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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  March 28, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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three of the most deadly, devastating shooting in recent memories, including breaking details on the newtown shooter, adam lanza. michael isikoff has the details. michael? >> reporter: there's some chilling new details in the material released this morning. 154 bullets fired by adam lanza in less than five minutes from that bushmaster assault rifle he used to massacre the children and the adults at the sandy hook school that day. lanza went to the school, according to a statement from the chief prosecutor, which has just been released, with ten high capacity 40-round magazines, one recovered in the gun, nine others recovered at the scene. this is part of a wealth of
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material in search warrants and statements released this morning on the case. and also some pretty chilling new insights into lanza's world himself. excerpts from an fbi interviews and i'll read some of them that are recounted in the search warrants. agents of the fbi interviewed, it's redacted, apparently associate, people who knew lanza, describing him as somebody, who, quote, rarely leaves his home and considers him to be a shut-in and avid gamer who plays "call of duty" amongst other games. he has a gun safe containing at least four guns and interestingly one of the persons whose name is redacted here had attended sandy hook elementary school and said that that school was adam lanza's life. there had been a lot of questions about exactly what his connection to the sandy hook school was.
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this appears to place him at the school and indicate that it was a large part of his life. there are a lot of other material we're still going through that are described in the search warrants recovered from lanza's home. samurai swords, a big on aspergers and certificate from the national rifle association. >> thank you. james holmes, the accused shooter in the aurora theater massacre, is now offering to plead guilty next change for life behind bars. holmes' lawyers want to avoid the death penalty. and jared loughner is the shooter who killed six people and wounded gabby giffords. his parents took away the shotguns and dabisabled his cart
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night so he couldn't leave. david, the white house has tried to use political capital to pass gun legislation. what are we expecting to hear from the president in the next hour? >> i think he's going to make the same statements as before and tie what happened in newtown to what he's trying to do and hammer home some of the main points, whether he may or may not get some of the biggest issues he's going for, like a ban on high-capacity magazines, a ban on assault weapons. it's not going to happen probably but he's going to push hard on background checks and make this a personal case again. with the family members. that's been his most powerful, you know, sort of point so far. he did it right after the shooting, as you nopknow, and i think the white house will hit home the same message. >> and you're reporting that senator chuck grassley is writing his own bill. with all these different things
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that are sort of out there, could it make the effort even tougher, manu? >> that could give cover to republicans who are to oppose the plan that the democrats are pushing. they can say, look, we are supporting an alternative plan. they would argue that they're not obstructing efforts to try to stem gun violence. also what that could do is attract a lot of red state democrats, people who are up for reelection, say in alaska, louisiana, north carolina who are concerned about some of the more expansive gun control measures, even the universal background checks, piece that the president is pushing. that could give some -- attract some of those folks. it's going to be very hard to get anything through the senate. we'll see this fight come to a head next month. i'm not expecting a whole lot to get through in the next coming weeks. >> of course the point person on this, former senator and vice president joe biden said yesterday, quote, i think we're on the vrj of getting a serious, thorough, universal background check system in place and it
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will emphasize will, it will save lives. senator joe donnelly now says he supports background checks but we haven't really seen republicans get on board. is there any sense at all, do you think, david, that they're feeling the pressure? >> well, i think they're feeling pressure. the public opinion polls show a vast majority of the public, over 90% in some of the polls support background checks. i think the president and vice president are going to make a strong case on that. if not even win in this round, if they're not able to get it through, as you saw from the national day of action, the president and his former campaign, which is now sort of a lobbying group on his agenda, they're going to make this a case in swing states across the country if republicans don't get on board for this in 2014, try to win back the house. it's an immediate term goal and longer term goal. >> and gabby giffords and her
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husband mark kelly are trying to get in on this, too. they release the details are buying a gun and it shows going through a background checks, making the point if you do this it's not an inconvenience. >> universal background check is the most common sense thing that we can do to prevent criminals and the mentally ill from getting easy access to a gun. >> i guess, manu, the question is as gun owners and victims of gun violence, which he and obviously gabby giffords both are, does it make people watch any more closely? does it have a resonance or is sort of all -- are all of the arguments out there and people are pretty set in their ways? >> i think on the hill what you're going to see is the thing that everybody's going to be watching is whether or not senator joe mancion, he's trying
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to bring along at least some republicans, not go along with a lot of democratic pro gun control advocates but try to win enough republican support, get some nra backing or at least have the nra stay neutral. the problem is he has not been able to do that so far. if that effort fails, i'm not sure you're going to see anything really pass on background checks out of the senate. >> so as we wait for the president in the next hour, the other big issue he's working on is immigration. he gave an interview to telemundo yesterday saying he's confident reform is going to get done. >> i'm telling you, if we have a bill introduced at the beginning of next month as these senators indicate there will be, i'm confident we can get it done, certainly bit end of the summer. >> it's always good to see you. how are you, jose? >> good. it's an interesting interview the president was clear he's very optimistic there may be
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something as far as immigration reform shortly, as early as maybe first or second week of april. >> it seems like a very quick timeline. you're in washington, you go there every week and you talk to people. do you get a sense that it can get done and got done quickly? >> i do indeed. it's very interesting even to be able to think this is something that's a possibility in short order. you know what? the senators that toured the arizona border yesterday talked about the possibility of having something specifically to present by maybe when they return on the 8th of april, the 9th or the 10th of april. i'm hearing that the house is very close to pretty much dotting all the is to present their immigration reform bill pipt just a matter of working all small details. the big ticket items that have been really barriers in the past apparently have been solved. there's only one more issue, which is the agricultural jobs and temporary work permits.
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there is still friction between the unions and business people, but that seems to be getting closer to getting resolved. the president's attitude yesterday, which was essentially i'm going to stand back and wait for these legislators to present something soon, i think it's pretty clear that something is going to be coming down the pike very shortly. >> let me ask you about two of the key elements you touched on and start with the unions in the businesses who were a problem at one point the president indicates they've worked that out. we know that there is a house group working on this, the senate's gang of eight. so what does the legislative path look like right now? >> well, you know, this issue of ag jobs and the unions and business not being able to get to an agreement is what really torpedoed, poison pilled the last immigration reform in 2007. now, both the house and the senate, they tell me that that issue is not exactly crossed and
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completely finished but it's about to be dealt with. triggers for border security, check. >> let me stop you right there. i know lorie asked the president about that yesterday, again, another thing that seemed to be an issue that could hold things up. let me play while you're talking about that what the president had to say about border security. >> well, the truth is that we have done more on the borders than any previous administration, we have put more resources into it, we know there are fewer undocumented workers crossing the border than any time since 40 years at least. >> and he's planning a trip to mexico, right? >> he's planning a trip to mexico in may. one thing the president didn't mention but is worth mentioning is that the obama administration has deported more people than any other administration in the history of the united states of america. as you and i are speaking today here, chris jansing, 1,000 people will be reported and will
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be tomorrow and every day until this issue is resolved. trust me, not all of those are hard core criminals. there are a lot of families being divided, a lot of families that will never see their father or mother again in this country, many of those kids born in the united states. it's an issue that needs to be resolved if you are to see people coming out from under the shadows of illegality and saying i'm here, i am part of this economy, i have been part of this society for decades and i'm willing to pay the price in order to get in the back of the line to become part of this society in an open manner. >> by the way, the headline or at least one of them that came out of that border tour with the senators, john mccain tweeted "just witnessed a woman successfully climb an 18-foot fence a few yards from us." he tweeted a picture of that. what's the reaction you've heard to this? >> that's a daily occurrence.
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the border needs to be secure in order for the american people feel that immigration reform can happen in a serious manner. if you had the possibility of people not jumping an 18-foot fence, if she could go somewhere in mexico and request the possibility of coming to work here, even temporarily, trust me, they would do that before having to risk their lives on an 18-foot fence in front of u.s. senators. the problem is that doesn't exist and that's why it's so important that immigration reform deal with a widespread number of issues. not just what to do with the 11 million people that are here illegally, but also how to stop others from coming and how to create a system by which people can try to come to this country without feeling that the only way is to risk their lives and jump an 18-foot fence. >> jose, always good to see you, my friend.
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>> let me braing david and manu back in. let me play this clip. >> one of the sad things about this is most of the people who jump over the fence are doing this because they want a better life. i understand that. >> it's sad. a dose of reality as well. i'm wondering, david, how kc confident the white house is feeling about all of this. >> i think they're feeling good. the president is letting the senate gang of eight go forward with what they can do. but they're watching. the issue of of the business and labor unions not agreeing on a guest worker program, it is an important point and it is something to keep an eye on. the president has not taken a position on this, he voted against the guest worker program six years ago angering business. there's lots of frustration there. the people i talk to in the senate don't think it's a deal killer, and they're promising shortly after april 8th to go
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forward and the president is continuing to urge them and give them positive encourage because he's hoping to keep the momentum going. >> caller: manu, is that what you're hearing, too? >> that's right. if the chamber of commerce and afl-cio don't get behind this, at least if they stay neutral, we'll push forward with the bill. that's the biggest sticking point but i do think a bill is going to come out in april in the first week when they get back. i had an interview actually with senator minority leader mitch mcconnell this week and he told me if they come up with a deal, there's a chance this could pass the senate. i think there is optimism behind that effort but there's still a lot of land mines they have to navigate when this bill comes out. >> thanks so much, gentlemen. >> thanks, chris. >> we wanted to update you. former south african president nelson mandela back in the hospital for the third time in four months with another lung
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infection. president jacob zuma urged people around the world to pray for mandela. we will have a live report from south africa in our next half hour. [ female announcer ] at yoplait, when you call, tweet and post, we listen.
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morning after the supreme court heard arguments on the defense of marriage act. there does appear to be somewhat of a reporting consensus. the headline from politico -- "doma on shaky ground," and from "the washington post," "majority of supreme court justices question constitutionality of doma." the liberal justices sharply
7:19 am
questioned the law in court yesterday saying federal benefits denied to legally married same-sex couples have a profound effect. >> they touch every aspect of life. your partner is sick. social security. i mean, it's pervasive. the full marriage and then this sort of skim milk marriage. >> just kagan suggested congress was improperly discriminating when it passed the law in 1996. >> i'm going to quote from the house report here is that congress decided to reflect and honor a collective moral judgment and to express moral disapproval of homosexuality. >> joining me now supreme court correspondent for the huffington post mike sax. good to see you, mike. >> good to see you, mike. you were in the courtroom for both days.
7:20 am
what was that like in there? >> it was tense, electric, quiet except for when the justice would say something that was funny, ridiculous in scalia's case sometimes and then laughs and fwgasps. it was quite a scene. >> the "new york times" said "still no matter what grounds the court eventually uses to strike down the defense of marriage act, getting rid it have would be a huge step forward. you have the conservative injuries questioning the idea of this change in national attitude. >> why are you so confident in that judgment? how many states permit gay couples to marry? >> today? nine, your honor. >> nine. and so there's been this sea change between now and 1996. >> i think with respect to the understanding of gay people and their relationship, there has been a sea change, your honor. >> i suppose the sea change has
7:21 am
a lot to do with the political force effectiveness of people representing, supporting your side of the case? >> it's a fool who tries to listen to arguments i think and predict what the justices will do. but, again, you were in that room. so did you get a sense one way or another? do you agree with those headlines i read? >> those headlines are right. it looks for votes to fall. justice kennedy seemed into the to want to touch the equal protection argument with a ten-foot pole. that was the argue the conservative and liberal justices were talking. kennedy wand to talk about whether the federal government even has the power to regulate how people in states where marriage is legal receive federal benefits. that was his main concern. it looks like he will be one vote but the controlling one vote on that argument siding with the four other liberal justices to strike down doma.
7:22 am
>> i thought it was interesting today in the huffington post "the arc bends toward the inclusion of previously marginalized groups, which sort of puts it in this context. do you think that the justices are looking at that historical context or a different one? >> i think they are looking toward that historical con tks. and. >> in the courtroom all seemed to agree that that's where this country is heading. is it going to be done to justice kennedy and the prop 8 case and the doma case to decide how fast the court should move. he seemed frightened to move with the court toward a 50-state solution and frightened to announce a legal standard that would compel all the states to knock down the same-sex marriage laws, even through the doma case where the legal rationale could have led to that.
7:23 am
he does not want with the prop 8 case to let that decision end up having all the states same-sex marriage laws fall. >> we'll have to wait till the summer to find out what the justices decide. but, mike, great reporting. >> the air force has isn't two b 2 bombers to conduct training exercises. it's likely to draw a strong response from the north korean government. the u.s. is engaged with military exercises through the south. those run through the end of april. for your first day? yeah. ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective.
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senate in kentucky, making room for another democrat being candidate to challenge mitch mcconnell. the fix reports it's not a bad thing, considering mcconnell was planning to paint judd as an out of touch liberal. he's already on the air with hundreds of thousands in tv and radio ads. the longest serving mayor of boston will not run for reelection. several news agencies reporting mayor menino will announce this today after 20 years in office. the reason could be his health. he was hospitalized for eight weeks last year after blood clots, a respiratory infection and other illnesses. >> today is julia pierson's first day on the job. and it's been a tough ncaa tournament. even the president's bracket isn't doing so well. >> busted.
7:28 am
but delaware won last night. >> that's right. >> i think my women's bracket is doing much better than my men's bracket. >> if you read only one thing this morning, we've been talking for the last week or so about the reignited culture wars. give me your opinion on this. in lancaster, california, the city council regularly opens meetings with a prayer. it's being challenged in court but this case has an interesting twist. it's up on our facebook page at facebook/jansingco. n with rice and beans. you know the giants don't have a mascot right mom? [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right. i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is [ angry gibberish ] [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is i have obligations. cute tobligations, but obligations.g.
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sarah palin is setting her sights on 2014 and is challenging the republican establishment, picking up where she left off at this month's annual conservative conference. palin's political action committee has just launched this new web ad. >> they talk about rebranding the gop instead of restoring the trust of the american people. >> the next election is 20 months away. the last thing we need is
7:32 am
washington d.c. vetting our candidates. >> i would not be in the u.s. senate today if it were not for governor sarah palin. >> and there's the ma'am a grizzly. the new challenge from palin comes as a series of recent polls show the divide in the republican party. just in week this poll showed 25% of republicans have a negative view of their own party. a couple of other recent polls show anywhere from a quarter to a third of self-identified conservatives have a negative view of republicans. let's bring in former senator blanche lincoln and sara taylor fagan. good morning to both of you. >> thank you, chris. >> it doesn't appear sarah palin is going to go anywhere. 56% of the 16 candidates she endorsed won last year. can she, as see seems to want to
7:33 am
do, influence this internal debate that's going on for essentially what the republican party is going to do going forward? >> well, affect it perhaps. i don't know, you know, or commandeer it a little bit. she can enthusiastically try to bring people to this my way or the highway idea and it kind of capitalizes i think on people's frustrations of what's going on in washington. she gets excited and sheep excites them about their frustration. but the fact is people are frustrated because of a lack of progress and the kind of push that i think governor palin puts to things in that my way or the highway type of attitude doesn't get consensus and it doesn't make progress. >> it doesn't always get people elected. she had a 50/50 track record in 2010, 52% of the candidates she
7:34 am
endorsed won. but there are some notable losses, christine o'donnell in delaware, races republicans thought they could win, she backed richard mourdock in indiana. those are the people karl rove says his super pac is going to try to weed out. the question becomes who is going to win this? is this a battle between karl rove and sarah palin for the heart of the republican party? >> i don't think it's a battle. there's room for sarapac to be involved in races, like there's room in american cross roads to be engaged in the primary process as well. this is a function of the larger challenge of the republican party, in which there is no heir apparent, no leader in the party. until we get through the next election and until we have a likely nominee who is obvious or close to being obvious, we're
7:35 am
going to have this struggle. and democrats went through this after their presidential losses, postclinton. and this a natural process. but on the other end of it, over the next couple years you will see a stronger republican party and a unified republican party. >> and is it strong enough, do you think, senator that, you're worried about the democrats holding on to the senate? >> no, i think the democrats and i hope -- i hope both parties realize that real leadership is not about control, it's about creating an environment where people feel comfortable bringing their ideas to the table so that you, again, make progress and solve problems. up know, hard working small businesses out there are looking for somebody that's going to come up with some solution and make progress in making their jobs just a little bit easier in terms of growing their businesses and putting people back to work. i've been working on regulatory reform but there's a whole host of other things that are going to take consensus building and people focusing on making progress. so i think that's going to be
7:36 am
the key for people out there that are voting in this next election is we are really tired of both sides going to the extreme or the my way or the highway. let's get some progress made and let's make some changes that need to happen in washington so that we can be productive. >> sarah, you've heard republicans who say they have a good chance of taking control of the senate. not only do those polls show what i just referenced but the latest cbs polls show 6 % of raspberry have an unfavorable opinion. >> while republicans have lower favorable ratings than democrats, all members of congress right now have numbers in the toilet. and so, yes, republican party needs to do a better job of communicating with a broad swath of people but the reality is they also have numbers on their side in the 2014 election.
7:37 am
there are more incumbent democrats up than republicans and so if the party comes together and elects electable republicans as their nominee, you're going to see the party take control of the senate in 2014 and keep the house and be in a strong position to be that countervoice to president obama and the democratic administration. >> do you have see a situation, senator lincoln, apart from whatever the republican party tries to do, is there something that the democrats could do or you think they need to do to move forward to at least retain control of the senate? >> i think the democrats will maintain control of the senate because they are going to look at what needs to happen in making progress. i think that they're going to realize that there a lot of issues out there that families are faced with, businesses are faced with and they've got to move forward. and i think that's what people are looking for. so i think that, you know, they're going to have some tough races on the democratic side but
7:38 am
i think ultimately working hard to get things done, to make accomplishments, to get results, to make progress. i don't think the american people expect problems to be solved overnight and sometimes when you hear the voice of sarah palin, you know, she wants to make it sound as if it's easy and all it takes is, you know, republicans taking control and overnight things are going to be better. it's not going to hp happen that way. it's going to happen when people are willing to work together, democrats and republicans and leadership is going to provide an environment where that can happen. i think the democrats are far more positioned to do that and far more likely to than really what we see much of the division in the republican party and being able to even pull their on together, much less try to work through consensus in bringing democrats on board. >> thanks to both of you. >> thank you. >> checking the news feed this morning, it's any homeowner's
7:39 am
worst nightmare and it happening now. more than 30 homes evacuated on whidby island. geologists and engineers are checking the stability of the island. many of those homes are summer cabins or weekend getaways and were not occupied. >> oscar pistorius is now allowed to leave but must give the judge his travel plans a week in advance and turn in his passport within 24 hours of returning. his attorney says he needs the money and to do that he needs to run again. >> banks in cyprus have opened for the first time since march 16th when they were shut down because of the country's fiscal crisis. the government has put tight restrictions on transactions
7:40 am
because they don't want the worried customers withdrawing all their money. >> the 15-year-old pakistani activist shot by the taliban has son and a book deal. malala is now in britain. the book is worth about $3 million. she wants to tell not only her own story but also the story of the children who can't get an education. >> his parents are calling him a big miracle. george king born six weeks ago at, get this, 15 pounds, 7 ounces, nearly twice the size of the average baby. during the delivery, his shoulders got stuck and couldn't breathe for five minutes. doctors gave him a 10% chance of survive bug he is home and thriving.
7:41 am
>> and jackie deangelis here is on what's moving your money. >> the judge did not approve a $20 million severance package for the outgoing ceo, tom horton. a written decision is expected later. it going to detail the reasoning for that move. but the $11 billion merger was approved by the bankruptcy court. the decision was pretty much expected on wall street. it will be the world's biggest, 6,600 daily flights and revenues in the range of $40 billion. it still needs approval from anti-trust regulators. it's expected to close in the fall. >> and nike taking heat for its new ad with tiger woods. >> it features woods with a quote saying "winning takes care of everything". while woods has used this phrase since 2009, predating the news of his indiscretions which then
7:42 am
prompted the breakup of his marriage, the critic is asking if the phrase and ad are appropriate in light of those events. nike issued a statement saying tiger has always said that he competes to win. when asked about his goals, he says he's consistently winning. if winning takes care of woods avenue back behavior, nike dropped lawns armstrong and oscar pistorius because of their recent scandals. chris? >> thank you so much. opening day for the 2013 major league baseball season is this sunday. the houston astros take on the texas rangers. today forbes is out with its list of baseball's highest players. number five, the marlins felix hernandez, $25 million, joe
7:43 am
mauer, $25.5 million, johan san it and, a $25.9 million, derek jeter, $26 million and a.-rod, the highest paid player, $29.5 million a year. [ female announcer ] band-aid brand has quiltvent technology with air channels to let boo boos breathe. [ giggles ] [ female announcer ] quiltvent technology, only from band-aid brand. use with neosporin first aid antibiotic.
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we're following developments from south africa where former president and anti-apartheid leader melsnelson mandela is hospitalized with the recurrence of a lung infection. >> the doctors are attending to him and ensuring that he receives the best possible expert medical treatment and is kept comfortable. president zuma has wished him a speedy recovery and appeals to the people of south africa and thoughts. chapman?
7:47 am
with, ambulance public public hospital where he's receiving care. as you heard, the best medical care that can be provided to him. earlier, about two weeks ago earlier this month, he spent just a night in the hospital here and what they said was a routine visit. this recent hospitalization not being called routine or scheduled. the infection needed to be treated and was taken to the hospital very late in the night. this is a concern of south africans and to many around the world, here he's known as the father of modern day south africa, the first black president. really none affectionately here. there's always cause for concern when he is hospitalized. he spent over three weeks in
7:48 am
december for this lung infection and surgery to remove gallstones. he had a history of lung problems in the past. best can here. >> thank you so much. we'll be right back. looking for a litter with natural ingredients that helps neutralize odors. discover tidy cats pure nature. uniquely formulated with cedar, pine, and corn. no they don't. hey son. have fun tonight. ♪ ♪ back against the wall ♪ ain't nothin to me ♪ ain't nothin to me [ crowd murmurs ] hey! ♪
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today's tweet of the day comes from "time" magazine. and as the supreme court was hearing oral arguments on the defense of marriage act, senator kay hagen of know, became the latest democrat to publicly endorse same-sex marriage. the senator, who was up for reelection nks year said she came to the conclusion after much thought and prayer.
7:52 am
a handful of democratic senators have come forward to publicly endorse marriage equality. ohio senator rob portman also announced his sport saying uppoe had a change of heart regarding his son who was gay. we are not able to get you on tv but thanks for talking with us. >> good morning. >> "the washington post"'s dan rose summed up with "parties scramble to come to terms with opinion shift on same-sex marriage. how do you think the democratic party is coming to terms with this opinion shift? because, as you know, there are still some holdouts, all though kay hagan has obviously made a different choice now. >> first of all, let's remember that what we all want to see in our society is long, stable relationships. and i would argue that whether
7:53 am
it's a heterosexual or homosexual relationship, that these are -- as long as they're long and stable and oriented in that way, i think it's a better this evening for society. and i think there have been a lot of democrats already there. certainly there have been many people with respect to the whole issue of equality wanting to be there. and we have seen platonic changes in public attitude on this issue just even in the last two, three years. we've even seen some churches change their mind on this whole issue. so i think, yes, maybe some people are catching up. maybe some people will never be there but when we look at the whole society, i believe that what we're seeing is that people are saying, hey, this is okay with us and let's move beyond this. >> let me play what the
7:54 am
president said yesterday. he talked to one of our folks at telemundo. >> i think that not only is it right and fair but also consistent with our constitution to recognize same-sex couples. it doesn't mean that everybody has to agree from a religious standpoint about this issue. it does mean that it is very important for us to remember we're a nation in which everybody is supposed to be equal before the law. >> the president only announced his own support in may but do you think that the pressure has largely shifted to the republicans now? >> well, i think -- i commend some of my colleagues on the republican side coming to the conclusion that this is about equality, that they want the same for their children, regardless of the orientation of their children and so i think that what you're going to see is probably some more republicans
7:55 am
saying, hey, you know, we've got to move away from this divide that we're creating and it either comes down to equality, and i think a lot will hang their hat on that issue, or some will say, listen, this is about states, marriage and divorce and family issues have always been regulated to the states. so let the states decide. so some at the federal level will punt it down to the states but certainly we've even seen a change in the states. it used to be that people -- that the republicans in particular would put these issues of divide, divide, divide on the ballots to bring out their vote and in the last election cycle we actually saw some states pass a very pro-gay and marriage agenda. so i think it's changing and also when they look at the i
7:56 am
don't think people, one of the things the republicans are saying where are the women, where are the hispanics, where are the i don't think peopyoung look at the polls, young people say let people be happy. >> coming up next thomas roberts. a long way from home... as an american express cardmember you can expect some help. but what you might not expect, is you can get all this with a prepaid card. spends like cash. feels like membership. a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today.
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