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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  November 25, 2016 5:00am-5:15am MST

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have been wait for.. black friday is already in full swing this morning.. even though some deals have been around for a while already.
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ws for you this morning..
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know her -- mrs brady -- has died.. she was 82. henderson is best known for her role as e mom on "the brady brunch"... before that, she was a broadway star. her agent says - when she died of heart failure thursday night.. /p if there's one public service we can provide thisr?s help you sitn to judgement of all the people who goto get in line black friday thi moing. so grab your coffee-- enjoy being in your p-j's... d let's checin with reporter andrew sorense he at cabela's in andrew - h professor + president-elect donald trump spent th
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family iin?dn palm beac florida. but according to his tweets -- he w ill hard at work.. trump tweete'i am working hard, even
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trying to get we rai'eanyhow-- he had his nephhis daughters apparently had a?nbw dung conflict. dae l brought th jokes... ter - the entire first family helped serve meals at the armed services retirement home in d-c. some refugees in later - the entire first fami helped
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c. some refugee?s?s in r state e just thankful to be here... almost a thousand peathered at denver's greek orthodox cathedral la?< night.. this is the 11th year they've done this.. they have the traditional foods, but also include food from 0#?all over the place - including afr%?b winds normally make wildfires bigger... but it was so windy yesterday.. at pts of a fire in larimer county - just blew right out like candles on a birthday cake. poudre fire this pture of the e -- o of 'wt highway 14' .. they say - the wind knocked over a power line in area -- but later, it actuallya? extinguished some spots. no structures were threatene. the fire is 100 percent contained. ;< commisoners in san miguel county say - they're planning a protest - after the bureau?t
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the area. the b-l-m wants developersbid on almost 11- thound acres in san miguel county.. oey're concerned about wildlife.. including an end it's a great weekend for orts. for starters... the broncos are back at home. theyl the kansas city chiefs on sunday.. that starts at-30 right here on channel 9. week off, the st broncos are 7 an3 - and 3rd in the a-c west
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we h better luck this year.. t still - harsh winter weather is sureo come. etheyou' acolorado?) native - or a newbie to the state- getting your car ready for the seon - is part of living and mmuting here.. all this morning - were helpingou figuret out. >> if you're looking
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there's a mix of victorian mansions, roofed row s and square brick houses. some of them are still standing today. our partners at the denver business journal say home prices today are at an average of 457 thousand d$#ollars, which is up 14.4 percent sila in 1975, curtis park was awarded a historic disic???ft designation on the
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for a tour of current day curtis?j park.join ou instagram tour this alrey have you shopping done - or you just don't want to battle the crowds.. head outside instead!
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?a creekthey delayed eir opening -- but they will be openin
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colorado places
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tomorrow. heren colorado - shortage of home grown aces to shop and eat. city pop gourmet popcorn is one of th. of candy for your ?!e sweeot encourages you to shop local becau sohaon
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were employed byal. ?? xw let's check with marty. ?f? ? y3?a christmas in november..
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>> this 9 news. t? good morning. thank you so much for us. loing ahead the day na?=tionwide, again, here t thanksgiving to everyone day. dry conditions in the utso cold miest.ere, we be in the +u 50s to near ues to rain in the west and north stern sections


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