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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  March 16, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> the french president says we are were as he places his country under lockdown, telling people not to leave their homes, and drafting in the army. ♪ this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. >> we have a simple message for all countries. test. test. test. >> the world health organization says the current response is not enough to stop coronavirus pandemic spreading. ♪
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[bell] street asmmet on all investors panic about the pandemics devastating economic impact. the pandemic is putting millions out of work, as shops and restaurant close around the world. ♪ -- stocks plummet on wall street. hello. countries across the world are wrapping up the response to the coronavirus epidemic. the french president has cleared were on the up break and is borders from 11 gmt on tuesday. the eu as a whole is considering banning all but essential travel. the british government which has been under pressure to toughen its approach is asking britain's to avoid nonessential travel and pubs, clubs and theaters. this president donald trump has issued similar advice and urging
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no social gatherings higher than 10 people. this comes as the head of the world health organization implores governments to test far more people with suspected cases of covid-19. the mounting concerned that the pandemic will cause a global recession. another toward day on the market. stock markets plunged around the world despite acorn energy efforts by central banks to attract growth and jobs. -- despite acorn energy effort. coordinated effort. >> 100 million europeans are on lockdown. sweepingt to its first day of sweeping resections were specked by some and ignored by others. presidente french urged restricting all nonessential movement. he summed up the crisis. guerre.
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we are at war. action of the government must now be focused on the fight against the epidemic, by night or day. nothing must distract us. latest crisis breathing, the world health organization urged countries to strengthen efforts to control he outbreak. -- its latest crisis breathing just breathing -- briefing. pandemicnnot stop this if we do not know who is infected. we have a simple message for all countries. test. test. test. >> and the spanish capital, madrid, the military were on the street telling people to go home. late,has followed italy's confining citizens to their houses unless they have to buy food, medicine, or seek medical help. germany, the economic powerhouse of europe, responded to the crisis on monday by restricting
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gatherings and tightening its borders with austria, france, switzerland, luxembourg, and denmark. several of germany's neighbors including denmark, poland, and the czech republic, already close to their own frontiers. as the virus advances, the global race to produce a vaccine is gathering pace. in germany, this firm hopes to have an experimental low-dose coronavirus vaccine ready by june or july. available for human testing. the company denied reports the u.s. resident donald trump offered large sums of money for exclusive access to it. in the u.k. where things have been more relaxed, the promised or announced a new raft of emergency measures. without drastic action now, cases of the virus could double. >> that is the time for everyone to stop nonessential contact with others. and to stop all unnecessary travel.
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people to start working from home when they possibly can and you should avoid pubs, clubs, theaters, and other such social venues. >> as the number of virus cases increases in romania, a network of volunteers has growing in book rest to help elderly -- is growing in bucharest to help elderly people. for the vulnerable, these are axis times. country after country, the situation deteriorating rapidly. your's leaders are calling on their citizens to remain united, by being further apart. al jazeera, london. >> the o's president announced guidelines to limit the spread of the virus, including limiting social gatherings to fewer than 10 people. donald trump says he is not currently considering a nationwide curfew. one could be imposed in certain hotspots. >> my administration is recommending all americans including the young and healthy work to engage in schooling from
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home when possible. avoid gathering groups of more than 10 people. avoid discretionary travel. and avoid eating and drinking at bars, restaurants, and public food courts. this are thesees critical changes now we will rally together as one nation and to the virus. and we will have of acceleration altogether. and washington, d.c., the seems to be the first time present trump has acknowledged the extent of the problem. is that a fair way to put it? >> i think from a month ago when he was saying that it would be all over soon, that they were down to a low number of cases, and that would soon be cured as well. we are now in a position where every day the number of tests is going up. the number of debt is going up. and the president -- the number of dead is going up.
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and the president acknowledged this is very bad. people do not like him using the phrase washing through the system and he said he thing sometime in july or august. for someone who would say it would be quickly over this with a long timescale on it. this is the federal government catching up with what a lot of local ministrations have done. here in washington, d.c., from 10:00 p.m. tonight, there will be no dining in restaurants. that has been going on all over the weekend. people were concerned. they expressed that concern on social media, particularly toward the mayor. so that has now been addressed. difference asl well, and what the federal government is saying, just 24 hours ago. cdc was saying no gatherings of more than 50. if you're planning that, please cancel or think again. now it is 10.
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they were asked why the change? they said they had started to model some new information they got and realized if they want to get ahead of the curfew, the best thing to do was to reduce the number to just 10. a lot of places have closed gymnasiums and theaters, bars and restaurants. they are hoping they will be able to do this. the man heading the medical spearhead of the u.s. administration effort against coronavirus said look, this is not an overreaction. people may think we have gone too far but we have not. and everyone needs to do this to make sure that they mitigate the spread of the disease because in his view we are still at the early stages of this. it is going to get worse. >> thank you. growing fear of global recession as the pandemic since markets around the world plunging.
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this is despite central banks announcing a coordinated effort to ease the effects of the outbreak. the new york stock exchange, the dow jones closed down 13%, the worst drop in three decades. >> nothing white house is doing, nothing the federal reserve is doing is hopping at all. in fact, it seems like it is getting worse. -- nothing is helping at all. these are one of the days on wall street one 5, 10, 20, 30 years from now people will look back and say, remember that day in march of 2020? the market had its worst day since 1987. the dow down 3000 points. 12.9%. the s&p down 11.99%. throughown around 9% , that ise afternoon almost historic in itself. in the last 45 minutes of
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trading, the bottom dropped out and the market went into historic low levels. the nasdaq had its worst trading day ever. >> china's government release numbers showing the full scale of the economic damage caused by the outbreak with widespread factory closures, industrial output fell 13.5 percent and retail sales dropped by more than 20%. the number of new infections in the reason -- region continues to go down. >> day by day there are more signs of life returning to the streets in hubei province, whether coronavirus outbreak began. the simple act of police removing a roadblock was a welcome sight for residents and the government which wants to get the country moving again. the industrial engine which led china to become the second-largest economy in the world is also restarting. after disastrous two months which saw output collapse. >> company's are gradually recovering their general order of production.
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the situation for factories going back into business and hiring is improving. their latest demands will continue to increase. >> as the number of new infections in china decreases, just 16 recorded sunday, the government expect the economic prognosis to significant link improved this month. with the outbreak bringing other countries to a halt, demand for chinese exports will take time to recover. the number of new infections is slowing in south korea as well. areentative measures continuing, particularly in vulnerable areas. here workers spray housing project for the poor in the capital. in australia, many people were angry they were not given enough time to return home before tough new travel restrictions were introduced by the government. anyone entering australia must now self-isolate for 14 days. >> we now have to return to a farming property, we have no food at that farming property. we are try to find people to buy for us.
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so that literally, we can eat. 12 hours we are in a foreign country with all the warning we got i think is deplorable. >> the government in the philippines will extend quarantine measures and manila to the entire island of luzon. the capital is effectively locked down with travel research and's in place to slow the rate of infection, after a spike in the number of confirmed cases. the move came as 400 philippine crewmembers from a cruise ship stranded off the coast of california, arrived home. the workers were flown back on a charter flight, after some passengers on the ship became infected with coronavirus. wayne hay, al jazeera. >> iran recorded another big rise in the number of deaths, one header 29 more confirmed confirmed129 more monday. that includes a senior member of a panel of experts. there's concern the pandemic could overwhelm health
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facilities and an economy struggling under sanctions. venezuela entered its first day of quarantine as america splits its fight against the pandemic. military checkpoints have been set up on main roads into caracas with armed officials ensuring people wear masks before entering supermarkets. all schools have been closed. there have been 17 confirmed cases of the virus in the country. but no deaths. in his will is already suffering from an economic collapse which has devastated -- venezuela is already setting from an economic collapse which devastated its health system. lebanon is in the middle of an economic crisis and many residents say staying at home is not an option. they're concerned about how the starling health system will cope. we have a report from beirut. >> traffic has slowed after 11 on's government ordered a lockdown. private and state institutions are closed and daily life slowly grinds to a halt. it is the latest measure to stop the spread of coronavirus, but
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not everyone can afford to stay home. daughters.hree there's no work for a tile work or i am forced to drive a taxi and my health is endangered but i have no choice. >> the government declared a medical state of emergency, to keep the number of infections in check. essential services like bakeries and pharmacies remain open, but the country will be sealed off from wednesday. with the closure of airports, ports and borders. some fear these measures are not enough. [speaking foreign language] >> the problem is many lebanese are not taking these seriously. they ask why we wear masks and gloves. >> private health facilities are on the front line of this battle because of the bitter reality of public hospitals. that is how the pie minister described the situation as they prepare to face the pandemic. dr. say the private sector does not have the equipping and supplies to last over one month.
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>> the private sector is not ready to take this except for a few major hospitals in beirut. these few major hospitals in beirut can handle this task, but not for very long time because we have a huge shortage. >> the government is under pressure on more than one front. it is almost bankrupt and there is a deep economic crisis. trying toities are protect people but many are asking what they're doing to look after their livelihoods. many say there is a need for a copperheads response plan and a strategy to ensure the economy does not collapse further. some are taking personal initiatives to help those in need. opponents of the government believe ministers and parliament members should work on retrieving what they say are still public money, instead of donating this month's salary to a national fund set up to come at the virus. people are getting poorer. >> actually it has been two months. the needs are getting very big
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because we have a lot of people outside the downtown, coming to ask us for relief boxes. with rice, sugar, oil, and we are getting as much as we can. >> lebanon is facing many crises, but the fight against coronavirus is taking precedence. health officials expect the number of infections to rise. as they try to delay that, it is the most vulnerable seem to be left behind. al jazeera, beirut. >> still to come, as canyon braces for a rise in those testing positive, economists ask if a government can maintain a lockdown without a proper social welfare system. tasked with ending up local stalemate, israel's president asked opposition leader any gant to form a new government. to form a new government. ♪ >> welcome back.
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as we take a look at the weather across australasia, tropical cyclone greta still looks threatening on the weather map but is weakening. -- gretel. it will induce strong winds on north new zealand. still heavy rain associated with that system. cool southerly wind across much of losing lint -- new zealand, chapters dropping in christchurch with a front that will push across tasmania tuesday and wednesday. we have showers for the gold coast. across western australia, winds bringing showers to perth in the course of the day, temperatures of 25 degrees. as we head into wednesday, the risk of showers decreases but with southerly flow is just 23 degrees in contrast to port hedlund at 40 degrees celsius. a risk of showers on the gold coast decreases through wednesday. in northeastern parts of asia, one weather system clearing out
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into the north pacific so brighter conditions across much of japan. tokyo looking at dry weather and highs of 13 degrees. brightest across south korea but heavy rain across parts of southern china. we should see showers affecting hong kong. ♪ >> our top stories, the french resident emmanuel macron told the french public we are at war against the coronavirus. announcing a raft of new measures he said he is closing all french borders. fears are growing about global recession as the pandemic since markets plunging again. the dow jones closed down 13%, the worst drop in three decades. the world health organization is urging countries around the world to test every suspected
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case. the director general tedros adhanom says you cannot fight a fire blindfolded. cases of coronavirus have been confirmed through half of africa. 30 countries are grappling with 400 infections. in kenya, the president encouraged people to work from home. nairobi,plane from many do not have medical insurance and have no choice but to risk their health. [crowd ] >> a lot of canyons use public transport to get around. some service providers are taking no chances. this is one of the busiest bus stations in the roby -- in nairobi city center. for -- aree are not not enough for each and everyone. , alongside adopted asking are conductors to make
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ventilated,es are opening the bus doors and windows. put inay, the government new restrictions after two more cases of coronavirus were confirmed again the total to three. the president addressed the nation, announcing the indefinite closure of schools and universities along with the barring of all visitors from coronavirus affected nations and asking cannons to avoid using cash among other measures. -- asking people of kenya to avoid using cash, among other measures. >> government, businesses and companies are encouraged to allow employees to work from home. nyans relyyons -- ke on casual labor for their daily income and do not have medical insurance but they woke up to these headlines and are afraid things would get worse. are preparing for potential lockdown if the
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disease continues to spread. government officials that they are not there yet but some people we spoke to are concerned about how they will feed their family if they are told to stay home. one person says he cannot afford to stay home even for one day. >> if they tell us to stay at home, what we eat? will we sleep hungry? my family needs to be fed. the lender needs to be paid. >> -- the landlord needs to be paid. not to are kenyan people panic, and to maintain good hygiene. they say the isolation of his levees are working and the country is to pair paired for the worst. -- paired for the worst. at the hospitals they say they do not have proper protective gear and eventually entering all families stay safe. there's is one of many problems the government faces as it tries to prevent a small outbreak from
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getting out of control. al jazeera, nairobi, kenya. >> russia's foreign ministry says fighters in syria's last rebel held stronghold are breaching a cease-fire. this comes after russia and turkey which brokered a possum fighting cut short joint patrols because rebels cut off the main road. the cease-fire deal was signed earlier this month by the russian president at his turkish -- and his turkish counterpart erdogan. came after a direct confrontation between the turkish military and syrian government troops. -- which brokered a pause in fighting. it israel netanyahu asked opposition leader benny gantz to help form a coalition government. israel's clinical process is exacerbated by the -- israel's political process is exacerbated by the coronavirus epidemic. >> they have been here before. israel's president reuven rivlin
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last gave benny gantz an opportunity to form a coalition government. now he has just a majority of parliament members recommend him for prime minister, 61 out of a hundred 20 and he is setting confident. fewer time has come for empty words and more big acts. to set aside boycotts and swords and reconnect again the tribes of israel and all the citizens of israel. we will be the coronavirus, pass through this crisis, effete hatred because our hope is not gone yet. >> days after israel's prime minister benjamin tonight you called on gantz to join him in emergency government. thept with -- gantz returns favor, except with himself as the head. electedng-in of newly members, to stave off coronavirus but likely to raise
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a chuckle from members who watch their politics dragged through the dirt. parliament declared opened by -- aresident in a chamfer chamber empty except for netanyahu and gantz and one other. >> we may be able to replace leadership but not the people. we are destined to live together and so i have one request to make of you. get the people a government. >> israel's new front virus restrictions ban gatherings of more than 10 people. the members were sworn in three at a time. there are questions how this new apartment will function under such conditions. questions about what kind of government they can hope to form. one option is a minority government supported by israel palestinian members but some within gantz' ranks oppose that. another option is a unity dealt with netanyahu.
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terms, that would require netanyahu to give up the premiership, position he is not planning to do before a trial. until gantz' ays bandit expires at a fourth >> -- fourth election as possible. gaseath toll at a processing plant in nigeria has risen to 18 people. the blast sunday in the commercial capital of legos entering 25 people and destroyed 50 buildings after a fire broke out. the state owned nigerian national petroleum corporation says indications show the blast was triggered in a truck hit gas cylinders near a pipeline. fireolled child died in a at an overcrowded refugee camp in greece. -- a six-year-old child. camp unless the
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both began in a container. nobody was injured but several temps -- several tents were damaged. cap is that six times capacity, holding 19,000 people. on thes started arriving island after turkey prevented them from traveling to the eu. -- stopped preventing them from traveling to io. >> a man stabbed 19 people with mental this billy's at a care home west of tokyo in 2016 -- with mental disabilities. he claimed those incapable of communicating with others were a burden to society and that his actions. >> another medical crisis gripping latin america. dengue fever cases are soaring from mexico to chile and is one of the most common reason for people being put in hospital. one clubby and city saw a 500 increase -- one city in columbia has seen a 500% increase in cases in a month. >> in colombia's third city,
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calais, a fight is rating against daggett fever. a woman -- against denguefever. -- kali. dengue deathsumed last month so the city's human getting. >> is a delicate matter. we need to be careful with the smallest pool of water. i change the water of the plants every day. not everybody does it and it is dangerous. -- cali. >> fumigation's are one of the measures to confront the epidemic in the city or cases have soared from 118 in january 2 5000. the ada's edge of gs mosquito -- the mosquito lays exit any pool of clean water. poor sanitation, bad hygiene and climate change with heavy rains and long peers of trout are making the outbreak worse. droughts are making the
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bricks worse. >> climate change has facilitated the breeding grounds. these mosquitoes are endemic but they're finding the best conditions to grow and the genotype is more aggressive. >> to get fever has been spreading through latin america in the past year. 1300 people have died since. country areross the struggling to keep up with the number of new patients. more than 3 million cases reported in 2019, six times higher than the previous year and an all-time high. the trend seems to be continuing in 2020. the disease has become an of the main reasons for hospitalization through latin america. months fromst three 15 to 20 per week
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