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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 30, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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planet. they took 150 hours to create >> reporter: it is a sad state it. of affairs as an owner of another bowling alley put it, and 150 hours is crazy. the future of entertainment charles: gold. venues does not look good. yellow diamonds, which are with cloverleaf closing, others worry they too will be knocked extremely expensive. regular diamonds. down. harvey: you know what? >> obviously being here your that made me feel so bad. whole life, it's rather i'm going to get one of those for you think you picked zirconium -- you in cubic difficult to be going through this right now. zirconium. see you >> reporter: family-owned for 57 years, mike hellman's parents bought cloverleaf bowling alley. more than a bowling center in fremont it has become a haven for senior leaks, teams, the community. the owners fought hard for calls for change in marin developers trying to tear down two years ago to make way for county tonight were protesters housing. three years left on the police, are pushing to erase the name covid is a fight they can't win of the early explorer sir francis drake from schools, roads and landmarks. . >> we have rent, utilities, bills to pay. >> reporter: 20 weeks without >> how can you place recognition and honor to a income, the future too person like that? why would you? >> protesters call drake and uncertain. murdering colonist and >> there has never been a date historians say he was a slave where bowling centers have a
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circle on the calendar to open trader. good evening, everyone. up. it's wait and see and try i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. sir francis drake arrived in to find out what phase we are 1579, claiming the land for on. >> reporter: experts say england. institutions going away could have long-term implications. but native americans were >> i fear we're going to lose already here. now their ancestors, and others not only venerable old institutions like skating seeking racial justice, are rings, like bowling alleys, but rising up and demanding drake's also that new businesses trying name be removed. to open up simply aren't going live coverage now from ktvu's to be able to make it because amber lee at drake high with they don't have the runway to the details. create the clientele. >> reporter: here at the high >> it is possible that all school the mood of the protest was upbeat. indoor activities where people people here tell me there is work to be done, but they are gather are in jeopardy. seeing changes they want. >> reporter: mike leon owns a >> all of the different people restaurant in san mateo, own organizing against the drake name, whether it's in the statue for 63 years, devastated about , on the school- >> reporter: dozens of people, cloverleaf. >> cloverleaf has probably been the model of just about every students and community activists gathered thursday evening. bowling center in the country. the school site bearing the name of the explorer, now gone. >> the name is the tip of the >> reporter: leon worries about
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his business, investing $35,000 iceberg. >> reporter: protesters are to make it safe. asking for the removal of his >> we did what we feel was name from sir francis drake boulevard. >> we are asking for a lot. everything that the cdc we understand not all of it can suggested. >> reporter: frustrated, county health is quick to shut the be changed overnight. >> reporter: this week the statue of drake at larkspur industry down without visiting. landing was removed by city here they seek thermal cameras crews. officials say it was to detect patrons temperatures, done in response to planned demonstrations to tear down the statue. >> our concern was really a matter of public safety. and air conditioner purifier and gloves for bowling balls. people can't show up and engage in that kind of activity in a way that would subject themselves to harm. >> i was hoping and praying the >> reporter: members of the center would be able to survive native americans who say their these last wrenching five months and over and it stores. land here in marin county was >> reporter: the owner reading stolen from them applied the a card left at the front door city's removal of the statue. thursday. he said he will miss the people is a public spaces with drake's the most. >> it's going to be a big hit image and name should be for the schools, special needs, replaced with native american and the families of fremont. leaders. it will hit them pretty hard. >> i want them to be honored >> reporter: most bowling for being here for the stewards centers are family operated. of the land for thousands of years. that's what i want and it's cloverleaf used the ppp loan happening. they received for payroll. the owner believes the >> reporter: they say these government needs to do more to changes are, and their words, help businesses in the industry
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the beginning of a new survive. beginning. >> true history is so important so we can change the narrative. still to come, coronavirus >> reporter: changing the names clusters in four bay area of public spaces is a powerful way to teach american history costco stores. first, promising news on that includes the native american perspective. their the vaccine front. history needs to be told. >> our voice was taken away from us. that's the history we want to and the marine layer is share about that experience and moving back in, giving us a how we survived. mild evening. >> reporter: two public meetings are scheduled for next wednesday . the city council plans to discuss the future of the statue. the county will talk about the name of sir francis drake boulevard. as for the high school, the school district helps to have a new name possibly as early as later this year. >> the sir francis drake hotel in downtown san francisco may also undergo a name change. the chronicle reports the property owners and management
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company are discussing a possible change. the luxury hotel is located on palo street near union square and opened in 1928. let me be clear. we made usaa insurance for veterans like liz and mike. we are in a major surge of an army family who is always at the ready. covid-19. so when they got a little surprise... the virus is moving fast and two!? more people are getting ...they didn't panic. they got a bigger car seriously ill. for their soon-to-be-bigger family. after shopping around for insurance, >> bold words today from the they called usaa - who helped find the right coverage for them and even some much-needed savings. health director in san francisco as the city reports that was the easy part. hospitalizations have hit a new usaa insurance is made the way liz and mike need it- high at 109. it's so bad that city plans to easy. open an overflow site in the presidio to care for non- coronavirus patients and hospitals get overwhelmed. the health officer today pleaded with residents to help get the spread of the virus under control. >> reporter: in a matter of weeks san francisco's infection and hospitalization rates have skyrocketed enough to put the city on the state watchlist. >> we can speculate on how soon
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, if we will get off the watchlist. i will just emphasize, again, we are in a major surge here. >> reporter: 57 people in the city have died from coronavirus so far. there been more than 6000 confirmed cases and hospitalization rates increased by 50% every week this month. public health director dr. grant colfax saying, now is the president trump came under fire today for suggesting the time to wear face coverings and november election could be stay home as much as possible. delayed because of a disagreement over mail-in ballots. it comes with congress at a he said, with the amount of standstill. virus currently circulating, we have the latest update from residents have to assume that anyone at a gathering, big or washington. >> it's of big thing, very big small, could be carrying the disease. thing. >> we think gatherings are certainly contributing to this. >> reporter: president trump which is why it's so important laid out his priorities on the coronavirus relief bill is people do not gather outside of the household, if at all tonight, including $105 million to get students back in the classroom. possible. >> reporter: some residence in >> young people are almost the city say they have been immune to this disease. the following the latest news about the spike and infection and younger, the better. i guess they are stronger, they hospitalization rates and are doubling their efforts to protect themselves and others. >> it's a reminder to me we have a stronger immune system, still have to be vigilant with it's an incredible thing. nobody has ever seen this our safety protocols. you need >> reporteron and direct
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to wash her hands, washer mask, where new masks, where the masks, distancing, just payments to americans. all the things we learned over >> this money will help millions of hard-working the last four months to keep us families get by. >> reporter: negotiators safe. originally hoped to have a deal by friday and the enhanced >> reporter: the city's public health director saying, if the unemployment benefits run out. people of san francisco cannot follow those guidelines and but there was little agreement bring down infection rates, the on the senate floor thursday hospitals could get overwhelmed and a lot of smack talk. by a flood of patients. >> they refuse to move one inch from the speakers for the supervisor catherine stephanie proposal. joining dr. colfax to announce >> when they want to do something it's a stunt, not a the city is opening a pair of real negotiation. overflow medical facilities located in the presidio, ready >> reporter: with such a tight to take non-covid patients to deadline, much of the focus in help relieve the strain on the dc was on the relief bill. there was plenty of talk about city's medical system, if needed. this tweet with the president >> unfortunately other ailments floated the idea of delaying are not stopping just because the election. of the pandemic. >> i want to have the election, opening the facility will allow but i also don't want to have the city to share medical to wait for three months and then find out the ballots are all missing and the election resources and bolster hospital capacity. and reopening's are doesn't mean anything. >> reporter: the idea was quickly shut down. >> we have had elections during on pause. wars, we have had elections as her if the city will during depressions, we have had consider some kind of fine elections during civil unrest. structure not for people not we should have our election
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when it's scheduled in following public health november. >> reporter: that was about the directives, so far that is not only thing numbers seemed to been ruled out. agree on, the election will go on in november, right on time. >> here are the latest coronavirus numbers in a possible coronavirus california. 194 deaths were reported vaccine developed by johnson yesterday. that's close to the record of and johnson has proven to be 197 just the day before. effective in trial involving . the overall dental, sadly, is now 8900. researchers say primates injected with a single shot more than 10,000 new cases vaccine are protected from infection. the results of the trial were published today in the journal, were reported statewide for nature. johnson & johnson is now testing its vaccine on humans total of 185,000. here in the bay area 792 deaths with clinical trials underway in europe and the u.s. the have been reported and more than 50,000 cases of been reported. coronavirus response coordinator for the white house task force had this to say. the san francisco sheriff's >> we johnson & johnson vaccine office is reporting its 10th is exciting because it's a case of the coronavirus. the single dose. see you get windows and for it sheriff confirmed the latest case today, thing the deputy worked at the hall of justice. five deputies have tested to be able to show protection positive this month. five other in like the other vaccines it sheriff's employees were infected back in march. so far the cities jail has has shown, two doses shortens avoided a major outbreak with the time period for development because your readout becomes 30
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days quicker. >> dozens of labs around the 20 new inmates testing world are working on vaccine positive, the asymptomatic. candidates and treatments for all are reportedly isolated from the general population. the virus, which has now infected more than 17 million former republican people worldwide. presidential candidate herman big tech companies reported cain has died from the coronavirus. a statement posted on his official twitter account says earnings today one day after he passed away at an atlanta top executives regrowth at a congressional hearing over area hospital. their market power and alleged he tested positive a few days antitrust practices. after attending president facebook posted higher revenue trump's rally in tulsa, oklahoma. next to increased engagement from users. but it also reported a he was a conservative businessman who briefly rose to significant decline in its the top of the polls during the revenue growth rate and warned that growth will remain mute. 2012 presidential campaign by highlighting a plan to semper fi the tax code. he was 74 years old. apple posted a better-than- stocks were mostly lower on expected 11% increase in sales. wall street, but strength in they benefited from strong tech shares limited losses. demand for apps and work from the dow was down 225 points, home devices. apple also announced a 441 close to 1%. the nasdaq gained stock split. googles parent company, 44 and the s&p was down 12. stronger-than-expected profits for ups also helped the market alphabet, saw its first ever quarterly drop in revenue trim some earlier losses. compared to the year ago. although it was only a 2% dip, as a telling sign of a major downturn, a potential major the commerce department today delivered the worst gross downturn, and the digital ad
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domestic product, or gdp report market. , and american history. and amazon sales and profits it shows the u.s. economy shrank at an annual rate of soared as shoppers inundated the company's website with 32.9% during the months of april orders. also, remote workers powered growth in their cloud computing , may and june. unit. amazon says that the second the decline is three times greater than the previous quarter profit doubled compared to last year to $5.2 billion. record of 10% in 1958. this, as another 1.4 million people nationwide file for first-time the owners of the cliff unemployment benefits last week. house restaurant in san francisco are filing a lawsuit after they were denied insurance coverage for losses >> not only the high number of due to the pandemic. claims, but the fact that businesses are closing the cliff house is temporarily permanently and workers who are closed. the owners the it had been losing money since the pandemic initially furloughed are now began and they had to lay off being turned into layoffs. nearly all of the 185 employees. the owners so they took out >> here in california the insurance for business implement development interruptions, like the department has processed 8.7 pandemic. but now, after paying high million jobless claims since premiums for years, their the start of the pandemic and paid out $53 billion in insurance company is refusing to cover the losses. benefits. and today was a prime example of the microclimates of now to fremont where the cloverleaf bowling alley is the latest iconic business to fall victim to the pandemic. it has been a community finew a northern california. because if you were at the coast you have cloudy skies and
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cooler temperatures. if you are inland you saw some 90s in places. let's start off with taking a look at our highs today. you can see the 90s in livermore and antioch. look at. filled 94 degrees. 69 in oakland and 63 in san francisco where we played with a lot of the cloud cover. taking a live look outside right now at the bay bridge you can see plenty of moisture in the air as the marine layer makes its return. santa rosa right now 55 degrees, same story in san francisco, livermore 66 and 60s right now in san jose. tomorrow is our last day of july and we're going to start off a little foggy with clearing in the afternoon, similar to today. except we will see those temperatures warm up just a touch more. overnight lows, low 50s to low 60s. and tomorrow you see the heat is inland. it will be places like napa, livermore, concord, santa rosa and san jose. the 90s look like they will be mostly east bay. and i wanted to mention that when i come back i will give you your extended forecast and will talk about the latest
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hurricane threatening florida. in southern california hot weather and heavy winds are helping fuel the so-called fire . it has burned about 240 acres. it is burning and heavy brush near the morris dam and azusa, about 25 miles from l.a.. people north of the dam were evacuated today, but no homes are at risk. 30 million americans struggling to find food. coming up, the bay area food pantry that says it's in need of help too. also, a changing of the guard in portland.
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lily everyone in the house is online and i can't get enough bandwidth to video chat with my book club. try 1 gig internet with at&t fiber. you get more bandwidth and hbo max included. so, everyone stays entertained. so i can just watch the show instead of reading the book? you know, if you turn on your subtitles... that's almost reading. get 1 gig internet with at&t fiber for $49.99a month for a year. no annualcontract. and now get hbo max included. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att federal agents are beginning to move out of portland, oregon today as local police start moving in to replace them. police in portland will begin protecting the federal courthouse, which has been a target of protesters for days
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now. a park across from the building , that has been used as a staging ground, has also been cleared by police. the federal agents are being phased out after the state's democratic governor reached a deal with the trump administration. charges are not going to be filed against the former police officer that shot and killed michael brown in ferguson, missouri in 2014. this, after a five-month review of witness statements, forensic reports and other statements. the forensic attorney said their office could not prove that darren wilson committed murder or manslaughter. the shooting sparked months of protest, which eventually helped lead to the formation of black lives matter slogan at least three san francisco police officers were injured over the weekend. it was at the 1600 block of sunnydale avenue. when officers intervened they were sprayed by an unknown chemical. it caused minor burns and temporary vision loss.
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that on saturday and officer was stabbed in the face responding to a report of an assault near waller and clayton street. that officer had to get eight stitches. three suspects were arrested and now face a variety of charges. menlo park as an interim police chief. law enforcement david spiller starts tomorrow, replacing retiring dave bertini 's last day was today. he has 30 years of experience in law enforcement. he served in san diego, mountain view and pleasanton. he was police chief at pleasanton for eight years before retiring last year. a search for a permanent police chief is now underway. a new report shows almost 30 million americans are struggling to find enough food to eat. the census bureau started tracking the data in may and says that last week food insecurity levels were the far. almost 24 million peopand indic sometimes didn't have enough to eat in the previous seven days
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and almost 5 and half million people said that they often don't have enough to eat as the economic fallout from the coronavirus continues. advocates to the growing need for food and housing is heading all parts of the bay area. in cupertino, west valley community services said more than 20,000 people are living in poverty in the area of los gatos, saratoga and san jose. they said that the coronavirus pandemic has only increased the need. to do their reaching out in hopes of getting hope help for themselves to increase the size of their food pantry and for the new mobile food van. >> we need the community's health to get us over that hump so we can make these resources available now. even more, with this new pantry, we will be allowed to reintroduce shopping. because this new space will be large enough to allow for six- foot spaces between our clients , where they choose their food.
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>> the organization says it is now just $300,000 shy of the $2 million goal. coming up, clusters of coronavirus cases among costco workers, were health officials believe they got infected. the new information about this month's big hack on twitter. coming up later, the giants with another thriller at oracle park as they come back from five runs down. up first, interstate 980 in oakland closed down tonight.
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this isn't about today. this is about the next 10 years. but this is something you can do today. you can make a difference today by filling out the 2020 census. the census impacts hospitals, schools, and public transportation. the 2020 census counts everyone, whether you rent, own, or live at home, including roommates. taking the census is quick and easy. it's only 10 questions. shape your future. start here at you guys have a good day.
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at 10:00, traffic is moving in on interstate 980 in oakland after both directions were shut down this evening. officers responded to reports of a man hanging over the ledge near the 12th street over crossing.
10:20 pm
all traffic was detoured off the highway and crisis negotiators were called in. the man ended up climbing back over the fence on his own. he was then safely taken into custody. last week we share the story of a norse from a veterans home who passed away from covid-19. after the time of her death her husband was in intensive care battling the virus as well. tonight we learned he has also died from covid-19 complications. the couple's son tells us he and his three siblings are now trying to cope with the loss of both of their parents in the matter of a few weeks. >> it's kind of numbing because i'm still not over my mom. antilles my dad, not even too's weeks later, that's a >> after losing both parents,
10:21 pm
adams is imploring the public to use masks, sanitized and social distance. santa clara county health officials have opened an investigation into the coronavirus outbreak at four costco stores. >> reporter: front-line workers are at higher risk. there in these retail locations and have people facing them all the time. officials say four costco sites have reported clusters of covid cases so far. there have been six cases at the gill relocation, eight in san jose's center of location, 13 in sunnyvale and four cases in mountain view. officials believe most employees were likely infected outside the store. health inspectors have visited all of the affected sites and have all met current health standards. >> they have been good partners with the public health department in maintaining those protocols and safety of the costco stores. >> reporter: of the sunnyvale
10:22 pm
location customers carry carts full of merchandise. some saying the outbreak doesn't influence their shopping habits. >> for me it's not a problem because everyone is using masks and keeping six feet distance, using hand sanitizer's. so for me it's okay. we have to work, so there's not another way to make money. >> reporter: researchers say they are exploring a new concept, so-called super spreaders, to pop up in some environments and not others. >> apparently some people appear, we don't know yet, but appear to spread it more easily than others. all it takes is that one person to come in and spread it among a group. >> reporter: earlier this month four employees with close working contact at a san jose trader joe's store tested positive for the virus. dr. mark schwartz says these types of occurrences could become commonplace. >> i think we're going to see
10:23 pm
these outbreaks, period. we will live with this for a long time until we have a robust vaccine. >> reporter: employees at the center of location and san jose were tested tuesday, but results are not available. officials with the health department stress it is safe for customers to shop at all costco locations. but they say, wear a mask, social distance and wash her hands or use hand sanitizer frequently. new information tonight on this month's twitter hack that breached internal systems and compromised high-profile accounts. reuters is reporting a number of employees were targeted through a spearfishing technique . that's where hackers send emails from a known or trusted sender to try out confidential information. in this case hackers target specific employees who enabled them access into internal systems and infiltrated high- profile accounts. now to oakland where the new school year begins in less than two weeks.
10:24 pm
but 25,000 new laptop computers that the district order to help students with distance-learning apparently won't be ready in time. we spoke with one father about what this means for his family. >> reporter: ricardo hutchinson is hoping to get a laptop computer from the oakland unified school district for his daughter, neve it. she's about to enter the third grade at fruitvale elementary school and has a learning disability. >> my concern is that she may not be able to be well-equipped like the other kids. and i would like her to engage like the other kids would be able to and do it as a class, as a unit. >> reporter: he says he was unable to connect temporary computer from the district last spring because of physical disability made it too hard for him to stand in line. but he received word thursday the school does have a laptop for his daughter. >> until we actually see when manifested, i will just cross my fingers. >> reporter: with oakland school year starting with
10:25 pm
distance-learning in 11 days, on august 10th, the district announced the 25,000 laptops on order were delayed because of the pandemic and will be programmed and ready for students until september. >> oakland is one of the earliest starting districts for district our size and we are not prepared. so that makes it worse. >> reporter: chas garcia teaches fourth grade and is also vice president of the teachers union. >> we are putting a lot of extra stress on families, students and ourselves. >> it's not ideal. we certainly wish we had them already, and a month ago. but that's the reality now. >> reporter: most of the district 37,000 students to have laptops. the districts loaned out thousands of them last spring. the new laptops will replace the ones on loan. the district is trying to identify the approximately 2000 students who still need temporary computers, but say
10:26 pm
every child should have one during the first week of class. >> i'm hoping they can get it together before the school year starts and my daughter won't be just left behind. >> reporter: the school district says it's also working to ensure all students have wi- fi and access to technical support. the ceo of pg&e's utility subsidiary is stepping down. andy vessey held the job for less than a year. the cd know of pg&e's parent company, pg&e corporation, also stepped down a month ago. all of these announcements, as pg&e announced their quarterly earnings, which included nearly a $2 billion loss due to their bankruptcy and cost related to the kinkead fire in sonoma county. still ahead, salmonella warning from the cdc, the outbreak linked to backyard pets. >> and i'm keeping an eye on your weather. will talk about your forecast into the weekend.
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up first, a funeral fit for a civil rights hero. today's goodbyes from three former presidents.
10:28 pm
10:29 pm
after nearly a week of observances, mourners gathered today at the oestreich ebenezer baptist church in atlanta for a funeral servicee was emotional, political and personal. >> reporter: three former u.s. presidents were among the guests honoring john lewis at his funeral. >> he always thought of others. he always believed in preaching the gospel in word and in deed. insisting that hate and fear had to be answered with love and hope.
10:30 pm
john lewis believed in the lord , he believed inhumanity and he believed in america. >> reporter: lewis' america began in rural alabama in 1940, great-grandson of a slave. as a boy lewis was denied a library card because he was black. as a student he was denied a hamburger and a coke at a lunch counter in nashville. as a young man he was denied a seat on a bus in rock hills, south carolina. lewis was beaten unconscious and left in a pool of blood in montgomery. his skull was fractured in selma, he was arrested 45 times. >> a man, like all other humans , one with strengths that he made the most of, which many down. born with weaknesses he worked hard to beat down, when he can. still a person, it made him more interesting and it made him , in my mind, even greater.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: during his eulogy, former president obama compared lewis' life with the political on bridge, that's why he spilled his blood. and by the way, it was the result of democratic and republican efforts. >> reporter: 55 years later alabama state police provided an honor guard for his casket. and an essay lewis sent to the new york times shortly before dying he wrote, in my life i have done all i can to demonstrate the way of peace, the way of love and nonviolence. it's the more excellent way. now it is your turn to let freedom ring. lewis lived at his-he could point his garlands on his head and say this was from selma, this is from montgomery. nasa's most sophisticated mars rover is now on its way to
10:32 pm
the red planet. the rover called perseverance took off earlier this morning. it will take him over seven months to travel the 300 million miles to reach mars. if it lands intact, it's task will be to travel to the bottom of the crater that used to be a lake the size of tile. that lake is dry, but scientists believe microbial life may still exist in the soil there. >> as a delta that brings sediment into that lake, adult on earth is a wonder place to look for organic matter and fossils. so we have that wonderful place and now we can bring the samples back to state-of-the- art labs, which many people would argue are required to confirm any evidence of life. >> the entire mission, including the retrieval of samples from mars, will take more than a decade to complete. a storm headed for florida was upgraded to a hurricane tonight. coming up, how florida is preparing right in the middle
10:33 pm
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new at 10:00 tonight, a nationwide salmonella outbreak is being linked to backyard chicks and ducklings. the cdc reported cases in every state, except away and rhode island.
10:36 pm
officials say nearly 1000 people have become sick, with one person dying. officials urge people to wash their hands after handling these backyard pets and not to kiss them or touch her face after touching them. the backyard birds have become a popular source of eggs and meat in recent years. with the entire bay area on the states coronavirus watchlist, elementary schools that were hoping to offer in prison instruction will require a waiver to do so. we look at how the process will work in santa clara county. >> reporter: at the bowman school in palo alto, administrators say they are ready for whatever the school year may bring. >> i'm planning currently four different streams of plans for the fall and am able to execute on any one of them at any given time. >> reporter: that includes applying for a waiver from santa clara county that would allow for in-person instruction. bowman, a private school, is one of dozens that a vardy initiated the process. >> i don't know the rules about
10:37 pm
the waiver, i do know i am on a list to get a liaison and then once i'm assigned a liaison, i will be told the next steps. >> reporter: the process, announced by the governor last week, applies only to elementary schools and will be managed on the county level. >> so school districts can work with their local health departments to go through that waiver process. >> reporter: santa clara county executive jeff smith is hopeful many of those waivers will be granted. >> we think that's a very good idea and we are anxious to see those applications. >> reporter: but there were still questions. will some schools be more able to meet the strict requirements than others? san jose unified has already said none of their elementary schools or even applying. >> so we are worried that private schools in the schools on the west side with more resources will be able to open more quickly, whereas others will have sort of a second- class education. >> reporter: smith says they're working hard with the office of
10:38 pm
education to make sure that doesn't happen. still, the process is in its early days. authorities say parents, neighbor groups and public health officials will have a say. >> am pretty optimistic. the waiver makes me happier. >> reporter: at bowman they are ready for in-person learning, but prepared for online classes too. >> with a plan you are always safe, right? >> reporter: no word on how long the waiver process might take, but schools will be apparently notified by mail if they receive one. heavy rainfall from tropical depression hanna created a frightening situation at a maternity hospital in mexico. among those that needed to be rescued were newborn infants inside incubators. tropical storm out as much is 16 inches of rain across mexico and south texas this week and at least six people are missing in reynosa and nearby monterey. what was tropical storm isaias is now a hurricane and
10:39 pm
is heading toward florida. the storm caused flooding and small landslides in parts of puerto rico and of rain also toppled trees and knock down some telephone and electrical cables. the national guard rescued about 30 peoplesome 60 state run sites shut down in anticipation of the hurricane. speaking of the hurricane, i wanted to start with that, because as we mentioned, it has been updated to eric in from a tropical storm today. that is after hurricane hunters were able to fly through and get measurements. again, this is hurricane isaias with 80 mile-per-hour winds, it starts at 74 miles per hour and is at about 992 millibars. the pressure has been dropping and is expected to head towards the bahamas, which is under a hurricane warning right now, then move towards the coast of florida, which is under the
10:40 pm
tropical storm much. there is still some uncertainty here. we have warm water to strengthen, but we also have upper level wind shear that can help tear it apart a little bit. you have to take this track with a grain of salt, but this is where we are at right now, looks like a category one threatening the east coast. a very different story to the west coast, where we have a low pressure system that were north and west. that is helping us to keep this on for flow and kind of the cooler air that has been rolling in on the coast, along with the clouds. we are seeing that again today. our temperatures right now 57 degrees in san francisco, 55 in santa rosa, 60 in oakland, 63 in san jose. it's a pretty pleasant night out there and these our our overnight lows we're looking for., 54 in san francisco, 58 in concord, should be pretty nice out there tonight. we are kind of straddling these two pressure systems. high-pressure in the desert southwest and up to the north and west of us low-pressure. what happens is, when one influences a little bit more, we get warmer or cooler. what's going to happen this weekend is the high-pressure
10:41 pm
will start to influence us more and the low pressure will move away just a touch. when that happens, our inland community start to warm up and we see the 90s heading into friday, saturday and sunday. it is really just those inland communities that are going to see the 90s. if you're at the coast you will be pretty mild. here are the highs for tomorrow, and i stand san francisco at 60 degrees, 84 in napa. he see the 90s in concord, antioch, livermore and morgan hill. so the usual suspects. and is you take a look at our forecast you can see the warmth extends through friday, saturday and sunday we searchable back and get more seasonable end of about tuesday of next week. coming up in sports, the nba is back and so is lebron james, as the lakers and clippers tip off the restart. than on the 11:00 news, a cluster of coronavirus cases at a southbay gel. my family members of inmates
10:42 pm
say basic cautions are not being taken. i'm completing the census for my family. that could mean education for our little man and a closer bus stop for her. shape your future. start here. complete the census at
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has a going, everybody? my capon is coming to you tonight. if you are a true baseball fan you have to be shaking your head tonight. i mean, first you got your fake crowd noise, fake fans and then earlier today major league baseball announces it will start scheduling starting august 1st, seven inning doubleheaders. and then tonight the giants confirmed this new role, you start the extra innings with a man on second. i don't know what you are calling it, but it's not real baseball. the giants with a nice come back after the padres last night. a two run shot, 5-1 padre lead. one of last night's heroes,
10:45 pm
donovan celano. he will shoot wind down the line and he's got himself an rbi double. san francisco with two more in the inning to close the gap and then a continues with the walk off last night. microscan ski turning into quite the player. that will knock and a run and he will score on a sacrifice by donovan celano [ laughter ]. so the padres, in the 10th inning get trent grisham at second base with nobody out. that's the. it's ridiculous and it opens up a huge six-run inning for the padres. tommy pham gets it started with an rbi single. the giants are able to score in the bottom of the 10th inning. so it is a final now. the giants have lost 12-7 despite a nice come back. hold your breath, the nba's bio bubble is okay. it's on, at least for one night. and they start things with
10:46 pm
quite a marquis where the doubleheader. we will start with the nightcap. the two best teams in the league, lakers and clippers, both teams take a knee for the anthem. yeah, this guy looks like lebron james. even in the middle of summer. he had 16 tonight, that's basically your freight train slammed. 16 points under a minute, clips down. three, paul george healthy. paul george tonight with 30 points. we are down tonight with the final 12 seconds of the game. lebron, no good. he will follow and the lakers go up 103-101. the clock winds down, lebron locks down this time. no good, lakers prevailed 103- 101 in the opener. it was all about zen diet. you've got the pelicans and the utah jazz.
10:47 pm
zion will lames and limited to 15 minutes tonight because he had leftference does it make if you play 15? alonzo paul got it to him and the pelicans were up 12 at the half. no rest for zion as he gets it from true holiday. this guy with 17 points and 15 minutes, but the jazz come back beautifully, led by donovan mitchell. they will get a floater, 20 points for him and the jazz come all the way back to 106-104 . the nba is underway. it kind of makes you wish the warriors were in it. i would be ready to see someone basketball at this point, but probably not until december. for all you raiders fans that are busted up about the team basically deserting oakland and they're very loyal fans, this will hurt a little bit. they released a, hey look at this video, to show off their trite shiny new training facility in henderson, nevada.
10:48 pm
i will tell you what, the raiders did oakland run, but jon gruden, a great guy, and they will love him down there. >> i miss being around people. underhand the guy. like dog people, high-five them. it's been tough on america and the world. i just want to keep reiterating to our players we've got to beat the virus. that's our challenge right now. we've got to beat the virus to have a chance to even play. >> true words from john gruden there. if you don't know much about frank somerville, he's a prankster when he's not delivering serious news. [ laughter ] that's why he wanted this video back. check this out, this might be the prank of the week right here. if you have ever lived on a golf course, you understand. every time a ball lands in his yard, he pretends he has been hit in the head with it. his family, you can hear them in the background. they are getting quite a kick out of it. and the poor golfer is trying
10:49 pm
to see if the guy is all right. boy, kind of mean, but also kind of fun. that's a good prank. all right, we've got some baseball tonight. it is cool calton doing his superman impression right there to rob justin turner of the dodgers, who still gets a sack flying the dodgers win. and a backswing right there, nasty cut. you want to be an umpire? not too much. and he is all right though, that's the good news. that is also the sporting life. you guys, i've got to say, as a baseball purist, i'm having some trouble with these new rules. i will go with it this season because it's basically just exhibition, but long-term i hope it doesn't happen. >> i am totally with you on that. coming up next year at 11:00- >> we are not your typical
10:50 pm
bowling alley. this place means a lot to a lot of people. >> a bierria bowling alley closes down to the pandemic. another iconic business unable to keep rolling. cloverleaf bowl in fremont, a community fixture since the '60s, couldn't outlast covid. >> the bowling alley is the latest on the business to fall victim to the pandemic. the owner telling us there is still no timeline for when indoor entertainment might resume. new tonight, another example of how the coronavirus is changing our communities and changing life as we know it. >> reporter: this place was beloved in
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