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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  August 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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house that is off parker ridge road. it has burned what appears to be a stack of wood. firefighters are there with hoses and other equipment. size wise, the fire is about 35 acres. there are some evacuations along bennett road, the fire is 50% contained. denver's most popular tourist attraction, the 16th street mall has gotten a lot of negative publicity lately. reports of violence, this incident of a man swinging a pipe at the mall people. denver police officers tripled the number of police officers on the mall. a look at what the guards have authority to do, and whether it will make a difference. ? [ music ] ?
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years things haven't been going so well. >> knowing it is happening. seeing it firsthand. i've seen this living and working down here. >> reporter: he's hoping new private security guards will help the ongoing problem. the downtown denver partnership helped with the guards to create a visual deterrent to crime. >> the reality is that a private security firm isn't a better solution than police officers. it is a be able to arrest or ticket people. that authority still stands with police, but they'll keep an eye out, while patrolling the 9 blocks between broadway and arapahoe. the guards will say something, then call police. >> obviously, we will coordinate with them on a regular basis. what our resources are. >> reporter: the licensed uniform guards will not be
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spray and handcuffs. >> i'm interested to find out how beneficial private security is going to be. i think it's going to be beneficial in some way or another. >> depending on what time you head to the mall, you may pass by between 2 and no more than 15 guards. it is paid for by the denver partnership, not public funds. >> they're going to keep track somehow of whether this program is working, in addition to dpd? >> reporter: exactly, downtown denver partnersh, how people are feeling about the mall. at the end of the month, they're going to do another one to see if the security guards are working. we'll hopefully see those numbers soon. when a police department's officers are arrested, it is clear something may need to change. commerce city police have had issues with officer help. the doj made the announcement this morning at the u.s. attorney's office in denver.
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cops is launching comprehensive review of the commerce city police department. only 12 other cities in the country have had this type of review done. one stage is shooting, another is accused of inappropriately touching women during traffic stops. the doj cops office will release an initial report in 6 to 8 months, but will continue to follow the progress of the department for another year and a half, th final report. a fast moving wildfire in southern california has already burned at least 47 square miles in just 24 hours. the bluecut fire is burning in los angeles, and is close to several highways, including i- 15, which connects l.a. with las vegas. more than 34,000 homes, roughly 82,000 people are in the evacuation area. no word yet what caused the
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are moving down stream, spreading out into new communities. some 30,000 people have needed help getting to dry ground. more than 40,000 homes have been damaged. 11 people have died as a result of the floods. donald trump is shaking up his campaign staff. trump announced today he has hired steven bannan, the head of breitbart news, as the new campaign ceo. the hire not be toning down his aggressive style. describing bannan as a quote street fighter. trump also promoted pollster kelly ann conway. trump is getting his first security briefing today with the director of national intelligence. over the last few days, hillary clinton has told her supporters in pennsylvania that trump is quote dangerous to national security clinton is campaigning
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lawmakers are looking through notes from the fbi about her emails. clinton has big leads in colorado, iowa, and virginia. she leads trump 49-39 here in our state. 47-44 in iowa, and 50 to 38 in virginia. two colorado athletes both earned a medal in their respective track and field events. 9news takes us to boulder. >> couldn't quite catch up to jenny simpson. >> reporter: call it the science behind winning. >> i thought, just get yourself there. whatever it takes, get yourself there. >> reporter: getting through there, came through here. >> everything is very well measured. >> reporter: the director of the sports performance department at the cu sports medicine department.
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bronze medalist, emma coburn knows well. >> coach whitmore and heather boris. we just contribute to the scientific aspect to it. >> reporter: that involves making sure athletes are at their best before they head to the olympics. from breathing to how they metabolize food. >> how a body works through an exercise, we see points and the weak points. >> reporter: in the months leading up to rio, coburn and simpson came to the center weekly, where doctors analyzed them to make sure they were on track for the games. >> in the last two months before rio, you don't want to change much. >> reporter: for coburn and simpson, the wins will emotional and heartfelt. including from coloradans at cu sports medicine center. >> seeing them there, in the olympics, in front of millions
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pretty cool stuff. >> reporter: maya rodriguez, 9news. >> in the future, genetic testing will be used to help athletes better fine tune their performances on a cellular level. a colorado wrestler is rewriting the rules of wrestling. >> also ahead, millions have been watching it on tv. it's one of the most exciting venues at the 2016 olympics. a colorado company designed it. >> and before we go to break, a er attorneys are here from the denver bar association to answer general legal questions. the number to call is 303-698-
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history could be made tomorrow at the 2016 summer olympics, when adelyne gray hits the mat in rio. >> colorado athletes are making us proud and more opportunities still ahead. >> reporter: absolutely, so tomorrow is adelyne gray's chance to make an announcement, that wrestling is just as much for women as it is for men. if accomplishment is the gauge, rather than gender, she can be a role model for any young athletes, little girls or boys. kids often learn more from observing than words. 8-year-old dan is taking
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>> reporter: everyone in the group understands the greatness of this opportunity. the chance to be at wrestling camp at the olympic training center. they're sharing the mat with the greatest wrestlers in the united states. >> a chance to see how good you are. >> reporter: practicing every instruction from his coaches. he is also watching. watching how the men's team trains. >> do it again. >> reporter: and learning from three time world champion, adelyne gray. >> i look him to them a lot. >> reporter: gray is from colorado, and the hands down favorite for olympic gold. >> they're not getting paid zillions of dollars, and they're not super aloof. so it's fun to rub elbows with them, and pick their brains on how to get better. >> learn a lot of new moves. >> reporter: there is something so powerful about having somebody to look up to.
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>> reporter: and how impactful to see them just a few feet away. >> good job. >> reporter: and how impact. to see them with a gold medal around their neck, and that is adelyne gray's hope for tomorrow. >> reporter: you bet, kerri walsh jennings was hoping for a gold, they're going to playing for bronze a little later. and a colorado company to show its bet work on the world stage. just off the busy side streets, architect jeff keys says has become one of the most iconic spots for competition at the summer games. >> the blue ribbon venues of the rio de janeiro games. >> reporter: he would know, working alongside other
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time traveling between colorado and rio. >> i've been down there, approximately 25 times. >> reporter: getting this massive beach volleyball menu built. >> the pacific ocean on this side. this is the main road. >> reporter: on the sands of cope cabana beach. >> everybody knows copa cabana beach. >> creating thisho it will have views and vistas outside the pacific ocean. they have millions and millions watching on television. >> reporter: with beautiful views during the day. >> there will not be a bad seat in the house. >> reporter: and electric energy at night. >> the lights come on, it takes on a different atmosphere. >> reporter: these busy beach side streets are already known
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>> reporter: it's already rocking everywhere tonight, one of the biggest nights in the park. populous has started to design tracks 20 years down the road, those olympic cities haven't even been picked tonight. >> when you're watching prime time, you can remember that colorado had a big part of that venue. u.s.a. hoping for bronze by the end of the night. >> colorado has had a big role, seeming through these whole games, which makes it it all the more fun.
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we're going to go back now to our top story about the wildfire in the berthoud area. it is burning south of carter lake. the fire still a little bit there around home. this -- the fire close to this home. firefighters have made progress around it, and also made drops in the area. firefighters are still on the ground with hoses and other equipment. there did appear to be some kind of wood in that area on the property that was burning. berthoud fire reporting that
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they've done 7 drops. as far as we know, the fire is still 50% contained. >> this kind of points out the need for some rain. we do have rain in the forecast, kathy, and a lot of areas need it. that's right. it's been hot and dry. our precipitation below average for the month of august. we have some precipitation on the way. outside which go. there's a little bit of haze around the city tonight. high based storms coming off the foothills loveland. temperatures in the mid-60s in the high country, close to 90 in denver. currently 80 degrees. humidity at 18%. calm winds in the backyard. the winds were whipping, and it was just a warm, dry afternoon. now things have kind of calmed down a little bit for us. remember, the thunderstorms from last night, check out this long strike over coors field.
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it roars, go indoors. just that visual impulse of light that you see, at least 30 minutes before you go out. we're tracking some lightning, west of perry park in colorado springs. these storms are tracking from north to south, into an unstable atmosphere in southern colorado. the moisture limited here today. but not in the gulf coast. still tracking a flash flood watch. which extends across three states. colorado bracing for the return of the monsoon, and also a front to the north. the front won't get here for another day or so. a warm, basically dry day. with just a couple of high storms. cool air stays to the north of us. we'll be back close to 90 in the city tomorrow. but we have fall like temperatures in the 70s. pockets of rain west of the city. one or two could drift over, or flow on those outflow boundaries. can't rule out a little bit of rain and lightning here in the
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out. skies are clear above my head. we'll do it all again tomorrow, then the chance for rain really increasing into friday afternoon and saturday with the arrival of the front to the north. 49 in fort collins and pueblo. highs tomorrow, a little cooler out west. but still plenty toasty along the front range and foothill plains. 68 in the grand lake area. in denver for tonight, we have fair skies skies for now. we drop to 59 for a low. that's where we start tomorrow. 87 in the afternoon with mostly cloudy skies. 20 to 30% chance of rain from storms tomorrow. a 50% chance of showers and cooler weather for your friday. saturday, a few storms around the area, not an entire wash out, but fall like temperatures with sunday being the drier of the two weekend days before
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mid-80s again. summer, sunflower pictures, you all are sending in the most amazing pictures for me. i love these. allen bogart with that beautiful picture. if you're sneezing, and who isn't, folks? it's the weeds. that's the reason for the stocks are slightly higher today after the indication the feds have no interest to
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hi everybody, the rockies scored a 1st inning touchdown, and extra point off one of the best pitchers in the major leagues today. the rocks beat the nationals in lower downtown. colorado greeted cy young award candidate, stephen strasburg, who was 15-3, with 7 runs and 6 i. 6 -- the 1st. the rockies added two more runs in the 2nd inning. the rockies win 12-10. the san francisco 49ers join the broncos for joint practices today. we're live. 9news broncos insider mike cliss is at team headquarters. the sight of colin kaepernick, certainly makes you wonder how
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to denver. >> reporter: yes exactly. first of all, we would not have had paxton lynch to cover here. john elway made one last attempt at colin kaepernick to take a pay cut from 12.3, to $7 million. he wouldn't do it. neither would i, by the way. when kaepernick decided not to, he moved elway moved on and moved up to draft paxton lynch. kaepernick's been out with a tired arm. so we still would be down to sanchez and simian, and not knowing who the starting quarterback would be on saturday night. >> dallas police said they still haven't determined if aqib talib was shot, or shot himself this summer. >> reporter: everyone talks
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or not he is, the dallas police completes its investigation. that's not going to happen. the nfl will wait. i think talib starts the season with the broncos. that's the good news. the bad news might be that the dallas police concludes in the season. things got a little heated at today's practice, and it had nothing to do with the temperature, but as rod mackey bother the broncos. >> reporter: no more can the bronco says they're tired of hitting one another. today, he hit the 49ers, and san francisco hit back. >> you've got grown men out here battling for their families and pride. >> i think it's good for all of us. it's a competitive environment at this point in camp, you're so used to banging on each other. for these last couple of weeks. it's good to get some fresh faces in here and see what you've got.
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opportunities when you face another team, or another squad out there. that's exactly what we wanted today to go out and compete and put our best foot forward. >> reporter: there's also the issue of how much to show. you don't want to show too much, too soon. >> you've got to show your best as a receiver most of the time, you don't want to go out and not show your best. you go out and you and you try to get open every time. the game plan changes some things around. >> reporter: rod mackey, 9news. have i ever mentioned how much i love sports? well i do. now more than ever. when missy franklin returned to colorado, she discovered the front yard at her family's centennial home completely covered in hand made thank you notes from neighbors.
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her performance at the summer games, but the people she grew up next to wanted her to know they're still proud of her. i love sports. missy, the way she handled it, might have gained more respect and value than she ever did with all of those victories. >> agreed.
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. breaking news tonight. olympic bombshell, questions swirling around ryan lochte and the 19 u.s. swimmers who say they were robbed at gunpoint in rio. a judge orders two of their passports seized as a court says that gave to police. what really happened? raging inferno explodes, incredible devastation, homes and a historic landmark destroyed by one of the most powerful fires in recent memories. campaign shake-up, trailing in the polls, donald trump makes a dramatic move hiring the head of a conservative website known for inflammatory headlines and conspiracy theorys to lead the charge. overdiagnosing cancer, an alarming new report about


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