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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  June 10, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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advisories and the warnings, the heat advisories until 10 o'clock. this evening for all the areas in red out towards solano county out toward the sacramento valley. the excessive heat warning continues until 11 o'clock tomorrow, but there will be some improvement with temperatures for tomorrow. current numbers out there still in the upper nineties for fairfield, 99, walnut creek, 94 . san francisco checking in 73 degrees, but look what is developing just offshore. we actually have a pretty good fog bank hanging out near half moon bay approaching the same intel county cost lines, so that will be the first of several changes that will send temperatures down this weekend. a lot more than your weekend outlook coming up in just a few minutes. alright, mark. thank you. ice cream shops and water parks were packed today in the east bay as families tried to beat the heat in brentwood temperatures. they're topped 100 degrees and that kept me sip and scoop ice cream shop busy pretty much all day long. families were looking for cold treats and air conditioning and then in dublin parents took advantage of the
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waves free water park splash zone for kids. it's beautiful. it's nice. it's clean. the splash pad is amazing for kids just to come in and just, you know, cool off when we have the a c working definitely is a good spot to come is an ice cream shop. a coffee shop or a restaurant locally, just to get the kids out of the house. well cold treats are refreshing on hot days like this, experts say it's also important to stay hydrated and excessive heat and where loose, light colored clothing, several bay area libraries and community centers are open as cooling centers in contra costa county, there are six main cooling centers, including one in pleasant hill at the community center on civic drive. public libraries around santa clara county are opened as well, along with several community centers like the roosevelt community center in san jose, on the peninsula in mountain view, the community center on ranks drop avenue. is being used as a cooling place as well. the city announced the center would open once the new temperatures would be above 91 degrees. people to get a respite from the heat to be able to feel
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the cooling of air conditioning have access to free wifi be able to do some things on their own and be able to enjoy a place that's not in the heat. a list of cooling centers can be found on the county's health websites . all are set to open from eight am to five pm on days when the heat is extreme, and a reminder that you can stay on top of the forecast anytime with the ktvu weather app. it is free to download and has current conditions and extended forecast for all parts of the bay area. a suspicious device found inside of a san francisco courtroom caused quite a scare. today there was a large police response at the superior court building at 400 mcallister, sheriff's deputies told ktvu, a bailiff noticed a package on the desk that looked suspicious. with what appeared to be wires coming from it. we're following protocols were making sure the building's safe. we're in communication with a superior court. all the employees have been evacuated. and really, we're just hoping that this is a
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situation where it turns out the right way. but by following all the protocols, we make sure nothing goes wrong. just before noon. the police bomb squad removed that package and deemed it safe to oakland, where police there are searching for information in the murder of a teenage boy. the 16 year old was walking to visit his grandfather when he was shot and killed yesterday. ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us the team leaves behind heartbroken family and friends. 16 year old boy shot and killed in east oakland. police say the shooter was armed with a high powered rifle. a young man that was a good kid shooting. oakland police chief laurent armstrong consoled friends and relatives of kia's brooks, who was a student at hayward high when you have a 16 year old child that is gunned down in broad daylight. it is alignment that is concerning and it's hurtful. the shooting happened at about 6 15 thursday night near 64th and camden. a witness told ktvu. the shooter fired numerous shots from a car
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was shot in the head and died at the scene is 18 year old cousin was wounded cannot allow people that engage in this type of violence. behavior remain in our community is grandfather lives near the crime scene. he told me he's sickened by the violence he wanted to do was just go to school. you go to all we are here, killing one another in a senseless. if we can just get in love one another, killing one another, and hayward, high classmates and staff were in shock while also taking final exams. extra counselors were sent to the campus. in a statement, the district said, in part he has was a very well liked young man by both teachers and students. and it's a very emotional day. at hayward high schools are tight knit communities and tragedies such as this are felt widely when we are looking at a young person. it's even that much more devastating because there's so much life so much potential to get snuffed out. the shooting happened in oakland city council member lauren taylor's district. the high powered rifles, the
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number of rounds that can be unloaded in a short period of time. there is no reason for that level of firepower on our streets, motive in this tragedy not yet known. anyone with information or surveillance video is asked to contact oakland police can really ktvu roxton news police are investigating the death of a pedestrian on train tracks in berkeley officers say they were called to the aquatic park south parking lot shortly before seven o'clock this morning. policing amtrak train hit someone on the tracks service along the capitol corridor was disrupted for several hours during the investigation. a police raid on a home reveals dozens of illegal firearms. san jose police say it was part of a huge criminal investigation. ktvu evan sernoffsky has more on this bus and why police say this is a big step towards making the streets safer. taking those guns off the streets. it's most certainly going to lead to saving lives. san jose police seize this hall of firearms this week and arsenal of guns they say we're in the hands of a now accused killer seizure of over
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60 firearms. 25 of them being assault weapons and illegal to own in the state of california is huge, officials say moutai amassed the collection before he was arrested last week for murder. it all began on may 21st when police got a call about a man brandishing a gun during a road rage incident at this intersection at blossom hill road and snell avenue are assault unit detectives began the thorough investigation of that incident. and located and identified the suspect. police say ty was arrested on june 4th following a shooting on monterey road and rancho drive in south san jose. authorities say he fatally shot 33 year old san jose resident lloyd tang tang. i was arraigned on the murder charge and is currently in jail where he's being held without bail. on wednesday, police raided his home here on the 400 block of war admiral avenue and uncovered his cache of weapons of those 60 plus firearms. 25 of
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them were listed as assault weapons in the state of california. two of them were personally manufactured firearms or ghost skins, and two of the other pistols that were located, were also reported stolen last year. police in san jose say they seized more than 950 illegal firearms. most of them home built ghost guns without serial numbers, every firearm that we receive from a criminal or from a drug dealer is one less assault. one less fired, shot one less homicide. and that is the most important reality that we're facing today. police say they're going to add those weapons charges to the murder charged high already faces now we tried to reach out to tease attorney we're still waiting to hear back at the police headquarters in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. inflation has reached a 40 year high, and there aren't many signs of easing anytime soon. also had one of bart's board members is on the move again has
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to do with her living arrangements, her reasoning for her brief departure from the board. plus a woman was killed outside of a nightclub on the peninsula more than 20 years ago , and investigators are now still looking for any leads. and here's a check of the evening commute. this is the bay bridge toll plaza, and as you can see, their traffic is heavy heading into the city, watching ktvu news at six and we will be right ba ♪ from our sinkmat that perfectly protects under your sink. ♪ to our ready-to-wash system that cleans and details. to laser measured floorliners. ♪
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acted to issue new regulations requiring tobacco companies to reduce the amount of nicotine sold in all cigarettes. the wall street journal reports a new rules would result in all cigarettes sold in america to have either nonaddictive or minimally addictive levels of nicotine. the idea is part of the president's moonshot initiative to cut the cancer death rate in half in the next 25 years. it's not yet clear when the new regulations may be formally announced. authorities
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are investigating a deadly plane crash in ventura county. the ventura county fire department says one person was killed this morning when the plane went down in a strawberry field in oxnard's the plane clipped buildings on both sides of highway one. oh, one before crashed. nobody else was on board. there's no word yet on what caused that plane to crash . alto police are asking for help in solving a cold case more than two decades old on june 10th 2000 and 1 2021 year old maria xiao was shot and killed outside of a downtown powell alto nightclub. her killer was never found in every year. investigators hope the anniversary will spark someone's memory and lead to new information, they say. even second or third hand information could help them crack the case. it is still unclear what triggered yesterday's workplace shooting in western maryland. police say the 23 year old gunman arrived for his normal shift at columbia machine and he worked throughout the day, authorities say around 2 30. he went outside, got a weapon from
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his car, went into the break room and began shooting, hitting four coworkers, killing three. he left in his mitsubishi eclipse and was quickly encountered by barrel and state police troopers exchanged gunfire with him. the gunman and one trooper was hurt or were hurt, but are expected to survive. the police chief for the valley school district in texas, is defending his response to the mass shooting earlier this month, chief pete arredondo told the texas tribune that he did not consider himself to be the incident commander in charge of the shooting response. he also said that he intentionally left behind his police radios before entering the school because he thought they would slow him down. he also said that he called or used his cell phone to call for more tactical gear and tried several keys that school administrators gave him to open the door but that none of them worked. a plea hearing for former m m a fighter cain velasquez was postponed for a third time in san jose today. velasquez is accused of attempted murder and weapons charges. back in february, he allegedly chased down a man who
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is accused of molesting his four year old relative. the last case allegedly opened fire on the car , injuring the men's stepfather . his next court date is set for june 30th bay area beaches packed as you see there today as people tried to beat the heat, baker beach in san francisco. full of visitors in the water and on land trying to discuss. stay cool. ktvu christian captain was there talking with beachgoers. he tells us he wasn't seeing or he hasn't seen the beach this fall in a long time. sky high temperatures had people near and far hitting the beaches in san francisco, locals say when the weather is warm and foggy, san francisco you have to take advantage. never never get this weather. look at it. look how many people out here. there's so many people and you never see that really at a beach, especially in the city from chico says the mid seventies at the beach beat the temps at home triples. and that's pretty consistent. that's why i'm looking to maybe move back because i'm over the summers up there, and for many,
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the beach is the perfect family activity. summer just started, so they got out of school and you know we're looking for stuff to do, and it doesn't usually get this hot here. so when it does, you know, we want to find stuff to do, and this one had the idea going to the beach, so we made it happen. the first official day of summer is june 21st, but for a lot of those at the beach here summer began today at baker beach in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. no it's a tricky but our forecast here you could look at those images and you see a beautiful beach day and then you think you're gonna go out there tomorrow? it could be the same thing. we could actually have some fog work its way closer to the coastline, so just be prepared for some cooling as we head into everywhere, but it will still be a heart day inland instead of triple digit heat and conquered will go down to 94. it's still hot in san jose, cooling things off. bye to around 90 degrees and even more coolly that will settle into the region by sunday
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. in fact, here is the one that creek you see the high front today in the upper nineties tomorrow, back down to around 94 degrees, and then on sunday, a big drop off in those numbers temperatures in the opera seventies so some relief in sight. today we have an advertising kind of setting it up as the hottest day of the week and that is still on track. right now. we have fairfield 96 degrees santa rosa mid nineties. oakland 83 half moon bay has cooled off to 68. we actually have some fog near half moon bay this afternoon. here's a satellite, in fact, picking up on that bigger fog bank offshore, you can see it's becoming closer closer to what closer to half moon bay portions of the same mateo county coastline. but the rest of the bay area in the clear with a bit of some haze, of course we have that spare the air alert for today. here is our live camera, looking out toward the oakland estuary here, instill some hazy skies. as far as overnight temperatures. we're gonna have the overnight readings pretty mild 58 to 68 degrees. still, some areas of fog coincided maybe a few patches in the bay and then this is your afternoon hours. temperatures were not
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expecting triple digits, but still some hot temperatures inland. approaching 96 maybe 97 degrees. by about three or four o'clock tomorrow afternoon. so definitely drop it off those numbers near the coast san francisco instead of the eighties that we had today we're gonna go some lower seventies and then the inland hotspots still hot. just not as hot as today. the warmest occasions around 91. the 94 to 97 degrees so you can see the temperature change for tomorrow. a bigger change by sunday. with those readings dropping off quite a bit. we'll talk more about your weekend outlook and into next week with your full forecast coming up. in a few minutes. mark thank you. report from cal fire says pg and e s slow response was a major factor in the explosive growth of last year's dixie fire. it was sparked in butte county, then spread to four other counties as well, according to the sacramento bee. cal fire investigators say the utility didn't get to the power line that had a problem until 10 hours after the malfunction was reported. they say by then, the fire was too big to contain any says it acted prudently and that
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it's responding employee fought the fire himself before crews arrived. the city of san francisco kicked off juneteenth celebrations with a celebration today at city hall. mayor london breed and other city leaders enjoyed musical performances and some inspiring words. this year . a big street party is set for the fillmore district on saturday, june 18th. people can enjoy eight blocks of food and entertainment. it was just last year, the juneteenth was officially named a federal holiday. now it's time for us to reflect, but it's also time for us to have a good time. it's also time for us to put smiles on our faces and put aside our differences and support and uplift one another. juneteenth marks the day when federal troops arrived in galveston, texas, in 18 65 to ensure that all enslaved people were freed. their arrival came 2.5 years after the signing of the emancipation proclamation.
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golden gate park skating place is home to a new, brightly colored mural honoring the parks . roller skating history. check it out here. the psychedelic mural made its debut today at the reopening of the outdoor roller skating spot. the park was repaved and the artwork was installed during renovations. the 28 ft by 93 ft oval murals painted over asphalt and located between sixth avenue and john f. kennedy drive. it's titled psychedelic golden gate skate, and you can see it is a very big mural right across the floor. it will soon become easier to travel overseas and returned to the us the white house reverse is one of the last remaining pandemic policies. also ahead. we're expecting to hear more information about the insurrection on the capital, the testimony and evidence that's expected next week.
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meet three sisters. the drummer, the dribbler, and the day-dreamer... the dribbler's getting hands-on practice with her chase first banking debit card...
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the drummer's making savings simple with a tap... ...round of applause. and this dreamer, well, she's still learning how to budget, so mom keeps her alerts on full volume. hey! what? it's true! and that's all thanks to chase first banking. freedom for kids. control for parents. one bank with tools for both, all with no monthly service fee. chase. make more of what's yours. he held its first primetime hearing. reaction is pouring in about what the panel uncovered about the ride at the capitol. the committee is pointing the finger directly at former president donald trump, accusing him of an attempted coup. but as rich edson reports, republicans are heavily criticizing the findings. on the west coast trip. president biden highlighted last night's congressional hearing into the january 6th capital attack. it's important to american people understand what truly happened. and to understand that the same forces that led january 6th remain at work. today select
6:22 pm
committee unveiled dramatic video of violent confrontations between riders and police. capitol police officer caroline edwards, injured in the attack, described the violence friends with blood all over their faces. i was slipping in people's blood. the nine member panel played testimony from those closest to former president trump, including former attorney general bill barr, who dismissed the president's claims of voter fraud. even the president's daughter, ivanka said she accepted bars assessment. the committee argues the president orchestrated a seven part plan to overturn the election. president trump engaged in a massive effort to spread false and fraudulent information. to convince huge portions of the us population that fraud had stolen the election from him. this was not true. republicans call the committee a distraction. i think the country sees it for what it is. it's a partisan political committee that that the american people are focused on a whole
6:23 pm
lot of other issues. some democrats are skeptical any of the findings will change the minds of their republican colleagues. i believe many of them know exactly what donald trump did. i believe many of them were part of this conspiracy. the committee will hold more hearings this month, with three scheduled next week in washington rich edson fox news. intense shelling is being reported in the ukrainian city of donetsk today. the shelling is coming from the ukrainian army as they battle russia for control of dynastic, another key eastern cities. residential buildings can be seen destroyed as troops fight street by street . the intense fighting comes as ukrainian president vladimir zelensky is calling on the west for more weapons and to get his country accepted as a member of the european union. coming weeks and days, the european union may take a historic step that will prove that words. about the belonging of ukraine. people to
6:24 pm
the european family are not just words. hundreds of people are fleeing the fighting today about 300 people, mostly women, children and the elderly, boarded a special evacuation train heading to cities further west. girls education activist malala yousaf ce and climate change activist greta tune berg are teaming up to highlight the link between climate change and education. they protested together today outside the swedish parliament. stockholm. they say the fight against climate change is also fight for the right to educate young girls and teens. the activists say millions of girls are losing their access to education to climate related events such as flooding and droughts. to climate related events, millions of girls lose their access to schools, events like droughts and floods. impact schools directly displacements are caused some due to some of these variants and because of that girls are impacted the most of the first ones to drop out of schools and then the last ones to return as well. any girl can
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change the world if they are provided with the right tools to do so. hamburg has been demonstrating outside the swedish parliament building every week since 2000 and 18 sparked a global movement. a texas judge issued a temporary restraining order today on child abuse investigations of families with transgender children. the stems from governor greg abbott's directive issued in february for the state to investigate parents who provide gender affirming care to their transgender children. three families filed lawsuits after the texas supreme court allowed the state to allow those child abuse investigations to go forward. these companies have raised their prices. by as much as 1000% coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 president biden piece of visit to the port of los angeles, and he lays the blame for the country's supply chain issues on foreign owned shipping companies. also, all drivers want is relief from these gas prices. instead we see prices sort of new highs for the 14th
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day in a row. and a health scare is causing justin bieber to cancel his world tour the diagnosis that could keep him off of the road for s
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sweltering heat made things uncomfortable for many parts of the bay area in brentwood. firefighters are keeping an eye on this brush fire that broke out this afternoon. cal fire says the fire has burned 45 acres and is 80% contained. one
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small farm building burned in that fire near marsh creek road and walnut boulevard. hayward high school student who was shot and killed in east oakland yesterday, and police are now asking anyone with information to come forward. a witness told ktvu. the shooter fired numerous shots from a car with a high powered rifle. brooks died at the scene. his 18 year old cousin, who was with him was wounded. police say a man is under arrest for a deadly shooting last weekend and that he also had a stockpile of firearms, including several illegal assault weapons. detectives discovered 65 firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition inside of his home . this is 38 year old food thai. he was arrested in connection with the fatal shooting saturday on monterey road. detectives do not yet know what i was planning to do with the weapons. ktvu fox two news at 6 30. the price of everything just keeps going up with no end in sight is the takeaway from today's inflation data, which is triggering talk of more interest rate hikes and
6:30 pm
fear of recession. the may consumer price index showed an 8.6% increase year over year. this staggering inflation rate is hurting americans confidence to the economy, according to the labor department. the price of groceries staples like eggs, meat and milk are all up double digit percentages from a year ago. president biden today reacting to the report from the ports of los angeles i understand. americans are anxious, anxious, good reason and i'm going to work with anyone. democrat republican independent deliver real solutions for families. the administration says they're staying out of the federal reserve's away as they raise interest rates to try to bring down inflation. president biden also called on congress to crack down on global shipping companies, blaming them for drastically hiking prices, which are ultimately passed along to the consumer. president biden says inflation is a global problem, not just here in the u. s court of los angeles today. he criticized shipping companies
6:31 pm
for failing to address supply chain issues. alex michaelson has more on the president's visit. i understand inflation is a real challenge to american families of l. a president joe biden says inflation is being made worse by nine foreign owned shipping companies who raised prices by as much as 1000% every once in a while, something you learn, make sure viscerally angry. might give you had the person in front of you want to pop them? he says congress should target their $190 billion in profits, a seven fold increase in one year. the rip off is over to have a sitting president come visit our hometown in san pedro is such an honor councilman joe boost galeano says there is progress in easing the ports backlog. white house says there are now 40% fewer ships waiting offshore versus november that is doing large part. the president's effort in calling for the 24 7 operation here at the ports should have been done long time
6:32 pm
ago. but he stepped up with his leadership on the retired battleship, the president, also reacting to the january 6th commission hearings in prime time, and we're seeing how the battle for the soul of america has been far from one but i know together and i mean we can unite and defend this nation at the summit of the americas in downtown l. a. the president announcing an agreement between 20 countries called the los angeles declaration on migration protection. this declaration. we're transforming our approach to managing migration in the americas, congresswoman nanette barragan from san pedro says, seeing the president in town like this is a storage. you get to do a lot of cool things in this job. but is this one of the cooler things? it definitely is? that was alex michaelson reporting the summit of the americas wrapped up today in los angeles with a new agreement on migration. president biden and other leaders are calling it a roadmap for future commitments
6:33 pm
that would allow nations to host migrants from other countries. the principles include legal pathways for refugees and aid to communities most affected by migration. the u. s is committing $314 million to help countries hosting refugees and migrants. and i think were brought together. by a common conviction. that we are going to be much more effective in dealing with these challenges when we work together. than when we stand alone. the agreement comes despite a boycott of the summit by the president of mexico after the us refused to invite cuba, nicaragua and venezuela. mexico's foreign minister did not attend or did rather attend the summit since monday, the national average for a gallon of regular gas has increased by 11. cents to $4.97, of course, california has higher gas prices the bay area much higher than that statewide, a gallon of regular cost you $6.42 oakland, san jose slightly higher $6.54 and in san
6:34 pm
francisco $6.62. the record high gas prices have a lot more drivers waiting until the last minute to fill up their tanks. tripoli says they have serviced more than 50,000 out of gas calls in the month of april. that's up more than 30% compared to last year. the association attributes to spike to high gas prices, tripoli says so far 200,000 drivers this year alone have called for roadside assistance, all claiming they were out of gas board of directors has unanimously approved its two year budget plan, and it includes their increase. the budget includes the use of 313.6 million in federal covid-19 emergency funding. as part of the budget, bart will increase fares by 3.4% system wide. the average fear will increase 15 cents to $3.78 . the board says the increase is an effort to keep up with inflation is expected to generate about $15 million over the coming two fiscal years. bart director latifah simon has
6:35 pm
ended a months long dispute over her seat on the transit agency's board. by quote moving out of oakland. according to the east bay times, simon has moved to emeryville in order to stay within her district's boundaries. simon bart's only black board member, was removed from the board in march after the agency determined she lived just outside of her district seven boundary. bart management soon backtracked and reinstated simon amid an outpouring of support for her. it's one of the bay area's longest running pride month traditions. people this weekend reflect on the lives lost during the aids crisis, but first just days after facebook second highest ranking executive announced he's stepping down. the company looks into whether she had been misusing certain privileges.
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(music throughout)
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lot of celebrating their but another spike in inflation since stocks tumbling on wall street today, the government says prices rose 8.6% in may even higher than april's 8.3% jump. and that triggered a selloff. the dow was down 880 points, the nasdaq off by 414 and the s and p fell 116 points. traders are expecting the federal reserve will raise its key interest rate one half percent. next week to try and cool down the economy. when an internal investigation finds outgoing meta ceo sheryl sandberg used facebook resources for her own personal projects over many years. the investigation is focusing on the
6:39 pm
extent to which staffers worked on the projects. they include sandberg's foundation lean in, as well as the writing and promotion of her second book. the investigation has reportedly been underway since at least last fall. a number of facebook employees have been interviewed . sandberg announced last week that she was resigning from her day to day role after 14 years. oracle co founder larry ellison is leaving the board of directors of tesla. ellison has been on that board for three years now, the electric car maker said in a regulatory filing that ellison will step down in august. ellison owns a 1.5% stake in tesla. tesla also announced its laying the groundwork for a three for one stock split. the company said in the filing that the move will help benefit employees who are offered the option of equity as well as to attract more small investors. shares in tesla closed just below $700 a share today. shareholders will vote on the move in august. singer justin bieber is battling a serious virus that has left the
6:40 pm
right side of his face paralyzed. as you can see this i is not blinking. i can't smile on this side of my face. this nostril on that move. so there's full paralysis in the side of my face. the singer posted this video on instagram today, explaining why he had to postpone several shows. bieber says he has been diagnosed with ramsay hunt syndrome, which happens when the shingles virus affects facial nerves. bieber says he will need to take an undetermined amount of time off to work on getting better. very weather. big temperature spike today with triple digits. we begin to cool things off this weekend, especially by sunday. some big time changes headed our way. we'll have more on your forecast coming up, but first after the break, california public schools received billions in economic relief. during the pandemic tracking down where all that money has gone isn't always that money has gone isn't always easy, though. - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19
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i had so many questions mabout his case.t's yours. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ that there's not a lot of oversight into how public schools in california have used economic relief funding during the pandemic, according to cal matters. california k through 12 schools received $11.5 billion in state and federal stimulus funding. during the pandemic. more than $15 billion worth of that has still not been used. $4.2 billion can be traced to specific purposes like buying laptops, air filters or hiring mental health counselors. according to the state. another 1.7 billion is marked on expenses categorized as other there is no centralized state or federal database that tracks how schools used pandemic relief
6:44 pm
money. some school districts disclosure spending more thoroughly in their budget reports, while others are less forthcoming. the biden administration is lifting one of the last remaining covid related federal mandate. travelers are no longer required to test negative for covid before flying to the us as charles watson tells us the cdcs as a mandate. it's just no longer necessary. traveling overseas is about to get a lot easier. the biden administration announcing friday it is lifting the requirement that international air travelers take a covid test within a day of boarding their flights to the us with experts from the cdc, saying the mandate is no longer necessary. the white house says they'll re evaluated 90 days and it could be reinstated, depending on the spread of newbury ins. but for now, it's a big win for the travel industry . the u. s travels. soc ation writing in part quote today marks another huge step forward for the recovery of inbound air travel in the return of international travel to the united states, and it's also
6:45 pm
welcome news for international travelers who have often struggled to understand the rules really helping us just given us some documentation about there is a lot of information. it's just we don't really know what our options are. meanwhile the white house is also preparing to make a big push to get kids six months to five years old vaccinated, with federal approval expected as early as next week. doctors and health officials already working to get the word out that the vaccines are safe. and very significantly less risk than getting covid. we don't ever want people to take covid light because there's still a lot of unknown. so what's the long term impact? there is the risk of having long hot symptoms. and administration official tells fox news that the international travel mandate expires sunday at midnight, and atlanta. charles watson fox news. this weekend 3000 panels of the aids memorial quilt will be on display in golden gate park work started
6:46 pm
today on setting up the quilt display in robin williams meadow . the display will be the largest ever in san francisco and opening ceremony at 9 30 tomorrow morning will include a performance by the glide memorial church choir members and remarks by leaders from the aids movement. this is going to be the biggest display that we've ever had in san francisco 1997. we have the mosconi. this would probably about twice the size of that. the events closing ceremony will be sunday at four p.m. and will feature performance by the san francisco gay men's choir. definitely some cooling temperatures and golden gate park for tomorrow. so today the hottest day of the week we will begin our cool down and much more relief expected, in fact, by sunday, but take a look at the numbers this afternoon. lots of triple digits for santa rosa conquered fairfield antiochus, livermore lots of nineties around the bay itself and san francisco warm day in the city. 85 degrees now, in terms of the heat advisory, all the areas in red that extends they're actually expires. 10
6:47 pm
o'clock tonight and then the excessive heat warning that does include solano county that goes on for another day until 11 o'clock. saturday night, but still we are expecting some cooling for your saturday forecast, but still some hot numbers inland. there's the eventual temperature range and then definitely a big drop off in those numbers on sunday. just sixties and seventies out there right now, you can see current number of santa rosa currently 95 walnut creek 93 degrees san jose 85 in san francisco. and nice 73. as we check out the satellite. we have some fog trying to regroup near portions of the coastline. i did see some overcast. near half moon bay with one of the web cameras there, so it looks like the fog trying to really cool off the coast for tomorrow and also right around the bay. here's a live camera looking out toward the oakland oakland alameda estuary. you can still see some haze in the distance. no fog in this picture right now, you can see overnight temperatures will be in the fifties and the sixties and it looks like we could have some patchy fog near portions of the coastline tomorrow afternoon. once again, there's that eventual
6:48 pm
temperature range. still some hot numbers inland. the source of the heat, this big area of high pressure, really amplifying over portions of the state. so today, the hottest day of the week the warmer hot temperatures into the weekend. we're watching this system. this is mainly for sunday but cooler coast for saturday and then into a sunday . this guy wants to move in, and this will definitely send temperatures down. you'll notice that changed by the second half of the weekend and maybe some stronger winds as well. take a look at the numbers for tomorrow afternoon. san francisco instead of the eighties we're going to we're going with the lower seventies. the coast, mainly in the sixties and the inland neighborhoods and the nineties are still hot out towards antioch in fairfield tomorrow afternoon san jose 90, but definitely that cooler breeze coast side and maybe some patchy fog as well. definitely tomorrow morning that could linger into the afternoon hours for the shore line. take a look at the numbers here with our thinking you could see sunday temperatures only in the sixties and the seventies. probably the winds making a comeback as well. could be around 20 to 30 miles
6:49 pm
an hour and then it looks like a quiet a weather pattern into early next week, so thankfully, with his heat wave it's not extending in the last meeting for too long here. we have some relief beginning tomorrow, but definitely big time relief the second half of the week. all right, mark. thank you. well, it is a hot day at the sonoma raceway or nascar fans are gathering today is the beginning of the three day toyota save mart 3 50 race this weekend. the event is expected to attract about 50,000 nascar fans to sonoma raceway. some of the drivers at this year's race include daniel suarez, michael mcdowell and kurt busch. organizers say tomorrow fans can expect a full day of racing. we've got, you know cars on the track from nine o'clock in the morning at night. we have the camping world truck series returning to sonoma raceway for the first time, so it can be a full day for your family. your kids will have shade. we know it's going to be a little warm out here. caution waves. if you want to make your way out their tickets cast $40
6:50 pm
for adults and children under 12 are free. it's time to get your hats and boots on the livermore rodeo is back this weekend. and here's a look at tonight's lineup on ktvu. you can catch w w e friday night smackdown tonight at eight and be sure to join us for the 10 and 11 o'clock news. i'm finally back. i promise i'll be here. i promise i'll be here. mm hmm. and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me. you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh. what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! who? our first gigillionaire! with at&t fiber, anna's got the fastest internet with hyper-gig speeds.
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with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ territory now they are playing the celtics in game four. the nba finals. they're playing in boston tonight, but plenty of warriors fans are rallying right now. outside of j. center katie jana katsuyama is actually inside for that watch party. she's joining us live, dan. i know it's loud in there. hopefully you can hear us. okay. i think i just heard you. it is so loud in here. let me get out of the way so you can see this watch party here at shea center . everyone is riveted by this game right now, but you can see
6:54 pm
there are a lot of people here who came in their warriors colors. they got these rally flags. it is the same kind of feel that you get when you're in a game, just not with the people on the courts, but they have the food. have the all of the fans. they have the halftime and the break entertainment. we want to show you outside what the scene was like. it was kind of hot for san francisco. but there are a lot of people who came early. they have picture areas where people can get pictures with the warriors colors up behind and there is a lot of excitement here today, even though they lost game three. they are very content. a lot of the fans said that the warriors pull this out. listen to what they had to say. we came back from 31 down against oklahoma. so what makes you think we can come back again today? i don't think we're ever going to ever see this beautiful dynasty that we're seeing now and him seeing you know, seeing him stephen curry, draymond green brings me happiness. so
6:55 pm
for sure, very, very beautiful thing that's going on right now. these guys are amazing, all right. and you know, one of the things that's so heartwarming here is there's just a whole new generation of warriors fans that are coming up through this whole post season. one thing that people say that they love is watch parties. they really give people an opportunity to come. you might not otherwise be able to $25 a ticket to get into this today and all of that benefits the warriors foundation. now back here, live you can see they have a lot of entertainment for the kids and the families here. it's really great because there's a wonderful family feel here. a lot of people who say that they are just really excited. to be a part of this and be able to cheer with all of the other fans around them. we'll get back to it because it looks really exciting in there was a lot of people quarter about five minutes left and the
6:56 pm
game is tied. 39 39 that at last check so, jenna, thank you some good news for sure. alright well , the 104th annual livermore rodeo in calgary luncheon was held today. 500 women were at that event at robertson park, and the rodeo was canceled the past two years because of the pandemic. now though, it is back in better than ever. this is what it looked like with all of those women. ktvu roberta gonzalez attended the luncheon herself. she was also a part of a very special announcement. this year. your 2022 calgary of the year. there's sheila folly, otto. events are scheduled for saturday and sunday, including the livermore rodeo parade that kicks off on second street tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock time. now for a look at the weather can't stress enough how hot it's going to be there gonna be a number of cooling centers opening up around the bay area, including the contra costa county, the grenades, six cooling centers. in fact, down at the peninsula you have cooling centers are going to be a community centers or
6:57 pm
libraries, something you definitely want to know, because it's definitely going to be dangerous. if you're outside for too long. we want to check now with mark to see what things are gonna be looking like tomorrow. you know, today start dealing with it. i want to give my daughter away from our hothouse the golden gate bridge area just to get that nice, refreshing breeze. so i guess that's one of the cooling centers out there as well. it could be. yeah you can get there now. the forecast is gonna help us out quite a bit into the weekend. it's still hot today tomorrow. inland just not as hot as today, mainly in the mid to upper nineties. so definitely the hot numbers for tomorrow. the excessive heat warning continues in solano county through saturday evening , but definitely cooler for the coast definitely cooler around the bay as well. so forecast ties in the sixties for pacifica , san francisco 70 to eighty's around the bay and then still some nineties. well england as we take a look ahead here, it's going. that's not going to be a gradual cool down. an instant drop off in those numbers by sunday, significant cooling sixties and seventies we were watching the chance of the possibility of maybe a few showers approaching northern california on sunday. looks like
6:58 pm
that chance. is to the north of the bay area, but definitely some more cloud cover cooler temperatures and then into a next week because he temperatures rebounding, so you know these heat waves that sometimes it seems like they go on forever, but thankfully, this stretch this week it's not. it's maybe a two day deal and then we'll have some relief, especially as we head into the weekend. certainly some good news, too, because when you talk about the heat, we're also talking about wildfires. we had that brush fire. that's happening right now. but brentwood that broke out it's now 80% contained only 45 acres of birds so far, but there was another fire near that area stay with much more burned, but that fires under control right now, so it's definitely something we're gonna keep an eye on hope in the next few days. be sure to download the ktb news app as well to keep track of the temperatures where you're going to be in drink a lot of water. be careful out there. thank you so much mark and thank you so much for joining us. the big bang theory is next. right here on ktvu are live news, though, continues at seven o'clock over continues at seven o'clock over on ktvu plus.
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right in the middle of sex?! i don't know. it was the heat of the moment! no, the heat of the moment is "ooh, yeah, just like that." not, "will you marry me?" nasa really wants my telescope up on the space station, so they're putting me on an earlier launch. when? a week from friday. what? we're getting married that sunday. your dad's going to be furious. there's no way he's going to let us (chuckles): postpone this wedding. well, we tried. i'll talk to him. he won't say no to his little girl. no! i, uh, i should talk to him. man to man. all right, look, i'm going to level with you. i'm terrified about going into space. you know, what if i don't make it back? it's going to be okay, son. you really think so? of course. a pretty girl like bernadette, she'll find a new guy.
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