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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  June 17, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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reporters. >> he said that he's standing by her, so that's what he told me when i spoke to him. >> reporter: but lyle's attorney quickly fired back saying his client told him, quote, nothing could be further from the truth. foul ball. the st. louis cardinals are fielding questions about whether they hacked the houston astros. the commissioner of major league baseball says there's a lot to sort out. >> in addition to what happened there's the question of who did it, who knew about it you know is the organization responsible, is the individual responsible. there's a whole set of issues that are going to need to be sorted through. and campaign cut-up. jeb bush takes some time-out to slow jam the news with jimmy fallon. >> so i know we can fix the problems facing our nation because i've already done it during my eight years in florida. >> mmm, mmm, mmm, you gauts to listen to my man jebediah.
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good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. breaking news today in the manhunt for those two escaped convicts. it is day 12. today officials released these computer generated images of what david sweat and richard matt might look like now and they are urging the public to report any suspicious activity. officials say they're now expanding and shifting the search based on information gathered during the investigation. they're scaling back the search in the immediate wooded area around the prison but investigators say that evidence recovered there indicates that the two men may have spent some time there. you're looking at live pictures from plattsburgh, new york where moments from now we will be hearing from the district attorney, from new york state police and the clinton county sheriff. nbc's miguel almaguer is at that press conference and joins me by phone. miguel what is the real import of the fact that they are
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expanding the search. is that an acknowledgement that they let the trail go cold immediately afterwards? >> reporter: it certainly is andrea. officers are clearly trying to state that they have no idea where these suspects may be. they were focused in a five to seven-mile radius around the prison shortly after the prison break. they have been following hundreds of leads, nearly a thousand leads, and now they say there are officers on the ground who have been sweeping and combing woods for several days looking day and night around the clock. these two men, they have not been able to find them. they have not had a solid clue or single reported sighting. there have been no confirmed sightings in the last four days alone alone, so officers say they have to expand the search. we also spoke to the sheriff who said they could be in nearby canada, they could be across the border in mexico so they are certainly expanding the search here. officers acknowledging for the first time that they really don't have any clue where these men may be. >> and have they explained why these two convicts got such a big headstart and also why they
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didn't shut down access to the ferries that go across lake sham plain to vermont and potentially canada? >> investigators believe the two inmates had at least a five to seven-hour headstart and that meant they could have headed in several different directions. officers say as soon as they realized the suspects were gone the inmates were gone they notified authorities in canada who stepped up searches along the border. they also sent officers down to lake sham plain to search that area. several neighbors are still very worried, very concerned that these two inmates are on the run. many fear they are hunkered down in the woods and living in their community. officers are expected to address those questions later on today, andrea. >> and what about joyce mitchell's husband, lyle mitchell who worked at the prison as well. he's being questioned. what is his role if any? >> reporter: the d.a. told us that lyle mitchell is in fact being questioned but he does not
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believe that lyle mitchell had any role in the escape plan. there are -- the attorneys for lyle mitchell as well as joyce mitchell have been dueling a bit. we spoke to joyce mitchell's attorney yesterday and i spoke to him again today. he said that lyle mitchell came to his office that he supports his wife joyce mitchell. but lyle mitchell's attorney says the complete opposite is true. we are hoping to speak or hear from lyle mitchell in the coming days. he has not gone to the press or spoken publicly so for now it's the dueling attorneys' statements as we wait for the news conference to begin here andrea. >> miguel we will carry that and check back with you after. thank you so much. in politics hillary clinton is holding the first event of her second swing through south carolina today as a presidential candidate. it's the latest stop in a state that handed her a crushing blow in the 2008 primary against then senator barack obama. due in part to his success with the state's african-american voters and the endorsement of
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the powerful south carolina congressman and assistant democratic leader james clyburn, who joins me now from capitol hill. congressman, so great to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> let's talk about hillary clinton rebooted campaign now relaunched. she's back in south carolina today. what is the prospect for her in south carolina with voters who did not really warm to her back in 2008? >> well i think she's being very well received in south carolina. i have not gotten the report on today's visit but i understand she's going to be in charleston and orangeburg and from what i hear there's a lot of excitement about her visit. she did have a real good visit with the south carolina democratic women several weeks ago. and of course we are welcoming all candidates from both parties to the state. both of us democrats and republicans, are very proud of
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our preprimary status as one of the early tests. as i've said to people south carolina offers a very good laboratory for trying out messages and seeing how you relate to farmers. if you're over in the pee dee, to military families to educational families there in the midlands and down in the lowcountry. so we think this is a good laboratory for everybody to come and try out their themes. >> of course coming after iowa and new hampshire, this is the first diverse primary test. why haven't you endorsed her yet? >> well you know andrea i've always made it a promise ever since we got designated as a pre-primary state that it would not be good for the party, both
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nationally or for the state party, for me to get actively involved before the south carolina primary is over. after the south carolina primary is over i will then take a more active role in the process. but i don't want any candidate using my involvement as a reason for not coming into the state. that was my position eight years ago. i think a lot of people kind of misunderstood it. but i think it would be fool hearted for me to get overinvolved and have our state suffer by these candidates using that as an excuse to stay away. >> now, i want to ask you about you and the other house democratic leaders and the leader of your party, barack obama. are you going to be attending the congressional picnic tonight, and what are you going to say to the president whom you rebuffed on the trade vote one of his most important legacy items? >> well you may recall when the
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vote came up last week i voted for taa. i was one of those for the democrats that voted for it. i voted against the tpa and also the following customs bill. now, i do believe that the president understands where the democratic caucus was on that. he never expected the caucus to vote for tpa. i think he wanted very much for us to vote for taa. but our caucus saw this as a way to slow this process down because many of them wanted more opportunity to have input. though i can ynd that i voted for it. though i have been lobbying to try to get more targeted funding into the taa, because dislocated
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workers or dislocated workers, but they all are not the same. if you come from south carolina where you've lost so many low skill jobs to mexico and other places you want more targeted funding in these dislocated workers programs. and i didn't get all that i wanted. but hopefully we'll get something done because i think it will be back shortly. >> i want to ask you, speaking of workers and mexico and trade deals, about some of the more controversial things that donald trump said in announcing his candidacy on the republican side. he said some pretty controversial things about mexico. he said when mexico sends its people, they're bringing us their worst, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're bringing rapists. what do you think about that? >> i have a very low opinion for
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anybody who make those kind of expressions. i know this country's history very well. i grew up in south carolina during the '40s and '50s. these kinds of caustic comments will not do anybody any good. and so i view this whole candidacy as a sideshow that's taking away from some meaningful discussions that we need to have. now, to make those kind of comments about any group of people and i remember way back it was said about the irish, these kinds of things were said about italians and certainly they were said about african-americans and he ought to be ashamed of himself for saying those kinds of things. >> congressman jim clyburn, thank you so very much for being with us today. thank you. >> thank you so much for having me. >> you bet. we have breaking news.
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that news conference just starting in plattsburgh, new york, where state police and local prosecutors are going to update their search for the two escaped killers, david sweat and richard matt. let's listen. >> i will ask major guest to provide a briefing on the status of the search and the initial investigation aspect. >> thank you, district attorney. as the d.a. said i'm chuck guest, incident commander for this escape. i'll start off with a brief prepared statement. i'll start off with a brief prepared statement and following that, others will address this and we'll open it up for questions. today the search for escaped inmates richard matt and david sweat will expand and shift to other areas surrounding dannemora. personnel are being redeployed to other areas based on information gathered during the investigation. people in the region should expect to see law enforcement in their community as the search expands. state police along with the new york state department of
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environmental conservation officers the forest rangers, the department of corrections and community services and supervision, the fbi, u.s. marshals, u.s. customs and border protection, the clinton, franklin and essex county sheriff's departments, the plattsburgh city police department have searched 16 square miles. to put that into context, that's over 10,000 acres to date. all available assets continue to be deployed around the clock, including canine aviation and tactical units. more than 1,400 leads have been developed at this point in the investigation. in connection with this redeployment, the portion of route 374 that was closed in katyville was reopened last night. patrols in the immediate area will continue. law enforcement personnel previously manning the closed section of route 374 will be shifted to other sectors. the state police want to thank all of our state, federal and law enforcement partners many of who are standing with us here
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today, and continue to provide the much-needed manpower, equipment and expertise for this effort. we also want to thank the communities for their continued patience and support. as always the public should not hesitate to report any suspicious activity by contacting 911, your local law enforcement agency or the new york state police and relate any information related to the investigation or using our tip line, 1-800-give tip. as a personal note i'd like to remind all involved that the volume of purported confidential information provided to the media by unnamed sources or those allegedly close to the investigation does not aid in this investigation. in fact it imperils the investigation. those responsible put our law enforcement officers and responders at risk hampers our ability to get ahead of the fugitives and prolongs the threat to the general public. in my 25 years of law enforcement experience i have never witnessed better interagency cooperation.
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while no incident is perfect, especially with this volume of information, size scope and scale of the investigation, we are well coordinated as evidenced by the team behind me. i'd now like to turn it over to captain lafountain who's our bci captain in troop b. >> good afternoon. i would, first of all, like to thank all of our partners that are here who have been so instrumental in the investigation to date and continue to do so. i'd also like to thank the public, who continue to report suspected sightings or provide us with information which may prove to be the one lead we know will result in these dangerous criminals' apprehension. if there's one word that i thought of throughout this investigation, it is relentless. we will pursue every lead and we are going to locate these individuals and they will be
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apprehended. my colleagues locally reached out to me. i didn't even have to reach out to them and offered whatever assistance they could offer. plattsburgh city police chief had his detectives dispatched to the prison where they obtained information. that was quickly followed by the sheriff's department. detectives dispatched to the prison where they assisted with the interviews that were pertinent to the investigation in obtaining information. that was quickly followed by the sheriff's department responding to set up roadblocks and patrols and assist us in responding to the many possible sightings or to help contain the scene. that was followed by our federal partners who have arrived and
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have remained both locally and throughout the nation to ensure that every single lead that we have received is being followed up on. the complexity of this investigation cannot be described, but i can assure everybody here and everyone who's listening or reading these reports that every lead is being followed up on to its conclusion. no matter where that lead is. to date we have established approximately 1300 leads that have either been investigated or are under investigation at this time during this conference. we will continue to do so until these people are apprehended. i would also like to emphasize that in addition to the contingent of personnel that you've seen in dannemora, for the bureau of criminal investigation for the new york state police that's approximately 110 investigators. we have teams of investigators and other law enforcement agencies throughout the state
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and region who are pursuing leads as they become available. i can tell you right now as well that we have no information that they have been able to leave the area. that being said it doesn't mean that they haven't been able to escape this area but we have new information. so therefore, we are concentrating our efforts not only in this vicinity but throughout the nation and beyond. >> thank you, captain. at this time i'd ask that city police chief dez mondays rasco come up to the podium and he's going to discuss with you -- at least talk to you initially about the collaborative effort that each of our law enforcement agencies had made. chief, i'd ask you to come up please. >> thank you. as captain lafountain for the new york state police said on the morning of the escape we were in direct contact with his office and they requested that we have investigators from
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plattsburgh police department respond to the prison where we could assist with in-house interviews of inmates. at that time obviously knowing that they had a head start on us we deployed our special response team as far as other members of the department to help assist with the perimeter and to respond to issues. the collaborative effort obviously is a very important part of this and it's what's making all these leads possible to be thoroughly worked through. the one thing i would like to stress is that if you have any information, no matter how small or how insignificant you think it is, to contact 911, contact the police. last night i had a personal friend of mine pass some information along to me from a third party and i said well you've got to call the police right away don't wait on these things. if you think something is even remotely suspicious contact us. any little piece of information could be significant, could help break the case wide open. thank you.
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>> as each of you are aware, the only individual at this point in time that is in custody and that has been arrested as far as her participation in the escape is joyce mitchell. joyce mitchell is presently at the county jail and i would ask the sheriff to address you relative to her incarceration at this point in time and what the status is of that. >> thank you. as you look around i recognize many of the faces and i'm sure on my cell phone and text messaging i have most if not all of your numbers in there. as you can see by the volume of people that are here from the media today, take this volume and move this to the jail location, which has one road coming in and one road coming out. just because of this massive manhunt and this escape the business of the city police the state police border patrol customs and the clinton county sheriff's department does not stop. we have to continue our operations, we have to run a
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safe, security facility. it makes it very difficult to near impossible to be able to do that when we're inundated with telephone calls, cameras, truck equipment, et cetera. therefore, we had to move her, which we can under corrections law 504 with a substitute jail order down to rensleer county. they have been very cooperative, anything we need to assist with the transport and assist with the incarceration. to dovetail with what my colleagues have said with the type of search that we're doing, although this was called by the district attorney and everybody, you're referring to it as a press conference i personally would like to refer to it as a pep rally. i think we need to let the community know that since we don't have concrete leads indicating that they may be outside the area we still need to stay motivated. we still need the assistance of the eyes and the ears giving us
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your information. as i stated before and a lot of my colleagues have individuals know their property better than we ever could. so take a look at your surroundings. if something does not look right, something is out of place, it doesn't appear to be appropriate, there's tracks where there shouldn't be tracks please notify the local authorities and let them know that information as expeditiously as possible so one of the agencies can follow up on it. that's going to be our biggest key to success is keeping everybody motivated, alert and looking. thank you. >> that concludes at least the initial statements that each of us will make at this point in time. now we'd open basically the floor up to questioning. what i'd ask is that we try to do this in a manner in which we can, one, hear your questions to address those with each of you. we're not going to spend an hour out here doing this. we'll take this for a few
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minutes, probably up to ten questions or so and we'll try to deal with it in that way. stewart? >> can you tell us the number of personnel that will be involved in total? and do you have any idea about the direction of travel from the prison these guys might have taken? >> okay. i'll turn that over to the major. >> presently on the ground we have in excess of 600 law enforcement officers working the scene. direction of travel since we've closed the perimeter box after thoroughly sweeping that area our intention is to look at the viable high-speed avenues of egress from dannemora prison facility into points in all cardinal directions. we're not ruling anything out, we're not taking anything for granted. >> major, is there any plans to arrest lyle mitchell at this time? >> i will not comment on a pending investigation or pending arrest. >> a question for captain la fountain if i may. hi captain.
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given that you're now having to look elsewhere, do you feel like there was any miscalculation spending so much time searching so close to the prison? >> absolutely not. we have to start from zero point zero which was the dannemora prison and we expanded. it's based on information that we obtained you know throughout the -- or during the initial stages of the investigation. we have to exhaust that. as i said there is no hard evidence that they are outside the area. that being said i cannot rule that out, but we're going under the -- what i think is the logical belief they can be anywhere. we're not going to rule this area out until we have identified a location that they're at and verified that. >> so no hunch right now as to where they are? >> i don't operate based on hunches. we operate based on evidence and that's what we're looking for.
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>> are law enforcement looking at surveillance video, a tip that came in yesterday, of five men in a red van at a convenience store? >> we are looking at surveillance video. i can tell you this. there is no technique or law enforcement tool that is not being used by the state police or by our federal agencies. any avenue that needs to be pursued will be pursued. we're doing it in a joint and coordinated fashion and effort. we're reviewing every piece of evidence that we possibly can. >> captain -- >> it's been 12 days since all this began. i think many people hope for a quick resolution. the fact that it's approaching two weeks and there's been no capture of these ecapies has some people wondering how efficient this process has been. can you talk about that. is it unfair to expect a quick resolution? and can you guarantee that these gentlemen are going to be
9:25 am
arrested eventually? >> it is -- it is my belief my very strong belief that each and every one of these members of law enforcement that are out -- have been working since saturday morning on this case are putting in every effort that they can. we're talking about two men who have been very elusive. they came up with a very elaborate and creative plan to escape from one of the most secure facilities in new york state, if not in the united states. and so that is what we are defending right now. as far as the efforts in each and every one of these law enforcement officers you cannot discredit that one single bit. i fully support the efforts that they have. as the captain just indicated, we had a massive perimeter search in an area that we had information these two men could have been at. we haven't totally exhausted that, but we need to open this up as the major and captain have indicated. >> is it unfair to expect a quick resolution of this?
9:26 am
should you prepare the public for this to be a weeks and months long search? >> sir, they may be located today, we don't know that. we may get that lead today that will allow us to pursue that arrest. i'll leave any further comments to the major though. >> thank you. >> the question was, was it a waste of time or did we delay the investigators' effort. it's an emphatic no captain lafountain answered that. i can tell you the state police and all the men and women of these agencies that you see behind me are capable of doing more than one thing at a time. >> major, we spoke to residents who are scared frightened who are concerned that these individuals haven't been captured. it seems like little progress has been made. how do you comfort them? >> we comfort them with the appearance of the assets behind us and a consistent message that we're doggedly pursuing every lead. we are on the ground having a visible police presence. and that we are there in the community, even though the roadblocks and perimeter no
9:27 am
longer exist, we have quadrupled the number of roving patrols. there is still a very strong presence in this region. >> should they feel safe in their country homes and camps in the woods? >> obviously there are hundreds of camps in this region. we've got door to door and used certain techniques to advise the homeowners that we have checked their property. if they haven't been there yet this season we ask them upon arrival to let us know that. if they need us to come to the scene before they make first entry, we're willing to do that to ensure their safety. >> are these men receiving help -- is there information they may have additional outside help? >> we're looking at everything outside and inside the facility. i cannot comment beyond that because that would affect our confidential investigation. >> are you scaling back the numbers of officers who are out there searching? at one point you had 800 or
9:28 am
more. are there fewer out there, and if so why. >> that's a great question. it's roughly 200 less. the reason is simple. since we're no longer containing a hard perimeter, we wanted to release those individuals back to their facilities. typically they come from our department of corrections and community services so they can go back, refit and prepare for the next move. the next move may be that we harden up a perimeter and they're immediately redeployed. i assure you we retain the number of tactical canine aviation and ground search elements to close in rapidly on any location given the proper lead from our investigators. >> how much longer can you do that? >> talk about joyce mitchell's state -- >> let me just answer this gentleman's question fist.rst. we'll do that as long as it takes. >> she is rather composed given the gravity of what's going on around -- throughout the county. she watches the media, she sees
9:29 am
what's happening, so of course that can have an effect on somebody. the term "suicide watch" hasn't been used in the facility. we do direct supervision. we put one officer directly on an inmate like this because of everything that's going on. it's human nature that it could have multiple impacts on somebody, both emotionally and physically, things that many of us couldn't predict and the medical field couldn't predict. rather than wait for something to happen we're trying to make a proactive stance and make sure she's safe and secure. >> captain, what is this about posting notes. can you tell us anything about the notes that might have been found in the jail cell or along the route -- [ inaudible ] >> i have seen articles concerning a post-it note. i will verify that one was found. i'm not going to speculate on the significance or the meaning behind it. >> can you say how many were found? >> no, ma'am.
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>> we know that joyce mitchell's husband, lyle, was talking to police this morning -- >> msnbc law enforcement analyst jim cavanaugh joins me now. so what we've heard is that they are moving the search moving some of the perimeters. they're going to have 200 fewer law enforcement officials on the ground but they say that they are ready tactically to move back in if they get another clue. they have had 1300 leads but no concrete evidence. they're expanding the search because they don't know where they are. they're expanding the search of the nation and beyond. and they have not explained why they did not shut down egress but now they are looking at mass transit, high speed egress from the immediate area. is that about right? >> right. it looks like they got a very poor situation now, andrea when they're pulling everybody back. they don't know where they are so they can't give up on it they're still in the woods. you know these guys could be dead in the woods, don't
9:31 am
discount the fact that they could have slipped down a gorge at night when they were being pursued and they could both be deceased. but the other point is that matt is very familiar with that area of northeastern new york state. he grew up around there, committed a lot of crime around there, lived and worked around there. he might have been able to get them to a railroad track where they can jump a boxcar or in the back of some truck that they didn't even have to steal just to ride out of there. so they could have slipped that cordon. so they could be anywhere. that's what the state police is trying to let everybody know. these guys could be anywhere. >> a lot of questions being raised about the new york state correctional officials. there were complaints about correctional officers about budget cuts the fact that they didn't do the kind of searches that would have shown those catwalks where they clearly had been for a couple of weeks casing the joint and making their preps. >> right, exactly. i mean they have got some questions to answer some
9:32 am
protocols to tighten up for sure. but that prison has a great record of no escapes. what happens is you get complacent and you don't get in there and double check, shut down those catwalks and plumbing systems where these guys who are just bent on getting out can get out. but the corrections officers are heroes too. these guys have been out there for weeks beating the bushes trying to find these killers and they have the toughest job in law enforcement so they get all my respect. i hope the executives will help them tighten dannemora up. i know the governor will as well. if these guys slip that cordon they could be in any state and they could commit a very vicious crime to get a vehicle or money or guns so i think the state police is trying to keep the whole country alert. by now, they could have a stubble growth of beard. you know they're showing pictures what they could look like. they could have changed their clothes. i'd say their guitar case was probably full of candy and peanuts and everything they could gather and trade for in the prison so they had a few
9:33 am
days of food when they got out. their plan with joyce might have really been to kill her anyway and get her car and head off into the sunset. >> and bottom line they're also keeping a watch on joyce mitchell in prison. they don't know what her health could be and they wouldn't call it a suicide watch, but they said, jim cavanaugh, that they're keeping a close eye on her as well. she is their only key witness at this point. lyle mitchell was also being questioned her husband, today but that could be informational. we don't know on what context. jim cavanaugh, thank you for joining us. we'll have a lot more coming up. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports." we'll be right back.
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>> yeah. >> do you spend a lot of time trying to differentiate yourself? >> you know it's complicated because i love them a lot. i know i've got to distinguish myself, that's what campaigns are about. my dad is the most perfect man i've ever met, he's the greatest man alive. so it's impossible to even worry about that there's no comparison. and my brother i would say, is a significantly better artist than i am. >> he is -- he's phenomenal, by the way. did you know he could do that? >> i'm still doing stick drawings and he can paint. he's phenomenal at that. i'm a whole lot younger and a lot better looking. >> from new hampshire, governor johnson has written a behind-the-scenes account of president bush's white house. it's a new book called "the quiet man, the indispensable presidency of george herbert walker bush." the governor joins me now. you're mr. new hampshire so we can governor all bases here. interestingly in the book you talk about negotiating the
9:38 am
budget deals, how he had to break his no new taxes pledge pressures all around how that inevitably led to you know his problems in re-election. but the principle that he was following in going through all that. but at the same time you had to deal with others like newt gingrich, for instance signing onto a budget deal. then you write about the then speaker of the house, newt gingrich. throughout 1989 i considered gingrich an ally. he had on occasion been quite helpful but was we moved into 1990 with the november elections just a few months ahead of us i began to get the uneasy feeling the gingrich agenda and bush agenda were not completely aligned. by that point i simply did not trust newt gingrich. discuss. >> it was a tough time for george herbert walker bush a lot of things happening simultaneously. finishing up the transition taking place in europe. he had just sent young men and
9:39 am
women to the middle east to engage in the military action that would kick saddam hussein out. he had to have a budget or else the defense budget would be cut. and so we counted on our friends. newt gingrich was part of the negotiation. he approved of the budget and then decided to break ranks and lead a whole bunch of republicans out of the original budget agreement. >> they voted it down. >> yeah. and we ended up with a worse deal. >> let's talk about donald trump, the latest entry into this republican field. now there are 12 there are going to be more. john kasich who you know well has some support including among your own family members. let's talk about donald trump, though. this is what he had to say in his launch about immigration. >> when mexico sends its people they're not sending their best. they're not sending you. they're not sending you. they're sending people that have lots of problems. and they're bringing those problems with us.
9:40 am
they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists, and some i assume are good people. but i speak to border guards and they tell us what we're getting. >> he is bombastic, he's got name identification, he's got lots of money. he's going to be on those debate stages in some form or another. are the other republicans afraid of him? >> i think having heard those ugly remarks, they're a little less afraid than they might have been otherwise. those are not the kind of remarks that carry you through a long campaign. they may get you a headline on the day, they may get you a clip on andrea mitchell the next day, but they are ugly. and i think the republican electorate is not going to support someone that really makes them uncomfortable with what he says. >> and look how disparaging he was about jeb bush. >> i watched jeb bush yesterday. he can't even put on a tie and jacket, he's running for
9:41 am
president. >> he's not reluctant to slam other republicans, more so than any of the other candidates. >> you know, there's an art form to slamming people in politics and getting all of the benefit you can and none of the negative, but his style is he gets most of the negative and not the positive. i worked for a president that had class, that brought class to the office that understood how important the presidential character was to making america move forward effectively. i don't see that in what i saw yesterday. >> can his son do the same? >> i think jeb bush is going to have to design a campaign that will help him maximize the benefits of the bush name and minimize any negatives that might be there. i think he's smart enough to run a good campaign. i think the process is going to be more important than endorsements in this cycle, and it's up to all the candidates all the governors that are running, the senators that are running, the nonpoliticians that are running.
9:42 am
they're going to have to really connect with the voters that are out there. >> and briefly, who would you put in the top category of all of these? >> well i lean towards governors and former governors. i think the country needs a governor or former governor to clean the mess that we have in the white house. somebody who's experienced dealing with legislature, somebody that can make decisions that are tough and stand on them all their own so i'm leaning in general as a class towards governor and former governors, but i think there's about eight or nine of them that are really superb. >> so jeb bush walker. >> rubio. you've got christie kasich a good collection of -- and others. there's a good collection of candidates and it's going to be a very interesting battle and of course iowa and new hampshire will be extremely significant in the process. >> and when we talk about new hampshire, there's no more important republican name than sununu, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> the book is "the quiet man" and it's a fascinating story
9:43 am
about the bush presidency. coming up, spy games. why would one of the most successful teams in baseball hack one of the rival team's computers? we'll talk with bob costas right here next. across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. and the needle is thin. victoza is not for weight loss but it may help you lose some weight. victoza is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first
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9:46 am
hard ball hacking as the fbi continues to investigate how high up in the front office the alleged hacking by the st. louis cardinals went into the houston astros. for more on this, i'm joined by the sports guru himself mr. st. louis, bob costas host of nbc sports. bob, first of all, how shocking is this? >> i don't know that it's shocking in general. i think what's jolting is if it's the cardinals involved and they are to some extent it appears clear, but if it's the cardinal hierarchy, people near the top of the pyramid involved that would be shocking because the cardinals have such an above-board reputation. they have not just been successful, they have been in many ways a model franchise with a loyal and kind of civil
9:47 am
good-natured fan base and they're part of the identity of st. louis. so the fact that it would be the cardinals would be surprising and very disappointing, depending on how high up it goes. but i don't think it's surprising in general. if since the dawn of games competitors have tried to gain an edge whether in low tech ways like scuffing a baseball or deflating a football it only stands to reason that eventually in a high-tech age where analytics and information stored in databases are part of the ways in which you compete, that people would seek and sometimes people cheat, that they try to cheat that way. >> and the cardinals have the best record in baseball right now? >> they do. >> so we also don't know when this supposedly took place. >> supposedly at some point in 2014. >> and so why against the astros? just because the former cardinals manager or employee was now the manager at the astros? >> yes.
9:48 am
>> so they might have had some insight into his password? >> yes. jeff lunow ran the cardinals farm system. baseball is filled with these bright, young minds who are changing the paradigm for how baseball teams are built and how talent is evaluated. luhnow was very successful with the cardinals. when he left some cardinal employees felt he might have taken proprietary information with him to houston where he became the general manager. luhnow's contention is he took only what was in his head. apparently his passwords when he set up his system in houston, the passwords are very close to the ones he used in st. louis and at least somebody in the cardinals analytic department was able to figure that out and hack into it. now the question is is it just a couple of low level guys in their analytic department which would be bad enough but does it extend beyond that to higher up
9:49 am
and if it does it's a real black eye for the cardinals. we don't know the answer to that yet. >> of course last night for the first time in 40 years, the warriors victory, the nba championship, the matchup of curry versus lebron. how tough was that? >> well what made it very tough on lebron was that the second and third best players on the cavaliers, kyrie irving and kevin love were both hurt so he had to carry the team almost by himself. they got spot performances here and there from other players, but it was almost lebron against the warriors and he was magnificent but even he couldn't do it nearly alone. so the warriors prevailed. it would have been interesting to see if they had played with the cavaliers at full strength but i have no problem with the warriors being the nba champs. they had the best record in the league overall during the season and they have a very, very exciting team. they're a pleasing team to watch play and they have waited almost as long as cleveland, at least for an nba championship. >> well, it was a great story. thanks so much for the wrap-up. thank you. >> thanks, andrea.
9:50 am
>> thanks for being with us. as boko haram continues to attack innocents in africa one leader among those trying to help, meet her coming up next after a break. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites.
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the latest attack by boko haram in chad this week killed at least 23 people injuring more than 100 others. this more than a year after hundreds of young girls were kidnapped in algeria by the al qaeda-linked terror group. a young leader was honored at the kennedy center last night. a leader in reform politics in a region desperately needing such change and she joins me now here. congratulations. >> thank you. >> you ran for president of cameroon. there's been great change at least in the role of women in politics in your country and adjacent countries. what can be done all these years -- a year later on boko haram and all these years after
9:54 am
the group started its terrorist drive in the region? >> well we need to address the root causes of extremism in the region, so the strategy needs to be military but it must also be economic because it is marginalization that is driving people towards boko haram. so we need the military strategy to stop the violence but we've got to address why is extremism attracting our young people and that's economic. >> what about the corruption that was certainly rampant in the nigerian government and delayed their military efforts? >> absolutely. i think one of the difficulties in the region and we have a lot of hope right now with the new nigerian president and the great election that they had, but we were dealing with governments that are fairly corrupt, including my own, and they need to have a joint military strategy. no one country can solve this alone.
9:55 am
cameroon, chad niger and nie nigeria need to be fully involved. unfortunately, we spent about two years with the military being very corrupt, being a little bumbling faced with an enemy that's very very determined. >> and i think the joint task force is now located in cameroon. the u.s. government is trying to help. their offers of help were resisted -- >> in the beginning. >> -- in the beginning by the nigerians. >> yes. nigeria is a very big country in the region and i think they did not feel like they needed help in the beginning. luckily today, we see a realization on the nigerian part, one of the first things that the new president did was to ask the other presidents in the region to come together on this strategy but still international pressure needs to push much harder. we need to go much faster. as you see boko haram is still
9:56 am
killing. it has reduced, but it is still -- we're still seeing people being killed. we need to go faster and we need to address these root causes of poverty and marginalization in all four countries in that region. >> again, congratulations. you are the future and we'll continue to be in touch about all of this. thank you so much for being here. >> a pleasure. and that does it for our edition of "andrea mitchell reports" today. follow the show online facebook and twitter. thomas roberts is here next. to information, no matter where they are. the microsoft cloud gives our team the power to instantly deliver critical information to people, whenever they need it. here at accuweather we get up to 10 billion data requests every day. the cloud allows us to scale up so we can handle that volume. we can help keep people safe and to us that feels really good.
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today on msnbc live the race to 2016 heats up. jeb bush today in iowa. hillary clinton stumping in south carolina. and reaction still pouring in to the latest and by far wealthiest candidate to enter the race donald trump. plus a major flood threat in texas as tropical depression bill continues to lash the water
10:00 am
logged state. 30,000 people have already lost power. we'll tell you where the torrential rain could be headed next. first, we lead off the hour with some breaking news on the manhunt in upstate new york. just moments ago officials updating their investigation of the two escaped killers, richard matt and david sweat, have now been on the run for 12 days. and these are the latest images put out, progression photos of what the men could look like right now after 12 days of being on the run with some beard growth. authorities have expanded the search area and they believe that these men could still be nearby. >> no hard evidence that they are outside the area. that being said i cannot rule that out. but we're going under the -- what i think is the logical belief, they can be anywhere. we're not going to rule this area out until we have identified a location that they're at and verified that. >> msnbc's adam reese joins us now live fro


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