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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 26, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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after a fellow employee lost his battle with the coronavirus. good evening everyone. the sheriff's department is morning the second coronavirus death in week. she worked as a technician since 1997. she died just one day after the death of the 56-year-old. rocha died last thursday. our reporter talked to the family members who said they do not know how she got infected with the virus. >> she had just returned from a road trip. her family believes she could have gotten the virus anywhere. >> the grand canyon was on her bucket list. she was beyond happy. >> at the grand canyon.
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on a spontaneous road trip with her grandchildren. >> it would be the last memory of her. >> the 61-year-old technician experienced symptoms on and off during the trip. difficulty breathing. back, in modesto, she was hospitalized for six days. not wanting to going to a ventilator. her friend had just died from the coronavirus. >> her family rushed to the hospital to convince her only to find that she had agreed. >> they allowed us to view her from the window. we do not honestly get to go in.>> one minute we were able to blow kisses. >> they suffered from high blood pressure and went into cardiac arrest. doctors unable to revive her. >> we heard the voice again. >> she was such a fighter.
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we really thought she was going to be does. >> and motorcade on saturday escorted her casket from kaiser permanente to a workplace in oakland. she had been exposed to at least one body who died from the coronavirus. seen here in her ppe and mask. >>'s hope everybody takes this thing seriously.>> the number most of the day grandmother. tell the grandkids that she loved him. >> how much love she gave for all of us. she said she was a diehard miami dolphins fan.
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she will be missed. a fundraiser page has been set up to support the family at this time. another inmate has died from the converse. he is the 18th inmate to die from the virus. currently the prison has 545 inmates were actively positive. right now the number of cases in california has surpassed 450,000. hospitalizations were also up over the past 24 hours. there currently more than six 900 people hospitalized in california. they are roughly 48,000 case.
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they said the positivity rate is trending up. the increase in positive cases expected to be expected. instead, in that both the newlyweds with the coronavirus. they report the couple had planned to married at st. peter's and bob church overlooking recent square park. they have won the church not to allow reading. when the city officials showed up, the ceremony was moved outside and the guest was done soon. we have more coverage on our
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news application. you will find the latest developments including what has happened and what has reopened. she is concerned that vandalism will lead to president trump sending in federal officers. our reporter has more. it was relatively peaceful until about 9 pm. that is when the police department recorded vandalism. then, there was a report of a small fire at the superior court house. some are concerned that those instances are enough to motivate the president to send in the federal forces. >> demonstrations some said
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they're okay with federal force being used by under one condition. >> as long as it is called for. meaning if there is a lot of violence. a lot of distraction. the mayor and the governor one the federal officers to leave. the oaklands mayor does not want the issue here. the images that hearing a young woman >> whether or not people to
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protest peacefully. he said is a mess. >> some businesses border love to protect their livelihoods. locally owned businesses. some don't denounce it saying it is part of civil disobedience. they urge the feds and those comfortable with federal forces to be mindful maybe if we listened and can become more intense and speedy with our justice, maybe they would stop.
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>> police said they made several arrests last night but did not give any specifics. as far as sending federal forces into oakland, we have heard of no imminent plans from the federal government. thank you. now to sacramento were cleanup is underway. after protest last night ended in violence. it started as a peaceful demonstration. our reporter tells us police say large group showed up and some of them started causing problems.>> shattered glass shattering the hopes of some organizers. it was meant to be a peaceful demonstration. >> distractions like that set us back 10 more steps. >> they helped organize a community demonstration saturday evening to honor and
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remember george flood. as it got dark, everything shifted. another group came out. there was several. everything changed.>> police say several buildings were damaged. graffiti spray-painted on the attorney general's office. much of the destruction seems to target government buildings. >> we have to find a way to impact the community without being violent. nothing is going to get done. >> protective gear. holding the reference. some point to lasers at a police helicopter and motorcycle officers. similar protest happening across the country. they said, we stand with portland and black lives matter.
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we stand against federal occupation of our city. we will continue to push and work for reform. we do not need organize distraction grabbing the headlights. a message they echo. the fight against racism is far from over. that needs to be the focus. >> right now we're in civil rights 2020. everything window prior to now one never be the same again. we have to get change. when it all races to come along with this. once again that was just the reporting. now we go to san jose where they held a rally today to call for end to police brutality and what they say is systemic racism.>> all of us need to be at the table. joined together. coming up with common goals.>> a representative from people acting islamic relations said
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they want more transparency and end to police violence. they say they are pulling together to demand trackable reform everywhere in the country. the united nations today issued a warning to the united states about what they call excessive use of force by u.s. police. a human rights spokeswoman says there have been reports that peaceful protesters have been detained by unidentified police officers and that is a worry because it may place those detained outside the protection of law. coming up, the foundation asking the trump campaign to stop using pictures of the former president to raise we're looking at that forecast.
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a little bit more of the same. back here after the break. finally reopening tomorrow after months of being shut down. what you need to know before you go. we're living in uncertain times,
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hundreds gathered today. taking one final passage across different famous bridge. it one final journey. 55 years after he led a group of 600 protesters. it was a day that was known as blood descendent. seen the guy that file for you. for us to be able to be out here. he just left so many marks on sony different states and cities.
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they will be taken to washington until he will make history one final time. his body will remain there until wednesday. he will then be flown to atlanta. the city he served for decades. today marks 100 days until election day. it shows president trump's handling has hit a new low. on the 32 percent of americans approve. only 20 percent said they think the u.s. is headed in the right direction. that is down from 42 percent back in march. senator kamali harris appears to be the favorite. if cn she would be the presidential ticket. they considered the least risky option for joe biden.
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also used as someone that could be prepared to be president. is expected to announce his pick for vice president under next month. they have asked the trump campaign and the fundraising committee to stop using president ronald reagan's image to raise money. it was in response to a fund- raising email. a spokesperson said it came as a surprise. they recently hosted the trump family. republican lawmakers are expected to roll out the proposal tomorrow. they said the $1200 stimulus checks will be coming out sometime in august. over how much money should be given to people.
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democrats want to extend the $600 payment that ends on july 31. some republican leaders want to cut those payments down to $200. they say that deal with democrats can become in part to expedite the negotiated process. tropical storm hanna still drenching parts of texas. hurricane douglas. our reporter has the latest on both stories. >> powerful winds and heavy rainfall. the first hurricane of the season made landfall twice saturday.>> forecasters downgraded to a tropical depression early sunday. the storm living a path of destruction in our area already struggling.
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a camera store with torrential downpours and 90 mile-per-hour winds. topping trailers and knocking out power to more than 200,000 homes and businesses. folks already picking up the pieces. one using a plank to assess the damage of the subway. >> a lot of people had to find a new place to live. we would do everything we can to rebuild it. making it right again. >> over a weekend of preparation. boarding up storefronts and stocking up on groceries. >> i think this will probably track north. it will probably bring a lot of rainfall. i think the winds will not be a problem. >> they said it could bring winds of 85 miles per hour. up to 15 inches of rainfall. >> this is the closest approach we have had probably in at
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least the last decade. >> if douglas is away, it would only be the third in modern history. on a couple to make direct landfall. it has a lot to do. it is not 89 degrees. that is what the hurricane needs to thrive. the gulf stream is really good for that. on in the pacific, the water de watching this out here. some monsoonal moisture. showers up in the north of us. the moisture has been lingering. i could back this up and show you a whole bunch of lightning strikes.
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there is some hits right there. then around the south lake tahoe side. happening again tomorrow. it is a afternoon thing. he in the ground. they represent the seabreeze which are up in the valley. fog will be around when you wake up. it's like the. then it warms up. some of those spots in the mid- 80s, they may make low 90s. as we head into tuesday, probably the same thing. none of this. this is our low grade changes. remember last week? that is harder. this week is going to be a lot
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more like this. we are not popping up flood warnings. 5-day forecast. as we head into friday and saturday and sunday. we will see you back at tomorrow night. thank you. the oakland zoo is set to reopen this week after a months long closure. the zoo is set to reopen tomorrow for the members then open to the public the zoo has installed dozens of hand sanitizer stations and all users two years old or older had to wear a mask. >> so far online fundraiser has raised nearly $160,000 to a $10,000 go. they want to reach that goal in order to reopen.
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they had a plan to reopen soon but the recent increase force them to put out that reopening. we put a link to the donation site. look at that. the stars are up. cardboard cutouts. was the giants kicked them down in the national league west. joe is up next with sports.
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good evening everyone. he did not go so well for the giants. someone somewhat stolen. about is quite as you will ever see him in the summer.
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the giants went back in front in the six. this time it was the of all with the hit. the giants in front 2-1. playing a tie game and you need defensive help. how about this play in left. he goes back on the fly ball. the big device on the wall. the giants added a run in the seventh. they use seven pictures. the oakland a's doing flips. this was the first start pitching for the two-way angels play. they did not greet him warmly. mark cannon takes one the opposite way. there in front three mine zero. >> robbie grossman was up next.
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is for mine zero. they have one more 45 mine zero lead. he was gone without retiring a batter. they just tipped a way to make it close. the towering shot is his fifth of the year. he not think way fourth run at the fifth. some murphy goes deep. one in the third. the a's win 6-4. the golf tour today. michael thompson came up with this shot from the bunker on the 16th hole. that set up a birdie for thompson. make it two birdies in his last three holes.
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he sure is a final-round 67. sports continuing to define necessary personnel. they reserve that classification. you also have to maintain social distance. about all he could come up with. some other news for the a's as they chased the houston astros. the report he was out for the season. reports are that is not true. that is very important. chasing the houston astros. >> a lot of optimism. thank you. have a great night. we will see you again tomorrow.
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promises the police reform on capitol hill. to recognize that not all the chains of slavery have been broken. >> will not produce a better result. >> following up. a public commitment. addressing inequality. the chief ways in. >> i'm sure the public knows. >> honoring the life of a civil rights legend. we celebrate the legacy of congressman john lewis. >> when you


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