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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 19, 2020 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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thousands bringing aware to the movement to stop police brutality . as people across the country do reflect on the sport and important day in history and commemorate juneteenth . how an officer is being remembered as a country nationwide . 3700 new cases of covid-19 are reported, the changes in place today in several cities across the bay area . the news at noon it starts now . this is ktvu fox 2 news at noon . good afternoon and right now thousands of people are marching in the city of oakland . at first, they all gathered at the port of oakland, now this crowd is on the move to the downtown area, a live picture from up top. this is one of more than two
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dozen scheduled protests happening all along the west coast, as long sure union workers are uniting to bring about social change . we are joined live with this developing story in oakland, frank good afternoon . >> reporter: good afternoon, quite a day, these protests are underway spending the west coast as you mentioned . the cranes are up which means the no work is being done at the ports . 29 ports in all one of the biggest year, it's a plan one day work stopped to bring awareness to stop police brutality in our country and bring about racial equality . your taking a live look out there from chopper to 2 . thousands of people are gathered and marching from the port of oakland . that's at 14th and broadway, peaceful march so far, it got started at 10 am. a rally is planned at 1 pm with very hope high profile speakers . we caught up with the young
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woman and her father with the meaning of the march, commemorating the juneteenth day . >> we are tired and exhausted . this is a different generation so we will not sit by and said and except what is happening we will fight for our rights and i'm glad we are doing that . it's something we have been doing for a really really long time but we wanted to stop now . >> there is no black history so it is hard to teach young people or anybody, where we came from, 3-400 years ago there is no black history. so now we tell them about it, but when they see it and they are sick and tired so there speaking up in the doing something about it . >> reporter: this march, will crescendo at a plaza . political activists will also come and speak are 76 years old
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angela davis will also deliver an address and so will danny glover urging them to march on. >>you are the next generation . you will use your voices and show your power . it's a long process it will not be tomorrow, or the next month, it's going to be a long time and we have to continue to protect what we need to . >> to know that all lives matter . >> reporter: glover knows the area, he was born temperatures go, at age 73 he is still very outspoken advocate for social change . once again, oakland is
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at the epicenter for all of this, it's one of 29 ports stretching all the way down to san diego all the way up to washington state, all the ports are shut down for just one day to get bring light to these very, important social issues . that is a very latest for ktvu fox 2 news . a big crowd delivering a big message . california sen., harris is working on a bill that would make juneteenth a federal holiday . june 19 is a day union soldiers announce in the state of texas that all slaves, were to be free . it has been a state holiday there in texas for 40 years . california gov. gavin newsom has had discussions about this day becoming a holiday here with both legislative black caucus and state employee groups. hundreds of family members and friends are saying goodbye to a federal law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty in oakland . a public memorial services taking place right now at pinole valley high school . that's where david patrick underwood attended school . the acting sec. of homeland security chad wolf
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as well as state and local leaders are among those at the service . underwood was killed on may 29, while guarding the oakland federal building . the suspect to the fbi says is a antigovernment extremist is under arrest . david patrick underwood is being remembered as a good man, who wanted to help others and keep his community safe, he was 53 years old, underwood leaves behind a large extended family . >> right now a funeral for a 22- year-old that was killed by vallejo police is happening at pacifica . sean monte rosa was killed vallejo police officers june 2 when police responded to reports of looting at a walgreens . monte rosa was on his knees but an officer said he thought he had a hammer in his pocket, that was a gun but in fact it was a him him to start this over because it's so important monte rosa was on his knees, however investigators say, a officer thought a hammer in his pocket was a gun, and shot him through his windshield. his family is in calling for justice and demanding the police department release body cam video of his shooting .
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the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise, right here in the state of california . there are now more than 167,000 confirmed cases . close to 3800 new cases were reported yesterday . more than 5300 people have died here in the state . right in the bay area, there are more than 18,000 cases, and at least 519 people have died . the bay area county hit hardest is moving to the next phase the face to help order for alameda county means retail sales can resume there . restaurant can offer outdoor dining, gyms can have outdoor fitness classes and some religious services can resume . alameda county has more than 4600 coronavirus cases reported, that's more than any other bay area county . 117 people have died from the virus and alameda county, for now hospitalizations have stabilized . >>sonoma and solano counties are allowing businesses to open
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like nail salons, tattoo parlors can be open for the first time really since march . however both employees and customers have to follow the strict new cleaning, distancing rules . in sonoma county specifically bars, movie theaters and gyms are also going to reopen just today . this is opening day for several businesses in napa county the county's new help order does allow personal-care businesses to reopen along with gyms, and movie theaters . >> gov. gavin newson is requiring that all californians wear a mask in public spaces at all times. alyssa harrington tells us about the statewide health order . >> reporter: while the states cove it while the states covid- 19 is on the rise the governor says wearing masks combined with wearing masks, and social distancing is needed . we talked to people in the state bay, about it . >> i mean coronavirus is still around and people are dying every day . there is no queue for cure for it right now the vaccine . so it's a step
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towards better safety for everyone . >> reporter: facemask are required in outdoor and indoor public sets settings were social distancing is not possible like writing public transit, standing in line if you're inside a medical office, at your workplace or running an elevator . >>every one has were amassed . that just helps out a lot with preventing the outbreak of this epidemic we are in right now .>> reporter: until now governor new some allowed local governments to make rules about masks but he seemed to many faces uncovered . multiple studies show masks black infectious the spray from getting into the air, the new order specifies that children ages three and over where face coverings were for adults do you don't have to wear a mask while exercising outside unless you are it are in a area were social distancing is not possible . ktvu fox 2 news . new numbers show the unemployment rate for california slightly dropping. that was just last month . in april, california is an employment rate was at 16.4% .
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today federal officials say the rate was 16.3% last month. this they added more than 141,000 jobs, overall the state has lost more than 2 million jobs, since the coronavirus outbreak . pres. trompe says he's going to renew the legal administrations to renew daca. yesterday the us supreme court upheld protections for young immigrants but no guarantee they will get to keep them long- term . the deferred action for childhood arrivals or daca program allows hundreds of thousands of immigrants to live and work legally in the united states, and it shields them from deportation . a divided congress is unlikely to pass legislation providing a path to citizenship, anytime soon . advocates, vowed to keep fighting for legislation . still to come, and the state of georgia tensions are high, police morale is low following the deadly shooting of ryszard brooks . the charges
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video taken from sky fox in the past minutes of thousands of people gathering for eight event to honor juneteenth . this started at the part port of oakland and they are marching to downtown oakland . there is a lot a protests happening right now to bring about social change. coming up in the next few minutes we do expect the group make its way to the plaza in front of oakland city hall for a rally, we will keep an eye on this and other juneteenth events happening around the bay area . we have new information to bring you in the shooting death of breonna taylor . the mayor said one of the two or three police officers will be fired from the apartment officer brett hankinson will be fired, two others are on administrative reassignment . breanna taylors the african-american emt who
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was shot eight times in march, when officer serves a new no knock search warrant at her apartment . according to a pre- termination letter, the detective violated two standard operating procedures . the detectives were conducting a narcotics investigation, but found no drugs in her home . in atlanta georgia, several police officers have now walked off the job . this is after two former police officers were charged in a deadly shooting . reporter brian has the story from atlanta. >> reporter: two officers are facing charges but the protests continue here in atlanta following the shooting death of 27-year-old rayshard brooks one week ago. the two men are facing a combined 14 counts the former officer that hired the fatal shots is being held without bond . morale in the atlanta pd is said to be at a all-time low in the police union chief says, officers at least two of atlanta's six zones have what off the jobs . police officials acknowledging the unusually
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high number of sit outs . >> summer angry and fearful, some are confused on the work we do in the space, some may feel a bit abandoned . but we are there to assure them, that we will continue to move forward .>> reporter: meanwhile we learn more about the vic them in an interview four months before he was killed, brooks opened up about his life and reflected on his experiences in the criminal justice system after serving one year in jail . >> some of the system could look at us as individuals, not just do us as if we are animals . >> reporter: the focus on brooks comes as a national police reform effort gains momentum with dozens of cities now implementing or considering big changes to their law enforcement agencies . >> the protests around the death of george floyd has brought racial equality to the forefront of the conversation in the united states . >> reporter: devon bross and any other officer caused or
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inherent says this is a tragedy and looks forward to clearing his name . ktvu fox 2 news . the police department said it is banning carotid holds . the chief says a neck restraint is different from a chokehold which was never authorized by the department. he says this is the right thing to do as a department now focuses, on reform. the state attorney general is reviewing the use of force policies following a number of deadly shootings by officers . and the city of oakland there's a temporary restraining order limiting the police station to use rubber bullets or teargas . it says opd, can only use tear gas or flash bang grenades if it is reasonably necessary to protect the lives of people or prevent the imminent destruction of property . flash bang crane aids cannot be fired directly at someone and can only be
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fired in a safe direction . let's look outside and bring in our meteorologist rosemary roscoe . it's a lot more comfortable out there for so many people compared to yesterday rosemary . >> you are right . 5-10 degrees cooler at this hour . hello to you and happy friday . we are dealing or enjoying some cooler weather around the bay area depending on how you like it . today happens to be the final day of spring 2020 . as the first day of summer arrives tomorrow . there's a look at sfo where we have mostly blue skies if you look to the left be on the hills you can see just a little bit of fog still lurking . san francisco reporting 62 degrees, 64 in a woke at oakland . livermore is warm at 84 . santa rosa is 75 degrees . here's a look to
12:18 pm
where we are seeing cooler weather . pretty much the entire bay area especially in the north bay where the onshore breeze is strong over areas of santa rosa, down by 17 degrees . for the inner east bay just a few degrees cooler, over areas of livermore and denville, pleasanton concord and around the bay 12 degrees cooler at hayward and half moon bay reporting a temperatures down by about 7 degrees . that's your afternoon lunch time hour . we're showing you the system is breaking down the ridge of high pressure at least temporarily . and bringing back that onshore breeze . bringing back the cloud cover this morning even had a little bit of drizzle reported along the coastline . the future cast model will show you getting into your afternoon, we will have the low clouds still, hugging close to the coastline tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies at the coast, partly to mostly cloudy over the north bay . these bayshore and parts of the peninsula expected to wake up with partly sunny, mostly cloudy skies, and again into the afternoon mostly sunshine away from the coast, mostly sunny skies away from the coast meanwhile, our other
12:19 pm
beaches will be partly cloudy hour west facing one's partly sunny mostly cloudy . look at the temperatures for today, the average high still a little bit on the warm side for areas like santa rosa 86 expected for you . san francisco checking in right about 86 for you . a better look around here at the afternoon highs, we will go 80 degrees for san rafael, along the peninsula 83, for the inner east bay, 90 degrees expected in concord . so getting into your first day of summer, we are looking at temperatures starting out relatively mild with a lot of 50s on the bay area . mid 60s over areas like antioch and inner east bay and into the afternoon . low to mid 60s at the coast, mid to upper 80s expected in linz so we will cool it down a little bit . only to warm it back up on sunday which happens to be father's day . afternoon highs in the mid 60s at the coast, although 90s expected in linz better details on your weekend and extended forecast, coming
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up . >> thank you rosemary . still to come police patrols are increased the end investigation underway by the fbi after a body was found hanging from a rope in a tree . >>for those of you using this moment to terraced down we will not tolerate that . i hope and pray someday my son is sitting sitting next to this to a child having the same conversation . >> everyone needs to join together and stand up for people of color . u cook, to save time and stay ahead of the mess. but scrubbing still takes time. now there's new dawn powerwash dish spray.
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the city of oakland is calling on the fbi, after a effigy was found hanging in the tree around lake merritt . several other ropes were also located, around the lake . emberley has the story .
12:23 pm
>> reporter: under the summer sun, messages of love and support for the black community are hanging from trees at lake merritt . the 2100 block of lakeshore avenue . the same area where there was a disturbing discovery made 8:20 thursday morning . oakland police responded that there was a fake body hanging from a noose . by the time officers arrived, it was taken down . >> it's so hurtful, we are in a position in the world today were black people just want to matter . >> reporter: police described what they found material stuffed in the shape of the human body wrapped in a white sheep with the row tight around the torso and neck there was also a american flag . >> for us to see that in our neighborhoods and cities i am shocked that in the it's in oakland .>> reporter: it's a reminding of lynchings is what this resident says . >> i want my grandbaby to experience what my experience what my grandparents had to go through growing up .
12:24 pm
>> reporter: it was found one day after rope nooses were found elsewhere at lake merritt. city officials a community members have come forward, to say some of the ropes were used for exercising and swings, regardless of the intention, these incidents are being investigated as hate crimes by the police and the fbi . she has a message for the perpetrator . >> we will track you down, and hold you accountable . we cannot tolerate the terrorizing of our community . >> reporter: the mayor says she does not have information yet as to whether the same person or people are responsible for the rope nooses and the effigy . >> we are at a very raw moment in our city and country . we have to not let those who wish to do harm, to advancing racial justice distract us from that mission . >> reporter: lake merritt is a place of comfort for many members of the black community, for someone to come here and placed a symbol of hate there
12:25 pm
is ridiculous . >> i just want the same rights as everyone else. >> reporter: people tell me they want whoever is caught whoever did this is they want them to be caught in charge of the hate crime . in oakland, amber you amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news . the city of berkeley is offering a $50,000 reward for whoever shot and killed a cal student . seth smith was shot at close range in his body was found near dwight street. he told his roommate he is going on a walk to clear his head . anyone with information please call berkeley police . a search is underway for a food truck, that was stolen in the east bay . the owners of more malicious was about to start up operations for the first time since march when their truck was stolen from a private lot in emeryville . they say the trucks battery had
12:26 pm
died after being parked for so long, they jumped it last night and left it running for a short time to recharge the battery . that's when someone got inside and took off . the owners are hoping surveillance video from the parking lot will provide some clues as to who took it . that truck is not hard to mid 24 feet long and 10 feet tall. anyone who spots it, please call emeryville police . the mountain lion that was captured in san francisco has been released back into the wild . a team of veterinarians, the oakland zoo and examine the mountain lion, determined it was healthy . it was captured yesterday morning in oracle park . wildlife experts captured it with nets without the use of sedatives . not mine is young and they were concerned there might have been harmed by a tranquilizer . still to come, we continue to monitor a protest in oakland in observance of juneteenth . more on the rally that's about to get underway outside of city hall, in 30 minutes . plus . several states have record numbers of new coronavirus cases as experts now think floored they think florida could become the new epicenter . i am in miami with details coming up .
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to help soothe occasional digestive upsets, plus stress that can make them worse. and try align gummies with probiotics to help support digestive health. thousands of people are marching and oakland, celebrating juneteenth, which
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commemorates the end of slavery in america. they started at the port of oakland, which is close as part of a west coast port shutdown to demand racial equality and stop police brutality throughout the country . 29 west coast ports from san diego all the way to washington state are closed today on this juneteenth . the group is now arriving at oakland city hall here for a rally on the steps of the plaza this rally is set to start in about 30 minutes and you can see the crowd is beginning to gather . with more than two dozen protest that are happening along the west coast today, many of the marchers are longshoremen . >> this is a historic occasion . because, this action, on the part it's the first time in american history, that an international union has commemorated the amount summation emancipation of them african-american people in the united states of america . >>actor and activist danny glover and angela davis will be speaking to the crowd during
12:31 pm
the rally at franklin gala plaza . hundreds of people right now are saying farewell, to federal law enforcement officer who was killed in the line of duty, in the city of oakland . a public memorial service is taking place right now at pinole valley hi pierk that's where david patrick underwood once attended school the acting sec. of security is there . underwood was killed on may 29 while guarding the federal building in oakland . two suspects who the fbi said are antigovernment extremist, are currently under arrest . david underwood is being remembered as a good man who wanted to help others and keep his community safe . he was 53 years old, underwood leaves behind a large extended family. the governor is hoping the new statewide requirement for face coverings will help reduce the spread of covid-19 . this comes as a number of coronavirus cases continues to rise in california . there are
12:32 pm
now more than 167,000 cases . and 5356 deaths, that's up by almost 3800 new cases from yesterday . here in the bay area there are more than 18,000 cases . and nearly 520 deaths . alameda county is a hardest hit county in the bay area . with more than 4600 cases . despite that, alameda county is moving into the next phase of its reopening plan today . allowing restaurants offer outdoor dining . gyms can have outdoor fitness classes and some religious services can now resume . states here in the west are not the only one seeing an increase in covid-19 cases . health experts are and identifying a potential new epicenter for the virus . we have the latest from miami . >> reporter: multiple states continue to see record highs of new coronavirus infections . in florida cases are surging . the state reporting more than 3000 new cases thursday, at an all- time record . experts indicated the state could become the next corona virus epicenter . the
12:33 pm
title previously held by new york. that's where gov. andrew cuomo is thinking about a 14 day quarantine for people traveling in from florida . were florida still does for incoming new yorkers . >> we made all these efforts, to really decrease the spread of the virus in the city, and the state, and you don't want a influx of persons who may have the virus . >> several florida cities and counties are making mask wearing mandatory . the same as being done in california where the governor issued a statewide order mandating the use of facemasks in public . officials say, it's a way to get people back to normal life while still taking precautions . >> this is a a way to live with the virus among us . >> as the economy reopens unemployment is at a record high . 1.5 million people
12:34 pm
applied for benefits last week and experts say it's now corporations who are facing the brunt of the shutdown . >> now we see a lot of layoffs happening at corporations, that have faced week after week of falling demand for their products . >> despite the numbers florida republic governor said he has no plan to shut the state down again a rollback any aspects of the reopening . in miami, ktvu news . ucsf has the final release of the coronavirus study it has on some 4000 people in san francisco's mission district they found a disproportionate number of virus cases from a low income essential latino workers . the findings are the latest suggest that people in the color of color in the mission district and elsewhere have hit especially hard because it from the covid-19 . they represent 15% of the city's population . >>the police chief announced he's retiring district placed on an online town hall meeting . according to the post dave
12:35 pm
bottini made that message . he said it's time for the city to have a fresh start and he says he believes he has lost the trust of the city council . he says he would stay on the job until the end of july to allow the city time to appoint a interim police chief . the california police chiefs association is endorsing a plan that would remove officers, who break the law, or who have a history of complaints . under this plan officers could lose their training certifications, after due process, hearings for misconduct or if they are convicted of felonies or certain misdemeanors . the organization is also calling for periodic checks to make sure officers are mentally stable . hirings and promotions in the san francisco police department are on hold as an audit of the jobs are underway. the mayor made the announcement
12:36 pm
yesterday . the mayor's plan will put a template in place, audit police exams and screen applicants for racial bias before they are hired by the department. >> somebody that mice might have a racist heart, currently we do not have that . we don't have that in a definitive way . >>we do share the mayor's goal about wanting to have the most highest standards for incoming police officers . into this profession . >> the vice president of the association tracy mccrea as officers go through bias training in the police academy and every two years when they are on the job . >> a memo released a separate cisco police officers who rated a journalist's home last year were ordered to turn off their body cameras . the reporters committee for freedom of the press obtain the minimal calls the situation deeply troubling . officers raided the home of brian carmen and 2019 to find the source of elite police report containing details of the death of public defender jeff a dodgy . the police have
12:37 pm
reached a settlement in a lawsuit over the legal rate . as for the body cameras being turned off, and assess and act as pd will not comment when they violated their own pd . departments have varied policies on the use of body cameras not all agencies in california are equipped with cameras . evans found stark inconsistencies on how it is handled . >> reporter: police body cameras can be a game changer . rather than relying from accounts from officers the public and see for themselves what happens when police use deadly force . what departments do with the footage, if they even have cameras at all, varies across more than 600 law enforcement agencies in california . >> cameras are critical . body cameras do you have it ? if you
12:38 pm
didn't have it why not ? >> reporter: civil rights attorney is representing the family of eric salgado . california highway patrol officers fatally shot salgado and wounded his pregnant girlfriend on june 6 . investigators at that he rammed the officers in a stolen vehicle . >> i want to know about the body cameras . >> reporter: chp patrol cameras haveãcameras, most officers don't wear body cameras . pages he recently began testing body cameras on officers in oakland, and stockton . the oakland police department is investigating the latest shooting but it will not say whether the officers had body cameras . >> we would like to see them because that would give some clear indication on whether or not there was a justifiable basis, to not only stop the car or while the car is moving shooting into it .>> reporter: he is also representing another family that was fatally shot amid the upheaval and killing of george floyd. they said the officer that killed monta rosa mistook a camera i'm sorry i hammer in
12:39 pm
his camera in his pocket to a gun . the department has not said if or when the officer activated his an independent review of the vallejo police department, found that until recently, officers were not required to activate their cameras . they are also allowed to review the footage before making any statements . something many other departments for bed . >> right now with everything going on with our country i think transparency is really important . >> reporter: chief bill scott took over, mid outrage after the outrage of the killing of mario woods and others. one of his first moves was to release body care body cameras after a police shooting . >> to have the cameras is one thing but to be transparent to allow the release of the footage i think, is a whole another level of transparency . >> reporter: state assembly
12:40 pm
wrote lessons of legislation that requires police department to release body camera footage, within 45 days of a critical incident . before the law, many departments refuse to ever release the videos . >> when you have video footage of a particular situation, how that really changes how people think about something or feel about something .>> reporter: many police accountability advocates believes more should be done at the state level to force departments to change . >> there's a lot of work to be done, when you make sure whether these are going to be transparent or accountability for the officers have done .>> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news . a bill that would make ethnic studies class it classes working its way through the state senate . if approved all students, would need to take a three credit class in one of the four ethnic studies disciplines . african-american
12:41 pm
studies, native american studies, asian-american studies or latino or latina studies . csu has its own plan for ethnic studies which would allow for more variety of classes as long as they have a social justice component to them . the cal state puzzle will be voted on next month . still to come, fire season is ramping up across our state . the reason cal fire is relying on cruise in the sky during the covid-19 pandemic. also it's kind of warm out there for most of us but nothing like what we had yesterday . are meteorologist is keeping eyes on the full forecast and the all-important father's day forecast as well, coming up . chicago! "ok, so, magnificent mile for me!" i thought i was managing... moderate to severe crohn's disease. yes! until i realized something was missing... you ok, sis? my symptoms kept me- -from being there for my sisters.
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welcome back, we are looking live here at the plaza the front yard of oakland city hall and people are gathering for a event to mark juneteenth holiday. he was the number of people are finding a place on the stairs in the sunshine there was a march throughout parts of oakland earlier today . this rally gets underway in about 15 minutes, it first started at the port of oakland and thousands of people marched to the streets, found themselves in the heart of downtown oakland for a rally that will start in 15 minutes . in tulsa oklahoma supporters of president trump, are already lined up outside of avery now where president trump will hold a campaign rally tomorrow . that rally is a go
12:45 pm
because a short time ago the oklahoma supreme court rejected a request to require everyone attends, that rally to where face mask and maintain social distancing, inside the arena . all because of concerns due to the coronavirus .>> reporter: four days trump supporters in tulsa have been lining up . it is a festive atmosphere ahead of saturday's rally and if anyone is concerned about coronavirus, they are not showing it . >> being able to see the president's, and experience something that most people don't ever get too .>> reporter: at the white house, oklahoma's governor said his state is ready . >> it will be amazing, oklahoma is ready for your visit will be safe, we are really excited . >> reporter: because it's the first big public rally the campaign says they are taking plenty precautions, those who attend look at the temperature checked when they walk in, hand sanitizer and masks will be provided but those showing up will have to agree to waive liability for the review and the
12:46 pm
campaign . barricades are in place in tulsa's mayor and the campaign, have heard reports of potential troublemakers traveling to the area . >> i think you see people coming in there trying to disrupt or create scenes. they want to make internet moment .>> reporter: there is a letter from the arena behind me asking what else can be done to keep the president supporters safe ? the campaign could give an update to the arena and everyone else, a little later on today . reporting in tulsa, mark meredith, ktvu fox 2 news . minnesota sen. , once democratic presidential candidate joe biden to pick a woman of color as his running mate . gobert shot was one of the ones being and she urged him saying please hire a woman of color . the short list has prominent african american women like camilla harris, susan rice, and florida congresswoman val deming's .
12:47 pm
all registered voters in california will receive a mail- in ballot for the november election. gov. newsom signed a bill into law last night saying voters can exercise their constitutional rights, without having to go to the polls . and risking their health during the pandemic . but the polling stations will be open across the area for the november 3 election. fire season is here and fire department are changing the way they approach buyers especially during this pandemic . a number of firefighters have been training just this week across the state . and trying to remain social distance there will have to rely little bit more on the air attack . >> i think it's going to be the way to respond this year it will be difficult if not impossible for the ground firefighters to maintain social distancing and still do their job on the fire line . other safety precautions are daily health monitoring and temperature checks of firefighters fire said it six
12:48 pm
expected a busy few months across the country . firefighters are on standby from other states to help right here in california . it looks like the signals off okay rosemary we will swing it to you we saw some grass fires yesterday not to day but we need to be mindful that it is warming up, and we are in the heart of the fire season . >> yes, first day of summer is tomorrow . father's day on sunday so happy early father's day to you and all of you that are celebrating out there this weekends. we do have enjoyable weather, not quite as hot as we have been . but we will still remain fairly warm and seasonable for this time of year . outside our doors at this hour giving a
12:49 pm
live look over sfo, blue skies ever had, a little bit of cloud cover still banked up along the coastline, here's a look a storm tracker and here's a look at the system i do expect to continue to bring us this nice weather . we have low clouds returning the marine layers back with us in the onshore breeze as well . checking in on the visibility where we are looking good for most of the bay area . a little bit of fog just inside the bay and along the coastline we have fog as well . for your weekend recall for partly sunny to partly cloudy along the coast and mostly cut sunny elsewhere . we have seen a big switch on the winds, and that will drive down our temperatures . 5-15 degrees cooler right now than where we were yesterday at the same . fairfield has an onshore breeze at 21 mph nap at 15 and oakland reporting a northwest right about 9b0 9 mph . i'll show you the future cast and then we will look at the afternoon today partly sunny and partly
12:50 pm
cloudy along the coast mostly sunny for the rest saturday morning, i think we have a low clouds with us, little bit of patchy drizzle not out of the question over areas of north bay partly sunny to cloudy and i see some just inside the bay it looks like our east bay could have partly cloudy skies . afternoon we are mostly sunny, into sunday morning, it is a near repeat . temperatures at this hour upper 50s i have been bay, with a mix of partly sunny and cloudy skies low 60 san francisco along the east bayshore low 60s to low 70s in the inland temperatures . in the north bay 75, when one of the warmer spots as well as 76, if you go 70s or in bay rather 86 in walnut creek, i say that
12:51 pm
but we are still looking at a huge drop from her we were just yesterday . take a look at the forecast highs expected for today . santa rosa your 86 for the day yesterday was 95 livermore you're expected to drop down by about 6 degrees so for some it definitely is notable for others . oakland 76 the afternoon high yesterday we had 86 . is a better look around the afternoon highs 80 degrees four of alejo 74 in berkeley 79 expected in hayward low 90s in brentwood for the south day and your afternoon 84 san jose, 88 los gatos . there's a slight dip tomorrow before their back up on sunday, monday and tuesday, we definitely have that summerlike pattern into place . sort of a 30b0 gap between our coastline and our inland communities . back to you . okay it looks beautiful thank you rosemary . and never before heard song about faith and grace from the late aretha franklin is being released today . that's on this juneteenth . >>[ music ] >> it's a solo version of never
12:52 pm
going to break . aretha franklin with collaboration with mary to oblige, the duet was released in 2006, executive of aretha franklin's company say the powerful lyrics bring especially true today . still to come, father's day is on sunday, most americans a plan to celebrate site the pandemic and most popular gift to give dad this year .
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
apple took it today after news the company will once again close some source . as a precaution apple will close 11 stores it recently reopened, some areas are seeing a recert resurgence of covid-19 cases . florida, south carolina and north carolina and arizona ,
12:56 pm
apple says it's taking the step with an abundance of caution adding it will be monitoring conditions and plans to open back up as soon as possible . the california lottery is running out of scratchers because of a slowdown at his distribution center due to the impact of covid-19 pandemic . the lottery says is currently experiencing a 3-4 week delay in fulfilling orders for scratchers . the store owners around the bay area have not been able to order new tickets and supplies are running out many vending machines going scratch selling scratchers are nt . in the last hour, the nations largest movie theater chain, says it is changing its position on face covering the day after it became the topic of controversy across the country . amc theater ceo announced, the theater will require patrons to wear masks when they open starting mid july. customers who do not wear masks will not be admitted, or allowed to state . unions representing to the
12:57 pm
employees say they do not think it is safe enough to open up the amusement park . that's according to the la times the union say the park is not doing enough, to protect its workers . representatives at the park say they will require safety measures like face coverings, temperature checks, and reduce capacity, disneyland is scheduled to reopen july 17 . this sunday is father's day of course and actress bryce dallas howard is putting the spotlight on dads including her own with the new apple tv plus documentary streaming this weekend . ashley has the story . >> dad i remember you are worried you would never be as good as a dad is your own father . >> he was great. >> reporter: just in time for father's day, rice brings her documentary to apple tv celebrating modern-day dads . >> a huge percentage of fathers who receive paid maternity leave do not take it . the reason they don't take it, is because there is a stigma around fathers being caregivers
12:58 pm
. and there is the assumption that there taking their paternity leave they do not have work ethic . that is not fair . >> reporter: celebrity dads share funny moments and dads from around the world tell their stories . braces own family is in it including dad ron howard. she said she wanted it to be a personal project from the start. >> my grandfather passed away, and so much of his legacy was who he was as a father . and her grandfather . and a great grandfather and i mention this because i had this footage i have found of him of 2013 in 2013 and my dad said no, no no no nobody wants to see a movie that is bryce saying i love my dad . no and i heard him but while i was filming i kept saying we need a expecting father . >> the expecting father happened to be her brother . >> it made sense at that point, if nothing else to contention my brothers story . to include
12:59 pm
my grandfather and ultimately my dad .>> reporter: in hollywood, fox news . many businesses are starting to reopen celebrations are going to look little bit different this year for father's day according to new survey, 77% of consumers say celebrating father's day is important this year, especially because of the pandemic . 58% of consumers they even though many places are opening they still plan to celebrate virtually, the national retail federation state most people plan to spend $149 on their dads with the most popular gift being supplies for home improvement projects . happy father's day mike . >> i appreciate that . it's a good gig, but being a dad is the best . thank you for watching, we will leave you with a live picture of downtown oakland were a juneteenth rally is about to get underway . a couple thousand people in attendance outside city hall . we will have more on the story for you today at 4 . be sure to
1:00 pm
download the ktvu weather app . we will see what 4 . dr. oz is next. >> it tried to drag him backwards.d to drag him dr. oz: when wild animals attack. >> it came from the gut, like a growl. dr. oz: right outside your door. plus, hidden health risks at the dollar store. >> i'm supposed to use this on my face? dr. oz: that may give you more than you bargained for. coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: are you ready for season 11? >> yeah! [applause]


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