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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  May 5, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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started sharing their moments of pride and eventually that led me to the ellen show, which then she gave me a $15,000 gift. relaunch this foundation were now 100, like five days in wow. very asian foundation raises money for organizations, including stop ap. i hate. concern is growing over unexpected supreme court abortion rights ruling. some believe other rights may now be in jeopardy. many doctors say another wave of covid is already sweeping across the bay area. why they're especially concerned about the upcoming holiday weekend and what health officials say is helping to keep hospitalizations down. plus it's cinco de mayo is a best taco competition happening this weekend. and we're bringing one of the contestants of taco takeover to ktvu what they'll be serving up next on the nine and
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welcome to the nine on the sink of the mayo. we're looking live at lake tahoe. we're going to get some snow, according to steve and lake tahoe, and by the way, since i'm with frank, just impromptu question, frank, is there any good mexican food in lake tahoe? ah, that is a very good question. and coming to mind. los tres hombres south shore. okay, okay. say this after me lost tres hombres, tres hombres. very good. senor meta is the latest brand to go from online only to brick and mortar next week. the company is opening its first retail store in berlin game inside the store. people can get their hands on experience with things like their virtual reality headset and made a video calling. this looks like a lightsaber to me. look at that thing. they hope this helps people experience the virtual world and welcome to the nine you know, being part mexican myself. cinco de mayo is one of those things that a lot of people say. oh, it's kind of a natural amateur holiday, but i like it gives me another excuse to eat the food i eat every day.
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can i assume you actually talk about the traditions with your young family? and it has meaning for you? it sure does. so it's not just you know the way amateurs celebrate. which is beer and rowdiness. margaritas i'm not i'm not gonna judge here but you know, margaritas. good survey. so tonight is that what you're saying? so maybe maybe maybe, all right. why not? all right, well, we are following a developing situation on wall street on this cinco de mayo. the dow jones is down a lot. it has been down 1000 points a couple of times, and now it has zoomed over that market is down over 1200 points. tech stocks are suffering some of the biggest losses on this thursday. the retail stocks also taking a big hit after disappointing earnings reports from wayfair and shopify. analysts say those losses are an indication of a shift away from online shopping. as we get out and about the selloff does follow some big gains. so yesterday afternoon after the fed's announcement on interest rates, concerns and
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fears are growing for some that if the supreme court does overturn roe versus wade, it may next go after other privacy rights, including same sex marriage. legal experts emphasize. this is a draft document that was leaked earlier this week, not a final ruling. but if the underlying legal arguments remain in the majority opinion, they say it could represent a fundamental shift in the courts interpretations. law professors say justice alito's draft says rights are only protected if they're mentioned in the constitution. but legal experts point out there are many rights that have been protected by the high court. that don't meet that criteria. the right to marry the right to procreate the right to custody of one's children the right to keep the family together. the right appearance, control the upbringing, their children the right to purchase and use contraceptives. legal experts say that passed courts have seen those rights and others as protected under the 14th amendment, with a right to privacy experts say justice
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alito's opinion would leave abortion up to state and federal lawmakers. governor gary gavin newsom has made it very clear that if the supreme court overturns roe v. wade, california would protect abortion rights. if roe versus wade is overturned, california is one of just 15 states that currently has abortion rights protections that are in place, according to a public policy poll out last summer. more than three quarters of california adults do not want to see the landmark ruling overturned. during his address, and l. a. newsome spent some time criticizing those who oppose abortion rights. every single one of these folks that are out there, trumpeting and championing this decision have consistently opposed prenatal care support. consistently opposed childcare consistently opposed paid family leave consistently opposed all things to actually strengthen the family. a southern california state senator is already
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announced she will introduce a constitutional amendment and the governor says he will support it will chambers in the state legislature would approve the language of the amendment by a two thirds majority before the end of june. democrats hold enough seats to make that happen. it would go on the november ballot to be voted on this fall. the number of covid infections is growing again. ktvu is amended. quintana is live in san jose this morning. many health professionals there are concerned because of cinco de mayo and mother's day coming up, amanda yeah, that's right. and i know it's something that none of us want to hear again. but we are going into 1/6 wave of covid infections here in santa clara county public health officer said that they didn't have that much of a break after the big omicron surge that we saw and this last month, cases and transmission rates have been rising again. dr monica gandhi and infectious disease expert at ucsf says we're seeing this rise because of a highly
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transmissible sub variant that's here. health experts say. you can think of it as a grandchild of all macron, more contagious than the original omicron variant. but it's not more deadly or severe. is it? probably the most transmissible omicron variant we've seen to date. we are in a phase of the pandemic that will never going to get rid of cases are hospitalizations are staying low, and we also want to get back to life. so think of this as kind of your own risk calculation time at the pandemic. dr gandhi says hospitalizations are low because so many people here in the bay area are vaccinated and boosted here in san jose. more than 90% of those eligible are vaccinated , but data shows hospitalizations here are starting tiktok up a bit right now. the advice this weekend if you're going to see your mom or your grandma, is that those who are um you know, compromise should wear a mask indoors. and she says, if you are over, 70 you have access. you are
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eligible for that second booster. so she recommends you take advantage of that. really. the main message is that the pandemic is not over. covid is unfortunately here to stay, but there are a lot of ways that we can deal with it, especially when doing stuff like gathering this weekend. live in san jose. amanda quintana ktvu fax. tunis amanda. thank you all this week . we've been diving into the repercussions of what appears to be a supreme court poised to overturn the landmark roe versus wade decision on abortion. next year. on the nine we examine how the change would affect black women, in particular, their concerns and the action so many are taking next, plus. as protests continue over the possible overturning of roe v. wade new security measures are being taken and lauren blanchard outside the supreme court.
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look at your weather. steve is front and center and a gaza you were called, coming into work today short sleeve shirt for the first time ever coming, and i'm like, what am i doing? don't do that tomorrow. if you're coming in, frank, don't yes, i'll be here. good knowledge by the way of the tao eatery. i got more lago kingdoms. he's got a lot to lot cooler. no doubt about it. it was jacket weather is garcia was quick to point out as well. you can see the systems coming in. there's low clouds, high clouds and an onshore breeze. drizzle probably next couple of mornings had some in the higher elevations this morning. you can see that as well. so we are looking for a cooler forecast, probably for about the next six or seven days. fifties sixties and seventies on the temps breezy to windy first of many systems beginning to make its move. not much for the this system, but a lot of cloud cover and there's a series of systems coming across. one will deepen big time for may over us on sunday and monday. that will be our best opportunity to get any rain and it looks like some serious snow. i mean, there
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could be 6 to 12 inches by the time we get the money night or tuesday. 50 60 seventies and not a big change on friday. then it all starts to cool down. maybe some thunderstorms and cool and windy patterns. send him money, you guys the mystery over who leaked the draft opinion from the supreme court is baffling the nation's capital, and it also raised concerns over security for the court ahead of a final ruling lauren blanchard reports from outside the supreme court. the supreme court, now behind a wall of fencing has emotions remain high over the leaked draft opinion, suggesting the justices may overrule roe v. wade. in the middle of the night, workers put up non scalable fencing and pro choice activists plan to protest outside the d. c area homes of the six conservative justices publishing their addresses online. senator john cornyn filed a bill wednesday to give justices and their families around the clock security protection. my sense is that this leak was a strategically planned one primarily to try to intimidate these justices of the
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draft was a historic first. so it's unclear exactly how far the investigation will go into who did it. my concern really isn't hunting down. my concern is making sure that this does not go through great upset in authority, and i believe that there does need to be district repercussions on the leaker. chief justice john roberts test the marshal of the court to find the leaker, but some in congress are calling for other agencies like the justice department to get involved. the problem is the draft wasn't classified information, and there is unlikely to be any criminal charges. obviously, it's up to the department of justice to determine what if any action they will take. our focus is on highlighting um what? what what the content in there would risk put at risk for women across the country. the final ruling by the supreme court isn't expected until june or july. it is unclear of the fencing will stay in place until then. in washington. lauren blanchard,
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ktvu, fox two news. reaction has been swift and strong to that leak that shows the u. s. supreme court could be poised to overturn the landmark roe v. wade decision by many accounts, black women in particular, have the most to lose if abortion protections are removed. this has been a topic of deep discussion on fox sold the streaming channel, particularly on the black report. we welcome as we do every week, the host of the black report demi lobo to our conversation. thanks for being with us yet again, another great thursday, checking in with you so very happy to be here. important news here is 26 states , mostly in the south and midwest are expected to quickly bad abortion if the high court does overturn roe v. wade. according to the kaiser family foundation in mississippi. people of color comprised 44% of the population, but 81% of women receiving abortions in alabama, the numbers are similar. one active. one activist said that abortion restrictions are racist. what do your viewers have to say? absolutely so. another quick fact to add in
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here is that black women? we have abortions five times the rate that of white women. and so we're having abortions and much higher rates than our white counterparts. and so there has to be taken into consideration when we talk about abortions because a lot of abortions activists are arguing right now that abortions are being marketed to low income areas and areas where it's usually black and latino. and so, with this new draft that's leaked here. a lot of people are worried. about trigger laws, which we're talking about on fox was black report, which if roe versus wade is overturned, there are so many states that are ready to abolish abortions immediately. and so what's going to happen when you overturn roe versus wade and abortions disappear? women are still going to have to get abortions. but what's going to happen is that they're going to do them illegally. and they're just like i don't know if you got it got a chance to see what goldberg's emotional statement that she made on abortion that they're still going to get abortions were still going to get abortions, but they're going
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to be way more illegal in way more unsafe, and that's definitely something to think about and on that note, so many women of color would have a disproportionately hard time. traveling to distant parts of the country to get illegal abortion. the same women also don't have the same support. health insurance childcare access access that many white women have so as we look at the issue of abortion, how far do your viewers see down the road when they consider this news from the supreme court? actually this is news that's happening right now. this is happening in the now looking forward a months or weeks. you can't do that, because this is what's happening right now. because we don't know this was a draft that was leaked. so we don't know exactly what the what was the reason of this being leaked or why it was leaked. so we don't really know exactly what's going to happen. it could be today tomorrow and a couple of more days. but we are thinking right now and the now and a lot of people are thinking back to when they have had to have an abortion before how much money is costing, even like you said the fact that a lot of black women don't even have the proper access to healthcare proper healthcare to get an and a legal abortion. and so we're
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thinking about this right now because this affects a lot of black women today, and, uh, you know, we can't look to the future because it's happening to us every day and in our in our everyday lives. let's talk about something else. i know you've been long discussing that when the black report brittney griner the w. n b a star has been jailed in russia now for two months. just this week, the state department reclassified her case is one where a person is being wrongfully detained effectively being held political hostage. what's your viewers reaction to this week's action? so britney grinders family when she first was detained around the first few weeks, we were nervous to talk about her being detained because the big story was that if everyone talks about her being detained, and we make this the top headline news that they're not going to let brittney griner come home, so this was really great to know that they're acknowledging that she was wrongfully detained. so that's great. so we know that so now joe biden the administration, the wnba's so many organizations. can legally and openly. rather, i'll say, fight for her to be returned. and so this is just great news
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to the w n b. a is doing great things for her, putting a decal in on 12 of the teams on their floors, putting her initials on the floors to let the world know that we stand beside brittney griner. right now we're gonna do everything in our power to get her back home to the us frustration last week when the u. s and russia engaged in prisoner swap that had nothing to do with brittney griner. yes absolutely well, so there was a little bit of frustration, but also hope, right, so it was okay . great so there's some movement. maybe this will look good for brittney griner as well. but her case is already said, and she's going to have to stand trial for that. so we have to let that due process work, but there was a little bit of frustration and the same time because that was not a black queer woman that we're dealing with. this is a totally different race that that we're talking about here, so it's not always equal as we talk about here on the show and on fox was black reports not always equal when it comes to black women, so we're going to have to see how this turns out for her. but it was good to know that there was some movement and that someone was able to be sent home
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important discussions. we are glad to be able to highlight some of your good work, demi. thank you. we'll see you next week. casa i will see you next week. thank you so much for having me. of course, of course, a quick reminder here that we can all watch foxhole online at fox hole dot tv can also watch it on the foxhole app for apple and android devices. coming up next to our mornings onto the night. we're about to show you a terrifying descent. we've got a live crew in san francisco getting ready to show us volunteers repelling down at union square high rise why they're doing this. we'll tell you coming up. plus, if you're still looking for a mother's day gift idea, we've got you covered there too. we're showing
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exps deal with soaring inflation. national retail federation estimates the average family will spend $245 on mother's day this year. the ceo of 1 800 flowers says inflation likely won't affect sales for this weekend. company ceo says sales have been strong lately but acknowledged higher costs for
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everything from gas to labor present a challenge for the company. well we are only three days away from mother's day, and if you're still searching for that perfect gift for mom, you still got a little time usa today tech columnists and our good friend here. ktvu jen jolly stopped by our studio this week for the first time in a pandemic two years. here's jen's tech take on the perfect gift for dear old mom. we missed. you missed you guys so much coming back to the family coming back home. it's so wonderful to be here. so thank you. astounded how much american spent a mother's day? well it's a big one this year, so many of us have been separated from our children or our parents. this is the year to go alld of the most, coveted of all, mom tech, the humble or not so humble smartphone. this is the galaxy s 22, plus one of the hottest new handsets out on the market today , if you will pick that up and turn it around. i really like this one because it's pink. but
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in addition to that it has a revolutionary camera package on it, uh, lighter, brighter whites. crisper darks really takes amazing photos in low light situation. it's really lightweight too well, it's an incredible one of the newest best smartphones on the market. and if you trade in any phone at samsung .com, you can get it for around $300. alright almost $1000 less than normal. this a bit of a throwback. i think you've got it at target. it's an old polaroid type camera. this is the little teeny, tiny polaroid go. it's the smallest instant camera that you can get. and it takes incredible photos. they have a little selfie camera on there. it does. just what you expected to do. you snap that shot. you pull it out. that's going to come alive by the end of the segment runs just under 100 bucks. love that. it's easy. you can grab it. you can order it on the amazon. it will be here by mother's day parties and
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what what's next on our parade of fun? i like to call this the sort of calgon take me away gadgets. so you know moms need a little me time, but they don't want to put their children in front of another screen. so for that we have these ready land books. these are just under $15 on amazon. these are interactive books that work with any alexa enabled device. let's say, um ah. alexa open. ready land. okay great. okay well, let's see how about the car? i was thinking of the car. okay so these are interactive and there's a million different kind of ways your children can interact with them. so you give that to them for 30 minutes. you don't feel bad the tablet and actually do something that might be a little more constructive, right ? the one in every five adults caring for an aging parent while also caring for children. l e q . blows me away is a robot. that's a cross between wally and
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siri. l e q. hi. see if see if we can wake her up. l e q. she's a little nervous. she's a little nervous right now. she usually will come on and say something. i think we kind of startled her with the cameras and live television part. l eq. you want to tell us a joke? she might not want to. right now. i think it's i fact you can't breathe correctly while smiling. okay ellie q kidding, but i hope i made you smile. you seriously did. l eq so one of the things about really tickled me, my god ! another so what's really great about? i'm not going to say her name again because she'll just take away the rest of the segment. but what's really great about her is she's kind of like a robot roommate really good for isolation really good for communication, but also there's always an open line available to you 30 seconds and the birds
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been chirping through the whole segment. who is that? this is the walker squawk er. this was invented by a 93 year old woman who kept forgetting to use her walker, but it's also one of these little wonderful little companion pets out of the ageless innovations, joy for all this little bird. how's little magnet can go on a little strap attached to the walker or just ride around in your hand, usually turns to the sound of your voice will sing to you, but also remind you hey, use that walker when you stand up i am really, you know, i have some aging parents. i have done a lot of work with senior gadgets lately, so i'm really kind of obsessed with these, um l eq high. and goodbye excited to be on tv. i hope i don't have something in my teeth. ooh, she was working on that one for you. right well, we got to wrap it up like you. so nice to meet you. jim. of what a great that's great to have you back. i know so much, plus years of covid, and we're finally back in
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studio. she has gin jolly and we can find you. where usa today the tech life columnist the usa today or at my website, a tech ish .com and happy mother's day happy mother's day. alright i'm psyched. hope you're taking notes so yes, sir. watching alright, growing number of teachers in san francisco say they're not getting paid coming up on mornings on to the 91 elementary school principal felt he needed to do to help one of his teachers. make ends meet this month and what the school district says in response to the pay issues that are rising. plus it's something people in the bay area can argue about for hours. these are live pictures of a taco truck right here in our parking lot. there is a competition tomorrow in san francisco. and who will have the best taco will tell you about that competition. that's coming up on mornings onto ♪ ♪ this is awesome for any type of plant, especially for a beginning gardener. [ barks ] - yeah? i think he likes them. create a season full of celebration.
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in e pretty place to be any season of the year. there is still snow up there. some resorts are still open for skiers and boarders. you might that might want to make that part of your mother's day weekend. sunday is mother's day today is cinco de mayo ahead of today's holiday. the san diego county sheriff's department released this video showing a deputy playing the guitar dressed as a mariachi performer. in the video of the deputy says it came to the united states with his family from mexico in 1996 and said mariachi music is a way for him to give back to people who share his heritage in his own community. mariachi music is music for all occasions. if you're sad, there's a song for you. if you're happy, there's a song for you. if you're heartbroken. there's a song for you if you encountered love, there's a song for you. the deputy joined the best mariachi class at his high school to
9:30 am
south of san diego. he joined mariachis on the local circuit actually worked professionally in l. a with mariachi groups there, and here we find him as a sandia county sheriff's deputy, so there's a lot more people behind that badge. absolutely it's great when you can bring your culture into it. and, you know, of course, and send it will all of california. has a large mexican population, so that's going to resonate. yeah music. he's right. i mean, it just brings joy to your heart. you hear it? it's like, where's the party? you know, come to my house. okay mariachi music going and my kids already know it. they know some of the songs that's great, that's great. alright well happening right now. this is quite an event. it's in the city. the city skyline challenge is underway and right now the first of a dozen people are repelling down the side of the hilton. and downtown san francisco. it's all to raise money for a terrific cause. getting kids outside to enjoy the great outdoors and ktvu sally rasmus joins us from the hotel with a look. at some of these these daredevils, i guess. great stuff, ali. yeah.
9:31 am
take a look around. i'm not in the hotel lobby. i'm on the 20th floor, one of the rooftops of the hilton in downtown san francisco. and we're here so we can get a good view of the very top of this tower here. that's 46 floors up. take a look at those cables you see coming down. that's where this morning the first three people have been repelling down the entire side of this building. in fact, one of the people just came down to the bottom. i don't know if all good. people have a smile on abe cheering and supporting you hear the background. tell us about this event. this is the city skyline challenge, but this is to raise money for an organization called outward und. what do you guys do? and how does this event help you?t s is a repellent that we do or we
9:32 am
call it. city skyline challenge and we use it to raise money this year. our goal is $300,000. and i'm, the executive director of our valley, california and we are an organization that we changed lives through challenge and discovery. we take young people out and we use the outdoors and to build character , leadership and service. so you mentioned before the pandemic there were about 20,000 kids. schoolchildren in california that got to benefit from your programs. i'm assuming free of charge for most of them because they get to. it's supposed to be accessible for everyone. so you do things like backpacking trips , camping trips, rock climbing. what kind of impact does that make on the kids you serve? yes so this is especially significant right now. after the pandemic, we build courage and great bologna for groups and provide opportunities to reflect reflection and physical engagement this is an important time to get youth outdoors to build that sense of connection to one another. but yeah, over the last 10 11 years in california, we've served about 20,000 students. great
9:33 am
well, you know, i want to draw our attention to one of the people who just came down here. excuse me, sir. how was it? still trying to get my breath? i'm still trying to get get my constitution backed. it was amazing. the first time you've ever done that. it's not the first time it felt like the first time. you're name abraham simmons. and so how did you decide to do this? what made you decide to do this? i became a member of the board of directors of outward bound about a decade ago. i've been supporting them ever since. uh and g whiz every year. it's a challenge. we go around the board table and we ask, okay, who's going to go this year? yeah described me. i mean, just together our viewers a sense, it's cold. you can tell. it's windy and our hair is blowing in the wind. what are the conditions like when you're at the very top of the 46th floor about to go down? it may be called it and maybe wendy. i have no idea just blocked it all out. really did. i'm just trying
9:34 am
to figure out whether my feet are gonna stay anywhere near the building, which was troubling, but it happened. what was the view like? beautiful gorgeous. we live in an extraordinary place. it's a beautiful area of wonderful city and oh, my goodness. it's just you can see for miles and miles from up. there was great. well congratulations. i'm glad it was a great experience for you. you made it down safely, thanks for sharing. so a lot of excitement as you can see in here when people get down the finished repelling those 26 floors. there's a bit of an adrenaline rush going there so, but there's a lot of people who are going to be doing this throughout the day. 70 people in total, at least sourdough sam. the mascot for the 49ers is going to repel down here shortly and also later this afternoon. some of the cast members of the harry potter musical and the cursed child in san francisco. they're going to be taking part in this as well. they also have a fundraiser. so
9:35 am
if people there are some spots still available. if people want to make a donation online, they're going to raffle off a one p.m. spot that's still open . if you want to repel down the hilton in downtown san francisco. back to you guys. all right, allie. sounds wonderful and terrifying at the same time. thank you. a number of teachers in san francisco say they are still not getting paid. one teacher tells us she has been paid under paid $10,000 since the school district switched to a new payroll system in january. the chronicle reports. one monroe elementary teacher received no money. last month, the school principal there wrote her a 45 $100 check to help her cover bills. the district says it's working on fixing the issue. but it will take time to ensure everyone is paid what they're owed. a 13 year old boys in the san francisco hospital this morning after he was attacked by another student at his school attack happened monday afternoon at everett middle school on church street right between the castro and mission district. the school district says there was an altercation between two students . police say there were no
9:36 am
arrests. parents, including the co chair of the p t, a tell ktvu violence there. everett middle school is an ongoing problem. i was really sad because i have been advocating for help and support to prevent this from happening. in a separate incident at 12 year old boy was beaten just yesterday by another student suffered a swollen eye. parents say many of the attacks involved children bullying latino students who are new to the country and speak very little english. we spoke with one mother through the help of an interpreter. on the kid was trying to defend himself when they were talking him is the told me that we are going to have a meeting with another parents, then you know with kids, and until now we haven't had that meeting. the principle of everett middle school didn't want to comment. the school district issued a statement saying when a serious incident occurs, we attend to the
9:37 am
immediate safety of students involved, communicate directly with their families and determine the appropriate support interventions and consequences. classes will resume today at an elementary school in san jose after a very tense standoff between police and an armed man ktvu is jesse gary has details on how crisis negotiators stepped up to help. that's why we have the resources here. that's why we have the people. that's why we have our mobile crisis assessment team and hours long standoff between a man armed with a knife and san jose police came to a peaceful conclusion. the drama began just after 11 o'clock wednesday morning on the campus of empire gardens elementary school. behind the school. there is a creek which is known to have a lot of homeless people, neighbors say a man who appeared to be on housed and suffering a mental health episode walked onto the campus of 300 students with an 18 inch knife. they say he began swinging the knife and shouting incoherently in spanish concerns. our students to school
9:38 am
is in session. but right now every possible resource we have available is here dealing with this individual. the school was placed on lockdown with the k through fifth grade students kept in their classrooms. administrators notified some parents of the ongoing problem by phone and they called me the for my daughter. don't come in today. the guy had the knife, uniformed police officers surrounded the man. all members of the police mobile crisis assessment team started talking to him for hours. not too worried. i mean, there's plenty of police around, so it's kind of there. that's what they're trained for. so i'm not that worried about it. police crisis specialists as well as county clinicians continue negotiating with the man using a bullhorn to eventually convince him to put down the knife and surrender. officials say this deployment worked to perfection. we don't want to force a confrontation. we want a peaceful resolution. the man with the knife is being held on a misdemeanor charge of brandishing a deadly weapon on school grounds. he is undergoing
9:39 am
a mental health evaluation to determine his long term needs. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news not a developing story . the investigation into a fatal shooting in vallejo last night, the police confirmed. it happened around 11 30 on hazelwood. st investigators tell us they found a man inside a car who had been shot. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police have not yet released his identity mother in livermore is pleading for the return of some stolen ashes of her late son, 16 year old devon died in 2013 if cancer his family, put his ashes inside lockets and have been wearing them ever since. well, his brother, tyler wore one of the necklaces to a gym on monday night took it off to go into the sauna. it was stolen, then from an unlocked locker. i just i just want to back. it means a lot. you can take any other necklace. just give me that's my brother's necklace. it's not just mine carry devin around. on our bodies to keep him with us
9:40 am
to keep him present a little bit numb a little bit. violated would you feel if someone went to the cemetery and dug up your mom and stole her? well devon was born months premature and endured. many open heart surgery , was diagnosed with cancer on his 14th birthday. his family says the person who has the necklace can return it to the 24 hour fitness gym. no questions asked the trial for the father and son charged in connection with the 1996 disappearance and killing of cal poly student kristin smart is set to take place in salinas. a trial is set to begin may 31st after a judge granted a change of venue paul flores is accused of killing smart during an attempted sexual assault. his father, ruben, is charged with helping to dispose of her body. which has never been found. russia has launched more strikes across ukraine today as forces are ramping up fighting in maria polish ukrainian officials trying to evacuate more than civilians.
9:41 am
fox reporter greg palkot has the very latest, including the support from the united states. training forces in mariupol remained in a standoff with russian troops, according to the red cross. more than 300 people were evacuated from the city and the surrounding area yesterday. hundreds more still sheltering inside the cold, dark tunnels of a steel plant. ukrainian fighters say there is heavy fighting going on in the area. russia now claims it will temporarily paused military action near the plant to allow for more evacuations. mario police the most painful topic to discuss we keep fingers crossed that we can evacuate more civilians from maria boat over the past 24 hours, russia launching a fresh wave of strikes in the donbass region. killing at least five people and injuring more than two dozen. russian forces also keeping up their bombardment of railway stations across ukraine in an effort to disrupt shipments of western made weapons, pentagon says despite the attacks,
9:42 am
western arms are getting into ukrainian hands, the flow into the region continues. um, at an incredible pace. and the flow of materials from the region in the ukraine also continues every single day, meanwhile, citing senior u s officials in your times reports intelligence shared by the us helping ukrainian forces target and kill as many as 12, russian generals on the record. the pentagon says it won't speak to the details of the report. it says it's simply provides intelligence for ukraine to defend itself. us officials say they plan to ramp up training sessions with ukrainian troops. as russia continues to attack in kiev, greg palkot ktvu fox two news northern california caviar producer says it's being targeted by people who think the company is russian. the companies are nicola caviar, was founded more than 40 years ago by a swedish family family used that name thinking of california caviar company would get more respect if it sounded like it was from the caspian sea. ali
9:43 am
bartolucci has displayed the ukrainian flag inside the shop to show support for the ukrainian people, but says his company has been getting hate mail and threats. he says he thinks the russian sounding name is to blame. what started as an amazingly advantageous thing in the last couple of months has turned into you know, as center of, you know, uncomfortable conversations for a lot of our staff. allergy says the business has received intimidating letters, including one that told the owners to quote go back to russia. he's increased security now responds to those angry online post with the actual history of the company. he says . in some cases, the posters come back to apologize. coming up on mornings on to the nine the fed made the largest single jump in 22 years in the interest rate as americans are dealing with soaring inflation. how the fed chairman says this latest move is meant to help the economy and lower prices. also look even a bad taco is still
9:44 am
pretty good, but we are talking the best of the best of the 12 food trucks completing for the title of best taco here in the bay area. we have one competitor in the ktvu parking lot. sells out there. he's talking tacos out there. he's talking tacos and with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema with clearer skin and less itch. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur that can be severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems such as eye pain or vision changes, including blurred vision, joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent.
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations without talking to your doctor. making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. it should. itcheme for california.
9:46 am
mile mexican army's 18 62 victory over france during the franco mexican war. it's also day many people in the united states celebrate mexican culture. part of that celebration off the grid is hosting a. tomorrow a dozen our ktvu parking lot, and whothe better than our own foodie? south castaneda, who is about to
9:47 am
talk with you and beth from colon, aria, take it away, sal. very good, frank. i like that pronunciation. here we are at the taco truck, and this crew here is going to be competing with other people in san francisco at that, basically a taco off and they're gonna let me try some of these tacos. but again, tacos. i think most people i know i'm almost never met anyone who doesn't like a taco and beth and better or going to help me out now, beth and beth, can i come up here and see what you're doing? okay here we go. all right, so i get to go behind the scenes here. into the taco truck. and here comes my photographer j. c alright, so we have some tacos here. what am i looking at? shrimp costa. they are not finished. they are about to be finished. cold shrimp cost right shrink with a layer of cheese and that comes with avocado puree and the south. of course, this is the pork carnitas. exactly that's a vegetarian. vegetarian taco.
9:48 am
yes, we do. they are not finished yet, but yeah, vegetarian needs we can do it bigger or vegetarian with sour cream, cheese or avocado. so we have for everybody uses different choices, and he's going to prepare as a let me let me ask you. what is the secret to making a good taco? first of all, start with the tortilla tortillas are very important for us. am and then the flavors and the salsas. these are really, really important things when our tacos and then we try always to use the best protests and products that we can find in the market. so in this case with avicii, you're going to see in a second our presentations, but i'm just going to show you. this is a carnitas does that is going to be under tackle? take over tomorrow. and what are you putting on him? right now? this is our, but it's a mix of kale,
9:49 am
carrots and onions. it's kind of like kotido with the salvadoran ius, right? exactly and actually, it's a slightly pickled. not very pickle. we because we want to keep the freshness of all the products, all right, and you're also making a ceviche which for people who don't know ceviche is fish that's cured in lime juice , so they're going to start making the ceviche in a second, but now do i have permission? beth to try this taco. now finish it. okay milder spices. also spicy. please thank you. alright don't try this at home, kids, spices for professionals. okay all right. we have a habanero salsa. alright. is that a challenge? because i'm here for it. alright so these are the tacos now? a little bit more about this competition. when people show up tomorrow you're going to be doing your best. are you other people who are
9:50 am
going to be coming or is it going to be a good challenge for you? it's going to be a good challenge and we are up to have fun there more than a competition. we wanna people to enjoy our food and then different before i try this. you guys are available near lake merritt. for people who want to come and try out your truck. where are you guys located? on where i work, and we find you. well we go to different farmers, markets and all around oakland lecture livermore and then we work without the grid in their events and also with private, catering, private child services and catering. okay yeah, no, i can't try all three. but i'm going to try the carnitas taco because uh, alright. we have 30. seconds here, so, mm hmm. yeah yes. tentacles if you don't speak spanish, that means these
9:51 am
are authentic. tasting tacos. these are the real deal, so i think you're going to do well in the competition. thank you so much for hosting this in your truck this morning. if you're inside the building, don't get any ideas. i'm going to eat all of this myself. okay remember, you don't get any ideas. remember your amigos up here, my friend. come on. we love you. awesome alright, thank you. looks great. looks great. also happening today is another chance to enjoy some artwork for a good cause on the cinco de mayo. frida kahlo exhibit is helping to raise money for a new san francisco cultural center, a nonprofit group that hosts the city's annual carnival parade is raising money for a permanent home tonight some of the ticket sales from the immersive frida kahlo exhibit will help them build a new cultural arts center . that's where performers and artists to participate in the carnival parade and festival can practice and teach their traditions year round. we have renderings here what it will ultimately look like the center is already under construction at 19th and florida in the city's mission district. tonight's frida kahlo exhibit starts at seven o'clock, of course on
9:52 am
south bend nest for more information and tickets, head to our website ktvu .com. just click on web links coming up next right here on mornings onto the nine the cdc says more covid related hospitalizations and deaths could be just around the corner. i'm jonathan, syrian atlanta under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise
9:53 am
because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now. to keep san francisco safe. that was quick. and rewarding.
9:54 am
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daily admission levels and new covid related deaths are both projected to increase jonathan siri more from atlanta, including a for more people to get vaccinated and boosted covid is still with us in the cdc is predicting the next few weeks could be tough. nationwide covid hospitalizations are up 20% in the past seven days, with emergency room visits, jumping about 18% the hardest hit state in new york, where covid related admissions have true in the last month, but we're still not close to the levels seen during the
9:56 am
last search, and most doctors say the new ah macron sub variants driving the spike in cases are more contagious, but not as dangerous as the original disappear that be a four and five are somehow he meeting prior immunity but causing severe illness and nearly the rate and we should expect that the cdc is projecting at least 42 states will see a jump in hospitalizations and deaths in the next four weeks. we're currently averaging about 66. is 1000 new cases every day in the us has health officials work on getting the most vulnerable americans protected more than 250 million americans have received at least one dose. vaccine and two thirds of adults over age 65 have gotten a booster shot. meanwhile a new study by the world health organization shows almost 15 million covid related deaths worldwide since the start of the pandemic, the white house says that underscores the need for congress to approve more money to fight the outbreak of light on why we need more funding, not just domestically but internationally, so that we can
9:57 am
continue to be the arsenal vaccines world there's still no votes scheduled in congress on a $10 billion covid compromise funding bill in atlanta. jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two news the national weather service issued a beach hazard statement that went into effect at eight this morning. the warning is about rip currents and sneaker waves along the coast from big syria, monterey county to northern sonoma county border. officials say people should stay away from the water's edge because waves as big as eight ft tall could be seen today. the warning remains in place until about eight o'clock tonight. california's attorney general calls a victory that will maintain an open internet for our state, and it's 40 million residents. telecommunications companies, including a t and t and comcast are stopping their attempt to block california's new net neutrality. law bars broadband providers from favoring one service or app over another by slowing the process speed. then governor jerry brown signed the law in 2018, california started
9:58 am
enforcing it. just last year, a federal appeals court upheld the law in january. california is the first state to start the process of adapting to cryptocurrency. governor newsom's executive order has state agencies working with the federal government to create regulations for digital currencies. cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain database technology. governor's executive officer order. part of me also calls for officials to look at incorporating broader blockchain computer coding into the government operations as part of the effort to fight inflation. the federal reserve raised interest rates yesterday in the largest single jump since we've seen in the year 2000. short term rates were raised by a significant half of a percent right, rachel make loans, mortgages and other types of credit more expensive. the fed chairman said. the central bank hopes removal, coal demand and lead to lower prices. inflation is much too high. and we understand the hardship it is causing. and we're moving expeditiously to bring it back down. the federal reserve says
9:59 am
that more bikes are likely. some economists are warning the move to push down rising prices could lead the u. s into a recession. people that 30 year fixed mortgage rate i think back in the fall it was below 3% here we are at about 5.5% 5% 5 even 5.5 that high. when 5.5% was considered good, right my first house 7.8 years ago was probably like 15% right back in 1980 in livermore. so what we're hoping to see in realtors say we haven't seen it yet is if interest rates are doing this prices better do this right. and we quite haven't seen that balance. not sure if that's going to happen. they won't go down. but maybe you won't see a million over asking 25 offers, so we'll see. i think realtors say, well, how did that beginning to live somewhere? by the way? sal castaneda. succeed
10:00 am
absolutely good luck in the competitions. people amazing how our staff flocks outside the taco truck rolls into thanks for joining us break and i ♪ ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ [cheers and applause] >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show!" ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ feel, feel it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ tell me how you're feeling ♪ ♪ when we're feeling how we're feeling ♪ ♪ and we're feeling what we're feeling ♪ ♪ here we go ♪ ♪ feel it, and feel it ♪ ♪ and feel it like this ♪ ♪ how you doin', wendy? ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ >> announcer: now, here's our special guest host, michael rapaport.


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