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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 28, 2017 5:30am-5:59am EST

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much moreilder. >> and it sticking aroun >> there is ief anytime soon. it will get reenforced thiswe aw at thatoint, so bral. will haveou mnightere at mn ste there is snow, sure feels like i and at tim it will up this way and pretty much evehere else the upcoming weekend but it is dayso y will notave to b out thshovel perhaps he a possible.ou want t outdoor tt ou weatherav ondhat report but dave mid clementon > katie and pat wi be it feels like five a at his likt along in a moment but first here's what you know kennettor temperatures day in the morning thuday,
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coming from the rest ofhe december 28th. rs awatcheot muc better, lower e a tw alarm fire stroys a vacan kensiton church being as a home less most we have found he, shelter. burlington is where that report cam i dav also 13 degrs. >> c putting a 1degrees. fire fighters and residents this really start to run out of aectives the operator of the , frigid, hahatever want t cer involv germantn.icers call it you need to dress smartly, it is in the lake we winter ill airhis befor discharge his weapon one time st suspect. vortex buthis is >> that suspect is now harsh and for extendeperiod of te all quiet localow. alized. this little bat of snow is layers, layers, lers, ingoross through come double socks. >> trying sta warmn sub tomorrow. it wil try to showera >> i have t turn occasionally is friday atte like a dog. waatpens through t >>as appring i said you have to i wld a quick saturday h mo bye-bye standers rescue ao en next disturbance comes in spare.
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wrong this has more umpf >> time lapse video show storm blanketing erie, force but eve stilltalking abour pennsyan 65 inches adaches. this i 3:00 p.m.dawe will see hw to be f there war snow. we are talking about a ch or sot cr is still dng will be allowing us to wrap up effes snowstorm still emergen i e year 2017 midnight2 degrs, at red and off the r, new years bab not dress add here in orea,atie no prepht need more five below zero atght.le as >> we are.ol i usedk ae w shere if you ahat please it, allht, that iseally harsh, and then she becam at my first again there isn't station, a it was brutal buti necessity our local interesting but she would never give us a she's from erie. d yowoul rather have where we is fascinate to go me that are or would you rather t, the they are even calli snow emown because road. littl much.lets talk aboutt e that is erie,ns erie. theoadways are brutal. too ch tha is t temperatu3the ct >> indeed. >> i ghat fromin ear , that is what they look
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like in erie parks with 60 tempature or feels like plus inches of snowf.t or doyo value atnational. temperature aside, i would rather you go by tse wantch values bause that is what it will feel like. thats h know, right. >>obody wants the schuylkill y will ta.m. not walking outside th fee 10 to 15s at badt thatime. colder i >> i can g withhat y get >>lue route at ridge pe, er is a north westbreeze. in fact itt a in tffic to speak of,o williesect, area. went effect inarbon, is blowing around becausef you n mooe county and poconos if wn tundra here aold.andg up this see there aren't a delay lu levels haven'at0of 6:0 theayw jeey headedoward 29 lookingkay,o far, we have pleasant vale and some constion out there, high s snow on the elt becauat fellacchristmas ande lanes remain blocked soft temperature isn't rmt to ht hopel be out will not hpen anytimethe mntais before the rush really p then i9 here in todet lee you h someunsh closed bet96 aween 8 marlt cedab
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t so cold reported with this,an, outside and thiss a stretch of coldth just in burn during his second ceremony. the seven day it will in the ease up that saying we need 65 inches of snow butit nator bernie sanderson january . in ratherd, following me, anyone. ast yes was by a >> no.o. landslide last machines but he is boklyne here. sland. been and raised. bridge tsi-9 headlving soubo de a sta sandersrogressive leadershipreshaped the debat int ing was around the fromhe nation's prosperity. republican alaba obsl tractorke note of that wind candidate roy more more has causing havoc on the roadways voters fraudor his loss to but no delays and volum indlevels of way demo doug jonarli th movement results of the they should alaba's special senajr to replae morning. i-95t 452 inelco also attorney general jf sessis looking schl dlights towar city, th isookingy, our moore also says in theupportursl regi and then vine street hisent at he expresay you can shifting it around a her alleged sexual misconduct. thene ha had this fir
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coming up next haircut assession of our lord parish coming up next haircut that landed a basinoosamaritan t st coral coming ane with theeryat chantee.e, mning, ood morning, i can tell y there is ice gdwhat t at this lordsh.nd d their lear, crews saybuilding has beea while and shelter for homeless who came and we're told less pe werecrews sa t to gd newis i one inse was hurt, bad it
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has beenficult for fire fighters, now a salt truck s been on the scene all morning to break up th >> we're doing eve canocruz move aunt still we havs slipping. we called in a salt truck t maje it islso for residents when they get up in the mng and start leavingord from fi crew that is fire s been fully extinguish. t they say there has been a hundred fire fighters on the very latest here liv f . 5:36n busine newshi arninerry markets.nsuring
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stock exchange, good morning, gooni higher are confilinedhtly this movemt k quiet day, energy stocksel pricr , t nasdaq finished three points higher. the world's rst are g richer, to the tune dollars, in 2017. th is four times lastrs gain accord tether blmberg billion air's index. amon's jeff bezos saw his rtune grown e most knocking bill gat out of the top spot, hel, of 2013. >>and it was a profitable year for apple and ceo tim cook who got a 7percen incentiveed ade over three n-dollar add tt t9 million stock t pay ot
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for th is job in the new year, how about assistant chef for queen of and for one lucky cook, that fantasy of pparing meals for queen ezabeth reality, theis dollars a year, but you g to live at bkingham pale, previous chef note that the ver add garlic cr aast loveay say night. surveillance imath pe arealary 27,000 butouon't allege arm rber over the: head with the dining chair. stop him.hassed him stumbled an. pay for your mea, >> those perks and >> cool,eah, absolutely. ba h commission wilfficially be story come next june. signedff on the srcs pn todismaw cosi would spect the door to. womao a nine member local school
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board appointy t m n't go down. in july. the move end6 years of state schools.phia to new jersey governochris her jail with the christie has signn a executive x hefty restitution arge to boot, year-olith prepayments for 2018, some new thr property taxes before statel criminal mischief.e was intoxica tax deductis go into effect. leave his house. that provision is pt of the tax reform law signed by presidenrump this month. new jersey has theproperty the . war at $500,000 a smashed two sculptures vaan eac. diedt year-old girl performed >> she pre iladelphia.use in ntheast the wallnd both now police say tha the c a fries eased ond wi them. houset down from home, on the 9200 one. block of angus place, on usedtop butbaor madis,n's asked tu her neighbor foun around 10:00 a.m.esterday medics and rushed her to the hospital was onounced dead. police are new investiting the home.
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>> obviously with the agern ing facesderly right away that we are taking all of the investigave steps you will see crime scene is here. we had dog here. not eliminatesg of c nex to findinvestigatory there is doctordvice yourself and loved won safe in indication of ul play. this bitterly cold weaer. > investigators ha a new ill tell you what they lead in the ht for a are times square y to getidfad driver who they say wynfield sef memoes fro the pennsylvani year, we wht back. continue to follow philadelphia tuesdayight. yesterday morning police fou at appred to be the carat hit 5d ro officers discovered lexus one 19thtreet in lo officialsay thatithin koran fire,poke with the couple called 911 and stayed with the vi that victim >> i just proceeded to pray over him airit andt i thate leaa
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surveillance videoay rgers hads got even off of the septemb at 54th street,nd was trying to c ll how mucvesterolic stallone paid foris statue. and it i called aait until d behind b katie?he participant that cannot miss. we are looking ahe to me very, very cold weather to daysthere anytime soon, we will still have a shot for snow this weekend and it i decent shot for it, i wil know how much wwill see but first here's your cure auto insurance travel forect.
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brking news t of kensingtonhis morning wre fire fighters have spent much of the overnight hou baling a two arm fire inside an oldh. we are live at thece with rehe time of the fire and how weather impact fire fighters effos. a traffic stop lead germantn we will tl what you led to at gunfire and we have an updatethe condion. and this bitterst bla continues, this is fzen fountain atlin iture doe look pretty but with ght new we are in the grip of dangerous cold. y,er 28th, good morning i'm janarab, jim rel
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fotain eyehiould you jump in drous. i have done before it. >> yeah, i'm good. >> so tic w accident onte one we will tel
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inoities gone good list, chance the rapper came i numr one a therehandariana grande, and awarenesst used their for good causes and help effect social change. and meantime t health iorced hew pennsylvania five months. while solae didn't name her exact condition the disorder effects how body organs.> actorm rocky three, so mh sat paid american $400,000 statue s
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purchase in a insam post artsenager. held in museu course, lone boughte >>ooks like whic tvbeenhoused af ey from the big bangy mess dirable nghbor 2018cord togher real estasay thene ling next door toe fictional couple, meanwhile, e yes, top of the l of >> i guess i'm not too kind of a anything inn ba can get in trouble >>rily guy a sweet spot the lee, you but little
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devi the lden gir >> that woulbe fun. >>ha is my goal. ready for the . girls because it isown to hangd
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