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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 12, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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thought we had. and as it currently stands now w a bigger toll than first thought. neonige economic hardship brought on by the pandemic. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now, the bay area lost thousands more jobs in the state employment development department originally thought last year. good evening and hello again. i'm cristina rendon. i'm andre. senior. the final tally more than 427th jobs in the bay area alone. ktvu sonoma gossips here with the numbers and outlook for recovery, emma andre economic data shows that asian businesses and women were disproportionately affected. why the job losses in the last year? and while the job losses were greater than what the dvd projected, they're not all that surprising. and all that was
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the second friday night in san francisco's chinatown, the lion's den, a brand new bar and lounge is opening its doors. we're just trying to, you know, revived the community, a nightlife revival that chinatown so desperately needs close to three quarters of chinatown storefronts closed for part of last year. many are permanently shuttered. nationally asian americans suffered long term unemployed. women throughout last fall and winter, according to the bureau of labor statistics, the san francisco chamber of commerce says attacks against asians have hurt businesses too obviously xenophobia. asian violence that is happening is not helpful to chinatown in the businesses are suffering from that bay area counsel's economic institute that monitors are local economic health, says more women in the bay area lost jobs last year than men. unfortunately you know, there were a few months
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back in 2020. we're almost all of the job losses were made up. of women. luckily you know, even is locked down as we were january. job losses weren't huge and let's just keep our fingers crossed that as the you know that the vaccine trajectory can continue on its current path and that we can start to get stuff. active business. aziz usual as contra costa and sonoma counties join the rest of the bay area in the red two year by sunday, the path toward economic recovery is in sight. we're starting to feel a little bit of daylight. come is we're starting to get out of the frontiers. marin january, california as a state saw the largest job losses in leisure and hospitality more than 70,000 jobs lost, but there were some jobs gained that especially in the sectors of transportation, trade and utilities. currently california's unemployment is at 9. andre. all right. i'm a ghost reporting for us live tonight, emma. thank you so much. a company that has been
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in oakland for more than 100 years will be cutting jobs and moving half its operation to texas. the east bay times reports a b and i foundry will be cutting 100 jobs at its location in east oakland because of increasing environmental restrictions in the state. the company has been in oakland for 115 years. it recycles scrap metal and makes new plumbing pipes and fittings. the company says the production processes. it uses rather could be difficult to continue if environmental restrictions on air quality tighten further. sonoma and contra costa counties have been cleared to ease covid restrictions. starting this weekend, they joined the rest of the bay area already in the red tear. ktvu deborah villalon joining us live tonight with more on the changes ahead death. kristina starting sunday. those two counties will allow indoor dining with limits, whether it's food or football. we're seeing some glimmers of normalcy. it's a soft start and
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very late, but high school football is back across the bay area, as kabelindo met freedom high in oakley. players and fans relish being back on the field under friday night lights, it's great to be back, and they've been so excited for this all week long. i don't think they've slept or eaten very much any of them so i'm just happy to see him happy midnight sunday ushers, sonoma and contra costa counties into the states red tear, boosting indoor activity and bottom line. we get somebody phone calls every single day. people want to eat indoors and we want to make it happen. concord's old spaghetti factory has seating for 320 so we'll be able to see 80 inside, plus 100 on the patio. it'ss. smaller restaurans can't swing it. we want everyone could, you know, be able to come back? i mean, it's dobbs czar community so absolutely, when we truly are open. we need stores to be able
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to ready to be able to be open to and not just shuttered storefronts. the mayor says conquered is already looking beyond red tear. how government can save and support teetering businesses and just looking downtown. it is already bustling. and so you start adding a little bit more more reopening to this place. we're going to start seeing a lot of people down here that are really excited to be out. psychologically we all know this is huge, huge for more than a dozen california counties going into the red, in part because california rework the rules. you consider how many shots have gone to underserved communities combined with falling case numbers? at one point we were at like 55 positives per 100,000 people a day and now we're down around eight. so we've made really significant progress. as for prep football look fast. it will be finished by mid april and cancelation hangs over every game. a positive test away. but for now, it's a chance to play love to see my baby out on the field plan for his last year. and our
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only child this great to see him and all his friends out here on the field having a blast. kabelindo parents chartered shuttle busses tonight so the players could ride together from mirada but still have the required social distance. christina the entire football season will only be about. six games. yeah and six games. i'm sure they're going to cherish deverell a life threat tonight, deb. thanks we'll set up a county schools are sent to rio. but now that the area has moved to the red tear, starting today, all schools kindergarten through 12th grade will have a three week window to reopen classrooms or begin a phased in reopening, the county says once reopen, schools may continue to operate even if the county reverts into the purple tear before re opening. the county says schools must have a tricks safety measures in place and consult staff and parents starting monday, san francisco was expanding vaccinations to
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people with disabilities as well as those with underlying health conditions. the move puts the city in line with the state's latest guidelines, eligibility will apply to pregnant women, people living with diabetes and sickle cell disease. those who are obese and those who have hiv or are hiv positive. san francisco supervisor matt haney told us tonight that it's time to expand. these are people who are especially vulnerable. these are people who have diabetes and cancer and etch ivy. people who are living in congress facilities. people were homeless. i think that we need to get to these folks. and i think we already based on the availability of the supplies. the supervisor said. he has been checking daily and sees opened appointment most mornings that mosconi center and city college statewide an estimated four million to six million additional californians will qualify for the coronavirus vaccine. under the new guidelines, they cover people aged 16 to 64 if they are deemed to be at the highest risk to get very sick from
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covid-19, people do not need to prove their health status, but they will have to sign a form saying they meet the criteria, experts say. move will help reduce the number of deaths related to covid, also on monday, transit workers across the state will be eligible to get vaccinated. although the city of san francisco had expanded eligibility to transit workers last month, all transit workers can schedule appointments starting next week. transit officials have been pushing for the workers to get vaccinated as they're in contact with hundreds of people every day. transit workers are essential workers. they are so important for reopening everything. we've been working so hard trying to get this. it didn't make sense to us that you know, we've been out on the front lines from the very beginning, taking the essential personnel because we are essential personnel to places they needed to get to. gordon says 180 transit workers have test positive for the coronavirus and to have died
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since the beginning of the pandemic, new poll did not find a stark racial disparity when it comes to getting the coronavirus vaccine. the survey by npr and maris college found 73% of black or african american people plan to get the vaccine or had gotten it. 25% did not 70% of whites were going to get the shot 28% or not. among latinos, 63% would get vaccinated. 37% would not. some health officials were concerned that people of color might be less likely to get the shot. bay area daca recipient now out of a job. how a backup with immigration services could be to blame. also ahead. why the criminal trial of elizabeth holmes
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small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for “spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. three. no nonsense. just common sense. reopened in defiance of county health orders. the legal transparency website plain sight obtained documents from alameda county and they showcases of the plant went up from fewer than 11 in may. 2 86 in august, up to 125 in december, tesla and alameda came to an agreement in may allow the company to restart car production if the company took precautions to avoid exposing workers to the virus hope so far there has been. no comment from tesla, joe biden. the administration is taking steps to reunite on accompanied
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migrant children with relatives in the u. s. it is ending the trump administration order that called on health and human services to share the information about family sponsors with immigration authorities that move discouraged parents and other family members from coming forward out of fear they would be deported. this comes as authorities are seeing a sharp rise in the number of children crossing the southern border. as the dream act continues to hobble through congress. the human toll on some undocumented immigrants continues to create nightmares. ktvu tom vacar has more on how one woman who has been qualified to work under daca, but says to day kaiser permanente told her she was being terminated. difficult time. sylvia strada was all of two years old when her parents brought her across the border, making her technically an undocumented immigrant. having said that, here's the reality. this has been all my life. i don't know anything else other than here in the u. s she's been qualified to work under daca, the deferred action for childhood arrivals program,
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which has more than 825,000 participants. last year and all through the pandemic. soviet has been an nst asia technician at kaiser permanente in san leandro on her way to being a nurse. so i'm continuing my school regardless of the job i have on friday, kaiser permanently called her in to fire her. why. immigration services is awash in applications and unable to process them quickly due to covid and says longtime immigration attorney fariba fi as the reason could be political has a lot to do with the lack of accountability. was instituted during the trump administration. so mrs estrada applied for her permit at the end of october and should be allowed to work immigration's own shortcomings. not hers is the roadblock. employers are required to make sure that their crew their staff are employment authors. employers are subject to still finds for employing are continuing to
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employ people without these work documents, but employers. may ask immigration to speed up the process that the person is a critical or essential worker, which mrs strada is all right. i mean, this is definitely in the national interest of the u. s. and without that paperwork, soviet estrada is essentially unemployable. it's going to be really difficult for me to get a job after this, and it's. and it's really tragic for me, kaiser permanente. he told me that her termination meeting has now been set back until monday. we asked east bay congress and marked the saulnier to look into it. we also asked immigration services to look into the matter as welle have coming criminal fraud trial of elizabeth holmes may be delayed yet again, the founder of the failed biotech company theranos says she is pregnant. trial was initially said to begin last summer but has been delayed several times. holmes is charged with fraud
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and felony conspiracy for misleading investors and health care professionals about the blood testing technology off their nose. she faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. she has pleaded not guilty. well, many people have stopped working out there with a pandemic, and that could be a problem if you're heading up to the snow. the warning from doctors for skiers and snow. borders next, and a very weather wrapping up a very nice friday, a little bit of a drop off in temperatures for tomorrow. but then yeah, we're talking about some more shower chances. we'll have dropped it forecast coming up plus and on the usual theft in the south bay. the new surveillance video showing how things got away showing how things got away with a if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away,
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and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. i'm draymond green with my subway sub with tender steak and melty cheese. my sub is gonna dunk all over your sub. excuse me? my sub has bacon. choose better be better and now save when you order in the app. subway eat fresh. but not jayson's sub. let's get back to talking smack with a side of mac and cheese. subway eat fresh. before we can safely come together, we need the facts on covid-19 vaccines.
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to get the facts, visit so you can make an informed decision when vaccines are available to you. if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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the sacramento river. the chp, says the 67 year old man from oakland had a medical emergency just before his car went into the river in walnut grove, chris arias of antioch spotted the men would manage to get onto the roof of his vehicle when the man said he couldn't swim well, aria's jumped into the freezing water and got him to shore. amazing story. a word of caution from doctors, his people head to the seer to try and take advantage of all of that fresh know. they say the pandemic has left some people out of shape and more susceptible to injury. ktvu more. naylor has more on how this past year has affected athletes, including skiers and snowboarders. for many skiers and snowboarders, the snowcapped sierra mountains are beckoning this march, california ski company in berkeley. they're grateful the doors are open and note. what a difference a year makes last
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year in march, when we had one of the biggest snow storms of the season, everything shut down now, truman, the shop dog is wagging his tail and the customers are back. we have a rental section with 60 appointment. a day for boot fittings. that general manager says business is about 70% of what it was before covid now that the resorts are open, um you know there were getting a lot of people coming in for rentals and purchasing skis and custom boots. dr brian feeley is the chair of sports medicine at ucsf and says, for athletes returning to their sports. preconditioning is important, he says. it could take years before we know how the pandemic has impacted athletes similar to skiers and snowboarders. we don't know what happens when we you take youth out of sports for a year and then say, ok, it's time to play football. it's time to play softball have at it. this says he's interested in learning more about reports of more injuries
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among elite skiers in the world cup racers. there have been an increased incidents, particularly of really catastrophic injuries on boer. so in the americans, he's getting ready to submit a study for publication that looked at how the pandemic impacted high level professional endurance athletes, including runners and cyclists. we found they had upwards of a seven time increase in anxiety. um in overall mental stress. um. in general and even depression. the ucsf doctor says skiers are more likely to suffer knee injuries, while snowboarders are more likely to have concussions and hurt the wrists and shoulders. he suggests strengthening your core and also doing lunges and squats to help minimize the risk of injury. maureen naylor, ktvu fox two news. oh it looks like a nice weekend up in the sierra. the next chance of some still fall sunday night, and our
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forecast kind of mirrors that as well. we're talking about some rain chances as we head into a sunday. but today, though, a beautiful day out there, take a look at the warm numbers. lots of seventies santa rosa napa, vallejo conquered fairfield and lots of sixties for the rest of the bay area for this weekend, tomorrow will be a little bit cooler, be tracking some fog, especially coast side right around the bank first thing tomorrow. morning and then on sunday will continue to cool things off. it will bring in the shower chances, especially by mid to late sunday afternoon. satellites and radar actually show you some of the showers and thunderstorms to the south of the bay area right now, though, we have the fog looks like elisa low clouds trying to regroup right near the immediate coastline. 11 o'clock numbers currently in the forties across most of the regions that tomorrow will be a cool start for your saturday morning with some overnight lows were thinking some thirties and some forties. here's our lives. camera looking out toward oakland, as you can see here and the one thing i'm watching the left portion of the screen maybe looks like a little bit of us a low, low low cloud cover so
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that it will probably expand and coverage first thing tomorrow morning and overnight lows and start at your weekend will be in the thirties and the forties. here's the set up this big area of high pressure really built in today. it's going to stick around for tomorrow, although will be a bit cooler and your saturday forecast, but still some sunshine by the afternoon hours, and then the changes movement on son day, increasing clouds. some showers later in the day on sunday and then the possibility still in the monday and this is a cold system so we could be talking about snow levels, possibly as low as 2000 ft. first thing monday morning. that is a pretty l blow. still level said something to be watching closely into earl forel showing you this the low cloudst into the bay more sunshine into the afternoon hours, and then on sunday, here we go with increasing rain chances, especially. by mid to late sunday afternoon into sunday night, and the shower chances could linger into monday highs for tomorrow in the fifties to
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the sixties. saturday of the nicest and the weekend if you want more sunshine, and then we could be tracking them shower chances by sunday and monday. cool weather patterns sticks around into next week. all right, mark, thanks so much. the mountain view. police department is asking for the public's help to identify the people who still an unusual item from the art of a home. it was caught on camera to check it out. you can see three people walk up and take the big yellow duck statue named roberta. this happened yesterday around noon on the 300 block of sterling road. police say the big bird was well known in the neighborhood to adults and children alike. anyone with information on its whereabouts should call mountain view police coming up in sports high school football. finally back jason appelbaum will have the friday night like highlights next, but first, a young sea lions is recovering tonight after he was rescued near the bay bridge toll plaza. yes celia, the eight month old
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sea lion pup was spotted in the lanes of traffic on the eastbound side of the bridge yesterday. excuse me on tuesday. luckily chp officers managed to get him out of the road in time once he's done recovering at the marine mammal center, he'll be released it's back, guys! check it out! what up, people? jack! what are you doing in my car? oh, just sharing my triple bonus jack combo... triple meat and cheese, secret sauce... go ahead, tell them how much it is... it's just $5.99! only at jack in the box. sorry, what were you going to say?
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good news friends, my triple bonus jack combo is back. the triple meat and cheese you need... the secret sauce you love... plus curly fries and a drink. it's...a pretty legit combo. and it's just $5.99. only at jack in the box. it's...a pretty legit combo. 454 days since the last high school football game was played in the state of california. that is until tonight as we take you out to oakley. this is freedom hosting camp a lindo of morocco, only two tickets granted for players from mainly just parents in the stands, mast up socially distance and a really good first game tight the whole way. charles goins, punching it in from three yards out. freedom up 20 to 12 in the
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second half, but campell linda responds jacob gris cell to a wide open joey schmidt for the touchdown. cougars score on the two point conversion and we are tied at 20. midway through the fourth. freedom up 23 to 21 verse. l hooks up with maxwell weaver. and that is a 42 yard touchdown. campo takes its first lead of the game. it's also the game winner. final score. 27 23 campell, indo over the falcons, alright, the nhl season shut down. exactly one year ago today, but since then there's been ah lot of hockey. in fact, the sharks or 24 games into this season, as they took on the anaheim mighty ducks tonight, and they got tomas hertl back. he missed the last six games, battling a pretty rough about of covid-19, and he made an immediate impact. look at this angle on this shot by hurdle from the side puck. actually it's off the post and then the goalie and goes in sharks up one and nothing fast
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forward later in the game, sharks already up three nothing when team ohlmeyer catch the shoot rockets the wrister past the goalie sharks go on to win it six to nothing as the sharks on the winning in six nothing over the anaheim ducks, all right, opening day and baseball less than three weeks away. aids and giants both have spring action today. cactus league action so we've got some highlights for you. camera works not great, but it'll do sergio romano. that's him on the mound for the. days and fernando tat teeth introduces himself to rome. oh, takes him deep solo shot. padres up one. nothing over the a's is now down 4 to 1 of the six when frank swindle gets ahold of one, it's gonna doink up the left field foul pole. that's a home run a stack on three more runs in the seventh toe. win it 5 to 4, oakland, now six and five and cactus league play. as for the giants, fast forward the bottom of the seventh
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rockies up eight to see you, too. ours. mendell cantata who slaps a single to left and trust me to run. they're going to come in to score on. that's the game winner for him. giants win it. 98 8 inning game as they improved to 45 and three the giants have three ties in the cactus league. all right, imagine yourself soaring high above the ground paragliding. when this happens, check this out. this is pretty cool. this'd is in. andalusia spain and this bird don't know what it is. condor maybe, uh, maybe a vulture decides to hitch a ride. just catch a ride as they're 1000 ft. above the sky above the ground there, so that's pretty cool, and that's how we're gonna take you out. everybody andre and cristina. e nervous up there with anyway. but then when a bird lands next to me, that would be kind of kind of weird. it just so
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gracefully took off after it was done as well. i thought that was pretty cool. yeah just gliding through the air down there. yeah, do it. does it there. yeah, do it. does it better than (knock on door) good morning, sunshine. how was your night in the yard? perfect. i like sleeping outside. mm-hmm. haley lost her keys again. she's been going through this irresponsible phase. yeah, for 25 years. i'm not gonna let her get to 26. (chuckling) just to be clear, claire's not going to kill her. haley: let me in! please! -no. -please? this is just like when we ferberized her as a baby. let her cry it out. she'll settle down. why?! you can't leave me out here! it's 2:00 in the morning! i have to change for a party. good night, honey. ♪


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