a quarters to oakland. the building will be located on lakeside drive. pg&e says it will be less expensive and once the building is sold that gain will be returned to customers. the company prepare some emerge from bankruptcy. pg&e says new headquarters will be a better and more efficient use of space and provide an easier commute for employees that live in the east bay. is expected to happen in 2022 and be complete by 2023. federal dam safety regulators have ordered the largest reservoir in the south bay to be drained and repaired. it is not earthquake safe. we go through the $500 million plan to rebuild anderson dam over the next 10 years.
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>> reporter: the feds fear in a major earthquake of full anderson reservoir dam wall but release a massive water flow that would find its way to the bay and ocean killing thousands in the process. starting october one big huge reservoir will be drained at the rate of 65 million gallons per day the equivalent of 7200 large tanker trucks every day through the end of the year. what if a major quake word ahead today? >> we expect the dam was slop about 20 feet. we've got a restricted reservoir level lower than that. >> reporter: the reservoir currently just less than one third full continue to be used for human consumption taking it down to 11% of capacity. while some of the water will be released and coyote creek, much of it will be prompted to underground aquifers and the agency will rescue any remaining fish. and then contractors will build
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a 24 foot wide tunnel that will protect a slew of why they placed outflow pipes. >> during a major earthquake the piping in that tunnel could move up to four feet. it has been sized accordingly so within that diameter the pipes will go four foot one way or another and not be damage and continue to operate. >> reporter: that would increase the water flow. after that, build a new seismically safe super to be completed in a decade. >> our spillway would pass all the flows in our outlet tunnel would be intact and are outlet pipe it would continue to work. >> reporter: even though the dam has survived three major earthquakes, that is simply not good enough. >> safety is our number protect residents and do this work in a timely manner, efficient and
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protect our citizens. >> valley water says it has ample storage and other reservoirs and underground aquifers to supply the needs for humans, wildlife, and the environment. ktvu fox2 news . coming up, pg&e are 55 pages of recommendations on how schools across california can reopen in the fall. we will outline the guidance released by the department of education. the nfl issued guidance about opening their practice facilities. and the fallout continues tonight as more gems and sponsors cut ties with crossfit after the company ceo made an offensive tweet over the weekend.
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authorities release more details on the suspect in a deadly shooting of a santa cruz. air force staff sergeant stephen curry rio is under arrest. today investigators said he wrestled him to the ground even though he was armed with an ar 15 rifle. the motive is not clear but investigators say the suspect was targeting police. a large vigil was held in oakland this afternoon following the shooting death of a stolen car suspect by officers over the weekend. family and friends say erik
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salgado was killed unjustly. police are investigating. police say erik salgado was behind the wheel of a car stolen from a san leandro car dealership during a night of looting. erik salgado's family has contacted a civil rights attorney. congress knelt in honor of george floyd today. the bill would require law enforcement to carry body and dashboard cameras, limit transfer of military weapons and also been chokeholds and no knock warrants and drug cases and lowers the bar for qualified immunity which yields police from lawsuits. you are watching ktvu fox2 news at 6:30. the state department of education released guidance for schools to reopen in the fall.
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physical distancing, regular symptom screening and masks are being recommended but not required . >> reporter: students will have to adapt under this document released by the superintendent of public instruction. it is called stronger together. a guidebook for reopening california schools. >> we are advising schools to open with student and staff wearing face coverings and maintaining six feet of distance at all times. >> reporter: recommends those face coverings p1 in class and consideration for others that refuse or not able to wear masks. there will be temperature checks upon arrival. it includes information on what to do if someone demonstrates symptoms of covid-19. >> it will give the school's time to plan and measure their campuses on how to deal with six feet of spacing and to give thought to how they will arrange those schedules.
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>> reporter: the state provides for examples of blended learning. grade levels could rotate when they intend in person. younger grades could attend while older students continued distance-learning. they could choose to stacker class start times in the morning and afternoon. >> it really depends on the context for the district and the needs of the community . >> reporter: they recommend they accommodate distance- learning if they can to reduce class sizes. the state legislature has come back to the table with its own version that has cuts. ppe will be available for all schools. they still need federal funding . >> there is nothing more important right now they're promoting the safety of our students, staff and their families and addressing the needs of our students.
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>> reporter: the guidance was informed by the cdc and will likely be updated as new data is made available. he says this is not a mandate for all schools but they should be made at the local level on what works best for them. the full document is at . ktvu fox2 news . as more states reopen, there is concern over a second wave of the coronavirus. 22 states are seeing upward trends. 20 states have seen decreases in recent days and eight states are holding steady. some health experts say they expect an increase in coming weeks because of the recent protests. new york city the epicenter of the outbreak is starting to reopen under phase 1. >> we also have the health data to continue to give us hope that things are moving in the right direction. reopening means people will be close to each other and we need to get it right.
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>> governors in all 50 states are moving ahead with reopening plans. reebok is cutting ties with crossfit over inoffensive tweet by a ceo. he reply to retreat by the institute of health metrics and evaluation that said racism is a public health issue. glassman made a reference to george floyd comparing him to the coronavirus that many people found crass and inappropriate. the owners of the pacific strength gem are among many dropping their affiliation with crossfit. about 200 affiliates have backed away from the controversy. it's a difficult time to lose that affiliation since crossfit has strong name recognition but they say is the right thing to do. >> i hope that our members know they come first. it doesn't outweigh us as a
6:35 pm
family business standing by our family with our morals and our community members. >> the owner say that the fitness programs will remain essentially the same. a mural that honors the recent black lives matter protest is been painted over five times in less than a week. the artists were out again pt today determined to get their message across. >> it's a neighborhood landmark and community bulletin board expressing the sentiments of many and the area. last week an artist wanted to mark this moment in time. >> and so i first painted this rock on wednesday to say black lives matter on the front. by thursday morning it had been painted over. that has continued to happen. this is the fifth time i've got two other artists helping me paint the message back.
6:36 pm
>> she acknowledges the messages on the rock have changed several times a year, but they usually left in place and respected. she says her neighbors confronted one woman caught painting over the message >> we don't know if she's painting over every time but we talked to a woman painting over the rock. it was an upsetting experience basically took >> whoever is painting over is not creative and simply painting over her mural. the message that they are sending is clear to her. >> racism and hatred is everywhere and woven into the fabric of our society. >> reporter: the artist says she doesn't want this back and forth to be about her. she says it's about more than this one rock in this one neighborhood. >> it's about what's happening
6:37 pm
in every community in america. black people do not have access to the same things that other people do . >> reporter: the artist says others have contacted her interested in painting and those concerned should consider contributing to a charity aimed at ending police abuse of power or uplifting communities of color. ktvu fox2 news . after three months, a break in a groping case. how police got a photo of a man who is suspected of groping at least six people on a busy walking trail. a look at the oakland natives accomplishments with the pointer sisters as well as her solo
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federal prosecutors have charged three more people wiic corruption and those found in january against san francisco's former director of public works accused of a bribery scheme. today the u.s. attorney's office filed charges against the director of the mayor's office of neighborhood services. and construction company owner florence con. >> an out to the east bay.
6:41 pm
amanda suspected of groping at least a half-dozen women. rob roth talked with police and the eyewitness who took the video and confronted the man minutes after the most recent attack. >> police say the same man has groped at least six women along the popular trail and walnut creek over the past three months. the last sexual battery was friday. this time police got a break. >> is that you ? >> reporter: minutes after the woman was victim added a woman took videhe saw inappropriately touched her unsuspecting woman >> we were able to confirm that person was one and the same. >> he lives behind the iron
6:42 pm
horse trail and says his friend called him friday moments after seeing what he said was a man groping a woman and he gave them description. >> he said he'll never forget her face as she started crying. >> minutes later a man fitting the description appeared. >> i confronted him and he's acting like he wants to fight. then he just runs off and i sent my video to the friend and that was the guy. >> the sexual batterer grocery women in march and then apparently struck again two months later on may 28, 29, d t months. peaps place order. >> were not sure if due to businesses being closed stayed out of walnut creek. we do believe that the pandemic had a role-play. >> my mom walks and runs on that trail. obviously just looking out for our community and women. >> police advise people on the
6:43 pm
trail to hike or jog in pairs and if anyone believes they have seen the suspect, please give them a call. ktvu fox2 news . a member of one of the most popular r&b groups from the 70s has died. bonnie pointer a grammy-winning artists from oakland was a original member of the pointer sisters leaving in the mid 70s to pursue a solo career. her cover of heaven must have. she is survived by two sisters. bonnie pointer was 69. we are headed for a warm up over the next couple days. i'll have the details when i see you back here. let's get a look at some of the stories we are working on
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for the 7:00 news over on ktvu plus. why doctors are not calling on law enforcement to stop using rubber bullets extract dozens of people are taking a knee. we follow several protests around the bay area. those stories and more coming up at 7:00 on ktvu plus. a treasure chest filled with gold, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds found in the rocky mountains. why the original owner had the chest in the first place. taking a live look outside on this monday evening. we are looking at san francisco. ktvu news at 6:30 will be right back. ♪ here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given. all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends.
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the trips you haven't taken. keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do.
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the gulf coast of the u.s. is cleaning up after what is tropical depression cristobal. the storm dumped about one foot of rain in some areas. the winds knocked down trees and power lines. in central florida a tornado touched down uprooting trees and damaging homes took >> i just pretty much hoped everything would be okay. >> the storm has weekend. it is expected to pass through arkansas and missouri on his northward track. we are going to have a warmer day. today warmed up a few degrees have a got into the mid-80s. tomorrow we will get into the upper 80s. on wednesday i think we will see low to mid-90s. not a heat wave, but it will be warmer. there is san francisco airport.
6:48 pm
we got a little bit of wind out there. temperatures are on the mild side tonight. we will be in the 50s, mid-50s for most of us. tomorrow's highs will come up a few degrees. you can see the wind speeds out of the west. you can see 40 mile-per-hour winds at converse. they have been going pretty strong like at sfo yesterday. the winds of died down a bit today, and they will die down further tonight. so the real story right now is that jet stream. that is the upper atmosphere. and then the high pressure, that warmer air gets person to our area. temperatures each day into
6:49 pm
wednesday. you can also see that the sea breeze is not impacting those valleys. it is 10 degrees warmer in concord. 11 degrees warmer in livermore. so that's the reason we had snow and lake tahoe and the strong winds. the high builds in from the west. we will see those offshore winds which we are seeing in we will see again tomorrow. the air kind of stinks and as it sinks it warms. the air does stink and it does warm. this is from the jet stream area. you're getting more elevation loss, if you well. last week we had heat coming in from the desert. 93, fairfield. 93 and the vacaville area.
6:50 pm
90, livermore. so wednesday looks to be the hottest day of the week, but nothing crazy. you can see how it trends down. we will do what we been doing. we bump up and then we drop off. not a heat wave, just a couple of days of warm and them back to a mild pattern. it has been more than 10 years but someone has finally found up one million-dollar treasure hidden in the rocky mountains. author for his van hit the chess after recovering from what he was told was d have adv he created the treasure chest with gold and precious gems. he says the man who founded send him a photo of it and
6:51 pm
asked to remain anonymous. he said he will release other details in coming days. the nfl issued safety measures today the players and personnel must follow in order to begin practicing and working out. we will have the details in sports. thanks for sharing your savage moves, and especially your awkward ones. thanks for sharing your cute kids. and your adorable pets. now it's our turn to share... with the geico giveback. a 15% credit on car and motorcycle policies for both current and new customers. and because we're committed for the long haul, the credit lasts your full policy term. so thanks again. one good share deserves another.
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coming to you tonight from napa. i hope you had a great weekend. anybody and everybody trying to restart their business, you know what i'm talking about. it is anything but turnkey and that includes all of the sports world as well. trying to re-crank it up as the nfl sent out a nine page memo on their guidelines for all 32 teams detailing how they can open their training facilities. as we run through some of the stipulations, the ultimate decision lies with local jurisdictions. and of course with the san francisco 49ers that means santa clara county. the 49er president expects him to be completely compliant. >> our commitment is to work collaboratively with you to put the health and safety of our players, employees fans and the
6:55 pm
greater community first. we will manage the testing of our essential football staff on a regular basis. >> as we run through some of these guidelines, compare them to your own workplace. daily screening for everyone entering the facility. everyone will wear a mask in the facility. no groups larger than six including coaches and players. the facilities will be reconfigured to allow social distancing and that means like the locker rooms, meeting rooms and dining as well. obviously, no sharing water bottles or tells and i don't think they did that pre- pandemic anyway. and that is just for training. imagine what will go into place when they start playing the actual games. along word ahead before fall
6:56 pm
and the nfl season starts. i don't know about you but i am a huge baseball fan. i wanted to start as badly is anyone else. this back-and-forth between the players and the owners is already getting very old. the mlb latest proposal tickets the players back on the field includes a 76 game schedule including 75% of the players prorated salaries. players and union officials upon hearing this quickly scoffed at that proposal. they are still in a complete stalemate. as you know what these negotiations and baseball story passed with owners and players, it could change in a heartbeat. harry r, june 8 and it's time for the daily look back at the stay in sports thanks to joe fonzi. >> it was win as a home for the
6:57 pm
cleveland cavaliers in 2018. they stayed. steph curry's 37 point let a golden state route and the warriors have their third championship in four years. >> in baltimore, this 72 days earlier after josh donaldson tagged out manny machado. >> he hit him a little too hard >> on this day in 2014 he was not convincingly losing her grip on his bat. >> he got to take an early shower as did the a's. >> it was a family affair with the french open on this day in 2002. serena williams defeated her older sister, venus, in the finals. the younger williams first french title. that is this day in sports, june 8. i am joe fonzi.
6:58 pm
let's assume they eventually do get baseball back in business. what will that look like post- pandemic? here is a clue in case you missed it over the weekend. >> all right. aau baseball, highland utah. he hits a home run. as he comes to the plate, new age. you've got your hand sanitizer and all that and a very sanitary high five from here on out. >> a lot of high-fives, smiling, and home big bang seri ktvu. thank you for joining us. i know. being an astrophysicist right now is like being a rock star. only without the sex. yeah, literally, none of it.
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what do you think about it, sheldon? meh. are you kidding me? this may be the biggest scientific breakthrough of our lifetime. how can you, as a theoretical physicist, not care about this? maybe it's because i'm not an elitist. what i'd like to know is: how does this gravity wave breakthrough help the man on the street? you know? wh-who's looking out for joe six-pack and all his quantum physics concerns? oh, my god, you're jealous. why would i be jealous? oh, i don't know. maybe because the origin of the universe just got proven, the higgs field just got proven, and you've been working on string theory for the last 20 years and you're no closer to proving it than when you started. yeah, well, i've had a lot on my plate. we happen to live in a golden age of television. excuse me, fellas. (groans) sorry for eavesdropping, but there actually was some big string theory news today out of the hadron collider. really? did they find evidence to support extra dimensions
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or supersymmetry? no, but they did find evidence that you'll believe anything. (laughs) why would you do that? you're a string theorist as well. incorrect. i am a string pragmatist. i say i'm gonna prove something that cannot be proved, i apply for grant money, and then i spend it on liquor and broads. later. do you think he's right? am i wasting my life on a theory that can never be proven? maybe. but how great is game of thrones? ♪ our whole universe was in a hot, dense state ♪ ♪ then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! ♪


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