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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 17, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> if you look at steven banon and what they built at breitbart, it's win at all costs. i think that makes people on the left very afraid because they're willing to say and do things some people wouldn't do. it's important kellyanne is with him. he needs a high profile that can listen and understand what the gender gap is right now. >> moments ago, cnbc's john harwood reporting a top strategist tells him the shakeup will accelerate the party's move to shift resources away from trump and toward house and senate races. we start, as we frequently do, with nbc's katy tur. she's at trump tower in manhattan. she has followed the ups and downs of this campaigns for more than a year. what are your sources telling you about what's behind this shakeup? >> reporter: my sources are telling me this is donald trump going back to being donald trump. the time with manafort had been
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anything but smooth, manafort was trying to get him to accept the establishment, professionalize this campaign after corey lewandowski's raen. trump is down in the polls. he said repeatedly he doesn't want to pivot. he wants to be himself. this is an indication that trump's style has won out. kellyanne conway, steve banon, both have supported trump being trump. kellyanne has been a long time supporter. the ceo of breitbart, an extraordinarily friendly outlet throughout this campaign, even defending trump and lewandowski in the face of their own employee getting assaulted by lewandowski. the addition of breitbart ceo should be an indication they are going no-olds-barred. breitbart has been a huge
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questioner of the establishment, not necessarily a friend to folks like paul ryan or mitch mcconnell. this is an indication that donald trump will be pushing back against the establishment once again. his campaign running now not only against the democrats and the media as you said, but in many ways against the establishment wing of the republican party. they are feeling they don't necessarily need them. the approval rating for folks in congress right now is 11%. they point that out. donald trump, it's an indication that he will be going back to the message that he's an outsider, the only one that can fix it and he needs to go and shake things up because he doesn't have any ties to washington. >> "wall street journal" saying this pick is, quote, a middle finger to the gop establishment. buried in this announcement just a smidge, this other surprise, confirming what was reported yesterday, the campaign finally spending its own money on tv ads for the general election. what can you tell us about that? >> kelly ann koun way told me about this last friday.
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she said they shot a number of ads, and now we are finding out that, yes, they have not only shot these ads, but bought air time. those ads will start running in places like ohio, north carolina, florida and pennsylvania, four battleground states the campaign needs to win. they are not doing well when it comes to the polling in those states and also being outspent millions to zero. they haven't spent a dime on any air time so far this campaign in the general election. so donald trump will be getting into it more seriously in terms of getting on the airwaves and trying to get his message out in comparison to hillary clinton. that is a change. that is a more traditional change for the campaign. other than that, the addition of kellyanne conway official and steve bannon is a sign that he's going to be running against pretty much everybody in the political world. >> the shakeup itself coming as manafort, as you know, denying a story in the times about the secret ledger in ukraine detailing cash payments.
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also, the associated press this morning reporting on sources who tie manafort to undisclosed foreign lobbying. any idea whether this demotion happening amid reports is a coincidence or part of the cause? >> reporter: i can tell you things have been rocky between trump and manafort for some time. manafort is not taking a paycheck that we can tell from the records and also not bent over for donald trump, for his ideas and his womens. he's been very standoffish. traveling with him only intermittently. so that is part of it. the other part of it, you have to believe, is this russia scandal. it's been generating negative head lean after negative headline. and manafort's ties to ukraine, a pro putin president, viktor yanukovych, and what money he may have brought over from the east and brought overseas to america and whether or not there
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were shady dealings involved in it. i wouldn't say that's the reason for this shakeup, but i think we would be naive to think it didn't have some role in it. >> katy tur outside trump tower in new york, thanks as always. boris epstein is a republican strategist and senior adviser to the trump campaign. let's start with the shakeup because you've been in this game a long time. you know campaigns don't typically shake things up when they're winning this close to the election. what's going on behind the scenes? >> it's not a shakeup. it's an expansion. >> no one believes that. no one believes that. >> it's true. can i explain? on the palin campaign, a lot of folks came in in august and september. >> with 83 days to go. he's down in every battleground state and all of a sudden he brings in a new campaign manager and new campaign chairman. >> first of all, there was not a campaign manager up to now. paul manafort was the campaign chairman. he remanes the campaign chaer man. kelly ann koun way who has been
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working with the campaign for a long time steps into the manager role which she's so well fit for it. it's an expansion of the team and it's great news today. >> this is what's in store for you. aeds telling costa, quote, bannon in phone calls and meetings has been urging trump to not mount a fall campaign that makes republican officials and donors comfortable. is that the kind of campaign we'll see play out? >> not the best reporting saying someone is going to mount a campaign that makes someone uncomfortable. that's not what it is. the trump campaign is going to be a campaign absolutely focused on november 8th. we had a great speech last night, well-received speech the night before. you'll see those speeches and vintage donald trump. >> you're talking about the milwaukee speech?
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>> both in youngstown, ohio, and the milwaukee speech. >> the milwaukee speech -- again, you make a solid point. he gives a major campaign speech talking about or attempting to connect the violence we've seen in milwaukee over the past few days to larger issues for blacks in this country. 12 hours later he announces this. he steps on his own message. we've seen him do it time and time again. why is that? why not have the major speech dominate the news cycle for at least two days? >> it's not about stepping on the message. as a campaign, you have to continue to grow and expand. you don't wait based on a speech you just gave. the speech stood on its own. by the way, it's a speech republicans have not given in my lifetime, a speech focused on minorities, focused on saving inner cities. >> no one is talking about the speech today. >> we're talking about it. let's talk about it right now. >> that's not the news of the day. >> there was a speech that neither republicans or democrats have given in ages. it was a speech about saving
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american cities. the news of the day today or at least the morning is an expansion of the trump campaign team. how close this particular campaign is scrutinized, it's good news and i'm happy to talk about it. >> steven bannon has run a successful news website for the past few years. why bring in guy like that to try to get a campaign back on track? he hasn't done it before. he's got no proven record. what does this say about the seriously with which donald trump is taking his campaign to be president of the united states. >> i'll dispute the premise. we don't need to be back on track. this is a campaign focused on winning november 8th. >> you're not wenning. >> if you look at "l.a. times" poll we're within one. >> but you're not winning -- >> the polls are very close and will continue to tighten. kellyanne conway is extremely experienced.
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paul manafort goes back from doll to george w. bush with the team. senator sessions is a big part of the campaign, chris christie is a big part of the campaign. we're focused on winning november 8th. >> 83 days until the election. as you know, a number of states start early voting just a few weeks from now. minnesota late september. ohio october 12th. five days later georgia will start voting. is there enough time for this campaign to reset again? >> this is the third time again. we don't need a reset. we need to continue improving, just like any campaign does. is there enough time to win, craig? absolutely. 100%. i'm very y that people go to the polls on early voting and election day, the result based on a binary -- hillary clinton who has been a lifelong failure
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and donald trump who is bringing new ideas to the table. wants to change what's wrong with america. >> what are the three new ideas that donald trump is bringing to the table? >> absolutely. immigration is one point which he's very strong on. hillary wants to increase refugees by 550%. >> that figure has been disputed. we should note that. go ahead. >> banning some muslims. >> not banning muslims. >> extreme vetting. >> vetting from countries that are exporters of terrorism. >> two other ideas. >> two, trade. we need to renegotiate nafta. we've lost 700,000 jobs because of nafta. we want to be sure we're not part of the tpp. >> the third idea. >> the third idea is fighting isis. you have to work with nato and both competitors and allies to defeat isis. i can go on the you want. >> two of those aren't necessarily ideas. >> what about taxation?
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>> we're out of time. i want you to come back. it's good you're back. thank you very much for your time. don't let it be said that you were on and you weren't able to talk about your campaign's ideas. >> who is steve bannon? according to bloomberg sks he's, quote, the most dangerous political operative in america. joshua green wrote that profile. he joins us now. joshua, thank you so much for your time. as we were just talking here, trump's campaign conceding at least he does not have any experience running a campaign. how did he get this job? how did we get here? >> well, he got this job because bannon has been an "avatar" for the anti republican establishment group of conservatives, very active online, on social media. banon is a guy talking to trump, whispering in his ear all along.
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chairman of breitbart news which has been a big fan of trump's campaign. in a certain sense, it's a bit serendipitous that trump would reach out and pull in a guy like bannon who is very much a reflection of trump's own ideals, values and impulses and very much a rejection of the idea that trump needs to follow the wishes and dictates of the gop establishment. >> how much power is he going to have? >> i'm not sure how much power anything has over donald trump. certain certainly bannon's is a voice that trump feels like he wants to listen to. the way i interpret this is trump stiff arming the rnc and the republican establishment and saying, nope, i'm going to go my own way with my own instincts and my own people. i want to be more aggressive. i don't want to read my speeches off tell prompters. this is trul being trump. >> this narrative that breitbart
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news has been pushing to a certain extent, the narrative that there may be something wrong with hillary clinton's health. we heard from donald trump, he alluded to that in a speech on monday. there have been a number of head leans on breitbart's website to that extent over the past few months. is that going to become, under his leadership, is that going to become a major theme now in donald trump's campaign. not only is she untrustworthy, but she might not be healthy? >> i have no idea. he hasn't shared his strategy with me. it wouldn't come as a surprise. if you want to get inside the mind of steve bannon, take a tour through it is very aggressive, very heated, often very paranoid stories that are as eager to criticize and go after the republican establishment as they are hillary clinton and the democratic party. if anything, over the last year breitbart has probably been more critical of house speaker paul ryan, a republican, than they
7:14 am
have hillary clinton, the democratic nominee. >> quickly, joshua, when you heard the news he had gotten this new gig, were you at all surprised? >> yes. i think everydy was. surprised, but once you mull it over, looked at through the lens of trump which is sort of a strange lens to look through, it does make a certain kind of sense. >> joshua, thank you for being with me. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> all of this happening on the same day that donald trump will receive his first classified intelligence briefing. nbc justice correspondent pete williams joins me from washington. what kind of information will the republican nominee get? >> the same kind of information that has been given to presidential candidates in the general elections since the 1950s, craig. this is getting a lot of attention, but it is an every four-year event. i suspect the candidates would learn the same if they sat through the intelligence briefings given in public, the
7:15 am
three assessments of the fbi and national counterterrorism center. these are not the holiest of the holies. they don't get into classified operations or if nuclear arsenal or any of the covert operations the agency is doing. it's really sort of a briefing on the state of the world from an intelligence perspective. the candidates can ask questions. so the briefing can take those turns, but it's not going to be the holiest of the holies. it's not going to be an extensive drilldown into the cia's darker secrets. >> donald trump says he's going to be bringing retired lieutenant general michael flind and new jersey governor chris christie to that briefing. any idea why those two men? >> -- classifications or security clearances for people who would serve on a transition. so it indicates, i would think
7:16 am
that mr. trump intends these two people to play some role in his administration if he's elected. >> all right. pete williams down in washington. thanks, as always, sir. >> you bet. coming up, also following breaking news on the new fast growing wildfire out of control in southern california. plus historic flooding in louisiana. day six of the worst floods in america since super storm sandy. >> reporte thill water has nowhere else to go, so it's flowing south down these rivers and bayous, devastating more communities in its path. >> gabe gutierrez will join us live from the flood zone and we'll talk to fema head craig fugate for his account of the devastation there. also ahead, the fbi handing over its secret notes from the hillary clinton e-mail meetings to congress.
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pictures of my daughters. we'll never get things like that back. >> some folks there in baton rouge, louisiana, returning home this morning to see what's left of their homes after this week's historic flooding. other areas there are still under water at this hour. so far 11 people have died, at least 20 pair reshes have been declared disaster areas. 40,000 homes damaged or destroyed. at least 30,000 people -- 30,000 have been rescued so far. nbc's gabe gutierrez remains on duty in sorrento, just southeast of baton rouge. gabe, it still looks pretty bad there. >> reporter: that's right, craig. this is one of the communities where water rose very quickly
7:21 am
yesterday. as you can see, this water, and plenty of it, is still here. we were just talking with some of these -- the women here in this home, the water just falling short of the front door. they tell us it's seeping in through the back. they're hoping it doesn't rise any further. this other home just next door, you can see the sandbags on the porch there. this gentleman in this pickup right here, he's heading back, driving through this water trying to see if he can salvage anything from his home. he's trying to protect his home. he says where it's at no matter has gotten there. this neighborhood is one of the many throughout the state that are just devastating by these floods. craig, for the last few days we heard those stories out of baton rouge, the heart-wrenching story you played of the retired firefighter going back to his home in baton rouge. the water has receded largely in
7:22 am
that area, denim springs, one of the hardest hit areas in livingston parish, more than 31 inches fell there. that water is moving south and to the west. you see neighborhoods like this and sorrento and also neighborhoods, in arcadia parish, town of ycrowley to the west of here. this is still a horrible situation for many of these folks. as you mentioned, more than 30,000 people have been rescued over the past few days. some 40,000 homes damaged by what the governor here has called these historic floods, craig. >> gabe, we've heard from officials there as we typically hear from officials when there's kind of the flooding we're seeing in luis an ouisiana to s the roads. then you have the guy behind you in that truck. >> reporter: i talked to him briefly. yes, as you mentioned, we hear
7:23 am
over and over again, turn around, don't drown, do not attempt to drive through these waters. it's hard to tell, this particular road, you can get through the center of it. we have seen people walking through this particular road. where it really drops off is in these front yards. of course, not a good idea to drive through any high water at any point. this neighborhood, we think that the water appears to be receding just a few inches. we were here yesterday and we saw many boats, rescue boats going in and out trying to rescue some of the neighbors that were trapped in their homes. but we think here in sorrento, the rivers in this area have crested and so the water will start to recede. the problem here is the neighborhoods to the south and the west of here, as the water makes its way into the gulf of mexico and to the east to lake ponchartrain. certainly this is a slow-moving disaster at this point, but a very urgent situation for the neighborhoods in the path of those rising rivers.
7:24 am
>> gabe gutierrez, thank you, sir. be careful. on the phone now craig fugate, the administrator of the federal emergency management agency. craig, you were in louisiana yesterday to look at the devastation firsthand. what did you see? what are people on the ground telling you? >> i het with governor edwards and his team. obviously the big concern was they're still doing rescues, as you pointed out, water is still rising in other parishes. i think over the weekend people did not understand how big and how bad this disaster was going to be. president obama did. he declared this a disaster on sunday. as of this morning we had over 66,000 people registering for fema assistance. putting that in context, last year in south carolina floods, we had about 28,000 people that received assistance from fema. we know this is a very large disaster and we're responding as
7:25 am
part of the governor's team. >> you mentioned the assistance there. what kind of services, what kind of assistance can folks who are watching or listening who have been affected by this thing, what kind of help can they get? >> well, two things. people with flood insurance, file your claims and work with your adjusters. if you didn't have flood insurance, which unfortunately a lot of folks didn't, register with fema, call 1-800-621-fema or go to it's disaster loans through individual grants. our focus right now we have a lot of people in shelters and looking at what kind of housing assistance, renter's assistance to help people move from shelters to longer-term housing. >> you mentioned flood insurance. according to fema, 42% of homeowners who live in these
7:26 am
high-risk flood areas in the state of louisiana, 42% of them have flood insurance. in low-risk areas, it's about 12%. why is flood insurance not mandatory in those parts of louisiana, especially in those high-risk areas? >> well, it's a federally backed mortgage it's required. other than that, it's like everybody else. you're responsible for yourself. if you don't live in the high-risk areas, you may not have that requirement. but this will mean for most folks, the fema assistance is limited. we're not going to be able to make people whole. the ones that will do the best will be the ones with flood insurance. >> craig fugate who runs fema, updating us on the scene in luis n nah. thank you. good luck. coming up, the fbi handing over records of the classified investigation regarding hillary
7:27 am
clinton's private e-mail server to congress. what might republicans do with that information? also, back to the breaking news we continue to follow, the fast-moving flames in southern california right now forcing more than 80,000 people from their homes. the blaze now bigger than the size of manhattan. ...when theirt cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement... ...before the girls even took the stage. safelite-dot-com is the fast, easy way to schedule service anywhere in america! so you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! that's another safelite advantage. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease.
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to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. let's get back to the trump campaign staffing shakeup and how it could impact down-ballot gop races. cnbc's john harwood joins me live with new reporting. john, what are you learning this morning? >> craig, the question surrounding the trump campaign for the last several days is what is the republican party going to do about it. he has been falling behind nationally and in all the key battleground states. he's been picking fights that don't seem to serve him or the party well. increasingly members of congress, house and senate are keeping their distance from him, so the question is going to be
7:31 am
when money is coming in, does it go to house and senate races or does it go to the presidential campaign? this latest third major shakeup in the trump campaign and the fact that it is being led in part by this breitbart news executive who has been at war with republican leaders, that is accelerating the sense that republicans need to focus on saving the senate where they've got a 54-46 majority and saving the house where they have a bigger majority. a collapse of trump at the top of the ticket could butt that into jeopardy. >> john harwood, chief correspondent from washington, d.c., thank you so much. hn feehery is a republican strategist and president for public affairs firm quinn, g gillespie and associates. >> this shakeup will encourage the party to shift resources
7:32 am
away from donald trump to some of these house and senate races, what do you make of that? >> well, i think that's happening already with a lot of big donors. the problem is, if trump completely collapses, no matter how much money goes to senate candidates or house they're not going to be able to escape the downdraft. in many ways, running against donald trump is not really the best option for house and senate republicans. they have to kind of unite as a team. the other problem is steve bannon is a complete outsider, and really right now donald trump is doubling down on his outsider candidacy. for republicans that run the house and senate, it's hard to say they're complete outsiders because they have the reins of power to a large extent. this does complicate a very disjointed pick. >> how much of a surprise was
7:33 am
the bannon pick? >> it was shocking. bannon doesn't have any political experience. he's obviously a pro vok tour. they have had influence on the republican primary process. keep in mind, breitbart really went after paul ryan and the paul ryan opponent got 15% of the vote. really ineffective. i do think kellyanne conway coming up, she's going to be a very good addition to this team. one of the biggest problems for donald trump is the woman vote. i think she can help with that. >> john feehery, republican strategist, thank you very much. hillary clinton campaigning in cleveland, ohio, this afternoon. we're there live with new developments on her e-mail troubles and why the campaign is calling for some fbi documents to be made public. after five hours of spinning and one unfortunate ride on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered
7:34 am
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7:36 am
hillary clinton's e-mail controversy continues to be a bit of an issue for the campaign. this morning, her running mate, senator tim kaine told nbc's
7:37 am
savannah guthrie t notes from her july interview with the fbi should be made public. >> anything that the fbi gives to congress they should give to the public. what we've seen is this lengthy multimillion dollar congressional investigation that has been highly partisan where they wanted to leak out this or that to try to make their case against hillary clinton. let the public see what the fbi decides to let congress see. >> kasie hunt continues to follow the clinton campaign and joins us from cleveland now where hillary clinton will be campaigning this afternoon. kasie, the clinton campaign at this point calling on these documents, some of these documents at least, to be made public. why? >> reporter: that's right, craig. think about how this has gone through out the course of the benghazi investigation. you remember republicans on the oversight committee, democrats in many ways going back and clinton h selective leaks of
7:38 am
campaign worries privately that that could happen again in this instance. essentially, as we know, the fbi has given these documents to congress, if house republicans release pieces of them that could potentially in democrats' views look more damaging when they aren't part of this greater hole. the fbi has told republicans this information is privileged and it shouldn't be released to the public. the question, of course, what happens next in this twist and turn? the other piece of this, of course, house republicans now threatening a perjury case over what they claim are differences between what hillary clinton told the benghazi committee when she testified under oath and what's in this fbi interview material. that, of course, is the source of friction here. the house republicans arguing that when hen told them that she never sent or received classified material, that that
7:39 am
continue direct potentially what she told the fbi and, therefore, she perjured herself. we're talking about three e-mails that contained c markings in the bottom of the e-mail, democrats saying that wasn't clear enough. anything marked classified would have been marked in the header of the e-mail. and anyone familiar with dealing with this information assumed if it didn't include the header, it wasnd classified. we're stretching out a story line difficult for the clinton campaign. >> kasie hunt on duty in ohio. nya hop is a former spokesperson under hillary clinton and also a former white house senior director for the obama administration. i want to get to donald trump's intelligence briefing in just a moment. let's start with where casey left off, these e-mails. do you think personally these are documents that should be made public as well? >> part of the challenge is that
7:40 am
you have this on going conversation in which the dribs and drabs and lack of context make it really difficult to understand what the issue is. particularly hillary clinton herself, and the context of revealing all these to the public would make these much easier for the public to understand what's going on -- >> gentlemen, make them public? >> i say make them public, particularly if the person who did the testifying, went in, generally that person wants the privacy. if that person says please release it, in any other legal context i don't think we'd be dealing with such an issue. the fbi director himself, he testified, she testified. it's time to put it all out there. >> as you know, many house republicans insist hillary clinton either lied to congress or lied to the fbi. they put this video out this week, a video in which clinton's testimony does seem to contradict what fbi director
7:41 am
james comey concluded after the investigation. i want to play this clip and get your response on the other side. >> nothing was marked classified at the time i sent or received it. >> it's also important to say something about the marking of classified information. only a very small number of the e-mails here containing classified information -- >> one server, is that what you're telling me, the one server the fbi has. >> the fbi has the server that was used during the tenure of my state department service. >> secretary clinton cluesed several different servers and administrators of those servers during her four years at the state department. >> what do you make of those inconsistencies and can you see why so many people still find what she says about this e-mail stuff, as complex as it is, they find it somewhat unbelievable. >> i think we're all finding it unbelievable that we're having conversations a year later about specific e-mails and their markings. i take the supposed
7:42 am
inconsistency to be someone operating at a really high level and has to be forced to remember things from two or three years ago. what we do know and where i think the clinton campaign and the fbi do agree is a lot of this information was retroactively marked classified. and the traditional markings are very, very glaring. there's a top header, a bet tom header, it's difficult to transfer from a classified server to a personal server. there are a lot of safeguards in place. that's not -- i think that's part of what in the public hasn't necessarily come out, nor is it something i think the public even cares about, that strict level of detail. the public cares about the narrative of trustworthiness and whether or not there was collusion going on. i think it's congress's responsibility to make as much information public. >> donald trump will first
7:43 am
receive his first intelligence classified briefing. james clapper saying he's not concerned about either candidate receiving these brief tension. are you concerned at all? >> i find it interesting these are routine briefings that start right after the conventions. they've happened every time we've had a convention and the transition team begins to position. the trump intel briefing is the one we're all hearing about it. even if director clapper is not concerned, a large segment of the population and even republicans are concerned about trump's temperament and what he will say and reveal. i can tell you from experience, that the first briefing at least is generally not something that talks about the nuclear codes or secret plans we have with allies. >> it's like foreign policy 101 or intelligence 101? >> pretty much. basics of how we protect the republic, have peaceful transfer of power. >> thank you so much for your time. we are following breaking
7:44 am
news right now in puerto rico where crews are evacuating more than 500 passengers from a ferry. this is video we just got in. the ferry is on fire just off the coast of san juan. the coast guard telling us at this point there are no reports of any injuries, but we're keeping a very close eye on that ferry fire. also breaking news in california. a new fast-growing wildfire out of control. more than 82,000 people in the san bernardino area have been forced to evacuate their homes. >> i looked outside and i saw the flames, and it's ready to go. >> it's scary, it's scary when you don't have much dividing you from the flames and your house. that's your life. >> the blue cut fire has already burned more than 46 square miles, making it about the size of the city of boston. governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency there. we'll go live to the scene. we'll be right back.
7:45 am
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let's talk about this trump campaign expansion some more. jonathan capehart is an opinion writer for "the washington post," nick con sorry, good morning to both of you gentlemen. let me start with you, jonathan. steve bannon from the conservative website breitbart news, the third person tapped to lead the trump team behind corey lewandowski and paul manafort. what do you make of the latest shift? >> sitting here, i'm about to file my next piece with the headline "so donald trump doesn't want to be tame so his company goes ferile." steve bannon will be the chairman but kellyanne conway will be the campaign manager. that will mark the third change in leadership in the campaign. the fact he's tapping the now former executive editor of
7:49 am
breitbart news, a news organization that the southern poverty law center has written a piece about back in april talking about how over the past year the ones conservative news organization has now started pedaling in racist, nativist ideas that has made it a fan of white nationalists. if donald trump really wants to win the white house which traditionally you've done by expanding your base from the primary campaign, he's going in the complete opposite direction. >> nick, paul manafort was the guy brought in to professionalize this campaign, to really put it on track. what happened? >> it seems pretty obvious that news reports of his officials trying to rein him in, using the media to send messages to trump, kind of angered trump and huchl
7:50 am
ill ated him. there was evidence of that at a donor meeting where he was frustrated and felt humiliated that his own team was trying to bring him to heel. now he's tning to two people, kellyanne conway, a very experienced operative, a good sense of the populist revolt in her own party. and bannon is a guy that won't tell trump to not be trump. i think trump decided, if he's going down, he'll be going down in his way, in trump style swinging and not in some republican alter ego version of trump. >> i want to talk about the general election ad buy we're told, key battleground states, florida, ohio, north carolina, pennsylvania. the bigger story here, according to first read is where he has decided to not advertise. colodo, iowa, nevada, new hampshire, virginia. is he conceding those states? >> look, he's been reluctant to spend cash on tv at all in this
7:51 am
campaign, craig. he's felt it's a waste on moye n. i think he's looking at a strategy of banking it all on a couple of big wins which are hard to do. if he can win florida and pennsylvania and ohio, he has a chance if he can win all those states. i'm not sure he's going to play around with some of the more marginal states that appear to be further and further away from his grasp. that can always change as the campaign goes on. it's not over yesterday. >> we'll have more time next time, gentlemen. thank you. coming up, golden girl. u. sch u.s. superstar simone biles saying ciao to rio with her four, count them four, gold meda medals. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insunc. there's no shame in saving money.
7:52 am
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welcome, to it all. comcast. women's gymnastics phenom simone biles becoming the first american woman to win four gold medals in a single games. msnbc's chris jansing joins me
7:55 am
live from rio de janeiro. good to see you, my friend. simone biles now officially the most decorated olympic gymnast in history. >> reporter: it's incredible, craig, and it's the mark of a true champion. simone biles put her mistake on the balance beam the day before behind her and went on to earn the gold in her final olympic event. she was absolutely dazzling. as her score on the floor showed, she was also nearly perft. this is her fifth rio medal over all-. reigning olympic champion aly raisman took silver. on the men's side, american dannel leyva didn't disappoint. he was replacing an injured athlete. he claimed two silver medals, both in the parallel and the high bars. american jenny simpson had an historic performance in the 1500 meter final, winning bronze,
7:56 am
becoming the first american to ever win an olympic medal in the event. and to the moment that carried the two spirit of the olympics, when runners from the u.s. and new zealand spelled. i just spoke with abbey d'agostino whose gesture helping nikki hamblen has inspired the world. they both said they didn't realize what happened when they went down. but what was the word from the american, it was "it's the olympics, you have to finish." even though she had a torn acl -- anyone who has had that extensive of an injury knows it's incredibly painful, she said her knee felt like jelly. she made her way to the finish line. they embraced. i have to tell you, she said i came in with a focus, my performance was going to be the most important thing. clearly it was not. craig? >> chris jansing, thank you so much for that in rooj.
7:57 am
rio de janeiro. that will wrap up this hour of msnbc live. our olympic coverage is up next followed by mtp daily. i will see you back here at 10:00 eastern. 7:00 on the west coast tomorrow. . it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. on june 27, distill became the first to raise capital through cloud funding. customers who love the company were now given a chance to own part of it. find out if the owners raised the money they need. find out more sunday morning on msnbc. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office
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welcome to msnbc coverage of the rio olympics, day 12. i'm rob simmelkjaer. right now we're going to go live to a semifinal match in women's field hockey. it's the netherlands against germany. >> the winner goes to the gold medal match. the netherlands


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