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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  October 1, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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esome. not my thing. it is "blowout," the book that is out today, hillary clinton is on with rachel maddow tomorrow. and an impeachment inquiry happening right now in congress. new reporting on how trump's team might have helped him violate the constitution and use it for personal political gain. here are the huge stories that are lead. >> mike pompeo was on the call
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between president trump and ukraine's leader. why didn't mike pompeo report trump's misconduct. second, bill barr, the attorney general asked president trump to contact foreign governments about investigating the cia and fbi events in 2016. we're going to tell you what is going on. >> and the trump's personal lawyer in fourth. what do you, the american people but think of all of this. now a reminder, we're talking not about a whistle-blower, a threat to national security a possible violation about the president's oath of office. >> the call between president trump and ukraine's leader is
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becoming quick sand snaring one official after another. the late zest mike pompeo who was on that very call on july 25th according to a senior state department official. his involvement was first reported by the wall street journal. when he was asked about the call in a recent interrue, sheer what mike pompeo said. >> mike pompeo pressed the president of ukraine eight times to investigate joe biden's son. what do you know about those conversations. >> so you just gave me a report about a whistle-blower campaign, none of which i have seen. >> that feels a little dis disengenuous. if i'm on that call, if there is a whistle-blower complaint, a secretary of state, i'm
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surrounded by staff that brief me, all of that and he steps out and says i only read the first paragraph. just, to me, that is od d at best. >> so this happened late friday for documents from the state department. today pompey oo is taking conce about the request. aspects of the question that can be understood only as an attempt to bully and treat improperly state department officials and foreign service officers saying i will not tolerate such tactics. and while he seems protective of state department personnel, he was silent on this tweet saying i want to meet not only my accuser, but also the person who illegally gave this information. closing with an ominous warning,
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big consequences. they are targeting people at the state department. there seems to be something in congress about it. >> big consequences for whom? >> richard engle is looking for chooi media by russia. they have been across three administrations. they were just pressing and you have no information? >> so zelensky has been very quiet. he doesn't want his office or this country to be sucked in
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even further. he is worried they could lose more political or military support. if that now infamous phone call, they first called off about $400 million in military aid. they are asking for those favors. would he, the president of ukraine, look into the biden's for him and would he contact rudy julianny. they could collect information about the bidens, so i asked the president about the press availability, and he didn't want to talk about the ongoing negotiations, they are looking to restrain. >> did you meet with rudy jouy n
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giulia giuliani. >> i never met him or had phone calls with him. >> earlier today, they are trying to find out about what giuliani was doing, what kind of investigation was he carrying out in this role as the president's private attorney and dirt digger. i spoke to the former foreign minister for five years. he was a foreign minister while joe biden was vice president. and i asked what he thought about this exploration mission and he said that many of them were quite uncomfortable about this whole thing and uncomfortable about this private envoy's role. >> did you know about giuliani's missi
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mission? >> no one on the administration heard about giuliani, and about his attempt and his efforts to reach out to people here in the ukraine. and i would say that it was seen as quite suspicious here. >> what do you mean when you say suspicion? >> in the sense of this mission. so why giuliani? why not someone else? what is the mission, what is the goal. >> do you think vice president biden took any actions to protect his son? >> no, to my best knowledge definitely not. >> so you don't think he was intervening or putting his hand on the scales of justice here? >> not at all. >> the former foreign minister said he thought that giuliani
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was pursuing a conspiracy theory and looking for facts to prove the theory retro actiretroactiv. it was that a conspiracy was cooked up to harm candidate trump? >> brett, we have a few new developments now. we have a bubbling culdron. we just played his response to a question about the whistle-blower complaint, he had not read it yet, and it turns out he was on the actual phone call and he is saying to congress i'm not interested in your subpoena. it is hard to make sense of this. the unofficial mission that rich has been talking about, or the unofficial work that seems to have him close to the center of his controversy. >> yeah, a couple things, i think it is important as you fraemed it to focus on the core
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issue. is it okay for our country, for presidents to ask for favors to seek advantage in a upcoming election. that is the key issue. if that is okay we have really broken a seal on pandora's box. it makes a different for ukraine, putin, and the russians to do the day today work of diplomacy. foreign capitols can now they can offer a favor to the president of the united states and they don't have to deal with our diplomatic officials. that is a serious issue, but that is the core of it. there are some other things in there. they are two fast. i think that is quite standard. they are intimidated, that is very different. they are squaring off against putin and the russians, and i don't think they are intimidated
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by going to congress and telling the truth. >> but what, if any, consequences are there for embarking on these conversations with foreign governments. the white house could say yes, maybe this makes other countries or world leaders uncomfortable, it is unprecedented, but the most important thing would be to make sure that president trump stays in office and leaves this country. what would you say if they made that argument? >> well, their political arguments are that the way we conduct ourselves, these are very well prepared conversations. the president is talking about protecting our country and any head of state conversation. so to have an unprecedented situation in which the president is acting at the behest of himself, and not reading out those calls to our diplomating
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that are trying to stand up to the rub shans, it is really uncharted territory. is this okay? that is a question for the secretary of state and others. >> we're a nation of institutions and laws, but if not abiding by those laws results in no consequences, and in warping those institutions has people frowning upon you, what would stand in the way from someone in the president's position to do what he potentially has done. >> nothing, that is why this is such a serious issue. there is so much out there. i just think that is the core issue. is it okay for a president to ask for favors from a foreign capital to get advantage in a upcoming election. i think anyone looking for office should be able to say that is not okay. but eventually secretary of state pompeo, he know that's is
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not okay. and to say he is protecting our civil servants, no one stood up to protect the reputation of the ambassador who was doing her job in the ukraine, a professional career official, smeared in that transcri transcript. steven mil seler is going on th sunday talk shows, calling them a deep state operative. this is charged unbelievable language and no one is standing up for that person except for the head of the national director of intelligence in is uncharted territory. congress has to take it's time, and the truth will come out. we'll see if they will testify tomorrow. s he is a private citizen now. >> we hope the truth comes out but in your opinion as a long time state official under three presidents, on both sides of the
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isl aisle, this gets so politicized. they did what president did, make our country or our world or our allies less safe? >> look, putin here is licking his chops. and these guys with long term timers. they are known capital to capital that our president can be bought and you can do favors and you don't want to listen to the diplomatis and the secretaries. president trump is saying hey, look, i should not have said that, it was wrong, but this is not totally appropriate. that is very different, and i think that officials that saw this conduct, particularly those working the very difficult file of ukraine. i worked some difficult files and i have never seen something like this and there is a total circ
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circumvention of the process. he is running his own process. not bringing officials. it is unprecedented and i hope there is some accountability. this is why we have celebratise of powers. and the president and the secretary will try to exert their article 2 authorities, but there is no blanket executive privilege and officials will need to testify. >> as someone who has worked for a direct and republican administration, what we're seeing now, brett, this is something you have never seen before? >> look, i teach presidential decision making here at stanford going back from truman to trump talking about the national security process, the importance of process and policies based on facts. the importance of analysis, and i think it is safe to say that we have never seen something like this.
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he made clear he was not in the loop. he heard the security advisory. she in the loop. we have not seen something like this before. >> brett, goo to see you, thank you for joining us. special envoy for iesis, he worked around president bush and president trump. >> coming up next, we're breaking down the players involved in president trump's call with ukraine's leader, alleged cover up, some of the actors might surprise you and we're looking at the attorney general of the united states. and a specific request that he made related to the russia investigation. what bill barr asked president trump to do and how that ties to the impeachment inquiry. ties to the impeachment inquiry. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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welcome back, we're continuing to dig into the whistle-blower complaint that lead into the impeachment inquiry in president trump. there are a lot of names involved. you likely already know about the top u.s. officials connected to the call in some form. president trump, vice president mike pence, secretary of state mike pompeo. attorney general bill barr, and rudy giuliani. but there is more.
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house democrats say they want to hear from some of these next three people. t.ulrich brechbuhl. he is a deputy and is listed by the whistle-blower of being on the call. kurt volker, he resigned as special representative to the ukraine in the wake of the whistle-blower complaint. volker helped connect giuliani with officials. next is gordon sondland. according to the complaint, he went with volker to give y ukrainians advice. he allegedly worked to contain the damage to u.s. national security allegedly created by ru rudy giuliani. not mentioned in the complaint is mick mulvaney.
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but according to trump, it the mulvaney's order. there are also "a dozen white house officials that the whistle-blower says were on the call in the situation room. and "white house lawyers who directed officials to move the transcript and notes to a code word level system. that is a lot. >> we now are speaking about the origins of the probe. the president sought help from austral australia's prime minister in what was a routine call asking austral australia's law enforcement to work with their u.s. counter parts. the president contacted other
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countries as well back in may, barr asked the u.s. attorney from connecticut to investigate whether or not the fb eerksi's into the trump campaign was properly started. >> the attorney general is one of the most respected people in this country and he has been for a long period of time. he is going to look at a lot of documents. some he might find interesting, maybe none, but he can look and i hope he looks at the uk, and i hope he looks at australia and ukraine. >> joining us now a federal p s prosecutor for 20 years. it is legal to ask foreign governments for help on all kojts what seems to be a highly
10:23 am
motivated perm issusonal issue. >> i would say no if we're talking about the phone call. it is really murky when you have bill barr in a globe trotting trying to enlist the aide in other countries in what looks to be an effort to undermine some of our own u.s. law enforcement investigations. this is not the way any of this works. i am concerned that we're beginning to go down so many rabbit holes that people are going to lose sight of really what is at issue here and it is that phone call that the president had, apparently overheard by pompeo, which by any thinking person's account is wrong all day long. >> as the rabbit holes are
10:24 am
emerging, what is the issue? they are saying democrats are doing anything to bring down this presidency and we have other issues that seem to be more important. >> and i'm with you, frankly all of these issues are important. around doing the state department's bidding or the president's bidding or maybe both and maybe that is sort of improper venture. it including tpompeo and others. but you asked the central question, what is most important? really what is most important is a president that figuratively holds in his hands fund that's have been allocated by congress for the you ukrainepeople to
10:25 am
protect themselves against aggressi aggression. the u.s. holds that money hostage and they say you want to defend yourself? i have a favor to ask though. that is really what we need to remain focused like a laser beam on if that is not an abuse of power then i don't know what is. >> let's talk about bill barr is. mere mortals, one would think that bill barr globe trotting does not seem like the job function of the attorney general. it seems like, i don't know, someone from trump's 2020
10:26 am
reelection campaign. >> bingo. that is not what an attorney general should do or traditionally has done. you know, the department of justice has a number of law enforcement agencies. the fbi, the dea, the atf, and ordinarily those agencies in the first instance begin to look at incidents to see whether or not they were illegal. they begin to investigate if there is something there. then they get the attorney's involved. the prosecutors at the department of justice lead by bill bar, and that is how criminal investigations usually unfold. not the prosecutors as headed by bill barr, running around looking for crime or looking to undo investigations that have already been done if seems like bill bar wakes up every morning saying to himself what crimes can i clear the president of today? >> there is somebody that is the
10:27 am
president's lawyer, democrats have subpoenaed him for documents relating to ukraine. here he is last night on whether or not he will testify. >> i don't know, i'm weighing the alternatives. i'm going through it, i'm getting my evidence together,ly get my charts. i don't know if they will let me use videotapes and tape recordings that i have. i gathered all of this evidence before the mueller probe ended. so it was clearly under my responsibility as the lawyer for the president of the united states. >> okay, i'm going to jump in, back to being a mere mortal, i would think before this moment in time that getting subpoenaed by congress would not be something you would answer with "i'm weighing my options." what is going on here? first i think it was shrewd of
10:28 am
congress that will show what kind of communications giuliani was having with the state department. and also, i tend to agree that you know you'giuliani is probab the last person that any of us want to see. but i think here is the ace that giuliani is holding, and i hate to say that, but he know that's bill barr will not enforce the subpoena in the event that giuliani thumbs his nose at congress. i hope they will employ and deploy the inherent contempt powers, it is laurmt -- >> what does that mean for us? >> you could say that cory lewendowski clowned himself. he there was to perform for the
10:29 am
president, and the president said he loved it. >> yeah, and he has seen no repercussions. doesn't that embolden the giuliani's of the world to behave similarly. and we know there are only three vehicles to hold someone like him accountable. bill barr, not happening, go to court to sue to have the subpoena civilly enforced. that can happen. or congress can send the sergeant at arms out to arrest someone that the congress has voted to hold in contempt. and they can cut anymore a jail cell and they can try to compel his temperature. >> thank you, there is lots of pieces to understand. >> coming up next, how many americans support impeachment? we have brand new numbers showing just how sentiment is
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since announcing the impeachment inquiry into president trump, support has shifted. just today, a new poll out shows an almost 10% bump in support of of impeachment since august. and this poll is part of a growing trend. >> a ten point bump. >> ten point bump, sorry. >> joining us now is steve kornacki, what are the take aways. >> a bunch of polling coming out. i think the key now is the terminology. there are a couple different questions being asked of voters right now and you see different
10:35 am
patterns emerginemerging. this is being asked a number of different cays, essentialways, number of inquiries into the house opening an impeachment inquiry into president trump. so the monmoth poll, support for the inquiry. cbs, a ten point margin, what you see, the four polls that we have, the four most recent that have polled, the inquiry itself, all of them show at least polarity support for the inquiry. two of them show outright majority support, one of them shows double digit support. the house having an investigation that would potentially lead to articles of impeachment, there is more support than opposition in the polls. when you take it a step further,
10:36 am
should there be impeachment, should there be impeachment and removal from office. you put the monmouth poll today. you can see a shift there, they had it dead even yesterday. cnn actually shows slight polarity support. you had the cnbc poll out this morning, 47-44 for the oppositi opposition. the numbers have changed but there is clearly support right now for the inquiry. that is where this stands right now in terms of taking it a step further, it is still dicier there. generally more opposition than support. it is a medical examinixed bag . >> is there there any data from
10:37 am
peachments that we can look at and compare? >> yes, this opposition summnum was generally in the 60s and this number was in the 30s. and when you pull the inquiry number, the opposition number in the best case for clinton the number was in the low 50s, generally higher than that you, you do see right now there is definitely more. >> we have mayjor breaking news straight from capitol hill if is about president trump, wikileaks, and possible lies by the president of the united states to robert mueller's team. we're going to give you a of that after the break. e going tof that after the break you wouldn't do only half
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10:42 am
>> the house lawyers representing the house judiciary committee make that bombshell accusation and this court filing is part of the house judiciary committee to attempt to obtain the under lying evidence in the mueller probe. so the lawyer writes in this filing, he says not only could those materials demonstrate that, it could also show the campaign's contacts. and to back up there lawyer, he siting a passage in the mueller report where paul manafort says that president trump says they want to be kept up on the
10:43 am
efforts. that is the assertion made in this court filing and we should say it was first reported by them from oh lpolitico. >> that means three important things, if the president lied in his written responses, it would be a five year offense. a violation of 5001. two, it now gives the house a heightened legal reason to have a judge order the release of all of the transcripts that the department of justices that been opposing for no real good reason. it seems, other than than to protect the president, and three, sworn grand jury
10:44 am
transcript is really strong. they say that transcript can be used as evidence to prove a grime. so a witness can try to back away from it but it doesn't matter because it was already taken under oath. >> so this is important to remember, there was all sorts of questions about whether or not they would interview the president, sit down for an interview. and one of the advantages to written questions for the president is that they're written and he can do it in consultation and one could presume it would not be submitted on paper. >> that helps if the attorney tells the client about everything. do we think that happened here? >> interesting, all right, jeff bennet, thank you for coming back for us today. >> next, the republican establishment is trying to use impeachment against democrats.
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welcome back. with the impeachment inquiry going into office, president trump is saying that democrats can't work on gun safety reform or prescription drug praises because they're too focused on their impeachment inquiry. >> they're going to tie up our country. we can't talk about gun regulation, we can't talk about anything because frankly they're so tied up, screwed up, nothing gets done but when do i it. >> but that is not true. ginning us now is john harwood. the house passed legislation in february on guns. we saw in texas and other places
10:50 am
that they called congressback into session for a vote. congress is back in session, is it not mitch mcconnell that has done nothing and the 40 tweets the president sent over the weekend. i can't think of any b about legislative priorities and it's the president and mitch mcconnell who are doing nothing on gun. >> the reason that they're picking up any rock lying on ground and throwing it at the democrats as this hurricane comes at them. that argument is as weak as the substantive arguments about how this is here say or whatever. >> you just used the word lying. lie ng a different context. now does the president an the gop use this narrative, the american people know who's in
10:51 am
office? >> it's a fog machine. that's what they're doing right now. that's what they're doing on the substantive defense on ukraine and what they're doing here. look, everyone noticed that lapierre was at the white house the other day. had a moting with the president and they were talking b about him raising money for the defense of the president on impeachment and wayne said in that meeting, stop the nonsense about gun control. the president had already turned around on his initial reaction, which is we're going to have really strong background checks. now he says we already have them not to mention the fact that mitch mcconnell and the senate don't want the move it. that's the reason why gun legislation isn't moving. >> then there's the issue of drug prices which is interesting because the president has never shown much interest in doing gun stuff, but he has been interested in drug prices. there are a couple of bills moving through the house,
10:52 am
through congress. is the president going to be less likely to do something that is going to be seen as success by democrats in congress because he wants to use this argument that they're getting nothing done while they're busy trying to impeach him? >> i kind of doubt it. i think if the president had an opportunity and could get senate republicans who are the real obstacle to go along with proposals to curb or mandate moderation in drug prices, he would probably take it. some accomplishment for him on terms that he has laid out would be advantageous to him as he's behind the eight ball on this ukraine situation, but i do think the resistance from senate republicans to acting on this front in the name of their free market, support for big business is going to be considerable and i don't think going to happen as a result. >> then back to guns for a moment. we're seeing overwhelming support by people across the
10:53 am
political spectrum to do something on gun safety. remember last week, it was nancy pelosi and chuck schumer who said the president is willing to do something, we will stand next to him in the rose garden. i believe it was just manchin who said the bill we're working on, we'll name it after the president. so in that case, there are democrats that are saying president trump, let's play ball. >> that is possible. and he has said at various points during his presidency, especially after mass shootings have taken place, he's sent signals that would suggest that is b possible but when you lock at the actions rather than the words, there is little indication that he's going to decisively defy the national rifle association and move and gunman fakihturers and move in that direction. maybe background check. maybe red flag laws as you suggest. overwhelming numbers of the american people support them. solid majority support an assault weapons ban, but i think
10:54 am
the president who appeals to his base is not likely to offend that base in a significant way at this moment. >> thank you, sir. cnbc editor at large. >> coming up, we'll hear from a democratic congressman from the house over sight committees. here's a live look at the dow. down more than 300 points this hour. we're going to take a look at why. wow. 325. one word. man fufacturing. man fufacturing great friends. you just saved a bunch of money by switching your boat insurance to geico. it was easy. folks, can it get any better than this? is that what i think it is? that is an armada of tiny sushi boats. awesome! i forgot to pack lunch. you had one job... chopsticks wasabi and soy! comin' in a little hot. it only gets better when you switch and save with geico.
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welcome back. >> i'm trestretching. >> new fund raising totals from the democratic party candidates. the cory booker campaign announced its best ever raising more than $6 million, which is a 30% increase over q2. he said if i don't get this money, i'm not running. >> his party's over. while it is important for the booker campaign, sanders' campaign raised 2$25 a.3 millio in the last three months and this is really important. with more you neek donors than any other democratic presidential candidates in the first six months of 2019 so if you think he's losing steam. >> not on the money side. >> when he's got 1.4 million unique donors, he ain't going anywhere. >> mayor pete buttigieg had a strong showing.
10:59 am
$19.1 million in the quarter bringing his total since the start of 2019 to $51 million. sill waiting for results from the other candidates. >> let's talk about a different kind of money. the markets, here's a live look. down 330 on the day a. that is a big move with manufacturing numbers out that have the markets somewhat daring. >> so it's a man fufacturing number. that's been around for a long time and it is showing the worst contraction in manufacturing in ten years. >> shrinking. >> shrinking, right. follows a similar number from europe. that's a trade war. things are more expensive to trade so we're trading less. the idea that people like donald trump and protectionists have is if you put up tariffs, people will just buy their own stuff. what tends to happen is people tend to buy less. that's why the market's worried because a contraction in manufacturing means bad stuff ch. >> if you run a publicly traded company, the way you push your stock forward is growth.
11:00 am
if we're in a shrinking environment, no growth. >> thanks for wahoffing. i'll see you back here at 3:00 p.m. eastern. >> and check out the podcast where ever you get your podcast. today, we've got a new episode on feminism. my mom's on it. right now, our dear friend, katy tur. i have to say, as soon as you sit down every day -- >> really. >> while you were away, that didn't happen. >> yeah, no, you definitely -- >> it's you. >> i'm happy to know. >> i feel like i bring a certain energy in the room, a little frizzle in the air. >> very true. we're happy to have you. >> you watch workout videos. >> instead of doing. >> stretching when you came back from break. >> watching those workout videos. ali was talking about pumping iron over the weekend. >> i think it's time. >> that's good.


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