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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  April 5, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> this entity of life, it is vital that that is the pillar for the use of force. >> the minneapolis chief of police testified that derek chauvin broke rules and ethics of the police department in the arrest and murder of george floyd. i am mary m tomasi n.l. zero. -- i-- for al jazeera. h. for the first time, india
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records more than 100,000 covid cases in a single day. at least 133 people are killed by flooding and landslides in indonesia and east meal -- in indonesia, many more are still missing. welcome to the program. the top story this hour, the minneapolis police chief saying that derek chauvin went against the policy, training and ethics of the force when he kneeled on george floyd's. he was fired and -- george floyd's neck. he and three others were fired. he acted in a way contrary to everything top i minneapolis police. dignity and respect are used at all times and officers have a duty to give medical aid.
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he said video of the incident showed the officers killing a man. >> once there is no bigger any resistance and clearly, when mr. floyd was no longer responsive, laying motionless, to continue to apply that level of force to a person, handcuffed behind her back -- behind their back... that is nothing in any way, shape or form that is part of our policy or ethics. >> the coroner heard from the doctor who tried to resuscitate george floyd. he discarded a heart attack as a cause of death.
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he said that george floyd was discarded of oxygen. >> oxygen deficiency? >> that was one of the more likely possibilities. i felt that at the time, based on the information i had, it was more likely than any other possibility. >> is there another name for death by oxygen deficiency? >> is fix you is the -- asphyxia is the common the understood term. >> some horrible and damming testimony from the police chief, saying that the use of force was not appropriate and a violation of his own department' spo -- department's policy, john? john: that is right. it was a big day for the prosecution and a potentially devastating day for the defense. the prosecution was trying to
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prove two things. 1. george floyd died because derek chauvin's knee was on his neck and cut off his air passage and that: 2. that was not proper use of force. you have the police chief breaking the code of silence that we often hear about, the blue wall of silence where police refused to testify against each other but in this case, he testified against derek chauvin, an officer he previously fired after the death of george floyd because of the death of george floyd. he said that hold was not approved, it was absolutely not part of police training and that it violated our ethics and values. he said the police force valued human life. that was part of the training they had given.'
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they can't just wait for the paramedics. not only did that not happen but a licensed firefighter who was there, an emt was on the scene, out of uniform but she offered to help and the officer said "no, stand back." they declined to offer assistance and this police chief was very clear in saying that every step, derek chauvin violated police policy, committed excessive force. he said holding george floyd down in that prone position with his face on the ground was something you only ever do for a short period of time. once you have control of him, you stop doing that. the knee on the neck was absolutely unapproved in any case. he said if you must hold someone down like that, you must also
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turn them up on their side so they can brief eventually. in every case, this police chief offered devastating testimony. the defense try to contradict him, suggesting he had not been out on the streets in some time and suggesting that the use of force is not specifically disapproved. >> convictions of former police officers are certainly rare. there is so much public pressure on the prosecuting team. how much pressure is there on them to secure a conviction? >> the pressure is enormous. if you look around me, you can see the security. you can see that courthouse has
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barbed wire around it. there are national guard troops in a truck there. the buildings all around here are warded up. this entire city, the entire state are fully aware -- the entire world is aware that this city could go up in flames if the public in the streets are not satisfied with the result they see. we saw that after the death of george floyd where for days there was arson and looting in the streets in minneapolis. that spread to other cities as well. the prosecutors will know that there will be some response in the streets. they have an obstacle, they have 12 jurors they have to persuade. they have some things working on their side. there are four african american jurors. the rest of the jurors are being white.
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and the rest are alternatives. in the case of a hung jury, that could mean a retrial. it almost certainly would in this case. on the other hand to actually acquit derek chauvin, that would require something more than that. the pressure on the prosecutors is absolutely enormous. it may not just be minneapolis that sees other actions in the street. it could be across the united states as we saw last summer. >> a case with far-reaching implications. thank you. a lawyer for jordan's former crown prince -- the prince says he remains loyal
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to the constitution. the prince had signed a letter agreeing to place himself in the hands of the king, vowing he would alys be of help and support to his majesty and the crown prince. he has been accused of a plot to destabilize the kingdom and was placed under house arrest. something he says was punishment for speaking out against corruption. he signed the letter after meeting the kings uncle and other princes. >> the situation is of a bit difficult. all the guards have left and the chief of staff threatened me on behalf of top agency officials. those i know -- i have recorded his word and i will send them to my family and those outside of the country just in case of action. i have been ordered not to use my twitter or be in contact with people and not to see my family. i have been told by -- what i have been told by the chief of staff is not acceptable under
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any circumstances. i am still waiting for this matter to be sorted out. >> india is being -- the biggest contributor to the search is this state in india. they had more than 55% of the country's infections. for monday evening, the state is closing cinema, shopping centers and places of worship. the u.s. confirmed a new various -- variant of the virus but authorities are cautioning against linking it to the surge. >> it is our behavior that is responsible for the slide. the whole country needs to understand that and start practicing proper actions. maintain social distancing and never, ever step out of your house without a mask.
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>> we have more from new delhi. >> we have gone from an average of around 10,000 cases in early february to more than 100,000 cases on sunday for the first time. the cities along with a handful of states account for most of the cases in the country. the other states are punjab, karnataka. here in delhi, cases were 4000 on sunday. that is the highest since last year. the rise is due to what was called the sharp decline in covert appropriate behavior like wearing masks and social distancing due to pandemic fatigue and also what he called the lack of effective
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implementation of containment measures. he is sending teams to this day to assess why the situation has remained to the west the country. he is also sending teams to the state of punjab to see why the death rate is so disproportionately high in those states. punjab has recorded the highest number of cases of the u.k. variant of the coronavirus. health officials maintain that the variants, whether from the u.k., brazil or south africa, those variants are not responsible for the rise in cases. it is because of people letting their guard down after the numbers fell as much as they did earlier this year. >> tehran is heading back to the highest level of restrictions as i ran battles -- iran battles new levels of covid deaths.
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the iranian new year holiday is being blamed for the spread of the virus. there are nearly 14,000 new cases. chile is halting almost all international travel. officials say that borders will be closed for a month. both nationals and foreigners are prohibited from leaving the country. july has recorded -- chile has recorded more than a million cases despite having one of the fastest vaccination rates in the world. the and nearby provinces have again been placed under what the government is calling enhanced community quarantine. this is the highest tier of lockdown. we are reporting from manila. >> dr. grace is the medical but delia -- medical aid. she says -- medical lead.
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today, there are some signs of progress. it is the second day of public inoculations against covid-19. she says that this is twhat givs those working on the frontline some hope. >> this vaccination, this is the resolution to this disease. there is no other way to fight covid-19 but through vaccination. vaccination is the solution. >> at this hospital, at least 13 hundred medical workers are receiving their second those of vaccine. >> people tell us they have to li up for hours but it is something they don't mind. they say that in a country with more than 100 million people, they tell us they feel grateful to be inoculated now. the government is facing delays in the inoculation drive due to limited supply and its own
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restrictive policies toward vexing imports. -- @@accine imports. it now promises to inoculate over 70 million filipinos by the end of this year. this cannot come soon enough. the philippines are facing a steep rise in coronavirus cases. hospitals in intensive care averaged critical levels. >> 42 health care workers. >> we are already preparing to augment the shortage of medical workers in manila by sending some from nearby promises -- provinces. >> it had already implement it one of the strongest and strictest lockdowns in the world last year. many here have grown weary of what they see as the government's tough stand in fighting the pandemic. for this nurse assistant, getting her second dose means she can worry less about
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infecting her own family. >> it feels like liberation. i can really focus on taking care of my patients. i am happy. >> a glimmer of hope in what otherwise appears very desolate situation. >> moved to a medical facility to be treated for a respiratory illness and tested for covid-19. earlier, he posted that he had a high temperature and a bad cough. three of the 15 inmates in his block were hospitalized with suspected tuberculosis. he was jailed in february for 2.5 years over parole violations for a conviction which he says was politically motivated. al jazeera, live from london. much more still coming on
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the program. fighting for his political life while fighting for his freedom. problems on two fronts for israel's benjamin netanyahu. >> it is time for the perfect journey. the weather, sponsored by qatar airways. >> there is still big surf off of the east coast here. particularly around the gold coast and sunshine coast. the risk of significant flooding in land is reduced. it i still possible here in new south wales. on the whole, that is moving ashore. onshore wind, big waves and some
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some showers. to the west of that, fairly fine weather. offshore, you will see that circulating. the potential movement is slow. this might make it to the west coast of australia. much quieter weather in japan. it is not that warm. it is only about 60 in tokyo. the air quality in beijing tailed off. the wind is no longer there. the proper brain is developing in the south. it will take itself further eastwards. in india, some rain in the far north but more important, windy weather across the way. >> the weather, sponsored by qatar airways. >> most people will never know what is beyond the azores.
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-- these doors. the deafening silence, how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it is like to work while every breath is precious. where fear is not an option. but we are not most people. >> welcome back. a recap of our main storiesnow. -- stories now. >> the former officer, derek chauvin broke police officer
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rules during a deadly arrest of george floyd according to the police chief. the police had the duty to provide medical assistance, he said. for the first time in the pandemic, india has reported more than 100,000 new coronavirus cases in a single day. more than half of them were in the state of maharashtra where new restrictions have just come into force. now to mozambique where the army is saying it has taken back control of this northern town from an armed group that attacked it. a military spokesman said a significant number of fighters were killed during the operation. victoria reports. >> soldiers patrolled the streets of parma. the military is back in control of the town nearly two weeks after it was seized by armed groups. >> we cleared the last area this morning. it is complete the safe. in the next few hours, if we
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need to bring in any plates of food for the population, that can be done with no problem. it is secure. >> there is not much of palma. banks and shops are badly damaged. soldiers have the grim task of covering up dead bodie lying in the streets. >> the increasing boldness of the terroristic activity in mozambique is disturbing. the violence they perpetrated on civilians in mozambique is atrocious and it needs to be condemned again and again. >> the situation is bleak but the leader said he is optimistic the situation can improve . >> everything that has said from the government position is that the job has been done, we defeated the enemy. >> around 75,000 people used to live in parma.
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the influx is putting -- >> it is a big sacrifice -- sack of rice. need to buy more at one time. food is expensive. >> more than 20,000 people stayed in the city. >> estate of emergency has been declared where the u.s. has at least 40 people have died in tribal clashes over the last three days. dozens more were injured. armed men shot dead two people on saturday.
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u.n. peacekeepers withdrew from the area after a peace deal between the government and to armed groups. at least 133 people have been killed by floods and landslides in indonesia. heavy rains and strong winds are making it difficult for search teams to reach there. reporting from jakarta. >> in indonesia's east, rescue efforts are underway after flash floods and landslides. police and soldiers try to pull people to safety. >> in my village, the water is higher than my head. it has not yet subsided. >> many say their loved ones are still missing. a tropical low system is causing heavy rain and strong winds, adding to the challenge of getting rescuers and essentials
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to the island. hundreds are in evacuation centers. >> my house is by the sea, the water came up and flooded it. >> authorities say many houses are damaged. >> security forces are working together with volunteers. they will rent -- work with the health agency after they are rescued. >> the president has urged people to be on their guard. >> i ask people to follow the instructions of field officers, stay alert for floods and landslides because of the high intensity of extreme rains. >> indonesia's neighbor was also badly hit and the disaster could have an impact on his efforts to fight covid-19.
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>> they arrived with the first 24,000 covid-19 vaccines. the challenge now will be rolling out the vaccination with the damage to infrastructure. >> they are working to get a sense of the scale of the destruction. their fear is that the environmental disaster will deepen. >> myanmar stepped up its campaign against celebrities who back to the anti-coup protests. protesters gathered to honor the nearly 600 people killed by the military since the coup on f ebruary first. they are preparing for a meeting to discuss the political crisis.
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an investigation has started in bangladesh after a ferry and a cargo ship collided. at least 27 bodies have been recovered so far while several more are believed to be missing. >> on the banks of the river, desperate families waited for news. as the hours passed, their anger grew. >> why is there such a delay? >> the small ferry had been carrying about 50 people when it collided with a cargo vessel on sunday night. police say it was dragged almost 30 kilometers before it sank and the cargo vessel fled the scene. the ferry was finally pulled from the water on monday, 18 hours later. rescuers say they were delayed
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by bad weather. >> my appeal to the prime minister is please let me get bodies of my dead mother and father. >> body after body was brought ashore, including children. many were found inside the ferry, said to be packed with people rushing to get back to their home towns. the government had announced a lockdown to counter a spike in coronavirus cases. there were more than 7000 new infections reported on sunday. the highest in a single day. under the restrictions which are now -- all of them -- all of the domestic travel sources -- hundreds die in. accidents every year in bangladesh, blamed on badly maintained vessels, poor safety standards, the witnesses report the capsized ferry was carrying
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too many people. authorities believe the cargo vessel's crew was negligent and they are working into -- looking into what happened. many here are holding out hope. critics argue that investigations are often promised but rarely followed through. lexi o'brien, al jazeera. >> the country's president is holding talks to decide whether or not to ask benjamin netanyahu. a fifth vote could be in the cards. his corruption trial resumed. prosecutors accused him of bribery and reach of office while in office. charges he has denied. netanyahu said the prosecutors are only interested in trying to oust him. >> one thing cannot be hidden,
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that is what an improper use of governmental power looks like. that is how they are trying to topple a strong prime minister from the right. this is only one month before the first elections.
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