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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  November 5, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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it is 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. in the east and we're watching nevada, arizona, georgia, and pennsylvania.
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votes are being counted in all of those places and we're continuously getting updates. it is close in all of those states, really close. as it stands, joe biden has nine paths to 270, druonald trump ju three. he needs pennsylvania and georgia, pennsylvania, or nevada. we were hearing of court filings and allegations from the trump team including an allegation of fraud in nevada. my colleague jacob soberoff tried valiantly to get campaign of that. >> can you talk about the evidence that you're claiming thousands of ill legitimate veg
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ballots. >> you said there are no -- where is the evidence of the fraud? you haven't presented any evidence of fraud? where is the evidence? so we're live on msnbc. you said there are thousands of illegitimate ballots. where are the ball lolls? good on jacob. things are changing by the minute. let's get right to it. joining me from the big board is steve kornacki, kris jansing, vaughn hilliard, jacob soberoff, also with me the editor of the nevada independent john ralphson. join me the state of play, where we are in the count right now.
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>> you can see that joe biden is leading in nevada by 11,000 votes. 76,000 votes, and we have gotten repor reports from reno. a lot of space here, not a lot of population. we also got some of the votes, some of the outstanding votes from clark county where is where las vegas is. this is where biden has the advantage. the votes announced from clark downty went 2-1 for biden over trump. everything else that came out today was basically even favoring trump by a little bit. now where does that leave us?
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it leaves us with not many votes left to come. there are a lot of votes to come still from clark county. if you're watching from a few minutes ago there was a press conference there about how long that was going to take them. apparently there are about 50,000 votes due to be released tomorrow if we understood that correctly. these were mail and voting ballots that they dropped off or mail ballots that were received on election day. nevada is one of the states that allows that. that is the type of vote that we're talking about here. nevada leads statewide right now and what the election is essentially coming down to is ab
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sen t absentee ballots. so far those votes that have been tabulated show biden leading by a 2-1 margin. if you're biden i think you're encouraged by what we know so far today from nevada. but you have to say it sounds like it will take them alittle while there. we have been waiting and waiting and waiting on this one. >> yeah, let's talk about why we're still waiting for more votes. he is legally obligated. i know that every legal vote needs to be counted, but it seems like the process of getting all of these ballots, the ones that they already have in their possession counted, it is taking a painfully long time.
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>> are you in pain, katy? >> i am. >> we're all in pain. i think everyone watching around the world is in pain because nevada is taking so long. steve had everything right and he is right and they will relate 51,000 votes from charge county. they will heavily favor joe biden. it is the democratic area of the state. the initial release of the states, that is what it has shown down here. cas katy, they have been over whelmed. i think there is a lot of extrnl
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presh. there is 60,000 mail in ballots and about 60,000 provisional ballots. the cut into biden's lead. biden's lead is almost certainly going to expand and probably by a significant amount tomorrow when they announce the 51,000 ballots. there is just no path here. >> i'm sorry to interpret, let me ask you about logistics. is it because they have to open up the ballots and feed them into a machine? is that why it is taking so
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long. what is the process of receiving a ballot and putting it into a machine. >> they could have started putting them into the machine 14 days or 15 days before the election, katy, and they did start, and it's like why didn't you get it more done? i don't think they had the staff and they weren't set up for the ballots that came in, about 40,000 more ballots came in yesterday. they can't release the provisional ones, same day registration exists here, so they were about to get a provisional ballot. they won't even look at those until they're done with mail.
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they want to make sure that none of those people voted twice. so the 60,000 mail in ballots, that is essentially all that is left and those will favor biden unless something very strange is going on. >> i get that we're in a pandemic, but you would have hoped that the staffing levels would have been up. clearly that didn't happen, the other news out of nevada is alleging 10,000 cases of fraud. there is no long er people illegally registered. >> you still have not gotten any evidence. sub tweeting me is the appropriate language and again on social media they came out
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here, stood over there, gave their press conference about what they say are thousands of fraudulent ballots. they talk about them ending up in the trash can. and he played the video. they point their finger at the folks inside of this building and they say what about them, but it is an allegation that they are making. they talk about not being about to about serve election counting. i just showed on television that there is observers right now in there counting the vote. farce i can see there is no evidence of voter fraud, and there is no evidence of lack of
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election observers in this facility. so i think now return to the lawsuit that has been filed in federal court. look at the specifics there, and they're saying essentially that we'll see you in court. they already had two other lawsuits here that have been unsuccessful. >> when they get there it is unclear if 10,000 votes would but enough to change what we see in nevada. let's go to two other states, watching three other states, let's go to two of those. let's go to pennsylvania and arizona also taking quite a long time. understandably in pennsylvania because they could not start counting, but arizona also taking quite a bit of time even though they were able to start before election day. >> yeah, let's look at arizona first, they did process a big
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which you know much chunk of the votes before election day. then they were piling up, the day before, the day of election day, the ones that the folks drove in in person on election day. that is being counted now. that is being released now in arizona. we got over night a bunch of them being counted out. there is about 90,00024 hours ago. now they have been tallied up, and a couple other counties as well. but maricopa is slar. it is about 60 or 65% of the state population. but anyway, they tallied up the counties, and trump was winning 58% of them, so that cut biden's
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lead. there are still hundreds of thousands of more of those ballots to be counted and released. there are others too. some of the other smaller counties in arizona, so on paper the potential does exist, and it is possible that trump could over take joe biden and get in front and win arizona. so more of -- i think it was a update that vaughn can speak to this. we're going to get another update and those ballots will be very interesting to see how that goes. pennsylvania checking in where we are here, okay that trump lead over joe biden now sits at 111,000. we have seen that tick down 1,000 here, 2,000 there. steadily for a few hours tool. let me show you again where -- these are all mail ballots, absentee ballots, and biden had a particularly large advantage
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among those votes in pennsylvania where the mail ballot option was used disproportionately by democrats. i want to show you where the remaining vote is in pennsylvania to give you a sense of this. you can see by far the bulk of it, the giant circle here, that is philadelphia. that is the biggest city and in philadelphia just to give you a sense of thousand is going overall, joe biden is winning the city of philadelphia with 80% of the vote. but that is all of the votes. votes cast on election day in person. when you look at the mail in ballots that are being processed now they are winning them like 90% and you still have upwards of 100,000 votes. biden will win the over whelping share of those. when you're looking at a situation where the state-wide
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margin right now is 111,000 you look at what philadelphia represents. you look at what biden is doing, and you see where else the votes come from. right outside of philadelphia, delaware county, that is a biden county. also in where allentown is, biden doing well in the mail vote, and there are a lot of pockets here. there is philadelphia and a number of pockets that are out there as well. biden has the potential and he has to make up 111,000 votes. just as you see a path way for trump in arizona, you can see a path for biden in pennsylvania, and it might be wider than the one that trump has out in arizona.
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>> if biden takes pennsylvania it's over, right? >> yeah, road to 270, here is where we are, bide at 253. if he takes pennsylvania, he is president elect. >> steve kornacki, thank you. kris jansing, there is protests right now. democrats probabeople presumabl to keep the vote going, and trump voters that want to stop the count going. how is the situation down there as these votes get counted. there was a lot of concerns among election officials and national security officials about these molts post election day getting really tense. >> yeah, it has been intense here in harrisburg.
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we had a pretty growing protest. they have been shouting "stop the vote." if you count votes that come in after election day is fraudulent which is untrue. we should also point out that here in pennsylvania the three days for a mail-in ballot to arrive was part of a large voting reform effort that was approved in a bipartisan fashion. that particular amendment, friday at 5:00 ballots could still come in was proposed by a republican. but we did have a couple tense moments as folks on the other side came, at one point, and they surrounded a guy. they were able to diffuse the situation, but yes the things that the president has been saying about this being a fraudulent, stolen election is resonating with people like you see behind me, katy.
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>> i said probably democrats wanting the vote to keep going, that is not just democrats, we can imagine,. you're in arizona, a place where overnight we saw some tension between trump supporters who were there, not demanding to stop the count but demanding that the count continue. they want to be able to watch the count. they're alleging which is not tr true. where the office where the votes are counted, clear it up. who is monitoring the ballots getting counted? >> yes, inside of that area you have observers. and you not only have observers but you have, if there is any
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skr discrepancy, it goes into the hands of a individual, picked by the democratic party and a individual picked by the republican party. they look at that ballot. if there is a mark, a little old question about how that bubble was filled in, those two individuals, a democrat and a republican, decide together. outside of last night you saw about 100 folks out there chanting "where are the votes." they are being processed. there is such an enormous amount of votes cast and ballots that came in particularly late here and they are backlogged. that's not what county officials wanted. they didn't want hundreds of thousands of ballots left on their door temperature here. step here. even the chairman of the board
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of supervisors, and they're saying that everything is going fine. so these questions being raised are not in line with what officials, republicans, and democrats here are saying. >> there is also a live stream that we're showing of the votes being counted. just because you don't like what is happening doesn't mean that there is anything nefarious going on in is democracy. this is how it works, but we wish we lived in a placed that that a better handle on our elections and getting these counted faster, frankly, so there was not drama post election day. thank you. at this hour the state of georgia remains too close to call. and the trump campaign launched a legal blitz. a legal blitz.
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recount the vote. the donald trump campaign is sending mixed messages. we expect there to be a filing
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in nevada soon. there has been filings to stop counting the voting, but in just the past hour a judge declined the lawsuit in michigan. in georgia a recount was dismissed by a judge. both campaigns are now trying to raise cash to pay for the expected legal costs. team trump sent at least a dozen e-mails and texts asking for money for an election defense fund. kamala harris says the fight could stretch for weeks. phil rutger is joining me now. and msnbc legal analyst michael kang. so the trump campaign is going to try to fight this in the courts. they're not getting favorable rulings right now. from what you were hearing how
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far are they going to take this? >> they said they are determined to fight this legal fight until the president is declared the winner of course the numbers are not looking in the president's favor. there is an attempt here by the trump campaign to file a number of lawsuits in pennsylvania, for example, that could have the effect of slowing down the process there, but we got an indication from state officials earlier that they're proceeded at a rapid pace. the president is insisting, as he said publicly, late and in the early morning hours of wednesday, that he has won the election and that it is being stolen from him. there is zero evidence of that yet the trump campaign is pushing forward with the lawsuits. they're claiming evidence of fraud without siting it, showing it, or without it existing to anyone's knowledge and it is
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being driven by the president. he wants to win and he thinks it is being taken away from him. >> michael, do you expect the trump campaign to appeal some of the decisions. they just lost that filing in michigan to stop counting the votes. how far can they take it through the legal system? when will they hit a wall? >> i think they will hit a wall soon. they don't have a lot of merit and they can't back up a lot of the claims as widespread fraud or wrong doing in is a legal process. you can't just make the courts and expect the court to just do whatever you want. you have to substantiate these. i suspect that a lot of what they're doing is as much political theater as it is legal strategy. so i think what they're trying to do a little bit here is muzy the water with their legal
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strategy. the legal claims don't seem to be convincing courts of much wrong doing going on or having any effect at changing votes or throwing out votes day don't want counted. >> what about the suit that they are expected to file in nevada alleging that there are 10,000 ballots that went to to people that are no longer legal voters. how do you separate out the ballots once they're already in the system and the names are no longer attached? >> i think the judge doesn't have to make a decision other than to hear the evidence that the trump campaign brings
11:28 am
forward. so they have to make and prove this point beyond allegations. we don't know what ed they have that proves this point, but the burden is on them. so the ruj wijudge will review and make a quick decision. how that affects the county and throwing out certain ballots rather than others, i imagine that it is too late. once the ballots are received and processed they're secret. so i think sorting that out in the end is very difficult. i think the question is that if you're alleging it is 10,000 voter and the margin is bigger then it won't change the outcome. what would, even if the trump campaign is right about their claim, does it change the outcome or the count. and the court will not hear that. >> what is rudy giuliani being
11:29 am
involved in this? >> they clearly don't have a jim baker at their disposal, so he is the best the president has in terms of legal talent and political strategy. and we saw him in philadelphia yesterday and he is clearly the front man when it comes to the battle in pennsylvania, he has been the president's lawyer for year and defended him in another number of instances. many scholars don't think he is the sharpest one to be making the argument. >> so he is the zoom or skype equivalent of the anonymous egg on twitter. >> oh no! >> thank you, there you are. there is your shining smiling face. that's what i meant. >>.
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>> it's 2020, katy. >> i haven't had much sleep. it has been 28 years since georgia voted for a presidential candidate. could it be on the verge of doing so again in we'll go live on the ground where the final votes are being counted? both camps say they're confident in winning the election. only one can be right. we'll get the thinking behind the campaigns with two of our reporters, next. e campaigns wit reporters, next. [ engines revving ] ♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. [ engine revs ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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both camps think that they're candidate is on track to win. and covering the biden campaign, ali vitali. i don't know how your eyes are not crossed at this point. i saw you at 4:00 a.m. and you're still there at 2:00 p.m. the biden team, tell me what they're thinking right now? >> i think for the biden campaign what i frankly said to
11:34 am
you this morning at 4:30 holds true. they have been bullish on their takes in this race for over the course of the last few days and what we heard on a call earlier stood that they believe that victory is imminent. and imminent in this case a funny word because you can read the data, do the math, and make predictions, but the counting will take how long it takes. we all knew that counting would take longer, but living in that reality now i can tell you that in talking to sources there is a little bit of a sense that if they believe that victory is imminent they would like to get there already. on the first track they're preparing on the legal front. we know they're starting to plant the seeds in legal challenges. bob bauer saying they're silly
11:35 am
and merit less and that they will be met with the biden legal team. they're also setting up a fund for those election suits. the trump campaign is doing the same. the other track they're preparing on right now is the transition. this is something they had been doing and there is a legal statute that says they have to do that. they also put up a website of it. at the same time they domged on it when was a time that the votes got counted. >> they have said isn't it risky and superstitious to put something out there before the votes are counted and before there is a clean winner. conversely, is trump preparing
11:36 am
for what has increasingly looked like a potential loss? >> it is not clear that he has fully contemplated that scenario. but it is more of an indication of where his mind is at which is spreading information that is false or misleading labelling those as such. and the campaign trying to find away around it by releasing their own statement that was essentially a presidential tweet that also included information that was not correct. but something notable and a shift that we saw today is that he seems to be more engaged at work and in the oval office. marine positioned out of the west wing was there earlier this afternoon. but we have not seen anymore person or on camera and in more than 36 hours since he gave that overnight speech in the east room.
11:37 am
so it continues to be a strategy of the president when he is down and his back is against the wall which is to just fight back and muddy the waters. that's why you're seeing all of these legal strategies play out. some of them have been thrown and out and this do plan to appeal and go on with ali vitali, i hope you got pizza today, and i hope it wasn't dominoes. if you don't get that joke it's because you weren't up with us at 4:00 in the morning. dozens of protesters outside of a voting center. and at any moment now, we could know the fate of georgia's 16 electoral votes. a live report from that state as we await a final could want of the remaining ballots. could waf the remaining ballots. false alarm. only pay for what you need.
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georgia's secretary of state says they are still counting just under ballots. the ballots left to count are in heavily democratic areas. and we're not just watching the presidential race, but there is two senate races. one is set for a run off. the other is joining me in atlanta. joining me is steve kornacki. 48,000 votes, that is not not a lot of votes. i can't believe this state is coming down to that few votes. >> and it is. here go.
11:43 am
49.5% for trump, it is now under 13,000 statewide. you mentioned the outstanding vote, a lot of areas there. the bigger the bubble here the more there are ballots that you say. there are not that many ballots, but i think your kwies s guy e two main areas. also savanna. i should point out there is a cup ol couple of places that tr may still do well here. biden is gaining from the area, there may be opportunities here for trump to get those biden gains. i think they would hope so now because you look at this map and you see more opportunities for biden to make gains than trump.
11:44 am
but when you add all of the biden gains up together and you add all of the trump gains up together, and you measure them out, do they add up to busineid passing trump here. he has left overballover ballot. >> what about the senate races down here, am i correct that david purdue has now dropped below 50%? >> let's take a look here in the presidential race. he is still sitting at 50.0%. and i believe the state law near georgia is you have to be 50% flat plus one. and then you avoid the runoff. >> so it is close for that as well. >> it is. if biden makes any progress in the presidential race the
11:45 am
democrats do, then yes, a slight shift here could move that under 50. >> georgia is proving to be one of the most fascinating states in 2020. i don't think anyone would have predicted that. what is it like on the ground there in georgia right now. how are georgians reacting? >> well folks are feeling very anxio anxious. i spoke to a couple yesterday in a suburb that we talk about that changed demographically and they told me, you know, when they grew up here it was a primarily republican area, a republican stronghold, and they're starting to see that demographic shift and a change in the political landscape. but they did emphasize that they want to wait until every vote is counted and see how it shakes out. i could not underscore enough what it took for folks to get here. the largest county in georgia
11:46 am
reported all of their numbers. and they stayed up all night, more than 24 hours of folks at the state farm arena and they were counting ballots to get the numbers in the last hour and now we're batting on the just under 48,000. the secretary of state's office briefed on this and talked about timing and the idea that yes, it is taking longer than they thought. they're going to get there. take a listen to what those officials said. >> we appreciate fast. we more appreciate accuracy. accuracy will be the bedrock upon which that people will believe on the winning side or the losing side. >> the officials there emphasized that this race it tighter, a tighter margin than we saw in florida. it is very tight and they want
11:47 am
to make sure they get this right, katy? >> there will be a news conference at 3:00 with georgia's tech tear of state giving a update there. democrats are already pointing to stacey abrams for the effort that she made over the years to up the number of democratic registrations. up the number of black voter registrations against what they say were some pretty serious attempts at voter suppression. after the break, jocelyn benson joins me with her response along with the threat of unrest in that state.
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joe biden is the projected winner in michigan according to nbc news. that's only heightened tensions in that closely watched battle ground state. a crowd of trump supporters attempted to force their way inside a counting center in
11:51 am
detroit wednesday as workers tabulated inside. one witness said their demands would not change the results. >> things are secure on the inside. of course we have intimidating efforts on the outside. we're not deterred. as goes detroit will go michigan. they been saying along they'll suggest it's rigged. they've been saying that before now. we need to be persistent to make sure our voice gets counted. i will say, the black vote in detroit is higher than it's ever been. we'll determine the outcome because we've gone from picking cotton to picking presidents. >> the trump campaign has demanded that its poll volunteers be granted access. joining us now is michigan's secretary of state.
11:52 am
thank you for joining us. are you preparing for an appeal? >> no. the court recognized it was a meritless lawsuit just designed to create so coverage in the media and sow seeds of doubt about the integrity of our process and our elections. the bottom line in michigan, the tabulation is done. we've begun the process of certification and making that process official by overseeing the process and the results of the county and state level. that will continue. the folks who will -- whether filing lawsuits or showing up outside the counting board to try to interrupt the process, those are efforts to try to interfere with the voices of the people of michigan and detroit. it's not going to be successful. >> the trump campaign clearly is using the lawsuits and the filings as a way to try and, i guess, change the direction
11:53 am
they're kurncurrently headed in. i know the lawsuit was thrown out. is there anything else you're preparing for to come from the trump campaign in the coming days? >> what we're seeing is an escalation of the misinformation. the same tactics we've seen from foreign and domestic actors. this effort to confuse voters about their vote, how to vote and now whether we can trust the results of michigan's elections. it's all baseless and disappointing. at a time when our country has gone through an extraordinary election where in michigan and other states more people voted than ever before, that's a beautiful thing. we've seen people from both sides of the aisle in michigan come together to work as poll workers, to serve as election workers, to observe the process with respect to the voters. now we have our results which are an accurate reflection of
11:54 am
the will of michigan voters. it's time to respect those voices and begin the process of solving a lot of problems we've got ahead of us as a state and as a country. >> what you're looking at are images from protests and a shouting match between trump supporters and people who believe the vote count should go on. it was lawful. it's a relatively small group of people. you and i have been talking about this in the lead up to the election. the concern about tensions being so high in your state in particular, that it could potentially lead to violence. are you preparing for any of that? are you seeing any signs of that? anything in particular have you worried right now? >> we're mindful of that potential always. we're always vigilant. we ask our citizens to be vi
11:55 am
vigila vigilant. notably on election day things went smoothly. during the tabulation of the absentee ballots things went smoothly. it wasn't until the final hours of yesterday as we began to end the tabulation and discussion happened at the national media level as to who may have won michigan that we saw an increase in the noise and calls to stop the vote and all the rest. we see this in other states. our job is to count every valid vote and ensure that every vote counts. that's what we'll continue to do and we'll continue to expert efforts to cloud that reality, misinform our voters, sow seeds of doubt among the public, but we stand by our process. it's secure, transparent and it is accurate. >> michigan secretary of state joslin benson, madam secretary, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> i know you want the results
11:56 am
of this luelections. take a breath. we'll get them. yes it's not ideal and it should go faster, but it's the time we're living in. that's going to do it for me today. if you're going outside, if you're in public, wear a mask. ayman mohyeldin picks up our coverage after a very quick break. break. for what you need. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. hello is friendly... hello is open... it's welcoming... everything we want to be when helping people find a medicare plan. so if you're looking for yours, say hello to hellomedicare... ...a one stop shop for medicare plans, ...including a range of unitedhealthcare medicare advantage plans. plans that could give you $0 co-pays on all primary care, doctor visits, preventive dental care, and eye exams.
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good afternoon. i'm ayman mohyeldin in new york. on what could be a decisive day in this presidential race. it's been 45 hours since the first polls closed and five states, five states, are still too close to call. pennsylvania, north carolina, georgia, nevada and arizona. georgia's secretary of state is about to brief on the status of the count. as of this afternoon, only about ,0


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