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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  February 23, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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that will do it for edition of "andrea mitchell reports." i'm peter alexander. craig melvin up now on msnbc. >> good the sigh peter. thank so much. craig melvin in new york city. lots happening this hour. we are once again waiting for secretary of state rex tillerson and miss mecke can counter-part to start speaking any moment now. this is in mexico, of course. also happening receipt now in national harbor maryland any moment, we are expecting a rare public confab in the world of politics. reince priebus and steve bannon,
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both of them men who have president trump's ear when it comes to things like immigration, like health care. and now transgender rights as well. their discussion, one of the highlights of the july three-day conservative rally known of course as cpac. it is now in its second day. we start with kerrey sanders who is standing by for us in mexico city where again we are expecting to hear from our secretary of state and the homeland security districtor as well. kerry, what can we expect to hear? >> reporter: they have had meetings that began yesterday over dinner with the counter-parts here in mexico. among the issues that both the secretary of state and the secretary of the department of homeland security are talking about are border security, a border wall, and of course the border to the south here in mexico to central america because so many people from honduras, guatemala, el salvador make their way up across land through mexico and then into the united states. the suggestion in one of the
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memos is that the deportations of those in the united states will be not only those who are in the country illegally from mexico being deported back to mexico but also those from central america being deported back here to mexico. the mexican government is adamant about the fact they do not want to see that happen here. they say that to be an affront to their sovereignty. one of the local newspapers even said that the united states is now beginning a battle with the united states and mexico. and so we are waiting really to hear from what will happen because if all goes according to plan, the secretary of state, rex tillerson, will be meeting with the mexican president laider here this afternoon and they will probably get down to real bras tacks moving forward with what could be a contentious and frosty relationship when donald trump as a candidate was saying we are going to build a wall and make mexico pay for it.
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the president here has said repeatedly mexico will not pay for that wall. but the president, president trump suggested there could be a 20% export tax from here and he has also requested a review of foreign aid from the united states to mexico, foreign aid that somehow may be put into the equation of building a wall along the southern border of the united states with this country, mexico. craig? >> kerry, stand by for us there in mexico if you can. i want to bring in kelly o'donnell who is at the white house for us. it's striking to hear kerry describe what the mexicans and what the mexican government has said so far about a number of their administration's proposals as they relate to immigration because we just heard from white house press secretary sean spicer roughly this time yesterday describe the relationship between mexico and this country as quote phenomenal. >> reporter: perhaps that was more aspirational in its intent.
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the president today him acknowledged this is a quote tough trip for his two secretaries of state and homeland security, acknowledging that it is on his behalf that they are having these meetings and it is really carrying some of the baggage of trump's rhetoric sh his plans, his policies into mexico to try to smooth things over where he can, find some common ground where he can. one of the issues that we have heard describe as the importance for the united states to acknowledge that some of the tensions between the u.s. and mexico come not from south of the border north, but also issues like the demand for drugs inside the united states that puts pressure going south so that it is a two-way partnership. and of course on issues like border security, on different opportunities to try to seek ways to have mexico pay for that, whether it's remittances or tariffs, or those kinds of things, that's been so volatile.
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and so for secretary of state rex tillerson, who is new to being a diplomat but has had a lot of experience dealing with heads of state in his role when he was the ceo of exxon, and for john kelly, who is of course formerly a general, now in this role of one of the toughest departments, homeland security, which has to implement the new executive orders for the president, they deal with things like the new rules that would make it easier and faster for the united states to send, especially mexican border crossers back when there had been a plan prior to that where they could be -- if they were apprehended they could remain in the united states pending a court process. s that witness of the many elements of these new yards. diplomatically, what a tall order for these two secretaries to go to mexico and to try to find some area of common ground. notably, the president acknowledges, it's a tough trip. craig. >> a rough slog, indeed. kelly o'donnell for us at 1600.
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stand by. this is going to happen in mexico city at any moment of we will go back to mexico city when we hear secretary of state rex tillerson again to he sp. kasie hunt is also standing by for us. she is at the cpac conference in national harbor maryland. in maryland we are expecting to hear from reince priebus and steve bannon, fair to say reclusive steve bannon. this is not a guy you see and hear a lot of, especially on television. what can we expect? >> reporter: it's not a common thing to see steve bannon out on stage. i think you can read into the rest of the appearance surrounding bannon, which is that he is coming here with reince priebus. you can't really get more distinct in separating what was the conservative establishment republican party, reince priebus, leading the rnc for many years and being very close
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with people like scott whacker, the governor of wisconsin, and others in the establishment of the party. and steve bannon, who really represents this insurgent outsider wing. his critics say that he has fomented anti-semitism with the website that he used to run, breitbart, and kind of engurgeed the alt right as a strand of the conservative movement. we've seen that blow up today here already in the halls of cpac. richard spencer the white nationalist who was somewhat famously punched in the face during trump's inauguration festivities was here in the hallway. he gave an impromptu press conference. organizers threw him out saying he is repugnant and they refu refunded the machine spent on the ticket he bought to come in here. clearly, this convention which is one of mainstream conservatives. it's usually -- kellyanne conway called it dsy. it's usually a little bit stayed. there would be at love people who would walk in and call it
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boring if you are not part of what guess on here. but that's all different this year. it is a because of donald trump. trump himself did not show up when he was a candidate last year partly because there were going to be protests. but of course this time his star are the centerpiece here. his vice president speaks tonight and mr. trump himself will be the keynote speaker tomorrow. >> casey hundred for us there in maryland. we'll come back to you. any moment now we are expecting to hear from priebus and bannon. one thing that taentd attendees likely want to hear from the president's top two deputies is how the white house plans to make campaign promises on things like health care reform specifically, how they plan to make that a reality. because the problems republicans have had pushing these items through congress has not gone unnoticed at cpac so far. >> the message that i am conveying to president trump, to the cabinet, to leaders in both house is real simple. let's do what we promise. >> you can see the challenges
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they are having right now just dealing with the repeal and replace of obamacare. the challenges they are having just dealing with comprehensive tax reform. >> every republican in the house and senate voted to revolley obamacare in 2015 and send to it the president. and they should send that same bill to president trump right now. folks, the excuse we are hearing that we can't repeal obamacare until we replace it is absolutely ludicrous. >> rick tyler, republican msnbc analyst who is at cpac right now. tom davis former republican congressman from virginia. and nbc's kelly o'donnell still standing by with us at the white house. kelly, i want to come to you here in a second and talk a little bit about this relationship between priebus and bannon. but let me start with you, rick, because again here you have two guys who really, in a lot of ways, represent the major two parts of the republican party, establishment, populist.
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what do we know about how well these two sides are getting along when it comes to the actual business of ledggislatel? >> that's a great question, craig. as you know the rouns haven't had control of everything and they do have control of everything in the congress and did white house and they have waited a lon time for this. but donald trump is not establishment. here at cpac, he's not even a conservative. he is actually a populist. but the question is, he may be able to get more done on the conservative agenda than many so-called conservative republicans have. that remains to be seen but substantively i think he is moving in that direction. he is very popular here. and a year ago, not so much. >>cally o. there has been scuttlebutt over the last month or two that reince priebus and steve bapon don't really get along. here they are going to appear on the same stage in just a few
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minutes. what do we know about their relationship? >> reporter: it is not accidental that they are appearing together. and it is in part to deemphasize the narrative that's been out there about a power struggle. from what we've been able to tell from various sources in the transition and now as they are in office for a month, there are divergent sort of centers of power. and that is difficult. normally the chief of staff is number one among all equals. and in this white house, it is differently it is complicated by a couple of things. steve bannon was religionly brought in during the campaign season by son-in-law jared kushner who is his own force of will inside this white house. reince priebus had been trying to keep the lid on for the republican national committee as chairman. and both have great success shared in this. priebus's role at rnc was so helpful to trump and the
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identifiology vision of bannon much criticized has been a big part of shaping the message. now they have to be partners at a time when typically you would have much more of a pyramid structure in this white house. that we don't have. so there are conversations we have with various advisers, people who are working closely or inside talking about who is the ultimate boss, who has the president's ear? so there is a tension that has existed because of the structure and because of the pathways they each had into this white house and the various responsibilities. so by appearing together, that is intended to sort of show a side by side partnership. and they have spoken out vigorously against this notion that they are somehow not getting along. and they, too, are really the only ones who know. but it is sometimes hard for people who work for them to determine who is the boss. >> tom, inside we have this conservative pep rally of sorts, if you will.
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meanwhile, outside, you have got congressmen, senators getting yelled at left and right at these town halls. which is the reality for elected officials right now? is it what is happening at cpac? or is it what is happening in a number of these congressional town halls? >> it's both. i think in the primaries, members look over their right shoulder at what is happening in cpac, how the conservative movement is moving together, what's their agenda. if you are from a marginal district and you have over 20 house republicans for example, that were elected in districts that clinton carried or something on the margins you are going to have bull's eye on yourself in the midterm election where you are going to need those conservatives and swing voters as well. these town meetngs are a message to them -- or they are trying to deliver the message to them that we matter, too. they are going to be under a lot of pressure in terms of what they can support, how far they can go in not just repealing obamacare which i think there is unanimity on, but what you replace it with. who is affected. midterm turnouts are all about
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who shows up. in my experience as campaign chairman for two cycles is that angry people show up for midterm elections. >> would be what we have seen in the last few mid terms. you exmentioned obamacare. that's one of the thing animating members at the town halls more than anything else. john boehner reportedly told the health conference this according to politico. the headline banner saying republicans won't repeal and replace obamacare. the article quotes the former speaking saying in part, quote, most of the framework of the affordable care act, that's going to be there. what's the mood of the folks there that you are talking to? what do they think is actually going to get done as it relates to obamacare? >> it's really interesting. i mean, this is one of the -- i mean we've run several conditions, election cycles on this very issue and republicans have used this issue sflly. trump used the obamacare repeal
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and replace as one of the cornerstones of his campaign. yet now we are hearing that it's just to hard to unravel and that their replacement plan -- look, as a conservative i don't want the see another government replacement plan. i think there is a lot of work that the free market can do to bring down costs and give people choice and quality of care. set that aside it's so hard to unwind and so many visions i believe her going to try to fix obamacare. the problem is, it is like a lead airpt airplane, you can add more lead but it's never going to get off the ground. >> on the left side of the screen, quarter to the hour. we are expecting secretary of state rex tillerson to speak from motion co. we are expecting to hear from the homeland security secretary as well, john kelly and their mexican counter-parts after aers into of meetings there. when it happens, we will go to it. also, bottom of the screen
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you are looking at live picture from maryland. cpac is underway. tom davis is there, a former congressman from the commonwealth there in virginia. tom, we heard jim demept on our air saying the protests we have been talking about, these at times rowdy raucous protests he said they are just astro turfing and that a lot of the protesters if not the majority of the protesters are being bussed in. i remember vividly democrats saying something similar to that back in 2009. can republicans afford to be as dismissive as some of them are of these kinds of meetings? >> if you are sitting in a marginal seat, you don't want to be dismisive at all. you want to be respectful. you want to kind of hold your ground but you want to give people a chance to speak. look, there's certainly an organizational aspect to this and some of these marginal republican seats democrats have paid people on the ground to
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help the organizations but a lot of people coming are genuine constituents with genuine concerns. if you are an elected leader you want to be respectful of every. the worst thing you can do in one of the town meetings is left side your temper and be disrespectful. you are you tubed forever if you do that and if you are in a marginal seat that's not the message you want to send. >> one thing that struck me about the town hall meeting. here we are 31, 32 days into a brand-new administration and folks are already showing up at these meetings livid. what does that tell you? were folks expecting too much too fast? >> craig, it tells that you the country is divided. it also tells that you the people who are showing up, many of whom were hillary clinton voters or would have been hillary clinton voters had they gone out and voted. but look, the country is divided. the problem the administration has right now, that instead of trying to broaden the base --
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and they do a substantial base and a very ab active base. they have chose tony hunker down and as we've heard the president say be dismissive of these town halls. i think that's a mistake. i think this is a lot like the tea party. the one thing they have in common, they are both mad at republicans. but the tea party organized and you can credit the tea party -- look at the members in the senate. marco rubio, and rand paul, and ted cruz, and mike lee, these were all tea party elected senators. many, many in the house. it led to majorities and ultimate at me led that -- at least the roots of it led to donald trump along with blue collar workers. if the left can figure out how to capture the energy that they have over on the left they may be able to win some -- as tom davis said some marginal districts and pick up some seats. >> rick tyler stan by for me if you can. congressman please also stand by. left side of your screen, mexico
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city -- bottom of your screen cpac there in marylandle we will get to both of those events live. steve bannon, reince priebus the white house chief of staff expected to speak any moment. leaders of the democrat national party will be picking their chair in the next couple of days. more about that on the other side of this break. nosy neighbor with a keen sense of smell... glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed.
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receipt now a live look
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there, mexico city. we are expecting to hear from the secretary of state any moment now. also the secretary of homeland security as well. they are in mexico city for a series of meetings. we were expecting a debrief a short time ago. that has not happened just yet. when it does, we will take you there live. we will also take you to maryland as well. s in the second dave cpac, that annual conservative gathering for the first time we are going to see reince priebus and steve bannon on stage together chatting it up. perhaps taking a few questions from the friendly audience as well. we'll go there when that happens. right now not all the attention this week is focused on conservatives in the gop. democrats are expected to vote this saturday for a new chair of the party. eight candidates are vying for the job. the winner will row place donna brazile who took the job after wasserman schultz resigned last summer after the controversy sparked by the results of leaks
10:24 am
of dnc e-mails. let's bring in one of the candidates for the james, south dakota democratic party chairman jamie harrison. good to see you. >> good to see you, craig. >> you have been campaigning hard making the case that the only guy who can run a party is the guy who has run the party on the state level. what's the latest on the run? >> well, the latest, craig, is, listen, you know, before i became a party chair i was also the floor director in the whip operation for congressman jim clay burn who is the majority whip. i know how to count votes. at this juncture, the votes are just not there for us and our campaign. we've run a very, very strong campaign going across the country talking about our vision of rebuilding state parties. but the votes are just not there. it looks like it's going to be a race between tom perez and keith ellison. and as a state party chair, i have a vote in that race and i'm going to lend my support and my vote to tom perez.
10:25 am
i think he is the builder, the organizer, the visionary, the fighter that we need in the party right now. i love keith, and i love all of the candidates in this race. they have really showcased that there is so much talent in the democratic party. and at the end of the day, after saturday's done, we need all of us to get back together to work as a team to rebuild this party. >> you are dropping out, you are throw your support behind tom perez, labor secretary of course under president obama. most who follow democratic politics would say he is the establishment guy. and here is keith ellison who is is the anti-establishment guy endorsed by senator bernie sanders. if tom perez becomes head of the dnc wouldn't it just be status quo, the same sort of leadership we've seen over the last four to eight years? >> listen, i don't buy these labels of establishment and anti-establishment. listen, keith is a congressman
10:26 am
who has been there for ten years. if you are talking about establishment, then being in congress, being a secretary, i mean, all of these guys in the end of the day they are good democrats of they are progressive democrats who are fighting for working people in this country. so i think as a party we need to step back away from these establishment,/anti- establishment and all that hoo-ha and focus to what the real problem is. the real problem is donald trump and a rubber stamp republican congress. that's the real problem we have right now. we need to start showing the american people, start showing democrats that we are about fighting for them. the infighting within the party, leave 2016 in the 2016 archives of history. let's focus on 2018. let's focus on 2020, how we retake the congress, how we retake state houses and governorships. you know, all of this other stuff is just noise. we need to focus on what the real battle is. and that's pushing back against
10:27 am
donald trump and the rubber stamp congress that he has has. >> looking back on your bid for the chairmanship what do you think happened? why do you think you came up short? >> i mean, inlrk craig to be honest it's hard to run against a secretary and a congressman. listen, i'm that kid that grew up in orangeburg south carolina to a teen mom who had to leave school in order the take care of me. i have had a great life, a great political career, and i'm very, very fortunate. and only in america -- only in this party can you see someone with my background who grew up the way that i did, on food stamps. we have lost a number of our homes. and to have the ability to sit here and go on telephones and debate about the future of the democratic party. that is why our party really is the party of the people of this great nation. we look like the nation. but we also understand the value and the strength of having that diversity within our party. and so i'm proud of the campaign that we ran.
10:28 am
and, listen, i am a young guy. i'm not going anywhere. >> 42 years old, if i remember correctly. >> 41. >> i just aged you. you just used the past tense. you just said i've had a great political career. are you done? >> no, i'm not -- >> okay. >> i'm not running for chairman of the south carolina democratic party again. we have done some amazing thing. we are probably one of the few states in the nation that's actually building a bench of democratic talent we have got 70, almost 80 clyburn fellows we are training to be candidates, party leaders and campaign fuel operatives. i'm proud of the things we have been able to accomplish in south carolina. it's time for some other people to step in, into that void. but i'm not leaving. you know, this is about creating a country so that your children and my son can live in world where we don't have someone who is attacking the media, who is
10:29 am
attacking the judiciary, who is basically causing fear for immigrant families and transyen der kids. that is what i'm going to fight for each and every day. et cetera a what i've been fighting for my entire life. i'm going to continue that fight. >> jamie harrison, south carolina democratic party chair announcing that he is out of the race, throwing his support behind labor secretary tom perez. jamie good to see you buddy thank you for coming on. >> good seeing you. >> good luck to you. hostile homecoming. lawmakers facing enraged crowds at town halls in their hometowns. also down in mexico city we will go there as soon as the secretary of state takes to the podium there along with the seth of homeland security johncaly. ahh, sir?
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to mexico city now, where lewis videgaray is the foreign secretary of mexico, he is speaking rate now along with secretary of state rex tillerson. let's listen in. >> translator: in their last phone call. before going to specific issues i would like to highlight some of the aspects that we reviewed with secretaries tillerson and kelly where we participated. first of all we would like to express that we are really honored and really thankful because it is taking place in a very key moment for mexico and united states. as you all know there is a concern among mexicans, there is
10:34 am
irritation before what has been perceived as policies that might be harmful for the mexicans and for the mexican industries in foreign efforts. i would like to say that this is the first meeting that we have with our counter-parts. we have had bilateral meetings but this is the first meeting held as a working group. and this has been done after few weeks of the administration -- of the position taken by tillerson and kelly. these will show us that the united states is an important relation with mexico as well as for the mexican government. it's highly important, the relationship with the united states. i would really like to thank secretary tillerson and secretary kelly for their attendance, their presence here in mexico in a moment where we
10:35 am
have notorious differences, the best way to solve them is through the dialogue, an honest dialogue, a clear dialogue, that financially can take place between two nations that have deep bonds and links of friendship, closeness, and of course of the society in our north america. we have dialogue of different topics on the agenda. we know that -- we acknowledge that this is a long term process, that it won't be necessarily simple what we are taking step towards the proper direction. and today we took some steps toward this positive directions. we have coincided in some issues. and we have the first one is the need, the need to continue
10:36 am
working -- of continued our dialogue and to continue exchanging points of view so as to achieve agreements. for mexico, we have mentioned these, and we have expressed these to the secretary of state and the secretary of the homeland security. secretary of state dialogue with the administration with the united states must have an integral and comprehensive approach. this is to say he has to enclose all topics. this is why this is really important to have the presence the secretary of state. the secretary of state has the faculties and the power to see the comprehensive approach. the relations between the foreign ministry affairs and the department would be the main axis for articulating these
10:37 am
integral dialogue, a dialogue that will include all topics, including migration, security, and of course trade. this last topic has been -- hasn't been touched yet, but we are planning to start it in the future months as we have explained. i would like to focus on the migratory topic. we have expressed both secretaries tillerson and kelly first of all our concern, concern to respect the rights of mexicans living in the united states. more specifically, the human rights. and we have listened to deep -- on behalf of secretaries thorson andcaly and a very positive situation that we will face this topic with the mechanics and
10:38 am
with die logs that will continue growing between both of us. we have also talked about the legal impossibly of a government to take positions that will affect another government in a unilateral fashion. therefore, there is a need for these type of decisions that undoubtedly affect both countries. it would be the very sort of an agreement and a dialogue. and this is a fundamental principle that we have coincide. and i would like to mention a very significant coincidence that concerns central america. for all of us, it's no doubt that the immigration phenomenon is completely different.
10:39 am
mexico has had to stop the origin of the migratory people, we have become a transit country, the countries that are in the north triangle, guatemala, honduras, and el salvador -- we have to assume both governments, the mexican government and united states in a shared approach. an approach that not only will lead me to the migration purpose but can cover the different issues. and we have agreed that in the next months we will summon for a meeting together with mexico and the united states. we will invite other countries in the romney suegion, such as and other countries from central america so as to hold a
10:40 am
constructive dialogue and assume a joint awareness and responsibility, understanding that this is through the development of stability, the way that we can solve the different causes of migration. it will be a long way to go to build agreements with the united states, but today we have taken a good step. the differences between mexico and the united states are still there, we must work to reach agreements that will serve both interests. to overcome the aggressions, to overcome the negative feelings that are prevailing nowadays, more than words that would be most important would be the facts. and today we have had trace of
10:41 am
that through different facts and actions will consolidate the relation between mexico and the united states as adjoined work and reliable friendship and relationship. thank you very much. and welcome again to mexico. >> thank you mr. videgaray. i will invite secretary tillerson. >> thank you, secretary, and my good friend, lewis. as i've shared with others since my arrival i'm delighted to be in mexico city. and i'm particularly pleased that second kelly travelled with me so we could have very comprehensive discussions of great importance between our two cups. as i shared with others, i am a native texan. i was born in texas and spent almost all my life living in texas. mexico for all of my life has been a very close neighbor. and i have a great affection for the mexican people.
10:42 am
so i'm really pleased to be here. we have just concluded very productive meetings last night and this morning with our counter-parts, the secretary of government and the secretary of foreign relations, individual fray, the seth of general defense, the secretary of the navy, and the secretary of finance and public credit meade. during the course of our meetings we discussed the breadth of challenges and opportunities in the u.s./mexico relationship. although our two nations share a long history, our visit was forward-looking, focusing on common interests that would advance security and economic well-bei well-being. in our meetings we jointly acknowledged that in a relationship filled with my brandt colors two strong sovereign countries from time to time will have differences. we listened closely and
10:43 am
carefully to each other as we respectfully and patiently raised our respective concerns. our conversations covered the full range of bilateral issues. we reaffirmed our close cooperation on economic and commercial issues such as energy, legal migration, security, educational exchanges, and people to people ties. we agreed that our two countries should seize the opportunity to modernize and strengthen our trade and energy relationship. we also reiterated our joint commitment to maintaining law and order along our shared border by stopping potential terrorists and dismantling the transnational criminal networks moving drugs and people into the united states. similarly, we underscored the importance of stopping the illegal firearms and bulk cash that is originating in the united states and flowing into mexico. there's no mistaking that the rule of law matters along both
10:44 am
sides of our border. we recognize the existing u.s./mexican cooperation to curtail irregular migration, both by securing mexico's southern border, and by supporting efforts of guatemala, honduras, and el salvador through the alliance for prosperity to reduce violence and stimulate economic opportunity in the region. on this issue we discussed the importance of fair treatment of all of those in this transit. finally, we universally agreed on the importance of strengthening existing institutional mechanisms. the meetings were the continuation of a purposeful and productive exchange that is setting our two countries down a pathway to greater security and long term prosperity. and we look forward to further meetings, perhaps in washington, d.c., to continue to progress our important discussions on these issues.
10:45 am
both secretary kelly and i look forward to and are honored by the opportunity to meet with president pena nieto. >> translator: please, secretary kelly -- could you please come to the podium so you can address some words. >> translator: good afternoon you all, secretary tillerson and secretary kelly, secretary of the ministry and the media. undoubtedly, it has been a very significant meeting as mr. videgaray mentioned. and this is true because as we've mentioned in the last years mexico and the united states have shared the purpose of building up more prosperous and safe region for all their
10:46 am
people. the understanding the core responsibility and mutual respect have been the foundations under which cooperation relationship has been filled that has proven to be successful for both countries from the point of view of the security and immigration flows, this relationship has been strategic. this is why today we have expressed to the counter-parts of the united states the need of building a dialogue -- building a dialogue that will allow us to have a new stage working. we already stated that we do not agree with different measures that recently were stated by the government of the united states that have immediate -- that would affect mexico.
10:47 am
we have expressed our concern on the increase of deportations. and before the possibility of citizens of other countries that could be returned or sent back to our territories so they can outwait for the legal reservation. we have mentioned that. all actions that our countries will decide in their regional at security and safety issues or migrations have, they gp beyond borders. therefore, we have to get to -- as much as possible. the government of mexico consider that the schemes of coordinations of the different mechanisms of cooperations that we have need a permanent dialogue that will set the needs of both countries. in this regard, we insist the need of maintaining the deportation schemes in an ordered fashion so as to guarantee the human rights of
10:48 am
all mexicans in your country. likewise, we highlight importance to continue the close relationship with other countries of central america to build up cord nations that can help us. under this approach we have also reviewed the mechanisms that have been developed to hamper organized crime, terrorism, and drug trafficking. in this regard we expressed the need to strengthen the exchange of intelligence as well as to continue with actions to stop the flow of weapons and money coming from the states so as to hinder the possibility of discriminate groups that are causing great harm to our population.
10:49 am
with expressing the need of mexicans regarding safety and immigrations we have also found some so incidences of strengthening the cooperation between both nations. for these cooperations to be possible and for both countries to benefit from these, it's necessary to create a better understanding with both nations. mexico needs the united states. and the united states needs mexico. our nations will always be neighbors. therefore, it's the most convenient thing to establish equally relationship based on respect that both countries deserved. and history has already shown this is the way to go. thank you very much mr. secretary. now we will invite mr. kelly.
10:50 am
>> well thank you. it's been a great honor for me to be here. its he not my first time in mexico, nor is it my first time in mexico city. i always enjoy returning to a place of friendship. the united states and mexico is among, i believe, the most critical in the world. not only are we connected by 1900 miles of border, we're also connected by trade, culture, history and a commitment to democracy. we cooperate on a wide range of issues, including human rights, economics, energy, environment, climate, security, migration, trafficking, labor, promoting educational and cultural exchanges and a wide variety of other endeavors. what happens in mexico also affects the security of the united states, and what happens in the united states affects security in mexico. together our countries jointly managed the most legally crossed land border on the planet. my personnel, that is dhs
10:51 am
personnel, are in contact with their mexican counterparts every day, sharing information, combating the trends of illegal good and facilitating trade and travel. they both do it. your people and my people, at great risk to their lives. as together they work their endeavors. we have a co-responsibility to manage our shared border. our collaboration is wide and deep. from my level to the hard working men and women who partner each day to keep our country safe and secure. every day more than $1.5 billion in trade passes between the united states and mexico. and it is my responsibility to make sure that trade is not -- is speedily crossed between the two countries. this dynamic trade and relationship has also helped create millions of jobs on both sides of the border. we are committed to our nation's continued success. that is, america's and mexico's. safe and efficient trade and
10:52 am
travel work hand in hand. the more secure cargo and passengers are as they move, the faster they can move across the borders to the mutual benefit of both countries. migration, migration should be safe, lawful and orderly. we are deepening our cooperation to ensure fewer migrants embark on the tremendously dangerous journey from central america to the united states. u.s. government is committed to working with mexico and all of our other partners in the region to address the underlying issues driving illegal migration from central america. what drives it is lack of economic opportunity, dangerous living conditions. as you heard, everyone up here thus far has talked about the need of focusing on the needs of central america to try to change the environment that caused so many wonderful people to take such a dangerous journey to the united states. we are committed to joint
10:53 am
efforts. that is, mexico and america, to make both of our countries more secure. president trump himself has noted the friendship between our nations and the need for us to work together to make our shared border more secure. we must continue to work together to address common security concerns, including as secretary tillerson mentioned, including weapon smuggling to the south and drug smuggling and human trafficking to the north. it's a prif for me to work hand in hand with my mexican brothers and sisters in this endeavor. now, this is something i would really like you all to pay attention to because it is frequently misrepresented, misreported in the press. let me be very, very clear. there will be no, repeat, no mass deportation -- >> you just heard from homeland security secretary there, john kelly, saying that there will be
10:54 am
no mass deportation. before that, secretary rex tillerson, down in mexico. in maryland, right side of your screen, chief of staff reince priebus, senior adviser to the president steve bannon on stage at cpac. let's listen in to this. >> we live it every day. our job is to get the agenda of president trump through the door and on pen and paper. >> but we've known it since august 15th. if you look at the opposition party and how they portrayed the campaign, how they portrayed the transition and now portraying the administration, it's always wrong. i mean, on the very first day kely ann c kelly ann con kay and i started, it was the same team that did the transition. if you remember, you know, the campaign was the most chaotic, you know, by the media's description, most chaotic, most disorganized, had no earthly idea what they were doing and then you saw them all crying and weeping that night, on the 8th,
10:55 am
when -- when -- [ cheers and applause ] >> the reason it worked is president trump. i mean, trump had those ideas, had that energy, had that vision, that could gavel niz a team around him. we're a coalition. a lot of people think -- have strong beliefs about things but we understand you can come together to win. we understood that from august 15th. we never had a doubt and donald trump never had a doubt that he was going to win. and i think that that is the power of this movement. >> and on top of that, furthermore, president trump laid out his vision, four, five years ago here at cpac. >> that's right. >> it was that vision. it's nothing different. if you go back and watch the tape of president trump four, five years ago, that was the trump agenda. one of the things they used to say all the time, and governor walker gets sick of me saying, but i think president trump found it, which is what this country -- what all of us were
10:56 am
starving for the whole time because we're so sick of politics and politicians. in spite of the fact we love being here, we actually hate politics. what we were starving for is somebody real, somebody genuine, somebody that was actually who he said he was. and the -- the media attacked us on the campaign. remember, attacked me, oh, you can't spend the money on trump. go give it to the senate. attacked us on the transition. president trump put in the best cabinet in the history of cabinets, i think. now i read ridiculous stories and all we do every day and all president trump does every day is hit his agenda every single day. whether it's tpp, whether it's deregulation, whether it's neil gorsuch, he's -- >> he's even leaving bathrooms alone. >> it's a state issue. >> of course. >> let's go back to that point
10:57 am
reince made for a second. president trump when he was running, this is the other thing, that the mainstream media or opposition party never caught, is if you want to see the trump agenda, it's very simple. it was all in the speeches. he went around to these rallies but those speeches had tremendous amount of content in them. i happen to believe, and many others do, he's probably the greatest public speaker since william jennings brian. this was galvanized. remember, we didn't have any money. hillary clinton had over $2 billion. we had a couple hundred million. it was those rallies and speeches. all he's doing right now is he's laid out an agenda with those speeches and promises he made. our job every day is just to execute on that. to simply get a path to how those get executed. he's maniacally focused on those. people try to convince president trump, this is you won on this but this is what you want to do. he says, no, i promised the
10:58 am
american people this. this is the plan we're going to execute. by the way, that's what you've seen. the executive orders, what the supreme court, the way he's gone through the supreme court, and by the way, the other 102 judges that were eventually going to pick, it's just a methodical -- that's what the mainstream media won't report. just like they were dead wrong on the chaos of the campaign, and just like they were dead wrong on the chaos of the transition, they're dead wrong about what's going on today because we have a team grinding it through on what president donald trump promised the mesh people. the mainstream media better understand something, all of those promises are going to be implemented. >> that's awesome. it's been a -- [ applause ] >> you know, steve, you're a really likeable guy. you should do that more often. >> not so bad, most of the time. >> what a 30 days of action. you guys have touched on some of that action. each one of you tell me the one or two things that have happened in the last 30 days that you think are the most critical.
10:59 am
and what is the one thing you just -- like you said, steve, man yakly focused that has to happen early in the administration to turn this country around. start with the first 30 days and what's the focus after that? >> there's a lot that's happened in the first 30 days. whether it -- you know, you look at the world -- world order and some of the things that are going on that i think will be dealt with soon. but the first thing i think is neil gorsuch. for a couple things. number one, we're not talking about a change over a four-year period. we're talking about a change of potentially 40 years. of law. number one. more important than that, more important to that, it established trust. it established that president trump is a man of his word. we always knew that. but when he said, here's 20 names on a piece of paper back in july, remember, and he said,
11:00 am
i'm going to pick my judge out of these 20 people on this piece of paper, and he did it, that's number one. because neil gorsuch represents a conservative, represents the type of judge that has the vision of donald trump and fulfills the promise that he made to all of you and to all americans across the country. second thing, deregulation. what hasn't been talked about a lot is president trump signed an order that puts in place a constant deregulatory form within the federal government. what it says is for every regulation presented for passage, that cabinet secretary has to identify two that that person would eliminate. that's a big deal. and then lastly, immigration. protecting the so far rinvereig the united states. putting a wall on the southern border, maki


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