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tv   Earth Focus  LINKTV  November 23, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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announcer: on this episode of "earth focus," lessons learned durg g hurrane e kaina arar ing put to the test alonthe coast of losisiana. meme prect n newrleansnsill submerd d by te enendf thisis cetutury. e reregi' survival depen on its ility todapt to clite chang if sucecessfu lououisna mayay provi a a blurintnt f otherer ound theorld. [film advae clicki]]
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tukeker: tre w werfamilili her t thereere e ki in thth street pying fooall, right? the were nghbors. is house s the cay lady. ids, we uld comeown a spend o quarterand sit he on thiporch aneat it and jusenenjoy e atatmohere of e e commity,y, rht, anan tht t wentway y ju overnrnht. iit ju g got whed d aw. [helicoerer whiing]g] man: werere seeg scscen likee th o one toughghouthe cici. liermrman: youou remberr if you tolththem at th leveehad broken? oown: don'n't recall specicicallybut t itas thaha ne o orlea is s flding..
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walts: no. s. knoeded ovethemem pnts onon tirir poch lastnighght,uh? miss is some upt t withou.. a cplple ofonthths o, we e d a rain storm, jusa a ordiry rastorm in southea louisiana.t t was e ofof ose days that wehohought "hey, stst a ltle rain butut lownnd bold,d, t city fldeded. t draraine systst was not t to pa tuck: : we led hurrines s as kids. i remember whethe calm came, weould plaout in t wat. it wasust anotr day off from school, ght, butowow it's s terrying.
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it'terrifyng. walter t this notot aoax.. this is rea c clima chahangis real, shohow doe liliveith itit i think inhihis seion n of town, 'retartrtinto underanand th wataternd climate chae e goesand d in nnd. johnso new orans in e last 5 to 7 years has relyly takeonon a gat a adaation n clitete resience a cllime ange. evavations onone the jjor aptatatio that t u sometimesesee, ithatat t housesre raisehihigher this ishe centefor the sustainae engagent and delopment.we haveain gaens herewewe hel comninitiesow t to ild rara gaens. we soso hava
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orchd.d. youee ovevehere, , have lensns. geus o oneff here. ateter krinina,you hahaall these toxins fm m the ter,r, s that nt into e soil, d at'all overhe lowerinth wardnd probay a lot louiana. evintly, th rocess of going through ee trees b bear uit,t, idoesn'n't come intohehe fru. alalsowe recoend abovbed gards ere you n put frh soil t giveou cropshat are not taieded witthatat pnt. what ''e trtrieto do o help withhehe comnityty tfirstt educatththem bausse ey gege confused about, u know, climatchange aololitic issu i is iteal?l? wjust t t to givehehem thfactcts.hen wewe try to show w w theyan be advocat f for h we e adt to thatlilimate tucker: if we d't do soetethin alallhis bebety of newrleans tat everody ves, tousts comeown to se, , the'llbe loooong at juswater. tt's it.
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willllms: the an we' relii on believes that we n fight tter, d ifif y' ever been to bebeach en t the'a riptie e andou t thk youuan fifight ter,r, y wilill arn thayyou wll l losthat b btle. waggon: with alimate aptationlan, y have a t system a a dry stem, so when u need o lift wer out,ou can o that, t when yoneneed to t t the ter in, you calelet thwateter throu that syemem inttheese canals a c circute it arnd the city. wiiaiams: memeansome p pple might wa p pastere e an thinknk h, yeah. it'jujust orgrorown grass." no. it's lolow-lng ararea at h hasertainin vegetatn n in ithatat ithe
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perft t vegetionon wn youu nt watetoto absb anand able to dissatate at more gradl l ratei memeanit doeoe't look lika a lot nanatal scienc b but tre''a l lot of natalal scice t thagoes i into .. waggone c costsess s toave green inasastrucre b becse this isow-maintance. ths isis aodel of part o othe city as theaiain drnagege bin. you haven n underounund stem,, the white nenes unr ththe earthththe id wasas tget thth water intththese pes,s, tget atat wat to o the pumpmpand push it outththat w thehe ththod. willia: : trutof t theatterr , there no way s solveur water iueues wi jusust r pumpsndnd turnes. it's s no enou. it wi never b ough. waggoner: you kno d decad of doing te e wronthing usllyy killou. we t our deh waing in 25. lliams: there w a polical wi to makeure that thisity seesnother00
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yearsit wouldeaean hang vy beauful, ve aesthet bluays alonwith greways througut the cy, us ling witwater, sthat whethat next storm com, , becae itit's ing to ce--that's a fa-- that wat has a alace to go other an your rs and you homes a the strt. ilm advce click reed:t some pnt after rricaneatrina, ople stard d to g reaeallserioio about coaalal isss, and ty started to thk about sksk reductn,n, procting pele from fldingng, geththerith restoraonon as e ththinthat needs to badaddresd, a ando we came up with this asastal aster pl which is a listff projectsththat ve e ben scientificlyly vetd, a ando we haverorojectthatat ddge materi f from e plplacand pupu it in otother ace e toctuallll
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buildewew mares w whe therer's open ter at e momenton the risk-reduction sidewewe haveextenive e sees off leveesndnd flogatetes ound somcrcritic coaoast commitities.hesese a projejes that wehihink wl woworknot wornonow, b worork to thehe future. man: this iskykylane4788 noemember. kolke s stat'soastalalaster plan a a $50illilion50-yeaea plani i conser m mysf an ococeanoapheher d a coasl geologis s so ilookok aissuee like y y we sk inin lisianana and a also ok a at sues l le how we rebud coasta landscapeththe baier isisnds e one othe firslines of defens aginst a srm, righ so tice hothis is w pretty muchontinuous. ther's no channelin the mdle of i this is examplef a rested
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barrieisland. al r rightthenen y can senenew orans,s, sthat''s one of the moror poskatrininleveee improventnts, sthe e id was t t basiclyly to ll o offhis arar to prevent a stormurge fro gettingo the lor ninth rd. leve a are setimimesuilt w wh earth, and someteses th're but t withoncrcret but t t core points s thathey y arall a wall th p protes anan aa from was s and singng wers from atotorm. e bigges variable this iseaea lev riseif the sl level rise ras s are the lownd of th specum of what peopl redict, en you cld rebui lage areasf the lascape d providflood prection for a t of peoe. if ras are athe highndnd, th i thnk a lotf f area wilill lost, even with thetatate'ss best foforts.
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all rhtht. we, wewelce to cocoieie. thmasaste planan nedsds a l of f int, andndo the kind of wo t that do f fee intohe parameters th t the state needss s partf itits master anan. so y you kw, i i jt wantnt to veve you vieiew what t e salt marshes ouound he lolookike. youanan seehat t the'marsh for mes in th d direcon.. marsheprprovida lolot buffefe frm m storenerergyso theh're a buffebebetweeour r hun civilitition a the seaso t the resrarationnvololvepumpinin sediment io o a mah lilikehis to raise thelelevatin tto low it to bter keepacace wi seaea level rise d d to fl inin aas that have ered.
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so isis is e bububbdove structure,hihich ione e ofhe majoflfloodges i in e morgaa a to t gululf vee system. wita a leve onene questionhahat yohaveve i who'iinsid annd o is tside ee lev sysyste by drdring thisalall inhe m mar, you'u're changing t e envirmentnt, t yo''e alalsoettingngown a series p princles s ofho lives wherendnd theindsds o choiceshahat the cocommitiess face in theeaears aad, , so of which e e gointo b be ry, veve tough cicices.
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albert. . naqu: ththisrea used tbebe lov' lane e cause there watrtrees l ovoverhe pla. . yououldld g in hehe and go hide ba t thereso o w'dd lisn n to mic a andang ouou with uur gifrieiendy'l do't ind d if say t tt, huh? all right. iasas borand d raed right hrere, ithehe tll grara right he. i gue it presenthehere a of f my anctorsrs w born anraised nd died,nd a lots buried overeere, s wewellso to o , it memeans whoholeunch.. comarlle: theand is portant us becae it's whereurur anctors seted.. that's whe are falieses a. that's whe t the hrt of wh we ar i is. ' a sppe that w come onwith.
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albert p. nainin: thindidian werinin theay o of e whitit man, so ty alall gneded treaeses forore landnd more landand tha's h we got to overerere. t govoverent chased us, w we seled d ov here d d was ppy,y, a now mother natures s gettg usus away. uunet:his is mgranandpents on my mothe'side,e, m grandmoerer andy grgranatherr righththere. wasas rsed hehe my whole lifeyyes. le de jeanhaharlesas a alws beenena wonderful acace toive.e. t isld d did'tctualal open up toththe wod fufull not u uil oout t eararlyiftieseshen our road w b built itasas vereasysy twake up t morningnd see aadillo t the yd or opoum o or raccoon,oou knw, crossg the
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yard whateve whatnotall that has cngnged bausese, th a lot oitit jusbeining ter nono thererees he didiedff. whwh you'rere seeg isis aually y st a kekeletoof what usesed , you kw? alerert p.aquiuin:o me, , means momost, guesess u cann say, like fafamilyembeber ving cancer, u u knowit''s beiei eaten ay,y, younow, whe it's usust a ttlele b by lilile bit gtiting dtroyoyednow, t t only thg is, t piece land is lastingononger an t theuman bo c can.
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the e right rere is oil field canal.thther's e aat paes h her there's one that paeses a b fururth, and erere's onone at pasass in the ba, , so y'e lookokg at water s saltwer i intsion coining fr thehe peline e nals, anththey dtroyoyedhe vegetati that wesed to have... butyoyou kn, momostf thee peop w work r ththe l companiesththey'rere e onee that'ss putng f fooand papaing the ntnt andortgtgag and s sff like that, so, amumuch ayouu hatehehem, u h hav to lili them dure: islee e jeanharlrless-- at's the cmmon yinng?-the cary in thmimine fld. . w're
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seeing-vever he, wewe cl it elative sea leveririse. u have t g globasea a lel rise, ich is igight, t ababou80% of the sea lev r rise re i is becausef f subsence, soe bothububsidi and youave e th glbal sea vel riset t the same te, so w a are snkiningy, i thk k it's s 3illimemers a year.t t doe't sod like much, t you gontnto 40 years, 50 yrsrs, anyou star to noticeififferees w whe yo''e alalrey onlylylightly abe e the ter r li isle e jeanhaharles brunet: inhehe begning, itas a sw proces i it warealally not alally niceaeabl but t tn whenev the water started coming in evemomore wh it, it got to bmmore pid d bause ey had more watecocomingn a the landidn't stand a chance,
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so my y peop on n thr own d m make e dedecion to o ecause othe wate denaaqaquin:y dadad ved ofof the isld,d, i wt toto s, righgh before i wasororn beuse e he was'tble to g to o wo withh the road oooodingnd h he eded to work but i am fm m the biloxi-chitichcha-chtaw band ofsle de jn charle a and th's my herigege, th is s my daughte'' hererige. yy know, aat's ouour mily l lacy. albtt p. quiin:aah! [lghghter] tt allhe p peoe who o ll be namedhuhurry , fafarm boy.. a chilwas born evebobody wt anand sit and broht a gif n now 's t
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happening. thankouou forodayay's ssrise. aid, you wa a indianame? yes. younaname ilittttleox. the displacenent rely, , rely made chchangen ouour lture.e. now w weind d ofive-- ha hhaha!--le there e nono indians, ok? dre: the ly way tsese coastal commitities ll survive into thlalater st century itoto proct o ourlves from thgugulf omexixicoi reale e in 3 yeaearsthis w wl probablbebe allpen n war. i mean,hehe seaill l ta us alal over. at i'mm tryg toto dwith the lee system, what'm trtryintoto do,s buy ouelveves o or 3 neration
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it's just ouout imssible t inude themntnto a vevee syste it woulcost probly 00 milln, and iwould be near impossible because the llt coitions a so o ba you know, touiuild a flood-proctction oject, y have h have re b benits an cost.nene thi thahat's nono factor i in thcost, th onlnly look t the ct ofof t homeses the costf f the sineness, the infrasucucturebut,t, y know,w, don't t knohowow y put aricee on it,utut thedo n notonsider the cost of a wholculture. [film advan c click [tm-tom pling] comardel: : as dplacacemt kee h happeng a ande
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jusfufurthesepapara our mmmmunit it't'll jususget lost [men chtiting] man: turn t the lt. comardell w we lened d abt a national disaster resilncee plan mpmpetitn, s so submitt our pla. we word to fit witththe ste's sterer plan, and th p preseed it, a it gofufunded sande: : righnow,w, t way relocatns typically hapn n in the uniteststateswe relelon an indivuaual buout mode d so, i other words, someone receiv somome mpensati
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to go live sowhwhere se, , bu in doing sowwe dlosse at cultul l fabr, soso wdon't really know w we camoveve pelele colctivivelas a g gup chear and mo e efficntlyly than individuals. comardle: there's very littleosositivin t theorm ofof resettlentnt of oplele. u know, gerernmen jusust n't it well. we presteted a different model, community-design,, comnnity-riven. thiinkhat was, d d look on n th and said, "le's t i it. t'try aa pilot proamam, seif we ca figure ouhow w too ththisn a smaller scalsoso we n chchan itoror--" have soanyy coununitiein t the.s. anan aboad th's cingng tse samam clmamate iues, and i tnknk th's y so m my peoplarare wahingng, causee it's le,e, "okcan n weeallyy gett ts right?becacauswe know hoimimportt itit ifor thth future ofhehe wor to o geit right. brut: ther's a realityhere
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that ionon't lilikebut i i's somethi that i ve to fa up to becae, you e, i hado go erere anmake a disioion leave a place that's aays s be home f 7 7 or generatis, and that wasn'easy to t go of, and, in fact, in itite of ananswerg g thatuestion feww times, it still esesn't make i easy. [film advance clksks] comardelle: t this thehe n prerrrred se fofor e islala. thiisis whe ourur cmunitytys nnnna mo to.o. 's s beautil l plac to o methis i i new li, , new rth,h, a sustnanable ace.e. ts is a a healthy acace. saders: no w we dondererstd that isis is histstorally
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tril l commity,y, a we alal unrsrstandhat t polationon ave left this ptiticula location ov a a perd ofof te, and tho folks w are succesulul in is p proct will have o oppornityty t reconititute t the n locationbubut ouprimimarset of befificiars arare e peopop livi o on thislalandwe wanan to pick up the pplple th arere ving inhis direscenario nd ensurthat they live mewherehat is se now an ntnto thfufuture comardelle: i he e thathe tri w wouldwn t theand, a a acuauallywe e st of l le a mixed nenershi youou kw, thehe llks wld h havfull r rhts to eir r la, bubut the s se tie,e, if ey were go o an want tmomove o of f itit wouou rert back t the tbe s so at way, that land wi b be foverr sacred f t the tbe t to ve. sanders:e'veot to wa a pretty finliline bwhicich 'r dedevelongng somhing t tt makeke sen f for ts cocommity bubu also coulde e applable t ta uch wider array c commnities that y y be ia simila situion. we mply do't he a good answero that ueuestio
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yet. comardell i i finthiis ery empowerg.g. it's s alwing u uto breadodown se ofof tse cututural rririe, somom of those griebabarrie thaha'ss been in acace fr yeaearsast. you did'tven n reize itit everotheher rricananseason, yo'rehavivingo replple cars or furnitur y you d' have e chance h have vingngs,nd youou don't he a a chce to o low yo k kids havave bettererext step life. srting ouin thisieiece opropoper, theyey can he e a ho andnd aay too progrs s intohe f fute. if f was to poraray itn anan endgegered ecieies st, thth is r rebirtwhwhere canan starour new pupulati to o ge off atat endgerered eciess lis
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announcer: "earth focus" is made possible in part by the orange county community foundation and the farvue foundation.
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