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tv   MSNBC Live With Ayman Mohyeldin  MSNBC  January 21, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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president trump also, the face of a new attack ad against democrats pointing the finger of blame at republicans. so whose shut down is it? we have a lot to cover. let's get started. monday morning, everybody, full effects of the st dow will begin to take hold with hundreds of thousands of federal employees facing furloughs. on capitol hill, fear pointing continuing today, mitch mcconnell saying democrats can end the shut down. chuck schumer says the president is to blame having backed out two of bipartisan deals and a tentative agreement with democrats. >> the president picked the number for a wall. i accepted it. wasn't my number. wasn't the number in the bills here. he picked it. now it would be hard it imagine some a more reasonable compromise. all along the president saying i will do daca and dreamers in return for the wall. he's got it. can't take yes for an answer. that's why we're here.
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>> all right, the white house disputes that account and released this statement. quote, senator schumer's memory is hazy because his account of friday's meeting is false. and the president's position is clear we will not negotiate on the status of unlawful immigrants while senator schumer and the democrats hold the government for millions of americans and our troops hostage. lindsey graham agreece, the white house is at least partly responsible for the lack of an agreement. >> their staff is able to work on the issue. when he was told, $18 billion for the wall, he says that's too much. i think he was right. then what does thete house staff do? offer to congress, $33 billion for border security. so that needs to stop. >> and moments ago on the senate floor, tammy duckworth trying to pass a bill to make sure active duty military personnel get paid and military death benefits are
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paid during the shut down. that effort failed when john cornyn objected. senator, welcome and thank you so much for being here. we appreciate it. talk know about this bill you just tried to pass. >> well, this bill is something we actually were able to pass in 2013 shut down before it occurred to make sure our military men and women continued to get their paychecks and with the addition of for those killed in action that their families will get their death benefits. and i cannot believe the majority would actually object to something that would take care of our military men and women. especially after all of their speeches about how much they care for our military men and women, especially those on the front lines. >> why do you think cornin shot it down? >> i don't think they want any progress. i don't understand why they would not want to take care of military men and women. we have talked about this multiple times. let's least make sure the people standing the line at dmz with
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north korea today are protected, that they get their paychecks. no matter where they have troops, they get their paychecks. they are certainly showing up to work. we have a lot of work to do here if the senate. the least of which should be to make sure we take care of our military men and women. >> obviously the republicans don't want the shut down to continue as well. optics for them is not good with this either. a lot of americans are blaming publicans, blaming the president as mh t democrats as well. do you think they are using this, the bill they tried to get pa passed as a negotiating tool? >> i think they are holding the military hostage to force something to happen. i don't think that's the way you get to agreement. that's not the way you get to consensus. you negotiate. you come out of it where everybody gives a little something up and you get a little something and you get to a point where you can pass a piece of legislation that will help the country or serve the nation. but you don't hold the military hostage over this and it is
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sha shameful they would not support paying our military men and women and not support death benefits for those killed in action. >> you say the republicans are holding the military hostage and i feel like this is where the problems lies, the white house releasing a statement i just read earlier on in my introduction to you that the democrats are holding the military hostage. >> no, look, there are so many bills that republican authored. if they would come to the floor for a vote they would pass and get on to the budget. whether it is lindsey graham's d.r.e.a.m. act or food dreamers act. taking care of veterans. these already exist. republican authored. remember, the republican leader of the senate controls what is allowed on the floor to vote and controls whether or not they object to something as simple as paying out military during the shut down and at every single turn they have said no. >> nator, how much does this fat lie on the lack of leadership from the white house? we heard senator lindsey graham
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earlier specifically pointing the finger at the white house staff and saying they can't necessarily handle negotiations when it comes to anything with regards to immigration. and also obviously hearing from schumer and lack of leadership when it comes to president trump. >> well i think time and again the president says one thing in a meeting and then or even in a tweet and then his white house staff has to go back and change things. and i don't think they know what they are doing over there. there is absolute incompetence tense. in fact, you have lower level individuals, like steve miller, contradicting the promises and agreements that the president is making in these private meetings. you know, senator schumer said he even offered the wall. even offered the president everything he wanted on the wall and the president, right after the meeting, says very positive things about the meeting. and two hours later suddenly everything changes. you can see that other folks are now stepping in and influencing the president to change his mind. that doesn't help in
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negotiations. if you can't trust the president of the united states to keep his word, who can you trust? >> what about the trust factor. how can democrats trust republicans for instance when it comes to daca, when republicans are saying we have until march to figure out what to do with daca. how is it that democrats can trust republicans there? and is that part of the issue? >> i think that is one of the key problems we have right now is that there is such an erosion of trust in the senate that there is no trust left. leader mcconnell didn't even keep his word to his own members, whether iwas susan collins on the health care vote, whether it was jeff flake. he didn't keep his word with his own people let alone with democrats. so i think whatever we do, part of what we have to hash out is making sure that we lock in any promises made. the president obviously has gone back on what he told our leadership on multiple times already and we are getting to a point now where, you know, how do you move forward when you can't trust the other side to keep their word? >> so now what? where do we go from here,
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senator? and do you think this thing gets done? >> i think it gets done. there are moderate on both sides of the aisle working together. i was just in a little group just now chatting with senator flake. i think there is real goodwill. i think senator graham has been quite marvelous in the work he is doing with senator dushin and the d.r.e.a.m. act and all of the negotiations. i applaud the courage of those who stepped forward. i do think we can move forward but it has to be without the leadership of the republican party because they control the house, senate and white house and the leadership is preventing anything from happening. >> senator, are you willing to give in on the wall as senator schumer suggested in order to figure out daca? >> oh, my gosh. you know, i have always been for strong border security. that means more helicopters, more as homeland security personnel to control borders. if getting the wall, the wall is something that will help us pass daca, i will absolutely consider
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it. it is important to make sure we will protect d.r.e.a.m.ers. d.r.e.a.m.ers are not just cilians,have thousandsf th provide much-needed linguistic capabilities that no one else can. i would consider the wall. do i like it? no. but that's what ne goenegotiati means. i just wish the leadership would allow this to move forward. >> do you think you could figure out bills, on c.h.i.p., on daca, ahead of the shut down? >> i absolutely think that if leader mcconnell had allowed the individuals bills, which by the way a republican authored, to come to the floor before the shut down, we would have figured all of this out. but he refused to let any of them come to the floor because he knew they would pass. johnny isaacson has a great deal on veteranes it take care of the veteran's choice program. we have the c.h.i.p. bill. a bill to take care of community health centers. all of these bills exist. the d.r.e.a.m.ers bill existed for years now. but mitch mcconnell wouldn't let us vote and now here we are with
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shut down and now they object to paying military men and women while doing shut down. while men and women are standing in the front lines protecting this nation. >> mike pence is overseas, as you well know, and he made comments earlier today to troops on the shut down. i want to listen to that and get your reaction on the other side. >> minority in senate decided to play politics with military pay. but you deserve better. you and your families shouldn't have to worry for one minute about whether you are getting paid. as you serve in the uniform of the united states. so know this, your president, your vice president, and the american people are not going to put up with it. [ applause ] >> interesting. you ju introduced a bill to pate men and women of the military and that was shut down by a republican. >> right. i'm not the first one, we have introduced this multiple times. claire mckass kill introduced this and they objective. it is misleading at best.
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what he said to our military men over there and shame on him for doing that. we have offered this multiple times. pay the military right now. i will go back on the floor right now and offer it again if i thought they would allow it to pass. >> senator duckworth. thank you. >> thank you. >> for more on this, let's bring in our panel. not sure if you heard the interview i just had with the senator, but hopefully you did. how do you react to the interview i just had with the senator and what she had to say? >> i think we have a totally manufactured crisis here. press trump created this by revoking previous executive order. the president who ran for the office saying i'm the great
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negotiator, greatest negotiator you have of seen, senator saying we don't know what president wants. this is a completely unnecessary shut down and the responsibility for this clearly lies with the white house, president not being able to reach any kind of agement because he didn't know what he is doing. >> want to play an ad that was released yesterday and it takes a very hard line on immigration, obviously going after the democrats as well. let's look that and then we will talk. >> that's illegal immigrant charged with murdering two police officers. it's pure evil. president trump is right. build the wall. deport criminals. stop illegal immigration now. democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants. >> this is an incredibly
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divisive ad, francesca. we had mark short on earlier, on "meet the press," saying that wasn't from the white house. but from what i can see, it looks like it is coming from the white house and endorsed by president trump. how do you release such a divisive ad on the weekend when the government is shut down? >> yeah, mark short's comments struck a lot of people odd. he claims the ad was from an outside group except it came from donald trump's presidential campaign so certainly the president would have endorsed such an ad. but you also have the white house doing what i call tweet shaming the other night, tweeting dicorrectly at democratic senators in vulnerable states up for reelection this year. saying things like, why won't you support funding for children's health insurance. why won't you support funding for th military. then you had tmy duckworth saying she did try do that on
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senate floor. this morning, budget director was asked about this, why won't the white house, why won't republicans support this, and he didn't have an answer. he danced around it and never really said. mean while we haven't heard that much from the white house other than sunday show appearances. and we haven't seen president donald trump since the shut down began. we didn't see him on saturday or sunday. all we saw were pictures that his staff sent out. it is curious to see if we can continue into the shut down what the white house's next move here and whether or not we hear president donald trump on this matter, not in the form after tweet, which hasn't tweeted for quite a while today but we see the president himself make comments on this. >> you think it is better for gop right now with these negotiations going forward for donald trump it take a front seat in negotiations or better for him to stay on the side? >> there are two ways can you look at it. a lot of democrats say you are supposed to be such a great negotiator. why don't you get in and negotiate, so to speak. but i really think it is better if he let the process happen and
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let the right and left try to work together on something because you've got avoid this shut down come monday. there's a vote on at 1:00 a.m. you've got to look and see if you can't work together. nobody really wins in a government shut down. and one of the things that i, that i thought was interesting was on the fact that we could see a twist and some union support. and the way i look at it is, you know, there are going to be -- trump happened flip some the blue states where the working man and woman was. he flipped some of those blue states to red. now you've got some union members. and if they get their paychecks affected, they are not going to work, and it affects them directly, you may see a little bit of that union support kind of waiver. we've got mid term elections and i know democrats are counting on maybe taking the house and this is not going to help things if, you know, if the spin is that it
2:15 pm
is schumer shut down, hashtag schumer shut down. people are reading this and they do a quick bullet point and they are seeing this and say oh, democrats did that. this could have pretty bad ramifications for mid terms. >> interesting you brought up union members. we had two union members on our show in the last hour, basically both blaming president trump for this shut down. so emily, does noel have a point? could short of these union members jump ship with this whole thing? >> look, i think we should live in reality and not in republican talking points. republicans control every branch of the federal government. the reason democrats are saying oh, where is the negotiator in chief is because republicans don't even know how to follow their leader. they have no idea what he is going to sign. there was a bipartisan agreement brought to trump. brought to him twice. and schumer says that he agreed to it in that room and there is no reason not to believe him because trump made similar comments in public. the fact we saw this ad coming out that is so, so vile, and
2:16 pm
hitting democrats so hard on immigration, it shows what the true motivation is. to force st down, taint democrats in a way that doesn't make sense. to say the democrats could have control over the federal government keeping it open, it doesn't make logical sense. i think we should give real people a little bit of credit here for understanding that. where there is bipartisan agreement. there is bipartisan agreement on c.h.i.p. there is bipartisan agreement on keeping health centers open and on d.r.e.a.m.ers. there is also bipartisan agreement against the amount of money that the white house wants for a border wall. so really, it appears that problem is is the president and republican leadership. they are the ones that can't get to where the people are. >> does it make sense to you that we are where we are at with president, that he promises chuck schumer one thing and then two hours later backs off of it after speaking with his white house staff, for all we know? >> this shouldn't surprise
2:17 pm
anybody. donald's whole career, all 30 years i have known him, he never keeps his word. he has no honor. so what we are seeing now is a farce. donald trump, the white house reality show, season 2. and this could really come to a problem for him and for the republicans. the federal government is roughly one-fifth of our economy. the last time we add shut down, that lasted relatively short period of time, it reduced economic growth. and there are all sorts of businesses that need government services in order to conduct their business. small business that depend on federal workers going to work and buyg lunch and putting gas in their cars and paying to park at parking lots. that's going to damage the economy and there's only one person to blame if this slows down economy any, it's donald trump who said, i'm the great negotiator. and obviously he's not. >> he certainly isn't going to like a slowing down of the economy if that is what happens under his watch.
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welcome back, everybody. several lawmakers on the hill are refusing paychecks amid the
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government shut down. so far at least a dozen have pledged to either donate or withhold their salaries until the shut down ends. joining me now is one of those lawmakers, a republican congresswoman claudia tenny of new york introduced the bill quote no work no pay. and that would strip members of their pay during days the government is shut down. congresswoman, thanks for joining me on this sunday afternoon. preciate it. >> thank you. >> why is it important for you not to be paid during the shut down? >> i feel we aren't getting our work done if we are not getting these bills completed. even though we did do work, the house passed initiatives in regular order last fall through the appropriations process. that was unusual. the first time in almost a dozen years that house passed a budge the and appropriations bills on regular order. it was never done at all during the obama administration. so this t was a great accomplishment in the house of representatives. we did it in a bipartisan way as well. now the exact same issues are up on a continuing resolution only
2:23 pm
because the senate has not taken up any of the appropriations bills and they refuse to provide amendments or offer us any kind of deal or anything that we could vote on own the senate side. again the house of rent accidre have gone back to the drawing board and revoted on these initiatives. we are in a holding pattern waiting for the schumer shut down or as i think it is more appropriately called the schumer shake down where we are waiting to see if we can get this continuing resolution passed to pay our military personnel. so we can fund public health centers, especially rural hospitals in my area which are dependent upon obama care. because of obamacare, payments to rural hostals are eliminateed. we are asking for those tbe replaced because of the damage done to obamacare to our rural hospitals. that is something the democrats also support. that is a lifeline to help our
2:24 pm
hospitals from the dangerous effects of obamacare. these are things democrats support but aren't willing to sign on to. that concerns me. i have heard it called the trump shut down. i think that's furtherest from the truth. let me say something, though, the president does not vote in the house of representatives nor the senate. >> is the president not considered the negotiator in chief and he said set the best out there. >> right. >> and you call senator schumer, you call it the schumer shut down but schumer saying he has been given mixed messages. the president telling him to negotiate with congressional republicans and congressional republicans telling him to negotiate with the white house. >> that's an excuse. that was almost a week ago. >> that is today. >> fine. has senator schumer made an offer to deal with the situation
2:25 pm
dealing with dwrak? t daca? >> he offered the president wall money. and then that was walked back. >> that's not true. they are asking for straight amnesty. something the majority of the american people reject. we have a good life bill which offeres a great compromise on all the issues confronting us on immigration. and let me just make sure, president obama caused this by creating daca. president trump said, look, i'm getting rid of daca. have you six months to come up with comprehensive immigration. >> do you think -- >> absolutely. if you look at good life bill which i'm a co-sponsor of, we provide for the daca people. give them bath path to legal diization and some citizenship. this isn't due until march 5th, so why is chuck shamer shaking down the government and hurting
2:26 pm
rural hospitals in my region with needy children. >> we just add democrat ekic senator who said she introduced a bill on the floor to have a bill to pay military and it was shut down. >> why won't think vote for a bill they support? it is shake down. >> final question here, would you donate your salary? >> gentlemyes, i have already id that. each day i donate my salary to an organization in my community hurt by the schumer shake down. we are doing that each day. every time we click the clock on 24 hours we are coming up with a new charity we will donate my salary to. >> congresswoman, we wish you the most luck. >> thank you so much. >> we don't want the shut down to ctinue. thank you. all right, after the eak, everybody, a live report from las vegas where hundreds of women are taking part in massive voter drive during the anniversary of the women's
2:27 pm
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thousands of women gathered in las vegas today. an event white on the mid term
2:31 pm
ballot box. what folks have been doing is gebs planned parent hold and now registering people to vote. people are getting trained. i just heard numbers, they are registeri regist registering thousands of people in nevada. they are informing women and making sure they are registered and go out and vote. beth with us from lagges having a. beth, i will start with you. i spoke to two women today who talked about how they were inspired by marchs to run in mid terms. are you hearing that from more than one woman you are speaking to today. >> yes, every woman is very
2:32 pm
inspired. it started a year ago. the enormous women's mar thatch happened all over the country. the big nest washington, d.c. but we saw them in huge cities and small towns as well and internationally. we saw a repeat of that. people coming out in force across the country and this voting rights rally here in las vegas is way to get that energy channelled toward voting registration, voter mobilization, getting people to polls and influence the vote in 2018. >> obviously seeing this wave of political activism. do you think this is going to affect the mid terms? >> certainly. the me too march and topics into 2018 from 2017 and we even saw president donald trump tweeting about this yesterday saying women should be marching because it should be celebrating the economic success that they've had under his administration and
2:33 pm
latest unemployment. this is something that president trump hoped to be celebrating this weekend which is the anniversary of his inaugurio and the white house hoped to be talking this weekend about what they consider to be successes. not exactly what they expected the conversation to be at the white house. >> biggest inauguration event crowd ever, right? sarcastic. emily wanted to talk about the first-time candidates running in mid term elections. what do you think is behind this? so many women have come forward that have never been in politician before. >> very exciting. very energizing to see and i think we will have huge consequences on the elections in 2018. tld are so many motivated.
2:34 pm
many were deeply hurt by the country that donald trump painted that they wanted. and many said, that's not me. that's not what i believe in. first they took to streets. then to organizing. now to the polls. signing up to run and v volunteering on campaigns. people are more effective than they've ever been. it is interesting in washington we are so laser focused on the government shut down. that's a very, very big deal. but that is not what is happening in the states. where people lived. 2018 wab 2017 women's march was historic because it was huge. particularly in washington. but i actually think the marchs this year will be much more consequential. people are organizing where they live. and where they vote. represent i representatives in washington don't have their eye on that. they are missing something huge. >> how do they galvanize this moment as well with regards to women and mid terms up ahead?
2:35 pm
>> there's article ae after article that said the gop has problems attracting more women and definitely i think that the democrats have got a bill bit of an upper hand on the women's movement. this is very popular to do rallies and you know, organize movements for things you are passionate about. i personally think that we need more women in office. i personally ran for federal office. i really think that this is the time, if you're going to take advantage of what is going on with the the culture of women, i think this is the advantage of the democrats have right now. and it is an uphill battle for the republicans as a whole to try to attract women and republicans need more and more women to run for office both on the local, state and federal
2:36 pm
levels. this could be one of the biggest voting blocks we will see yet. if this movement right now, if they are going from city it city to city and they are being successful, this getting people registered to vote that's 50% of that battle. getting them to registered too on the national fund-raiser, seeing women donate to campaign and to causes will be a very big deal going forward as well. >> noel, i'm curious, why don't we see more women in republican leadership? there just aren't as many women. >> you know, i don't know why. i really don't. i think a lot of it may have to do, with there are lots are hats that women wear. men don't have as many hats. we are mothers, career people, business leaders, educators. we have a lot of different roles that we have to play.
2:37 pm
and running for office adds one more role to our busy plate. i'm sure i will get flak for that. but we have a lot of hats to wear and roles to fill as women. >> but we can do it all. thank you to you all. the government may still be shut down but liberty will be open monday. how the governor of new york managed to get furloughed federal employees back to work. that's next. hritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz xr is right for you. xeljanz xr is a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. it can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even wiout methrexate. xeljanxr can lower your ability to fight infections, including turculosis.
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welcome back, everybody. the clock is ticking for a deal to end the shut down. many government agencies and services across the country are closed until further notice. in new york city, site-seers were upset to see the statue of liberty and ellis island were closed but governmentory cuomo reassured visitors it will reopen monday. >> we are stepping in immediately. we don't want any break in the tourism schedule. we don't want any disruption for tourists here to see the statue of liberty. you' . >> you're been out there all day. a lot of visitors, tourists in the city, what have you been hearing from people? >> you can imagine there are
2:42 pm
dozens of tourists and families who not only plan their weekend but their entire vacation around this visit to ellis island and statue of liberty only to come here today and find out that it was closed completely because of government shut down. i want to play sound for you, some families we spoke with throughout the day today. let's listen. >> i have three little ones. can never make schedule in advance. no one expect the united states would be shut down. so very disappointin >> we were kind of excited, the national parks. we love going to the national parks. i'm a veteran myself. it is sad. some of the fun things to do like this are shut down and you can't take part in it. congress is getting paid. we're the ones who suffer.
2:43 pm
>> that gentleman also tell meg th g /* /- he was frustrated over federal workers not getting paid because of the shut down. roughly 21,000 park service employees are furloughed during the shut down. and that isn't counting small businesses, contractors, that depend on the national monuments remaining open. that's the case here in new york city. streets like the one i'm standing on, naturally a day like today, the beautiful sunday like the one we had, be packed with tourist and street vendors. that's why the governor said it was so important for just the economics of this city to open the statue and ellis island tomorrow. >> yeah. major point there being a local economy, local tourist economy. but people living paycheck to paycheck. government workers working overseas as well, they're not getting paid which is a huge
2:44 pm
impact in a daily lifestyle. so hoping things can get worked out here. thank you. back to the hill now. joining us now fm there, garrett, senator nef flajeff fl tweeting that mcconnell tweeting this afternoon, are we hearing news of a possible negotiation, possible deal here? what are you hearing? >> things seem to be moving. jeff flake may have been able to put eyes on this actual meeting that reporters here haven't seen. we know that mcconnell and schumer both ducked into an area just off the senate floor that senators can get access to and we can't, at about the same time. the circumstantial evidence is there that the two of them met. though no one from either of their offices confirms it. which tells you about the sensitivity of negotiations going on right now. ultimately to get out of shut
2:45 pm
down. both sides will be able to, need to be able to, claim some type of win. we don't know the outcome of what that looks like yet. earlier in the day, we had a meeting of more than 20 senators of bipartisan group of republicans and democrats trying to see if they could have a solution among themselves, bubbling up to leaders, to take to leadership and work from bottom up to end this shut down. we are waiting it see frankly how successful they were. we know in that group which includes names of folks we have gotten used to hearing in the middle of the issues. when that meeting broke up, the republicans went in and befed mitch mcconnell. democrats briefed schumer. i'm told mcconnell listened carefully by what was wrong to him but his republican colleagues. i know the senators in the room with him, no one was willing to characterize the way he went with it.
2:46 pm
right now we are stuck in this holding pattern that could go until 1:00 in the morning. 1:00 is the time when the senate rules have a timer that will run out here with mcconnell can force a vote on this continuing resolution that when you extend funding until february 8. there will be a vote that hour. it will succeed or fail. then back to the drawing board. we are still waiting to see if whatever bubbled up was enough to get leadership. sorry, i'm checking my phone because i'm expecting, hoping to be able to confirm this meeting in the not too distant future. but some of the sources i reached out to are again playing this close to the vest because of how sensitive this ongoing effort is. >> i know we are all waiting with baited breath to see if they can actually figure this thing out. if they had met, would this have been the first time they would
2:47 pm
have spoken, these two leaders, this weekend? >> yes, it would. trading barbs on the senate floor but the two could not have anything described as productive conversation. since the government shut down in the wee hours of friday night into saturday morning, neither had chuck schumer democratic leaderalk to president trump. wenow the president spoke with other republican leaders going through the process. reporting of white house colleagues and by notes we've gotten from some of the folks urging them to hold firm in this, but the principal actors will ultimately be the two senate leaders who haven't been speaking. outlines of the deal, involve this specific piece of legislation that is already on the floor. but would involve promises made with democrats to deal with the immigration issue, dreamer issue specifically in an expeditious way in the next few weeks.
2:48 pm
part of the problem is complete trust deficit between and even within the parties. democrats don't trust the president and even republicans don't necessarily know where he stands. it will make it very difficult to get a deal. >> that's the overarching theme throughout the last couple of hours it seems. in talking with people and the lack of trust with the president but also republicans not necessarily trusting president as well. and of course republican and democrats not trusting each other. wow. nbc's derek hague, thank you. thousands of undocumented immigrants is one of the major issues at the center. up. in, new york congressman about his party's fight to save the d.r.e.a.m.ers. ♪
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are you reluctant to eat in public because of your denture? try super poligrip® it holds for 12 hours to reduce denture movement, helps provide better bite, seals out 74% more food particles, and enhances your denture fit. try super poligrip®. welcome back. we are well into day two of the government shutdown. with members of congress scrambling to get a deal in place, democrats blaming president trump for the stalemate. >> the president has been absent, some would say absent without leave, awl, from these
2:53 pm
negotiations. >> absent. the issues of daca and immigration front and center. now the congressman first undocumented immigrant to serve in congress. thank you for joining me on this sunday evening. >> thank you. >> what are you hearing on the hill? could we have reached a deal tonight? >> we hear there's an ongoing effort in the senate to perhaps come up with something that can put ushroughebruary 8th. but we're still very concerned that we're in the middle of the shutdown, there's finger pointing and the blame game on full course and obviously a lot of the talking points are coming right from the white house but we're concerned. i feel very strongly that this is much more than just daca. it is about domestic spending on programs like the opioid crisis. teaching hospitals, clinics, give c.h.i.p. to children,
2:54 pm
children's health insurance, cut or deny funding for teaching hospitals and community-based clinics where they go. this is help for puerto rico, virgin islands, houston, florida. how california. this is much broader than just daca. but in the daca area we have done great bipartisan work. the rank and file members of congress both in the senate and the house of representatives have gotten together on both sides of the aisle to reach an agreements that's put forward but the president won't take them up. >> do you feel if you push daca legislation something would get done? do you trust the republicans would debate if it's pushed to march? >> i'm not confident. we want to see something substantive that we can go through to ensure that the 800,000 wroyoung people are not left out in the cold. the bill in the house of representatives and the framework on immigration reform reached by bipartisan senars,
2:55 pm
six of them, that have bh a resolution to the daca issue and some border security provisions in it but the president will not accept them and take them up. he rather use this opportunity to flame his base and to score political points. i think the american people deserve far better than this. >> congressman, daca very personal to you considering your own history. talk to me about why it is so personal to you and also i don't know if you had the opportunity to speak to daca recipients and how they feel this weekend considering the shutdown and the debate over legislation that could affect their lives. >> i will be meeting with them right after this interview. there is a big group of them right outside the senate. and i will be joining forces with them. but this is personal. this is about stability. they talk about chain migration. we call our family reunification. america's better off when two parents are in the household and take care of the nation and makes our nation stronger.
2:56 pm
i don't see chain migration from the perspective they call it that way. i see it as family reunification, the ability of a mother or father to be able to raise their children, to live together, to work together, to make sure they move forward, they go to school, college. that makes america stronger. >> right. >> it has made america stronger. i'm a product of that. i can tell you firsthand that's good for america. >> all right, congressman. i wish you the best of luck. it is a tough road ahead. >> thank you so much. >> new york congressman, thank you. all right. that's going to do it for me this hour. stay with msnbc throughout the night for continuing coverage of the government shutdn and reminder to follow me on twitter. thanks for watching. flo: just like magic, progressive gives you options based on your budget. [ gasps, laughs ] you ever feel like... cliché foil characters scheming against a top insurer for no reason? nah. so, why don't we like flo? she has the name your price tool, and we want it. but why?
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this sunday on the one-year this sunday on the one-year anniversary of donald trump's presidency a government shutdown. both sides blaming the other. >> this will be called the trump shutdown. >> they wanted the shutdown. >> president trump earned an "f" for leadership. >> we do some crazy things in washington, but this is utter madness! >> how did we get here, and what happens now? i'll ask the number two democrat in the senate, dick durbin, and republican senator, tom cotton, who have also feuded over what president trump allegedly said abt


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