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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  June 6, 2018 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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the finals, but he sinks a hook shot with the kiddos. and that right there s awesome community policing in action. thank you so much, officer. i'm stephanie ruhle and i'll see you again at 11:00 with my partner velshi. coming up right now, more news with my friend hallie. why were you not at the eagles celebration? you would have been one of the few there? >> i was there. i was standing right there. i was in it. i spoke with some folks in the crowd. >> you should have been there was a super fan with two foam number ones in your hands and maybe one of those -- >> steph, not all. >> and hard hats with a beer in it. >> not all super fans wear jerseys. we do have beerss. i am hallie jackson in washington and for a change this morning's big political news comes from out west with democrats didn't blow it. they avoid sudden death where
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california seeming to get most of everything and everything they want for november. what it does to their chances of taking back the house. steve kornacki is here with all the numbers. and why republicans have pep in their step today too with poulaul ryanxpted to talk primaries and maybe much, much more live from that podium right there there any minute. and epa said scott pruitt. his latt scandal involve his wife and some chicken. he's saying he's as swampy as you can get. plus, forprident bill clinton, he is still talking. what he's saying about that uncomfortable interview with our own craig melvin. why this 20-year-old story is not going away. we have a lot of show to get to in the next 60 minutes, but i want to start over at the white house because president trump has this new statement out about his wife, the first lady, who we will see for the first time
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today in a month since she was hospitalized for a medical procedure. i want to start with kelly o'donnell at the white house. this a remarkable tweetm the president. >> reporter: he packed about everything in two tweets, hallie, talk about the first lady and crit siegds the news me he says the fake news media has been so unfair and vicious to my wife and our great first lady melania, during her recovery from sgery they c everything fromr at face list, white house, and me from new york to virginia abuse. all fake. she's doing really well. four reporters spotted melania in the white house last week walking merrily along and they never reported the sight because she was living in a sick narrative was living in the world, is really ill, or whatever. fake news is really bad. there is a lot of interest in the first lady, she's not an elected official. she has an office that's matained by the taxpayers. she has a portfolio.
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and regardless of party and time, first ladies are always special to the american people and they're welfare is always a concern. white house has been scant in detail about her condition since she was hospitalized and then returned to the white house. it's been about a month and of course everyone can acknowledge d wish her well in her recovery. but we know so little about it which has created a vacuum which has filled speculation and we have on a regular basis, you and i and our team checked in with her office trying to find out more information. curiosy w raise when'd she's not going te g-7. she did attend last year. not going to sgahich is a different kind of meeting where there wouldn't necessarily be a first lady role. but, still, not going. and so that raised some of the concern. today she is going to appear with the president at fema, of course hurricane season kicking up. so the president has given us quite a drama via tweet in all the things he is venting about
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the rumors, you know, this stuff is not things we've reported. but he put it out there and so now it is available to dissect. >> and, kelly, as you rightly note, you, i, our colleagues in the white house have reached out to the first lady's office which has repeatedly said she's been holding staff meet rrgs she's been deang with long-term plan, she's been doing things internally but she hasn't been out in public and she won't b for r w hours. let me ask you one other thing. as we look at this revng door on the inside, with the trump administration maybe welcoming back a person who has just announced to have left the west wing 12 hours ago, we're talking about kelly sadler here. explain this. >> reporter: she was the staffer who made the crass remark about john mccain in the run-up to gina haspel, now the cia director made a reference that he was, quote, dying anyway fo veld not be available or would matter in the final calculation there. that got out and it was viewed
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as particularly harsh. there was no apology from the white house. initially they said she was an employee. now they're saying she's no longer employed here but kellyanne conway has indicated there might be other jobs across the agencies and the vast adnis be possibly acceptable but not here at the white house. hallie. >> thank you for that. the president not just tweeting, by the way, about his wife,lso he resul of ose primary races over these last 24 hours saying many more republican voters showed up yesterday than the fake news thought possible. the president adding the political pund denents just don get what is going on out there. we want to set the stage from you from the results of these eight states that are setting the return november. he headline from out west. democrats overt dissafter. it looks like the party will have a candidate on the ballot
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in every competitive congressional district. republicans are cali confident. a lot of house members running for re-election hit that 50% mark they needed to tuesday's voting. number two, they avoided getting shut out of the state's race for governor. donald trump got his guy in that competition, but it's democrats who couldn't be happier. >> are engaged in an epic battle, and it looks like voters will have a real choice this november between a governor who's going to stand up to donald trump and a foot soldier in his war on california. >> but, all that glit sers not in the golden state. we have to talk about new jersey and alabama. and we have steve kornacki. they've been talking about this, the white house has had its eye on what's going on. the results are giving us a window as to what may happen come midterms, right? >> they are. and basically an argument is breaking out because both parties can look at california
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and right now at least have something to crow about the morning after. democrats, you iod, the headline for democrats, the suspense going in are they getting locked out of any of these districts where they think they have a real shot at knocking off a republican? you can see for instance the 39th down here in orange county there is one they were worrying about. we have not called the democrats into that second place spot yet but democrats obviously feel t 39th.d about where they ar this is the result they wanted to see her. 48th district, this is orange county. democrats feel very good about this too. it looks like two democrats vying for second place to face-off against deign' april roy bucker, the republican in the fall. democrats not getting locked out there. in the 49th, again, a republican diana harky running in first there. democratsn second, democrats in fourth, democrats in position to vie for that seat. this is a seat that hillary clinton won. we had one that popped up on the radar last night, the tenth district again not called yet. this is the central valley, the
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modesto area. the democrat in second place here. the margin less than a thousand over a pro trump grassroots resurgent republican, still an outside possibility there could be a change there. but looking like democrats will get what they want. and if they do in the tenth, then, yes, bottom line, you have seven republican-held districts in the state of dhafl hillary clinton won and democrats will have candidates on the ballot this fall. and you look at these results yesterday, it looks like they're going to be competitive, very competitive in at least six of them. there's a little bit of a question mark about one and a bit of a wildcard. at least six of them they look extremely competitive from these numbers. i see something for both feerpas to crow about. a number districts in these clinton districts got over 50% of the vote. en you add up all the democratic vote, all the republican vote in these jungle primaries in california, republicans come out on top over 50% basically in six of those seven clinton-won districts.
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there's some correlation between that cumulative primary vote and general vot republicans saying we have votsn california, we'll see if they continue to have that advantage as they all come in. very quickly we should just say there were, as you mentioned, some other. this is the most fascinating other result outside califa in alabama martha roby, republican, she refused to endorse trump. she refused to vote for trump. she condemned trump in 2016. she got a primaryge bby former democratic congressman. she beat bobby bright to get in seat. bobby switched parties, lined himself up with donald trump said you want a pro trump republican in this seat, i'm the guy. she's sort 50%, it looks like this means a runoff. the former congressman running against martha roby, the apartment tie trump, at least anti-trump in 60. interesting drama in alabama. >> interesting drama everywhere. steve, how many cups of coffee have had you in the last ten
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hours -- >> it's diet i can't do coffee. >> let's get you a sponsorship. steve, thank you so mu friend. i want to bring in michael steele, and diplomatic coreporter and white house reporter from the associated press, friends of show all. welcome to whats turng into kind of a wide this morning. let's start with the california primary results. you happy with republicans performance? >> yeah, i think they did very well. i'm not surprised by it. i think there was a lot more hype going into the california primary than was necessary because athend of the if the state parties respectively do what they need to do, they -- they'll have their ground game in order. >> you often agree with out. donald trump. he says today republicans did better than the fake news pundents expected. do you agree with that? >> the fake news pundits were all over the map so i don't know how that plays out. i do agree republicans did better than expected in some
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respects. but when you're looking at some of the 7 congressional districts that hillary clinton won, okay. >> right. >> look at the margin by which she won those districts. i don't know how the democrats go in and flip roy barker's district and beat himcs of a point. it wasn't like she was winning these districts by 15, 20 points. that would be a real desperate signal for the party. >> i think she did in the 21st district if i'm thinking correctly, she won by 15 percentage points. republicandite outpulled the democrat by 26 percentage zbloints b percenta peta points. >>r that thoht ittl overblown. >> how is the white house reading these numbers? >> they're pretty happy in the look for.could last night sort of encouraging that they got the republican candidates they would have
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wanted. they would have liked to see democrats that shoot themselves in the footn a few districts and not getting througho the neral election, b that was going to be wishful thinking. democrats seemed to have got their act in order just in time andvot daster. but fm the white house we've seen that from the president and his tweets, this was a good night for >> alexi, you've writing about this. what stands out to you? >> women have been winning by 15 percentage points, but last night across the country in all the eight states that had primary elections we saw women on bothf the aisle making significant gains and making it to the general election. 'sngubaial race, there's a republican woman heading to the general. in california there are 30 women advance together general including republicans and democrats. i think that's something that we shouldook for throughout the country because when you talk to national polster on both they're saying, look, it's not women voting for women, it's m >> how abo the old saw that old politics being local? because for martha roby in
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alabama it was pretty national, right? it seemed like one of the issues was her lack of supportn r dald trump. so is that a sign for others in your party who might prmsesent that, hey, maybe you shouldn't talk about him so much? >> you can avoid that y syst isgeto be -- i so far or right in some cases. it's a very conservative game plan. so you've got to have that. if the president is at the top in the primary and expect to survive. i think roby rooealizes that no that she has a runoff and it could be problematic. >> i'm going to ask you guys to president sounding off overnight on his two favorite targets, the fbi and his attorney general. the level of reporting of jeff sessions and his reaction at the mere mention of guy's name. plus, the presidt is getting that disaster briefing today.
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har to the president's frustrations with his justice department and the fbi are spilling out as they often do via tweet storm as he's slamming the fbi's investigation overnight. itomes as we learn more a h mad theresident is at his attorney general. two officials telling the
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associated press therent s taken to not even saying jeff session's name outloud while in the white house. on a recent flight one person tells the ap quote when a meeting trump abruptly ended the conversation and unmooted the television in his office brad casting fox news dismissing the staffer to resume watching cable. joining me now is graying brauer, zeke and alexa are back with us as well. let me start with you, craig, regainlationsh between the president and his attorney general. we know it's been bad and bad for a long time and it's getting worse. at what point do you just cut it off? >> that's a great question. i th first of alleff ssions in mynce at the fbi d obs in action feels very strongly that he needs to lead the department and is trying his best to make sure that the work of the department, the very important work is getting done day to day. >> and to be clear, you worked the when he was the attorney general. >> correct, that's right. so i think he's doing his best,
7:19 am
as is the entire leadership team there to get the work done that needs to get done regardless of backound noise that y be out there. but it's not easy and it's not an ideal situation to say the least. >> when you have the president's for example outside lawyer, i wonder how this plays moo it, talk about the deparof talking about the special counsel inion and saying this as rudy giuliani just did, and i want you all to listen to this. they ar a group of 13 highly partisan democrats that make up the mueller team, excluding him, are trying very, very hard to flame him, to get him in trouble when he hasn't done anything wrong. greg, you were at the fbi, were you framing the president? >> i think that comments like that are irresponsible. there's -- the president hasn't en charged with anything, obviously. and there's a dispute as to whether he could be charged with anything. i thinky irresponsible to make statements like that. there's no evidence that anything like that is happening.
7:20 am
>> maybe irresponsible in the words of greg, alexi, and zeke, but it seems as rudy giuliani, and he has, has made the intentional strategy that this works. this will persuade the president's base that in fac the special counsel investigation is not legitimate? >> thissn't about the law for thesident's perspective, it's aboutpolitics, the ultimate recourse here is if things go really south for the president this will end up in impeachment. that's a political process run by lawmakers who are accountable to their voters. this will be argued out in the kofrt public opinion much less in a kof in a courted of law. the president and his attorneys are trying fight that day in and day out. rudy giuliani is spending far more time on television interviews than developing any legal strategy. >> let me ask but that public opinion war because you this from that same article the president unmuting fox to get away from a sessions conversation that the president's allies have come to believe that pitting donald trump' trustworthiness against
7:21 am
james comey's, his former fbi director, is an argument they can win a to three people close to the white house but not authorized to talk about it. >> this is all personal for the president, whether it is being viewed as more trustworthy or just discreditd attacking the agencies that work for him. i mean, when he gave his first public interview about jeff sessions and how unhappy he was with him in july of 2017, he used the phreions has been very unfair to me. in this tweet that het had this morning or yesterday about jeff sessions is the clearest example we have of the president admitting that he's upset with jeff sessions for recusing him because did not end the investigation into him and his team. this is very personal for him and we can expect at strategy moving forward. >> have you jeff session, andrew mccabe, rod rosenstein, and we've learned through the associated press that the attorney for mccabe has requested that mccabe be given immunity so that any testimony could not be used against him in a criminal case when he speaks with members of the senate judiciary cmittee. what does that strategy say to
7:22 am
you, greg? >> it's an unusual situation. >> why? >> first of raurl it's unusual that the deputy director of the fbi would are fired by the attorney general, very unusual. we've all seen the oig reported, the ag had his reasons for doing that. but that situation alone is unusual. what's also unusual is that i fbi deputy director or any former doj director would need to seek testimony before continuing to congress. it makes sense from the perspective of his lawyer because it's been public -- publicly announced that or at least leaked that a referral has been made, a criminal referral has been made about mr. mccabe to the u.s. attorney's office here in d.c. so i think a spart defense lawy -- smart defense lawyer would be very wary here. >> paul ryan is taking questions. we want to listen in to that. stay rht where you are. >> let me say it this way.
7:23 am
i think the chairman's initial assessment was accurate. but i think we have some more digging to do. we're waiting for some more document request we h dents to review. we still have someone to answer questions. it would have been helpful if we got this information earlier as chairman nunez said just the other day, if we got all the information we were looking for we could wrap this up faster. but i have seen no evidence to the contrary of the initial assessment that chairman gowdy has made, but i want to make sure we run every lead down and get final answers to those questions. i'm going to leave it at that. i'm not going to keep commenting on classified stuff. anna. >> two questions. can you say definitively now that we're past the point where this congress -- >> oh, it's an itc question so i don't want to make a definitive declaration on tpa because you know the way the law works
7:24 am
there's a period of time that the itc continues do their scrub and if the itc picks up the phone tomorrow and tells us we only need a few weekends then, yeah, you could do it. i think we're far into the deadline but i want to speak on behalf of the itc. i'm not going to say that. i think we're down the road unless the itc says they don't need as much time and they could do it in the time in november or december, that's what it would take do that. >> is there anything the congss t do tim the president's power on the tariffs? >> you'd have to pass a law that he would want to sunshine law and that would b-- sign into la and that would be what it would take. >> are you confident, optimistic that that's something that could get 218 republican votes at this point? >> i feel good about the kind of conversations 're having. mb earnest and sincere and trying to understand each other's perspectives. we have a big swath of views
7:25 am
within our conference on this issue. i do believe there's a sweet spot here. i think the president was extremely productive when he put t his four pillars. they're extrily reasonable. they attempt to actually fix the solution. remember, when we -- when we fix daca we want to fix it permanently so we don't have another daca problem down the road. so we're having productive conversations, we plan on having a conference wide conversation for two or three hours tomorrow and that'shat we should be doing. talking out among ourselves so the majority can function. we don't want to do a discharge petition obviously [ inaudible question ] >> you'll see. >> last question. >> mr. speaker do you believe that the president has the power to pardon himself? >> i don't know the technical answer to that but i think he shouldn't and no one is b&f tab the law. >> taking trade, immigration, and presidential pardon power there in that news conference with reporters. interesting stuff given this is the first time we've heard from the house speaker since law make
7:26 am
vers come back from recess. i want to get your reactions to this. but he talked about obviously the esident shouldn't because rule of law is important. we went back and looked at what republicans have had to say about the rule of law during his presidency but also during other presidencies as well. watch. >> we've seen repeated instances of indifference to the of law on the part of this administration. it's a consistent and worrisome path. >> did the president have -- >> i don't have any c on that issue. >> this is a moment of testing and i'm hopeful we will see republicans in congress stand up and side with the people against a lawless president. >> senator, the president says he can pardon himself. would you agree with that?
7:27 am
>> would you agree with that? >> that is not a constitutional issue i've studied so i will withhold judgment at that point. >> this comes down to a much more fundamental question. it is about the ieg of our constitution. >> do you think that the president has done any lasting damage to the fbi and doj? >> no. i don't think -- i do not believe that that is the case. >> greg, have you made the the rule of law your life's work, your career's work. what do you me during that republicans during the obama administration versus republicans now? >> well, the rule of law is a critical pillar of our constitutional system of government. and it seems to be underassaut right now and that has to be taken seriously by the congress. i for one would like to see more members of congress speak back up that. >> i want to go to kasie whount was in that news conference with paul ryan. he got a little wonky using
7:28 am
nishl initials and talking about trade and itc et cetera but he talked about a couple other things in response to your question. >> reporter: a couple things here, hallie, both related to what you were just talking about your guest on set. the first one i asked him if he thinks that the president has the abilito pardon himself. he said that he wasn't sure about the technicality of that, whether it wctually technically legal, but he was pretty definitive in saying obviously the president shouldn't do that. and then he said, quote, no one is above the law. so a relatively definitive response from paul ryan on that question. the other noteworthy piece of this i think was he was also asked about those comments that trey gowdy made last week. you'll remember went on fox news and defended the fbi. he and other members of the -- excuse me, he and members of the gang of eight had a classified briefing about that fbi informant that was involved in
7:29 am
the counterintelligence investigation into the trump campaign about russian attempting to infiltrate the campaign. and trey gowdy went out and he said, the fbi acted exactly as americans would want them to act. and paul ryan says that he is inclined to agree with gowdy's initia assessment. he did addhe wants to see additional documents, that there are additional requests. but noteworthy, and something of a break, a rare break i would say from his intelligence committee chairman devon who has otherwise stood behind in the case of criticism. >> i want to go it zeke and alexi and greg who are with me on set. and she brings up a couple interesting points including one on trey gowdy. >> i've watched trey gowdy up close during the last 12 months or so as he's been involved in all matter of investigations of the fbi and doj. my sense is that he has -- he gets it. and i think his recent
7:30 am
statements reveal the fact that he has seen that there's really no there there. he understands as a propser, as a good lawyer, as do many other lawyers on the hill, and it was refreshing to hear that. >> onef things that paul ryan was asked about is the president's comment that he could pard donna himself although he has no reason to. the president's been talking a lot about pardons, he's been thinking a lotbo pardons. and kristening we ker is joining us on the white house north lawn with more on those pardons because we may be seeingmore of of months, uh? >> reporter: we might pibt jube. i just spoke to a white house official that says there are dozens of pardons approved for donald trump. there's no indication of whether he will approve these pardons or the timeline. but among them in the pardon that kim kardashian was here lobbying for on beh of johnson. she's a great grandmother who was convicted back in the 1990s of charges related to cocaine use and selling cocaine.
7:31 am
so just one of the pardonshat he's looking at. he told reporters himself, hallie, as you'll remember we re o that he's looking at the possibility of commuting the science of the former illinois governor as well as martha stewart. some people say that raises some eyebrows. is he look alt these through a political lens? the white house pushing back on thatsertion, although not giving us the nature of those dozens of pardons that have been prepared for president trump. of course a lot of questions have been raised in the wake of the president pardoning, for example, we saw this last week, his controversial pardon of course last week that raised questions about whether he was trying to send a message to some of those who are involved in the russia probe. and then the big debate surrounding whether or not the president can actually pardon himself. he says he has the absolute right to pardon himself but he has absolutely no plans to do so. so we are focused here today to see if we get anymore pardons
7:32 am
that come down the pike, hallie. >> kristen welker i'll know you'll be reporting that. what do you make of this? >> certainly we've been hearing a lot of talk about pardons and the president has been enamored by that authority. it's one of the parts of the job he likes do. >> it's one of his things can he did with no restrictions on it. >> it's a sweeping thing rare showy thing but at thame time none of the pardons that have madero have come through the normal pardon process. the eagles coach by the way is talking you about everything that's gone down at the white house in the last 24 hours. let's listen in to that. >> congressional. >> why? >> why was that canceled? >> yeah. >> probably because we didn't go. i mean, we cod have yeah, we could have, but, no, we wanted to get work in and we got our work done. >> given the cultural discussion that's going on out there and speaking to some of the fans of philadelphia, i think that
7:33 am
there's, from what we're hearing, they're looking for guidance. we heard from some of the players, but also looking for guidance from folks such as yourself. and the owner of the team as well, so i think that's what a lot of people i think are wanting to hear from you toda ha t greatest fans in the national football league. when we had that parade back in february, our fans -- our true fans that they -- they're debeside us, we're beside them. love everything about the people that come and watch us, support us, whether it's in training camp or, you know, in the stadium. i can't say enough good things about what our fans have done for us,he support, the love we felt all off-season and we continue to feel. >> doug, ease up on the questions here. >> thank you. >> is carson being able to do his work. has he and will be today --
7:34 am
>> yeah, so again, part of the rehab with h is just giving him a little more i don't want to say freedom but a little more practice time. >> so, that's the philadelphia eagles coach talking footage football, talking also about what has gone down at the white house over the last 24 hours when the white house first invited the philadelphia eagles to come to a super bowl championship celebration. remember the es won the super bowl this year. the president then blaming player protests against social injustice, against police brutality, some protesting during the national anth for the reason why he disinvited the ea then the white house turned around and said it it was more crowd size. you heard the coach say there, why weren't we invited? why did this thing change? because we weren't going to show zeke and alexey, who are still with me, this is a controversy that is not goi anywhere. based on our port, the president believes that talking about this fierss up his base
7:35 am
and his motivational politically leaning into these culture wars ahead of the mid terms. he's going to keep talking about it as you have other athletes in other leagues saying we're not going to the white house either. >> he's not wrong. and that's so unfortunate. >> not wrong about firing people up? >> about firing up his base and that's informant because he is willing to sort of wage these culture wars that none of his predecessors have done. he seems 10 to jto enjoy it. he revels in it. getting involved in the nfl. you'll notice he's only taking these stances on sports that have predominately african-american players. i think that says a lot. and i think it's frustrating to what's happened because he's just enjoying it. >> zeke. >> certainly this strikes you as nothing new in pol thet, right. >> yeah. a moments -- he
7:36 am
said yeste this is a president who wants to unite americans. this is an incredibly divisive issue. you hav people who feel extremely passionate about this. i spoke with one woman in this event yesterday, the thing that was supposed to be celebrating the eagles have turned into a star spangled sing along celebration of the national anthem and she went to the super bowl. she went to the parade, the eagles parade in phillie, and sh she shed this is completing the pry infecta. though the eagles didn't show up? she sid support the flag, the president, she said politics belongs off the field, it belongs in the world of politics. there are players on that team that she supports who feel very differently. they feel like this is their platform. >> it's certainly not. that's the president's right. ent opinionsn both sideshave of that issue, whether or not sports and politics should mix and that's -- and that territory we've seen the league struggle with that. at the same time this is the
7:37 am
president who sees the benefit of this and will keep hitting that horse. >> thank you for join us on set. i want to bring in somebody who knows pennsylvania well because he represents it in congress, republican congressman ryan cost, member of the house committee. thank you for coming on the show. we have a lot to talk about but let me pick up where this conversation left off. i know you're a fellow philadelphia citizen, suburban philadelphia citizen. the president believes that leaning into this culture war will help him politically. do you agree with that strategy? >> i probably would, probably does, i think. i mean, most people i included think you should stand for the national anthem. i think the nfl policy if you're not going to stand for the national anthem to wait in the locker room is appropriate. i respect malcolm jenkins and those on the eagles that don't agree with this president and do wish to make their voice heard on issues of social justice, but i still think yu should stand for the flag. i think most people feel that way.
7:38 am
>> do you believe as sara sanders said yesterday when asked that this was an issue of free speech she said it's not free speech it's about respect the military. is this not about free speech? >> that's a little thorny. i think it is a question of free speech. i think it ultimately gets down to an issue of free speech, the question -- >> so why is it thorny guess? >> because i would argue that there are better forums through which to express whatever your objections are to this president than the national anthem right before a sporting event, which, whether you're -- i don't like -- well, i shouldn't say that i'm not a cowboys fan, i'm an eagles fan, but i think cowboys fans at the lincoln financial field, they're still -- it's still a unifying experience to watch a football game and i think, to me, kneeling is an objectionable thing but people do it and it is their right do it. i'm not saying that it zblnt you have a freedom of expression claim to kneeling, coming around to that point it sounds like?
7:39 am
>> yeah. yes. >> bottom line -- sorry, congressman, we had a lil delay i don't mean it keep cutting you off there. >> no. >> bottom line, the president at these moments when he could end continue to said it divide them taking divisive stances. is that appropriate and do you wish he d do something different? wish he'd do something different. i think that yesterday he should have proceeded with the ceremony or if there was going to be -- if it was not going to proceed as it was it shouldn't have been by tweet and he shouldn't have tried to turn it into some sort of suggestion that this is about respecting the national anthem or the flag when that's not what it was. it was celebrating the philadelphia eagles super bowl victory. i had 18 people down here, they still went but even many of them sort of shook their head and said why do we have to take something that was so cool and turn it into something that gets political? >> congressman, we're also watching yet another very sort of strange storyline coming out of the epa, this time involving
7:40 am
e-mails sent by scott pruitt's former top aides and a popular fast food chain. you know they're trying toet up a meeting between pruitt and the chick-fil-a ceo. he was trying to get his wife a franchise. let's go to the washington post. here's what one of the state senator had to say about those e-mails. st >> if that is true, that are is not going to be -- serve to his advantage and it would not be a good thing. i've -- the problem is i've known him for so long and i just can't see him doing something like that. so i'm going to assume that it's not true. >> senator joni ernst said scott pruitt is about as swampy as you get. here she is. >> there are a number of other transgressions that we have seen koum coming out of that office tied to pruitt in the way he spends money, the way he misuses
7:41 am
basically his office. he is about as swampy as you get here in washington, d.c. and if the president wants to drain the swamp, he needs to take a look at his own cabinet. >> so congressman costello, last time we had you on the show you said you want to see thousand pruitt testimony goes in the senate. here we are june 6th. should scott pruitt go? >> we are now in the middle -- listen, i'm not defending anything he did and i think the use of official resources for the solicitation of a chick-fil-a franchise is impore and runs afoul of federal law. but we now have chairman gowdy who is receiving information, he's asking for the conclusion of the investigation to occur until he issues a report. and that's specifically on what i think is an even more serious issue. and so i'm not ready to say he should resign. i think that this is a weird
7:42 am
situation, i think that the administrator comes off looking worsw than he did before, and he didn't look good before. but i want to -- >> why don't you say, hey, let him go some why not just say cut bait? i don't care whether you do or not, but it seems like you're walking up the line and then just stopping there? >> i t thas acrate intation of oing and the point there is simply, look, i want to be level with you, i think him wanting to get a used trump mattress probably is more damaging in the eyes of the president than any of his policies, don't you? >> why is he being held to a lower standard it seems? do you think that's accurate? >> that's a good question. i -- i'd have to go -- i don't know that he is. i don't know that he is. look, there's ten or 12 investigations going on, some at the white house. i mean, just look at chairman gowdy and what he did last week. i was listen befe i got on and you have conservatives going off
7:43 am
chairman gowdy. i think he's a man of the utmost integrity and i don't think this house investigation is going to -- is going to conclude. >> okay. >> saying that tisat oply at all times. i want to get the full scope of it before i would make that statement to you but i am right up at that line. >> we'll have you back again and probably ask about it again. thank you very much for coming on the show. i appreciate it. alexi and zeke are still with us, they will stay with us because former president bil clinton is reiter raritying what he said in that heated interview with nbc news. we're going to talk about that apology to monica lewsinsky, new overnight. don't miss it. woman 3: this is my body of proof. man 2: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 4: ...with humira. woman 5: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation ibutes tootand skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis.
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so any minute noworme president bill clinton is set to speak at arlington national cemetery in honor of robert f. kennedy on the 50th anniversary. that's congressman john lewis speaking now. just hours ago former president clinton made a different appearance this one was here on the late show with steven colbert in which he responded again with that interview with nbc news. the former president suggested that nbc took his words out of context on monday when he was asked if he apologized to former white house intern monica lewsinsky. >> when i saw the interview, i
7:48 am
thought that because they had to, you know, distill it, and it looked like i was saying i didn't apologize and i had no intention to. i didn't like this one because it started with an assertion that basically i had never ized, as if i had never tried to come to grips with it and as if there had been no attempt to hold me accountable. >> here's the facts. that interview did not start with an assertion, it started with a question, this one. >> did you ever apologize to her? >> no. yes, and nobody believes that i got out of that for free. i left the white house $16 million in deb but, you typically have a more gaping facts in discovering this and i bet you don't even know them. >> i asked if you'd ever apologized and you said you had. >> i have. >> you've apologized to her? >> i've apologized to everybody
7:49 am
in the world. >> but you didn't apologize to her? >> i have never talked to her. >> do you feel like you owe her an apology? >> i have never talked to her. but i did say on more than one occasion i was sorry. that's very different. the apology was public. >> you don't think a private apology's owed? >> i think this thing, it's 20 years ago, come on. >> our panel is back here with us. so former president clinton talked about this not just on lbert aoted i ha regret and that apology at a "new yk times" event. here that is. listen. >> it wasn't my finest hour, but the important thing is, that was very painful thing that happened 20 years ago and i openings the to my family, to monica lewsinsky and her family, to the american people. i messed up and i own that and
7:50 am
no mistake by anybody else, including that young man addressing me saying i didn't apologize can justify the fact that i got mad when i shouldvee to tell a whole new >> i mean, look. it is 2018. it is the year of the woman. it is -- we are in the me too era. it's not about whether or not he apologized he had such an easy time and opportunity to stand up for women and to say look, this is the moment we're in. i have done things i am not proud of. here's how we can move forward. instead he made the comments and bragged about the so-called sexual harassment policy he instituted as governor in the 80s. but that was just following the federal regulations and guidelines at the time. it wasn't anything innovative or something to brag about now, and it's shocking that it is 2018 and he is still doubling down on his comments not apologized, not acknowledging what's going on. he even had an opportunity to talk about the allegations against the current president. he could have pivoted that way.
7:51 am
instead he looks like he's still not sorry. >> he's the victim. we've seen this for year this came up in the 2016 campaign. the noti of money of debt and victimhood regarding the feeling that they are somehow aggrieved we've those themes sault by the throughout the course of the political career of the clintons. the question is now that he's a respected party figure, will that change? will there be a fresh reckoni of past actions? we're starting to see some of that.>> thank you being ond talklu this. appreciate it. we want to talk about another story making headlines in a few hours. president trump is set to visit fema head quarters. you still have puerto rico reeling from the destruction of last year's hurricane maria. listen to this. puerto rico just agreed to release data and paperwork that may tell us more about just how many people died because of the hurricane. that's happening only half a
7:52 am
judge demanded it. joining me now, the san juan mayor. mayor, thank you for being with us. can your me all right? >> yes, can i hear you. thank you very much. >> of course. there is a little bit of a delay. i want to make sure our audience isaware since you're in san juan. let me ask you about the reaction of the ruling. the judge is calling for outlets to release death certificates after there had to be a lawsuit to the government for that. why was this even an issue in the first place? do you agree with this judge's ruling? >> of course. i think our transparency is all about telling people the truth. the government of puerto rico has insisted that first it was 16, the death toll. then it jumped to 54. then 64. they have not been forthcoming in terms of providing the people of puerto rico the information that we need. listen, we just need to know how
7:53 am
many people are accounted for. on friday after the harvard review came out, they released an amount saying that there were 1,397 deaths morhan in previo y between september and december. still not wanting to acknowledge the hurt and the pain or the sorrow of the thousands of people in puerto rico that have had to bury their relatives because they didn't have enough electricity or couldn't be hooked up to a cpap or respirator or intensive care unit. even with that 1,397, that's about 20 times more than what the puerto rican government and that's on us. now, the question is always, of course, why. well, unfortunately the governor of puerto rico sat there when the president gave himself a ten
7:54 am
out of ten. yesterday we heard the white house talk and say that the aid that had been provided to puerto rico was of historical proportions. well, it's been a historical and epic failure. that's what it's been. >> that's what i want -- >> so now when questioned about the number of deaths -- >> i don't mean to interrupt you. the delay is a little tough. you mentioned the ten out of ten score that president trump gave himself on the response to this. i have two brief questions for you on that. number one, do you believe as sarah sanders said, the response was at a historic proportion. they're still working to provide federal assistance when she was asked yesterday. are you seeing the fruits of the federal assista on the ground where you are? >> it's a historic failure. that's what it is. we still have people about 500,000 blue rooms and tarps that were placed. the majority of those are not
7:55 am
permanent roofs as of this point. we keep hearing about all this money fema has been reimbursing. i'll give you san juan. they owe in reimbursements to the municipality of san juan, 7.7 million. a lot of that money the municipality has to put forth. if you're asking for a reimbursement of more than 1 million, it has to go to congress to be approved. my hope is when the president visits fema today, it isn't about what should have been done. it's about what they could have done and they didn't do, and the lessons learned are finally learned by the president so that this doesn't happen again. >> mayor cruz, quickly, yes or no, do still have confidence in fema? >> no. not at all. >> okay. mayor carmen yulen cruz.
7:56 am
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8:00 am
could not pass up the chance to meet the woman who started it all. lucas is the first baby with down syndrome to represent gerber. this picture courtesy of cook's we agree. saying that's really . i'm heading to the white house where see you later this afternoon. appreciate you joining us for this packed hour. tuing it over to ali velshi and s ruhle. who doesn't love a gerber baby? >> love that baby lucas. sweet pea. >>morning, everyone. i'm ali velshi. >> i'm stephanie ruhle. it's wednesday, june 6th. >> mexico firing the latest shot in the escalating trade war between the united states and the allies. how is this goingo play when the president sits down with the leaders of those countries on friday? >> how many people are in on forming this tariff policy and who is in charge? >> that's a great question. in fact, what you see right now is a big split inside the


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