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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 19, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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pam cook. let's talk about the weather. it was a hot day yesterday. it was nice out. it might have been too warm for some. things are changing for many, right, steve? some low clouds are making a good push. cordelia has a gust of 22 from the southwest. that is starting to ramp up. that is through the petaluma gap. also toward san mateo, those are picking up wind speeds. although, again, it is not extensive. there is a good band moving through san pablo. clouds are cruising by. they are on their way out of the picture. there are temperatures in the 50s 259 for livermore in san jose. those are a little cooler. oakland is at 58. there are some inland. that takes a day or so. the fog is breezy inland. there is not much of a breeze here. it is onshore or southerly.
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it is out from around the delta. that is what we are keeping an eye on. highs are coming down. they are still above average. we are in the 60s or 70s. that is down six from yesterday. let's go over to sal and see if there is anything new at the 6:00 hour. good morning. there is not a lot going on. right now, we have a look at the bay bridge and some of the other commutes. we do have fog. that's what steve was talking about, that is a factor on 80 westbound. that is between berkeley, coming into the area. now, it is not low enough to be affecting drivers. this is a look at interstate 880. the traffic is there. i see smoke in the background that i normally don't see. we will investigate that. it is 6:01. let's go back to the headlines. thank you, sal. happening today, alameda county,
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the bay area which has been hit hardest by the pandemic in terms of numbers is moving into the next phase of its reopening plan. the updated phase to order means that retail sales can resume. restaurants can now offer outdoor dining. gyms can now have outdoor fitness classes. some religious services can resume. alameda county has worthen 4600 cases of coronavirus reported. that is more than any other bay area county. many people have died in that county. the good news is, for now, hospitalizations have stabilized. starting today, in both sonoma and solano counties, it will allow personal-care businesses to reopen. tattoo parlors, nail salons and massage parlors can open for the first time since march. workers have to follow strict new cleaning and social distancing rules. in sonoma county, bars movie theaters and gyms can also
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reopen today. there is also opening day for several businesses in napa county. their new health order allows personal healthcare businesses to allow reopening this morning as well as gyms and movie theaters. don't forget, the ktvu news app features county by county updates on the bay area's reopening plan. there is a running list of what is open and where. facemasks are now required statewide. the governor issued that order after seeing a spike in covid- 19 cases across california. our reporter joins us now live to tell us what this means. alyssa, i think this means more consistency. the rules have been different wherever you go. >> reporter: until now, local governments were allowed to decide how to enforce mask rules. the governor has seen too many faces uncovered. the governor now says this is the best way to slow the spread
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of covid-19. under this new order, masks must be worn indoor and outdoor in settings like hospitals, writing public transit, at the workplace and walking through hallways and elevators. children two and under do not have to wear a mask. if you are exercising outdoors, you do not have to wear a mask unless you are in a place where you cannot stay 6 feet from someone else. health experts say too many people are ignoring these orders. a uniform order makes sense. >> i hope it will make a big difference. there is no question that masks are critical in the battle against this virus. >> some other states including michigan and new york have statewide mask orders in effect. the governor made this announcement yesterday. reporting live, i am elissa harrington, ktvu, fox 2 news. the time is 6:04.
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the police chiefs association have been removed if they break the law or have a history of complaints. under this plan, police officers could lose their training certifications after due process hearings for misconduct, or if they are convicted of felonies or certain misdemeanors. the organization also calls for periodic checks to make sure that police officers are mentally stable. the vallejo police department says it is prohibiting the use of carotid holes as a technique to subdue aggressive suspects. the chief says this is different from the chokehold, never authorized by the department. he says it is the right thing to do as the department focuses on reform. the attorney general is reviewing the use of force policies, following a number of deadly shootings by officers. a federal court has issued a restraining order that limits the oakland police department from using tear gas or rubber bullets. the order from the u.s.
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district court says opd can only use tear gas or flash bang grenades if it is a reasonably necessary option to protect the lives of people or prevent the imminent destruction of property. flash bang grenades cannot be fired directly at someone. they can only be fired in a safe direction. a bill requiring that cal state students take an ethics class to graduate is working its way through the senate. if approved, all students would need to take a three credit class. they could do that in african- american, native american, asian or latino studies. csu is proposing its own plan for studies that would allow for a wider variety of classes, as long as they have a social justice component to them. this proposal will be voted on next month. the time is 6:06., harris wants to make juneteenth a federal holiday. today, june 19th is a holiday that enslaved people in texas
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while he found out that abraham lincoln had signed the emancipation proclamation, ending slavery in the united states. juneteenth has been a state holiday in texas for 40 years now. governor newsom says he has met with the black caucus and state employee groups about this. many bay area companies like twitter and huber are making juneteenth a company holiday. in washington, nancy pelosi is ordering the removal of four portraits of the capital building that honor for previous house speakers who served in the confederacy. nancy pelosi said that there is no room in the hallowed halls of congress or in any place of honor for memorializing men who embodied the violent bigotry and grotesque racism of the confederacy. the city of san francisco has removed a 4000 pound statue of christopher columbus from its pedestal at coit tower. that is ahead of protests that are planned for today.
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those city crews removed the statue yesterday morning in north beach. they put it in storage. that followed an order from mayor londonderry. that comes in response to growing criticisms that the statue honoring the explorer was a symbol of oppression that had no place in a city like san francisco. >> african-americans, native americans, mexicans, we have all suffered under the perceptions that these statues uphold. those perceptions are that we are inferior persons. city leaders also point out demonstrators were threatening to remove the columbus statue themselves during a planned protest for today. they were worried that someone might get hurt. the 12 foot statue had already been defaced three times in recent protests. happening today, family members and friends will gather in the east bay city of pennell for a memorial service for
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slain federal protective service officer, date of underwood. he was shot and killed on may 29th at the federal building in downtown oakland during a night of protests. he lived in pinole, and he will be remembered at an 11:00 a.m. service at the theater at an all valley high school. all right, it is 6:09. it's go over to meteorologist steve paulson for a checkup how the weather is changing today and through the weekend. >> that is correct. fog is making a little bit of a push. we had no fog yesterday until late morning or early afternoon when it came right up the coast and impacted one area near the coast. it is making a move over the bay , maybe where you are as well. it is not too far to push inland. it is there. it will give us a cooler day for many. yesterday had a warm forecast. today it is cooler by the coast. it is cooler around the bay.
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it is hot inland, but not as hot as yesterday. that is indicated by livermore. 90 is still hot. santa rosa is down to 88. that is near 86 degrees. there's not much of a breeze. there is more in the higher elevations. it has been more westerly or southerly. it is 51 in santa rosa and lake art. in selma, it is mid-50s for most. boulder creek feels a little cooler. santa cruz is right at 55. it is cooler in san jose. it is warmer at 57. there is a big fog bank. it is mainly central and southern california dealing with june gloom. we have some of that. it is cooler for most. it is still warm or high. we are taking temperatures down a little bit. it is breezy. that is starting to kick in tonight into tomorrow.
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we are in the 60s, 70s, 80s. it is a little cooler with that southerly breeze. that is a cooler pattern for gilroy than others. that's why that's at 86 there. that will look nice. we will start to warm it up again early next week. thank you. a bay area food truck was stolen just as the owners were about to reopen after being forced to close during the pandemic. coming up, what helped the police track down the thieves. plus, a push for diversity in the military. what is being done to increase diversity. you have the power of two new cast at night. >> and you have the power to know everywhere you go when you download the ktvu fox 2 news app. ♪
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♪ yeah ♪ ♪ y-yeah ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ hey, hey welcome back to mornings on 2. the time is 6:13.
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we have the final results of testing 4000 people in san francisco's mission district for the coronavirus. the results show a disproportionate number of virus cases among low income latino workers. the findings of the latest indicate that people of color in the mission district and elsewhere have been especially hard-hit by the pandemic. latinos account for half of san francisco's virus infections, despite making up only 15% of the city's population. there is a new, washable facemask in high demand. there is a new mask that was released yesterday. this is video from right outside tokyo where customers waited in long lines before the store even opened. the facemasks are made from the same kind of readable fabric used for its popular underwear, being marketed as cool, and fast drying. these new masks are so popular,
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the high volume of customers crashed the website. so far, the masks are not available here in the united states. a search is underway for a food truck in the east bay that was stolen. the owners say that they were about to start up operations for the first time since march. then, their truck was stolen from a private lot in emeryville. they say the trucks battery had died for parking for so long. they jumped it and left it running for a short time in an effort to recharge the battery. that is when someone got inside and drove off. >> who would even want to take the whole business? you know? it's out of somebody's hands. >> officers are hoping surveillance video will help them find it. the truck is not hard to miss. they are asking anyone who spots it to give the police a
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call. the secretary of defense says he is increasing efforts to increase the number of people of color in the armed forces. mark asper says he is creating a blue-ribbon panel that will be in charge of increasing racial diversity and making sure there is equal opportunity in all ranks of the u.s. military. he laid out his goals, released yesterday in a video to the entire department of defense. >> i recently shared with you, my pride being a member of the institution, the united states military, that embraces diversity and inclusion and rejects hate, bigotry and all unlawful discrimination in all forms. more often than not, we have lead on these issues. however, we are not immune to the forces of bias and prejudice. >> he says the goal is to build on the history of being one of the most diverse institutions in america. the pentagon says 43% of the 1.3 million and women in the
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service are people of color. a wallet -- walnut creek business has asked to rename one of the city streets. it is talking about bonanza street. they asked city council members to consider renaming bonanza street to black lives matter way. he also wants to paint a black lives matter mural on the street, similar to ones seen around the country. he says his company will pay for the project. now, bonanza street is less than half a mile long. it has several shops and businesses, including one planet. they believe that the change will show the city is welcoming and inclusive. the time is 6:17. we are welcoming sal. he knows about the traffic. and you have been on the money with your music. >> a lot of people are coming in with great songs. you'll know how to do that in
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just a second. right now, we don't have much going on in the traffic world. that is nice. sometimes we need a little bit of help. it is a little lighter. it is 6:18. there is no big back about the toll plaza. it might happen by 6:30. we will see. there are no problems if you are driving on 880 north or south. if you're driving in san jose, any of those systems are okay. that's bring in steve with today's forecast. fog is moving inland. it is not widespread. some areas are not getting any. it is a notable increase compared to yesterday. we have high clouds cooling down off the coast. the fog is moving over the bay. it might be where you are as well. it is cool and breezy inland. you will still get some 90s. what is the average? that is pretty good. the record is 92 on the high
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side. that was way back in 1893. it is a: 35 on your sunset. look northwest at middle peak. that is west and southwest. they were all northerly yesterday. that is a big change. we are in the low to mid 50s for some. back at 64, it is 35 in tahoe. that is sacramento. it is 55 in monterey. these are the coast guard reports on the temps. i don't make these up. it is 52. then the inner buoy is 55. that is still really cold water. that is the report. it is cooler today. it is warm to hot inland. we are not taking temperatures up. they are going down. we still have some temps in the 90s. i have low clouds, i should say low and sunny. we have the 80s to 90s inland.
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we rarely get the fog. we will still be hot. it will be cooler into the weekend. claudine and dave? thanks, steve. many people across the nation are commemorating a new team. what thousands of longshoremen are planning to do this morning to mark the day. there is a major victory for undocumented immigrants, we have the supreme court decision on daca. when we closed our doors in march,
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wynn committed instantly to keeping all 15,000 team members on-board. we then focused our five-star level of service to all who needed it. we made improvements to people's lives. we strove to be better and we made people happy. this closure may have temporarily taken us out of wynn and encore, but it couldn't take the wynn and encore out of us. and now, we are proud to welcome you back.
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♪ yeah ♪ ♪ y-yeah ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ hey, hey ♪ sugar pie honey bun you know that i love you ♪ i
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cannot myself ♪ >> i heard your request and i am playing it for you. this is for one of our regular viewers. thank you very much for the request. we are getting some good ones. i think i sense a theme. i think people have been sounding me motown songs. i like it. it is 6:23. let's go back to the headlines. thank you, sal. san francisco's pier 39, the most popular tourist attraction is once again open. visitors were welcomed back yesterday for the first time since the shelter in place order began. many say the top priority is keeping people safe. they will limit how many people
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are allowed on the property and they will increase cleaning efforts throughout the day. the chamber of commerce is hoping that people making a daytrip will fill the gap until out-of-state tourists can return. >> pier 39 opening is great. i think this is a great summer for dry vacations. people are coming into san francisco. unless they have a place to stay, you know, it is challenging. >> officials say the next step to getting hospitality on track would be reopening hotels and allowing people to stay for more than a day. health officials say that that could happen sometime in august. happening today, we are talking about health officials in santa clara county who are answering questions about the coronavirus. the health department has scheduled a live stream question and answer that will be at 10:00 this morning. officials will answer questions that have come through the call center, the website and other social media channels.
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immigrants across the country are celebrating a supreme court decision that blocked the trumped administration's attempt to end the deferred action childhood arrivals program that is also known as daca. >> it allowed me to go to college. it allowed me to get a full- time job. that could've all been got stripped away. >> the justice of the administration did not take the proper steps to end daca, saying the obama era program is illegal. this allows nearly 700,000 young people, known as dreamers, to continue working in the u.s. without fear of deportation. immigrants rights activists say that the fight is not over. >> daca was always a temporary measure. it was not always a pass to citizenship. the past 20 years, the immigrant youth movement has been fighting for that. >> the trumped administration
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can try again to challenge daca, but experts say that that is unlikely to happen before the election in november. however, the expert -- the president would submit what he calls, enhanced papers to the court. president trump is downplaying polls showing he is losing ground to his challenger, joe biden. the president sounded optimistic last night while being interviewed by his son, don junior. the campaign posted the video for father's day. a national poll shows biden with a 5238% lead. >> we never did one national poll when i was campaign manager. why? they are a waste of time and money. statewide polls are the gold standard. >> surveys show biden is winning in ground states like florida, michigan and pennsylvania.
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issues concerning the coronavirus, unemployment, social injustice and violent protests. all registered voters in california will receive a mail- in ballot for the november election. governor newsom signed this into law last night, saying voters can exercise their constitutional right without having to go to the polls and risking their health during the pandemic. polling stations will be open for the november 3rd general election. police body cameras are at the center of attention when it comes to holding police officers accountable for their actions. coming up, ktvu investigates why some local police departments are not using body cameras. plus, i'm writing juneteenth, coming up, we will celebrate the meeting behind the day and what senator kamala harris is saying about it.
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from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> there it is, right on time. that's the opening bell on the new york stock exchange. today, jobless claims continue to be the most concerning thing about the economy. millions of americans have filed for unemployment. the concern is that it will take a long time before we see full economic recovery for what we have been enduring over the past few months. we will continue to monitor stocks throughout the newscast we will keep you updated. good morning on this friday, june 19th. i am claudine wong, in for pam cook. >> you get that every time. it's incredible. >> thank you. >> i am dave clark. steve, it feels so good outside our studios right now. there is a nice, cool air out there.
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>> did the check arrive yet? yes, it is cool. there is no doubt that the fog is back. there is none that i can see. there is some over the city. there might be some where you are. it is not widespread. there is no fog there. we are at 51 to 59. the city has dropped to 54. echo stanberry will cool off. it will still be warm or hot. it will be a lot cooler. from 97 to 98, it will be more like 93 or 94. most areas will cool off. there is a southwesterly breeze. that was not the case yesterday. it was north or northeast. as you know, that is the fog that is back. we are seeing 80s and 90s for some inland. it is a little cooler for many. now is there something we
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should know about with the traffic? we don't have anything unusual out there. we have traffic that is going to be okay. we will look at the bay bridge. there is a little bit of a crowd right now. if you are driving into san francisco, speaking of san francisco, bart announced a 10 minute delay for trains leaving san francisco. that is a relatively small delay. there will be a slight delay on bart trains. there have been no major problems right now on the east the freeways except for the traffic at the bay bridge. you can see that it is crowded, but still moving well in oakland. it is 6:32. let's go back to headlines. kamala harris wants to make today, juneteenth, a federal holiday. this day, 154 years ago, slaves in texas finally found out they were free, ending slavery in the united states. our reporter is here with more
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on juneteenth. good morning, frank. >> good morning to you. >> reporter: this was the anniversary when a general read- out abraham lincoln's emancipation proclamation some 2 1/2 years later freeing slaves in a portion of the last part of the state. the house has yet to approve the measure to turn juneteenth into a holiday. they are hawaii, south dakota and north dakota, texas, by the way, was the first to honor the date back in 1980. dr. martin luther king jr. says, it is time now for our country to come together and celebrate this day. >> i believe it is very important that there be an executive order declaring juneteenth as a national
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holiday. there won't be a time to just celebrate, but to use transformation, love and peace to have america come together. with the death of george floyd and others, america has to take a look at skin color racism. it's >> reporter: there is a movement to remove confederate statues around the country. nancy pelosi is now requesting removal of for speaker of the house portraits inside the capital, all men who served in the confederacy. >> there is no room in the hallowed halls of this temple of democracy to memorialize people who embody violent bigotry. >> reporter: corporate america is celebrating this day, juneteenth, it is a paid holiday for employees at
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jcpenney's, uber, target and a number of other companies all across our country. that is the latest, i am frank mallicoat, ktvu, fox 2 news. thousands of longshoremen along the west coast are planning to protest at 10:00 this morning. they will be doing that to mark juneteenth. organizers say that they will shut down the 29 ports across the coast, that includes the port of oakland. this is a one-day work stoppage to bring awareness to the movement to stop police brutality. one of the organizers is raptor -- wrapper, director, bruce riley. he plans to be in town for the protest. >> stop their profits. that way, those in power who care about that profit have to do what we want them to do. >> demonstrators are planning to march through the plaza starting at 10:00 this morning.
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angela davis and danny glover are among those scheduled to speak. our time is 6:45, the police chief of menlo park announced that he is retiring. he did it on a meeting about police reform. according to dave bertini, he made the announcement last night during the online city council discussion saying, it is time for the city to have a fresh start. he believes he has lost the trust of city council. he said he would stay on the job until the end of july to allow the city time to appoint an interim police chief. hirings and promotions in the san francisco police department are now on hold while there is an audit of law enforcement jobs. the mayor made the announcement. police chief bill scott says the mayor's plan will put a template in place to audit police exams and screen applicants for racial bias before the individual is hired by the lease department. >> currently, we don't have
6:37 am
that in a definitive way. >> do you share the mayor's goal about having the highest standards for incoming police officers in this profession? >> tracy mcrae said that police officers go through biased training every two years while they are on the job. the city of oakland is asking for the fbi's help in investigating an incident at the lake that involved an effigy and ropes. the oakland police say that they got a report that a fake body was hanging from a noose yesterday morning. i the time officers arrived, it was taken down. the effigy had a rope tied around its neck with an american flag. it was found one day after several ropes were hanging from tree limbs.
6:38 am
>> this is extremely hurtful, for the simple fact that we are in a position today where black people just want to matter. >> we cannot tolerate the terrorizing of our community. we will not tolerate racial hatred. we are doing everything in our power to stop it. >> some neighbors say they believe the ropes found on wednesday were exercise equipment and not nooses. the city says it does not know yet whether the same person or people are responsible for this incident. police in rohnert park say that a police officer contacted the property owner of a tree with a rope, officers took the rope that was used as a child swing and they will investigate. curbside pickup starts at 5:00. you can now pick up items
6:39 am
that have been on hold. wi-fi hotspots will be available outside of the libraries. the pickups will be at the main library, along with of the rockridge, west oakland, 81st avenue and cesar chavez library branches. either way, they will have the mid two days and hours. viewers exceeded all of our hopes in helping nonprofits during the pandemic. one group is the oakland african-american chamber of commerce. they are running a resilience relief program to give grants to help african-american businesses reopen. we are proud to say ktvu viewers helped raise more than $14,000 in one day. plus, one anonymous donor matched that amount and then clorox donated another $175,000, they did that live, on the 4:00 p.m. newscast.
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the community health center is now helping people with systemic poverty. they have been providing free walk-up testing for the community. after chatting with us last week, ktvu viewers stepped up. we helped them raise $40,000. donations are still coming in. if you can, we encourage you to consider donating to these and other local nonprofit groups. go to day and get more information. the time is 6:40. it is time to talk about the heat, the fog and all of the above with steve paulson. >> today will be cooler. sometimes it takes another day. for most, we will see temperatures drop. fog is making an appearance for some, not for all. a few of those are drifting
6:41 am
across san jose and the santa clara valley. it is cool for most. it is sunny and breezy inland. it is not as hot. santa rosa is down from yesterday. oakland is down. that's the spirit, oakland. it's gone from 93 to 84. that'll probably be closer to 87 or 88. these were all north yesterday. that is a big change. they are in the low 50s for some. 54 at menlo park. it is 53 near the bodega bay. this is a big drop for them. windsor is at 52 as well. the system from the high pressure yesterday is using its grip. it is cool for most. it is not as hot as yesterday.
6:42 am
there is a breeze. it is not roaring. it will pick up later. we are 60s or 70s by the water. we are working inland. you might find some 90s if you're far enough inland. as i say, they will be soft 90s. we are down to 72 as that fog comes roaring in. we are cooler into the weekend. we are warming up again on monday and tuesday. thank you. the time is 6:42. is disneyland it safe to reopen during the pandemic? we will tell you why unions representing disneyland employees say that it is too soon to reopen. the happiest lace on earth, coming up. the president went from not wanting to hold presidential debates to now wanting an extra debate. we have the details as we get closer to the elections. big service changes are coming for muni metro. we will tell you how muni says service will get better even though it might need more transfers for some people.
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♪ here's what we want everyone to do. count all the hugs you haven't given. all the hands you haven't held. all the dinners you didn't share with friends. the trips you haven't taken.
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keep track of them. each one means one less person vulnerable, one less person exposed, and one step closer to a healthier community. so for now, keep your distance. but don't lose count. we'll have some catching up to do.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a memo released this week reveals that san francisco police officers who raided the home of a journalist last year were ordered to turn off their body cameras. the memo was obtained by the reporters committee for the freedom of the press. they called the situation deeply troubling. in may of 2019, officers raided the home of brian comedy looking for a leaked report on details on the death of a public defender.
6:46 am
the police have since reached a settlement with him since the lawsuit. as for the body cameras being turned off, a department spokesperson would not comment. police body cameras can be a very important tool in improving police accountability, as well as transparency. lease departments have different policies on using those cameras. not all police departments in california have the cameras. ktvu's zero not ski found differences in how this is handled. >> reporter: rather than relying on accounts from officers, the public can see for themselves what happens when police use deadly force. what departments do with the footage, if they have cameras at all, varies across the 600 law enforcement agencies in california. >> are cameras important? yes. if you didn't have it, why not? >> reporter: the civil rights attorney is representing the family of eric so gotto, he was
6:47 am
shot and his girlfriend was wounded. investigators said he rammed investigators in a stolen vehicle. >> i want to know about the cameras. >> reporter: control cruisers have dash cam is. most officers don't wear body cameras. the agency recently began testing body cameras on officers in oakland and in stockton. the oakland police department is investigating the slate a shooting. it will not say whether or not the officers had body cameras. >> we would like to see them. that would give some clue or indication whether or not there was a basis to stop the car, but shooting into the car. >> reporter: he is also representing the family of sean monte rosa. police fatally shot the 23-year- old on june 2nd, amid the killing of george floyd in minnesota. police say the officer who killed monte rosa mr. hammer,
6:48 am
tucked into his sweatshirt, for the butt of a gun while he was kneeling. >> it is unconscionable to shoot someone when they are trying to surrender. >> reporter: those police are equipped with body cameras. the department has not said when or if the officer used his. until recently, officers were not required to activate their cameras. they are also allowed to review the footage before making any statements. that is something that many other departments for bid. >> right now, with everything going on, i think transparency is really, really important. bill scott took over as the head of the police department. >> reporter: one of his first moves was to begin releasing body camera footage days after police shooting. >> to have these cameras is one thing, to be transparent, to allow the release of that footage, i think, is a whole different level of transparency. >> reporter: phil wrote legislation that requires police departments to release
6:49 am
footage within 45 days of the critical incident, before the law, many departments refused to release videos. >> when you have video footage of a particular situation, that really changes how people think and feel about something. >> reporter: many police availability advocates leave more should be done to forced opponents to change. >> there is a lot of work to be done. a lot of it is whether or not departments will be transparent and offer accountability for what the officer has done. >> reporter: evans are not ski, ktvu, fox 2 news. a new survey finds that homeowners are struggling in this pandemic. the survey is by one pole. they found that people are selling their homes because they can not afford the mortgage anymore. the same percentage of people have skipped out or missed
6:50 am
mortgage payments since the pandemic began. more than half the polls sense have asked family or friends for many since the beginning of the crisis. the coronavirus is underscoring the concern that americans are not saving enough money. a separate survey found that more than half of respondents regret their lack of savings for both of their retirement as well as emergencies, like a pandemic. the survey finds the main reason for lack of savings is that many americans are saddled with heavy debts from college loans to credit card payments. let's talk about disneyland. the unions that represent disneyland workers say that they don't believe it is safe to reopen that amusement park yet. according to the los angeles times, the unions feel that the park is not doing enough to protect its workers. the walt disney company has not responded to that letter. the percentages of the park say that they are requiring safety measures like face coverings,
6:51 am
temperature checks and reduced capacity. the park is scheduled to reopen on july 17th. the july time is 650. this leads us to sell. i want to see if everyone is behaving for you. >> it looks pretty good out there. we can see traffic is okay if you're driving to the toll plaza. it is not as slow as it normally is. there are no major issues when you get there. oakland traffic is moving along pretty well. there have been no problems in san jose. i think we are off to a good start. let's go to steve at 6:51 with today's weather. it is a cooler forecast for everyone. we will still have some 90s. most locations will drop off anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees. we have a few clouds just
6:52 am
parallel up the coast. a few of those are clipping out of the bay. it is not much. around the coast and bay, it will be cooler. we have some soft 80s. we have some mid-90s if you are inland. if you do not get the fog very rarely, yeah, it will be warm. it is not as warm as yesterday. we have a south wind. this is a difference from the east bay hills yesterday. that was all north and northeast. in santa rosa, it is 51. brentwood is in there. liver word is now 59. fog or son, it will retreat back to the coast. we are in the 90s through the interior. i think we will have a cool down as we go into saturday. today, 60s or 90s, take your pick. it is 92 in fairfield. we have 86 in gilroy. nevermore is still 90. i wanted to go cooler, but nothing showed it. i wanted to be cooler and go into sunny. it looks like we rebound as we go into next week. the number of coronavirus
6:53 am
cases are rising. bay area authorities are worried. he will tell you how leaders in sonoma county are trying to stay prepared. was, the clock is bringing -- running out for major league baseball. first, many lake taco resorts are about to open for the summer. we will tell you win three popular resorts will reopen. we will tell you the activities they will be offered. when we closed our doors in march,
6:54 am
wynn committed instantly to keeping all 15,000 team members on-board. we then focused our five-star level of service to all who needed it. we made improvements to people's lives. we strove to be better and we made people happy. this closure may have temporarily taken us out of wynn and encore, but it couldn't take the wynn and encore out of us. and now, we are proud to welcome you back.
6:55 am
6:56 am
♪ sam cooke. change is going to come. due to screen, thank you for the request. i hear clapping from dave clark. dave, you really like the music this morning. >> oh man, loving it. >> sam cooke is, sam cooke is
6:57 am
one of my favorite artists. thank you. by the way, if you want to send me a song, sam cooke, changes going to come, if you want to send me a song, facebook, instagram, twitter, use the instagram, ktvu. >> some lake tahoe resorts will reopen in the coming weeks. heavenly, norstar, kirkwood will often for several outdoor activities like hiking, biking, golf, they are resorts, safety measures will be in place. they will also limit the crowds and you will have to wear a face mask in certain areas. president trump holds his first big campaign rally since the pandemic. 100,000 people will be there. there are events planned for in and outside of that 19,000 seat
6:58 am
arena. people have been lining up. health experts, though, are wearing the coronavirus may spread with so many people in that one area. and people who attend the rather being asked to sign a waiver before the rally. yesterday, the trump campaign as to the commission on presidential debates to add one more debate. they are arguing, they need to hold an earlier debate because of an expanded absentee and male voting system. mail-in voting. the first is the three presidential debates between he and joe biden set for september 29th at the university of notre dame. it is 6:50. to visit eo hosted by president trump was doctored and twitter like , calling it manipulated media. you have seen this.
6:59 am
the video uses a fake cnn graphic anna has the caption, imac is not the problem, fake nooses. those images were rearranged from a story that went viral last year about those two little boys running to hug each other. twitter twice like the presidents tweets the past month. that left president trump to sign executive order targeting social media companies. and facebook removed the trump campaign ad saying it violates facebook's policy against organized hate. the ad criticized "dangerous mobs of far left groups like and t5. the ad featured an upside down red triangle. facebook says that was a symbol used by the for prisoners in concentration camps. alameda county joins the rest of the bay area and moving deeper into reopening today. the businesses that are now allowed to open up the doors in alameda county.
7:00 am
governor gavin newsom issued a mandatory mask order to help stop the spread of covid-19. when you have to wear face coverings and who is exempt. also san for cisco san francisco bay or to be removed. the growing movement that is taking a critical look at a prominent figure in history. i know the days all run together, but trust me it's friday. dominic, i am gasia mikaelian. >> and gasia mikaelian. it is june 19th, june teeth. and it is good to see you. we did it. we made it to friday and you brought steve paulson with you. >> of course. >> members some cooler weather.


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