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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  November 13, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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this hour. i'm katie hunt in for friend katy tur. ali velshi picks things up. >> kasie, thank you. another alabama woman has come forward in a press conference with attorney gloria allred. she says roy moore sexually mow evidented her when she was a minor. moore's campaign already release add statement in response to this press conference that heavy e even finished yet saying, "judge moore is an innocent man and has never had any sexual miswuctky anyo conduct with anyone. and mitch mcconnell saying roy moore should step down.
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and a report of him pursuing teenage girls when in his 30s, his campaign calls it a witch-hunt. they are gathering evidence showing the accusers were paid to come forward and roy moore hinted of ongoing investigations to discredit his accusers over the weekend. listening in to the words of the new accuser. let's listen in now. >> -- and the back of the restaurant where there were no lights. the area was dark and it was deserted. i was alarmed and immediately asked him what he was doing. instead of answering my questions, mr. moore reached over and began groping me. putting his hands on my
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breas breasts-. i tried to open my car door to leave but he reached over and locked it so i could not get out. i tried fighting him off, while yelling at him to stop. but instead of stopping he began squeezing my neck, attempting to force my head on to his crotch. i continued to struggle. i was determined that i was not going to allow him to force me to have sex with him. i was terrified. he was also trying to pull my shirt off. i thought that he was going to rape me. i was twisting and i was strugglingance and i was begging him to stop. >> all right. we've reached out to roy moore's campaign about this. we have not received a comment. as i mentioned, the chairman of the campaign had put out a statement in response to this. i want to go to nbc's von
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hilliard in birmingham, alabama and garrett haake on capitol hill gathering reaction there. von, start with you. explosive new question. we knew the press conference was coming, but it is very specific in its allegations. it talks about this woman having been 16 years old, she says, when this happened. and she's got a lot of detail in it. >> reporter: there's a lot of detail, ali. she was outlining, saying she was 15-year-olds, attending gadsen high school, where she was working at a restaurant down the road from the high school where she said after work she would go and be working as a waitress, and i know we need to take into account and reach much more spew this, but based on math, he would have been about 29 years old at this age. gadsen is where he was working as a district attorney at that time. set it up where we are. roy moore said this weekend he expected more stories to come
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forward. almost suggesting more accounts like this would come forward. there's defiance. you read the statement from moore's camp, kayla moore put out earlier on a statement on facebook. the wife of roy moore saying we are gathering evidence of money being paid to people to come forward, part of why we are filing the suit. fund-raising, "establishment would rather see a democrat in the seat than a real conservative like roy moore." this is day five, ali, and there is defiance. woman number five to have come forward and this is a campaign making the statement that it is us against the world. mitch mcconnell, they spent $30 million establishment republicans did, to beat us one and a half months ago and they lost. another situation societying up one month out from this campaign, that everybody else is doing whatever they can to keep us out of the race. whether this account, the most graphic visual and direct
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suggestion of assault, whether this has the ramifications of pushing republicans in this state in alabama, seven congressmen are still backing roy moore, party officials continue to back him, that's the question. this is video that you were just listening to that is much more graphic, and the first time we've had an alleged victim actually go on camera. >> von, you've been in gadsen, or we've had people in -- had people in gadsen who have been trying to get responses from locals there. what's the general feeling? >> reporter: i spent about 48 hours in gadsen and to give you an idea, about 25 miles away where his family still has a home spending most time in montgomery, the capital of alabama. as an anecdote, the town is, gallons, where he lives, his brother lives, 91-year-old mom still lives.
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the convenience store, anecdotal, i went in, anybody want to speak to this? they said the man we know is a goodwilled and good-natured man. there are accounts we've heard from, former deputy d.a. went on the record saying it was well known, but among voters, remember, this is dating, as he says, 40 years ago. a lot of these individuals we're talking to were not alive or a very young age a that point in time and are sticking by him, that judge roy moore is sort of a hallowed figure back in gallant and gadsen, a man that stood up to fight for the ten commandments monument, push back against the federal courts. this is conservative rural wooded territory, and staunch republican voters that are backing him. of course, we'll go back here over the next day and understandalities more and try to take into account under these circumstances. >> garrett haake, keeping in mind that roy moore exists well outside the republican mainstream.
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so he didn't have a lot of friends in republican circles in congress in the first place. what's the reaction looking like today? >> reporter: moore's campaign has always been a headache for establish republicans and never more so than right now. i'm standing outside the hearing room where the tax reform hearing on the senate side is supposed to be taking place and those are not the questions we are having for republican senators as they go inside. the big moving piece in all this today, mitch mcconnell, senator majority leader. gave strong statements about roy moore on thursday before leaving town and today went further coming out saying he believes the women who have made these allegations. believes they are credible and speculating about the process that republicans might be able to go into here to possibly get someone else on the ballot in alabama, or get some other republican into that senate seat. listen to a little of mitch mcconnell earlier today. >> i think he should step aside. >> are you encouraging the
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write-in campaign? >> that's an option we're looking at. whether or not there is someone who could mount a write-in campaign successfully. >> do you believe the allegations to be true? >> i believe the women, yes. >> reporter: and, ali, i've been talking to allies of senator strange. so far seems as though it's unlikely he would mount a write-in campaign. at least as long as roy moore is still actively competing for this seat. in no small measure because it's not entirely he would win because moore's support is so entrenched in alabama. also providing cover for other republican senators, to sort of dispensy the "if then qualifying statements" if the statements are true and come out and say roy moore is not fit to serve. we've already see susan collins come out with this statement on twitter and orrin hatch, chairman of the finance committee, the main event gone og this week. he's with the majority leader
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and would much rather seen luther strange in that seat. that's not anyone's choice to make now except roy moore's. ali? >> garrett and von, i want to play a little more of the press conference. beverly young nelson is the woman who has come forward to say that roy moore assaulted her. let's listen in. >> -- i had tears running down my face. at some point -- at some point he gave up -- and then looked at me and he told me -- he said, you're just a child, and he said, i am the district attorney. if you tell anyone about this, no one will ever believe you. he finally allowed me to open the door, and i either -- i either fell out or he pushed me out. i was on the ground as he pulled
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out of the parking area behind the restaurant. the passenger door was still open as he burned rubber pulling away leaving me laying there on this cold concrete in the dark. i got up. i got up and i tried to pull myself together. as i was making my way to the front of the restaurant, my boyfriend arrived. it was late. it was dark. and i did not say anything to him. as to what had occurred. as he had a very violent temper. and i was afraid that he would do something that would get him into trouble. when i got home, i went to my room, and the following morning my neck was black and blue and purple.
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in the days following i covered the bruising on my neck with makeup. i did not tell anyone about what had happened. i was scared. i felt that if i told anyone, that mr. moore would do something to me or my family. and i decided to keep what happened to myself. the day after mr. moore assaulted me, i called the restaurant and i quit my job. i never went back there again. about two years later, i told my younger sister what mr. moore did to me. about four years ago, i told my mother. finally, what happened. before i married my husband john, i told him what mr. moore had done to me. >> all right. that is beverly young nelson. we've heard from garrett about what some of the establishment republicans and the majority leader wants to do about this,
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what his ideas are, and whether or not it makes sense for luther strange, the sitting senator for alabama to run. von, i want to ask you. the governor, kay ivey when asked directly said she had no reason not to believe the accounts of the women, but ultimately, unless the republican party in alabama were to decide that roy moore is not their candidate, he's going to appear on that ballot. >> reporter: exactly. just this afternoon the governor said herself, she said at this point based on the facts she snows she herself would vote for him pap 21-member committee and the last couple days talked to a few. defiant. unless tliz irrefutable evidence they won't go against the will of the voters who decided roy moore over luther strange just a month and a half ago. the account we just got is graphic. talking about black and blue, covering up makeup wounds. the alternative at this point, one other name, nothing to back this up, but bob rile aa arileya
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former governor. a probable write-in with the name notability to be put forward as a potential write-in candidate. voters seem to be left with at this point is doug jones, a democrat. a u.s. attorney who prosecuted two klansmen in the 1963 bombing at the 16th street baptist church. a man who stayed low the last several days quiet amid the allegations. wants to focus on, talking with a campaign official, they want to focus on jobs, health care and education not all of this hanging around. i was talking to more moderate republicans just outside of birmingham where we are yesterday after a church service down the road. one said, she's never voted for a democrat in her life but can't come to grips, even before, before these allegations came forward. roy moore, ali, remember in 2012, won his election for chief justice by just three percentage points over a democrat. it's suddenly a very winnable
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race for the likes of doug jones. if this keeps going, 30 days until the race. if the dam's not broken yet, there's 30 days left to do it. >> von and garrett, stand by. bringing in kristen welker into this. kristen, it poses a whole new set of problems for the white house. president trump didn't support roy moore. steve bannon does support him. if he loses to doug jones, that's a problem for the white house. what are the options at the white house, that they're thinking about? >> reporter: this is a problem all the way around for the white house, ali. in terms of what the white house is thinking right now, no direct reaction yet to these latest accusations but i can tell you i've been speaking with officials throughout the weekend who say, whoinlook, when the president returns from asia, there will be real conversations about what, if any, steps president trump can take to possibly nudge or urge roy moore out of this race. or perhaps to allow the voters of alabama to have their say and
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to have some type of agreement whereby roy moore would step aside if he is, in fact, elected. this is something that has roiled the white house. if the allegations are true, then roy moore needs to step down. president trump has said as much, but, again, this is significant, he has been traveling overseas in asia. by his own admission, has been focused on that diplomatic trip. when he comes home he'll confront this face-to-face. why is it so critical for him? not only because of the ethical questions it raises about an incoming senator, who would be joining the republican ranks, but because of his agenda, if roy moore is, in fact, elected, he's now at stark odds with mitch mcconnell. someone who is leading the charge to carry out tax reform, for example, and much of the president's agenda. if doug jones, a democrat, happens to win, that could sink not only tax reform but other key policy priorities here at the white house. so this is critical on a whole
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host of different levels, and the white house is monitoring it very closely, ali. >> okay. we should clarify. nbc has not been able to confirm any of these reports that the accusers have made against roy moore, and his campaign continues to deny them. that said, very much in the vein of donald trump who threatened to sue his accusers roy moore has done the same. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker. nbc's von hilliard in alabama and msnbc's garrett haake on capitol hill. thanks to all of you. we'll continue to cover this story closely. top former intelligence officials wrapping up criticism against president trump's comments on vladimir putin and the intelligence agencies. on saturday president trump told reporters "every time he sees me, speaking of putin, he said i didn't do that and i believe, i really believe that when he tells me that he means it." trump went on to describe some of the top intel leaders and
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political hacks. brennan, comey, and comey is now considered to be a leaker. >> i'm surprised if there's any conflict on this. what i said there is i believe he believes that, and that's very important for somebody to believe. i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to werther i believe it or not, i'm with our agencies, especially as currently constituted with our leadership. i believe in our intel agencies. >> i believe that he believes that, it's important -- that someone believes. a very, very convoluted statement. originally a very convoluted response to the statement. joining me now, someone who i always turn to when i can't make sense of something the president says. from manila, the philippines, nbc white house correspondent kelly o'donnell. kelly, take it away. >> reporter: well, ali, good to be with you, and the president just refused repeated efforts by reporters to ask for a yes or
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no. what does the president believe and assess about the involvement of russia in the 2016 campaign. he avoids that and we saw how he split the difference saying he supports the current intelligence agencies. people he pointed to top roles including the dni and the cia director and the fbi director. so his own team he support but says putin believes putin's own words in respect is a bit of distinction he's not saying that he believes putin. so it is muddy. it is kind of a mess to try to wade through, and the president has said that part of the reason he wants to turn the page is that he needs vladimir putin's help on matters like syria and north korea, and certainly as we're approaching the end of what has been a nearly two-week-longasia, we see how the president courted support of leaders in this part of the world, trying to build relationships there for the aim of improving the u.s. trade relationships in this part of
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the world and then as we talked about north korea which is a threat where he believes china and russia can be particularly helpful. i thought it was notable as well when the president had brief interactions with vladimir putin at the apec summit, back in vietnam, we were told he did not discuss north korea with putin, which given the fact that's such a top priority is interesting that that didn't come up. they did discuss u.s. and russian joint efforts in syria. so this trip is winding down. it has been a long one for the president, and certainly here in the philippines, ali, he is wrapping up the final economic summit and there is also the controversy of being alongside the philippine president, duterte, who has a controversial relationship with the human rights community for sure here in this part of the world. ali? >> kelly o'donnell, thank you for staying up so late in the philippines. kelly o'donnell reporting from manila. stand by, everyone. following breaking news in iraq and iran. a desperate search foresurvivors
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a devastating earthquake struck near the border between iraq and iran yesterday killing more than 400 people and hurting some 6,000 more. rescuers reportedly dug through collapsed buildings and homes with bare hands looking for survivors. u.s. geological surveyor recorded the quake at a mack in a tumag in a toud 7 magnitude 7. despite being 100 miles from the epicenter, erbil shook for a minute reportedly. we have a report. >> reporter: ali, it was a huge earth dwquake in one of the mos seismically active on the planet. iran state run tv says the death toll has risen to above 400 with about 6,000 others injured. the hardest-hit area was in
12:25 pm
iran's west province, about ten miles from the iraqi border. this is a mountainous region made up of a patchwork of farms, that locals rely heavily on to make a living from, and in many of the villages in this region, the houses are made of mud bricks that crumble when shaken by an earthquake. now, rescuers have been battling through a second night trying to find survivors amidst rubble of collapsed buildings, and authorities are warning that the death toll will almost certainly rise. iranians social media and news agencies have shown images and videos of chandeliers and building shaking and people fleeing their homes, huddling together in streets and parks to stay warm on this cold, autumn night. iranian state tv is reporting also they saved a woman and her baby in the midst of all of that rubble. now, frighteningly, more than 100 aftershocks followed the initial earthquake and victims described just making it out of their buildings, empty-handed,
12:26 pm
before they collapsed in a second wave of aftershocks. now, the iranian red cress ncens saying some 70,000 people are in need of shelter in what been this year's deadliest earthquake. ali? >> thanks. from tehran, we'll stay on that story. and recent developments in saudi arabia are causing concern and consternation in an already volatile area. king salman is now 81 years old. refer to him as the prince, the crown prince of the country. controversially skipping a handful of older princes in line for the throne. he is now doing his best to call date p idate power. he was given wide latitude to shape the saudi economy. as recently as last month, this prince was wooing international
12:27 pm
investors, white house adviser jared kushner at a shindig billed as the shabos in the defendant. creating unease among investors and world watchers alike. the crown prince has unleashed a purge of rival princes and other officials. he ordered the arrest of a powerful security chief abdullah and the billionaire invisitor talal saying the anti-corruption drive is recovering public money pocketsed by members of the royal family and other officials, but he is making dramatic moves on the regional stage as well. early on as defense minister he unleashed saudi air and ground forces in yemen to seize houthi rebels. this war has gone bad for saudi arabia and last week the houthi's targeted riyadh with a
12:28 pm
ballistic missile claimed was by iran. shot out of the air by saudi missile defenses and in recent months he slapped a blockade on qatar, accusing of getting too cozy with iran up here. meanwhile, a bizarre twist, lebanon's prime minister harini announced his resignation. this came as a surprise to the lebanese and many say harini is being held against his will by the saudis. he issue add statement yesterday saying that's not the case. this is confusing, and to what end? again, saudi arabia is trying to compete with iran in the region for regional power. harini, a saudi ally heads up, headed up, at least, until he resigned, a lebanon that also includes iran's ally in the country, hezbollah, which embyes
12:29 pm
wants to bring down. they are acting in a way many people fear is going to sow more instability in a region with way too much instability to begin with. to help break it down, a special agents and ceo of the cefann group and expert in the region. kind of impossible to keep track of what's going on. >> a great job summarizing. >> what are the 10saudis doing, and thank you. >> since he came in power seeing a lot of impulse ive actions. a quagmire in lebanon and now in qatar and now this weird situation with the lebanese prime minister where for the first time in decades, actually, that lebanese have been unified together across sectarian lines wanted the prime minister back in the country. this resignation happened, as
12:30 pm
you mentioned, out of nowhere. it was surprising to everyone to include i leave hariri. he had four glasses of water. missing his watch, his apple watch. seems to be confused, tired, very sad. looking suspiciously on a guide at the corner, whole time talking to the interview did a good job, however, it was a weird interview. that situation basically was launched very prematurely again, like the one in yemen. like the mess in qatar. in his resignation, hariri, in his resignation statement mentioned something never mentioned by him before. not part of his language, even when hezbollah was accused of killing his father. allegedly accused of killing
12:31 pm
hariri and never mentions statements or language he used then. he mentioned, for example, in his resignation statement, that, you know, iran's hand in lebanon will be cut off. fine and dandy, but what we noticed yesterday is, battling back. battling back saying, well, maybe if hezbollah is not involved in regional conflict i can go back to prime minister. there's a lot of weird things, but everything appears to be miscalculated, half-steps and nothing about the next move. >> and in an already unstable region, what has jared kushner and the trumps got to do with this? why was jared kushner over there? up until the wee hours of night talking about something? >> supposedly according to the "washington post" reporting that they were, him and happened salmon talking into 3:00 in the morning planning allegedly this thing. well, you know, 2 -- two,
12:32 pm
30-year-olds somethings planning what can go wrong and that's what we see. well, the united states is directly involved in supporting -- i disagree. i think the house of trump is involved in supporting the house of is a osaloud. very different and with the hariri, the prime minister's saga, even after his resignation, state department called him a partner of lebanon. didn't acknowledge his resignation and the french president immediately jumped on his plane and went to riyadh trying to figure out what's going on with hariri, like yemen, seems he's overplaying his hands. >> keep a close eye on this with you. a former fbi special agent. following republican candidate for senate roy moore. moments ago, new chilling accusations from yet another woman.
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>> immediately alarmed as there was an exit from the back of the restaurant to the street. and he could drive there to my house without getting on the highway. however, instead of driving to the street, he stopped the car -- he stopped the car and he parked his car -- in between the dumpster and the back of the restaurant, where there were no lights. the area was dark, and it was deserted. i was alarmed, and i immediately asked him what he was doing. instead of answering my questions, mr. moore reached over and began groping me. putting his hands on my breasts. i tried to open my car door to
12:34 pm
leave, but he reached over and he locked it so that i could not get out. i tried fighting him off, while yelling at him to stop. but instead of stopping, he began squeezing my neck, attempting to force my head on to his crotch. i continued to struggle. i was determined that i was not going to allow him to force me to have sex with him. i was terrified. he was also trying to pull my shirt off. i thought that he was going to rape me. i was twisting and i was struggling and i was begging him to stop. when i got home, i went to my room, and the following morning my neck was black and blue and purple.
12:35 pm
in the days following, i covered the bruising on my neck with makeup. i did not tell anyone about what had happened. i was scared. i felt that if i told anyone that mr. moore would do something to me or my family. and i decided to keep what happened to myself. this has nothing whatsoever to do with the republicans or the democrats. it has everything to do with mr. moore's sexual assault when i was a teenager. i thought that i was mr. moore's only victim. i would probably have taken what mr. moore did to me to my grave, had it not been for the courage of four other women that were willing to speak out about their experiences with mr. moore. their courage has inspired me to overcome my fear.
quote quote
12:36 pm
>> all right. again, we have reached out for comment. we have not gotten any. however, roy moore's campaign reeverytively issued a statement about this press conference saying that it is not true. roy moore has also threatened to sue his accusers. nbc has not independently confirmed any of the accusations. msnbc contributor danny savalas joins me now. bring back msnbc's garrett haake on capitol hill and von from birmingham, alabama. a statement from the national republican committee, the campaign arm of the republican senate, and it's from the chairman cory gardner who says, i believe the individuals speaking out against roy moore. spoke with courage and truth, proving he is unfit to serve in the united states senate, and he should not run for office. if he refuses to withdraw and wins, the senate should vote to expel him because he does not meet the ethical and moral
12:37 pm
requirements of the united states senate. i should point out that the nrsc. that organization, pulled its campaign finance deal, its fund-raising agreement with the roy moore campaign two days ago. and there is no qualification in that, garrett. unlike what we've heard from a number of senators, there isn't an, if then in that statement. cory gardner is saying he should not run and the senate should not seat him? >> reporter: yeah. in that statement earlier, it's striking because of that one extra step it takes. right? not only saying roy moore is not qualified to serve and should not run but takes the extra step, says if roy moore were to run and were to win, the senate should expel him, and it's important to note the difference here, ali. the senate would seat him and have to vote. get a two-thirds majority vote to expel him. that's obviously a difficult thing to get. two-thirds of the senate agree on anything. you have to assume in a case like this, you'd have 48 democrats and 18 to 20 republicans you would need. probably would not be that hard
12:38 pm
to come by to do it, but an extraordinarily rare occurrence to have a person expelled from the senate. hasn't happened in over 150 years. the last time was in the 1860s. but, you know, for roy moore, someone kicked off the alabama bench twice for refusing to follow, considered law ffl ordered, not the first time to be kicked out of the body he was elected to. cory gardner is uting this on the table. if roy moore were to win, he would face a significant call from republican leadership to be expelled after being seated at the senate. >> and danny, help me about the legality. accusations are something, as are almost all accusations about sexual harassment or sexual assault, they're often not other witnesses. often no documentary proof. you go back that many years. we don't have the same things like texts and e-mails. >> reporter: you go back this many year, often oath versus
12:39 pm
oath and everything comes down to the credibility of the accuser. and that necessarily and sadly involves investigation not only into the story itself but maybe the believability. maybe that person's character. even though that's not the way it should be, that's often the direction law enforcement will go. i will say in terms of the statute of limitations, it's interesting that if these allegations are true, this and the other ones we've heard in the late '70s, then roy moore may have barely dodged a prosecution and tell you why. 1977, 1979, in that time, the statute of limitations in alabama for felonies was three years. >> right. >> in 1985, alabama changed its statute of limitations for at least sex crimes involving someone under 16 to infinity. forever. >> as others have done. >> and not only that, for crimes that occurred for whom the statute had not yet expired taking us back three years looking back any crime committed
12:40 pm
in 1982 had no statute. so we talk about the statute of limitations these crimes, roy moore is likely completely in the clear for any criminal or civil action, but barely. >> does anybody even investigate? if there's a crime for which it is clear the statute of limitations has expired, do police investigate? >> no. and they shouldn't investigate. police, law enforcement, prosecutors, entities of limited resources and can't really go investigating and con veening grand jury on something they could never prosecute. it would be a waste of resources. sadly, we would want answers that may not be the agency and government unit that is empowered to do it. >> all the talk about investigations, prosecutions, what the senate might do in expelling him and the governor kay ivey doing something and appointing someone else as a senator, this gets some people close to the nexus of roy
12:41 pm
moore's power madder. it gets them tighter into his camp. >> reporter: yes. one gop official here in the state i talked to before this came out said with gloria allred in new york city. a local newspaper, a local station, maybe they'd listen a little more carefully, but here, again it comes down to that defiance, and i just want to ge back to the fact of, when you're talking to some of these individuals, many of he's in gop officials here in the state said they haven't quite listened to it, are waiting to actually get the videotape. it wasn't carried locally here. a lot of these people will see this woman's account here tonight. but there's still that level of defiance. yesterday, or on saturday, at his first public event received a standing ovation upon his arrival and exit. last night in huntsville, alabama. whatted? about 150 people in the crowd. standing ovation upon arrival and exit. the question, once these accounts open up a little more
12:42 pm
what does it come down to the actual voters? the governor stand on one side, seven congressmen with him too. play a sound to you. the question here is whether we'll be continuing to hear more voices like this. this is connie thomas. never voted for a democrat in her life. what she told me earlier. >> i'm going to vote against roy moore. i'm going to vote for doug jones. i think he's a good man, a man of integrity and i can't say that i feel that way about roy moore. >> you've never voted for a democrat? >> never voted for a democrat. >> it's just people are attacking him because he, like, is a christian. >> i know there are allegations out there. i want to hear a little more about those, see if they're investigated a little more, but at this point, keep my eyes and ears open and see what's going on. >> reporter: this is the point we're at. tough to -- you have to call this race a toss-up at this point based on these conversations. we like to look at anecdotes, the polls that show neck and neck, one with moore up by ten. it's really tough, and
12:43 pm
especially as this is unfolding to get a grasp on what voters are thinking here in the state. >> continue to follow it closely. thank you -- we want to remind our viewers, that -- the new allegations have been brought forward by a woman who said she was 15 when she met roy moore. 16 when the allegations took place. let's listen in. >> -- as i was making my way to the front of the restaurant, when my boyfriend arrived, it was late. it was dark. and i did not say anything to him. as to what had occurred, as he had -- a very violent temper. and i was afraid that he would do something that would get him into trouble. when i got home, i went to my room, and the following morning my neck was black and blue and purple.
12:44 pm
in the days following, i covered the bruising on my neck with makeup. i did not tell anyone about what had happened. i was scared. i felt that if i told anyone that mr. moore would do something to me or my family, and i decided to keep what happened to myself. the day after mr. moore assaulted me, i called the restaurant and i quit my job. i never went back there again. about two years later, i told my younger sister what mr. moore did to me. about four years ago, i told my mother. finally, what happened. before i married my husband john, i told him what mr. had done to me. >> -- in between the dumpster and the back of the restaurant where there were no lights.
12:45 pm
the area was dark and it was deserted. i was alarmed, and i immediately asked him what he was doing. instead of answering my questions, mr. moore reached over and began groping me. and putting his hands on my breasts. i tried to open my car door to leave, but he reached over and he locked it so that i could not get out. i tried fighting him off, while yelling at him to stop. but instead of stopping, he began squeezing my neck, attempting to force my head on to his crotch. i continued to struggle. i was determined that i was not going to allow him to force me to have sex with him. i was terrified.
12:46 pm
he was also trying to pull my shirt off. i thought that he was going to rape me. i was twisting and i was struggling and i was begging him to stop. that is beverly young nelson. she has come forward with these accusations against roy moore. senator susan collins tweeted a little while along, i have now ready mr. moore's statement listened to his radio interview in which he denies the charges. i do not find his denials to be convincing and believe he should withdraw from the senate reece in alabama. garrett haake, you have another comment from a senator? >> yes, ali. it also references the denials as part of the things damming about roy moore in the whole episode. the tweet from a few minutes ago from claire mccaskill, democratic senator from missouri and former district attorney in kansas city, a prosecutor who tweets, as an experienced sex crime prosecutors i recognize the shifts in roy moore's "de
12:47 pm
"denia "denials" they completely undermine his comments. he doesn't belong in the senate, period. most democrat wos not want to see roy moore here at all, but, it goes to the basis of this. the senate is all about relationships. 100 senators. it's a small group. it's very difficult to fathom someone like a claire mccaskill sitting across a committee room from someone like roy moore, who she says xzibexhibits the trait sexual predators she used to prosecute. this is not typical right/left partisanship. incredibly strong language. >> even before this stuff, roy moore is not your regular republican. he is -- he's displayed. >> reporter: no. far from t. he's said things many people here in the united states senate find repull everybody. danny savalas, what are legal remedies? everybody has an idea what roy
12:48 pm
moore can do, but what can actually be done? >> reporter: he can withdraw, he can quit, but legally, no way to swap out another candidate of the republican party's choosing. alabama law provides that. if the election is within 76 days out, it's going to be within the next 76 days, you cannot change the ballots. you can quit. you can tell the secretary of state that, don't accept any votes from me and they won't the ballots will not change. >> somebody else's name can't go on the ballot? >> even though they may not record votes for that particular candidate, they can't swap you out or substitute somebody else in. >> and von what is your understanding what can happen if the state republican party wanted to do anything about it? they told you they don't want to do anything about it, but what do they believe they can do? >> reporter: a candidate committee, 28 members, can choose to remove him as a candidate. doesn't mean they could swap him out but se eaessentially open u
12:49 pm
field for a write-in candidate. note, ali, real fast. from two sources. still 11 representatives on the ground. these senators are sending out tweets. the rnc has 11 field operatives helping roy moore, last word we heard this afternoon. roy moore himself, no public events on his schedule. last night, a public remarks. silent beyond remarks on saturday and interview friday with hannity. haven't heard much since then. >> and thanks to you all. we will stay very, very close to this story. right now the senate finance committee is beginning its markup of the gop tax plan. here's ivanka trump talking taxes earlier today. >> i don't think anyone would argue that code has become so complex.
12:50 pm
simplification ultimately democratizes the tax code. this job that they created to do online grocery and to have that one-on-one experience with the customers, he's meant for it. i'm joey gabe, personal shopper for walmart and i love to see a smile on my customer's face. so we know how to cover almost almoanything.hing even a swing set standoff. and we covered it, july first, twenty-fifteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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former united states labor secretary robert reich is coming out with i with a new documentary that looks at some significant inequalities in the economy. >> i've been working at mcdonald's for four years. i work at the drive-through window. i get paid $12.55 per hour. i make about $1200 a month.
12:54 pm
$900 goes straight to rent, and i have to pay for gas, and then my phone bill. i end up with nothing. i sometimes have to go to the payday loan and get a loan on my paycheck in order to make it on time and don't get any late fees and try to make ends meet. >> $1200 a month. $300 for gas, phone and then try and make your food work out of that. i want to bring in former labor secretary robert reich. "saving capitalism" comes out a week from tomorrow. good to see you. thank you for being with me. there's a report that came out from the institute for policy studies that says the three wealthiest people in the united states -- bill gates, jeff bezos and warren buffett, now own more wealth than the entire bottom half of the american population.
12:55 pm
163 million people, or 63 million households. i think oxfam has a report that says the eight wealthiest people in the world have the same wealth as the bottom 3.5 billion people in the world. so this is not a democrat or republican or even an american problem. it's a global problem. we are hollowing out our middle class. what is the problem and what's the solution? >> well, the problem is, as you said, it's international. it's happening in every country. in the united states it's happening to a much larger extent than in even other countries in part because not just -- it buys a lot. it also buys political favors. and we can see in the united states that over the last 40 years especially, there have been a lot of political payoffs to great wealth because great wealth has been basically inundated washington with money. money for campaigns. money for lobbying. money for public relations, and
12:56 pm
that has meant that you get tax changes, you get changes in bankruptcy laws, changes in pharmaceuticals, patents, everything else and that adds to the wealth at the top and you get a vicious cycle in which you get -- it's getting worse and worse. >> welalth begets policy that then begets wealth. i want to play a statement that gary cohn ahead to john harwood at cnbc about how this new tax change might help. let's listen to this and talk about it on the other side. >> we have not had wage growth in this country. we have a lot of americans finding work but at stagnant wages. really to continue going on with this recovery, we have to find a way to really drive wage growth. what our tax plan is really aimed at doing is creating wage growth. >> bob, the first sentence there, we've not had wage growth
12:57 pm
for this country. for the median earner that's been true for some decades. what our tax plan is aimed at doing is creating wage growth. i'm having trouble getting that to make sense. >> the major purpose here was to basically pay back major donors to the republican party, that they're getting impatience and want to see some action on tax reform. this is a hoax, this entire tax plan. it's not about wage growth. it's the same old supply sigh trickle down economics we've seen since ronald reagan and george w. bush tried it. nothing trickles down. wealth continues to grow at the top because they get all these advantages. >> when we -- we had the treasury secretary say just the other day when asked, do you still believe in trickle down economics, he said yes. we have had example after example it doesn't work. tried it in kansas most
12:58 pm
recently. the rising tide seems to raise yachts, not dinghies that most people live in. >> and despite the experience, this is one of those economic theories to have been tried and actually shown to be a complete hoax, notwithstanding, and the republicans keep on keeping up with it every time they can. donald trump and the republicans are saying right now if you reduce taxes on the wealthy and corporations you'll get more jobs. there is no evidence that actually happens. in fact, there's evidence even slightly to the contrary. bill clinton raised taxes, and we had the longest period of job growth, 22 million net new jobs during the clinton administration. so there's no real relationship between tax rates and job growth. what we do know, however is that this big tax cut is going to help companies who are already flush with cash and it's going to help and reduce taxes on the wealthy who are also already flush with cash.
12:59 pm
>> thank you for joining us, robert reich, former labor secretary under president clinton and berkeley economics professor. puerto rico's governor is asking congress for nearly $100 billion to help the united states recover -- to help puerto rico recover after hurricane maria. the governor says about half of that would go toward restoring housing. the rest toward rebuilding infrastructure and long-term recovery programs. this comes amid a report in the huffington post that employees of tj maxx, marshalls and home goods associates are still getting their paychecks even though the storm damaged their stores and they haven't been able to go back to work. in a statement for the report, the parent company tjx said we believe it's the right thing to do to under these circumstances. tjx has 29 stores in puerto rico and congratulations to you, tjx for doing the right thing. we want to endwith the latest on the roy moore accuser we heard from this hour. the campaign for the democratic nominee doug jones just released this statement. we applaud the courage of these
1:00 pm
women. roy moore will be held accountable by the people of alabama for his actions. the white house says it's not currently commenting on this but the principal deputy press secretary tells nbc news the president will look at this issue after he returns from his asia trip. that is it for me. "deadline: white house" with nicolle wallace starts right now. hi, everyone. it's 4:00 in new york. i believe the women. with those four words and a call for gop senate candidate roy moore of alabama to step aside over "washington post" report that he engaged in sexual activity with teenage girls as young as 14, mitch mcconnell sought to put himself on the right side of the roy moore chapter in republican politics. moore struck back on twitter writing the person who should step aside is mitch mcconnell. he has failed conservatives and must be replaced. #drain the swap. it's still a possibility that


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