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tv   France 24  LINKTV  June 20, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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laura: welcome back, you're watching live from paris on "france 24." tensions continue to rise over syria as a drone is shot down. it's the third such incident in recent weeks. the united states condemned north korea over the death of armbiern student otto w who was flown home in a coma and died last night. emmanuel macron's government hit by allegations of financial wrongdoing. another minister is demoted and a third is under pressure to
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step down. we begin with the tensions on the rise between the various forces fighting in syria. the u.s. led coalition said it shot down in iranian armed drone , one day after russia warned it was tracking coalition planes. is the third such incident in recent weeks. australia is suspending its role in the coalition as a result and in the fieldheap for de-escalation between the u.s. and russia over what is already a very dramatic conflict. let's go to our sports -- correspondent philip crowther in washington. has there been any reaction from the white house of our -- so
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far? philip: considering that lesson 48 hours ago a syrian fighter jet was shot down by u.s. fighter jet, i can take you back to what the u.s. at the end, which is that it would continue to protect its interest and continued to act in its own defense. this seems to be a case very similar to that one. what the pentagon is telling us is that this was an armed drone that was advancing toward coalition forces. those coalition forces, no exact description of them but the most likely scenario is that these are syrian democratic forces, the armed groups that the united states supports and arms. there's a possibility that u.s. soldiers were actually on the ground with them at the time and this drone, according to the hostile, was displaying intent. that is the term used by the pentagon. hence why it was shot down by a 15 fighter jet.
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no munitions were dropped by this armed drone, but there had been some dropped just a week earlier by another drawn that was moving toward coalition forces as well. those did not explode once they hit the ground, but that's the exact same scenario, according to the pentagon, that happened during the night yesterday. >> the u.s. and russia are obviously on opposite sides of , that theict conviction channel still not back up and running as i understand it. we're just going to see more incidents, aren't we? that line is still close, that's something that has actually worked well the russians and the americans since its conception. this is essentially a phone line , and their more people than just one on each side working on it. the russian side is based in
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syria and the u.s. side is based in qatar at that air base the u.s. uses for a lot of its airstrikes on syria. that is communication that is crucial. it's essentially where russians and americans tell each other what they are up to and maybe even who they are targeting. the aim of this being that there are no midair collisions between russian and u.s. fighter jets because everybody knows what the diplomatic ramifications of this could be, even ramifications of a conflict tween russia and the united states, and armed conflict and that's why this line exists. right now it is closed, as far as we know. the white house wants it to be reopened and communication to happen with the russians. with so much going on in so many different air forces active in the air over syria right now, specifically over the de facto islamic state organization , those kindf raqqa of confrontations do look more
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likely right now than they have in the past. as is not improving over the last few days, with more examples, we now have three -- one fighter jet that was shot isn by u.s. aircraft, that three already over the last two weeks. chances are there might be more and of course there are russian aircraft also in the vicinity. philip crowther there with the latest from washington. the battle to oust the islamic state fighters from their self-proclaimed capital of raqqa is intensifying. u.s. backed syrian defense forces made up of kurdish troops and their arab allies are seeking to liberate the syrian city from jihadist control. james is there and sends us this report. this is one of the main roads leading into the city. we just spent three hours there with syrian democratic fighters
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inside the city. we could actually witness what type of fighting is going on there. what we have is an actual sniper battle. the strategy is to send fighters inside the city to take control of various buildings and try to take out islamic state shooters. there are many of them, and we witnessed one as we were there, when they managed to localize one of the snipers who was shooting at their positions from a building in the distance. they tried to take them out with some sniper rifles, including heavy sniper rifles. that did not -- that was not enough, the building was too far, so they called it an airstrike and within minutes there were three kurdish nationalists who were on that building which is pretty much completely destroyed. that is the situation right now .n raqqa
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we were told by fighters that there are mines absolutely everywhere. we were told to not touch anything. neighborhood where there are absolutely no residents what whoever. we've also witnessed the scene where we spotted a car that thought could be a suicide vehicle, and indeed they were about to take care of that as we were leaving the position. tense calm in the city, because there's no one in their apart from a small group the islamicand state group that you cannot see. they are hidden in the buildings ready to open fire on any enemy that can spot. a lot of fighting going on, but this is very much a sniper battle. across the border in
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iraq, the battle to retake mosul is in its ninth month. tens of thousands of civilians are trapped in the old city, their last stand. those who managed to escape her in urgent need of assistance. hospitalsul general once treated minor injuries and delivered babies. now it sees up to 90 people a day you are suffering from blast injuries and gunshot wounds. staff are concerned about psychological trauma. >> everybody needs a lot of attention. there is a lot of psychological problems here. everybody comes in with the story, of course. especially the children, they want to talk a lot about it and want to know if the parents are still there, the father, mother, or brothers.
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>> at this camp just 20 commoners he -- east of the city, where so many take refuge. suppliedicity is only 3.5-four hours per day. the temperature has exceeded 40 degrees celsius. >> for the 100,000 people who remain trapped in the city, escape is nearly impossible. very thatuation was one day before we pledge our house. we started to seek medical help after with lead and were later rescued by government forces. the soldiers helped us a lot. >> the narrow streets of mosul cannot be accessed by military vehicles and car bombs are being sent through this city. as a result of fierce fighting, see many more civilian casualties before the
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battle comes to an end. laura: u.s. president donald trump has condemned north korea over the death of u.s. student otto warmbier. he was flown home in a coma after spending 17 months in detention in the communist state . he died last night. the u.s. wants pyongyang to three -- free three other u.s. citizens. while the guesswork long over the korean peninsula. it the warmbier called worst mistake of his life, and now he has paid the ultimate price. a week after the 22-year-old american returned home from north korea in a coma, his family announced their son had died. brexit czar sad duty to report that our side, otto warmbier, as completed his journey home, surrounded by his loving family. he died today at 2:20 p.m. wastto warmbier he
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sentenced to 15 years hard labor for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster while in pyongyang on an organized tour. american officials say it was a sham trial. >> i have made the worst mistake of my life. >> last tuesday, otto warmbier he was medically evacuated to the u.s., where dr. said he was in a state of unresponsive weight fullness, with the -- unresponsive wakefulness. president donald trump took credit for his release last week and on monday he expressed condolences to his family. >> he's been a year and a half in north korea. a lot of bad things happen, but at least we got him home to be with his parents. , and we brutal regime will be able to handle it. >> three american citizen still remain detained in north korea. the u.s. government accuses
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pyongyang of using them as political pawns, while north washington is sending spies to overthrow its regime. laura: the man who tried to ram his car into police officers had been on a watchlist since 2015. he was killed yesterday when his car exploded on the avenue. no one else was hurt. >> seeking answers, investigators are questioning relatives of the attacker. his home in the suburbs of paris has been searched, while four rivers of his family have been taken into custody, including his father and brother. the 31-year-old man was known to the authorities. securityen on france's watchlist since 2015 for his ties to radical islam.
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yet investigators discovered the assailant had authorization to carry a firearm, as he was involved in target shooting. he legally owned nine guns and his permit was renewed just this year. for the french prime minister, that is unacceptable. satisfied,an be especially with someone who is on the security watchlist to be able to continue to benefit from an authorization to carry weapons. >> but the prime minister went on to explain that taking away the weapons authorization, which in this case predated the security red flat, is not as easy as decision as it may seem. it could get the suspect clear hint he or she is being launched. those being wants will quickly understand why we are taking the weapons authorization away. expertly sound at arsenal inside the assailant's car, including gas canisters, bullets, a
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kalashnikov, and two other firearms. the assailant ended up not using all the weapons. after lighting and does it in his car, he rammed into a police convoy just after :00 p.m. on monday. he died of his injuries, but no one else was hurt in what the police were calling an attempted attack. laura: two members of emmanuel macron's government are stepping down after allegations of financial wrongdoing. the most prominent woman in his cabinet said she did not want to hurt the president's efforts to clean up politics. her colleague is also stepping down as there is pressure on a third minister, also under investigation. >> it was supposed to be a minor reshuffle, but emmanuel macron will have to replace at least two key ministerial decisions. several of his cabinet members are being investigated for financial misconduct. an awkward start for the to clean who pledged
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up french politics. >> could've been much more damaging. electric look to be extremely sympathetic to emmanuel macron. >> he stepped down as minister of defense on tuesday, saying she wants to prove her innocence. it's a difficult time for members who have now joined the macron government. accused him of using funds for fake parliamentary work, playing -- paying employees in france meant to be for mp assistance. the minister for european affairs is implicated. another headache for emmanuel macron. no longer minister for territorial planning, he's been -- insist the the move is not a punishment.
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people put their trust in you, when those who voted for you ask for your ideas, i see that more as an honor. >> for the prime minister, he also says a new role has nothing to do with investigation. >> he says he will not hide behind political immunity. he expects the investigation to clear him of any wrongdoing. soaring temperatures in the united states, especially in phoenix, arizona, mean it is now so hot, planes cannot fly. more than 45 to been canceled as temperatures creep toward 49 degrees celsius. that's higher than the operating temperature of some planes, and the highest temperature since
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june 1990. arizona is seeing the most i've been to printers but that rest of the heat wave also being felt across nevada and california. let's get an update on the business news. brian is with us in the studio. we start with a major scandal in the world of finance, fraud charges being brought against barclays. >> it's a bit of a watershed moment today, the first-ever criminal charges brought against a u.k. bank in relation to the financial crisis. and four of its former executives being brought up on accusations of illegal misconduct as the bank sought to raise the emergency fund from qatari investors in 2008. >> another legal blow for the uk's largest bank. barclays plc and four former top executives were charged with unlawful financial assistance by the sfo, the serious fraud
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office, on tuesday. the bank said in a statement it was still considering its position. >> the charges arise in the context of capital raisings in june and november 2008. as financial markets plunged into chaos during the 2008 crisis, barclays managed to avoid a government bailout, thanks to a 12 billion pounds investment from qatar. the sfo is looking into whether payments made by barclays to qatar during that same time were honest and properly disclose. poundsnclude 346 million advisory service agreement fees and alone toings qatar. under british law, it's illegal for bank to lend itself money, a practice known as financial assistance. former berkeley senior managers including a chief investigator -- are under a destination.
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they face a maximum jail sentence of 10 years. barclays is already grappling with a string of legal problems including an 800,000 pounds civil lawsuit in an forstigation into bailouts its south african branch. >> turning to france, the biannual paris air show is in full swing. we've been checking out all new models. the possible research rash return of supersonic commercial aviation is one theme. >> this is what has become of supersonic plane travel. there are two concorde jets here and the last flight to lace almost 14 years ago. there is now an american company that believes it can revive the technology. the problem back in 2003 was at the planes were simply too expensive. they burned too much fuel and with an average return trip costing around 10,000 euros, the
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planes were flying half full. boom supersonic says it can change that. it believes that technology can work, can cut flight times and half, and can be profitable. >> the concorde was built in the 1950's with 50-year-old technology like slide rules. today we have totally better , moref doing aerodynamics efficient engines. those technologies at up to a reduction in operating cost for the concorde, which means tickets would be more like $5,000 instead of $20,000. >> german chancellor merkel said they could consider a common budget, measures wrongly supported by the new french president, emmanuel macron, who ordered for them as necessary reforms. germany had resisted those ideas, reluctant to have its strong economy used to prop up indebted nations elsewhere in europe. that macron success with the
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strongly pro-european posture has boosted angela merkel standing and she's now sounding more open than ever to his ideas. take a listen. >> who could of course consider a common finance minister, if the circumstances are right, without mutual's asian of debt, but we could take risks and make reasonable and responsible choices. we could also consider a euro budget, if it is clear that we are really strengthening the structure of the economy and doing sensible things. >> also likely aimed at the united kingdom as brexit talks get underway. despite a friendly start to negotiations, there are some serious jitters and british industries. one sector signaling the alarm, saying interim arrangements are needed to avoid going over a cliff edge of their is no deal. organization.n
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>> brexit negotiations are underway with prospect of a final deal within the timeframe to uncertain for some. >> have a shared responsibility. the u.k. society of motor manufacturers and traders says it doesn't believe britain will be able to strike a full and comprehensive deal with the eu. saying our biggest fear is that in two years time, we fall off a cliff edge with no deal. we need the government to seek an interim arrangement. >> do you think no deal is better than a bad deal? >> how do we achieve this brexit for britain? firstly, by securing a conference of agreement for trade in goods and services. secondly, by negotiating mutually beneficial transitional arrangements to avoid unnecessary disruption and dangerous cliff edges.
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>> the bank of england governor is signaling a rocky road ahead, iny need season direct link growth. >> i would like to see it offset by other components of demand. more generally, how the economy reacts to the prospect of tighter financial conditions in reality of brexit negotiations. >> he said that before long the u.k. will find out the extent to which brexit is a gentle stroll to a land of cake and consumption, but tone enough to put british industry and the city on edge. >> let's check in on the markets. european indexes closing in the red monday. berkeley's charge is bringing its share price down nearly 2% on the footsie 200. the british pound falling to a one-week low after the bank of england governor mark carney
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said he would not be raising interest rates, despite some calls from within the bank to do so. u.s. markets pairing that from record highs earlier in the week with energy stocks leading the way down. those losses coming on the back of yet a further drop in the price of oil. crude prices dropping to the lowest point for 2017 so far over -- as oversupply continues to exert downward pressure, despite production cuts by opec nations. let's look at some more of today's business headlines. brazilian meatpacking client cbs has announced a divestment plan to cut the company's debt load and reduce leverage. it will sell livestock and dairy subsidiaries in a number of occasions including the u.s., brazil, and elsewhere in south america. agreeing to the world's largest ever leniency fine. italy plans to cut public spending by 62.5 billion euros over the next two years.
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a review of public finances begun in 2014 lead the government to pair $25 billion -- 25 billion euros from the budget in 2016. they're looking to protect a record of fiscal discipline. german automaker daimler has begun construction on a new mercedes been plant in russia -- a numerous 80's bins plant in russia. plant inmercedes-benz russia. the russian car market returns to growth following four years of declines. finally, business for those who think children's doll should reflect the varying shapes of the human body, mattel has something for you. the company is just released a ls.ken dol they come in seven different skin tones and a variety of hairstyles.
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but it's the two shapes that are drawing the most attention with broad ken being described as the od version. laura: he doesn't really look that bad, does he? the man bond, i don't think we need to immortalize that in lasted. ryan quinn, not wearing a man bun. stay with
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