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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 1, 2020 3:00am-4:00am PST

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>> it hurts. it hurts. life will never be what it was with her. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm natalie morales. thank you for watching. ♪ first up on msnbc, joe biden rides a south carolina wave into the biggest contest of the primary season so far. this morning, a new look at how much it will matter in three days. >> fear factor. new information in the country's battle over coronavirus from the government and doctors. plus new details on the u.s. patient who died. >> reality check. head of the world's biggest health organization has two words dealing with coronavirus anxiety. the leaning tower of texas saga. it may be coming to an end later
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than anyone could have predicted. >> quite the tourist attraction. >> it has. an interesting two weeks for folks in dallas. sunday, march 1st. i'm cori coffin along with kendis gibson and lindsey reiser. health officials are investigating the first possible outbreak of coronavirus in the united states. >> officials are investigating a health care facility in seattle they say two women tested positive with the latest strain of coronavirus and a number of people are ill with respiratory symptoms or pneumonia. >> we are learning about the first person to died from inside the united states. a man in his 50s with underlying health conditions. at this point, we know he had no history of overseas travel. officials say he was not associated with long-term care facility. they still don't know how he became infected. >> a health care worker from life care, a woman in her 40s. she is in satisfactory condition
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at overlake hospital and she has no known travel outside of the u.s. >> the second case is a woman in her 70s, a resident at life care at the long-term care facility and is in serious condition at evergreen hospital. in addition, we are aware of a number of individuals associated with the long-term care facilities who are reportedly ill with respiratory symptoms or pneumonia and we are in the process of investigating this situation as an outbreak, but, at this point, we do not have widespread community-wide transmission locally. we have transmission that is associated with an outbreak at this long-term care facility. ♪ >> in the meantime, coronavirus and fear of its impact continue to spread worldwide. but president trump said people should not panic. >> i'd like to just ask and caution that, we respectfully ask the media and politicians and everybody else involved not
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to do anything to incite a panic because there is no reason to panic at all. >> kelly, any signs of panic there where you are in tokyo? >> reporter: no. definitely not here in tokyo. guys, this is a place where life is continuing as normal. we were out quite a bit today and saw lots of people on a beautiful sunday enjoying the parks. many more masks being worn but no sign of panic here. there are several developments, though. some of them quite concerning across asia. in south carolina, they have identified their youngest patient yet, a 45-day-old baby boy in south korea has tested positive for the virus, as has his father. his mother is under observation. all three, this young family, now being observed at home instead of at the hospital because health care workers say really that is the safest place
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for this baby boy. also in south korea, the president there now saying that he was willing to work with north korea to help to contain this virus. south korean press today reporting that some 7,000 people are under observation with coronavirus-like symptoms in near ne north korea. no observation from the north koreans there is anycoronavirus coronavirus. they simply haven't commented on it in that country. there is a connection to japan as well. another development connecting to japan. another passenger from that diamond princess cruise ship docked here so long has now died. an australian man who was 78 years old and who had been hospitalized since he disembarked passed away. his wife, 79 years old, is also ill with the virus. and, finally, off to europe.
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a big change in france today. the number of cases there has nearly doubled to 100. the government there really taking some pretty extreme measures, banning any gatherings larger than 5,000 people so that means the half-marathon in paris has been cancelled. they are saying no more large meetings and no more schedule toural traditional air kiss greetings in france, at least for now. guys, back to you. >> a lot of events being cancelled because of this. >> yeah. >> nbc kelly cobiella in japan, thank you. dr. lena wen is with us now. yesterday, health officials confirmed the first coronavirus-related death in the u.s. do you think that shifts attitudes here? >> i think if people weren't taking it seriously, they will be now. actually, yesterday was a major
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turning point because there were several more cases that were diagnosed that don't seem to be clearly related to travel. there are cases in the long-term facility. and there was also the first health care worker who has diagnosed with a new coronavirus here in the u.s. as well. >> doctor, those cases with no relation to travel, what does that say about the nature of the virus? >> it means that there is community spread that is likely happening in the u.s. we are seeing this across the world that there are cases of person-to-person spread in the community. and thesis is tricky virus becae it's good and bad people who have the disease but who may not know that they have it. they have mild symptoms or no symptoms but because they aren't being tested for it, they don't know that they have the disease and they could be spreading it to others and what we believe is happening here in the u.s. too. >> can you explain, doctor, the
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incubation period and how that lines up with the fact that you can have the -- have contracted it without having any of the symptoms yet? >> so it's important to note that we are still early on in understanding this new coronavirus, that we only found out about it about just over two months ago. what we know about it so far is the incubation period could range up to two weeks. that means that somebody could have the illness and have minimal symptoms or even no symptoms. so they are not going to get tested but they could be transmitting it to other people. >> during that period of time period, okay. >> doctor, i want to talk as to you about health care workers coming down with coronavirus. how alarming is that for the general public that, you know, these workers, they probably have access to the best preventive equipment masks and things like that, but, yet, some of them are still getting sick? >> health care workers are on the front lines of every
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epidemic and in past epidemics, including in ebola, health care workers bore the brunt of the illness. we are seeing this happening in this epidemic as well, in china in particular, where there have been thousands of health care workers, doctors and nurses, who have been infected with covid-19 and some have even died. it's really our responsibility as a society to keep our health care workers safe because if our health care workers are not well, who is going to be taking care of our patients? so in this case, i think what happened is that the health care worker taking care of the patients may not have realized that these patients are at risk for covid-19 and that is why they are getting exposed and it's important for our hospitals and health institutions to protect them because they are on the front lines. >> doctor, if you were advising our government and our leaders on how to contain this virus and the spread of it, would you say, yes, it's a good move to not have people travel to italy and
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to south korea and then travel to iran? what does that say about washington state where we might have this outbreak? >> you know, the u.s. has been doing a pretty good job so far of containing the outbreak by imposing quarantines, which is the first time the government has imposed quarantines over 50 years and with these travel restrictions, they have said from the very beginning are meant to be not a permanent measure but to delay the spread of the disease within the u.s. so these additional travel restrictions could be helpful for that reason. i do want to emphasize that at this point in time the risk to americans is low, that americans have far more likely possibility of getting the flu which kills a lot more people than coronavirus, which affects a lot more people than coronavirus. but it is quickly evolving and this is where for the average american, for the everyday person, you have to watch the
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news very carefully and follow the guidance of your local public health officials because this is spreading and there are things that we can each do to keep ourselves and our families safe. >> is one of those is stock up on supplies, masks, paper towels and toilet papers? we have seen some shelves running out of thorough essentials. do you think people should make sure they have enough in their homes? >> make sure you have every day essentials is important, especially prescription medications if you are someone with a chronic illness. let me emphasize do not go out and buy face masks. we need to save the face masks who need them which is health care workers. there is something everyone can do which is wash your hands frequently and touch your face less. it's basic but the most important thing you can do to keep yourself healthy and safe from coronavirus but also from cold and threw this season too. >> keep yourself safe all
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around. thank you, doctor. i want to let everybody know you have to have the patience to wash your hands for at least 30 seconds. that is key to this too. >> you have to hum happy birthday or something. >> exactly, a couple times. >> take the time. >> can we avoid the whole handshaking thing? it was weird from the beginning any way. >> do an elbow pump. big night for joe biden in south carolina. nbc news projects he will win the state's primary. he has picked up 48% of the vote with 99% of those results in. >> bernie sanders is far behind with 20% and tom steyer got 11% even though he spent a lot of time and money in school south carolina. >> let's take a look at the delegate count. sanders still leads with 57 but biden's success in south carolina awarded him 36 delegates so he is up to 51.
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celebrating last night, he thanked his supporters. >> for all of you knocked down, count it out. left behind. this is your campaign! just days ago, the press and pundits declared this candidacy dead. now because of you, we won big! >> sanders congratulated biden at a rally in virginia celebrating his own campaign's wins too. >> we have won the popular vote in iowa. we have won the new hampshire primary. we have won the nevada caucus. but you cannot win 'em all!
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>> also in south carolina, tom steyer making the decision to end his campaign, promising to work throughout the state. >> honestly, i can't see a path where i can win the presidency. i'm not leaving. you may want me out of here but i'm not leaving! we are already figuring out ways, in fact, to make sure that we stay in south carolina. >> pete buttigieg using the primary results to push his message in north carolina saying politics cannot be defined by who he voted for in the past. >> we have come here asking for your vote, humbled by the knowledge that, for so many, that vote was won through struggle, through blood, through sweat, through tears and for some, with living memory. i'm proud of the votes we earned and i'm determined to win every vote on the road ahead.
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>> senator elizabeth warren moved on to texas where she told supporters her campaign is far from over. >> i will be the first to say that the first four contests haven't gone exactly as i had hoped. my campaign is built the long haul and we are looking forward to these big contests. >> and senator amy klobuchar looking ahead to super tuesday and back to the day, just over a year ago, when she entered the presidential race. >> a lot of people predicted i wouldn't make it through that speech and then they thought i wouldn't make it through the summer and then i wouldn't make it to the debates but here i am headed into super tuesday. >> michael bloomberg addressing his debate performances to an audience in north carolina saying that's not what's important. >> if you want someone who talks turkey, you know, has a record of accomplishment and all of the big issues facing our country and who has the resources to beat trump, that's me.
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if you want a debater, you got the wrong guy here. >> okay. he found a way to twist it. today, most candidates are headed south. blitzing across several states. super tuesday is two days away are. joining from south carolina is jonathan allen a analyst for msnbc. how big of a victory was this for joe biden and what does it mean moving into super tuesday? >> it's 48% to 28 percent. >> so literal. >> it was close since the voting started. >> it all comes down to turnout, guys. no. in terms of the size of vicketo here, joe biden needed a win and something sizeable to breathe a little bit of life into his campaign. he rebounds, gets ahead of most of the other candidates except for bernie sanders in terms of delegate count. sets himself up for super
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tuesday, sends a signal to a bunch of other states that he is back on the map that he might be the moderate candidate with something going at the moment. and, yet, at the same time, you know, there are signals here that his campaign is not exactly where it would like to be. if you went back several months, you would have looked at south carolina maybe the place he could have shut down a nomination fight. you know? had he won in iowa or new hampshire, had he won in nevada and coming to south carolina with a big victory, this would have been a place he really could have asserted himself. instead he is looking at retooling the campaign potentially. jim clyburn said that yesterday on another network. so you look at -- he won 61% of the african-american vote here. not exactly the 80 plus percent that hillary clinton got in 2016 or barack obama got in 2008 against smaller fields. but biden has got a little bit
3:17 am
of work to do. >> he does. but this is now shaping up to be a bernie versus biden battle as we go into tuesday? >> if you listen to joe biden's camp, it's definitely shaping up to be a biden versus bernie battle. if you listen to mike bloomberg's camp and the 60 billion dollars he has behind his name and you look at the polling and a lot of these super tuesday states, they would say it's not quite yet there and you might want to wait to see the results. if you listen to elizabeth warren's camp and the polling that they have got that suggests that she is going to win big delegates in california, they would say it's not yet there. if you listen to pete buttigieg and where he is spending money at congressional districts across the country or amy klobuchar, they would see it's not there yet. i think we have to wait about 72 hours or so and find out where things stand. >> we are listening to you. what is it? a bernie/biden thing? >> no. it is not a bernie and it's no a
3:18 am
one-on-one bernie/biden race at all at this point. you know? i think the democratic establishment would like it to be a one-on-one between bernie sanders and someone in the democrat -- and the democratic establishment has not picked that candidates, nor have the voters that form the rest of the party outside of bernie sanders picked that candidate yet. we wait and see. >> nbc jonathan allen and our mathematician with the margins, thank you so much. >> always good to see you. >> it will be interesting to see where we go on tuesday. >> moments ago, pope francis appearing in st. peters square after the longest sick leave of his pa pas papacy. he was working from his residence. his previous appearance in public was on ash wednesday when he was seen coughing and blowing his nose during mass.
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good morning, everybody. you're looking at a beautiful sunrise over baltimore right now. i love those colors popping up right there. morning headlines at 6:23 this morning. olympic champion simone biles and ali raisman with a settlement that would release olympic officials from liability and distant reveal who at usa gymnastics. quote. raisman went on to call the proposal a massive cover-up.
3:24 am
larry nassar was convicted to prison time. 55th annual bridge crossing in alabama. they remember bloody sunday in 1965 hundreds of protesters marching for voter rights clashed with police on selma bridge. five of the presidential candidates will attend today's ceremony. new york state's ban on plastic bags takes effect today. the law forbids businesses from giving -- i should say most businesses, by the way, from giving shoppers blask bags in an effort to combat pollution in oceans and rivers. get this, guys. state officials estimate that new yorkers use up to 23 billion pounds of plastic every year! or plastic bags i should say every year. billion with a "b." >> not any more.
3:25 am
>> have to find biodegradable bags for the dog. >> exactly. breaking news. the world health organizations's director general telling cnbc that global markets should calm down and try to see the reality. this follows the worst week for u.s. markets since the 2008 financial recession. >> the dow starts tomorrow down 3500 points. from a week ago, a 12% spiral in just a week. . here so help us with this is sabil. it's way too early for u.s. futures but what are we expecting to happen on reopening come tomorrow? >> yes. hopefully, markets will calm down. this was the worst week since the 2008 financial crisis for stocks. we saw 6 trillion dollars wiped out of global markets and 3 trillion dollars wiped out of
3:26 am
the u.s. stock market. going into this week concerns for investors are what is happening with the coronavirus outbreak and what impact is that going to have on the u.s. economy. so in terms of the u.s. economy, goldman sachs has said that the coronavirus outbreak is going to cause there to be zero corporate earnings growth this year. if this develops into a severe pandemic, the u.s. economy could fall into a recession. major reason we are seeing this is because the coronavirus outbreak is threatening global supply chains. a lot of goods are made in china. manufactured there. because of the coronavirus, we have got china, the world's second largest economy, basically grinding to a halt. there are quarantines and tons of in fact,tions and people have died. because of that, it's hard to get goods manufactured and shipped out of the country into the u.s. so a lot of american corporations count on goods being manufactured in china to
3:27 am
be sold to chinese consumers. that is a big part of their revenue and profits and, right now, that is being severely threatened. also, when it comes to shipping those goods into the u.s., the concern is for inventory for these companies for stores when you go to stores on the shelves. they will be there what you want to buy. that is a major concern. it's affecting multiple industries when you're talking about tech, we are talking about retail, apparel, also toys, and even medical supplies, precipitation drugs. all of that can be threatened because of this. >> based on what you just said, it doesn't sound like anything is expected to get better, at least in the near future. what about hpeople thinking of retiring early? >> 401(k)s are top of mind for many americans. very concerned about that. earlier this month we saw the stock market hit record highs. you were happy to see your 401(k) what is happening earlier in the year with the stock
3:28 am
market but what happened this week, we saw the biggest stock market correction on record. one for the history books. we saw s&p 500 fall by more than 10%. and because of that, if you looked at your 401(k), you looked at your statement, it did not look very good. but the message to americans is eventually the stock market tends to swing back up. we don't know how long this correction is going to last. it isn't like this week is a very good one. but, hopefully, we will see some good news that will encourage investors will help boost the stock market back up. >> it's a buying opportunity, i'd say. thank you. unpacking joe biden's big win in south carolina. what exit polls are saying about some of his biggest supporters. on "snl," bernie sanders new selling point for universal health care.
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i told y'all if you could launch a candidacy, you launched bill clinton, barack obama to
3:33 am
the presidency. now you launched our campaign on the path to defeating donald trump. >> joe biden's firewall standing firm. there is him basking in the glow this morning of a big victor in south carolina. >> the projected win gives biden new momentum heading into super tuesday but is it enough? >> with 99% of the results in, biden is projected to win every county in the state which is unprecedented in this race so far. no candidate has won every county for the previous ones here. how is he taking that momentum into super tuesday? >> good morning, guys. decisive victory for joe biden here. and look. he needed this, after coming up short in those first three contests, he needed some support for his electability argument. he is saying he can win in november. first, he needed to win, period. this is actually joe biden's first primary victory in any of
3:34 am
his three presidential runs. he was counting on south carolina to do this for him. this contest is so close to super tuesday. he needed that jolt of momentum to really help him in these critical coming days and in his victory speech last night, he was commanding, he was passionate, and he was hammering that argument that he can beat donald trump. he also took some jabs at bernie sanders. he was claiming that voters want results rather than revolution that they want improvements to the affordable care act instead of a disruption to the health care system. frankly, that does line up what we are hearing from voters but take a listen to some of what he said last night. >> democrats nominate me. i believe we can beat donald trump.
3:35 am
take nancy pelosi in the house of representatives as speaker and take back the united states senate. >> reporter: guys, what biden was arguing last night about sort of bringing the country together around pragmatic platforms. that does line up with a lot of what i've been hearing from voters not just here in south carolina, but across the country. moderate democrats and even moderate republicans i've been talking to say they want a candidate who can bring the country together and put forward reasonable solutions. the problem is in states outside of south carolina, voters haven't necessarily been convinced that biden is the guy who can win and beat donald trump, which is the priority for so many voters. so will south carolina convince them that he is the guy who can do it? that remains to be scene but i think we will get some clarity in the next few days here. >> it does keep him in the race
3:36 am
but sanders is on his heels. biden has won 3 out of 4 age brackets in south carolina. and he also won across all education levels. >> he won that soundly. you should note that he has ran for president three times and this is the first time he has won a contest in all of those contests. >> or since 2000 the person who went on to win south carolina won the nomination, except in 2004 when john edwards won but every race is different. we want to bring in state senator from south carolina. biden pulling high in your state. it was unclear what kind of victory he would walk away with. did results meet or exceed your expectations? >> well, i think the results exceeded expectations of almost everyone. i think that vice president biden was expected to win but
3:37 am
most estimates were anywhere from 10 to 15 points but to end up having a victory that was almost half of the voting population is a resounding victory and looks like he is the proves to be the firewall he was expecting. >> you did endorse former vice president biden we should point out. >> my history about joe biden goes back to 2008 when i endorsed him then and traveled to nevada, new hampshire, and other states, and was chairman of the draft biden kick campaign in 2016. i've known the family a long time. i think the work he has done here in the community for a period of time and along with the fantastic endorsement from congressman jim clyburn, obviously, helped catapult him to this victory. vice president biden has been coming here for a long time, has had a long tenure of service here in south carolina and in the senate and as a vice
3:38 am
president, and working, of course, with president barack obama. >> 47% of those people in exit polls from yesterday said the clyburn endorsement he got just a few days ago was a pivotal and critical factor in their vote. biden, however, is trailing sanders in polls and super tuesday states like texas and california. do you think margin he won by last night is enough to win on tuesday? >> i don't know that it's enough to win but i know at least it puts the wind to his back and gives him some momentum going out. the question now is can he raise the money and to continue to put the infrastructure together to end up carrying him forward in super tuesday. got a little bit of a late start with campaign staff and other things, and so i think, right now, we are showing here that the path to the nomination has come through south carolina. this is an incredible victory for vice president biden. looks like he has won almost
3:39 am
every county in south carolina and margins particularly in some of the areas were pretty outstanding, particularly with the resources that were on the ground here in south carolina. >> senator, what do you think was specifically resonating with black voters? if you take a look at the exit polling, 61% of black voters preferred biden. it was a handed victory. not only is he -- he's got -- you know he is coming off being able to talk about being obama's vp, but he has also got, you know, i guess, a history with voters. they know him and know him well but he had to walk back the comments on nelson mandela earlier this week and something had he to do before the vote. >> i think what happens is we are talking about a history of service dating back to 1972 most of us known when he came to the united states senate. he also had a history with senator frisk hollings and
3:40 am
others and come to the state several times. he has come to my church several times when he visited school. he came here when he was campaigning in 2008. this is his third try to run for the president of the united states. i think the people have familiarity with him. i think that whenever he comes, that he connects. if you know joe biden, if he sees me in washington, d.c. or anywhere else, the first thing he'll do is say, hey, get your children on the telephone, let me end up talking to them. and so i think that what happens is that joe biden is a good man. what he has done is he has shown that he connects with people, in general. i think that that common touch he has, we watch him over the years i think people watch his career on civil rights and workers rights and those kind of things and i think that is a familiarity that people resonate with. >> i did hear that a lot on the
3:41 am
ground in south carolina. there was a woman who told me her brother met former vice president biden and biden gave him his cuff links and mailed him another pair so some of that retail politicking you were speaking. >> a lot of cuff links going around. >> here is something about retail politicking but i didn't know literally it's here. here, i'll give you this. >> give you the clothes on my back. >> here, have some cuff links. if you're not aware, donald trump is selling wow merchandise now so retail politicking at ipts-the- finest. space agency says coronavirus is part of this. nasa photos show dramatic life to a near standstill. two weeks since a botched demolition of a building in
3:42 am
dallas. it has survived multiple attempts and it's dubbed the leaning tower of dallas. they have recreated the tower at 1500 -- he did a pretty good job there. wow. two hours it took them. the actual tower is still standing and, so far, 1,700 people have signed a petition to make -- >> look at that wrecking ball! what are you knocking down with that? >> tiny wrecking ball! who knows. the developer says despite the petition. >> miley cyrus had a bigger one in her music video! >> she did! "saturday night live" hosted its own coronavirus news conference for their latest show with a familiar cast of characters. >> hello. i'm ben carson! you know, the brain surgeon that they put in charge of house development? well, this is something i actually do know about and, rest assured in my expert opinion, it's going to be bad!
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we are back with this morning's must reads. "the washington post" is saying joe biden won big in south carolina but where is he winning big on super tuesday? she goes on to ask, quote. >> next is the boston globe. paul says the stakes for our democracy this election season helicopter be higher. of course, we heard heard this. but he writes, quote.
3:48 am
>> you guys know that running for president is kind of a small group of people who can relate with you? jo john delaney wrote this in an op-ed saying it has to be done. he writes, quote. >> joining us is scott long, senior staff writer with "the hill." scott, do you expect anyone will heed that advice? >> well, probably not, because most people vote with their heart and we are hearing that from voters all across the country where, you know, on capitol hill, at least, you are seeing centrist democrats and allies of joe biden and michael bloomberg make the argument that they need to put forward a
3:49 am
candidate who can beat donald trump who has this electability factor and they are warning about a down ballot disaster if bernie sanders is the nominee. so you're hearing that warning day after day on capitol hill. but as we know, you know, voters going into these voting booths, they often do vote with their hearts over their heads. i do think that the south carolina results do matter. i mean, it will breathe life into joe biden's campaign and will give him some momentum heading into super tuesday. the math looks favorable to him in some of these states going forward. but, again, bernie sanders has a big war chest. he is out this morning with some news saying that he has raised $46 million over the course of this past month and had the biggest fund-raising day just yesterday. so he is trying to step all over
3:50 am
joe biden's messaging this morning and will have the infrastructure and the energy to do so. >> scott, i want to ask you about that question that was posed in "the washington post". if biden carries this momentum into super tuesday, but he wins mostly momentum into super tuesday but wins mostly southern states where republicans are expected to take the vote, then you've got sanders who can take take big states, california, texas and massachusetts, do you think the party will have a tough time deciding who she choose? >> biden if you look at where he's going to be spending the next few days, today he'll be in selma alabama then heads back up to virginia, these are states where he has relationships, where they are big african-american populations, just like south carolina. so he's trying to build on some of that south carolina momentum with the african-american community. but i do think california and
3:51 am
texas are big questions. bernie sanders has a sizable lead there. and the way the delegate math works, if no other candidate can crack 15% in some of those big delegate-rich states like california, then bernie sanders on super tuesday could have an incredible night. there's even one scenario where bernie sanders could sweep all of california's delegates, which would be an enormous haul and catapult bernie sanders out of super tuesday. >> people were saying sanders had a huge haul, 25 million in january, this is now almost twice that in february. scott wong, thank you. >> thank you. it is called the great migration but in reverse. >> what's fueling a return to the south for many african-americans. to the community, we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ]
3:52 am
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mike bloomberg does. in the aftermath of 9-11, he steadied and rebuilt america's largest city. oversaw emergency response to natural disasters. upgraded hospital preparedness to manage health crises. and he's funding cutting edge research to contain epidemics. tested. ready. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. with black history month come to an end we wanted to
3:56 am
share a remarkable trend. >> the great migration in reverse and tech is driving that. >> here's rahema ellis. >> in atlanta one of the fastest growing countries in the city, tech startups are helping to fuel the boom. tristan walker's business is part of it, making health and beauty products for people of color. last year after a multimillion dollars merger with proctor and gamble, he left silicon valley with his family and moved to the peach tree state. >> you never saw yourself settling in the south? >> no. >> for him and many others, the south was just a place to visit relatives. >> this is where you would see your grandparents, aliceville, alabama. >> starting in 1915, escaping the horrors, about 6 million black people migrated north. >> it's one of the biggest migration patterns this country has witnessed. >> for many it was a gateway
3:57 am
into the middle class. >> you can get a job at a steel mill and make a good skeent living. >> by the 1970s, broken neighborhoods sparked a new search, the great migration in reverse, attracting retirees and young professionals. the gathering spot allows black ino vaytors to connect. >> all across the country you can see real examples of people that have made tremendous strides and achieved at the highest levels. >> now, tristan is raising his children where his ancestors started. >> i can live now. right? i mean live and afford to live. and that opens up opportunity for us to seek opportunity. right, that we might not have sought otherwise. >> history reversing itself, offering new hope to a new generation. rehema ellis, nbc news, atlanta. >> stopping the spread of coronavirus. >> where the latest occasions in the u.s. are and what's being done to track the virus.
3:58 am
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