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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 20, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> good morning, i ' rahel sole plan. >> i'm jim donovan. >> first, here's what you need to know to start your day in our morning minute, today is monday, november 20th. >> went, comes right back to clemente. he's into the end zone. >> really good. >> the birds are soaring, they take down the cowboys, in dallas, for their eighth win in a row. >> heart break break-in roxborough. >> wonderful person.
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>> community gathers donations for the family after beloved teacher. >> once you hear somebody in roxborough in need of something, we all pull together. >> she died in a house fire. >> whether i stands on the mountain and i say do it, it gets done. >> one of the nation's most notorious cult lead zester dead at 83. charles manson died at a california hospital. >> close call for officers in texas. >> suspected drunk driver slams into a cruiser before almost hitting them. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> holding me back ♪ todd's morning minute ... >> that was sean mendez performing there is nothing holding me back at the 2017 american music awards. >> i'll have recap of the big
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winners. first a check on the forecast, katie, i feel like, let's just say, there is nothing holding the eagles back at this point. on our way to the superbowl. >> oh, fly eagles fly. my goodness, yes. what an awesome way to wake up this morning with that awesome win behind us, rahel finished her marathon, that's a huge win for her, and, yes, we have actually got us some quiet weather to go along with this, now, i will say this much, be sure to budged up adequately. chilly out here, the winds not blowing all that harsh but it is not taking much for it to feel extra cold any time that wind ever so slightly kicks up , trust me on this one, you really want to be bundled up adequately. storm scan all clear, we do, however, still have pretty noticeable breeze kicking in, out of the west, at this point , not as harsh, not coming out of the north, but regardless, winds is winds whether dealing with cold air it will make it feel little colder. right now feels more like the 20's, low 30's, in most location when is you actually look at the air temperature, though, still flirting with 40 we have to get a check on
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mount pocono for you. but the winds still pretty noticeable again out of the west, anywhere from ac up to philadelphia. that's the story across the board. now, even despite the wind, we are definitely feeling the love for everyone today. the high hits about 48 degrees , yes, little chillier than average, but with full sunshine, and eventual drop in terms of that wind speed, we will still gave you a solid a for the day. coming up: we do little bit have ups and down movement on the thermometer yet again. there is wet weather in our forecast, meisha, but i'll let you know it has any impact on your holiday travel a little later on. >> thank you so much. of course we're happy and celebrating, common in here. everyone a sleep still. >> just roll right on like that. it is true. everybody is still sleeping. of course, we have a couple of people that got to bed little earlier, being responsible, like all of us at the studio, but many still in bed for good lean reason. oh, there was a smash down last night. good morning, so happy about those eagles, wait to go,
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birds, boulevard pushing in the southbound, maybe heating up levels little bit. the commute this morning has been looking good. ben franklin bridge for those every you traveling westbound into center city looking good, 422 the turnpike we've been looking around, everything looking real nice there, as well. now, we have some construction , roads work from earlier accident, a.c. expressway westbound, frank s is farley service plaza, plus more construction on the ac expressway westbound near route 73, that right lane is still compromised so just heads up on that. plus construction in delaware. route one southbound is slow, between ross bridge and biddle corner toll plaza, your alternate, route three or 301 is your best alternate. construction crews are still out there. and it looks like this will be closed until right around 6:00 . if it gets to 6:00 a.m. you'll be the first to know about it, northbound between quakertown and lehigh valley. that right lane is compromised there. jim, back over to you.
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>> ♪ >> thank you shall meisha, prime time blow out for the birds blow out, i tell you, who beat the cowboys in dallas pretty soon this suit will be selling out across the delaware val. >> i it won't. but the eagles have now won eight in a row, than have been no sweeter than last night and and on national tv: just how good it was, unlike your suit. >> hey. >> well, raise your hands if you were nervous after the first half. ya. everyone raising, everyone raising their hands. admittedly most of the eagles nation was stunned after the first half last night, even more shock by the turn around after the half. now nine-seven, after the ugly first half, corey clement opens up the second half smack down on the cowboys, he's in from 11 yards out. eagles go up 16 to nine. early fourth, derrick barnett hits prescott, nigel is therefore the 37-yard recovery , and touchdown, the eagles blank the boys in the second half.
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they win 37 to nine. they've won eight straight. nine and one. it feels good. you know it, do feel good, going to somebody else's house , and taking it, you know , and i think that's what we did today. we went out there, bee got to go fight and take what we claim this year. and that's the nfc east, and we go out there, worry about the rest. >> to the fans that travel, thank you. and they brought the energy, let them down. so i know they're going back with a smile on their face and going back with the city with something to talk about. >> first versatility, imagine. so, you know, if the numbers called, they can all go answer annex cute. and just j's around in the second half, got us going, momentum, big runs, man. >> great to come back, the family that came to this game, to win how we did, dominate, play well, great. >> you guys think you made them quit? >> definitely, like a mindset,
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and kind of like -- end of the thirds, fourth, we just had our way. >> the players are feeling good. the city of philadelphia is feeling good. jim, looking good in his suit. >> getting on board here. >> and the wentz wagon is back , baby. nine and one, the birds, they take on the bears next week, let's save or this one. any time you beat the cowboys. >> sure. >> boy. pat, thank you. >> time now 5:37. in business news this morning, how one major retailer is heating up the process of santa. >> diane king hall joins us this morning from the new york stock exchange with the details and more, good morning , diane. >> reporter: good morning, again, rahel, jim. well, we start with sweep of the markets, do you friday after reaching record highs earlier until the week. do you slumped 100 points, nasdaq lost ten. nebraska regulators vote today on expansion of the keystone x l pipeline in their state.
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trans canada want more than a thousand mile pipeline to deliver oil from canada to refineries on the texas gulf coast. proposed route would pass through montana, south dakota, most of nebraska, the project was re jetted by president obama and revived by president trump. opponents include envier zero ornamental activists and landowners: warning to buyers , black retailer says careful before during furniture or toys on the historic shopping day. that is because the deals for those sorts of items are not that great. however, expert say, you can find big savings on electronics. and now, you have to make a reservation to see santa? well, visiting santa at macy's flag ship store here in new york is a long time tradition for resident and visitors, generation of children have whispered their christmas wishes to him, but starting today, you're going have to go on line to sign up for time slot. macy says the reservation system was put into place to cut down on long wait times. jim, rahel? >> oh, nothing is a secret any
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more, diane, the long wait time is where you really, you know, where you get the thoughts of what do i want to ask santa for this year? >> i know, i know, i have mixed feelings about this, because i think of myself, oh, you're taking away from a timeless tradition, but now having a two year old, oh, that could be good. >> all of the mommies are like yeah. >> to avoid the possible melt down, yes. exactly. >> diane, thank you. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> all right. >> president trump's latest tweet is directed at ball whose son was arrested on shoplifting charges in china. the apparently questioning the president's influence in getting his song lee angelo ball and 2ucla teammates. the president, as you see here , calls them very un gate full and said he should have left them in jail. >> sexual misconduct, three largest newspapers now asking voters to reject the republican hopeful and back
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democratic challenger doug jones. the front page editorial comes ten days after several women accuse moore of making unwanted sexual advances, moore continues to deny the accusations. >> philadelphia police are investigating a triple shooting outside after sports bar, this happened just before 1:00 a.m. sunday morning, at the limit 21 sport baron third and ontario street in north philadelphia. police say group of about ten men were fighting when the shots rang out. at least 12 assault rifle shell casings were found at the scene. two of the three men are in critical condition. so far no arrest haves been made. >> meanwhile, police arrest at least two teenagers after violent flash mob incident in center city over the weekends. police say two separate groups of juveniles seeking rowdy and violence on the 1700 block of walnut st. saturday night. officials say two people in a septa police officer were assaulted in the melee. >> a familiar face from the cosby show has passed away. coming up we will learn earl. >> also ahead, jeffrey tam bore makes big announcement as he faces accusations of sexual
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harrassment. >> also, weaver highlight from last night's american music award, lots of big moments, stay with us, we will be back.
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>> bruno mars wins big. >> profile of artist of the year. >> thank you, aunt may. thank you, hooligan. we did it. i know it because of you all.
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thank you for voting for me. >> the singer won six other awards including favorite albumn, pop rock and video of the year for his song, that's what i like. i like that song. lady gaga won ama for female artist of the year, gaga currently on tour and accepted the trophy at her concert in washington, d.c. >> and keith urban, he took home the award for favorite male country artist, was surprised with two more trophies when he went on stage for the first one, his beautiful wife nicole kidman decided to lends a hands by holding two of the awards. >> and a rare performance, at the ama's by superstar diana ross. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> legendary singer took the stage to celebrate hers lifetime achievement award. the 73 year old sang a medically of hits, including, i'm coming out. we just heard there. take my higher, and ease on
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down the road. right now, more serious news, looks look actress jeffrey tam bor after being accused of sexual harrassment. his transgender colleague came for the with the allegations, tambor incision the claims aren't true, still he has decided to leave the show. amazon studios which produces the show haw launched internal investigation. and grammy singer star, john legend and carry underwood, will be hosting grammy special, also going to be part of the grammy's greatest stories, 60 anniversary special. the all-star show set to air this friday night at 9:00 right here on cbs. george len end of course, local connection, he went to the university of pennsylvania but i just love him and his wife, and their adorable little babe. >> i they are so real. >> they are, yes. just like the rest of us being hang out. >> and real on social media, too, hilarious. >> keep it real with us. >> yes, until the bad.
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finally i feel like i'm bringing more good than bad in this forecast. we have primarily dry weather, the front that does come in tuesday night into wednesday night, obviously key travel day, right now doesn't look like it will produce very much that's always helpful. we start things off on breezy out there, having been on the skydeck, i can a test to that, in fact, any time that wind does below, it does feel chillier. even though it is not as strong of a winds as yesterday however, we do expect sunshine , shot of a very quiet start to the morning outside more avenue jane college, hotel bethlehem where the shot is being taken from, and very light traffic obviously with all of one loan car travel up main street. so you have got easy right therefore the most part. now, weighs take a look at the eyewitness weather watchers, absolutely starting things offer on chilly note. look at some of the values, generally into the 30's, in a lot of locations but let's take a look at handful every them. we zero in, 35 degrees the value that comes in from here, very spring like, but certainly feels cold in her
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neighborhood from helen davis, even though sunny sky, her wind has also dropped off. but it is chilly out there. let's look at few other, we is her know, let me take new chestnut hill. 34 degrees comes in from one of the gold star eyewitness weather watchers, with us every single more, phil reporting 34 degrees, and clear sky, he did, however, report his gusts were still peaking as high as 20 miles per hour. we can go hyper local into cherry hill, we've got live almost around the corner from one another, jenny at 38 degrees, she mentioned, too , that it is feeling more like 32 when you factor in the wind. now let me switch it back over to the maps, we look at storm scan. yes, lake enhanced snow currently falling across parts of extreme northeastern pa. people call that nipa. but we do have few flakes flying up around the poconos, if you see that i wouldn't be shocked, but it won't amount to much. i want to show you future weather, few pieces to the puzzle, our front tuesday, area every low pressure starting to develop down in the deep south on tuesday.
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the question is: will they or won't they scenario? will they face together? right now, we don't think so. that's good news. what you want is just the two to stay separate. they come together like they likely do once it moves off shore, would you have your safe mess after storm. but don't actually be out of here by then, so probably see few showers tuesday night into wednesday, at worse. and that's it. and that does bode very, very well for your wednesday travel or any other day, leading up to the holiday here. turkey day, "black friday," all looking good. i just love our little jazzy turkey, so fun, but lot of sunshine both days, just chilly. so if you are going out, at the really early morning hours for the door busters you will still need the heavier year coat looks like. >> no doubt about it, i'm so grateful and thankful that we will see that sun that's just an instant mood boost, specially on a day likes thanksgiving. that's just perfect. hand i monday. so 42 freeway northbound, approaching 295, now starting to heat up.
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now everyone who slept in little later than we typically see on a monday morning are hitting the roadways. ninety-five around the airport looking real good. no delays at the airport. everything looking real good. starting to see movement. but overall no problems whatsoever on the airport. schuylkill at girard headlight moving in the eastbound direction, starting to pick up levels, just little bit here, as well, but overall guys things looking good on the schuylkill basically anywhere that we do look. now, we have been talking about mass transit little bit. so these trolleys, back to normal. so i wouldn't pay too much attention to those. looking good there. but route ten trolley we have some repairs underway, and because that far we will be shuttle bussing between 33rd and market streets, and 63rd and malvern avenue. again make sure to check your schedules on line specially if route ten applies to you. >> also construction delaware now should be closing around 6:00 a.m. to route one southbound closed between roth bridge and biddle corner, alternate route 13 or 301 is your best bet. i'll let you know the crew starts to move out of your way
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>> actor earl highman has passed away probably best known for willing do huxtables father russell from the cosby show. his tv granddaughter keisha shared this picture on instagram. in a tweet bill cosby wrote earl high man brought love and digney, thank you, earl, you will live forever. he passed away at new jersey retirement home, he was 91 years old. >> and the country music worlds is mourning the loss of mill, he perform good women blues and a writer for other musicians, he penned his like ruby don't take your love to town, and to. funeral services being planned in nashville and florida. mel was eight a years old. up next, new role for a man's best friend. a waiver of terror attacks in mass shootings has prompted more businesses to employ man's best friends at the first line of defense.
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i'm kenneth craig in saint cloud, minnesota with how these dogs are being trained, to stop terror attacks.
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in the past here, more
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than 80 people have been kill during attacks at concert including 58 dead in a las vegas concert last month. >> that's prompted the venues across the country to beaver up security, correspondent kenneth craig shows us one solution is man's best friend. >> back stage before a country music concert, henry and his german shepherd, are on the hunt for a hidden ticking time bomb. >> from the back of the house, to the front, and through the theater. >> in a venue like this, explosive device. >> search is precautionary measure at the treasure island casino in welsh, minnisota and these k9 troops are centerpiece of detection company dogs for de glenn he fence. >> recently the wave of public attacks has dramatically shifted. >> started overseas. and so many of our dogs have work in iraq, afghanistan, now dogs working here at the music part, shopping malls, and
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houses of worship. >> launch in 2007 with one dog , they now have more than 20 in nine states. >> this is the training warehouse where they're extraordinary sense every smell and their love for working are put to the test. >> the pipe bomb often created >> like the one we have right smear. >> yes. >> during exercises that powder is hidden in sinner blocks and paint cans. and dogs like lori are trained to sit as soon as they smell t the reward is their toy. >> gem end retriever easily find. dan former secret service agent, who helps save lives on 9/11 a wake-up call, now chanelling his passion into his purpose. i felt surviving september 11 like i i did, my pursuit from then on to be meaningful. >> become at the casino,
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fortunately there is time the coast is clear. as these k9 teams work to stop the next tragedy, before it happens. kenneth craig, cbs-3 " eyewitness news." >> the teams will soon be searching for danger at thanksgiving festivals and holiday parades. >> next couple of weeks also positioned at us army base in another casino concert, that's important, to take out firearms. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" more on the eagles big win over the cowboys, hear from carson wentz and coach peterson. >> technology making it easier for people who have food allergies, several new gadgets available to make sure they don't eat something they shouldn't. next.
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do you need the most trusted battery this holiday? maybe not. maybe, you could trust the world would be just as happy without them. (screaming) or, you could just trust duracell. ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪
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>> i brakes a take he will at the 45, the 40, the 30, the 25 and the great big training is down to the 22. >> fly eagles fly. or should we say run eagles run? the birds go into dallas, and batter them cowboys, we're breaking down the wild win. >> and breaking news this morning, he's been a symbol of terror since 19 60s infamous murder and cult leader charles manson has died. new details from overnight. >> and grab your jacket. it is a chilly start to the week. but katie says, there is a brief emphasis on brief warm
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up in our site. >> today is monday november 20th, i'm jim donovan , good morning. >> katie, meisha, keeping an eye on things on this monday morning. >> everyone in such a good morning. this win all making us sallyann. >> have you noticed? >> katie lovers it. she is smiling. >> i have to say the dress made quick appearance, but it will make one more appearance, we'll tell you where. construction out there, but briefly kind of moved out of the way, looking good. and in the weather department, i would say the same. what you will notice here on this loop, looks like it is snowing across the poconos, just few lake effect flurries if that, sometimes the radar can play tricks on you, sometimes it will show you things not actually verifying at the ground level. so maybe you see a snowflake, but i think that looks a lot more impress i have than it


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