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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 7, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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this morning a temporary funding bill has passed a key hurdle in the house and now senate leaders are expressing optimism. >> but with a deadline looming, president trump says he would love to see another government shutdown if congress can't find a solution for immigration reform. and john kelly is facing criticism this morning after suggesting that some dreamers are too lazy and afraid to sign up for daca. good morning. it's wednesday, february 7. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian and louis
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burgdorf. we begin in washington, d.c. where lawmakers are one step closer to avoiding a second government shutdown with under 48 hours to go until that deadline. the house approved a continuing resolution to fund the government yesterday and a 245-182 vote. the bill keeps the lights on until march 23 and fully funds the department of defense for the remainder of the fiscal year. it also includes two years of funding for community health centers and extends several expiring health care programs. the measure now heads to the senate where leaders are expected to rewrite the bill to not only avoid the shutdown, but also get a longer term budget deal in place. leaders are working to finalize the plan. that is expected to include a defense spending boost demanded by president trump as well as an increase in domestic programs sought by the democrats. but mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer both gave optimistic outlooks about reaching a final deal. watch this. >> senator schumer and i had a
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good meeting this morning about the caps deal and other issues we've been discussing for some months now. i'm optimistic that very soon we'll be able to reach an agreement. >> i'm very pleased to report my meeting with leader mcconnell went we vwell. we're making real progress on a spending deal that would increase the caps for both military and middle class priorities on the domestic side that democrats have been fighting hopeful. nothing is done yet. and president trump did more saber rattling over immigration threatening a government shutdown if measures are not taken to strengthen the border. >> if we don't change it, let's have a shutdown. we'll do a shutdown. and it is worth it for our country. i'd love to see a shutdown if we don't get this stuff taken care of. if we have to shut it down
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because the democrats don't want safety and unrelated but still related they don't want to take care of our military, then shut it down. we'll go with another shutdown. >> we don't need a government shutdown on this. i think both sides have learned that a government shutdown was bad. it wasn't good for them and we do have bipartisan support on these things. >> you can say what you want, we're not getting support from the democrats on this legislation. >> if you put it up in the senate -- >> we'll see. it's one bill. they are not supporting us. >> can you then clarify would the president rather see a shutdown or short term spending fix? >> look, again, we are not advocating for the shutdown. that is the fault of the democrats not being willing to do their jobs. the president wants a long term deal and he wants to get a deal on immigration. and we hope that democrats will come to the table and get those things done. >> so needless to say no one we spoke to capitol hill had much of an appetite for another
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government shutdown. take a listen to this. >> speaks for itself. we had one trump shutdown. nobody wants another maybe except him. >> we don't need a shutdown. we obviously need new border security. we'll do it as part of the daca fix. but we don't need a shutdown to debt there. >> he's prayed for the good shutdown. he is the only guy that finds anything good in a shutdown. so that is not helpful. our goal is not to play mother may i, our goal is to be the united states shutdown. >> i've been through two shutdowns which were horrible and i'm not going to vote for a shutdown. >> so as lawmakers continue to hammer out an immigration deal, john kelly is facing backlash for comments he made about daca recipients. in remarks to reporter, kelly touted the administration's plan which would provide citizenship for up to 1.8 million people, more than democrats had sought. kelly went on to suggest that some undocumented immigrants
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were, quote, too afraid or, devote, too lazy to sign up for the daca program. >> there are 690,000 official daca registrants. and the president sent over what amounts to be 2 1/2 times that number to 1.8 million. the difference between 69 and 1.8 million were the people that some would say were too afraid to sign up, others would say were too lazy to get off their asses but they didn't sign up. i have to tell you that the rest of them who are now claiming -- not even claiming, have been granted essentially daca status by the president of the united states who has become the champion i believe for 1.8 million people who are now considered daca, i got to say that some of them just should have probably gotten off the couch and signed up. >> taking a page out of his boss' book it seems. >> incredible language there. joining us now, reporter for the
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"washington post," eugene scott. great to have you with us. so either way you look at it, just bad language on the part of the chief of staff to refer at least in very negative stereotypical way about immigrants in that language. what kind of reaction are you hearing to the white house chief of staff's comments and what is your reaction when you hear one of the guys who was supposed to be a calming factor inside the white house, voice of reason, use that kind language? >> reporter: i think john kelly has revealed himself consistently in the last several months to be one of the administration's or at least the white house's hard liners on immigration. and he has repeatedly said things that i think resonate with the base of trump support who got on the trump train because of some of the comments the president made in the ermiest days er earliest days of his campaign. at best kelly would say some saying too afraid, some saying too lazy. but it seems as if he was
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affirming that world view as opposed to negating it. for me, i'm just baffled by the inconsistency ain the depiction of immigrants from the trump white house. they are either taking all of america's jobs or they are too lazy. it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. but one thing that is clear to many democrats, and even some conservatives on capitol hill yesterday, is that these words were viewed as extremely offensive and not likely to help the republican party with latino voters in 2018. >> let's turn to the shutdown deadline. it is looming as we know. we've heard some optimism from senate leaders on budget talks. at the same time the president is calling for a shutdown if he doesn't get his way when it comes to border security. what do you put the odds on this of a bipartisan longer term spending deal? >> reporter: if you listen to lawmakers who actually work with members on the other side of the aisle and their staffs, they are making progress. one thing that is telling about
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the conversation yesterday in the white house is you have republican lawmakers saying we are making progress, we do have support for democrats, and then you have trump and sarah huckabee sanders saying they are not supporting and they are not doing their jobs. and so if you pay attention to people who are actually in communication with people on the other side of the aisle and their staffs, those are probably the people who are worth paying the most attention to to figure out where bipartisanship is. beyond all that, if we look back at past policy attempts, it seems as if no matter what is happening on capitol hill in the bathrooms, the president has the ability to shut down everything including shutdowns and other attempts at legislation. so whether or not the president will get behind the republicans who are getting mind bipartisanship, it is still not clear. >> eugene scott, we'll touch base with you later. stick around. straight out of wall street, investors are bracing for
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another bumpy ride after stocks staged a dramatic turnaround. the dow closed up 567 points yesterday after initially falling the same amount at the opening bell. the turnaround which comes on the heels of the index's worst one day point decline on monday helped put the index back this positive territory for the year. meanwhile, the s&p 500 finished up more than 1.7% while the nasdaq gained more than 2%. the roller coaster ride with stocks began friday following a strong january jobs report, that report sparked fears that it healthy economy could lead to the federal reserve to raise rates multiple times this year and tighten conditions for borrowing money. that led to some investors shifting their money to safe havens such as bonds and treasury notes. some strategists had also been warning for weeks that the markets continuing rally was due for a pullback, but others say despite the recent stretch of
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volatility,th underlying economic fundamentals remain strong citing unemployment at an 18 year low, wages are up and companies continue to report healthy earnings. steve wynn has stepped down as ceo of wynn resorts. wynn faced a firestorm earlier this year resulting in his resignation as finance chair of the rnc. after several employees of his las vegas casinos accused him of sexual misconduct detailing a pattern of behavior spanning decades. wynn denies the allegations against him. news of wynn's resignation halted shares trading of other wynn companies on the hong kong stock exchange. wynn will be replaced by the company's president matt mattox. yesterday 27-year-old mike revis won a special election in the missouri house of
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representatives defeating his arrival rival by 3 points. the district voted for trump in 2016 by an overspewhelming marg. and 2012 went mitt romney's way by 12 points. in another special election elsewhere in the show me state also for a statehouse seat, the republican candidate won by about 6 points in a district trump carried by an astonishing 59%. a spokesperson for ben sasse ripped trump's pick for on ambassador. he had reportedly shared political conspiracies. yesterday in a statement, sasse spoke person says mr. rizzuto should feel free to put on his continue foil hat and visit our office with evidence for his salacious conspiracy theories and coo-coo allegations.
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while he's at it, the senate probably needs to know his views on the moon landing. i'm sure senator sasse will be willing to evaluated the specific evidence for his claimings, but it has to be more than a stack of "national inquirer"s. sin knicks and nuts will probably have a hard time securing senate confirmation. he will face senate confirmation, iffen come firmed, he will also everybody is as ambassador to st. lucia. >> nice gig to have. all right. still ahead, could it be a new era of space flight? elon musk's heavy falcon rocket have some wondering if this could be the future for space missions. and after reportedly being impressed by the military parade in paris, president trump apparently wants his own military parade. those stories and a check on your weather when we come back.
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welcome back. all eyes were on cape canaveral, florida yesterday as the biggest rocket to fly since the apollo moon missions lifted flawlessly off the pad. >> it pushed the boundaries of technology and may have created new opportunities for space travel. tom costello has more. >> 10, 9, 8 -- >> reporter: under a perfect florida blue sky, yet another of billionaire's elon musk's dreams roared to life. >> ignition. liftoff. >> reporter: the spacex falcon heavy rocket with 27 engines thundering off on the same launch pad that for decades sent apollo and shuttle missions into space, this timen a unman unman mission to prove three rockets tied together could work in
2:17 am
perfect sink ronnchronicity. space control ueuphoric. and in a stroesk engineering genius, two of the three rockets returned safely to earth for reuse. setting off sonic booms as they broke through the atmosphere and hit their targets side by side. >> and the falcons have landed. >> really feels like we have a shot at going back to the moon, go to mars, and reviving the spirit of exploration that was apollo. and that was one of the things that got me so excited as a kid. >> reporter: in florida, the gathered crowds could feel the thunder in the sky. >> it must be experienced live. i can't life -- aah! >> this is the best one by far. >> this is opening the door to a new future of space flight for the human race. >> reporter: this spectacular shot of musk's own cherry red tesla with a dummy named starman, don't panic on the dashboard, headed for a solar
2:18 am
orbit and david bowie playing in a forever loop. ♪ ground control to major tom ♪ there is something about the science behind it which is fascinating, but to their credit, they also made it cool again. and you can see how excited people are about the exploration and what it means for generations to come. >> it looks like the tesla roadster overshot where it was headed and now it is headed into the asteroid belt in between jupiter and mars versus just in the mars orbit. >> look at you. >> fun fact there. >> dropping the space knowledge. >> i got an e-mail in on the way to work. >> tahanks to tom costello for that. and another guy doing unbelievable things, bill karins. let's get a check on the weather. >> i'm still working on my kid's pinewood derby car. let's keep it simple. >> you will tell us when the snow is coming, so that is an
2:19 am
important thing. >> today is a high impact travel day. thousands upon thousands of school delays and cancellations all the way from texas through the northeast. right now the advisories extend for 70 million people, warnings for about 17 million people and it is really the interior new england through the ohio valley that is getting the worst of it. also we have had two tornado warnings in louisiana. nothing confirmed. the southern end of this has isolated potential for some severe weather. but it is really the stuff around the ohio river northwards, that is where it is cold enough for the ice and snow. here is a closer view of the radar. the pink is where you are getting the freezing rain and sleet. look at southern ohio, just a mess on the radar here with the wintry police. you have sleet and freezing rain. southern portions of indiana just about done. and now we're starting to watch it heading for washington, d.c. look at the pink through delaware and maryland here. and that will slowly creep up through areas of philadelphia and new york. so the ice forecast on this, southern ohio, pennsylvania,
2:20 am
that is up to about a quarter inch of ice, maybe isolated power problems. and here is that snowfall forecast, the highest totals, north of the big cities interior sections of the northeast. northern new england, that 6 to 12, but new york, hartford, boston, only 1 or 2. a little bit of ice and then rain this afternoon. so the morning commute is by far the worst. new york city southwards. >> feels like we may blow it with that forecast. still ahead, knicks lost more than just their match-up with milwaukee as their unicorn goes on. and in the nfl, a guy they thought would be their next head coach gets jiltsed. create sometg this extravagant? or make a back seat that feels nothing like a back seat? why give it every feature you could want, along with a few you didn't know you needed? it's simple. you can build a car, or you can build a cadillac. come in now for this exceptional offer
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time now for sports starting with some nba action. knicks hosted the bucs and it did not turn out to be a good night for new york. knicks likely lost pore zi porzingis for the season. we wish him a speedy recovery. the knicks never recovered with this dunk literally over tim hardaway jr. this pretty much summing up the night for new york. the bucks would go on to win this one 103-89. meanwhile cleveland cavaliers continue to struggle losing last night to the magic 116-98 after blowing a 21 point lead. isaiah thomas criticized his team saying when adversity hits,
2:24 am
we go our separate ways. ty lue left due to an apparent illness. and the thunder travelled to oakland to face the golden state warriors. the thunder got the best of ts thanks too paul george's 38 points. durant had 33. and even though the philadelphia eagles won the lombardi trophy, it seems as though the patriots are grabbing all the headlines. yesterday corner back malcolm butler took to twitter to deny rumors as to why he was sidelined for most of the super bowl asserting that stories of him missing kir fcurfews are fa and hurtful. he also apologized for crude language used in his comments following the loss. meanwhile patriots offensive coordinator josh mcdaniels will not be accepting the colts head
2:25 am
coaching position. according to the colts. instead he will stay in new england. and it is tough enough to lose a super bowl, but for patriots tight end rob gronkowski, things got even worse. gronk reported to police that his whole house got robbed while he was in minneapolis for the super bowl. police are currently investigating the break-in. it includes theft of multiple safes and possible guns that according to a police dispatch message obtained by the boston globe. first a head injury, then he loses the super bowl and then all of a sudden he's got his whole house completely robbed. >> no information though on the super bowl rings, other super bowl rings orring in li anythin that. >> nothing on that yet. still ahead, president trump gives marching orders to the pentagon and a military parade could be in the works. and plus jeff flake calls
2:26 am
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welcome back. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. let's start with the top stories. the clock is ticking in washington to overt a second government shutdown. the house approved a continuing resolution to fund the government yesterday in a
2:30 am
245-182 skroevote. the measure now heads to the senate. leaders in that chamber are expected to rewrite the bill to not only avoid the shutdown, but also get a longer term budget deal in place. >> as lawmakers try to hammer out a deal, president trump seems to have no problem leading the nation to another government shutdown telling lawmakers to bring it on unless his immigration demands arelie jack. >> reporter: president trump could not have been more clear. >> i'd love to see a shutdown. >> reporter: he wants an immigration deal or else -- >> if we don't change the legislation, if we don't get rid of these loopholes where killers are allowed to come into our country and continue to kill, if we don't change it, let's have a shutdown. >> reporter: but the president is about the only one talking shutdown. with some republicans to his face fighting it. >> we don't need a government shutdown. >> reporter: democrats dismiss
2:31 am
sic ive. >> nobody wants another maybe except him. >> reporter: on capitol hill, there is no appetite to close the government again, but no plan right now to avoid one by thursday. and there is still an impasse on immigration. the white house has proposed a plan that includes things like changes to family based migration, which many democrats find unpalatable. to sweeten the deal, the president is dangling the prospect of protecting more than just the undocumented immigrants living here under daca, but also more dreamers, those eligible, but never signed up. chief of staff john kelly swiping some as too lazy to do so. >> some would say were too afraid to sign up, others would say were too lazy to get off their asses. >> reporter: that is not sitting well with dreamers like angel. >> it disgusts me how this administration has been continually using harsh language against immigrant communities, against latino communities. it is just wrong. >> reporter: his message to
2:32 am
general kelly? >> you need to actually consider that your words do have annual an impact. >> reporter: hallie jackson, nbc news. senator lindsey graham whose push for a bipartisan deal told reporters that he is feeling increasingly pessimistic about daca passing in congress. the senator said, i don't think we're going to come a whole lot beyond something like the bridge act which would be extending daca for a year or two and some border security. it's just too many moving parts. but after leaving a bipartisan meeting on immigration last night, senator graham had a more optimistic tone. >> i felt really bad yesterday, i feel better today. people are -- i think we have a way forward that seems to be fair to everybody. the democrats have moved a long way on border security. the president has moved a long way towards a large group of dreamers. those are two major developments. democrats are talking about $25 billion for a wall plus other
2:33 am
things. tripled the number of people under bak. so we're back in the ball game now. >> switching gears, president trump has ask his top military commanders to plan a military parade in washington. a pentagon spokesperson confirms that the department is, quote, looking at possible dates adding november 11th, veterans day, is a possibility. officials add that trump wants the parade to coincide with a patriotic holiday. the president was impressed and inspired by the bastille day parade in pairs are last year where he attended as a person al guest of president emmanuel macron. trump said at the time he wanted to, quote, do something like that down pennsylvania avenue and the "washington post" reports that according to one military official, trump said during a recent meeting, quote, i want a parade like the one in france. in addition, during miss asia trip, trump marvelled at a military parade in china calling it magnificent and that, quote, nothing you can see is so
2:34 am
beautiful. u.s. senator bob menendez is reclaiming his roam as top democrat on the senate foreign relations committee. the "washington post" reports menendez resumed the position after being given a clean bill of legal health by the department of just citief juof . the lawmaker had surrendered the post after being indicted on corruption charges. made mendez had been accused of taking gifts and political donations. his trial ended in a hung jury. last week federal prosecutors dropped a bid to retry the senator and asked a federal prosecutor to dismiss all charges. menendez remains under investigation by the senate ethics committee which could still find him guilty of violating some internal rules, but use not likely expel him from his role if any punishment at all. and back to eugene scott. as i was talking about with senator lindsey graham, he was pessimistic about reaching a
2:35 am
bipartisan deal and then optimistic last night. sort of the feeling overall in washington. what are the odds you think that we reach a bipartisan immigration bill by the march deadline when it comes to daca specifically or that this ends up in the court system as some are predicting? >> i think there is significant interest on reaching a deal by march 35. you've seen multiple lawmakers saying they have no interest in seeing another shutdown happen. the reality is whether or not the president is going to an proof whatever solutions are reached from these conversations and whether he will avoid making comments that can make finding a solution very difficult. i think voters realize that if they do not press their lawmakers to find a solution, that this could be very costly for them. and so i think representatives very much are listening to their constituents and hoping to find a way to make this happen. >> so a lot obviously going on
2:36 am
in washington. in the middle of all of these complicated negotiations, your colleagues at the "post" are reporting that we now have a grand military parade possibly in the works. particularly as a recent of washington, d.c., eugene, i'm curious to get your thoughts as to whether or not it would be welcomed with all the traffic congestion that it would cause in the city. what is the reaction in washington to the possibility of a military parade? >> well, i think there is shock and surprise based on residents i've spoken with already. and if you recall, the last pro trump parade that happened in washington was the inauguration parade which quite frankly was not incredibly well attended in general, much less by washington residents. but these aren't the people the president is thinking about, he is thinking about his base and these are the people who would align very women with his support for the military. i think some criticism the president is receiving though from members of the military is that something like this could
2:37 am
cost millions of dollars. and when you talk to veterans, the way they would prefer to see government resources spent benefiting the military, it is not a parade. there are far more significant issues that they feel like those funds can go to and address. >> a good point. before we let you go, want to get your take on the democratic memo. john kelly didn't seem optimistic that the memo was going to get released especially the way that it is right now, much of the criticism that it contains a lot of classified information that the public shouldn't necessarily see. what are the odds you think that it gets released? >> well, if republicans are keeping their eye on 2018 including the president, they will release this memo quite frankly because so much of the argument based on releasing the previous memo was transparency. and so to keep something like this away from the public's view when the republican memo has been so significantly criticized even from people within the party would suggest that there
2:38 am
is something too high which is not something that would do well to favoritepaint a favorable pie party at this point. >> eugene scott, thanks. federal appeals court upheld a $25 million settlement that president trump was ordered to pay to former students of his now shuttered trump university. a three judge panel rejected a challenge by a florida woman who said she wanted to opt out of the agreement and take trump to trial for the $19,000 she had spent on the program. the settlement paid by trump last january was approved by circuit court judge last march. but held in escrow until the federal court made its decision. the ruling now clears the way for about 4,000 former students to receive as much as 90% of what they had paid. students allege that trump university used false advertising and high pressure sales techniques to lure them to free investor on workshops where they racked up thousands of dollars in tuf igition. still ahead, one top republican slams president trump
2:39 am
over his statements of treason for democrats not clapping. and joe biden lays out his own criticism of president trump. his remarks plus bill karins will have a check on the forecast when we return. [ click, keyboard clacking ] [ click, keyboard clacking ] [ keyboard clacking ]
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get me from point a to point b. well, then i have some good news. chevy is the only brand to receive j.d. power dependability awards for cars, trucks and suvs two years in a row. wait. i definitely feel like i'm in a dependable vehicle right now. i want a chevy now. i know! welcome back. jeff flake blasted president trump for his monday comments where he called democrats who did not applaud during his state of the krunion address treasono. >> and you have the other side even on positive news, really positive news like that, they were like death. and unamerican. unamerican. somebody said treasonous. i guess why not. can we call that treason? why not. >> mr. president, words matter. one who levels such a charge knows neither the meaning of
2:43 am
treason nor the power that the words of a president carry. i've seen the president's most ardent defenders use a now weary argument that the president's comments were meant as a joke. just sarcasm. only tongue in cheek. but treason is not a punch line, mr. president. >> sarah huckabee sanders dismissed flake's comments telling reporters that the white house did not care what the arizona republican had to say. former vice president joe biden is speaking out about president trump's recent string of attacks against the fbi. last night biden stressed that the attacks are furthering the goals of russian president vladimir putin. >> this is the first president to make a full throated unvarnished attack on the entirety of the fbi. not going after j. he hedgar ho. this is to discredit the fbi.
2:44 am
i spent a lot of time traveling around the world. what do you think they are thinking in moscow? this is doing everything that putin ever wanted. sowing doubt about whether or not our justice system is fair, sowing doubt about whether or not there is anything that is remotely consistent with our constitution. it is just a disaster. i just marvel at some of the things he says and does like, what, two days ago, anybody didn't stand up and clap for him wau was unamerican. >> they say it was tongue in cheek, democrats can't take a joke. >> well, he's a joke. >> so when asked about whether president trump should sit down with bob mueller for an interview as part of the special counsel's russia probe, biden said he would advise him against it if he were his lawyer citing what the former vice president calls the president's difficulty with precision. if you're in the northeast, let's get a check on your snow
2:45 am
forecast with bill karins. what have you got for us? >> aof teachers and kids staying home today. overnight the worst of the ice and snow was in the southern ohio valley and just outside of memphis. icy, too, southern missouri and northern areas of arkansas. memphis right now, a little bit of freezing rain for you. you're just about done. we've had a couple tornado warnings overnight in louisiana. nothing confirmed. heavy rain pouring now through alabama and heading into northern georgia. but it is really icy stuff that will be the headlines this morning. so let me give you the timing of everything. this is at 7:00 a.m., cleveland into snow, pittsburgh an icy mess. washington, d.c. northwards through maryland up to philadelphia, a little bit of ice and freezing rain for you. and then snow begins to break out right around 8:00 a.m. or so around new york city. it will be short lived though. it will turnover to ice and then all rain by the time we head to noon today. by noon, all of southern new
2:46 am
england is in pretty moderate to heavy snow. a quick burst of about 2 to 3 inches in southern new england and then you go over to ice and rain. by the time we get to the evening rush hour from the mass pike southwards, everyone is just wet. we won't be dealing with any icy conditions. the roads will be improving throughout the day in mid-atlantic. but northern new england, an all-out snowstorm. so here is the snowfall forecast. again, pittsburgh not a lot. new york not a lot. hartford not a lot. you have to really get to state college, scranton, allebany and northern new england for the heavier snow amounts. even if you don't get all snow, you have to deal with the ice and freezing rain, too. >> yeah, new york dodging a bullet, but looks like a messy evening commute. let's turn to business. after two days of heavy losses, the dow rallied yesterday closing 567 points higher after a day that was all over the map. i guess the question that investors are asking, is the worst over or could they see
2:47 am
more volatility in the days to come? >> i think more volatility in the days to come is the short answer to that. and if you look at what the u.s. stock futures are implying, there is probably going to be another renewed bout of selling on the markets, on your markets state side, this thursday. the dow is expected to fall by triple digits by about 300 points last time i checked the futures. and i really think it will be driven by uncertainty, uncertainty related to the politics. let's not forget that federal funding will expire short term today -- pardon me, on thursday your time. so once again there is this issue between the democrats and the republicans in congress over averting a government shutdown. so politics will drive sentiment. it looks as though we'll see more selling in the market. but i think the bigger picture here is really the economic fundamentals are looking sound. earnings numbers are looking sound for now. but we have to contend also with
2:48 am
this other issue which is the higher cost of money personified in the higher ten year yield. so the market is adjusting and trying to come to terms with those two factors. >> we'll see where it all lands. and one more for you. disney ceo is looking to the future announcing the company's first ever direct to consume are offering, espn plus. how much will it cost and what can you tell us about this initiative? >> well, $4.99 is the figure we've heard for you and me. so this is the mouse house going digital. very interesting story. it is disney's first consumer direct to consumer streaming service. a big idea from bob iger that has been part of his strategy in the works for quite some time thousand. so the challenge for disney is content. and producing new content to really feed into these new digital services including a new did i say a disney branded service launching in late 2019 as well as the hulu
2:49 am
platform. so a lot of big challenges ahead for disney as they try to get into this relatively new area of digital services and digital streaming. but content is going to be the big issue for them going forward. >> all right. thanks so much. still ahead, rescue crews in taiwan are frantically searching for survivors following a major earthquake. >> we'll go live overseas. 7 days ago, karen wasn't thinking about joining her daughter's yoga class.
2:50 am
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welcome back, despite c.i.a. director mike pompeo's assertion that he expects russia to continue with election interference campaigns, secretary of state rex tillerson says not only is the country not prepared, but there's nothing the united states could do about it. >> there's a lot of ways that the russians can meddle in the elections, a lot of different tools they can use. i think it's important we just continue to say to russia, look, if you think we don't see what you're doing, we do see it and you need to stop. if you don't you're going to continue to invite consequences for yourself. >> is the u.s. better prepared this time around in 2016? >> i don't know that i would say we're better prepared. because the russians will adapt as well. if, the point is if it's their intention to interfere, they're going to find ways to do that. and we can take steps, we can
2:53 am
take. but this is something that once they decide they're going to do it, it's very difficult to preempt it. >> now tillerson's revelation comes a week after the trump administration announced there's no need for new sanctions regarding russia's interference in the 2016 election. since the threat of additional sanctions was acting as enough of a deterrent. six dead and 250 injured after an earthquake struck taiwan last night. officials add that 88 people do remain missing. multiple buildings have collapsed while several others as seen in this video appear to have stopped mid-fall. >> unbelievable. halting at impossible angles. you can only imagine all the efforts going on to help people out. joining us from beijing, janis mackey. unbelievable image there is with the buildings that have either collapsed or halted mid-collapse. what more are you hearing about the efforts in taiwan?
2:54 am
>> well those images of the buildings at the dangerously sharp angles, time is of the essence to try to prop up those buildings, they're using cranes and steel beams to try to get some sort of stability so rescue crews can get in to see if there are people trapped inside. that's the fear. one person has been rescued so far, but fire officials believe there could be dozens more because they are unaccounted for. they're quick to say that doesn't mean that they are missing, but they say it does show that they are registered as living in these buildings that are affected. taiwan's president is on the scene there are tens of thousands of people who don't have water. roads are broken, highways and bridges are closed. this was a strong quake, a shallow quake about 12 miles off the east coast.
2:55 am
they're on the so-called pacific ring of fire. so earthquakes are a common occurrence there. they've had about 100 of them in the past month alone and some pretty big ones over the weekend. >> i'm sure with the aftershocks, the fear is with the tilted buildings that they could actually collapse. our janis mackey for us, thank you. coming up, the president laying down a new roadblock to avoid a government shutdown as lawmakers race to keep the government up and running. president trump suggests he would welcome a shutdown if his wishes on immigration aren't met. >> dick durbin and mark meadows on the president's threat and whether lawmakers will be able to reach a deal in time. "morning joe" moments away. account with a great rate. but if that's not enough, our app helps monitor your spending too. and if that's not enough to help you save, we could start a carpool. look at this traffic. don't worry. ok, if that's not enough we'll start a trainpool.
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welcome back. before we toss it to "morning joe," let's check the stories you'll be hearing about today. president trump will host a series of meetings at the white house, he's scheduled to sit down with the secretary of health and human services, as well as the chair of the commodity futures trading commission before hosting republican members of the senate
2:59 am
finance committee. later this evening he'll host a dinner for the national prayer breakfast. >> house democrats are set to take part in their annual retreat. but they won't be traveling to maryland. instead holding the meeting at the capital. the move comes as lawmakers work to keep the federal government from shutting down again. and the man charged in the suspected dew death of an indianapolis colts player is set to appear in court. police say the suspect, manuel savalla was drunk when he ran into edwin jackson. savalla is facing federal charges on re-entering the country illegally after he was dpofrted. >> i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf, "morning joe" starts now. i'm pleased to report my meeting with leader mcconnell went well. >> senator schumer and i had a good meeting this morning. >> let's have a shutdown. we'll do a shutdown and it's worth it for our country. i'd love to see a shutdown if we
3:00 am
don't get this stuff taken care of. >> good gracious. if there is another government shutdown this week it's going to be easy to know who to name it after. >> the trump shutdown. >> the trump shutdown. he's bragging about it. john heilemann, he's making it easy. why is he making it so easy for democrats. then you have poor barbara comstock who represents northern virginia, she's going to be in a fight for her life. >> ga ga ga ga ga. >> we don't want a government shutdown. >> not one that's blamed on us. thanks for getting the whole party blamed there, boss, good work. >> mika, the markets, we said don't freak out. people didn't freak out and you never know, it may be volatile. i think the market is trying to figure out where it wants to land. >> money is what it's all about. >> that is the problem, regardless of how this all shakes out,


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