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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 8, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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country is at capacity. our correspondent is at the forefront and we will be joining her live. no president and no carnival either for haiti. the impoverished island nation, a caretaker government gets five days to name a standing head of state. week, another bid for
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the white house nomination. democratic and republican parties are frantic ahead of the new hampshire primary vote tomorrow. let's take you first to the turkey syria border where tens of thousands of syrians are still gathered hoping to make it across. a have fled the bombing and fighting that has intensified in recent days. turkey has taken in million refugees. france 24 correspondent have been reporting from the border for us. us 60 kilometers inside the turkish territory. can you tell us if the border is
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still closed? the border remains closed. there is no indication as to when the border will open. the turkish president has said that they would welcome this new wave of refugees if the situation gets worse. turkey is in a very delicate situation and position. on the one hand, it has welcomed, as you said, more than 2.5 million syrian refugees. it has had an open door policy all those years. it has been under great pressure to increase control and stem the flow of refugees coming to europe from turkey. this delicate position is only reflecting the very bad obstacle position of the eu it self. itself.pean union on the one hand, the eu is saying that turkey should
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welcome this wave of refugees. it's only right and fair. hand, it asks them to increase the control and stem the flow of refugees. catherine: i know you have been reporting at the border. you have spoken to people at the border. what are they telling you about conditions in syria that push them to take the debt -- drastic move of fleeing? the situation is very dire. they have fled intense bombing and aleppo. -- in aleppo. the airstrikes have never been so intense. the people have endured more than 3.5 years of nonstop 2012ng since the summer of . aleppo in the northern country sites have been under fire.
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they really thought their last days had come. it that is why they have reached the turkish border in order to survive. in hopes to survive. many of them are starting to be angry. .hey don't want food or tents they want to come into turkey to flee syria and the bombing. many of them are gathered in a town not too far from the turkish border. many families are in the same house. they are trying not to have people in the winter cold. the temperatures have dropped in the last days. it is adding to the distress. soon, the russian airstrikes will not spare them in northern syria. it is really fierce. catherine: thank you for all of these updates. it joining us from the turkey syria border zone.
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have drownedeople today trying to cross from turkey to greece including 11 children. that is according to the turkish coast guard. it discovered people trafficker's boats capsized in an apparent bid to reach the island. four people were rescued, nine are still missing. turkey in germany are making a joint bid to fight against people smugglers. angela merkel says the two countries will raise the issue at a meeting of nato defense ministers on thursday. with more is thomas waterhouse. onmas: they stood side monday. the german chancellor wasn't in turkey for the guided tour of the palace. she was pushing for tighter border controls. given the current refugee crisis
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, it is a difficult balancing act to perform. >> in the past days, we have become not just alarmed, but appalled, by the human misery that has unfolded for thousands of people caused by predominantly russian airstrikes. the latest push by assad regime backed by a russian bombing campaign to retake rebel territory in aleppo province has pushed her thousand syrians from their homes to the frontier of turkey. >> we will take them and when necessary. we have expressed our stance on this matter clearly. nobody should excuse or tolerate russian airstrikes that are and at that massacre with an argument that turkey will accept refugees in any case. nobody should expect turkey to take all the burden. they are open to those fleeing the civil war even if it
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has already taken in millions. tothe other hand, it wants appear tough after signing a deal to stem the influx and return 3 billion euros worth of aid. the countries agreed to ask nato for help policing the sea borders in a bid to stop people traffickers cramming boats with migrants and refugees in a perilous if not deadly crossing to europe. meanwhile, the united nations is accusing the syrian " ande of "extermination its jails and detention centers. assad regime has executed, tortured to death, or fatally maltreated prisoners. it includes testimony and accusations of opponents of the regime. the regime has been engaged in extermination of civilian populations in
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detention and crimes against humanity. the words of a u.n. report. >> detainees are subjected to violence on a mass scale involved that the detention centers. prisoners are routinely tortured and beaten. forced to live in unsanitary and overcrowded cells with little food or care. many parish and attention. many conclude it amounts to crimes against humanity and war crimes. report washe established from 600 interviews with more than 200 former prisoners. commissionersorts said the findings are in line with what the u.n. commission has been saying since the conflict in 2011. and the syrian regime was not the one responsible. >> the involved groups have committed violations. similarly, the designated terrorist groups isis have used
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makeshift cots to execute prisoners. tortured and killed journalists and activists. they also said investigators have difficulty establishing the number of deaths that can be attributed to the jihadist group. haiti,ne: now in carnival has been canceled amid the political vacuum at the top of the country. the country has a new president. it comes to an end without the success of being elected. riot police clashed today. reporter: security forces leave nothing to chance as heavy reinforcements protected haiti's national assembly on sunday. weeks of election violence have .orced martelli into a corner
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carnival may have been postponed on the streets. inside, deputies and centers -- senators gathered, all dressed in white. the performer has admitted his role in stoking the unrest by previously delaying the holding of a poll to elect his replacement. the 14th of may, 2011, what did i inherit if not suffering, misery, epidemic, and grief? challenges, facing the impossible, facing the utmost desperation. relinquishing office, he headed the presidential sash to his wife in an agreement reached the day before. of aament saw the election president with the objective of holding elections in april and installing a new leader in may. , it sparkedsimmer
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disturbances as protesters and police clashed again in the center of the capital. with a legacy of dictatorship, army coups, and election fraud, haiti struggles to build a stable democracy. catherine: at least four people have been pulled alive from the rubble of a high-rise taiwanese apartment building toppled by saturday's earthquake. expected to be under the debris. 38 have died in the 6.4 magnitude quake. 170 people have been rescued. snow may be falling and the mercury plummeting in new hampshire, but candidates are still campaigning frantically for votes. the state will hold the first in the nominating process. iowa kick things off with its caucuses.
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cnn shows donald trump leading the race for the republicans and outsider bernie sanders edging hillary clinton in the democratic party race. earlier, i asked what her voters told her was important to them. reporter: it seems americans are very disillusioned at the moment. worried about jobs, unemployment, the economy. they are worried about foreign affairs. the rise of the islamic state. security. they are also pretty angry with the establishment which explains the popularity of donald trump and a bernie sanders. one on the right, the other on the left. both of them seem to appeal to people here in new hampshire. donald trump is leading far ahead in the polls for the republicans. and bernie sanders is far ahead
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for the democrats. but when you speak to voters who are reaching for those candidates, they explain why in slightly different ways. if you attend their rallies, you get a very different feel. rallynded a donald trump and the only thing i can describe it as is like watching up a salesman heading national front rally. but here in the united states. the bernie sanders rally, there was a very different tone. he is very professorial, very a warmful, and atmosphere at his events. but the people who attend are -- and donald trump's supporters case, make america great again. only donald trump appears to be playing on people's fears. that is what is drawing people to him.
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bernie sanders has more of a message of hope. looking to africa now, the chad's former president has power of life and death over its people. war crimes case, they begin their closing arguments. there are chaotic scenes in court that are forcibly carried in on occasion. watcher for human rights thousands.d for the civil parties, the instigators of the crimes committed -- he even took part in some of these crimes himself. and even if he wasn't the instigator, he carries some
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responsibility as a superior that did nothing to stop these crimes being committed by his subordinates. ,atherine: back here in france the man put in charge of finding hasfighting tax evasion faced court himself today. with minister in court plenty of media attention as you can see. also there were demonstrators. a many of them carrying chairs they say they had stolen from banks they accused of avoiding paying their taxes. reporter: the former french minister and his ex-wife sitting largely in silence in the courtroom today. they will learn more about their fate.
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the lawyer's argument is that the couple's affairs with the tax man have already been settled. the court may well decide otherwise. if found guilty, they could face up to seven years in jail and up to 2 million euros in fines. a bit of a media scrum. one of the biggest scandals of the presidency. he came to power promising financial probing and a crackdown on tax havens. and the man he appointed to do that they had been squirreling away hundreds of thousands of euros in this undeclared account. certainly a scandal that prompted real action the last few years in terms of financial regulations. it particularly for french politicians forced to give a detailed account of how much money they have and where they
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are storing it. in terms of the reaction amongst the press, there was real shock that had a lack of surprise. to politicians and ex-president being investigated. it remains to be seen the extent of the political fallout. it has theto say potential to drag on for weeks. not the kind of thing the french president wants to have lurking around in the background. parts of france and the u.k. have been battening down the hatches as a storm beats parts of northern europe. strong wind up to 140 kilometers an hour brought monster waves like these to the beaches. some 15,000 homes in the u.k. have lost power. said to be in critical condition
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after being crushed under this advertising awning that collapsed in the west of the city. the bad weather is forecast to continue into tuesday. 16 french areas are on official alert. carnival celebrations in parts of germany and the netherlands have been called off because of the storms. it is a traditional high point in the festival. parties have carried on. authorities in dusseldorf are blaming wind for canceling their carnival events. they say rose monday will be held at a later date. we are saying a happy lunar new year to you now if you are in china, korea, or anywhere else where it is celebrated. hundreds of thousands of people have turned out in beijing for the start of the year of the monkey. we get a tour. reporter: ushering in the year
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of the monkey which is for energy and self-assurance. it dragon dances and music in the capital. the festivities span across the content -- continent. i think from time to time, they do get homesick. a big celebration of chinese new year makes our international students feel very much at home. reporter: the chinese communities in kuala lumpur and thailand, the celebrations were not complete without new year's prayers. >> my family and i have chinese blood, so i have come here to pray. festivities got underway with a lavish parade on monday. the streets of hong kong were peppered with colorful floats. but in this orphanage in the capital, the celebrations were more modest. becausevery happy today it is the new year. people should be together.
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we don't often get together to eat. we can give each other the very best wishes. the weeklong celebrations are china's most important holiday equivalent to christmas for many in the west. something a bit different now. a leopard made it into a school in southern india has injured at least six people. the big cat was caught on amateur footage and cctv video. it took almost 10 hours to corner the leopard. it was eventually tranquilized and later released back into the wild. very dramatic scenes, indeed. a reminder of the headlines. the turkey-syria border remains shut with thousands of syrians still gathered there. the country is at capacity.
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no president and no carnival for haiti. tensions mounting in the impoverished nation as a caretaker government gets five days to name a standing head of state. and the x minister -- ex- minister dodging his own taxes. his first day in court. business time with kate. a leopard outpacing some poor people here. i hope they are not too badly injured. outpaced china in terms of economic growth. new data really switching the economic spotlight from china to india. the quarterly and annual rate of gdp growth outstripped beijing. analysts raised questions about a new way of calculating growth. it may underestimate the true pace of expansion.
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areas like exports, investments, and auto sales. the fastest growing economy in the world with a growth rate of trumped china's growth of just under 7%. the numbers are up boost for the prime minister -- the numbers are a boost for the prime his "makes part of in india" campaign. 70% of imports are fuel. there is no doubt some economists find the figures don't match with other financial indicators. exports are weak. consumer prices are higher. industrial activity is slowing down. they managed to liberalize the coal industry, but red tape is still rampant.
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the government's most important tax reforms are still stuck in parliament. another concern is the reliability of the growth data. it's more in line with international standards to revise calculations in the economy at the slowest growth since the mid-1980's to outpaced china. this monday, the telecom regulator in india has blocked the facebook free service noting that it violated the principles of net neutrality. offerse basics program free internet access on mobile phones, but only to a certain number of sites, including facebook and its messaging service. they would begin enforcing new rules to prevent providers from having different pricing policies from different web services. we will come out with a
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mandate that no service provider shall charge different pricing on the basis of application. website or source. the destination, the type of content, or the application. have no regular access to the internet and facebook said it was disappointed with the outcome continue with efforts. a sharp downturn here in europe, losing more than 3% in the banking sector. it led to a collapse on the athens stock exchange which closed down nearly 8%. greece losing nearly a quarter of their value. they may call for early legislative elections if international creditors given negative evaluation of ongoing reforms there. trading down between 2% and 3%
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for the nasdaq. tech companies and banks among the day's biggest decliners. oil prices are going down. venezuela and saudi arabia showed little sign of a cord needed reaction for the top producers to tackle the problem of oversupply. the market turmoil seems to send many investors back to a traditional safe haven investment. gold. it has climbed to an eight-month .70 pertting $1198 an ounce. it has rallied 13% since the start of this year. let's take a look at some of the day's other business headlines. aaa stores will open later -- chipotle stores will open later than usual on monday. this follows outbreaks of e. and -- 50,000r
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staff members will get to work around 3 p.m. in the local time zone after the lunchtime rush. in the democratic republic of the congo, the $160 million deal will increase the footprint for the country's top two operators. shares in fiat chrysler have fallen 7% this monday. they widened a safety investigation into 850,000 vehicles. the possible problems are the for dodge gear shift charger and chrysler sedan. were forced to recall 1.4 million jeeps after it was learned their computer systems could be hacked. the chief executive of credit suisse is making waves in
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a good way, for a change. after announcing huge losses and 4000 job cuts, they have asked the board to slash his own bonus by a significant amount. the financial times said he asked for a bonus cutññóóóó
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02/08/16 02/08/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> i would bring back waterboarding and i would bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding. amy: in the final republican debate before the new hampshire primary, donald trump and his rivals promise to bring back waterboarding and expand guantanamo. >> the bigger problem with all of this, we're not interrogating anybody right now. guta


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