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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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city apartment building. crews work for hours in the bitter cold to get the fire under control. in the end, two firefighters are hospitalized. several people are without a home. and the work begins to figure out what started it all. and braving the deep freeze for the second night in a row. we're talking frigid temperatures and brutal whipped chills. keep those layers handy for the morning. also tonight we're closely watching the track of a major winter storm that could bring us our first significant snowfall of the season. good evening, i'm jessica dean. isn't i'm ukee washington. there are a lot of scenarios to talk about with this storm. meteorologist kate bilo joins us now with more details. kate. >> jessica and ukee, right now, the gfs model one of the major models we look norming american model is rolling out. the european model shifted south. the gfs completely the opposite it shifted further north and west. what does that mean for us? on saturday it means more warm air gets in with the storm and the possibility for a came over from the city on south and east.
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so that is another potential solution with heavy snow to the north and west. rain south and east. or we have another solution further south. i'll show was both of those look like coming in a few moments. right now it's clear, it's cold. and it's dry. the energy from the storm coming on shore now over portions of california and once it's on shore we'll be able to sample better data from it i do expect the morning european run to shed a lot of light on this and hopefully things will start to come together little bit more clearly by tomorrow afternoon with this storm. a lot of uncertainty still remains. it's 24 right now in philadelphia. 21 in reading. it feels like single digits in much of the area. feeling like 11 in philadelphia right now with the storm let's break down what we know. we know a high impact major east coast snowstorm will hit friday in saturday. there will be a bulls eye of heaviest snow measured in feet somewhere in the mid atlantic and up into new england. it all depend on the track of the storm major cove al impact cannot overstate this that addition to the snow damaging
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winds major coastal flooding and beer erosion completely opposite side of the storm from snow but possibly just as impactful or even worse. i'll have much more on those two different solutions that will make all the difference coming up in a few moments. ukee, back over to you. >> gusty winds and the cold made thing extra tough for firefighters in center too tonight. two firefighters were injured and the fire reached four alar alarms. live coverage for tonight. david spunt and diana rocco. david let's begin with you at 21 and locust. >> ukee, two firefighters are recovering to night with minor injuries. the good news i can report they will be released from the who hospital shortly and they'll be okay. crews behind mow right now are putting out hot spots and listen, any time you have to put out fire it's difficult but you add in this cold weather tonight, it makes things that much more difficult. relentless names shot out of the windows and from the roof of this historic building on vanpelt and locust just after 5:30 as people people came home
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from workly one harm quickly turned into a four alarm. all hands were on deck. water poured out of fire hoses on to the place, creating a rain effect. but it was dry and cold and that made things even more dangerous for crews. >> if you don't keep the water flowing your hose lines can freeze up, also. so you have to worry about frost bite. there's lot of issues when you have weather like this. >> reporter: mayor jim kenney in wads are washington, d.c. on business but members of the his team were on the scene. including emergency director samantha phillips. >> really rapid response from all of those other partners licenses and inspections, the water department, peco, pgw initial actions real dollar help minimize the disruption to the community at large. >> reporter: fire commissioner derek saw we are told oy witness news he believes the fire likely started in the basement and work its way up. >> it will be a long night because we can't get inside to get to the seat of the fire. we'll put hose strings on the
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fire until we got it knock down. once it's save l and i will come out to make sure the building is safe. once it's safe we'll try to get inside to determine the origin and cause. >> crews will go in early tomorrow monk see if they can find cause. people lived there and call this building their home. my colleague diana rocco standing by with that part of the story right now obviously a tough night fourths folks. diana. >> reporter: david, while it's been a long night for firefighters it has also been a very long and difficult night for the residents living here. many who stood on the street watching their building and everything they owned in it burn. tonight, they've been left with no place to go. on one of winter's coldest nights so far two dozen center city residents aren't allowed to return home. >> everything that they have in the world is gone. you know, it's awful. so -- such a night. >> it's so cold and there's so many people and like dogs and babies. it's just really terrible. >> it's pretty scary. you don't know which way the wind will blow.
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you don't know when way it will spread. >> his kitchen window looks out over the fire. he came out to make sure the flames weren't spreading. >> just really sad something like this happened. i'll reamly glad to hear they got everybody out. >> evacuated residents are now in the care of the red cross. for those living inside the 21 occupied units of the building on fire and the two homes next door. they are now being held at trinity church around the corner at 22nd and spruce. until they can find a place to go. >> we are trying to keep everybody warm. that is one of the reasons reception sent. we have blankets. we have hot chocolate. >> as fire ripped through the four stories of 21, 22 locust street senior penn student who lived live on the fourth floor watched from a block away. she didn't want to be on camera but tells "eyewitness news" she has her laptop and cell phone. everything else is gone. hundreds of residents watched from the street unable to get home right away due to road closures and safety. firefighters were dealing with partial collapse due to the intensity of the flames.
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>> the main thing we didn't have any -- we didn't lose any other properties. >> of the two dozen residents who displaced tonight, seven families are now being cared for by the red cross. there's still no word on when the evacuated residents will be allowed to return home. we're live in center city tonight, diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> diana and david, thank you i'm were the us in on the scene of another fire tonight much this one in the 1600 block of wes lehigh avenue in north fell philly much the fire started in he roam home there. two people suffered minor injuries. the cause is yet to be determined. >> parents will learn in the morning if a philadelphia school force to do close because of the open will reopen. students at allen lock elementary school were dismissed at noon today because the heat was not working. the district says problem with the heating and ventilation system caught you have heat to the building. and we're told the missed time in class will be made up throughout the year. and don't forget you can always get latest on the fire and also the major winter storm that
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could be headed our way it's all there for you at philadelphia eagles formally intro tow due their newest head coach today. doug pederson no stranger to fmly football ball. don bell was at the notify have care complexion when he met with the media and he's here now. >> chip kelly was cold unapproachable. doug pederson is warm and welcominwelcoming. eagles did 180 at the head coaching position. jeffrey lurie wanted guy who could relate to, lead and communicate with today's football players and in front of the packed awed yum the eagles introduced pederson to the medial this third stint with the team. the team had a list of 25 candidates during the tail end of the season. after their fired chip kell until number slung to 10 and eventually pederson was the choice. >> from all the interviews, continued to analyze, research and with all of us and our
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advisers, unanimously claim to the collision that the best man for the job and the best leader in this process was doug pederson. >> being a part of championship organizationings, the grown bay packers are the kansas city chiefs and being a part of the philadelphia eagles and understanding what that takes and that dynamic to win in the national football league has prepared me for this opportuni opportunity. >> now the eagles aren't done hiring after pederson they're also in the market for a player personnel director. we'll have that story for you later in sports. >> okay. >> bring it. all right, buddy see you then. >> the fans are weighing in about pederson on 24% of fans say they are very optimistic doug pederson will succeed as eagles head coach. 40% are somewhat optimistic. 36% are not at all optimistic. let us know what you think. we're hearing tonight from a woman who survived a frightening a tack at a west philadelphia septa station.
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lauren, suffered a broken clavicle and other injuries. on sunday she was pushed off the platform on to the el track at 40th street station allegedly by suspect kenneth grimes. moment later he allegedly pull a knife and threatened her with her life. he then fled and she managed to get herself back on the platfo platform. >> no one really did anything. the train pulled up and everyone got on. like to go about their day. >> probably one of the scariest things ever just because it was so random. there's no reason behind it. >> after the attack grimes was arrested at 30th vote station. philadelphia police need the public's though find three suspects accused of planting a skimming device on atm. take a look at this surveillance video here. it's from an atm at the beneficial savings bank on city avenue in overbrook in december. one suspect install the skimmer on the machine much police say he then returned later with two other suspects to retrieve the skimmer which records account and opinion numbers. if you have information contact
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physical police. police in cherry hill got a tip and found a skimmer at an atm at a 7eleven store on chapel avenue. did it not have the capability to transmit information. police believe there are in victims there. it is now tax season and us launching new campaign to fight back against multi million dollar irs exam. today the treasury department issue a public service announcement warning taxpayers about phone scammers who claim tock irs agents. the scammers say if you don't pay them immediately, you'll go to jail. well the irs says it would never make a call like that. if you do get one of those calls, the irs says, hang up. new jersey governor chris christie has decided not to act on a bill that would have raised the state's smoking age to 21. the age to buy tobacco products in 19 will stat stay at 19. it would have fine the retailers up to $1,000 if they sold zig vets, e-cigarettes or other tobacco products to anyone age
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20 or younger. bitter has its grip on the region but the bone chilling temperatures are not just attacking us. >> they're hard on our fogged friends. winter survival every pet owners needs to know. kate. >> new information just coming into the cbs3 wet center. yet another model run and further disagreement really. i'll show you two solutions as far as this storm is concerned friday into saturday. big snow certainly still on the table here in philadelphia. i'll have the latest in a few minutes. also tonight, oscar outrage. some big names in hollywood are boycotting this years academy awards for lack of diversity. tonight the academy is weighing in and making a promise. and new plan for the old revel. what the own are in now says he'll do with the shuddered resort when we come back.
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big endorsement tonight in the republican race for president. front runner donald trump won the a endorsement of former vice-president candidate sarah palin. that will be the political place to be in less than two weeks. palin is favorite of tea party
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conservatives trump and ted ruse are battling for that group's support. we're learning more about possible threat toss directed at this year's super bowl 50. leaked government report says those possible threats include the unauthorized use of drones or vandals targeting fiberoptic cables to shut down the intern internet. it also cited recent attacks by so call loan wolf terrorists inspired by isis or other groups. so far the fbi is not commenting on the eight page intelligence bulletin. as beyonce' prepares for big super bowl half time show, many are wondering if maybe she's pregnant. the singer was seen wearing a bulky jackass she went to rehearsals over the weekend for now we'll have to wait to see if beyonce' reveals any big news during her performance. it's not long now. you can watch super bowl 50 on february 7th right here on cbs3. the oscars have be thrown into turmoil over calls for a boycott. jada pinkett smith, spike lee
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and others are boycotting the ceremony over a lack of divert is the among the nominees. for the the second straight year all the acting nominees are white. vote members of the academy are overwhelmingly white and male and the president of the academy of motion picture arts and science social security promising change. >> i hope that everybody understands that this organization is completely committed to turning this narrative around. the reverend al sharpton said he will lead a campaign encouraging people not to watch the oscars on tv. after relatively mild wint up until this point, bitterly cold weather has everyone taking extra precautions to say stay warm and safe. >> vittoria woodill joins now in rittenhouse square and talked to folks she did who are braving these cold temperatures. vittoria. >> reporter: i have to say the mood in written house park was pretty happy considering how freezing it is. so i caught up with a few folks and i also had some tips for men
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and women walking some of their best friends. take look. blustering, bitter, brutal cold had some of us in this bustling city braving it like a walk in the park. >> it's not that cold to me. >> are you kidding me. >> i'm from new york. the same thing here. >> reporter: all right. you're nuts. keep walking. >> same thing. >> reporter: but not everyone. >> extremely cold. >> i'm so cold my lips aren't working right. >> reporter:. (laughter). >> i'm slurring a little bit. >> reporter: this cold was hitting others like,ing. >> like a ton of brick. >> that's a cliche. i mean it gave me a nice deep breath. i'm still alive. okay. with a beautiful woman. on her birthday. >> the cold hit you like -- >> a slice of live. >> i like that tori. >> that's one way to put it. >> i'm holding a slice of life. >> wow. >> can i get in on this? >> sure. no problem. >> reporter: but with the deep freeze and the build up looming over us for snow towards the weekend those freezing walks we
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take with man's best friend are better taken with a few tips. >> you want to stick to short leash walks only. not leave your dog outside unsupervised for long periods of time. you want to be careful with deicing products in large amounts when ingested they canning toxic to your dog. make sure to look out for your dog's shivering being a sign of cold or lethargic and make sure your dog can have plenty of access to water to stay hydrat hydrated. >> reporter: all good tips. all good tips. i'm saying this now. i am not a dog walker for hire. i love animals. but during these colder temperatures, you guys, definitely not a place that i'll be hanging out at all. >> i'm just saying. >> i'm just a reporter tonight. >> we're feeling you. >> not a dog walker. >> get back in the truck with the crew. thank you tori. appreciate it. >> kate, wherever this thing the bulls eye will be measured in feet. >> absolutely. i'll tell was. we just had a huge run in from
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the gfs model came in with feet of snow especially near the dc area that's in the bulls eye tonight. big big things on the way with this storm. now it's still got a lot of uncertainty will that bulls eye hit near dc, further south? could it be over philadelphia? it could. the take it way this is a major wint storm along the east coast hitting friday but especially through the day saturday. and it is going to have major impacts at the coast and further inn land as well. latest information i have it for you right now. let's take a look first what's going on outside on storm scan3. locally it's quiet. not happening. the seeds being zone this storm coming on shore. now that it is we can get better sampling o of it. european model rolls around 1:00 a.m. i'll stay up for it. you can check my twitter feed. unless i fall asleep. i'll have it first thing in the morning for you it is going to be a very interesting run because we have to see if we get any consensus starting to see everything actua actually di hau ever further apart rather than agree and we want some agreement
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before we really issue those snow totals but this does look locate big one. again we've got some steady snow over portions of illinois tonight much that's going to be lip per that moves out of here without much impact tomorrow night. but again the moisture coming on shore in california and that really the seeds being zone for our next major winter storm. our life neighborhood network, 17 in kennett square. 20 in ardmore. township in bensalem. 21 in hainesport and the winds are still strong. winds sustain at 15 to 20 miles an hour from the north and west all across the region still. they back off a little bit overnight. but still gusts over 20 miles an hour making it feel like the single digits. so let's get into this storm again first we have that clipper tomorrow night here's 9:00 p.m. a few snow showers here and there not huge deal. really falls apart we get sunshine back during the day thursday. this storm starts creeping in here's the good news for those of us that have to commute perhaps it hacks like it will hold off until after the friday evening commute starting later friday evening into friday nig night. not the best news for kids
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hoping for day off of school. friday night through the day saturday and possibly if the new gfs into sunday morning. here's track scenario number one. this is the earlier gfs we don't have the graphic for the new run very similar to this you can see the heaviest of the snow is right along the i-95 corridor. with a bulls eye over washington, d.c. that's where we could be talking about feet of snow. tracks scenario number two this is the european model. notice it's a little bit further south. still have that bulls eye again measuring the snow in feet here but that's closer to richmond we're old northern edge of that one. it's still significant snowfall for us here in philadelphia. into south jersey and delaware. but it's not quite as heavy as the gfs solution would be. i do have to tell you track scenario number one if it tracks closer to the coast dealing with mixing issues on saturday. some rain and sleet trying to mix in and it all depends where that mick line would set up a lot of uncertainty right now the best chance still in that heavy range of six to 12 but if things start to trend more toward that further north and west scenario
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track scenario number one we could be looking closer to extreme scenarios with this storm. again we'll have much more end put and detail on this tomorrow. overnight mainly clear, windy and at 19 degrees. your wednesday partly sunny less windy 36 but the major impact from this storm starting friday night saturday is the day to focus on if you can cancel plans, hunker down, stay inside. don't want to be on the roads this is going to be big storm. even if that southern solution verifies we could still see half a foot of snow. but it could be even bigger than that. and we'll fine tune that for you tomorrow. >> got the details. now it's up to mother nature to do what she did. >> thanks kate. >> is here to talk eagles. if we're talking about what the birds are doing. three weeks the eagles went from chip kelly to doug pederson. why jeff lurie made the choice and who will choose the players moving forward. sports coming up next.
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doug pederson waste nod time. minutes after taking the podium he introduced former lions coach jim schwartz as defensive coordinator. on offense he says he will call the plays but he still is looking fog offensive coordinator. meanwhile the eagles chain of command in a state of flux. who gets the final say in personnel matters? lesley van arsdall has the story. >> i'd like to welcome back doug pederson introduce him as the next head coach of the philadelphia eagles. >> reporter: eagles owner jeffrey lure called the coaching search with intent process. it started with 25 candidates led to six interviews the ease seize call was doug pederson. >> real smart, strategic think
11:26 pm
thinker, communication skills parallel. >> he likes the fact pederson gets philadelphia. >> he understands how dedicated, obsessed, we all are to bring a super bowl to philadelphia. >> one of the most thinking thing lurie said the front office structure is not set. >> we're about to do a search for a mayor personnel head. accountability will be the number one feature. >> that means howie roseman who was involved with the coaching search may not be in charge as was previously presumed. but roseman says he doesn't mind not having his role define. >> it's about the team. i felt like that last year that was important to be positive and whatever the role was and you know whatever happens here, i'm an eagle. that's all i've been. until they tell me i'm not, i'm going to do whatever i can whatever it is to be positive does a at least for now all personnel decisions will be a collect bra tiff evident. lesley van arsdall, "eyewitness sports". >> all right.
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lesley, thank you. center jason kelce and connor barwin attended the press conference to show support. meanwhile lane johnson keeping it simple with his small tweet. ready to get to work with pederson! night eagles fly. that's a hash tag. over the last two weeks, the flyers are five-zero-one. smolders hot. tonight they host toronto maple leafs who are trying to snap a five hiv game losing streak. to the center we go. pick it up in the third period. fly guys down a goal. rookie defenseman josh the ghost on the break goes five for eighth goal of the season. the game is tied. 15 seconds left. how about this. matt his shot goes off michael dell sad dough and into the net with 7.5 left in the game. the flyers lose a heartbreaker three-two. 7.5 seconds. >> brutal. >> a way from getting a point. >> that's the kind you lose sleep over tonight.
11:28 pm
short term memory. >> let that one roll off. >> got to let it go.
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the revel in atlantic city will reopen as smaller cassone know. >> that is the word tonight from the new owner glenn straub. he gave no timetable for the opening of the cass soon know but he says construction of a water park at the revel could start in may and hotel rooms could be open boy june.
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revel shut down 2014 after filing for bankruptcy twice. we'll be right back. ♪
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that's going to do it for us tonight. our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7am. for dan, kate everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. worry always at the late show with stephen colbert is next with charlie d day. >> thanks for watching, family good night and sleep well.
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