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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 12, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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news on ktvu. fox two starts now . good evening again. i'm mike mibach julie julie haener. the alameda county sheriff's office is investigating an alleged hate crime that happened at the san lorenzo library. investigators say several men stormed drag queens story hour in yelled homophobic language at a member of the lgbtq community . ktvu elissa harrington joins us live tonight. after speaking with the librarian who was there, alyssa? i'm actually witnesses say this was very upsetting. this happened during the welcome song of the event. investigators say that they believe that this group maybe with a far right organization. video posted online shows a group who investigators say may be linked to the far right proud boys organization inside the san lorenzo public library. the library was hosting a drag queen story our saturday part of their pride month events when several protesters showed up. chadwick, the county librarian, was there.
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they began insulting and otherwise verbally abusing our performer performer was panda dolce seen in this picture reading at an event at the san francisco moma. in a series of tweets. she described what happened, she wrote the yelled and called her names, including a pedophile and in it, she said , it totally freaked out. all of the kids they got right in our faces. they jeered. it was all in front of the children, and they're frightened them. i've been in libraries for over 20 years, and i've never seen anything with this kind of vitriol and hate librarians called the sheriff's office. deputies arrived and escorted the group out. the alameda county sheriff's office is now investigating this incident as a hate crime. in a news release, lieutenant ray kelly wrote, a cso will dedicate all resources to ensure the safety of members of our lgbtq community. we will make sure any future events at the library are safe against hate speech and threats of violence. chadwick said they will continue to have pride
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events at the library, including author panels, and there's a book display at the entrance. supporters also showed up at the library with signs of support. we had parents and children there who wanted to come to this event and chose to be there and to have people come in and try to intimidate those folks and us from doing a program like this was just beyond the pale for me. we also heard from congressman eric swalwell. he said he was on an airplane to washington d. c. when he found out about this, he plans to come back to the bay area a little bit later on this week and meet with law enforcement reporting live. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. thank you. some white supremacists arrested yesterday in northwest idaho are now facing misdemeanor charges of conspiracy to riot officials say the 31 suspects came from 11 states, including colorado, texas, south dakota, utah and virginia, are part of the white nationalist group. patriot front . investigators say the men were
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allegedly planning to disrupt a gay pride parade. the fbi is assisting local law enforcement with this investigation. new tonight. millbrae city councilman andrews fung is opening up about an attack that left him with a gas right in his head. he says someone attacked him with a block of concrete in san francisco ktvu lamonica peter spoke with him about the attack. millbrae city council member anders fang posted these pictures on facebook, saying he was attacked saturday night around 5 30 near lance end in san francisco, says a concrete brick was dropped from this cliff. hitting him in the head and leaving this two inch wound on his scalp was struggling to get up. i see the concrete block that was in front of me. and i continue to see objects falling from above. and so there are multiple objects. um you know, being thrown from a bottle towards me says before fleeing the scene, they were flipped off by the perpetrator and his accomplice. a family member took
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this photo of the two young men from behind as they got away. the family called park police and fung was taken to california pacific medical center for treatment of his head injury. they had a few units out looking for perpetrator based on the description that would get them based on the photo that we texted them, while stopping short of calling the incident a hate crime doesn't believe it's a coincidence that these senseless acts of violence continue to happen, and i would be happy to work with the u. s attorney's office tripping able to, um bring the perpetrators to justice and probably categorized this incident. this crime that is committed against me. and uh, but you know what is undeniable , and what happened yesterday was an api elected official was assaulted yesterday. banks says it's important for people to continue to report these acts of violence and harassment. he says he will recover fully, and he's just glad no one else was hurt in this attack. lamonica peters ktvu fox two news fire
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investigators say they believe someone has information that will help them determine how a fire started that actually stopped burning days ago. cal fire tweeted today that it wants anyone who may have information about how the tower fire started. to come forward fire on san bruno mountain started early in the morning on june 3rd. it burned a few dozen acres. if you do have any information about this fire, you're asked to call cattle fire investigators also new tonight a fire at an encampment in petaluma forced evacuations early this morning calls reporting that fire at steamer landing park came in around 12 25 am first responders arrived in south flames about three ft high spreading to the dry brush near the southeast end of the park and as the fire spread two propane tanks caught fire and shot flames. seven ft into the air crews were able to quickly get a handle on that blaze. no injuries were reported. because of the fire remains under investigation tonight, the oakland police department is teaming up with the oakland fire department to crack down on illegal fourth of
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july fireworks, historically, the fourth of july holiday is one of the busiest times of the year for the fire department. so it is important that we remain proactive in our prevention efforts to help you have a safe and enjoyable holiday. and those caught with fireworks, even safe and sane ones will be fined. today's agreement. is a good first step. to ending the persistent in action. that to gun violence that has plagued our nation. terrorized our children. senate majority leader chuck schumer says he is eager to bring the ideas of a bipartisan group of senators to vote as soon as possible. agreement on gun reform has a long way to go before any real change happens right now, a group of senators do have that loose agreement, but next, those ideas need to be written into a formal bill. boxes alexandria half breaks down the changes the senators would like to make. the final bill has not yet been written. but this framework is significant in its own right,
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coming to a point of agreement that has not been reached in decades, a statement from the group reads quote. our plan increases needed mental health resources, improve school safety and support for students and helps ensure dangerous criminals and those who are adjudicated as mentally ill can't purchase weapons. most importantly, plan saves lives while also protecting the constitutional right of law abiding americans. the outline of the agreement includes funding to help states implement and pass red flag laws, billions more for mental health and school safety and expanded background checks for gun purchasers. under the age of 21. it leaves out an assault weapons ban and raising the age to purchase semiautomatic weapons as pushed forward by the president. here's senator chris coons. we shouldn't take a victory lap yet, but i'm so grateful for the leadership that senators like chris murphy and john cornyn have shown in getting us to this point. the group contained 10 republicans, meaning that in principle it has the support needed to advance in the senate author of the brady
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law. i am particularly particularly pleased that for the first time in close to 30 years congress seems ready to reject the vice like grip that the nra has had on the congress. and move forward to meaningful gun legislation. senate majority leader chuck schumer wrote this quote once the text of this agreement is finalized, i will put this bill on the floor as soon as possible so that the senate can act quickly to advance gun safety legislation. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell issued this statement in part i continue to hope their discussions yielded bipartisan product that makes significant headway on key issues like mental health and school safety. respect the second amendment earns broad support in the senate and makes a difference for our country. now if lawmakers want action before the july 4th recess, they have until the end of next week to advance this through the house and senate in washington. alexandria hoff fox news former president donald trump could face a
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criminal indictment for seeking to overturn the results of the 2020 election. members of the house committee investigating the capital riots, said today they have enough evidence for the justice department. to consider an unprecedented criminal indictment against mr trump. the committee announced that the former president's campaign manager, bill stepien, is among the witnesses scheduled to testify at a hearing tomorrow that focuses on mr trump's effort to spread lies about a stolen election. the committee held its first public hearing last week with members laying out their case against mr trump to show how the president relentlessly pushed his false claims of a rigged election. parents who want those covid-19 vaccines now closer tonight to being able to get their children under five. the shots coming up what happened today to put this group of children on track to having those shots available later this month, and we will take you to the tony awards return to radio city music hall. and i'm tracking that forecast. it's going to warm up a little
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21st parents have been waiting months to protect america's youngest children, who number roughly 18 million. on wednesday , the fda will ask an outside panel of experts to vote on whether to recommend the shots. starting today, travelers heading into the united states from overseas no longer required to test for covid. the c d. c dropped the mandate requiring a negative test result to enter the u. s. the agency says it will continue to monitor the pandemic and it will reassess the need for testing if infection rates change. many other countries like the uk have already lifted testing requirements for vaccinated travelers. san jose. police say the shooting deaths of three people may be a case of murder suicide. the shooting happened right within walking distance of some of the biggest names in tech ktvu is greg llegan xas. the story at around one a.m. sunday morning after getting reports of gunfire. san jose police responded to crescent village apartments near cisco way in river oaks parkway. a woman at the complex who didn't want to be identified, said she was watching a movie when she
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heard something unusual, but i thought it was knocking or like fireworks because this is a pretty safe neighborhood. so i didn't expect it to be a shooting. after arriving on the scene, police found three people had been shot and killed just outside the building. two men and a woman, one gunshot each in the middle of the night with little information. some residents were on edge. we don't know. shooter still out there, you know. like we don't know if he's going to like. come up. we don't know if it was a random robbery. we don't know if it was targeted. obviously it's a very scary thing. after preliminary investigation, police said it appeared to be a murder suicide . a couple in a parking lot. we're having a domestic dispute. when an uninvolved man intervened. police say the man in the dispute shot the bystander. the woman then turned the gun on himself. a shooting of any kind, is a rare event in this neighborhood with high end apartments surrounded by tech companies and tech workers think it's a safe neighborhood, and that's why we got a place here. so we moved here last october.
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no like after somebody such because it's close to the intel campus and also cisco campus around the corner from the crime investigators examined an suv but have not said how the vehicle might be linked to the crime by afternoon, as more residents learned about what happened. it appeared there was no danger to the public, but some say they need to know more before they can fully relax lulac mean unsettling. i mean, i would say like something like this happening? yeah shocking once we understand more than you think we'll feel a little more comfortable. so far. the identities of those involved have not been released, nor has a motive. the murders bring this year's homicide rate in san jose. to 16 greg legans ktvu fox two news. already cooled off a bunch today you knew that temperatures really remember last week how hot it was. temperatures in the upper nineties low 100 for a time and
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then the cool down yesterday, a little bit further cooling today because of this guy, and even a few sprinkles santa cruz mountains. marin county, upper right, had some reports to sprinkles on the on the east bay hills real light stuff this morning and this afternoon. this low, just kind of lumbers off over the next couple of days, and as it does slowly moves off , we slowly warm up. but this was the mechanism for the cooling when that low i just showed you came in and just stretched out the marine layer. busted up the inversion. now this inversion is going to work the other way. it's going to go backwards. now it's gonna shrink back down and we're going to warm up. so that's the plan. it's not a heatwave, though. you know, like i said earlier, as you look at today's highs the upshot to these last few weeks has been that we're not getting extended periods of heat. we're seeing these couple of warm days for sure. and then we're seeing, um temperatures don't wanna do that. seeing temperatures beginning to cool down towards the end of the week, so it's been pretty good. there's a golden gate bridge. you can see that there is no fog there.
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windsor onshore. there's the showers. there were some heavy thundershowers and the like up around the feather river canyon up around quincy. strong thunderstorms even had a flash flood warning up there. watch up there for some of the burns owns up around east of paradise. winds right now are blowing. i pointed out sfo earlier they were up over 45 miles an hour. now they're gusting to 39. so what's happening tomorrow? lot like today slightly warmer, really nice day. plenty of sunshine. temperatures are cooler tonight than they were last night this time, but tomorrow's temperatures will creep up a few degrees. this temperature footprint, very comfortable, right yellows seventies oranges eighties, so that's how that's a really nice looking. that's almost a perfect temperature footprint for the bay area for this time of year, and like i say, if you look at forecast highs from out comes up comes up a little bit more on tuesday and wednesday, but not a ton. right there's your increase in temperatures peaks on wednesday and then goes down on thursday and friday, which is again kind of the thing i like to see just because it takes us out of the or it helps with the
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fire concerns, so i'll see you back here tonight or tomorrow night at 65 10 and 11. we will see you then it's a lot of them, huh? thanks bill. well the 85th annual stern grove summer concert series in san francisco kicked off today tower of power and too short played to a packed audience. the stern grove festival is the bay area's longest running outdoor concert series. the concerts are free, but you have to sign up for them in advance online, using eventbrite san francisco mayor london breed was on hand today to introduce the musical lineup. love it. tell you you are really important. treat too short is almost here. somebody gets here . he's got proper stage. it's been a hard two years throughout this pandemic, and i gotta tell you i am so happy to be back and broke what to do. at the tail end of last year's festival, a broken air valve on a water transmission pipeline resulted in flooding at the concert
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meadow, prompting the cancelation of the last concert of the 2021 series. well the tony awards celebrating the best in theater returned to radio city music hall tonight for the first time since the pandemic. and the american theater wing's tony goes to the lehman trilogy. also in the winner's circle tonight. we're a strange loop for best musical and take me out for best revival of a play company took home the tony award for best revival of a musical. simon russell beale in the lehman trilogy won for best actor in a leading role in a play, while deirdre o'connell starred in dana age took the honor for best actress in the same category. the warriors are back home in the bay area tonight and getting ready to host the boston celtics in game five of their nba final. this is video of the team arriving at sfo shortly after five o'clock yesterday afternoon. the warriors flew back from boston after one of their most exciting playoff victories ever. on friday night, steph curry had 43
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points in the dubs 107 and 97 victory over the celtics to tie that series at two games apiece. tip off for game five at shea center is at six o'clock tomorrow night, and there are still some tickets available for tonight. tomorrow night's nba championship game in san francisco with fans should be ready to pay top dollar to watch the warriors battle the celtics at home. the least expensive ticket on stubhub is now going for $745 and get this. some courtside seats are expected to cost fans nearly $50,000 going to be loud. tomorrow night at the chase center. it should be should be right. speaking of sports sports wrap is coming up at 11 30. here's a look at what joe and jason are working on. the warriors faced this celtics in a pivotal game five. tomorrow we'll hear from the team, including head coach steve kerr, who compares stefan currie to one of the greatest tennis players of all time and great pitching, and the long ball translates to a clean sweep for
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during this pride month. we have been highlighting issues facing the lgbtq community. and tonight we do share the story of ryland
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whittington, the california teenager whose journey of transitioning has been seen by millions after the family shared his story on youtube. that's right. brian eunice spoke to the family about how they hope rather, their experience can help others. if you saw me walking down the street, you want it think anything different 14 year old ryland. winning tonight is a typical southern california teenager. and the whittington's, along with mom, hillary, dad, jeff and sister brinley are a typical family. the only difference, though, in ryland size is what this family can mean to the tens of thousands of kids under 18, who identify as transgender. we put our story out there so people can see that like there's another family out there that is going through what we're going through, or there's another family who's proud of who they are. before ryland could even speak. he managed to tell his parents that he is a boy. i could just see it it it wasn't
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him trying to be a brat. it was like painful it was truly painful for him to have to wear feminine clothing and first constantly telling him that you're a girl. unlike some trans kids when ryland came out at age five. a few years later, he had the full support of his parents . initially there was some pushback from us and trying to understand this. we were confused, like most people are we thought that gender and sexuality where the same thing they took us a while to figure out that those two things are different, and that children actually do recognize their gender identity. very young, some of them not all, but they listened to ryland and to hillary's conservative faith. for me, it's just a deep spiritual belief that you believe in god. and he you know , created us the way he wanted us. well then, yes, he created violent just the way he is. and they listened to families they met in support groups. there was a father who was sitting across the table, he says. you have no idea how lucky you are to be here. which kind of took me back. i didn't at that point,
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consider myself lucky to be there and he said, you know, our our childhood displayed. this gender dysphoria or this gender misalignments. that's at the same age that ryland has, and we didn't listen and we pushed back that pushback lead that child to turn to self harm as a teenager , which 60% of trans and non binary kids engaging. according to the trevor project more than 50. consider suicide. that for me was the turning point. i didn't want to see ryland to go through that rather have a living son than a dead daughter. i guarantee that if we had pushed back and done what a lot of parents do i don't think that we would have either one of the kids that you see before you here today him to live authentically and true to himself and be who he really feels like he is. when you get to know ryland, you see just how proud and confident he is of himself. island story got international attention in 2014 when a family youtube video went viral and hillary has since written a book. called raising
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ryland. i never thought that i would be known for. this like as well as i am, but really, just a small part of who i am just brushed things off his shoulders like it's fine. he moves on in his life, and he's just kind of think everything we've been through. he's just like learned to do that, and he's really good at it. i could never do that. the whittington's believe sharing their story could make a lasting difference in another child's life. something they learned from that support group father nearly a decade ago, just here to make the ride, smoother for others might be struggling right now, but we believe in you family, we might not know you. we might not know where you live, but you know, we understand you and we believe in you. what extraordinary courage displayed by ryland. his mother, hillary, father, jeff and sister brinley. i want to thank the wigington family for speaking to us. it's not easy, particularly when transgender issues have been so politicized. you know,
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people are afraid of what they often do not understand. the family hopes their story will lead to more understanding, more acceptance and ultimately more love. in new york. brian dennis fox news. really is such a great story, open support and love all around all around all around a lot of love healthy thing. all right. that's it for us tonight . thanks. so much for joining us sports wrap with joe and jason coming up next.
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freedom for kids. control for parents. one bank with tools for both, all with no monthly service fee. chase. make more of what's yours. steph curry will the warriors to a win in game four? so what's in store for monday's pivotal game pie? we have to be ready. for their response, and hopefully, you know, throw the first punch tomorrow. the giants heat up against the division leading dodgers, pitching defense and the long ball propelled them to a three game sweep over l. a. frustration boils over for the a's who now have more losses than any team in the majors, and history is made as nascar hits sonoma.


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