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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 27, 2020 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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>> that is amazing to see her go in and out. >> i love those videos. she is very well trained.>> jason, thank you. up next at 11:00. >> besides looking for what you're looking for, you have to make sure you are not too close to somebody else. >> a very different black friday with shoppers taking precautions in the midst of the pandemic. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox2 starts now. another tradition was upended by the coronavirus. welcome to the news tonight. i am heather holmes. >> i am frank somerville, there is very little sign of the crowds and long lines of shoppers that we normally see this time of the year. greg has more on what he saw in the bay area today.>> reporter: outside target and pleasant hill, no lines, no fanfare. this was a stark contrast to the frenzy last year, and these
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remarks from a 2019 shopper. >> unemployment is down. more people are working and spending. >> reporter: this year's spending. we were not allowed inside. for shoppers, in addition to looking for gifts, they are looking out. >> decides looking for what you're looking for, yet to make sure you were not too close to somebody else. to >> it is different. you have to stand in lines and do all of this funky stuff. >> the funky stuff is wearing a mask, social distancing, and waiting outside of the store if it gets too crowded. there were no large crowds at bay street in emeryville, indicative of many shopping's lots in the east bay. despite small crowds, the holiday shopping analysis by e, expects u.s. retail sales to rise a most 1% above 2019. there's a 4.7% decrease in brick-and-mortar sales, but a 36% jump in online shopping.
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one worker sun valley mall describes foot traffic as steady. they added, do not come seeking santa claus, because he will not be here due to the pandemic. some shoppers opted for the open-air experience at broadway plaza in walnut creek. >> we felt safe coming. we felt safe coming here. we are shopping for black friday. >> it is just as fun. you have to wear a mask and distance yourself. >> reporter: this is a new way to celebrate a time-honored tradition. the crowds are smaller, and it's harder to see the joy in people's faces because they are covered with masks. >> this reminds me of how we are in a pandemic and we have to be careful.>> reporter: all shoppers we talked to said online shopping is also going to be part of their shopping plan. for black friday, they said they wanted and in some cases
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absolutely needed to get out. reporting live, greg liggins, ktvu fox2 news. you can totally understand that. is shooting inside of a busy mall in sacramento tonight left one person dead and another person injured. officers responded to responds shots of shots fired shortly before 6:00 tonight. the building was full of black friday shoppers that went scrambling for safety. police say the suspect left the area. authorities did not say if the shooter has been identified or taken into custody. family and marin county suffered terrible tragedy on thanksgiving day. a 4-year-old girl was swept away and drowned at the beach. this is a remote spot on the bay. we have live coverage from debora villalon about what happened. >> reporter: two parents and
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their two little girls on a holiday outing to the beach . the data jumped into the ocean trying to save his daughter, and almost died himself.>> reporter: this is the northernmost beach on the seashore. it is secure. >> reporter: the original report came in as a water rescue. >> reporter: the fire department rushed they are 4:00 thursday afternoon, expecting to save someone in the ocean. instead, the park ranger that was the first to arrive, found a 4-year-old victim had already washed ashore. he started cpr. other first responders took turns until she could be airlifted. >> 45 minutes to an hour until we could get her loaded and moved toward a hospital. >> reporter: and beachgoers enjoyed the beauty on friday, dismayed to hear that a child died here the day before. >> that is awful.
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it is a cardinal rule, do not turn your back on the ocean. >> reporter: those familiar with the coastline learned that it is not a hospitable place. it appears the family of four came from outside the area for a beach day. this was a wintertime swell generating sets of 10 foot waves and caught them off guard as the youngster played near the edge.>> reporter: the wave came in and hit the little girl. the father went after her. >> reporter: witnesses said he had her insight and nearly grabbed her, but lost her in the rough surf.>> reporter: he came back into save himself. >> reporter: it was treacherous and 52 degrees. the dad had to be air backed with hypothermia.>> reporter: with no cell phone service at the beach, someone had to run 10 minutes to the parking lot to call 911. the coast was so close to the city, and it can feel like the wilderness in an emergency. >> we want people to be cognizant and safe. >> reporter: the incident is traumatic for everyone.
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>> to have such a tragedy on a day where it is all about celebrating your family, and using this as a reminder to be safe out there.>> reporter: the north swell this time of year is especially dangerous. the waves will seem calm until suddenly big breakers crashing. the unidentified father has now been released from the hospital. that is so sad. a loss like that is unimaginable anytime of the year, so ashley on a holiday like things giving. that is debora villalon reporting for us, thank you. with coronavirus cases surging, l.a. county announced a new stay at home order. the new order starts on monday and will be in effect until december 20. it is not as strict as the stay at home order that was implemented back in march. it does lace tighter restrictions on what people can
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do outside, and limits the number of people at most indoor locations. restaurants, wineries, and breweries are already limited to takeout and delivery. this is a look at the coronavirus numbers released by the state. california is closing in on 1.2 million cases of coronavirus reported since the pandemic began. there were also over 12,000 new cases since just yesterday. 19,000 people have sadly died from coronavirus in california, including 54 deaths in the last 24 hours. san francisco has a new weapon to try to battle the coronavirus, your smart phone. we show you the technology being used to trace and track coronavirus infections. >> reporter: san francisco already has a team of 200 contact tracers working seven days a week to track the coronavirus progress and warn people of when and how to
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quarantine. >> we are proud to say, most times during the pandemic, we reach more than 80% of san franciscans that test positive for covid-19 and their close contacts. we are working hard to keep that going. we are seeing the start to slip. now we are in a large surge. >> reporter: they are using the california connected system, including the option for making contact dressing mobile using phones to help in tracking efforts. they are saying they are leveraging every tool available.>> reporter: san francisco is rolling out a virtual assistant tool that many other counties are already using to supplement case investigations with contact tracing. >> reporter: rather than replacing the team of contact tracers, the mobile system will act as a force multiplier, allowing them to extend their reach as the rates increase. anyone who test positive will get a message like this on their mobile phone. that will walk you through steps, including how to quarantine properly, while gathering data about who they
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may have come in contact with recently, to try to head off the spread of covid-19. >> we are asking people to share with us, the names and contact information of their close contacts, if they have them. this allows us to reach out to those people and support them. >> reporter: just as with the city's contact tracers, this technology will be confidential. patient start to worry that they will be blamed or criticized if they were exposed or exposed others. united airlines is preparing to operate charter flights to help distribute pfizer's coronavirus vaccine. according to the wall street journal, once a drug company gets approval from the fda, they ran to use suitcase size
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frozen storage in cargo planes and trucks to distribute the vaccine around the world. they say united will fly the chartered planes between brussels international airport and chicago as part of the first mass air supplement of the vaccine. rewriting the rules for federal executions, the changes announced today amid a recent ramp-up in capital punishment. later, opening night for a new holiday attraction, how christmas in the park has been reimagined as a drive-through light display? give you my world. ♪
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no mactre saved a man after his suv run into a gas meter on alameda del prado this morning. the neighbors heard a loud bang. when the suv slammed into the garage, and the power went out. the impact ruptured a gas heater and started a fire. a woman inside of the suv was able to escape. the driver was unable to get out. good samaritans jumped in, pulling the driver out as the fire was growing. >> we could not move him any further. i grabbed his arm, and we got them as far as we could get him. we started to hear the car popping. the flames were getting bigger. we thought maybe the car would explode.>> reporter: the two people in the suv were taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. the fire burned one condo
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unit. fortunately, the residents were out of town. another unit had smoke damage. eight condos were evacuated until the gas leak was capped. u.s. justice department is changing protocols for executions. a new rule, published today says that federal death sentences will no longer be required to be carried out by lethal injection. that clears the way for other methods, including firing squads, electrocution, or poison gas. it's not clear that the justice department will actually try to use any of the alternate methods. there are five federal executions set before president- elect joe biden takes over on january 20. the attorney general william barr restarted executions this year after a 17 year hiatus. joe biden opposes the death penalty. milwaukee county, wisconsin, completed their recount today. president-elect joe biden's
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lead increased by 132 votes. after the officials recounted more than 450,000 ballots, joe biden won the state by more than 20,000 votes. dane county is also recounting their ballots. the election officials do not expect to finish their count until sunday. president trump's attorneys appear to be ready to file a legal challenge, seeking to toss tens of thousands of ballots. the trump campaign lost another legal battle in pennsylvania. the third circuit court of appeals refused to allow the campaign to revise a lawsuit that was rejected by a lower court, saying it has no merit. the president's attorney, rudy giuliani, argued that the election in pennsylvania was marred by fraud. the judge that was appointed by president trump wrote that the trump campaign offered no evidence. the campaign is expected to appeal to the u.s. supreme court. president trump's of the plans to go to georgia in one
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week to campaign for two republican senators in the runoff elections. some republicans are concerned that the president will bring his message of election fraud to the senate race. >> we will have tens of thousands of people show up. i think it is very important. i may go a second time. >> reporter: getting voters out has been a challenge in the past in georgia. this time, there have been more than 700,000 requests for mailing balance, more than three times the number requested in 2018. the president's visit comes after republican senators are trying to maintain republican control of the senate. that is a key part of both of their campaigns. >> delivered cheney. the libertarian got two points. [ indiscernible ]
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>> this is america. >> reporter: the amount spent on tv ads is approaching $300 million. attacks on the screen, and others are personal. >> we know that david purdue is a crook that abuses office to enrich himself. >> reporter: one challenge for the republicans is getting out the vote in a voting system that is under attack. what is not clear is how much the president will be focused on the two candidates, or on his own election battle. the president continues to claim that there are widespread irregularities in the georgia vote. a lawsuit filed on wednesday by some of the president supporters names the republican governor, and secretary of state. they allege, massive election fraud comments extend the results of the presidential and congressional races set aside. >> we were robbed. i won by hundreds of thousands of votes. >> reporter: the presidential vote is being counted for the third time. the recount is expected to end on december 2. the first two
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counts had joe biden ahead by more than 12,000 votes. we have a dazzling display of holiday colors. we take you to opening night of christmas in the park's new drive through experience with the first reviews coming in. with chilly temperatures right now in the inland communities. we will talk about who will be below freezing tonight. we will look at our chances for rain. your extended forecast is next.
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the salvation army held a drive-through, toy and drive- through gift card. volunteers handed out bags of toys and gifts to anyone in line. this year, due to the pandemic, there was no contact. drivers pulled up, open their trunks, and drove away with christmas gifts for the kids.
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the coronavirus has changed many things, including familiar holiday traditions around the bay area. amber lee tells us how christmas in the park found a new way to bring the joy of the holidays to hundreds of families.>> reporter: christmas in the park in downtown san jose is now in the city's history park. the new pandemic drive-through version is sold out on opening night.>> without it was exciting and safe, since we could stay in the car.>> reporter: some family status the annual tradition to visit this holiday display, now it is a new experience. >> we are anxious and excited. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: they enter the wonderland enjoying displays choreographed to a soundtrack that plays on fm radio as they drive.
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>> it brings cheer to a time when things are uncertain and disappointing. it really lit up the city. >> reporter: the bright lights and displays of holiday cheer, combined with nostalgia are designed to bring comfort. >> we want people to get a return to normalcy. >> reporter: the executive director of christmas in the park says it takes anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes to drive through, depending on the flow of traffic. >> the tunnel of 325 feet of lights is one new highlight, along with other light displays. these are additions to the traditional experiences. >> we love everything. this is the closest we get to disneyland. >> reporter: event organizers say 1800 vehicles came through friday night. this will continue through january 3. tickets are selling out fast. if you plan to come down, make sure you purchase your tickets
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online in advance. no tickets are sold on site. >> reporter: in san jose, amber lee, ktvu fox2 news. that looks like fun. okay, it is starting to feel like the holidays. we have some temperatures getting very chilly right now. it is 35 degrees in santa rosa. check out livermore at 39 degrees. we have 40 in walnut creek. this is the difference in temperatures between now and 24 hours ago. we have 22 degrees in santa rosa fairfield compared to this time yesterday. this is all to say, it is going to be very chilly tonight. you can see patchy frost out there. the skies are clear. that's one reason why we are
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seeing this. we also don't have a lot of humidity. that makes things easier to cool down. if you are inland overnight with the northbay interior valleys, we could the patchy frost with temperatures dropping into the upper 20s and low 30s. quite frankly, it will stay chilly as we go throughout the next five or six days. these are the lows we are expecting tonight. it is 29 degrees in santa rosa. is dirty too in morgan hill. it is 39 degrees in hayward. it will be very chilly out there. tomorrow will be a repeat. we have temperatures above average. we have 60s across the bay. it should be gorgeous if you want to get outside and take a walk. we'll see clear skies for the better part of the next week. it is all because of the high pressure that is in place. that is nice for sunny skies. it is not so nice when it comes to rainfall. we have not had much rainfall. as you can see on this map, northern california is in
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severe or extreme drought. we need rain. we are hoping to get it. it doesn't look like we will get any of it now and the end of november. in fact, the next five or six days look drive. we are stuck in this pattern. we need to get a nice atmospheric river of moisture to bring in some rain and get the pressure to relent and moved to the south. we are not quite there yet. we are consistent over the next five days. we'll see temperatures in the 60s. we have no rain in sight. i am keeping an eye out for that. up next in sports, jason will have highlights from the 123rd big game, and the key play, right at the end of the game that costed the bears the win. today's ways of working may work differently tomorrow.
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good evening everybody. it was not your ordinary a game. for one thing, it was played on a friday. for another thing, it was the third game of the season for both cal and stanford. nonetheless, when you play for the axe, and matters. he came right down to the wire justin wilcox and david shaw. they were looking for the first win of the season. the opening drive of the game, chase garbers rolls out and finds crawford for the seven yard touchdown. fast forward to the second quarter, after a messed up pond, mills shows a nice touch as wilson comes down with it. we are all tied up at 10. the kicking game account at the men. it was a rough day for the kicker. this field-goal attempt is
11:28 pm
blocked. we go to the locker room tied up at 10. in the third, it is now 17 all. this is not how you tackle. austin jones looks like he will be stopped. he runs right through the cal defense as we have a socially distanced stare down. cal walmart 90 yards down the field. with one minute to go, christopher brown burst through for a three yard touchdown. the question is, do you go for two in the win? do you kick the extra point and force overtime. here is the shot again. it is blocked again. the extra point is blocked. they lose this one by one point. it is heartbreak for the golden bears. danford wins to reclaim the axe. that is a first win for them at 398 days. cal dropped to 0-3. >> at go back to 1981 for the last time the basketball team beat a top-five opponent. that
11:29 pm
was 4 years before their head coach was even born. that did change today against virginia. in the second half, [ indiscernible ] keeps it alive. what great names these are. they knocked down the three- pointer as part of the run. under three to go, here is a steal, it goes in the way. he hits. they are now up by four. now, with seconds to go, virginia cut the to 1 and sam houser can win at the buzzer. his three-pointer comes up short as the coach pulls off a huge upset, 61-60 over the cavaliers. they are celebrating. [ laughter ] >> that's what you do when you knock off the fourth-ranked team in the nation.
11:30 pm
usf, frank and heather, was a 16 point underdog. i would say, that is the biggest win for them in decades. >> that is so cool to see. thank you, we will see you later. have a good night everyone. i have a learning disability. the letters jump around on the page and appear backwards. honey, we had you tested like six times. trust me, i was praying for dyslexia. oh, my god, why can't you ever let me have any fun?! [ muffled screaming ] ew. ew. dad, gross. your hand smells like cheese! i didn't want to dirty a knife. sit. now, we all know when nana dede comes to visit, your mom can get a little... psycho? scary. drunk? all true. therefore, i need you guys to be on your best behavior. don't worry. i'll keep to myself. i have to practice for my cello recital. [ groans ] ohh, fine. you know what? if it keeps you out of your mom's hair, yes, do that. luke, if your mom starts to lose it, i need you to lighten the mood by being extra cute. no problem. i've got some stuff prepared. "hey, mom, i'm 'firsty.'"


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