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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  March 31, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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what's happening as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread. the united states now has recorded more than 3,500 deaths, surpassing the 3305 deaths reported in china. however, there are questions about the accuracy of the chinese figures. there are also more than 179 confirmed cases here in the united states, with some of the nation's largest cities, new york, chicago, detroit, and seattle seeing the largest number of cases so far. later today, the white house coronavirus task force is expected to release statistical models showing how much worse things could get. surgeon general dr. jerome adams gave a preview during an appearance on fox news this morning. >> when we look at the data and dr. birx mentioned this last night, the rest of the country is following a similar trajectory right now as new york. they're at different places on the curve, but they're curves are starting to look the same. and so we want people to understand that when you lean into aggressive mitigation efforts early, you can flatten the curve, you can blunt it.
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>> now, the numbers in those models have led governors and mayors across the country to issue orders for people to stay at home, orders that affect roughly three quarters of all americans. in florida, which has a limited stay-to-at home order, the broward county commission is meeting to decide whether two cruise ships with coronavirus cases onboard should be allowed to dock in ft. lauderdale. governor ron desantis says he's opposed to the move, despite social distancing and lawsuits, wisconsin says it's going to hold its presidential primary on april 7th. that's a week from today. the state is encouraging voters to use absentee ballots and warns that there could be a delay in counting those votes. and even though it's been only four days since president trump signed the $2 trillion domestic pandemic relief package, house speaker nancy pelosi said on "morning joe" that lawmakers are working on yet another bill. >> this third bill, fourth
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bill -- fourth bill but third face will be about recovery. again, always addressing the emergency and mission aspects of it, but to talk about how we go forward. and in a way that is specific to the coronavirus. >> there are still plenty of questions about the most recent bill. you can send benpopken or me on twitter the questions. use the hashtag velshi. we'll try to answer all of your questions about the checks that you're getting because of the bill. as we enter the final hour of trading for the day, for the first day of the -- sorry, it's the last day of the first quarter of 2020, take a look at what's going on the dow. it's been a very up and down day. the dow is off about half a percentage point. taking a look at the other major indices right now, you can see, all of them are down. i'll keep you posted through the course of the hour. all right, confirmed cases of coronavirus cases in new york state jumped by more than 9,000 overnight. that brings the total to more than 75,000 people in new york state with coronavirus.
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this state continues to have the largest number of cases in the nation. the vast majority of them are in new york city and the immediate area. and now the city's overwhelmed hospitals are getting some much-needed help. the christian charity, samaritan's purse, has set up an emergency field hospital in central park. it's the first such facility to be erected in the park since the civil war. nbc's ron allen joins us now from central park. ron, give us a sense of how this hospital is going to operate, who it's going to accept and when it's going to start accepting patients. >> reporter: that's an amazing bit of context, nothing like this since the civil war. they're putting the final touches on a 70-bed hospital that will be staffed by about 70 medical personnel, their own volunteers. they have their own water system, their own power system. this noise that you hear over here is a big fuel truck that's powering the place. they're supplying them with
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their own, looks like oil fuel. about ten minutes ago or so, we saw someone who looked like a hospital official from mt. sinai across the street come, perhaps taking a final look through, because we've been hearing all day that they're going to start accepting patients. coronavirus patients only, some time today. some time this afternoon. these -- they have an icu, they have ventilators, about a dozen or so of them. and stait's also important to pt out that this is in some ways a very symbolic, as well as significant effort. but given the numbers of hospital beds that the state needs, according to the governor and the mayor and others, we're still a long way from where we need to get. the last estimate was about 75,000, on the way to about 140,000. we've seen a lot of relief around the city today and yesterday. for example, the navy ship, "the comfort," that pulled into port yesterday with a thousand beds. the jacob javits center. that huge multi-block convention
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center that's going to have several thousand beds there. today, we learned about the u.s. national tennis center, where the u.s. open tennis tournament is usually played. there are at least four or five other places around the boroughs, on college campuses, at a racetrack, where they're trying to set up beds. you do all of that, you're still tens of thousands of beds away from the goal that the governor has set for this impending apex. so, again, still, the race against time continues. here, a heroic, valiant effort. they expect to see some patients coming over very soon to do what they can to help. ali? >> all right, ron, thank you very much for your coverage there. ron allen, outside the field hospital in new york city's central park. all right, the sheer volume of calls coming into emergency services in new york is so high that some callers are being put on hold. and making the situation yet more dire, there are more than 280 members of the fire department here in new york who
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have tested positive for covid-19. 15% of the police force is out sick. fema has had to send in a fleet of ambulances to compensate for a shortage in new york. nbc news investigative reporter tom winter is following that story for us. tom, six straight days of record emergency call volume, exceeding that, that we saw during 9/11. the federal government is sending in these vehicles. what about the actual resources, the people, needed to drive in the paramedics? >> exactly, ali. the good news here is that they're sending the paramedics and the emts with those ambulances that you were just showing. they're being staged now. the fire department and fire department officials telling nbc news that initially these ambulances will go out on what they call lower acuity calls, meaning less urgent or less of a priority calls. somebody that might be injured, somebody that might be sick, but is not necessarily having a heart attack or trouble breathing.
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basically, work these ambulances into the system, and then tackle that issue that you pointed out, which is calls holding. so sometimes during a very busy periods during new york city, we may have for a couple of minutes in an hour, a couple of calls holding. that means that somebody who has a less serious injury or who is ill and wants to have an ambulance check they can out, they may be waiting for moment. that number fluctuates. we were into the hundreds yesterday. 6500 plus medical calls by the fire department. i don't want to alarm anybody. if they're in new york city and having a heart attack, a cardiac event, having trouble breathing for any particular reason, could be, of course, tied to covid-19, those calls are prioritized. you're going to get that ambulance and you'll get it quickly. on top of that, if you're not having flu-like symptoms or a covid-19 call, they can also send the firefighters, who are trained paramedics here in new york city to go there and also work on those calls, too. but it's definitely a concern, ali, as these call volumes and the amount of ambulances needed
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in new york city remains really high. >> right. and just to remind people, because it's not the same way in every city, in new york, the paramedics, when you call 911 for an ambulance, it gets dispatched to the fire department. tom, thanks very much. i do encourage people to follow tom wurinter on twitter. he's keeping up with all of the massive and hard to get your head around statistics. at this hour, cruise line officials are working to dock multiple ships that are stranded at sea, because of the coronavirus outbreak. one of them is the "zaandam," which is currently making its way past jamaica, hoping officials will allow it to dock in florida. officials say four passengers on that ship have died. several others have tested positive for covid-19. nearly 200 other passengers are currently experiencing flu-like symptoms. its sister ship, the "rotterdam" has more than a thousand people onboard and is also hoping to dock in florida.
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but florida's governor, ron desantis, does not want them to come. >> i think a lot of these are foreigners. we cannot afford to have people who aren't even floridians dumped into south florida, using up those valuable resources. >> back on march 13th, the cruise line's international association announced it would suspend operations for 30 days and direct cruise ships at sea to end their trips. at that time, the cruise line international association reported 40 ships with nearly 90,000 passengers were out at sea. the association now says 3.6% of its total flee of 277 ships are completing their trips. that means right now, about ten ships are still at sea and five ships are currently in the process of disembarking. which means there are five that are not, of which we have just mentioned two. nbc's kerry sanders joins me
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live from ft. lauderdale. kerry, this is an issue. there are people who are very wary about this, it was about three weeks ago that the president said, he didn't want the cruise ship off the coast of san francisco docking, because it would increase the numbers of people with coronavirus. i would assume that our thinking about this has evolved since then? >> well, what you see right now, according to carnival's chief martime officer, bill burke, he is representing, because carnival owns holland america, he's representing and saying that right here, ft. lauderdale, port everglades, it is the port of last resort for these two ships. as we go live into the broward county chamber meeting right now, they are discussing issues around allowing these ships to come here with those onboard, four dead, eight who have tested positive for covid-19. 200 who have flu-like symptoms that they say this is carnival now saying, may must assume that
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they all have coronavirus. whether they allow those ships in here and let the passenger off. one of those passengers onboard making a direct plea to county commissioners to please allow the ships to port, allow them to dock, allow them off. >> because i am a u.s. citizen. and i should not be denied entry into the u.s. you do not even know if i am sick or not. i am healthy and you really don't care. you're just saying, you don't want us to come back to our house, back to our county, back to our home. >> i don't understand that. >> reporter: if this is a wartime, if we're fighting a war against coronavirus, this is very much a wartime-type decision. do the county commissioners decide that they will sacrifice, essentially, those onboard, prevent the ships from coming in, and hope that they can deal with coronavirus onboard those two ships with the doctors that
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are onboard, potentially more people dying, or do they allow the ships to make its way to the port here, to dock, allow the healthy passengers off take the sick passengers where, onboard to be treated, potentially to the hospitals here? that's what the governor fears. that those sick passengers come off, and when they come off, they take up bed space that folks that live here in this part of the state will need. there are a number of foreign nationals onboard. in the hundreds. we're talking about folks from australia, from new zealand, from belgium, from the netherland. when you add them all up, the governor will say, why would we want to make space in our hospitals for them. and finally, when i point over here and we take a look at the "crowned princess," this ship came in this morning around 8:00 this morning. at 8:30, a 911 call was made to the broward paramedics. they said, we need help.
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we have a member of our crew who's exhibiting covid-like symptoms. they had to come here and take him off. and the port authority really got no advanced notice and needed the broward county commissioner. so they're all little antsy about what they're going to do. and really, i would say, i don't know who makes the decision here, because no matter what they do, they're going to have people who are upset with them. but they say that they may make the decision as early as today, ali. >> and kerry, of course, this -- it's sort of strange that this comes as a surprise and it's catching people offguard, given that this is so much of what florida does. kerry sanders, thank you for your reporting, in ft. lauderdale. and most top cruise ship companies are not eligible for relief from the $2 trillion stimulus bill. president trump has touted the possibility of them getting it, but they don't qualify, because a majority of the company's largest publicly traded cruise lines are incorporated offshore,
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panama, liberia, that's where their ships are flagged, meaning they do not pay federal income taxes in the u.s. and typically do not follow u.s. regulations. just days after president trump signed the $2 trillion relief bill, lawmakers are talking about the need for yet another bill. house speaker nancy pelosi says discussions are already underway on a fourth piece of legislat n legislation. republicans including mitch mcconnell say the current bill should be allowed to work first before new measures are conferre considered. joining me now, maryland democratic senator chris van hollen who sits on the appropriations and budget committees. senator, good to see you. it was pretty clear to everybody when that third bill was passed that there was going to have to be a phase iv. and i guess to some degree, we don't know what effect of phase iii has been yet. we will not know for some time so how do you think congress should be proceeded on what the fourth phase, the next phase of
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relief is for americans? >> well, ali, it's good to be with you. and as we focus on the urgent situation facing hospitals and health care providers, shortages of ppe, shortages of testing, we're also beginning to hear of additional demands on the system that will need to be addressed, i think, on -- in a fourth round, especially when it comes to state and local governments that are really stretched to the limits. they're on the front lines of this fight in providing a public services during this time of need. you may remember that mitch mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate, didn't want to put any funds for state and local jurisdictions in round three. in the end, we were able to get a good down payment, but my guess is, more will be required. i've also been focused on the homework app. to the extent that we're going to have to go towards more distance learning in our schools, we've got to make sure
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that we have every child have access to that. this is something that many of us were fighting before the coronavirus. but this epidemic has exposed this gap. we need dedicated funds for that purpose. so those are just a couple of examples. >> interesting tweet from the president today. he said, with interest rates for the united states being at zero, this is the time to do our decades-long-awaited infrastruc bold, $2 trillion. be focused solely on jobs and rebuilding the one great infrastructure of our country, phase iv. interesting, because this president has held infrastructure week several times during his administration, but it is one of those things that actually has bipartisan interest, right? there are moments of crisis in which you take advantage of free money that the government has access to with these kind of interest rates. do you support the idea, obviously, once we're past the social distancing and staying at home, of a major infrastructure
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undertaking? >> ali, i do. in fact, the senate democrats put forward a very robust infrastructure modernization pl plan, well over a year ago, as have house democrats. the president, by contrast, has actually cut funds for infrastructure on a net basis in his budget requests. so it's good to here him talking about this. you may recall, when there were meetings at the white house on infrastructure a while ago, the president punted, because he didn't want to think of any way how to pay for it. this is the moment. when you have low interest rates like this, this is the moment both in terms of terms, but also the needs around the country both in terms of infrastructure and jobs coming out of this downturn, where that would be a very important bipartisan effort. soy welcome that idea. it's good to hear the president
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coming back to the table on it. something he talked about during his presidential campaign, but really dropped the ball after that spop this may be the moment we can get together to work on that. >> mitch mcconnell was talking to my friend hugh hewitt earlier today and that they were talking about the chinese and whether they were honest about the whole thing. mitch mcconnell said to hugh hewitt that the reason everybody -- the eye wasn't on the ball on this is because it was during the impeachment trial and that it -- it diverted the attention of government. i just want to bring up some dates here. on february 6th, the senate acquitted donald trump. on february the 26th, 20 days later, almost three weeks, the president said the 15 people within a couple of days is going to go down close to zero. on february 28th, a month after that, almost, he said, one day like a miracle, it's going to disappear. on the 28th, he also called this the democrats' new hoax. and on march the 12th, the president said, it's going to go away. i think it's dangerous for mitch
12:19 pm
mcconnell to suggest that impeachment was impeding the government response to coronaviru coronavirus. >> it's totally reckless and irresponsible in addition to being totally untrue. it wasn't impeachment that caused the pyatt to disband the office at the white house that was supposed to be the early warning system and top-level response to this kind of pandemic. and it certainly wasn't impeachment that even before that caused the administration and the cdc to cut the administration of some of our health experts that were part of our early warning system in china. the reality is that this administration's neglect resulted in the coronavirus getting an eight to ten-week head start here in the united states. had nothing to do with impeachment. it's just like, now, you hear mitch mcconnell and the president trying to blame nancy
12:20 pm
pelosi, the speaker of the house, because the united states senate would not move as fast as many of us would have liked to when it came to round three. they chose, the administration chose to begin that negotiation with mitch mcconnell in the united states senate and it's just typical. when they can't get it done, they always try to point fingers at speaker pelosi. so this effort to divert blame and responsibility to others is just typical of both this president and this majority, republican majority leader. i should say when it comes -- >> senator, stay healthy. yeah? >> absolutely. take care. thank you. >> go ahead. finish your thought, sir. >> in terms of staying safe and healthy, i was on the phone this morning with two major medical systems in maryland, john hopkins medical system and their big issue was the lack of
12:21 pm
equipment for testing. as you've heard throughout the country, we've got to get our hands around this so that we can do more surveillance testing to try to bend that curve. so everyone's jaw dropped the other day when they heard the president of the united states said he thought that had been solved. another problem with the overall focus of the administration. >> senator, good to see you, sir. senator chris van hollen is a member of the appropriations and budgets committee and the united states senator from maryland. coming up, i'll be joined by former house and urban development secretary, julian castro, with his plan on how we minimize how we expect what will be a major housing crisis caused by the coronavirus. and we know you have a lot of questions about those relief checks. there are a lot of really good questions. ben popken and i have been tweeting out a whole lot of information to you. so i ask you to go to our twitter, b popken or ali velshi, but there are some questions that are not answered on there, so tweet us your questions with the hashtag velshi.
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all right. tomorrow is april 1st, which means the rent is due for millions of americans. but with nearly one in five americans out of work because of coronavirus, many have no plan as to how they can foot the bill. now the former secretary of housing and urban development, julian castro, has a new plan to head off what could be a housing
12:26 pm
crisis. he spoke with city lab about his proposal, which was described as, quote, expanding the housing choice voucher program, which provides rental aid to low-income households, as a fully-funded federal entitlement for every eligible adult in america. joining me now to tell us more about how this plan works is the former hud secretary, julian castro. he, of course, also is a former democratic presidential candidate and he was the mayor of san antonio, texas. secretary, good to talk to you. thank you for being with us. i hope you are well. can you tell us a little bit about this plan, what you're suggesting, and sort of frame it in terms of everyday americans who are running out of money and either don't have a place to live or are very worried about getting evicted from where they live. >> thanks a lot, ali, and thank you for this conversation that we don't have often enough in this country. one of the things that this coronavirus has revealed is just how close so many million american families are to poverty. and one of the things that i
12:27 pm
think we need to focus on more is that we need to be bolder when it comes to housing assistance, to make sure that people can stay in the apartment or the home that they're living in. so i believe that what we should do, and i called for this during the campaign, is immediately we should make the housing choice voucher program an entitlement program, so that people that are making less than 50% of the median income, in whatever housing market they live in, will be able to access a housing choice voucher. now, right now, what we need is to get bolder and to provide things like a moratorium on evictions. we need a suspension of mortgage payments or mortgage assistance, as well as either a suspension of rent payments or rental assistance, so that people can meet the rent that's going to be due on april 1st. and i'll also say that this is, up and down the line, it's tenants, residents, but it's also our landlords, because if you don't address the situation with landlords, the bottom will
12:28 pm
fall out for a lot of them, as well. so we need to be addressing this right now for the coronavirus crisis that we're in, but also, it has demonstrated the long-term problem that we have when it comes to housing affordability out there. >> let me ask you about the housing choice program now. how does it currently work? >> well, right now, if somebody gets a voucher, they get a housing choice voucher, they can go into the private market and basically it, covers the cost of rent, minus 30% -- people have to pay 30% of their income for rent. so the problem right now is that even if the government said, okay, you know, you're fine, we're going to keep paying our part of the housing choice voucher, you still have the fact that they're spoede upposed to p with that other 30% and people are getting laid off. we had 3.82 million claims for unemployment last week. they don't have that 30%. that puts a lot of stress on those families. what it's going to do is it's also, you know, it triggers
12:29 pm
landlords threatening to evict them. hud recently said, knno evictio right now for the housing choice voucher program. that's good, i think they did a good job with that, but they need to get bolder. what they need to do is make sure that well beyond this time period, people who are in economic stress are able to stay in their homes. >> yeah, because the emergency will end at some point, but the economic emergency for a lot of people has not. do you know where the current hud secretary, ben carson, is aware of this? have you been able to share it with him? are you thinking about? >> i haven't shared it with secretary carson, but at hud what you have is many, many dedicated career professionals. they know how we can address both this crisis situation and also some of the things that we could be doing, creative things we could be doing to make sure that people can have a safe, decent, affordable place to live. and so i put my faith and my trust in those career
12:30 pm
professionals and i hope, right now, especially, that secretary carson and president trump are listening to them. >> secretary castro, thank for joining me. we always appreciate the conversation with you. julian castro is a former hud secretary in the obama administration, former presidential candidate, former mayor of san antonio. thank you, sir. stay healthy. up next, we're going to answer your questions, what you need to know about the relief check that you should be receiving. you're watching msnbc. you should be receiving. you're watching msnbc. you should be mad at tech that's unnecessarily complicated. make ice. making ice.
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with hospitals putting out the urgent plea for medical supplies, companies from small businesses to huge corporations are answering the call. nbc's cynthia mcfadden has the story of a ford plant in detroit and one very committed grandmother. >> inside this sprawling 1 million square foot factory -- >> i'm going to show you what we're doing. >> reporter: pat tucker is helping to fight the war on the coronavirus. >> i would rather save lives than sit at home. >> reporter: the 55-year-old grandmother, one of over a hundred ford employees working around the clock to build these desperately-needed face shields. >> and it just goes on like this. >> reporter: for everyone's safety, we gave one of our cameras to tucker for this exclusive look inside. >> i really hope what we're doing makes a difference. >> reporter: while all of these workers are paid, they're also volunteers, agreeing to leave
12:35 pm
their families and homes each day, putting their own safety on the line. >> everything is 6 foot apart. we're all wearing these and we're staying pretty separated. everybody is washing their hands over and over again. my youngst granddaughter lives with me and i would be devastated if i gave her something. but if i can help others, i like helping others. >> reporter: the days are long. ten-hour shifts, seven days a week. but tucker says they're assembling a new mask every ten seconds. >> you know, like i said, ten seconds, save a life. >> reporter: ford tells us they're shipping 40,000 a day with hopes of doing many more. >> pat tucker and her coworkers can already see the results of their hard work. >> you know what really helps is when we get the pictures from the hospitals. >> as you can see, henry ford emergency room says thank you. and it's nice that they're sharing this with us. i'm happy to help. if they get another idea for us to make some, i'm going to be
12:36 pm
here. >> that's cynthia mcfadden reporting from us, on just one example of americans who are coming together at this time of great need. as companies race to get medical supplies to hard-hit areas, first is preparing to send out billions of dollars to help americans affected by the pandemic, and many of you have been reaching out to us with questions about who is eligible and how you will receive the money. ben popken has been searching for the answers. he joins us now. ben, good to see you. thank you for the hard work you're doing. i keep reminding our viewers to follow you on twitter and tweet you or me with the hashtag velshi and we'll keep on answering these questions. i got one that came from susan hughes. we get no refund on our taxes, how do we get direct deposit if no bank routing numbers is on our tax return. >> this is just one of the massive surge of questions that we've been getting from this huge story. the answer here, which just came out yesterday from the irs, finally got an update to the
12:37 pm page. in the coming weeks, the irs will be launching a web portal where you can update your direct deposit information. so keep a lookout on that page, and people will be able to go there manually and update their direct deposit info. >> that is going to be a big deal. because that's one that i've been getting and i didn't know how to answers. katie on twitter says, i've been a caretaker for the past four years and have not filed an income tax because i have not had any income. i'm no longer a caregiver, with someone in my situation be eligible for the stimulus, and if so how because there's no income to file for the tax return. >> another recurring question. how does this check reach that last mile of people? so, yes, you are eligible. and what the irs has said is that you will need to file what is known as a simple return. you don't usually hear the word "simple" when it comes to taxes.
12:38 pm
this is a technical term that refers to a shorter form that has fewer options and usually means a 1040. there will be free filing sources through and the major tax prep companies like h&r block and turbo tax says they're working on a solution for those with low income and don't usually file will be able to do so electronically without leaving their house for free. >> ben, i've got one from baltimore on twitter. if for some reason you owe a student loan, can they take your stimulus check? >> no, the money is yours. the check pauses all efforts to garnish checks. that's only one exception, and if that's if you're behind on child support payments. then the waiver doesn't apply. >> i want to remind our viewers where they can go for this. and you and i keep tweeting this out, but we will keep tweeting it. it's a lot of good information, at and of course, please tweet ben
12:39 pm
and me. ben is at b popken, i'm at ali velshi. use the hashtag velshi. we'll pore through these things and keep bringing you information on how you get this check as quickly as possible. ben popken is nbc news senior business reporter. coming up, while insurance companies have agreed to cover the full cost of coronavirus, testing might not be that simple, we'll tell you about the hidden cost of fees to the tune of thousands of dollars that some people are getting stuck with. you're watching msnbc. with you're watching msnbc. life isn't a straight line.
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difficulties of getting a coronavirus test have been well documented. the medical bills associated with the test and/or treatment have not. an op-ed in "the new york times" details the experience of a computer science professor from upstate new york, michael senchini, who was asked to come to an emergency room to receive a coronavirus test after showing symptoms. while senchini's test was free, his visit to the er was not. despite having health insurance, he now faces out-of-pocket medical bills, quote, close to $2,000, and he fears that there may be more bills to come. by the way, his tests came back negative. joining me now is dr. elizabeth rosenthal, who contributed to this piece. she's the editor in chief of kaiser health news. she's also the author of the book, "an american sickness," how health care became big business and how you can take it back. libby, thanks for being with us. this is definitely an area that you and i talk a lot about
12:44 pm
health care. what is covered? what is not covered? is everybody covered for something, and are some people covered for all of it? >> ali, i'm so glad you're covering this, because mr. sensini's 1,200 check is not going to cover his out-of-pocket costs so far for his covid testing, and that's just wrong. so basically, i think, part of the problem is in the u.s., what we're doing, when you call your doctor and they say, oh, you know, you have symptoms that might be covid, you should go to an er and get tested, an er is a crazy expensive place to do anything in the united states. so, of course, you know, he goes to the er and he gets what ers do, you get the iv, the chest x-ray, when all he really needed was that test. so i think, you know, we're learning that, yes, the test may be free, but everything else that's done to you surrounded that test is not. and patients are very, very vulnerable. >> but libby, if i go to a
12:45 pm
doctor and touch wood, i don't have to go very often, i at no point chime in and them what they should and shouldn't be testing. as a person that is generally well read-in on things in life, there is no place i feel smaller or less educated or stupider than at a doctor's office. no blame on them, it's just i know nothing about this. at what point can people say, test me for this, but not that. treat me for this, but not that. >> you don't really have a choice. and mr. senchini was told to go to the hospital emergency room to get tested, not for this other stuff. and a number of insurers have now said, we're not going to enforce copays or deductibles for coronavirus testing or treatment. but the thing is, they'll often add a clause, as long as it's necessary. was his chest x-ray necessary for his test? that's debatable. they'll also say, as long as it was in network. well, you know, not all hospitals are doing covid tests
12:46 pm
at this point. so you're vulnerable to need out of network care in this kind of situation. so it's really a bad position to put patients in, because we really want testing to be easy, we want it to be cheap. and i look to other countries -- you know, it amuses me when in response to this op-ed, we got a lot of comments from people in other countries going like, oh, really, because in australia, i made an appointment, i went in, someone put a swab up my nose, and within a few hours i was done and the charge was zero. so i think we need a better way to get people tested, whether it's drive-through testing, which we're seeing more of, whether it's phone booth testing, kind of where you go into a bottom like in south korea, and this is a particular problem in new york, which we see as the epicenter of the outbreak right now, because, "a," people don't have cars for drive-through testing, and "b," most hospitals in new york don't have parking lots. so we need a better solution. >> yeah. and by the way, once we're past
12:47 pm
this emergency, we're still going to need a better solution. so this is a good moment for us all to be thinking about it. elizabeth rosenthal, editor in chief of kaiser health news, as always, thank you for joining us. coming up next, the unexpected way shelter in place orders and school and workplace closures are affecting lbgtq youth and how you can help them. you're watching msnbc. you're watching msnbc. gave up. with miracle-ear, it's all about service. they're personable, they're friendly. i'm very happy with them. (vo) we provide you with a free lifetime of aftercare, meaning free check-ups, cleanings and adjustments. (wiley) i see someone new. someone happy. it's really made a difference. (vo) call 1-800-miracle to start your 30-day risk-free trial and schedufree hearing evaluation at your i don't have to worry about that, do i?are irritated.
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school closures to business shutdowns the coronavirus is changing lives across the country. among those affected are the lgbtq youth. according to human rights campaign, four in ten young people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, say the community in which they live is not accepting making sheltering in place uniquely difficult. according to tref report project more than 1.8 million lgbtq youth in the united states between 13 and 24 who seriously consider suicide each year, a situation that can be escalated
12:52 pm
by isolation and insecurity. so how are lgbtq youth community if they are in danger, do they know how and where to seek help and might you be able to provide that help? joining us is the ceo of the trevor project. what's unique, exploring this all week, segments of the population that have unique struggles with sheltering in place, social distancing, staying indoors all the time. what makes this difficult for some in the lgbtq community. >> we know lgbtq young people are already at risk of discrimination and isolation which can impact their mental health. there are more than 1.8 lgbtq youth every single year. this is pre-pandemic that
12:53 pm
seriously consider suicide every year. some of that tension comes from being rejected from society and their families. for a lot of lgbtq young people the main sources of support they get is at their schools, at clubs, at community centers, physical spaces that they no longer have access to so being isolated with your family, some of whom who may be rejecting of your very identity and not being able to connect with some of those really important positive influences in your life can be extremely challenging for lgbtq youth right now. >> not to mention, lot of workplaces have made great strides in making work a safer place for lgbtq workers who have access to that. trevor lifeline on the screen. we'll put it up again at the end of the segment. any generalized advice or is it
12:54 pm
too broad or varied, if i know someone who's struggling, sheltering with their family, cut off from their community or their school or their workplace because they've got to be at home, what can i do to help. >> first of all f you're a young person who's lgbtq who's listening we want to send a clear message to you -- you're deserving of love and respect and you're beautiful the way that you are and you're not alone even if you're in a situation right now that you can't physically be people who can support you. social distancing is not the same as social isolation. and what we're really talking about is physical distancing. there are places that you can reach out for support, you might have other family, chosen family, friends, organizations like trevor project who are here 247. we have seen an increase in
12:55 pm
lgbtq youth whoa have been reaching out. and we know that this pandemic is having an impact. it's also important to note that -- sorry, today's also international transgender day, can face discrimination, depending on healthcare systems and lot of sources of support they may not get from their family. we want to encourage everyone to support and send messages of love to acceptance to transgender youth -- >> there are people who face discrimination every single day whether there's a crisis. amit is the ceo and director of the trevor project. here's that information again on
12:56 pm
how to get help -- before we go, a look at how markets are trading. trading winds down for the day. last day of the quarter. the dow is down around 38 on points. closing out its quarter ever. the s&p 500 is on track for its worst quarter since 1978. year to date, let me give you a perspective, year to date the s&p 500 is down about 20 .. that's pretty bad. but over five years, it's up 25%. over ten years it's over 122%. as for the s&p 500's biggest days in history in percentage gains, two of them were in this quarter, two of the biggest daily percentage drops were also in this quarter. all right the numbers are clear. the market is seeing big losses,
12:57 pm
volatility we'll be dealing with until this coronavirus pandemic crosses. that's it for me. "deadline: white house" starts after this. se" starts after this. and save in more ways than one. for small prices, you can build big dreams, spend less, get way more. shop everything home at
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