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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  January 2, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> this is the world news from al jazeera. the government admits carrying out to airstrikes against ethnic rebels. rebels i agree to peace talks in the central african republic. how technology can change the way we shop. welcome to al jazeera.
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dozens of people have been killed after government jets attacked a station. the number of people killed now stands at 60,000. the toll is truly shocking and much higher than expected. previous estimates put the number of people killed around 45,000. the spokesman for the u.n. high commission of human rights. >> there has to be a set amount of information. there may be people who have been killed or not included as a result. there were so many different people reporting casualties and so many different places. and has been a difficult issue. this is a real attempt to do an
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exhaustive analysis of the information we do have. it should be treated as an indicative number. we believe it is the minimum. >> that figure includes deaths between march 2011 and the end of november last year. the bloodshed in syria continues every day. >> this is minutes after a petrol station was head on the outskirts of damascus. people were mutilated beyond recognition. dozens were killed and many others injured. the injured are being treated in makeshift hospitals. desperate to retake areas captured by the rebels. local residents have nowhere to go. trapped in places that have become battlefields.
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the government is stepping up its campaign. where the fighters are holding territory, cutting off access to the airport. the government is intensifying its military campaign in areas where thousands are trapped. to move tocared o other locations. >> the military has admitted to carrying out air strikes against rebels in the north, and reversing a denial it made earlier. the have been under attack by government forces for the last six days. this video was taken on december 30 showing a military helicopter overhead. they are accused of using
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chemical weapons. the 17-year cease-fire has broken down. the secretary-general has expressed concern about the fighting. >> the secretary-general is calling on the man march to the stop any action that would put civilians in harm's way or intensify the conflict. they're calling for all sides to seek a political solution. more than 75,000 civilians have been displaced since june when violence started in the area. when rebels refused to abandon a base near a place built by a chinese company. the incident is raising questions. the president had ordered an end to offensive actions and days
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ago he said no air strikes were taking place around the base. they had launched a military operation in order to secure their supply routes and convoys through the area. some serious questions about the state of the government being raised by this incident. >> thailand said it is sending a boatload of refugees back to myanmar. there were found drifting near an island resort. several have been displaced and fighting broke out in the state. they're not recognized as citizens. the president of the central african republic has removed his son as defense minister. rebels say they are stopping their advance to allow for peace talks in gabon.
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>> hundreds of foreign soldiers are in the republic. the government is not going to let them go easily. >> it is held and in their security. >> the rebel advance has halted. tensions remain inside the capitol. these men accused security forces of exploiting and stability to target muslims. >> we want peace but here they all the rest muslims. more than 400 have been arrested. we do not accept it. all prisoners should be released whether they're from the north are the central part of the country. >> security forces say they are wholly those they believe barbel lawyers. there has been no indication that religion has played a part in the rebellion. the central african republic is one of the least developed nations in the world and its
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history is littered with rebellions and coups. many have begun returning to their homes. >> i went because of the advance but i heard on the revealed the calm has returned and i have to come back with my family. i am happy to be back with my country. >> the rebels accuse the president of reneging on earlier peace deals. the president has said he will step down at the end of his term in 2016. he is offering to share political power and has sacked his son as defense minister. is hthe rebels will react not known. >> two un peacekeepers have been released. it is not clear who conducted the jordanian man.
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there were held blogger than anyone else. the peacekeeping mission began five years ago and is the world's largest. four people were killed in a ddronrone strike. it is believed to be the first attack. the airforce released this video. they're trying to end the fifth year of armed conflict. the president of bolivia says the health of his friend is worrisome. he has not been seen in public since he arrived in cuba to weeks ago for cancer surgery. he is conscious and aware of his condition but the opposition say they want clear answers on his health.
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>> it is because of the government's lack of transparency because of their secrecy but all these rumors and interpretations have been generated. we're demanding the government tell us the truth. it is their responsibility. >> hillary clinton has left in new york hospital where she was being treated for blood clot. she was accompanied by her husband and daughter after being discharged. she suffered a concussion after fainting two weeks ago after hitting her head. the agreement raises taxes on the wealthy and delay spending cuts for two months. woody says the u.s. must take more to tackle its deficit. >> president obama back in hawaii for rest and relaxation. congress approved a deal that
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averted the threat of another recession. that is until the more crucial deadline arrives in less than two months when the debt limit will need to be increased. >> hopefully will focus on saying if we can put a package like this together. with less trauma and less brinksmanship. and not scare the heck out of coke's sprite as much. this includes major tax increases affecting three in four households. the head to the pocketbooks is to not to hikes in income-tax rates but the end of a 2-year- long payroll tax holiday. >> i have not decided how much is going to impact me. i do not think others will be happy about it. they are more likely middle- class and that will be more
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money out of their pockets. >> wage earners making up to $30,000 will pay $300 a year extra. $822 for households making up to $75,000. 1700 for those earning up to $200,000.2700 on the income of half a million dollars. the big hits will be felt by the topmost earners whose income tax rates rise. millionaires will pay $170,000 more. hanging messiness has frustrated americans and congress. >> the process that has led us here is a disgrace. >> the resistance to compromise reflects arising partisanship among americans at large. >> sometimes you wonder how much the public blames themselves because they voted for divided government. last november. part of that is the reason why
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we are where we are. >> as the divide grows bigger, politicians perceived as moderates are more likely to
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important issues.
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>> welcome back. activists say that attack killed dozens of people. firman has admitted to carrying out strikes. residents have fled from the capital and are returning home. three days of mourning have begun in the arctic coast. many are blaming a lack of security. the president has called for an immediate investigation. >> laying flowers for the dead. as the country observes three days of mourning.
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others are still missing. many families do not know where their loved ones are. >> we searched everywhere and we cannot find our sun. we even went to a large hospital but they say they brought the dead bodies here. >> the government has ordered an investigation into how the stampede started. theories abound. some have blamed on authorize barriers put up by pickpockets try to take advantage of the cards. others put the blame on security. braxton must've been errors made on the security front. it took a long time for the first aid to arrive. it should be established to is responsible for this and sanctions applied so this does not happen again. >> this is not the first time. in 2009, 22 people were killed and also by a stampede at the same stadium. most of those killed were children. between the ages of 8 and 15.
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>> it is disheartening as a father. fireworks are for joy. if you come here and you end up with their son and hands it is not acceptable. >> i found myself stock and i asked the man to get me out and he did. he asked me where my family was. i gave him the number and they came to take me away. >> the government will pay the medical bills of two other people were injured. many of those remain in hospital and the government has warned the death toll could rise. >> the supreme court in india is considering suspending politician to face sexual assault charges. politicians convicted of rape can continue to serve. mass protests continue over the rape and death of a 23-year-old woman last month.
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she died after being gang raped and beaten last month aboard a bus. a court hearing is set to begin on thursday. israel says it has completed the main segment of its fans along the border with egypt. the prime banister said -- minister said there aren't serious about keeping out immigrants and foreign fighters. -- they are serious about keeping out immigrants and foreign fighters. some veterans are being forced to leave their tents and move their herds. -- bedouins are being forced to leave their tents and move their herds. more now on the series looking ahead to the big events of 2013. iranians will go for new president. mahmoud ahmadinejad is not allowed to stand for a third term. his lead to mass protests and a
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deadly crackdown. the economic crisis could be the driving force of change. he believed the promise of economic prosperity. that was in 2009. he never delivered. >> i don't earn enough to live. we had a better life for years ago. we see rents go up every year. the price of food rises but our income does not. even well off people are not happy and complain about the economy. >> high inflation means bread costs three times as much as it did. timesl is out to seven
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more expensive. international sanctions to curb nuclear ambitions have had an effect. the real blame lies elsewhere. >> we are a country with rich national resources. i do not think that is the main reason. it is because of the government's mismanagement. >> iran's president is limited to two terms. his use of force to silence opposition will be a factor in this election. leaders are under house arrest and recent changes to the electoral law give the supreme leader of more influence over who can stand for president. he is not likely to back anyone. this time he needs an ally. it looks like the process is being imanipulated, voters do not feel they have a choice.
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>> if they decide not to go to e vote, it is better for the administration. the legitimacy could be undermined. that shows iranians to have influence and their power may not be who they vote for about whether they voted all. -- at all. >> medical authorities have approved a medicine that has treated a previously resistant strain of tuberculosis. it breaks down the resistance of bacteria. many people in east africa do not have enough to eat. some people blame the drought on climate change.
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communities are finding ways of dealing with the problem. >> another day of food distribution in eastern kenya. this is the food for work program. the most will vulnerable people get grain and cooking oil. more than 500,000 are in need of food assistance. it is not always like this. 20 years ago the rains were more consistent. >> we knew when they were [inaudible] we are lucky to get the short reign. >> he has pulled his family out of food and security. >> it is a lifeline to
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thousands . people used to walk for miles looking for water. a majority of the people don't but there are other measures in place to ensure food security. >> this is a process with no definitive in point. -- endpoint. it will be too late to overcome these problems. >> there is still a lot to be
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done. the biggest challenges are finding and convincing communities to adopt new farming practices if there to survive the changing climate. survive the to changing climate. >> women have been banned from straddling motorcycles behind men. the province has implemented sharia or islamic law. rio de janeiro is trying to cut congestion ahead of the world cup. this is to create the highest number of bicycle lanes in all of latin america. >> rio is famous for its natural beauty. and it's carnival. but now it is also on a roll as it gears up to become the most bicycle from a city.
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they have 180 kilometers in bicycle lanes. 12,000 cyclists kicked off the ride. >> many people say this is not europe but this is the same planet. the way humans take on challenges is the same. >> drexel has had stomachs -- has had some success. rio is trying to put on a sustainable and eco friendly
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face. a group of activists to the street. among them, those who drive run on four wheels. we can have a distance of 1.5 meters between bikes and cars. we're demanding what is already or right by law. >> the lanes reflect reality. you find well planned lanes in the better areas. in the poorer areas, the lack of cycle infrastructure is obvious. at least and this is exceptional. the goals of the committee and
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their officials appear to be heading in the same direction. >> swarms of jellyfish are plaguing the coastline. the surface of the water is covered by a thick layer of the creatures. locals have never seen such a plague and have no explanation. fishermen are happy enough. sea bass also appearing in greater numbers. finding clothes that fit perfectly can be a problem for the fashion conscious. an app can help using biometric scanning. it could revolutionize the way we buy clothes. >> she has come to the shop to have every inch of her body scanned. the machine takes six seconds using technology from gaming to
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charter shape on a computer and translates the data into her career clothing size. >> it was fine. >> the stylist took me through my profile and explained what the measures men and what my assets were. we found my size and found the right pair of jeans and i tried them on. handful of machines are in use around the world. scientists at the university of surrey are developing technology, shrinking the scanner so the same powerful tools can be used on the smart phone at home. >> i think one of the reasons we're looking at ship recognition rather than purely dimensional measurement is
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skilled retailers are good at that. they're able to look at someone and estimate their size. also what we want is a computer program that could do that. >> online shopping has skyrocketed but shopping for clothing has lagged behind. >> i am nervous to buy clothing on the internet. the chargers could be to tie. they say their scanner can solve that. will it mean the end of the high street? shoppers are not convinced. > i just think you don't know until you try it on. scans and high technology may make shopping easier but it is not likely mankind will abandon the age-old activity of going out to see and be seen in
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the marketplace. >> you can keep up-to-date with the news on our website.


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