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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  June 14, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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$3 million. the lunch raises money for san francisco's glide church since 2000 buffett has raised more than $34 million for that tenderloin church and its programs. bidding is now open. you have to go to ebay bidding ends on friday. wants to go even further when it comes to who responds to people having a mental health crisis, details behind the latest proposal that could mean extra help for the police and fire departments. also ahead. another interest rate hike is looming after a rough day on wall street why the federal reserve says it's focusing on taming inflation, even at the risk of slowing down the economy. plus. it's just amazing way and step didn't even hit a three and they won. it was amazing. the warriors are just one win away from their fourth championship in the last eight years, the team effort that resulted in a big win against the celtics. today is tuesday, june 14th alive. look at chase center in the distance right
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there in south beach over there in san francisco, the warriors by the way on this beautiful morning, just as we said a moment ago, just one win away. from their fourth championship in eight seasons. they're up three games to two against the boston celtics. after winning last night inside of ruckus chase center, the final score 104. in 94. off the rebound wiggins three seconds to get a shot off the time. pretty magical like jordan pool sank 38 ft three pointer at the end of the third quarter. dubs took the lead and never trailed. they had to boston needing a win thursday or a win at chase center on sunday for another nba title, and the team is doing well look close. both teams are pretty competitive right now, but it was good to see that they pulled
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out another win again yesterday . pretty impressive stuff saying wiggy wiggy and they go. what is that? and then i figured it out. of course you did, you know it's i'm going to talk about this with steinmetz and just a little bit. it's almost as if the celtics discovered okay, we need to somehow limit steph curry. steph curry is not going to beat us. but then what happened is the other guys came up. they really came up and took off from there. it was pretty impressive, alright that that that moved by jordan's pool pool party. alright let's check the forecast . now. rosemary oroczo is in with a look at the changing weather that we're dealing with . roseberry warmer, start out the gate, and we will continue this trend, at least for the next couple of days. good morning to all of you. we have blue skies overhead. let's take a look at what is happening outside our doors and a view here. chase center where? wow, what a game. we are looking at wow. what weather coming our way with temperatures yesterday, right about seasonal today, going above the average by several degrees storm tracker to they're showing you it's a quiet
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one. we have fog well off the coastline. and we do have that northerly flow in place that is drying things out. unfortunately you can see the arrows. they're coming in from the north. meanwhile right at the surface, we do have just a bit of a localized seabreeze. oakland reporting three mph napa reporting five meanwhile, the north wind in santa rosa nevado fairfield coming in from the south, over conquered so we'll call for light winds into the afternoon. we'll keep that sea breeze. it won't be too strong, but it will be out there along the coast and inside the bay. but take a look at how warmer we are already this morning, nevada's by seven degrees livermore up by eight. a reading on the numbers 59 degrees san francisco we have low seventies in nevada into the south bay, 67 san jose and some of our warmer spots inland east based 72 right now in brentwood. 70 degrees in concord comparison from yesterday into today, anywhere from 4 to 8, maybe 10 degrees of warming over yesterday's high so most areas will notice it especially inland. 88 the
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afternoon high today for danville, 84 in san rafael. a better look at the numbers for your afternoon along the peninsula low eighties redwood city going to 83 will go 84 east bay areas of hayward and in the north bay upper eighties to near 90 degrees for areas right around santa rosa napa for the inland east bay going above 90 92 for anti och will go 90 degrees for conquered your extended forecast here. temperatures will peak tomorrow going to be a bit toasty, especially inland. nothing like what we saw on friday, though nineties in the forecast for inland communities eighties around the bay upper sixties at the coast, we do begin to cool down thursday, friday and into your weekend temperatures in the low sixties for our coastline seventies around the bay. seventies expected for inland city slightly warmer on sunday back to you all right, rosemary . thank you. the words you just one win away from winning another nba championship after beating the boston celtics, one of 4 to 94. joining us now is matt stein is from 95 7 the game. after watching these two teams play. do you think that
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the warriors have figured out what they need to do to win one more game and get a championship ? not yet? not yet. i think these two teams are very evenly matched to tell you the truth. um nice win for the warriors last night. but if you heard steph curry and klay thompson afterwards, there they are so conservative kind of unlocked in and talking about how they haven't done anything yet, so i don't think they're taking anything for granted. and this is kind of the benefit of having been to the finals five times that this is the sixth time they've been there. they know how to win. they know how to close out of series, so i don't think they're taking anything for granted. last night's game. it's almost as if the celtics said okay, we're not going to let steph curry beat us. we're going to try and limit it. or did he just have a bad night? or was the defense just good on him? defense was a little better on steph curry. i thought they were concentrating on him a little more. of course that opens things up for other players. there's draymond green, for example. um but that's
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probably the most troubling sign. if you are a celtics fan, is that steph curry scored 43 points and the warriors win and then the next night. steph curry goes over nine from three point range. he struggles from the field and the warriors still win. and you have andrew wiggins , who's having just a monster game is, you know and that play right there. ah allowed the words to go to the fourth quarter with a lot of momentum and went that that that 33 from clay right there when the defender fell down was also kind of like putting the icing on the cake. tell me about tell me about you know the wiggins in the players who are not named steph curry, you know? why do you think that these players have been rising up? is it just the chemistry of the team? you think matt now looking at it after after a few years, andrew wiggins is just a perfect fit for the golden state warriors. they have clay and staff and
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jordan's pool, all of whom are big time scores. he can score, too, but he doesn't need the ball all the time. he's not a high maintenance player. he's not a player that if he gets if he doesn't get the ball, and he's not getting his shots he can't help you. he plays defense . he's been rebounding better than at any point in his career , and i just think he's very comfortable here. i think he loves being a little bit in the background. he's not a big personality guy, and i just think both on the court and off the court, he just measures really well with with staff with draymond with clay, and he's only got one more year left on his deal, but i don't see how he can go anywhere at this point so that the warriors will bring back wiggins presumably what about loony? that's a great question. looney and gary payton . the second are both free agents. um you know, all it takes is one team sal to over pay, and we're to give him a big contract and maybe the warriors don't match but i mean, joe
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lakers and the warriors ownership group has shown that they're willing to pay, especially for their own players that they value. um so i think, loonies. i think kevon looney will be kept here unless for whatever reason, he wants to go try something else. and the last question is, what do you think the warriors are planning to do to go into? you know, boston? and try and win that game. is there anything that steve kerr tells him or just, he says, do the same thing. i think you know, early in the series. you see adjustments. i think later in the series, you see fewer of those, and i think what happens is that it just comes down to the two teams who's going to execute better who plays harder, um, who has fewer mistakes? the boston celtics are beatable in boston. so the warriors i think this is again where their experience can come in, and they can try to close this thing out. alright. you're on the radio 12 to 3 with darryl, the guru from union city johnson, who you will be seeing later in the week to union city center. this is all coming together, folks. andre
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garcia, let's go back to you. all right. thank you. both. the federal reserve is meeting today to consider an interest rate hike. this comes after a rough day on the markets here in the u. s. and globally. ktvu erasmus live now with a look at the numbers as they stand and what the president has to say. speaking to a labor union in philadelphia just minutes ago, ali first let's take a look at the dow right now. you can see it started out the morning, okay, looked like it was going to maybe rebound after yesterday's steep losses, but now down almost 200 points more than half a percentage point. the nasdaq is up slightly about 18 points and the s and p 500 though down slightly as well. today, the federal reserve will meet today and tomorrow to consider the possibility of an interest rate hike. this is a look at the markets this morning weighing on the markets, interest rates going up in the likelihood the economy may be slowing down. the expectation is that the fed will raise interest rates at least a half of half a point. but there's reports that that hike could be even higher, possibly as much as three quarters of a point. a short time ago, president biden spoke
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at an afl cio convention in pennsylvania. it was more of a campaign speech. than anything else. he didn't directly address the concerns of inflation and recession. instead he touted his infrastructure plan and called on congress to make changes to the tax rate. roughly 790 or so billionaires in america. you know what their average tax rate is for billionaire? i'm serious. now there's a dead earnest you can check it out. 8% i happen to believe that no billionaires should be paying a lower tax rate than a teacher, a firefighter, electrician or cop. in a rare bit of encouraging news and new report out this morning showed that the inflation rate at the wholesale level slowed unexpectedly last month. however, the possibility of a recession has many. tech companies in the bay area and across the country tightening their belts this morning, san francisco based coin based cryptocurrency exchange announced it's laying off about 18% of its workforce. other startups in the bay area
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recently have made similar moves with cutting back their workforce. and we do know that other companies have announced hiring freezes for now. we'll send it back to you. sal castaneda and andre ali. thank you coming up on solved and unidentified next here on the nine. there was no identification, no purse found. um nothing that would immediately identify and give us a name woman found murdered in an east bay field has never been identified. ktvu investigation reveals wide decades later, detectives are hopeful for new leads. also helping police officers deal with calls involving a mental health crisis . the plan in place and one south bay city to help those officers better prepare for what are often tense situations.
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nlcs council will review and voted and approved the mayor's proposed budget in it. the mayor is asking for more mental health professionals to work with san jose police officers. ktvu james torres is live from san jose, with more details on the mayor's plan, james. hey zack. good morning to you. it's a plan that's already somewhat in place. mayor sam liccardo likes the idea of putting together mental health professionals when police officers on certain cause the problem right now is funding for that program is now starting to run out. to the mayor wants to expand that. here's what he's asking for. wants to hire four new and permanent positions. those positions would respond with police to calls involving mental health. they're called the global crisis assessment team, and they would wear separate uniforms from police undergo separate specialized training. the idea coming from a partnership with pd and the santa clara county behaviora services department, those representatives say, having a
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professional on scene along with officers can go a long way. we let that be? no, we're not here to arrest you were here to help you. we want to help you. we want to support you through whatever crisis that is that you're going through, and we want to look for ways to help. um divert you to something that will be make sense to you feel better. heard from a spokesperson with these centers they please department released a statement on the proposal, saying we welcome any addition to do the budget that would add more offices to our department. we are the most thinly staffed department in the nation for a city our size. mayor liccardo says he wants to expand the program because he says it's working. the city council expected to meet later this morning at about 11 a.m. they plan to talk about this specific proposal. not until later tonight about 5 36 o'clock. a vote is expected today and we'll let you know what happens. live this morning in san jose. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. or james, thank you moving to
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this now. there are two more days this week of congressional hearings on the january 6th insurrection at the us capitol. during this week's first hearing , several longtime allies of former president trump told congress that they repeatedly told him he had lost the 2020 election and there was no reason for him to dispute the results. with more now inside on this is robert oh vets who is a political science professor. extend jose state. good morning tv. pre she ate you joining us? all right. so robert during monday's hearing, the effort was trying to prove that what donald trump was saying about a rigged election was false and just didn't care. did that point come across yesterday. from all the testimony the committee had oh, i think we saw a long line of his advisors and inner circle, presenting the president with convincing evidence. that he had lost the election we even heard from then fox news senior editor that fox had called arizona and it moved on to calling the other
9:17 am
states. because they were convinced that the polling data showed that the president had lost. yeah, you're talking about chris star wall who was with the network of until a couple of years ago. at least all the committee also presented more evidence that trump knew he actually lost but still wanted to declare victory. what was that argument designed to actually show the american public. well president trump was trying to hold onto power potentially thought he could become some sort of autocrat who could rule as long as he liked, but elections matter. they determine the transition. uh of government of who wins and who loses, and we heard it really startling, um, testimony from one of the office of legal counsel from the white house who instructed the president's campaign director that he insisted that he here only two words orderly transition, so certainly the president was triggering a constitutional
9:18 am
crisis. the kind that i talked about in my next book. um with the elite, um and he was told over and over again, uh, that he had lost and he should prepare to leave just was an interesting day of testimony yesterday, obstruction of official proceeding and witness. tempering to the crimes that the committee's accusing trump of and the committee also introduced a new one yesterday. we're talking about fundraising fraud. what are they saying about this? yes so it's potentially if in this has to convince attorney general uh garland, uh, that there's enough evidence to prosecute, but it appears that the committee has evidence. and we had suspected this at the time, but that the committee has evidence that the president was raising hundreds of millions of dollars. uh supposedly for his election defense, his legal costs, but in fact he was putting it into a political affairs committee a pac so he could support himself in the next run, potentially,
9:19 am
and that's a violation of campaign finance laws. and but it's up to the federal election commission to refer this to the attorney general. yeah $250 million in fact, raced through all of this. it was actually called the official election defense fund. but it appears that it wasn't actually used that way, according to what the committee is saying, now will this come down to whether donald trump honestly believe debunked theories like he lost the election? uh or or does it come down to the fact that he believes it or or how does that kind of the gel together. well i don't think that it matters what president trump believed or didn't believe the evidence is pretty strong that he persisted in trying to steal the election. potentially engaging even in yes , seditious conspiracy with those who were in the streets with members of congress to disrupt and delay the official counting of the electoral votes. um and if there is significant evidence there, i think we could
9:20 am
see some prosecutions coming down from the attorney general. it's too early to tell. the attorney general is refusing to be specific about that question here, if he truly believes it or he just pretends to believe it. is that really the different differentiating factor here in all of this? well he's presenting this argument that he's still persisting in this, apparently wherever he's able to post on social media that he was the legitimate winner. um but all of that is now officially been determined. so i think he's continuing this lie as a way to appeal to his base and potentially to run again. all right. we'll see what happens next. by the way, tomorrow's committee hearing was delayed. the next one is going to be happening on thursday. robert oh, vets from san jose state. thank you so much for joining us this morning. appreciate it. and you continue to follow the latest on the congressional committee hearings by going to our website ktvu .com coming up next to new push to deal with an east bay city's housing crisis.
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people are in need of housing, while thousands of housing units are sitting empty. what's happening in the city of berkley and how people who own those vacant units could be penalized if they don't rent them out, then a supreme court decision that could overturn roe v. wade is looming next by some court watchers say they're hopeful a compromise between the justices could be in the works. moderate to severe eczema
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protests outside the home of supreme court justices before the expected release of a decision by the high court that could overturn roe v. wade. just as samuel alito has been under heavy criticism for writing the leaked draft decision that indicated justices were poised to overturn that landmark abortion ruling. abortion rights advocates have been protesting since then outside the supreme court and at the home of the justices themselves. the senate recently passed a bill to spend more on protection for justices and their families. that final decision could come as soon as tomorrow. if roe v. wade is overturned, it would leave the country with a patchwork of
9:24 am
abortion laws with some bread states entirely banning abortion and blue states working to keep those protections. now been more than six weeks since the draft roe v. wade opinion was leaked. some court watchers say they think chief justice john roberts maybe trying to negotiate a compromise. not surprise me at all if there's lobbying going on behind the scenes that said, i would be surprised if the final outcome is dramatically different from what we saw in the draft opinion will be there for the women. father states. we will stand up. we will fight back for our children and the white house is taking action. anticipating a role reversal today, vice president kamala harris said to meet with constitutional law, privacy and tech experts to discuss the impact of overturning roe v. wade and preparing for that possible outcome. happening today a rally this morning to demand justice in the killing of a man from thailand last year 84 year old picture patron, connie was our died after being attacked in january last year and rally organizers say his
9:25 am
death launched the stop asian hate movement will show support for his family. nine o'clock this morning or just now, i guess they're doing it outside of city hall. the rally will be held shortly before preliminary hearing for antoine watson, who is charged with the death of the man and also elder abuse. the white house is taking the first step toward creating a national museum of asian pacific american history and culture. president biden signed the legislation that creates a commission to begin the process of building the museum in washington, d. c. president biden says the museum would recognize the contributions of asian americans , native hawaiians and pacific islanders and is long overdue. so many people from around the world who will one day walk in this museum and better understand the idea of america. the only nation the only nation in my view that can be defined in one single word possibilities. the first step is
9:26 am
a study to figure out the overview of the proposed museum, where it should be built and decide if it should become a part of the smithsonian institution. there's no timeline on when it could actually open. some disturbing incidents targeting members of the lgbtq community has, said francisco police on high alert. front. some leaders say recent troubling incidents go far beyond just threatened intimidation and cross the line into domestic terrorism. want to silence our community. um they are afraid, um of our community , and therefore, um, use, uh, terrorism to try to, uh, invoke fear in our community in constant communication with our state, local and federal partners to ensure the safety of everyone in the city of san francisco. san francisco police now investigating a death threat against state senator scott wiener that came in a letter
9:27 am
sent this past weekend and police say in the east bay. members of the proud boys are responsible for disrupting a recent drag queen reading our at the san lorenzo library coming up, a postal worker in the east bay attacked while on the job. next year on the nine how witnesses described the aftermath, and authorities say she may have been targeted. plus our job is to build out their family trees and look for connections between those family trees unsolved and unidentified aerial woman murdered decades ago. identity is still a mystery. next on the nine why investigators say they're hopeful new technology could help lead to a break in the help lead to a break in the case. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more... crazy commutes... crowd control- have a nice day alex (thanks ms. ellen) ...taking the stairs. that's how you du more with dupixent,
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is in east palo alto or looking for two people responsible for shooting and killing a 15 year old boy last night, officers
9:30 am
responded to a shot spotter activation on manhattan avenue near the four seasons hotel in the a k a store around nine pm when they arrived, they found the team had been shot. he later died at a hospital. this is citizen video from the area. investigators are working to talk to anyone who might have been in the area at the time of the shooting. do you think the killer is still out there? it's possible area killing from 37 years ago is still unsolved. this is a complicated case as the woman who was killed has never been identified. in recent years, as decades old cold cases have been reopened. dna technology is uncovering new leads. ktvu investigative reporter. brooks jarocz joins us live now, after digging into this case in newark, brooks attacked it is hoping advancements will help crack the case. lancia. typically forensics starts with bone blood or tissue, but imagine providing a lab a single strand of your hair. scientists extracting your dna genealogists tracing your entire family tree. it's
9:31 am
happening here in california and across the country on an attempt of giving names to the thousands of john and jane does who otherwise may have never been known. like a needle in a haystack. few clues from the crime were found in this field. right now. we're driving adjacent to the field where jane doe was located in 1985, this remote wetlands area of newark off mowry avenue became a homicide scene right out here. back then hunters found something that was badly decomposed, nearly unrecognizable. the body of a woman in her early thirties shot and killed to this day who she is, remains a mystery. unfortunately, there was. no identification, no purse found. um nothing that would immediately identify and give us a name. detective todd no be reopened this cold case a few years ago, while jane doe's body
9:32 am
was cremated. polaroid pictures of her skull were in the evidence file, along with a clump of ruthless hair. this led investigators to austria labs in santa cruz. scientists now have the ability to break down and extract dna from even the tiniest strand. advanced computers are used to find patterns in sequence that dna from their profiles are built a sort of road map. it feels really good. to be honest, it feels like um, you know, we're doing some good in the world and that's really what we're setting out to do here. but the work is far from over. genealogists are then tasked with trying to tie dna matches. just specific people. our job is to build out their family trees and look for connections between those family trees. karen binder is with dna dope project, a new initiative that uses genetic information to i, d. john and jane does. the newark police department partnered with the nonprofit whose volunteers have solved
9:33 am
dozens of cases through genetic genealogy. the same methods were used to find the golden state killer uploading dna to online tools that help pinpoint common segments of dna leading to a specific ancestor. they helped lead me down that path of who? the mother of our jane doe might be but then potential mother, mary ann marie richardson is no longer living. she was from a small town in missouri near the kansas border, far from california. interviews with family members led the detective to texas and ruth ellis, who may be related to jane doe. i thought, well, that's the craziest thing i ever heard of. i don't know anybody in california adopted when she was only a month old ellis agreed to provide her dna. unlike traditional tests, with dozens of dna markers, genealogists say new dna tests have hundreds of thousands of markers. these tests are very, very advanced and can predict relationships with much more accuracy and much
9:34 am
farther than a traditional dna test. ellis's tests showed she was a match potential half sister to jane doe. of course. i didn't know her didn't know she existed. so it was kind of just the strangest thing you know, i was amazed. i just couldn't believe it, but it was true. because the dna proved it. investigators estimate this all happened in the late 19 forties so far has searched through adoption records has come up empty, and it seems no one ever reported her missing. instead federal records show jane doe listed as one of the 2800 unidentified persons cases in california and one of 14,000 unsolved cases nationwide. we might be losing people that knew her. and that's that's the difficult part is just time passing determined. nobody fell back on those photos of her skull and enlisted help from forensic imaging specialist jorge molina with the texas
9:35 am
department of public safety school serves as sort of a map for the face using the pictures , molina created a three d model. here are the results. two new pictures of what jane doe might have looked like in 1985, and that's all we're trying to do is create an image that can trigger recognition from the public. he had no knowledge of ellis or her connection to jane doe, and when she saw those drawings oh, my gosh, she looks like i did when i was younger, much younger. she also had a lot of characteristic spatial. kind of a long face and a pointed chin and of our birth mothers. that was the confirmation for me that wow, this reconstruction is a spitting image of her. which tells me familial, we're on the right track as well. but even with the forensic advancements, her name is still not known.
9:36 am
neither are the circumstances surrounding who murdered her. why and how she ended up in the newark marshlands. once we put that name to her, that will lead me to maybe where she worked. who her friends were who were family was who she hung out with. and helped lead me to who possibly the killer was. if jane doe was alive today, she would be in her early seventies of pathologists report from 1985 says she was missing two bottom front teeth. she was found wearing red or orange, dangling earrings at timex watch and a white middle ring with the pink stone that had the zodiac sign for cancer or the numbers six and nine on both sides. if you know anything about this case called newark police, you can remain anonymous. we put contact information on our website ktvu .com. the u. s government estimates 4400 unidentified bodies are found each year and roughly 1000 remain unidentified . a year or more later, garcia
9:37 am
back to the dna dope project. how does it decide? which cases to focus on i imagine they get a lot of input from families and police departments. they have so many cases they're working on right now. but most of the time, these are referrals from law enforcement. they reach out because they are in need of help specifically genealogists because they do the hard work of building those family trees. and that's what they need to help link them to potential people that they can. investigators can then speak with brooks. you gave us a glimpse into what are just intense investigations. lot of hours worked on one case. what do police departments many, which are understaffed nationwide say about taking on such a challenge? many of these smaller departments are working many cases at once, so they rely on that help from outside groups . but one of the things that was really the spark for these cases to be reopened was the golden state killer case. and once we saw all of the new advancements in dna technology, that's what made a lot of police departments
9:38 am
say, hey, we should go back and look at the unsolved cases. and see if we can solve them today. alright, we appreciate your joining us live this morning with your investigation. thank you, brooks. police in lafayette are asking for the public's help in their search for two men who assaulted and robbed a postal worker. it happened yesterday afternoon while the postal worker was making her rounds on camino diablo near highway 24. witnesses say the letter carrier was followed by two men who beat her at simon office building. they say at least one of the robbers had a gun. he was very shocked and traumatized. and she had blood all over shirt. and so the ambulance came and took her away. the victim was treated for injuries and expected to make a full recovery. investigators say the two men may have been after the postal workers keys to steal mail. the u. s postal service is offering a $50,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. sonoma has extended its ban on new vacation rentals in
9:39 am
many parts of the county board of supervisors decided to continue its moratorium on issuing new vacation rental permits in most areas outside local city limits. king leaders say the ban is still needed while they develop a permanent ordinance regulating short term rentals. vacation rentals have raised concerns about noise, public safety and housing availability. happening today, the berkeley city council will consider a proposal to tax vacant homes. under the plan owners of vacant properties with more than two units would be taxed up to $6000 a year depending on the size of the property. the call is to encourage landlords to find renters by either improving the property are lowering the rate. marin really busily building housing in berkeley. but we need solutions right now for something that was considered incredibly unfair that there are people that own property that rental property that they are not renting out. so i look at it as a piece of the puzzle. the tax would not apply to single
9:40 am
family rental homes or duplexes . if approved, the measure could appear on the november ballot. berkeley currently has 4700 bacon units across the bay, a group that wants to reopen jfk drive two cars, is hoping to put that measure on the ballot in san francisco. members want to overturn the board of supervisors decision in april to make the roadway and golden gate park permanently car free. their proposal is being called access to all still needs to be certified before supporters can begin collecting the 9000 signatures needed to put the never measure on the upcoming november ballot. coming up on mornings onto the nine turning what used to be a great shame into a way to entertain and educate people around the world . san francisco performer peaches christ joins us in studio to look ahead at pride celebrations in the city and share the intensely personal beginnings of her instantly beginnings of her instantly recognizable character.
9:41 am
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pride month. we're shining a light on some of the voices that have long worked to support and celebrate the lgbtq community. if you have been anywhere near san francisco's drag scene, you know, filmmaker and performer, peaches, christ, and we're so pleased to welcome peaches christ to the nine this morning . thanks for being with us. of course. thanks for having me impressive. thank you early to do this. i mean, you know this old thing i'm going grocery shopping after this, so yeah, let's talk a little bit about peaches christ because she evolved out of a lot of pain when you were a little boy, pretty much. i mean, in many ways, i didn't grow up like a normal little boy. so you know, i knew i was different. i loved dark stuff. horror and also i was a sissy, you know, so i knew i was different. and you know, grew up catholic, went to catholic school went to catholic
9:44 am
church had some very shaming nuns, you know? tell me i was acting like a girl, that sort of thing. so it was kind of my way of taking horror and goth culture and drag and my love for john waters and my anger at the church and mixing it up into peaches christ, because you can never let it out when you were young. no i mean, you know, i was a child of the eighties, you know? and you really did. you know, for your survival, you have to kind of pretty much stay closeted, right? and what i love about you is you say that you know, we joked, how long did this take you to put together? i mean, you can do it, you know, in an hour and a half, two hours if you have it. you call it the longest pep talk, so as you're in the mirror and doing all the things how how? how does how does joshua which is what you were born as turn into peaches. it's the it is. it's like this sort of, um, kind of meditation. and so the makeup and the transformation is kind of unlocking this sort of creative channel of, um really just kind of fabulousness and excess and drama and, yeah, it's like i
9:45 am
give myself permission to be this came to our studios. i think four years ago as joshua you were a completely different person. yes, much more soft spoken. you're like quieter. i mean, if you told me you were like an accountant, i'd say okay, right. joshua is kind of a nerd. it's true. yeah, yeah. yeah. so how do you balance those two personas? i think in many ways like being um, sort of outrageous on the inside and creating peaches. christ it was sort of this channel for me to do stuff that i didn't feel comfortable doing as joshua. and so now as joshua because i get to be peaches, you know a lot. thankfully i have this sort of successful career which i never , you know this was a hobby for a long time doing this amazing wild. i never anticipated that. so it's nice because it kind of like is this thing where i really enjoy being joshua, too, because it's like the sort of quiet or, you know, more invisible person. i love it. i love it. can we talk a minute about piece of news that we had yesterday? an incident at the
9:46 am
san lorenzo library. there was there was a drag queen story hour, and a group of protesters came in and started yelling some very ugly things to the performer and everyone there. i mean, you know, families and children assembled. have you dealt with that sort of confrontation or hate, and when it happens to you? what's your response? you know, i have a lot of times, though. it's not, uh, centered solely around me being a drag performer, and that's what's so jarring about what happened recently. here in the bay area. usually it's because i'm traveling to you know, i was i was charged in belfast, northern ireland, with blasphemy and lewdness, you know, so there was protesters and there was drama. well, you kind of expect that right or would have gone to colleges in the south or whatever. so the fact that this happened here in the bay area, and it's because it's a drag queen who's interacting with children. it's all the more reason for everyone to be reminded of. this is why we're doing pride. this is why we have to get out in march, you know, can we talk about fun stuff? let's talk about the pride
9:47 am
celebration. there's a lot of events happening in pride. we have the big pride parade. you're also going to be performing at stern grove, which is a first for you. it is a first. yeah i'm really excited. like you know, i feel like in many ways, there's the sort of things in the city that you know from many, many years, i wasn't invited to for good reason. i had no business being there, but have sort of crossed over and become sort of a san franciscan. you know, um i guess i don't know icon or something, which is so mainstream, right? let's go tell nine year old joshua that i know. it's like i need to do something offensive, you know? um but yes, during grove has invited me and i'm opening for liz fair. it's amazing. it's crazy. love the stern grove experience. i joke. it's the one time i crossed the bridge. all of last year i live in the east bay. i grew up going to stir and growth and just how it brings people together from all over the bay. it's a free event. you have to register for tickets, but still you're going to feel you know humanity at its best. can't wait. okay, then let's go
9:48 am
inside symphony hall. yes because you are part of a tribute to judy garland. that's the other place where i work now regularly which is wild, so i hope produced with the san francisco symphony. and every year i do an event called holiday gaiety. that's a big christmas celebration with conductor edwin out water, and now the symphony and other producers are calling me in to do other events, so i was given a call to be part of. i'm not producing it, but to be part of a big giant tribute to judy garland, and that's the 29th right right after pride. well you know, still part of pride, technically still part of june, right pride sunday. well it's so great to have you here. thank you. it's wonderful to be here, given me like, you know, a first of energy. and now i've gotten to see because i met joshua a few years ago. and now i know peaches. that's right. thank you. so much for joining us. happy pride pride. thank you, gentlemen. thank you both. there won't be any changes to the upcoming lightyetries are now banding the movie, reuters news agency says 14, middle eastern and asian countries are not showing the movie because there's a scene of a same sex
9:49 am
couple sharing a brief kiss. a source tells reuters that like that, lightyear also appears unlikely to open in china. the world's largest movie market. chris evans, the actor who is the voice of buzz lightyear, hopes more countries will compromise. it's great that we're a part of something that's making steps forward in the in the social inclusion capacity, but it's frustrating, embarrass still places that aren't where they should be. our first variety reports. that scene was originally removed from the film but was added back after pixar employees said disney consistently removed same sex content from its movies. last light years, produced by pixar animations based here in emeryville. well, it's not a curtain call turns out for the king in las vegas chapels have reached an agreement that will allow them to keep holding those elvis themed weddings, the management company that oversees elvis presley's estate. sent a cease and desist letter last month, the several chapels demanding they stop using his
9:50 am
image name and likeliness without consent. the company now says the chapels will be allowed to continue performing weddings with the king after paying an annual fee. no word on how much that will actually cost celebrating diversity through song up next on the nine we'll introduce you to the rainbow women's chorus that's working together to develop musical excellence and atmosphere of support. and respect. stay with with less moderate-to-severe eczema, why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within? hide my skin? not me. dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema, with clearer skin and less itch.
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celebration right now. we recognize an organization dedicated to changing the world through music. the rainbow women's chorus of san jose started about 25 years ago and has been building community with song ever since. ktvu heather holmes spoke with members of the chorus. about its mission. i'm so glad to be singing together because a lot of it is about, um women coming together to support each other to be in community. and to sing
9:54 am
everything from the silly to the serious, too. you know something from we've had a broadway one. we had a, uh, sixties one hippie one and it's just been for me. when i first got there they were singing songs by holly near, and chris williamson and pat humphries and some of the people from the women's movement and i just went yes, this is ok, so i was very excited to start. why is this course so important, especially right now. well i think especially right now, because we are singing a lot of the songs that people need to hear of songs about refugees of
9:55 am
one of our goals is to sing songs about peace and justice. and those are the kinds that we're doing. and then i think, wow, i don't know how you feel, but the world is in a mess right now. gun violence and pandemics and blah, blah, blah. and so we i look at this as our way to sing forth. what what could happen? what do you want? the audience who comes to these performances? what do you want them to walk away with? we want them to have a good time. you want them to enjoy the music every once in a while we do sing along, so they get to sing with us. um and betsy does this wonderful coral? ah, graffiti and i at first thought coral. ah, graffiti. i don't dance. you know, actually, what i really said was. i'm i'm presbyterian. we just stand and sing. it was so that was kind of funny even once i got into it. oh, i love
9:56 am
it. everyone is laughing and because some of this stuff is really funny that we do and it's just kind of a good time is had by all. i can just tell that you really enjoy this. this is a lot of fun. um but, reverend, it goes beyond that. i mean, this is about representation. that is one of our missions and also, um , raising the self esteem of women. and because i hate to say it often when things are mixed the man kind of takeover and that's okay. a lot of them are very good leaders. but in terms of the women developing their skills that makes it less and less and so. it's been very important that it that it's not a co acquire. it's a women's. it's for all women. so people who identify as a woman are welcome to come and, um and
9:57 am
everyone is included. everyone gets to sing. you don't have to be perfect and all that kind of stuff. so there are groups that are, um more perfectionist than we are not that we don't work hard we do, but that's why we don't do auditions that everyone is welcome to come and sing with us and be lifted up in community with each other and know that we're all valuable. we all have something to give. god are you when you sing together, not song starts to come together and you're listening to and you're safe. oh wow. that's that sounds great. no and yeah, so it's a little back padding to but also , there's a feeling of having done something good with other people and with other women.
9:58 am
alright so if you'd like to donate to the rainbow women's chorus, you can scan the q r code on your screen or had to ktvu .com slash giving day. alright let's keep talking about gas prices because they're a record highs and it doesn't look at things are going to change anytime soon. so the oil markets remember our global markets. and so it takes a while before the supply and the demand comes back into sync. so in the short run, i don't see any relief for that for the reason and that's why you're going to keep seeing prices rise because we have this increased demand, especially during the summer months, and the supply shock is still there. part of that supply. shock is from a ban on russian oil after russia invaded ukraine, and let's say they think it will be at least months before prices stopped rising. then even longer before they start to drop, we can look to history to learn oil prices go up very quickly, but
9:59 am
taking awful long time to come down. gas prices at one northern california gas station. we're getting very close to $10 a gallon chevron station in mendocino is charging $9.63 for a gallon of regular gas worker there says it costs more to bring gas to that area, so they have to charge this much to stal this summer, you'll notice that once you get out of california, gas prices do drop dramatically , so you have to drive over to reno to get some gas. kind of the idea here. come on back for you. i mean, if you happen to be driving and you'll know, but i mean, i mean, i think that people are going to drive less. at some point there is i mean, i even thought about getting a scooter because it's just getting ridiculous to school. your costco sells them now. okay electric scooters. okay, station. right to work around town. sometimes that's that's where we are. i'm already plotting this out in my mind, you know, just just to see what's helmet then i need to have one for my bike. so yes, i can use that to protect moneymaker. thank you so much
10:00 am
for joining us. have a marvelous tuesday meet us back here for next newscast. today at noon. ♪ ♪ ♪ feel, feel, feel it ♪ >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show!" ♪ ♪ and now, here's our special guest host, sherri shepherd. [cheers and applause]


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