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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 27, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and welcome to rnin i am claudine wong in for pam mor >> i am doing pretty good, too. i am dave clark. it's monday, july 27th. let's go to the home cast with steve paulson with the forecast for this monday. steve. pretty quiet out there. >> yeah. >> claudine and dave. there's not a lot going on here. and it looks pretty quiet going forward here as we end july and get ready to turn the page into august. the projections out to the middle of the month shows a continuation of the subtle changes. one day we warm up and the next cool off. that's how it looks. thunderstorms over the mountains and northern sacramento valley. but a quiet july pattern here. morning fog, sunny and breezy. and it's cool to mild to warm and you get inland and it's hot. if you are up in eu keya up to brentwood it's hot. 50s on the temps. livermore dipped to 57 down three from last hour a west
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southwest travis to 25. concord, napa have an onshore breeze. a little onshore breeze oakland and novato. a lot of activities in the mountains. pretty good thunderstorm activity. for us, near normal temps. just not lot of change. the average is slightly below for some. okay. over to sal, so far so good out there, sal, is there something new on the screens? >> no. itnow, we do have traffic that is moving along very well. and we are easing into a monday. let's go to the bay bridge. and you can see there are people there. but there's not a crowd. that's probably the way you would like it. there have been no major problems here on interstate 880. so we are off to a noise start. it's 5:01, let's go back to the headlines. thanks, sal. new this morning, antioch police investigating a double shooting outside of a 7-eleven. it left a woman dead and a man seriously injured. now the two victims were in their car outside of the store, which is locate on buchanan
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road and gentry town drive. this is around 12:30 this morning when they were shot. police say the woman was shot in the head. the man was hit several times and was rushed to john muir medical center. police are still looking for information about a suspect be or a motive. also new this morning, you've got debris from cars scattered across a san jose neighborhood. that's after a driver crashed into multiple parked cars, and then just took off. sara zendehnam shows us the damage overnight. good morning, sara. >> reporter: good morning. we have surveillance video of when the driver crashed into one of the cars. it's unbelievable. you can take a look at it here. you can see just how fast that driver was going. it hits the parked car so hard that it pushes it completely out of the camera's frame. that's just one of at least four parked cars that was damaged. the driver appears to have gotten away. now this all happened on south
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capitol avenue and belfast drive in san jose before midnight. our cameras caught what appears to be the owners of the cars checking out the damage, which was extensive. misofficers were taking photos and talking to people in the neighborhood. we heard from one woman who says her car was hit. show explains what her car looks like when she went outside. >> my car into teeny pieces. the windows smashed. the front just smashed inside, and just not being able to drive anymore. >> reporter: we have reached out to the n ce department for more information. reporting live sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. firefighters in oakland put out a fire set by protesters at
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oakland's alameda county courthouse saturday night. oakland police say a group of people among the protesters broke away and started the fire. meantime, oakland mayor is calling for peaceful protests saying the violence and vandalism is just what president trump wants in order to send in federal troops. the oakland protest was organized by wall of moms bay area to show support for the black lives protesters in portland a young woman who was a volunteer medic at the oakland protest talked about the behavior of protesters. >> you know, whether or not people protest peacefully or not, is not going to be whether or not trump decides to send his troops here. because he already has, you know, this preconceived notion what have oakland is. he said it's a mess. >> so far, there's been no word from the trump administration on specific plans to send federal law enforcement to oakland. and another row action from the head of the san francisco naacp. the reverend amos brown said it doesn't matter if they are
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black or white, they are disrow expecting the activists who fought for equality during the civil rights movement. >> many of the people who are out there doing the violent acts, i feel, have been planted there in order to divert the attention of the american public away from the main thing and that's justice and equality for african americans who have been oppressed, underserved and in some instans victims of of a culture of dough. >> i and neglect. people in portland is waking up of what is expected to be the 61st day of nonstop protests. demonstrations over the weekend included fireworks from protesters and tear gas from federal agents. this is happening a small area of the downtown outside the fed cal courthouse. the portland police bureau helped to make several arrests.
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and the united nations is warning the united states about what it calls excessive use of force by police. an u.n. human rights spokeswoman said "there have been reports that peaceful protesters have been detained by unidentified police officers and that is a worry because it may place those detained outside the protection of the law and may give rise to arbitrary detention and other human rights violations. you can watch sun's full edition of voices for change and get the latest developments about police row form on the ktvu news app. it's free to download in the app store. it's 5:06. a church wedding in san francisco may have violated health orders for big gatherings. and according to the san francisco chronicle, the bride, the groom, and at least eight wedding deaths contracted the virus. the unnamed couple planned the wedding in north beach at st. peter and paul and invited # 0
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guests who walked in through a rear door of the church. when a city official showed up, the wedding was move outdoors and guests watched remotely on zoom. san francisco health orders ban the signs of events and city officials warned the church not to allow weddings. state health officials say the rate of positive coronavirus cases in california, and the hospitalization rates, keep trending up. and the as testing increases, expect more positive cases. more than 7 million tests have been conducted in california so far. happening today, governor newsom will hold a noontime news conference. he will tell us the latest on the coronavirus pandemic in california. he is expected to give an update on the number of covid- 19 cases, and if there are changes in reopening guidelines or new restrictions.
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republican law makers will roll out the aid package. steven mnuchin says another round of $1200 checks would be distributed in august. the gop's unveiling plan hit a delay over how much money should be given to people who lost their jobs during the pandemic. democrats want to extend the $600 weekly payment that ends on july 31st through january. but some republican leaders want to cut the weekly payments to $200. also today, a vaccine for the corona virus will begin the final stage of testing. that vaccine was created by the national institutes of health and the a word of caution on vaccines and the timing of their release. >> well, you might see signals that the vaccine is protective, sometime in the fall. you might see announcements from companies they can make a lot of it. but between knowing it works and knowing it is safe, effective, and available, that's going to be sometime
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next year in all likelihood, if we are fortunate. >> a few other vaccines have begun smaller late stage studies in other countries, and here in the united states, there are a series of studies scheduled to begin each month through the fall. all right. our time is 5:09. steve paulson is back at the castle. the weather is making your job easier today, isn't it, steve? >> well, dave, you know, i mean, there's not lot that goes on in july, anyway claudine and dave. but this is a quiet pattern for us. usually we are talking heat or some kind. if you are inland, yes. well inland, it's hot. ukiah clear lake, brentwood, it's hot. but other locations are pretty close to seasonal averages. one day they might and degree or two above and nor day below. i don't see too change. it might be a teeny bit cooler. but thunderstorm activity is something different here. this is usually more august, september, not that it doesn't
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happen in july. it does. but we have had pretty good boomers in the sierra. golf ball size hail and towards shasta. that will continue today for those in the severe, the cape is pretty high. convective area of potential energy is high for us. these are the highs yesterday. brentwood, 95, fairfield, 9 3. concord, 89. and then kentfield, napa, san jose upper 70s, low 80s. along the embarcadero 54. i have seen a couple 52s and 53s. the average is 54. 55 napa airport. 57 livermore. fremont is 57. 51 for mill valley. and 52 bodega bay. and mid-50s. windsor and napa and person canyon mid-50s. there's not a big difference on a lot of the temps. thunderstorm activity will fire up over the mountains. northeast california, fog will retroat back to the coast.
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we are sandwiched in between high pressure and the four corners more towards the texas panhandle. but if it drifts back a little bit to the west, then inland temps will bump up and fog will be squashed and burn off sooner. but we are in a pattern that's not changing i don't see much changing going knot end of july and early august. so if you like this kind of weather, enjoy. if you don't, there's not much we can do because it doesn't look like it will change. 60s, 70s, and 80s and 90s. and quiet for most of the week. >> all right, steve. two hurricanes right now aiming at the united states. coming up, how hawaii is bracing for hurricane douglas. and the gulf coast has flood waters from hurricane hanna. plus, remembering the life and legacy of congressman and civil rights icon john lewis. the very emotional weekend ceremony and how lewis will be honored in the days to come. power through your morning when you walk up to mornings on 2. >> and you have the power to
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olivia de havilland died at the age of 104. she was melanie in the movie classic gone with the wind. show grew up in saratoga, went to mills college in oakland. spent time in los gatos and chico, and well-known in the bay area. her family says she died of natural causes at her the age the in state at the u.s. capitol building in washington today. after making one last trip over the edmund pettus bridge over the weekend.
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hundreds of people were out there to see the body of congressman lewis take one more passage across the edmund pettus bridge 55 years after leading a group of protesters on march 7th, 1965 on the same bridge. a day known as bloody sunday. >> to see a guy that fought for 55 years plus for us to be able to be out here like this is amazing. mr. lewis left so many marks in so many different states and cities. >> and congressman lewis make history again as the first african american to lie in state in the capitol rotunda in washington. his body will remain there until wednesday. then, it will be flown to atlanta where he served for decades in congress for his final farewell. community activists in san jose is calling for an end to police brutality and what they say is systemic racism in law enforcement. >> all of us need to be at the
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table. all hands on deck, joining together, coming up with common goals and being able be to walk with one another. >> representatives from the group people acting in community together, the naacp and council on american islamic relations joined together for a rally yesterday demanding more transparency and an end to police violence. not only in san jose, but everywhere after the killgs of breonna taylor and george floyd. hanna continues to pound the texas gulf coast turning streets into rivers. hanna weaken into a tropical depression yesterday eight as it moved from southern texas to northeastern mexico leaving rain, flooding and damage. high winds and drenching rain have knocked out power in the region which is also dealing with a surge in coronavirus cases. as of right now, city officials in corpus crusty say there were no fatalities from hanna. meanwhile, hawaii is
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bracing for hurricane douglas. the system is threatening to bring maximum sustained winds of 90 miles per hour and up to 15 inches of rain. the hurricane will pass near da kaiy and maui. >> this is the closest approach we have had for a hurricane, probably, at least in the last decade, and i encourage everyone to hunker down, to be prepared for hurricane-force winds. >> a hurricane warning is in eit can for kauai county and a in effect for hawaii. people should have their emergency kits in place but he encourages them to add mask, sanitizer and sanitizing wipes to the kits. time is 5:17. here's steve with our forecast. pretty much what we have heard before. here's steve. >> it is a very quiet pattern.
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you know, personally, i don't mind i not going to complain. not far away, you can find 90s. that's for sure. we are stuck in a pattern that's not changing. subtle day to day changes. a lot of monsoon moisture getting wrapped up coming in along -- you can see in nevada and going into the sierra nevada and northeast california. up to shasta and pretty good boomers are erupting the last couple days. that will continue today. the parameters are pretty good. northern sacramento valley. another formation of thunderstorm activity. very close to us, but we don't expect anything like that. a few clouds drift into the north. fog and breezy and nice and mild to warm to hot. 60 degrees in san jose. mostly clear. i checked and we are close. west wind at concord and west southwest at fairfield. this is very typical of what we have seen most of this week. and going back the second week
5:19 am
of july. 50s, 60s on the temp. lakeport is at 59. dublin is 59. clayton and walnut creek. it's close for many others and mid-50s and martinez and el cerrito at 54. one of the cooler locations. we are sandwiched in between fog to the west and some of that thunderstorm activity popping up over the mountains to the east. if the low off the pacific northwest deepeners little bit worker cool down. if the high in the four corners flexes the mustes and goes back to the west, inland temps bump up a little bit. one wind is out and the next the other. very typical stratus clouds as we say. 60, 70s and 80s. upper 80s to 90s. if you are in ukiah, i don't think anything change as we see near july and end of august. looks quiet claudine and dave. >> thanks, steve. well another airline takes a hard stance when it comes to
5:20 am
wearing masks. next, the latest requirements to fly delta. and we will tell you how many people the airline has banned for noncompliance. and, down to the double digits. we have 99 days to go until election day. we will take a look at the state of the 2020 race for the white house. you want coffee.
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♪sometimes in our lives we all pain ♪ we all have sorrow ♪ but it. >> good morning. bill withers requested by carolyn. one of our regular viewers. thank you, carolyn. nice song.
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up there on the list of favorites here. send me song, facebook, twitter, instagram, use the hashtag #ktvu. happening today, the oakland a's will be wrapping up a four-game series taking on the los angeles angels. so far the a's have taken two of the first three games. the a's won yesterday 6-4. today is the first pitch at 12:40 at the coliseum. and san francisco's annual hardly strictly blue grass music festival is going virtual. that's after canceling the event due to the coronavirus. now, instead of heading to golden gate park, this october, fans are going to be able to go online. it's going to be a broadcast featuring new performances and recordings along with archival footage. the 20th anniversary includes a
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charity to help local musicians during the pandemic. and today does mark 99 days until election day. and a new poll shows that president trump's handling of the pandemic has reached a new low. let's look at some of the numbers from the associated press poll. it shows 32% of americans approve of the president's approach to the coronavirus. 48% approve handling of the economy. and 20% of people say they think the u.s. is headed in the right direction. and that's down from 42% in march before the pandemic. today, the campaign of democratic presidential candidate joe biden is buying $14.5 million of adds in pennsylvania, michigan, arizona, florida, wisconsin and north carolina. the biden campaign spent another 15 million in campaign ads last week.
5:25 am
susan rice a former u.s. ambassador is considered and she says she feels she is qualified even though she has not run for office before. >> it's true, i've not run for elective office even thou behal others, and on three presidential run on other people's behalf. but my comparative strength, jokean, and we each have our own is my experties at high levels of government. >> biden will run who his running mate will be next month. and came loo harris is a favorite for the running mate. she is considered the least risky option for biden who is under pressure to pick a woman of color. the senator is viewed as someone who would be prepared to be president on day one. biden, again, is expected to make that announcement soon. a new poll shows that biden is leading in three states that president trump won four years ago.
5:26 am
he leads the president 52 to 40% in michigan. 51 to 46% in florida, and 49 to 45% in arizona. all three results fall outside of the poll's margin error. the majority of voters in the three states disapprove of the president's handling of race relations and the coronavirus. and the rageon foundation is requesting the trump campaign and rnc join fund raising commitees, stop using president ronald reagan's image for fund raising purpose. that was in response to a fund raising e-mail that offered trump reagan communetive coin sets featuring the likeness of both presidents. a spokesperson said the objection came as surprise given the reagan foundation hosted order to raise money for its organization. california, coronavirus hospitalizations continue to trend up. next shall the unsettling data about covid-19 deaths in contra
5:27 am
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i wear my mask to protect you. mask up america. we really thought she was going to beat this. >> an east bay family grieving as a 61-year-old grandmother dies from covid-19. it's the day after her colleague at sheriff's department also died from the virus. and a new mural outside of a home in berkeley honoring black people killed by police. how the artist says growing up in germany shaped the way she thinks. and inspired that project. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning. thanks for joining us. and welcome to mornings on 2. i
5:30 am
am dave clark. good morning, dave, good morning to you at home. i am claudine wong, nice to be here on this monday. and nice to see steve paulson as well as you, dave, as we talk about how this week is know, there's all of us. nothing that says oh, my gosh, this or that. but if you like the last two weeks, i don't see why you wouldn't like this week if you are near the coast dealing with fog, if you are inland, you are dealing with pretty warm temperatures or hot. i mean some areas are 90s to 100s. but most are in the upper 80s. thunderstorm activity has been firing up in the susanville and near redding and up in tahoe. so, something to keep in mind if by chance you have travel plans. i mean, it's pretty good for july. and typical july pattern for us locally. fog and sun. a little breezy. blustery at times. nice to mild to warm to hot. 50s on temps to near 60.
5:31 am
that's san jose at 60. but pretty close here. santa rosa 53. onshore breeze until you get to davis. and then it's a different pattern. travis gust to 25. no big deal. 50s on the temps. 55 for the city. 55 berkeley, oakland, we are stuck. and looks like another pattern here where the end of july and early august is not going to change much. so if you like this weather, 60, 0s, coast and bay. 5:31 on a monday, sal tells us -- >> we are off to good start, steve, right now. traffic is doing very well. as a matter of fact, i don't see a lot going on. we can see that the bay bridge is light. now, the bay bridge will add a little bit of a traffic later on. probably in about an hour. but right now, we still look pretty good with no major issues driving up on the bay bridge and traffic continues to
5:32 am
look good. now, at 5:31, let's go back to the headlines. >> thank you. new this morning, police in antioch are busy investigating a double shooting where a woman was killed and a man was seriously hurt. ktvu allie rasmus is here with the details. good morning, allie. >> reporter: good morning, dave. this happened just after midnight this morning. antioch police are at the scene investigating the circumstances surrounding the double shooting. let's go to the scene live where you see what it looks like right now. this is at buchanan road and gentry town drive near 7/eleven. there's an suv in the parking lot. this is where police say two people, a man and woman, were sitting in their vehicle in the parking lot, when they were shot multiple times. >> eat it >> it appears they were sitting in the vehicle and approached by a subject. >> reporter: police have not
5:33 am
found or identified the gunman. they have not released any information about the relationship between the man and woman and why they were at that -- shall in that suv at that parking lot at 12:30 this morning. police are investigating looking for more information about what happened, again, it is a scene. you can see the evidence markers from earlier this morning. and the crime scene tape, as we showed you, is still up in the area. we are not sure if some of the businesses in this area, that 7/eleven has surveillance video. but we will check with police on this double shooting. reporting live, allie rasmus, ktvu, fox 2 news. right now, the number of coronavirus cases in california has surpassed 450,000. you can see the numbers on the screen. we have seen more than 8400 deaths in the bay area. there are roughly 48,000 cases,
5:34 am
762 people have died. and nearly 70% of the people who died from covid-19 in contra costa county, we know they lived in assisted living facilities. contra costa county health services released new data showing 71 of the 102 deaths in the county were were long-term care residents and that's higher than across the state. the state numbers show that 46% of covid-19 deaths were people living in assisted living facilities. by comparison, if you look at data from santa clara and alameda counties, you will see the counties more in line with the state numbers. group called california caregivers for compromise is asking governor newsom for help. once he wants a plan so elderly residents don't suffer isolation and loneliness. they want to visit clients if both are healthy enough. they will join force was the 400,000 families who have loved ones in long-term care
5:35 am
facilities to push for change. the alameda county sheriff's office is mourning the second covid related death in a week. 61-year-old valerie leon worked as a technician there since 1997. we spoke with her family and they still don't know how she contracted the virus. >> into go out on the trip. the grand canyon was on the bucket list. and when she was there, she was beyond happy. >> reporter: a beaming valerie leon at grand canyon on a spontaneous road trip with her grandchildren in mid-july. it's the grand kids' last memory of her. >> i was so blessed to get memories with her and being able to go out on the trip with her. >> reporter: the 61-year-old sheriff technician experienced symptoms on and off during the trip, chills, coughing, and then difficulty breathing. back home in modesto, she was hospitalized for six days at first not wanting to go on a
5:36 am
ventilator. her friend deputy oscar roacha died from covid. >> she found out the night before he had passed. and that broke her heart. >> reporter: her family rushed to the hospital to convince her only to find out she had agreed. >> they allowed us to view her from a window. we didn't get to go into the room in we saw her for like one minute. we were able to blow kisses. >> reporter: on a ventilator for an hour, she suffered from high blood pressure, went no cardiac arrest. doctors unable to revive her. >> we never heard her voice again. >> it was pretty sad. >> it's heart such a fighter and tremendous woman. we thought she would beat this. >> reporter: a motorcade from the sheriff's office saturday escorted her flag draped casket from kaiser permanente in modesto to workplace the morgue in oakland. leon transferred to the coroner's office in march from the courthouse. her family says she was exposed
5:37 am
to at least one body who died from covid. always careful regularly tested, seen here in her ppp and mask. remembered as miami dolphins fan who loved cooking and the dollar store. >> i hope everybody takes this thing seriously and realizes it can hit everybody different. >> reporter: leon will be remembered most as a doting grandmother, one of her last text felt grand kids text, tell the grand kids i love them. >> the love she gave to all of us and knowing we were one of the last thoughts that was memorable to us. >> reporter: azenith smith, ktvu. >> she is the second employee to die from covid-19. deputy roacha died on thursday after a three-week battle with the virus. his wife was at his side at john muir medical center in walnut creek. deputy roacha was 56 and he had been a deputy for 25 years.
5:38 am
our time is 5:37. marin county wants more testing for covid-19. the east bay times has says a new health technology company will take over at the civic center to cut down the time it takes to get test results to one day. reducing that turn around time will help trace the patient's contacts, and also help prevent the spread of the virus. more than 2500 people in marin county tested positive for covid-19. and next month, the covid testing site in hayward moves to new location. it will move from the cal state east bay campus to the sky west golf course. the current testing site will close down on friday. the new site will open the following monday. the testing center is anyone over the age of 12. if u are flying on delta airlines, and you refuse to wear a mask on a delta flight, you will now be banned from flying on delta in the future.
5:39 am
delta's ceo told time magazine passengers are notable to get are not able to get on without a mask if someone is asked to wear mask three times they will be given a card saying if you don't comply, you will lose the right to fly on delta. delta says right now, there are 100 people on the no-fly list for not wearing a mask. your time is 5:39. and if you are looking out the window and what the day has in store, steve paulson is working on that. if we like the weekend, we will like today? >> that's correct. i am not working that hard on what the weather will be like. because it is stuck. there's not much change here. and there's fog on the coast. making the push it burns back. from they good thunderstorm activity in the mountains.
5:40 am
that's one little different twist. and there's reports of golf ball size hail over the weekend. not just tahoe but where the sierra but towards northeast california, susanville and northern sacramento he valley. they will fire up again towards shasta and convictive area of potential energy is high for us. so we will see a repeat of that. the city today, 66, 55, what's average? 66, 55. how about that. the record 86. and not that hot. in 1995. but 49 way back in 1897. temperatures, though, continue to be stuck in the city as well. along the embarcadero south, southeast, 5 # degrees. i did see a couple 52, 53s onshore breeze napa airport. onshore concord fairfield and west southwest. but nothing that's 35 or 40 miles an hour. that's for sure. 50s on the temps and mid-50s pacifica. the city, berkeley and oakland and sfo and everyone is close.
5:41 am
pinol is 55 and close for many others. 56 in maragga. morring56 in moring aa. more thunderstorm activity in the mountains and maybe coastal drizzle the next couple days. so, again, if you like this pattern, i don't see just many big whole sale changes. just day to day changes. 60, 70s, 80s. and if you are far enough inland you can get to 100. vacaville and ukiah. but temperatures are not changing for the rest of the week. >> okay. steve, thank you. it's 5:41. caught on camera. a police officer forcefully arresting a driver who appears to be complying. coming up, what witnesses say and also how the police department is handling the investigation. and san diego comic con looked a lot different this
5:42 am
year going virtual for the annual fan fest. don't forget now you can have the morning headlines delivered to you by signing up for the new ktvu newsletter. go to sign up for the daily service.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a san jose police officer on leave after video shows a woman being dragged across the ground last wednesday while being arrested. it happened after she was pulled over at a san jose mcdonald's. a witness says police officers kicked her before they dragged her across the parking lot. the san jose police department is investigating. and in vicarial a man was arrested after police say the
5:45 am
man toll $1,000 worked of goods from home depot. 25-year-old walked out without paying for a cart full of merchandise. home depot called police, gave a description of the the car, the police pulled him over and now he is facing charges of grand theft. a researcher from china who left her job as a visiting researcher at uc davis is due to face a judge today. justice department says juan tang and three others are accused of visa fraud. the justice department says tang and the other researchers didn't reveal that they served in china's military. the court appearance will take place this afternoon in sacramento. and a former contra costa county clerk charged with illegally using campaign funds will go before a judge. the county da's office says he
5:46 am
used $262,000 in campaign funding for vacations and other personal expenses. he resigned last year and admitted to spending part of the money over a six-year period. now he faces more than 30 felony charges. well, a couple has been banned from all walmart stores after they wore face conversation with was stickas to a minnesota walmart. video posted online on social media shows that man and woman at the check out line. you can see the shoppers are confronting them. and that masked woman could be heard saying if you vote for biden you are going to be in nazi germany. that's what it's going to be like. that couple was cited fortress passing and walmart says the couple is not allowed in any of the stores for at least a year. walmart says it will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment. in on ukely the avenue into a powerful tribute to the black lives matter movement and black
5:47 am
people killed by police as ktvu alyssa hearington shows us they hope it sparks a discussion and change. >> this is whatta work in progress. >> reporter: karina stands outsight her berkeley home, which has been transformed into a memorial for black people killed by police and acts of hate. the words, black lives matter, are painted across her two-car garage along with dozens of names. >> what is important for me, is that the people that we are remembering become alive for us as real people. >> reporter: she grew up in germany, post world war ii. she learned about social injustice at a very young age. and she remembers seeing memorials for victims of the holocaust throughout her childhood. that's where show got the idea for this mural. >> we had to still work on dealing with the history with the holocaust and with the war
5:48 am
and culpability. and racism stood out to me immediately when i came here. >> reporter: she has been working on the project with two friends them the research important dates and information about each person. birth dates where they lived and something special about their lives. she hopes people who pass through to honor the lives and reflect on white privilege and ask what can be done to make things better moving forward. >> now seems the right time to make something permanent that people who walk by, drive by, bike by, can actually maybe stop, have a moment of silence, and remember. >> reporter: she is ing on the. >> reporter: she is working on the project. this year's san diego's comic con went virtual for the first time ever a small group of people still met at the convention center, but they say they missed the unique inclusive community they feel
5:49 am
and can find at comic con. >> there's very few places in the world where you can go and have complete strangers just totally geek out over your costume and you can do the same vicars area with no judgment. >> no the one silver lining is that they were able to attend more panels with the favorite stars since it was online. the lack of having a physical event is still a huge financial hit to san diego, which usually sees a $166 million boost from comic con. happening today, the oakland zoo is reopening after a month's long closure that nearly led to the zoo closing in stores for good. zoo members are going to be able to visit today and then the zoo is going to open to the public on wednesday. guests will be limited to 2500 per day that's about a third of what the zoo can handle. the zoo has installed dozens of hand sanitizer station and all
5:50 am
visitors two years and older will need to wear a mask. and you can check the county by county information on reopening with the ktvu news app. there's a running list of what's opened and where right there on the front page. me? >> all right claudine. it's 5:50. let's talk to steve paulson about the forecast a new week and new monday. steve is ready. he is right there. >> i am indeed. quickly here on olivia de havilland. watch the adventures of robinhood. that's the classic. filmed in chico at bidwell park. >> that's wild. isn't that something? >> partly filmed. but anyway, yeah, that and captain blood will give you a good introduction to her. we have a quiet pattern. there's really not a lot changing right here. if you are well inland, it's hot. near the coast, it's not. i mean, it's just one of the patterns where we are ruining the seasonal averages. someday a little below and some
5:51 am
days above. thunderstorm activity is the story in tahoe and up shasta and because of the thunderstorms, fire weather warnings are out. you can see covering the same general area and all the way up to the oregon border. highs yesterday, brentwood was 95. fairfield 93. we could be much warmer. but temperatures right now 53 know vatta and santa rosa. on the peninsula upper 50s, low 60s. foster city, san mateo, low 60s around pa alto and los altos. woodside is at59. t. if that deepens, it's stopping the high in the four corners from expanding more towards us. if it did, we will would be hotter. but if you are far enough land, it's hot enough. this pattern looks like it's on hold here.
5:52 am
thunderstorms in the mountains, 70s. r low 80s. a little inland you will find upper 80s and 90s well away from the coast. in the a lot of change. there's hints be it may cool down a little bit on wednesday and warm up towards the end of the week i kept things steady. end of july into early august. >> all right. thanks.. the body of john lewis carried in alabama for one last time. coming up, the official ceremony honoring john lewis. and another round of stimulus checks would be on the way as federal unemployment checks are ending. what we know about a possible coronavirus aid package. more praise and rewards for that brave little boy badly hurt while rescuing his baby sifter from dog attack. superfast internet.
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♪[ music ] hang on snoopy ♪ snoopy hang on. >> good morning. welcome back. 5:55. and hang on snoopie.
5:56 am
ken phelps, one of the regulars, wanted to hear this. i am not sure what year this is from. thanks for the request anyway, ken. he had a lot but i chose this one. send me a song, facebook, twit, instagram, use the hashtag k #ktvu. san francisco's panhandle neighborhood finally gets at that new bike lane after years of debate it. shows where cyclists can ride on feld street. pedestrians on the sidewalk, cars have three lanes on the other side of the plastic posts. over the weekend, work was completed on the project that was expected to go on through next month. >>very brave little boy from wyoming who saved his little sister from a vicious dog attack is getting more praise. he is healing after that dog
5:57 am
attack on july 9th. but since then, he has been able to talk with chris evans, who plays captain america in the marvels movies. he and his sister enjoyed a shopping spree at a candy store in denver. >> it's been surreal. never expected any of this to go viral the way it did. i asked him the or day, you know, does this make you anymore special and he said, no i said, what makes you special, and he said, i am me. and that meant lot to us. >> and the world boxing council made bridger an honorary champion and sent him a belt. his dad says the family is happy for all of the support and generosity. san francisco annual hardly strictly blue grass music festival is going virtual after being canceled because of the coronavirus. instead of going to gold gate park, fans can go online for a
5:58 am
broadcast. featuring new performances and recordings along with video from the archives. the 20th anniversary of hardly strictly includes new charity to help local musicians during the pandemic. this year's san diego comic con went virtual for the first time a small group of cos players wet met at the convention center but say they miss the community they feel own at comic con. >> there's very few places you can go and have complete strangers totally geek out over your costume and you can do the same with no summit. >> the silver lining for fans, they were able to catch more panels with their favorite stars since the event was online. but the lack of a physical event is a huge financial hit to san diego and normally they take in $166 million from comic
5:59 am
con. over in the uk the queen took part in the virtual reveal of a new portrait of the queen herself. >> with the majesty's permission, we will unveil the picture of your majesty. >> there it is. the queen herself watched via video conference as the artists and the under secretary office in london presented the portrait. it was a first ever virtual unveiling of a royal portrait. >> well, i am glad i had a chance to see it. hope to see it in real life one day. >> there you are. british diplomats in india and france were there watching and viewing the event. the british foreign office commissioned the portrait to
6:00 am
honor queen elizabeth's service to diplomacy. police in antioch continue to investigata a deadly shooting this morning. the latest details with one person in the hospital right now. and in san jose thousands of dollars in damage after a hit-and-run into parked cars. investigation is now underway as police try to find the person responsible. from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. >> thanks for joining us. welcome to monday morning, july 27th. i am dave clark. >> and i am claudine wong. good morning to you, dave. and good morning to you, steve paulson, who is watching this stuck weather pattern for us. don't mind. if we are stuck a place, this is not a bad place to be. >> usually we have one extreme but that's not the case unless you are well inland.
6:01 am
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