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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 The Nine  FOX  August 10, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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honored to be there and thanks snoop dogg for his community support the stars hung around. watch the children play before, of course, taking some photos and signing autographs with the little ones there. whether our students are five years old or whether our students are getting ready for graduation. we know that we are here to provide the best experience possible back to school for several teachers and students in the bay area, where live in the east bay with a look ahead at the new school year. we're also welcoming the superintendent of the brooklyn public schools to the nine to see what students there can expect and how academic education is just one focus of the new school year. and improving california's response to the monkeypox outbreak. what lawmakers say is preventing doctors from quickly treating patients. today is wednesday. august 10th. we're looking live at uc berkeley vision very well,
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that view very well, that's say their tap water. see the towel and the campanelli there, and here we are. on wednesday, august 10th, applebee's and ihop say they're seeing more customers with higher salaries, dine brands. owns both restaurants changed it says dining crew from 6 to 8% among families earning more than $75,000, the company ceo says this phenomenon explains why it's restaurants still hold up during tough economic times, but there is a flip side to gaining more higher income customers. dan reported a drop among customers earning less than 50,000. the company assumes those folks left or even lower cost options, maybe fast food. or maybe there are no classic. you're a big proponent of cooking at home long before the pandemic, right? yeah i think a lot of people are figuring out this is how much money i have. it's about wants and needs. we've talked about this before. look you know, i mean to take a little family of four out to a place like applebee's. you're
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already in, you know, it's 100, plus easily, so i think a lot of people rethinking that equation, especially if you factor in and this is one of the ways that we try to cut costs if we go out to eat because i need a break from cooking. so is my husband. so just don't order any special drinks. water don't order the appetizers. we can have dessert when we get home. this is how i grew up. you described my childhood 100% i like that plan will say the luxury of going out to eat and not maybe take the edge off that really high price. i remember my eyes popped open. i think we were all sort of raised about the same when the first time i went out to dinner with my now husband's family in chicago. everyone ordered a drink. everyone got a salad and an appetizer, their own andre and dessert, and i thought i'm marrying this man. into money in a while. it's nice to nice for a treat exactly special occasions. special occasion happening for students and teachers in the east bay is the first day of school. it is back to school for many students and teachers. across the bay area. let's turn to ktvu cemented quintana, who is live at twin creeks elementary in san ramon, where class is now underway. how was
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it out there this morning, amanda. yes well, those classes began at eight. this morning. we saw a lot of smiling faces, maybe a little nervous going into school. we also saw a lot of parents wanting to take those classic first day of school pictures right there, near the welcome sign here at twin creeks elementary school. now the district they say they are excited to have students back, they say all summer. they have been working on cleaning and preparing classrooms for those students and getting lesson plans ready? there are a lot of new faces here at twin creeks, starting their first day of school in kindergarten. when you see the smallest kids, and some of them have big smiles on their faces, and others are a little bit nervous. we all know as educators that in short time they're all going to be a great classroom community. they're going to be learning. our teachers and staff are amazing, and we are so excited to be back. of course, there are still some covid concerns last school year started off with a
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mandatory mask mandate in san ramon valley schools. but this year masks are optional still recommended, though, and getting vaccinated is also strongly recommended. the district is really focused on the excitement of being back and being able to see all the students and parents walk in this morning, it really felt like we had some sense of normalcy back here. i spoke to the principal, she said. she's feeling that, too. she feels like families are really feeling that and just excited to be able to connect with each other again and to be with each other in the classroom again to start off this new school year live in san ramon, amanda king tonight ktvu fox tunas. yes, indeed. an exciting day for a lot of kids out. there is the first day back to school at other bay area school districts as well, including milpitas. new haven not on the list, but piedmont, usd, pittsburgh, pleasanton and middle and high schools in palo alto. more major districts like santa clara and mount diablo unified will start their first day tomorrow. we're hearing that a tentative agreement has been reached between the top private
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school in san francisco and farmers market next to the school. san francisco supervisor gordon moore says he helped sign ignatius college prep high school in the sunset mercantile farmers market come to an agreement over the use of 37th avenue. the two sides were at odds after saying ignatius said it wanted to close the farmer's market on sundays when it hosted school events now, according to the richmond review, the market will be scaled back on some sundays when st ignatius has those big events. new this morning, san francisco's interim district attorney, brooke jenkins, was paid more than $100,000 by a group connected to the main funders of the chase boudin recall effort, according to new financial documents filed with the city ethics commission, the nonprofit group neighbors for a better san francisco pay jenkins that money for consulting work, a different group with nearly the same name neighbors for a better, said francisco advocacy was the main funder of the recall. the same billionaire is on the board of both groups. jenkins had previously said that she was a volunteer with the recall campaign. the payment was first reported by the sf standard. now
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we did reach out to the da's office for comment haven't heard back yet. but in a statement to the chronicle spokesperson for jenkins said, my work for the nonprofit organizations focused on public safety and other legal work supporting communities ranging from formerly incarcerated women helping advise the business community on public safety concerns and issues. i compiled legal analysis, research reports and provided advice for all of these organizations and their respective issue areas. california lawmakers are working to improve the state's response to the monkeypox outbreak. the state's new select committee on monkeypox oversight held its first hearing in sacramento as people across the state stand in long lines to try to get the monkey pox vaccine. lawmakers were told vaccines are in short supply with just 109,000 shots available in the entire state, and they were also given status reports on current testing and treatment. lawmakers were told that strict rules are keeping doctors from quickly treating patients. he has to spend this doctor two hours. filling out paperwork and jumping through
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hoops with the cdc to get permission to give these these pills to a person suffering and it could take days. right now. there are 1300 confirmed cases of monkeypox and california. san francisco has the most of any county with more than 500 cases . according to data from the cdc. there are now more than 8000 confirmed cases of monkeypox across the country, and there are concerns about more infections. with the start of the school year, however, officials say only a handful of children across the us have contracted the disease. right now. federal health authorities are focused on vaccine distribution and testing worldwide. there are more than 30,000 confirmed cases of monkeypox. the fda has now authorized smaller doses of the monkey pox vaccine in order to stretch limited supplies. people can now receive just 20% of the usual dose and still be protected against monkeypox. the new approach calls for administering the vaccine with an injection just under the skin rather than into deep tissue. so
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it's a finer, smaller needle and people might be used to this administration already, because if you've gotten a skin tv test is the same kind of administration which is right under the surface of the skin. so you see a little bubble when you get the vaccine. this is not a vaccine when you're getting a tv test, but it's the same idea. more than 1.5 million americans are considered to be high risk for contracting monkeypox vaccinating that group would require more than three million vaccines. white house officials say the smaller doses will multiple the current supply to more than two million doses. you can stay up to date with the latest on the monkey pox virus online. just visit ktvu dot com for the latest updates on when and where you can get your shots . oakland mayor libby chef is going into the neighborhoods of oakland meeting with people while they can't or won't come to city hall to talk with her. last night, the mayor held an outdoor meeting in east oakland at arroyo viejo recreation center about 30. people gathered to talk about the problems they see and listen to what the mayor
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said about trashing their neighborhoods, homeless encampments and violence. people are on edge, and we have got to retrain people to resolve conflicts without violence. the meetings follow last weekend's violence, including two shootings in downtown oakland, including one in which a 35 year old man was killed. the victim, joshua barnes, was already was always there to help his neighbors and took part in neighborhood cleanups. community involvement was called one of the solutions to oakland's problems. but one man said he wants to see more interaction between police and people in the neighborhood. they knew our parents and you know, and we don't get that anymore. and i truly believe that that would make a difference if that would happen. mayor schaaf is holding two more such community meetings this week. tonight she'll be in north oakland park tomorrow, she'll be at san antonio park right near lake merritt, the city of oakland now has to give at least a week's notice before shutting down a homeless encampment. the city council agreed to a settlement in 2018
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lawsuits from people experiencing homelessness who sued after the camp they were living in was shut down and many of their belongings destroyed. as part of the agreement, the city has to provide that extended notice as well as take better care of people's things. oakland says it will also avoid clearing camps during rain or extreme weather. the state is launching a review of san francisco's housing development approval practices. a new report shows it takes more than 2.5 years from the time developers submit their project plans to get approval to when they received all the permits they need. the state averages just slightly more than a year. the long delay can force developers to cancel the projects because construction and material costs have risen in that time. san francisco already has some of the highest building costs in the state. allergy flare ups tend to be worse in the springtime, but even the summer heat can lead to a scratchy throat or a running nose coming up here from doctors who say warmer weather can worsen the discomfort. and after the break
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, we're joined live by berkeley unified school district superintendent bqe afford mortal to talk about what to expect for the new school year.
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so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27. hints from some of the region's largest school district, berkeley unified serves almost 10,000 students from kindergarten all the way through high school just ahead of their first day of school on monday, august 15th. we're happy to welcome the new superintendent of berkeley unified and nikki afford martel to the ninth. thanks for being with us, of course, and i say new because you just recently were chosen to lead berkeley schools after being a deputy superintendent over in san francisco unified can tell. you're excited. very excited. berkeley ready mean to you know berkeley made for promises to our students. families so we caught the four ease equity excellence,
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engagement and enrichment and so berkeley ready means that we are ready to open. our doors are students and families and offer experiences and programs that are about excellence that are about equity that about engaging and enriching the experience of our students. and so we're not just ready. we're berkeley ready? i love that smell. you just recently met with your teacher. some of them knew some of them long time. where does your district stand on the issue of teachers? staffing we are covered and we are ready to go. we have we have a few vacancies left to feel, but i am so excited. i was in a room like you said with our new educators, and there was just so much excitement in the room but also was a full room and so we're still working the staff a couple more positions, but i'm excited to say berkeley ready also means at those babies will have caring adults and all of our classrooms. that's great. i know a lot of districts are really struggling when it comes to that. let's talk about a couple of yet a couple of covid vaccine clinics you're giving test to students ahead of the first day. what's happening with covid. now we still are keeping a very big focus and ion covid because it's still real in here. we're going to continue a lot of our
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programs that we offered in the spring and the fall of last year like you mentioned we have our vaccination clinics will continue to do that. we'll continue to give at home testing to our students and our staff were going to strongly recommend masking and do our best to make sure that our families and our community understands how to stay covid ready and how to stay safe, but also that we're shifting our focus. we're going to keep our focus on safety and covid but really are excited to refocus on teaching and learning what we do best as educators. let's talk about something that we reported here in previous months student at berkeley high student was arrested for sexual assault there was alleged to have happened on campus during class hours at berkeley high school there have been pete id. protests a lot of concern over the issue of frankly students safety, particularly at berkeley high. what are your plans to do on that topic and safety is always the forefront of our minds and not just physical safety, but social, emotional and mental safety as well. one of things that we've been doing is making sure that we're educating our babies are students making sure that our staff understands consent, making sure we have advisory and classes where we talk about? what does it mean to say? no
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what is consent? look like where do you go? if you feel like you're right, and your space has been violated, making sure that our families also know about the resources that we offer and then really just partnered with our community to make sure that not only are our students informed, but there also resources for them that they can actually access and reach out to have you talked, particularly to teachers and administrators about really listening to students because i'll be honest and you know this at home as well. berkeley unified has some outspoken students. but sometimes that message isn't being heard by the top administrators and thinking about that. what are our structures to hear from our students? what are the various we have? student delegate who was on our board of education, and he and i are going to be really close friends. i'm personally gonna go and talk to different student groups to make sure that they know that they're heard that i know the issues that are in the forefront of their minds and their experiences and that we as a staff are ready to address them and hear them, but yes, a lot of training on what does it mean to be in a place where students have agency and voice and how do we as adults not know everything
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but listen and work in partnership with our students. let's go back to those four excellence equity and enrichment. let's focus on equity. a lot of that work was also being done across the bay year old district in san francisco. a unified what specifically, are you focusing on? when it comes to serving berkeley students? we really want to focus on the students who we have not done a good job of serving right. we talked about our african american students are students who identify as latin x and we know that our students are coming to school and they're ready to learn and they're engaged when we look at different data points, we see that there are many of them who are really able to benefit from the rigorous learning that were offering. and robert schools with some yet that we not been to reach, so we're thinking about interventions for those students. think about we pulled families? in and part different? and better? so excited about and so equity means that to me really making sure those voices are lifted and elevated, but we also have a ways to hear those voices and respond to those voices and different learning styles are you talking about maybe home visits? what could this look like? home visits for sure, but also again, really looking at the teaching and learning and how we interact with our students how to make our students feel safe and seen . how do we make sure there's room for them to think and push back on the content? we have some new classes, for example, at the high school level around
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black literature and a kpi literature. do you think about how we bring it in different person? active experiences and viewpoints into our schools. how we making sure to learn how are different students are and provide support and differentiation for them so again going back to what we do well invest, which is teaching and learning and starting their first. but of course, partnering with our families and with our community partners as well. and finally, what's your hope for the next school year? i hope that we can just welcome our babies back and reconnect. there's so much that we learned over the last two years about the importance of relationship and partnership, so i'm going and ready to partner with our families again with our community partners, but really hoping that our classrooms and our and our schools are places of joy. i'm so excited at nicaea ford worthwhile. thank you so much for joining us ahead of berkeley independent school. thank you so much. very nice to have a great school year, giving up here in a minute on mornings onto the nine. we'll keep talking about the little ones. but we'll look statewide because now we've learned that children in california are falling behind when it comes to routine vaccinations next, the one
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vaccine doctors say that children are missing the most and why that's causing them so much concern. also as the mckinney fire continues to burn at the california oregon boundary, the forest service's honoring one of its own who died in the fire still ahead, the woman who dedicated her life to spotting flame ♪ ♪ elon musk says tesla's full self-driving software is “amazing”,
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the mckinney fires now 60% contained it's burned through 60,400 acres or so almost 93, a half square miles in size. firefighters are very closely watching the weather here is strong winds are expected across the ridge tops through early afternoon. firefighters continue to fight the mckinney fire. but members of the u. s force service are also mourning the death of a woman who helped them try to prevent fires in years past. ktvu is mark sayer tells us about the woman who spent her entire career looking out for fires. who died fleeing the mckinney fire. since 1970 for kathy shuman worked at the top
9:22 am
of the highest mountains in the klamath national forest, looking for telltale small wisps of smoke from fires, which were just starting, but she was at her own home. when the mckinney fire came barreling through during the initial attack of it a thunder cells pretty much came over it and causing the fire to grow very rapidly. um and kathy was in her home in the community of climate, flint river. there are a network of fire lookout towers throughout national forests, which are the first line of defense when it comes to locating fires, the faster a new fire is spotted, the faster the attack can begin. shuman seen here second from left, was named fire. look out of the year in 2014 cathy cathy worked on the klamath for a really, really long time she was here. since the early seventies, and she's been at the lookout that she's been working on since 1993 and that's buckhorn lookout in this video of monday's fire briefing
9:23 am
provided to ktvu by siskiyou dot news for a service employees paid tribute to their fallen colleague. she would have been 75 in november and she'd been our primary look out at the corn barley since 1993. so i wanted to ask folks to please take a moment with me and barrier heads and think of our lost lookout, kathy. and we'll shoot men worked at the buckhorn lookout, which is that over 5000 ft, and she worked alone. she was still a very familiar presence to all on a regular basis, so she's really, um, a part of this forest. she's a part of a tight knit community, uh and her coworkers, um are used to hearing her on the radio, you know, and she had a voice that was very familiar to everybody. the exact circumstances of schumann's death are still under investigation, but officials say she did indicate she wanted to
9:24 am
stay at home rather than evacuate. when the fire initially began. shipman was 74 years old and is survived by her sister. i'm mark sayer, ktvu, fox two news. most allergy sufferers experience flare ups in the springtime, but the ongoing and sometimes extreme heat in the western us could be behind allergy problems. year round, doctors say multiple factors can cause discomfort for people with allergies, according to dr carina bowser, along with the scorching heat, wind pollinated plants like trees can add to worsening allergy symptoms. so yes, the heat itself and the warming can lead to differences in pollination period and actually cause more aggressive pollen. if you want. i looked at tree pollen counts today, there's still high, usually tree pollen season is over in may. so we're now in august, and we still have tree pollen that is unusual. experts also say that pollen and mold blown around by wind can also
9:25 am
cause flare ups for people who suffer from allergies. well, let's get you out the door to check in with roberto gonzales. take a look at the weather forecast when it's sunny and mild like this, hopefully, allergy sufferers get a little bit of a break. exactly huge allergy suffer. how about you? me too? yeah and what do you suffer from pollen? i'm allergic to pollens. and you know, i took a look at the pollen report. it depends on your region, right? i mean, it's going to differ from the north bay to the east bay to the south bed to the peninsula, even the seashore and everything is low today across us the bay area if you suffer from anything at all, the grass count is low to medium and then you have the jena pad, which is a flowering plant that is on the low side and juniper the tree count low. so we're doing okay, because our high temperatures are below average. we're looking out towards the estuary where we do have a small craft advisory does go into place today at three o'clock until nine o'clock a little bit of a modern chop on
9:26 am
the water today, especially through the west delta, suisun bay and also san pablo bay around the bay right now, our temperatures have already gone up to the mid sixties. we are at 70 degrees in brentwood inn, also discovery bay. the winds have increased in fairfield, 22 tenant began and filled in concord and nine in nevado. for the most part today, the wins are going to rotate more to the northwest and increased 10 to 20 mph pressure right here. it's been pinwheeling off the west coast for two weeks. it's now lifting up and in northerly fashion, spreading some rain showers and throughout the pacific northwest. today it's going to allow high pressure to retrograde and as it builds a couple degrees warmer as we enter the weekend, but until then, 74 high sierra 73 santa barbara 94, sacramento and in reading and 83 degrees. gorgeous san diego 83, also in santa rosa 80 degrees apiece. redwood city and a napa and incentives a.
9:27 am
these temperatures are idealistic for this time of the year average high, and livermore is 89, but instead 84 degrees, and that's why we're not suffering from allergies. temperatures are very pleasant. only a couple degrees warmer, each and every day all the way through the weekend. that's it. ali and sal. i'm not seeing any triple digits all the way through august. 24th yes. looks perfect. thank you, roberta. new numbers out this morning show inflation may be slowing down slightly coming up on mornings onto the nine how wall street is reacting to that news and what it means for your finances and with kids going back to school parents are now having to pack the lunches. yes, we are. after the break, we'll go over some of the easy ways to pack hea the easy ways to pack hea for years, california's
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non-gaming tribes have been left in the dust. wealthy tribes with big casinos make billions, while small tribes struggle in poverty. prop 27 is a game changer. 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund permanent solution to homelessness. while helping every tribe in california. so who's attacking prop 27? wealthy casino tribes who want all the money for themselves support small tribes, address homelessness. vote yes on 27.
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here comes the. here comes. it's all right. the sun is coming back. i promise you if you're lucky enough to live in the city folks here in the east davis seeing that son since it rose today, the clouds are parting a funny story. my little sister walked down the aisle to this song. this song has a special place in my heart, my kindergartener and her class sang this song nothing cuter get kleenex group of five and six year old thing. here comes the sense. thank you. yeah, i don't like this song story. i'm just kidding. chuck's little five and six year olds raising their voices in sutlej. we better move on. or else we're all gonna write hearing us talk about something. look do you hate it, too? i mean, let's be real. the
9:31 am
first day of school brings a lot of challenges and one small but mighty concern for parents. what to pack your child for school lunch? look, we all know what the little ones eat impacts their ability to concentrate their energy levels through the day. and yes, i know you see them on pinterest and instagram. a lot of creativity. parents like trimming sandwiches to look like or gami and vegetables carved like animals. that's not me. no not happening. the good news. lunch doesn't have to be complicated. cheese crackers, yogurt, all good options. apple slices carrots, hard boiled eggs. if your little one will eat them also good. some of us grew up with a pb and j every day, but some elementary schools, as you know, are banning peanuts and walnuts if they were severe allergies among students, i mean, look, love it or hate it, ali. this is one of those. i called it a small but mighty challenge because it is so important. the chore i put off until right before i have to go to bed, which makes it more difficult. but the other new thing this year in california under state law public school elementary kids get free breakfast and lunch. and so our
9:32 am
district is doing that for the first time, everybody, everybody you don't pay. you know the kids and the parents don't pay a cent, so that gives some options some flexibility. but then it's a question of okay, kids. let's try out these meals. if you don't like it, i'll pack you a pb and js backup. and some all of us know what the kids won't eat right at this point. it's like i'm not packing this because it's going to come back uneaten. take it to lunch the next day at work, right. people do dangerous. i just throw it away. all right. we can talk about this forever, but we're going to say that doctors say the start of the school year is also a good time to review your child's vaccination record and catch up on any routine vaccines , according to the chronicle. the california department of health says more than one in eight children in california need to catch up on routine. vaccines that may have been missed or delayed during the pandemic. but officials say that school immunization requirements in california have prevented most children in the state from falling too far behind. happening today, special education teachers and contra costa county will resume
9:33 am
negotiations and their demands for higher pay and smaller class sizes. the teachers will meet with mediators and the superintendent of the contra costa county schools. the teachers want a 5% cost of living raise and they want to keep the current class size of 6 to 8 students instead of increasing it to a dozen or more, as proposed by the county office of education. teachers also deal with students who have , um, behavior issues, extreme medical issues that are very severe. lynn mackey, the contra costa county superintendent of schools, released a statement saying in part quote, i look forward to the mediation and believe we can come to an agreement that is fair illustrates how much we value the work of our employees and allows the agency to remain fiscally solvent. local state and federal cruise and truckee are expected to continue their search for a missing 16 year old girl. kylie rodney was last seen early saturday morning at a party with high schoolers at a local campground. or silver. honda crv is also missing. that's leading investigators to
9:34 am
say she may have been abducted more than 150. members of the search and rescue team are combing the area, as are dozens of volunteers. i think the biggest message i can see is that we're leaving. no stone unturned. we're really working as hard as we possibly can. teams are tired, much like the family and we're trying to do our best so that we're supporting the family. kylie's mother says that her daughter texted her just after midnight on saturday to say she was heading home. her phone has been out of service. since then. the family lives about 10 miles away from the campground. san francisco police are asking for help to solve a cold case from 2006 sunday, will mark 16 years since 17 year old aubrey, nebraska was shot and killed on grove and baker streets just north of the panhandle. his mother says he was at the bus stop on his way to work when he saw someone with a gun walking towards neighbors and told them the run. he was fatally shot. there's a $250,000 reward in the
9:35 am
case of 40 year old murder has mystery has been solved in the south bay, but they say they have arrested a man in connection to the killing of care instead of 15 year old palo alto team who was stabbed in 1982. ktvu saturday reporter jesse gary tells us her family is finally getting some answers. to me. this is a relay race of sort of sorts. a lot of people carried the baton at different points. and it's just it was my turn at the end for detective matt hutchinson, who grew up in sunnyvale, the mysterious death of karen's did was a who done it . he was determined to solve the 15 year olds did disappeared after being dropped at a bus stop in september. 1982 later the same day, a delivery driver found her naked body and some bushes near el camino real and wolf road. the area has changed since then. but the questions remained. i believe that we have a responsibility to these victims, no matter how old the cases to never give up hutchinson, who's younger than
9:36 am
the crime he investigated linked with the santa clara county cold case unit. dna evidence at the crime scene was used to initiate a genealogy tree and search took , you know a couple of years to do it, but ultimately they came up with the these four brothers , they genealogist said. it's one of the sons of this woman who lives in fresno, august 2nd . detectives flew to hawaii and arrested gary ramirez. they say the 75 year old sexually assaulted stitt then killed her and has been hiding in plain sight ever since. in an emailed statement. states on, says karen was a tomboy who grew into a lovely young woman. she could have been anything we will never know, because gary ramirez stole her life with disclosure. we hope to be able to move forward in a positive way. the emergence of dna technology allowed detectives to link blood found at the scene to ramirez. i don't believe that my work is done just because gary's in a jail in maui if there's any possibility
9:37 am
that he harmed anyone else male female adult juvenile i wanna know. ashton says he doesn't believe ramirez committed one heinous act 40 years ago and then went off and lived his life quietly. he believes it could be other victims out there. ramirez faces an extradition hearing. wednesday in hawaii. detectives say he is fighting that, but they believe he will be back in santa clara county in front of a judge to face justice soon. in sunnyvale. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. it's a bit of a mixed report for the fed and the average consumer. we're talking about the consumer price indexes rate of inflation for july it was 8.5% so that means prices on average last month and a half percent higher than they were a year ago, but it is lower than the 8.7% economists were expecting. the federal reserve chair jerome powell says the fed will still raise interest rates they need to see several months of declines in a row. in inflation before they can stop those plans. interest rate hikes there. next meeting is in september, and they're expected to raise interest rates, then by
9:38 am
about three quarters of a percent. 8.5% inflation rate is still high, but it is less than it was for the month of june. that's when the rate was more than 9% also on the plus side from june to july this year, inflation did not go up at all core inflation, which does not include energy or food costs. increased 6.1% gas prices actually fell 7.7% the average price for a gallon of regular gas across the country is just $4.01. today that's down an entire dollar compared to june when gas hit a record h $5.01. that, of course, was the national average prices in california, as we know are much higher. it's still $5.40 a gallon in our state. but that is also about a dollar less than it was two months ago. here in california. now let's break down food prices. they did go up average cost of food and groceries now up nearly 11% compared to this time last year. that's the largest increase in 43 years. analysts expect those food prices will keep rising because of global conflicts like
9:39 am
the war in ukraine. affecting things like grain prices, the price of new vehicles, car insurance, medical care and recreation also went up in july , and housing prices were up half a percent that the labor department says americans average paychecks are rising faster than they have in decades, but not enough to keep up with rising costs of inflation. however, a recent survey by the new york federal reserve shows americans may be feeling more optimistic about this problem. that survey found that most people do not expect inflation to be an issue next year or in the years to come. and that is significant because economists say, sometimes fears about future inflation can just make the problem worse. the report this morning has boosted the stock markets in the early hours of trading. at last check. the dow was up between 400 to 500 points. ali. thank you. also new this morning, former president donald trump has invoked the fifth amendment and thus won't answer questions under oath in regard to questions about his real estate dealings. the civil investigation by the new york
9:40 am
attorney general involves allegations the former president's company stated the value of prized assets and misled lenders and tax authorities. reaction from lawmakers to the search at mara lago has mostly fallen along party lines. republicans are denouncing the move democrats calling it due diligence to carry out the law. former president trump supporters, including house minority leader kevin mccarthy, are now threatening to probe attorney general merrick garland if republican in november. the white house responded to the search yesterday during an afternoon briefing. president biden has been unequivocal since the campaign he believes in the rule of law in the independence of justice department of the justice department investigations that those investigations should be free from political influence. nobody's above the law. the law needs to be above politics. the justice department is investigating whether former president trump took classified documents with him tomorrow. lago after leaving the white house, investigators from the
9:41 am
doj also met with the former president, attorneys at the property in june for a meeting about turning over information. it's unclear how communications broke down that perceived lack of cooperation is one reason, sources say the fbi carried out the search. the sentence. a city council has unanimously passed the final approval to lift the ban on cruising in the city. the band was first put in place 35 years ago. at that time, people in san jose said cars driving slowly down king and story roads made it difficult for other drivers to get to where they needed to go. since then, the policy has been criticized as being outdated. and racist targeting young latinos. council members say that ben was initially enacted as a public safety quality of life issue, but things have changedryone, es coming up on morning sun to the nine how the hot temperatures are causing some west coast trees to actually explode. and as concerns and infections from
9:42 am
the monkey pox virus grow. some people want to know if they could spread the virus to their pets. after the break the advice from veterinarians on how to keep the
9:43 am
large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written prop 27, to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless. 90% of profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us. ♪ so i climbed into the cab, and then i settled down inside ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man ♪ ♪ of travel i've had my share, man ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere ♪ ♪
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taken in a park storm drain. neighbors have spotted the family, bobcats and their greenway officials say the bobcats are becoming more and more common in urban areas, and residents have been taking photos of them over the past few weeks. playful they were climbed the tree and playing in the grass rolling around and stuff. think big cats. this is a beautiful area. you got lots of cover. you have lots of rabbits around a small dog or small cap
9:45 am
happens to be in an area where they can catch it. they won't hesitate. as you can imagine, mother bobcats can get creative defensive officials are telling people not to approach the bobcats. stay away from the kittens. this goes pretty much for all wildlife right. the cat family will not be relocated as officials say they think they'll just leave on their own. health officials say it is possible to pass the monkey pox virus to pets. while the cdc considers the chances very slim. health officials still recommend people who have that virus to limit contact with their pets boxes, cristina gonzalez explains. can go from one animal to another animal human canine feline. wherever so dr kevin schlanger brent thier animal hospital has not seen or heard of monkeypox transfers between pets and their owners. but it's passing on the warning from veterinary public health. so we do believe that there is the possibility we don't know how it will manifest and how sick they will get. but we do believe or it is known
9:46 am
that it is a zoonotic virus, because even in the past there has been transmission from animals to people, according to the cdc. chances are very slim, and so far there are no reports of human transferred to cats or dogs, but they do have some guidelines for pet owners, including what not to do. using a stringent, sor bleach on your pets, putting masks on your pets if a pet owner is exposed or sick with monkeypox, if you do have it, and you do have a pet at home. before contact has occurred. it's best to send the pet away or have someone else care for once there has been contact. um you don't want to do that, and you just want to be as careful as possible in the home environment, which means if you can avoid direct contact, absolutely recommendations include cleaning, human and dog bedding, also avoiding close contact. we keep ourselves safe . that's how we keep our pets safe. and most importantly, if you suspect anything always call
9:47 am
and check and reported. it's always better to report something that's not there, then miss something that is their city and christina gonzales fox news. this morning, san jose's sacred heart community service started its annual backpack giveaway. this year's sacred heart plans to distribute backpacks to 3800 children. the backpacks filled with school supplies based on the supply list from the san jose unified school district for each grade level. poverty was always an issue within the silicon valley , and obviously the pandemic made it that much worse. so an event like this is we're hoping just to alleviate one of the symptoms of poverty. registration for backpacks is now closed, and families must already have an appointment to go up and pick up a backpack. a settlement may come soon for a lawsuit filed by the city of santa clara against the 49ers over revenue from levi stadium, the chronicle reports. the proposed settlement would end efforts by the city to stop the niners from managing the stadium. the city had argued the team withheld information about how much money the event at the stadium we're bringing in and
9:48 am
whether revenue was being properly shared with taxpayers. 49ers legend former running back frank or was arrested and accused of domestic violence in new jersey police say gore was released yesterday after being charged with simple assault related to a domestic violence incident and investigation led to gore being arrested, although the victims showed no signs of injury. and complaints were not filed at the time. tmz reports. franco is expected to be in court in mid october, of course, spent 10 of his 16 nfl seasons with the 49ers and is considered one of the greatest running backs ever in the nfl. former nfl star in oakland native marshawn lynch has been arrested for driving under the influence las vegas police say they pulled lynch over yesterday morning near las vegas boulevard, tmz reports he was driving a black mustang with no front tire and kept driving into the curve. they say officers determined he was driving under the influence and arrested him. this friday. the 49ers start their preseason
9:49 am
at levi stadium against the green bay packers. 49ers head coach kyle shanahan says quarterback trade lands and several other stars on the offense will play in the game, and the starters also play against the houston, texas in the third preseason game. they will sit for game two against the minnesota vikings since three preseason games occur in just a 12 day stretch. i'd like to get guys to play in this game. um mainly because i don't want to play in the second game. you know the one to scrimmage the team more into the scrimmage than the game. hopefully a little and one a little and three and then what? 17 days to get ready for week one. 49ers begin the regular season on september 11th. that's just a month and a day away and against the chicago bears, by the way, the niners are favored to win that game by a touchdown coming up here on mornings onto the nine the list is out for the 50 best wine restaurants in the country. three bay area restaurants made the list. one of them is in wine country will tell you who is getting the shining gold star. we'll be
9:50 am
without the right start to your day... your morning could hit a wall. that's not the door. i got it! belvita breakfast biscuits are baked with slow-release carbs and provides steady morning energy to help you rise and thrive.
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and investigators in targeting the people who buy those stolen devices. ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us about a bust at one such business. error recovery group is a recycling company at this nondescript warehouse in fremont's warm springs neighborhood. police say it was a clearinghouse for stolen catalytic converters over 300 catalytic converters that were recovered. fremont police captain eric tang says undercover detectives spent months selling stolen devices at the company workers didn't seem to blink. we became more and more overt where we were sketching in, um you know, either stolen or putting in identifying marks on these catalytic converters, and the company continued to purchase these catalytic converters from our undercover personnel. police say the business was also processing the stolen converters as well as numerous 55 gallon drums of refined kelly converters. so these are the ones that were sent up. grind it down. it's a lucrative market
9:54 am
catalytic converters, which control exhaust emissions contained palladium and rhodium medals that are now more valuable than gold. the going rate for cut converters is between 311 $100, but they can sell up to $2000 each, but the average cost to get a new device $3800 recovery group appears to be closed for business. the front door was locked, and no one responded to my voicemail seeking comment. my opinion that's the person you go after. because if you if you take away the people that are buying it the guy ceiling and have nowhere to go at fremont, toyota, we found 10 cars waiting to have new catalytic converters installed because of theft service manager phillips trotter says he's grateful police are going after the purchaser's, you know, it's not only a hassle for the insurance companies that drives everybody's insurance rates up, but these four people that are being inconvenienced with their car. sometimes for months. fremont police tell me they have seen a noticeable drop in cat converter theft ever since this raid, company officials could face charges by the alameda county d. a s office
9:55 am
as well as hazmat violations from the state in fremont. henry lin ktvu box to me. europe is experiencing severe drought conditions, according to the european commission. a lack of rain this year in italy, spain, portugal and other countries has led to this problem. the drought is affecting crops, wildlife, and it is increasing the risk of wildfires across the continent. conditions are not expected to improve anytime soon. parts of europe are still experiencing. higher than usual temperatures right now, and the pacific northwest is under a historic week heat wave of its own the summer heat is making for an unexpected danger of exploding trees. reporter maryland deutsche shows us what's happening one week later and this is now what is left of the northern red oak that exploded. the branch that came crashing down was estimated to weigh roughly £30,000. fortunately no one was hurt and property damage was minimal. still it was a regularly maintained healthy tree. like the rest of us. this
9:56 am
old oak had just gone through a heat wave where the highs hit between 95 the triple digits seven days in a row, the longest heat wave on record in the portland's area. that kind of heat is not healthy for humans, and it turns out it's not healthy. even for the oldest, most beautiful and most resilient trees. arborist michael jewitt tells us how intense heat can cause a tree to explode and that tends to cause thermal changes inside the tree in the wood tissues and also builds build up of gasses inside the tree that can be explosive and sudden says these explosions happened in the big old trees, especially oaks. the kind we love for the shade. they bring us in summer's heat, and he says , the weight of these trees are also a factor. we have seen it in a sense explode because under that amount of weight, you you hear it? it's very dynamic. the aftermath looks like an explosion to the tree spontaneously pulled itself
9:57 am
apart. powell park last week, another huge branch came down jealous, says there was some rot there, but he also thinks heat and the massive trees wait, played a part. a warming climate could mean we see more explosions like this one. we're going to continue to see it, especially with the way that the heat is trending. this was a heritage tree registered with the city of portland, unique because of its size, age and beauty tree that predated east moreland neighborhood. could the tree explosion have been prevented? there isn't any real precursors or warnings, and that's the problem. no tree is perfectly safe says sometimes they can brace a trees, possible failure points, but that's not foolproof. the heritage trees survive more than 200 years and a slew of ice storms. but portland's heatwave may have been too much for one of east moreland favorite old oaks. sadly this great old oak tree will have to be taken down
9:58 am
removed entirely in southeast portland, maryland, deutsch. the country's cattle inventory is shrinking, meaning those grocery bills could get even higher, experts say. daily temperature swings and the west coast is extreme drought is a big factor this year yellow and cattle company in sacramento didn't fertilize their pasture, and this is because both of the lack of rain in the high cost of fertilizer fertilizer prices were also high for the people growing rice and almonds and all the other, so that's one thing about the underlying all the food prices. stone says that with less calves to sell beef prices won't be going down soon . meat prices are currently 7.5% higher than this time last year. tyson's food protects cattle and beef or projects, cattle and beef prices will continue to go up over the next two years, not a new data that show prices for goods but online are actually falling for the first time in two years, according to the adobe digital price index prices online dipped 1% in july compared to a year ago.
9:59 am
consumers finally getting a bit of a break from 25 straight months of online. find inflation. prices for electronic , so one of the biggest drops following 9.3% compared to a year ago. why don't 30 years released its list of the 50 best wine restaurants in the country and just three bay area restaurants receive that honor. just one of those is in one country. that's little saint and healdsburg. the other bay area restaurants included flour and water in san francisco's mission district, and nari, a thai restaurant in japantown. i'm not a huge wine drinker. i'm actually allergic to red wine, but it wouldn't surprise me that it actually does surprise me that there aren't more bay area restaurants on that list claim to fame. i like healdsburg. they have a lot of good restaurants up there. we went there. remember zip trip. like i know, i know. so i'm not like i don't drink a ton of wine. i just need a picnic blanket and a little basket of yum yum and some sunshine and my little boys frolicking and i mean, a plus afternoon so many great places to do they have the perfect
10:00 am
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