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tv   DW News  LINKTV  August 12, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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>> this is dw. authorities closed down the international airport as antigovernment protesters occupy. the chinese government has signaled its rising anger at the protest and now says some of them are terrorism. italy's far right interior minister hopes to push to a no-confidence vote in the government so he can win a snap
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election. italian lawmakers are set to make a date for the vote. the death toll jumps in southern and western india after heavy monsoon rains and mudslides. almost 200 are feared dead and hundreds of thousands have been displaced. russia tries to tighten the screws on youtube over the live streaming of recent protests in moscow. demonstrators calling for free and fair elections to the city council. ♪ laila: i am laila harrak. welcome. china shows signs of losing patience with demonstrators. officials have called on all sides to avoid violent saying societies are better served when views are freely expressed.
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hong kong authorities shut down the airport earlier today as thousands of activist staged a sit in. the shutdown came as the chinese government signaled rising anger a and said the demonstrations were terrorism for the first time. >> huge occupation, hong kong international shutdtdown for mot of the day. civil disobedience and disruption are mainstays of this protest movement. >> it is an inconvenience or selfishness close to other people but we cannot avoid this. it is unavoidable because we fight for our freedom. that is why we pay a lot. reporter: they are also angry at
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police violence. >> and i-4 and i. reporter: -- and eye for an eye. >> nick: > hong kong internatios one of the safest airports. what has been done today has seriously harmed the reputation of hong kong as well as the airport. i would like to appeal once again to all those who are now demonstrating at hong kong international airport to leave peacefully and as soon as possible. reporter: many have gone home and businesses should go back to normal. many fear a violent crackdown at the behest of beijing.
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laila: i am enjoying coming down. do you think testers will attempt to stage a stunt of that scale again, especially digging about china might wanting to intensify the crackdown? >> i think the demonstrators will go on to do the demonstrations because we see that beijing says there is a sign of terrorism today and that means there is no room for them to give in. i expect there will be another demonstration on the following weekend or if the police brutality is going to be more intense, there will be more come out in march. laila: explain to me the thinking behind the protests.
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initially it was against the extradition bill that it has now become a plethora of other demands that the protesters want the government to listen to them as well. can you tell me what the thinking behind that is now. >> at the very beginning we were against the extradition bill that then we found out there are so many problems in hong kong and the main thing is we don't have a complete democracy in hong kong. if we want to o avoid fufurther prproblems in the future, we hae to have a complete democracy in hong kong. laila: what i wonder is if beijing were to intensify the crackdown on the pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong, with that act as a deterrent? karen: we are trying to prevent a crackdown. that is why the demonstrators went to the airport today to
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seize the airport and to tell the government we don't want people to have any hurt caused by the police. i can't say how the protest will go but we are trying to prevent a crackdown. laila: trying to prevent a crackdown -- what is the public support for these ongoing protests? karen: now i am in germany and i cannot say cicely but i think the majority is pro-demonstrators -- cannot say precisely, but i think the majojority is pro-democracy demonstrators. they came too late and went against and on the streets to attack the protesters for the police. now we can say the police are not really helping people and the civilians have already had fear that they are not safe
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anymore when they walked down the street at night. so far, the news i read that most of the people there are pro-demonstrators. laila: what would it take at this point to resolve this issue peacefully? karen: government really needs to respond to the demands of the protesters. so far, they have held so many press conferences but they didn't answer any questions or any demands that people were trying to say. laila: thank you so much for coming in and illuminating some of the aspects. thank you. next, we shift our attention to italy where the senate will convene on to state for a special session to figure out its next step in the political crisis. during a meeting in rome, already leaders agreed the senate would attempt to set a date for a motion of no-confidence in the government. last week the interior minister
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had called for snap elections in a bid to lead the new government. >> tourists got a special tour of the senate building on monday because inside the countries future was under -- country's future was under discussion. >> matteo salvini and his p pary dedecided to cancel the coalitin and run away from the problems facing italians which must be resolved. >> backroom talks all day on finding a way forward. the former five-star movement opposed the elections. the democratic party is split. translator: we want to avoid elections turning this government crisis into an economic emergency that could possibly force italy out of the e.u.
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translator: the idea of a caretaker government passing a new budget that the current government is running away from and holding elections afterward is neither possible or credible rate it would be a huge gift to the far right that we are actually trying to stop. >> a new right wing alliance supports early elections. translator: we are the power of yes. yes to big projects, tax cuts, reforms, education, and justice and to traditional family values. reporter: the senate will decide the steps next evening. the prime minister will face confidence vote on august 20. laila: for more on the political unrest in italy, let's join reporter john hooper. what can we expepect when the senate meets on tuesdaday?
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john: we can exexpect high drama becaususe it is earr now thahat. salvini is not going to get what he wants easily. the opposition, center left democratic party and his former allies in the fifive-star movemt are trying to slow things down as much as possible. he would like to have a no-confidence vote in the government, which he is a part, rather ironic, as soon as possible. they are trying to drag everything out as much as possible and a are hoping to postpone the vote and the debate until after the next weekend. laila: why would they wanant too thatat? can you explain that? john: the logic o of this is s t if mr. salalvini is made t to w,
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that a point will be reached where it will be impossible for the incoming government to put together a budget for next year, which is a long process in italy, or at leaeast a budget tt will not trigger an automatic mechanism, whereby if the books are balanced than the sales tax hahas two go up and that would e a very unpopularar m measure tht would bound on mr. salvini. laila: let's presume that mr. salvini does manage to get his way -- would he have enough supporort to form a new government? john: thahat, too, is inn doubtt he is r running at 36% or 37%7%n the pollsls that he ndsds around 40% i i most estimates to bebe e to control -- by most estimates to be able to control t the next parlrliament if there wi bee
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annexed pararliament. -- will be a nexext parliamenen. he wilill be calllling on a a gf formerer neofascists and half to brbring in the party whihich is headed by silvio berlusconi.i. he comes in and mr. bell' silvio berlusconi has scores to settle. laila: who would seeee we would possibly see mr. silvio berlusconi make a comeback. john hooper, the correspondent in italy, thank you. now some of the other stories making news. migrant -- a new migrant ship has saved more than 250 people in its firir days in n the mediterrrranean. the ocean migrant picked up migrants and is searching the seas between north africa and italy.
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the trump administration has announced new rules aimed at cutting legal immigration into e u.s. the rules would deny perermanent reresidency and citizizenship to legal migraras who use public assistance, such as food stamams or medicare. an official said the u.s. w wand immigrants who are self-sufficient. a yemeni separatist group supported by the united arab emirates says it is ready for talks with the saudi backed government. they tried to seize controlol of the city after r a breakdown in the coalition fighting. the rebels and separatist seek independence for southern yemen. funerals have been held for five russian engineers killed by an explosion at a nuclear weaponons research cenenter. aa spopokesman for the center sd the blast occurred as the engineers were testing a nuclear isotope power source for a rocket engine.
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russian environmentalists are calling on the kremlin to release the details of a reported radioactive leak. and we stay in russia, where that country's interior ministry says it has launched a probe after a video of a riot police officer punching a female protester in the stomach went viral. the video w was shared by severa russiacelebrbrits onon socl medidia and has an viewewed milo ofof times. it comeses amidd accususions tht authoritie havave be u using cessive force to break up denstrations andnd cling for fr electionsns in moscow. protesesters have gathered for e past four weekends in the capital and other cities. social media has been playing a central role in drawing attention to the purchase and out the media regulator is demanding that youtube stop promoting livestream's of the demonstrations. reporter carl nasman joins us now. what do they want youtube to do in this case?
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carl: they were a big deal, 60,000 protesters and 200 arrested, including the woman we saw in the disturbing video. russia's communications watchdog sends a letter to google, youtube's parent company and it says stop promoting the rallies or else. it specifificallyy says the site was sending pusush notificatitis toto youtube users to helplp pre what it is callining these unlawful demonstrations. it says if google doesn't respond it would be regarded as "interference in the sovereign affairs of the state, hostile influence of the democratic elections." it doesn't say specifically what pressure might do in response to those are strong words. google has not publicly responded to that letter. interesting to see russia trying to crack down on the push notifications and what they think is promoting the videos. laila: why does russia want
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youtube to stop the push notifications? carl: it didn't specifically say which site was sending the notifications but it is clear that russia is not necessarily liking the fact that there are so many videos out there on youtube that have so many different views. take a look at what some of you can find on yoututube in regardo the protest thehere were scoresf accounts live streaming. that o one wasas an eight hour livestream. the channels were run by international broadcasters. this was from radio free europe d seen by more than 2 million people. you see interviews with protesters and active special boarard -- and an active discussion board. those are the kinds of things russia didn't like about what they saw on youtube. laila: from the perspective of
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authorities, that seems why they are so focused on youtube. any other reasons? carl: there are other social media outlets in russia but television specifically is censored and controlled by the government. if you are a russian citizen, youtube is the safe haven for speech -- free speech and where you can go to see these demonstrations and your anti-kremlin views. this big opposition figure became famous from his youtube videos. take a look at what he was up to on youtube and this launched him to stardom. he has 3 million followers and he did a s story about dirty moy being used b by mansions and otr prproperties and it has 30 milln use in a company where you can -- country where you cannot talk about anti-kremlmlin viewpoints.
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youtube and google are being targeted by russia and the government in general. this letter not coming out of nowhere and in the crosshairs of the russian government. laila: carl nasman, thank you, as always. in india, nearly 200 people have died in severe monsoon mudslides. the rain has forced hundreds of thousands to flee the home in the south and west of the country. it has only been a year cents kerala saw severe rains. >> thehe rains keep coming. major rescue and relief efforts have been mounted. more than 300,000 people evacuated in the worst affected areas. >> india faces regulated
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disasters during the monsoon which kills hundreds of people each year. floodwaters and landslidedes hae made testing roadsmpassable and have cut off and down bridges and made traveling by bus and train impossible. people are forced to seek shelter and safety at relief camps. sosome houses covered in sevevel meters off mududlike thatt cafee that has beeee completety destroyed in keralala. translator: it has been five or six dayss. everyone i is stuck in thehe village. peopople are facacing a loof problems. water is coming from all directions and entered all the houses. >> rescue teams work tirelessly to evacuate those affected by the floods and most at risk area they are also -- risk. they are also being helped by good samaritans in their
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community. authorities worry that the flood hit areas would be pummeled by more thunderstorms, having -- hampering their operations even further. laila: the islamic holiday of eid al-adha has begun. it is considered the holiest in the muslim calendar but this year they are taking place in the shadow of political tension in several countries. >> in israel and the west bank, thousands flocked to the mosque in jerusalem to offer prayers to commemorate god testing abraham's faith by commanding him to sacrificece his son. but eid had a p political edgeen ramallah where the resident blessed the crowd but also bowed to establish -- vowed to develop an independent state. politics part the proceeding in kashmir, where muslimsms werenly
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allowed to walalk to mosques ale -- in pairs. strong feelings on display. translator: we have gathered here not for aid but to show solidarity for those in india held kashmir. despite the cruelties, the people of kashmir will not remainin silent. > in syria, shshepherd's gatd flocks to sell for sacrifice, but for many, the conflict destroroyed the joy of eid.. translator: the spspirit of eids 100% missing.. i open my shop to create a nice atmosphere so they can forget their misery and displacement. the celebrations last for days and though they are marred in syria and elsewhere, these children at least could enjoy some of the fair for the festivities. laila: let's bring you up to
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speed with other stories around the world. the norwegian man charged with killing his stepsister and opening fire in a mosque has denied them accusations -- denied the accusations. the 21-year-old made the statement at a court hearing. it is ruled that he can be held for four weeks while an investigation continues. conservative alejandro giannattei is the next guatemalan president. he won with 60% of the vote. he defeated a left-leaning former first lady. swiss rescuers are searching for a man and a girl missing since sunday after their car was swept away by a flooding river. heavy rains in the alps sent water, mud, and debris searching
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through a village in the southwest of the country. the german government is planning a law to ban plastic bags because voluntary agreements has not worked enough. once seen as a green painter, germany is struggling to meet its environmental goals, including decreasing greenhouse axes. >> a reasonable cloth bag is the ideal i tentative. but ubiquitous plastic bags rain. 2 billion plastic bags at up annually and that is too much, according to germany's minister of environment. >> that is why i am going to ban plastic bags outright. it is an important and symbolic step to discourage our throwaway society from using things once
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and throwing them out. it can't go on and we are going to put a stop to it. >> for several years there has been a charge on plastic bags which has led to a two thirds reduction in use. now the last one third is in the target, a move many germans support. >> i am fine with it. i have enough class bags i can reuse. >> it is definitely a good thing. those plastic bags are just about everywhere. it is a sensible step to reduce plastics. >> i really like them. i was just shopping and you can scrunch them up so nicely. >> if the environment minister has her way, this will be just the first step. she has her sights on single-use plastic packaging, like that used for fruits and vegetables. it is likely producers and manufacturers will be asked to carry part of the disposal costs so that others are left to deal with the rubbish. laila: to tennis in canada's
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rogers cup, bianca andreescu became the first female home winner of the cup after serena williams had to pull out with an injury. williams was only on the couourt for 60 minutes before she had to stop playing because of back spasms. she was left in tears and was consoled by her opponent. in the men's final in canada, rafael nadal came out in toff in his mach against daniiiil medvedev. >> nadal dazzled and showed aggressive and to set the tone against daniil medvedev. after surviving to breakpoints and breaking medvedev's servant, he lookeked in contr.. hiss russian rival showed fifigt
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but coululdn't force errors. the dow sealed the first set 6-3 with this superb shot down the line, and it was smooth sailing from then on, much to the delight of his spanish supporters in the audience. a wide anglele serve failed to turn aroround medvedev's fortuns in the second set. nadal clearly comfortable with everything thrown at him. the spaniard consistently broke serve in the second south -- set to cruise to 6-0, claiming the cup for the second year running and the first time he has defended the title on a non-clay-court. he will recharge his batteries for the u.s. open, having pulled out of the cincinnati open after the match. laila: i am laila harrak. stay tuned.
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i am leaving you pictures from australia which is experiencing harsh winter weather with heavy snowfall in low-lying areas and that has led to unusual images like these that you see, kangaroos hopping through the snow in new soututh waleses. not an everydaday site down n u. thank you fofor watching. i will see e you in a sececond. [captioning g performed by thehe nationalal captioning instititu, whwhich is resesponsible for its caption content t and accuracy. visit] ♪
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. it's elise political future is in the hands of the senate says the other house decides on whether a vote of no confidence will lead the country to early elections this softer interior minister matteo seventy naples his support from the ruling coalition with a night to building. on his league policies ratings in the polls. and traffic is set to resume on tuesday morning in hong kong after thousands of protesteters brought the international airport to a standstill on monday. this says pro democracy demos and said that tenth week with beijing ramping up criticismf


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