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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  November 19, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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good afternoon. i'm katy tur, it is 11:00 out west and 2:00 p.m. in the east. the white house coronavirus task force is warningover the unyielding spread of covid-19. but there is no formal organized
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response from the federal government. they will hospital a public briefing for the first time since july. we have not heard publicly from the president in the meantime in nearly a week. he has been spending his time contesting the election on twitter going so far to call them to block the certification of joe biden's win. as one columnist put it this week, donald trump is engages in u.s. history's deadliest ever s salk. it is stark, but the president-elect is not the president. he doesn't have the authority to do anything yet, and if current
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trends continue thousands of people will have died by inauguration day by the time that joe biden is not the president or the president-elect. with the lame duck president checked out, congress has not moved to pick up the slack. the house and the senate have not been able to make any progress on a new relief bill in weeks. and it looks like congress has just given up, too. the senate left town for recess a day early even has date and local officials nationwide are proposing new shutdowns to try to flatten the curve. shutdowns that will have a negative economic impact. joining me now from chicago is cal perry. also with me is peter baker. you're in a state that is
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seriously worried about the surge in cases. you have a mayor who said please stay at home recently. as an advisory, tell me more about what people are experiencing there. >> you know the advisory has been in place all week, but i think the economics of it, as you said, the back of a stimulus package is hurting this stay at home advisory. so many people are forced to go to work because they don't have paycheck protection any more. and of course the schools are out and they have been all year which further complicates it. in the city of chicago and the state of illinois we see emergency rooms over flowing. we see the intensive care units, nearly 6,000 people across the state. it is impossible, as you expect it is a frightening scene. take a listen. >> thank god for the doctors and
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the nurses. and thank god for the funeral directors who have to deal with the after math of a person that has passed. and now we see on the news now that the death rate is rising. i know who died of covid, who did not, and i see a lot of covid on the file. >> you're seeing the second wave? >> seeing the second wave. >> what do you tell people that don't want to believe it, don't believe it, or say i'm going to have a big thanksgiving. >> i say come spend a day with me and you will cancel your thanksgiving plans for this year. >> the hearses just keep coming. he is afraid of taking the front line workers advice and he is terrified to give it to his kids
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or wife. >> it is heartbreaking. the funeral homes are bearing so much of the brunt of it. you can't because of this virus. speaking of all of this, the president has been mia. he spent most of his time talking about the election, scheduling press conferences, now he is calling to canvas boa board members in wayne. shouldn't we expect to see the president at this? >> you're right because we have not seen him in public very much at all since the election. the one time we did, i think, was last week when he tried to highlight the success of the vaccine trials going on. something he is very focused on
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as part of his legacy going forward. he did not talk about the spike in cases and deaths. we had something like 2,000 people die yesterday alone from the virus nap is, you know 17,000 or 18,000 since election day. that is the equivalent of five or six 9/11s. and he has not addressed the country about this at all. he did not tell them to wear masks, he didn't tell the country what they're doing to supply hospitals with so much trouble. he has been absent and focused, and he is not calling anthony fauci. maybe he will come out this afternoon to show leadership that we have, that people have asked for, but so far we don't know that for a fact. they have not even announced yet if he is planning to come. >> so he is fighting to remain
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president, he is fighting in court, fighting publicly, but it doesn't seem like he wants to do the job. if he wants to be president why is he ignoring what is the the biggest national crisis that the country has faced in 100 years. >> many people around him would like him to focus on it more. we're not rounding the corner as the president told us before the election. we're seeing, you know, record numbers of cases and deaths on the increase. i think the president who tries so hard to wesh the virus away, saying we're on the back end of this and it is going away, is having trouble accepting that it is not going away. they say there is no way to control it at this point, they
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put everything on the their putices and the vaccine. the first few million will be able to get it by the end of the year, but most americans won't start to see it until spring, there is a lot that can happen between now and then. >> that is very true, thank you very much. and cal, you're going to join us later in the hour. joining me now is dr. richard besser. thank you for joining us today. where are we right no in terms of this virus. >> the maps that you show that are getting to be read in just about every state tell a very scary picture. this is the most dangerous period we have yet seen in this pandemic. if you think back to the spring with hospitals overwhelmed in isolated places. imagine what that will be like
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when you have hospitals overwhelmed. when the is impossible to see them moving between states to try to provide some of the support. we know the way forward. we know what needs to be done to get this under control. there are things we need to do as individuals. we're tired of it but we need to wear masks, keep apart, wash our hands. but if you don't put money in people's pockets, then you can't expect them to do the things that need to be done which includes stay home if you are sick. how will someone do that if they're having to choose between going to work so they can president food on the table or staying home so they can help prevent spread the infection.
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>> this is one of the major differences between how we're responding to the virus and how europe is responding. in europe the people that need the money are getting that money and greece, notably if you need extra help you're getting it. but here you're linking the two. you can't be forced to stay home if you're forced to stay home and you can't make money, and you can't pay the bills, you can't feed your children, it's an impossible situation. so until we get that under control, until congress acts, and they just went on recess, ewe saying the expectation is that people will not take the measures they need to take and the virus get worse. >> in addition we're seeing resistance from small businesses to shutting down, even if they're involved. that is because they're being forced to choose between shutting down, going out of business, maybe not coming back, and doing the right thing.
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if congress wouldstep up and provide resources, putting money back so small businesses can stay afloat, we would go far. if we just hook to the future look to the future, alarm numbers of people are going to be dieing. they don't have to be devastated by this in congress would just do the right thing. >> quickly because we're pabt to get a report from new york, what do you think of the report from schools. >> i think it is a good thing. what we have seen in new york and other community social security that you can do this
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safely. you can put chirp in the classroom and ensure they're wearing a mask and keeping away, and you can keep teachers safe, staff safe, and not see spread in the community. you have to go with the public health science. if schools were opened safely, keep them hope, but don't shut them down as a reflection. >> the public health science has changed since that decision was made on that threshold. >> that's right. >> thank you for joining us today. as we were just talking about new york city's public school system, the largest in the country, is going virtual. it has gone virtual once again and now parents are protesting outside of city hall and the state house in albany. mayor deblasio says the city's positivity race crossed the 3%
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threshold. it is currently the most conservative threshold in the country. interestingly and infuriatingly to many, while schools are close ere here ing here in new york, indoor dining is not. >> but this is a question. how are you justifying that 3% number when data doesn't seem to support it and neither do the public health experts. >> the data is very clear that we have to keep our kids safe. we had increasing standards, we said if it goes above 3% we'll shut down for a period of time and then reopen with additional health and safety standards. >> joining me now from staten
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island, new york, what are you hearing from parents out there? i mean i'm hearing exactly what you have been talking about. that the 3% threshold is outdated, right? they want their kids to be safe, the teachers and communities to be safe as well, but they want their kids in school. in-person learning is the best thing for their kits to progress. you talk about that 3% city wide threshold as well. but let me give you the number in schools, 0.2% is the positivity rate in schools. they don't understand why schools have to shut down. here is what some folks are saying to me as i spoke to them earlier. >> it is confusing. i don't understand the numbers
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right now. i don't know how they work any more. my question is this. why are we still handle iing coronavirus like it is march and april. >> i think it is difficult for parents. i'm a working park. i'm going in to get my starbucks on my way. >> you brought up a good point, right? restaurants are still open. places of worship are still open, why are you shutting down schools and keeping restauranting open. what is the calculation there? and those folks are going to offer and you bring up the other point, where is the rebelief? ? if they can bridge the gab,
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maybe they can safely shut down these businesses and then keep schools open as we're seeing across europe right fwlou schools are being daemed essential services. >> states can't offer that relief because they're very strapped for cash. and this administration along with the republican congress refuses to hand over money to what they daem blue statedeem b states. ape on bars, that is prove ton be more of a spraetter than schools. it is infuriating, confusing, why haven't they updated any of the guidance since we found out that schools are not the prisoners. we have more breaking news on virus closures, there is a
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two-week pause in rhode island as cases rise. that means gyms, colleges, and universities will be closed. indoor dining reduced to 33% capacity. and millions are out of work. cities are facing serious budget short falls. we have been talking about this. hospitals are in need of ppe, and the senate is going on holiday a day early without passing any relief bill. senator gillibrand will join us when we come back. >> why are case there's slowing? why can they keep schools open? but first, while the virus rages out of control, the president is focused on fighting an election that he lost. now there is news that he called the two republicans in michigan that initially refused to certify the win in wayne county.
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the president is getting more personally involved in the vote count in michigan. he called the two republicans that refused to certify the win
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in waen county. she said that the president called her to make sure that "i was okay, that i was safe, and to check on me. after the calls, after they voted to certify the popular vote they both reversed themselves again. now they say they believe that the vote should not be certified. joining us now is jocelyn benson. thank you for being here. if they decide they want to reverse themselves and they sign these avffidavits to do that, what happens. >> it has to be a open meeting, a vote taken, an adjournment. they all lead to an official certification. there is no legal avenue for any
11:23 am
type of over turning of that. you won't see a pr strategy to try to sew seeds of doubt and the law is quite clear on this, every county has certified the results. this they are scheduled to meet on monday to formally certify the state-wide electors and move forward from there. >> what do you think the president is trying to do by calling these two board members. it is unclear exactly why he is inviting republican and michigan lawmakers to the white house. i know that the republican senate majority leader in your state had already told bridge, michigan, a local paper, that they can't over turn, they can't use the electors to try to over
11:24 am
turn the popular vote, the popular vote is the popular vote. >> it is clear in michigan that the popular vote is how it is acarded. in addition to that importantly the procedures and the actual election itself, which has occurred, have been really held up under extraordinary scrutiny. gi confirming there is no irregularities. there has been no concrete allegations made. they are continuing to investigate it like they do any time there is an student like tha that. so it would be improper for any candidate involved in that election to interfere or obstruct it. >> so they might to be able to do this, but what is it doing to
11:25 am
the confidence in the election system in your state, across the country. i know there are millions of voters out there and there is a portion that only believe what he says and he is refusing to acknowledge that he lost. he is claiming it was rigged when it was not. >> and that is what lies at the heart of this matter. continual attempts to sew seeds of doubt about what is a secure data driver secure election that had extraordinarily high turnout with great success, frankly, and yet it is being on securitied by an effort to erode the public's confidence. and so that is really, i think, this is a moment, we will get through the moment, but moving forward we have to address how to come together as a country to
11:26 am
ensure that people with restore their faith and rightfully so. they have every reason to have confidence in the results of the election as an accurate reflection of the role of the people. >> just your comment on the firing of chris krebs. i know he worked closely as part of cisa with secretaries of state like you on elections. >> truly. he was a really exemplary public servant, and part of the reason we had such a smooth election cycle is part of team. they help address issues, emerging threats, and build that confidence that the public should rightly now have. we wish him well and we hope that he will continue to be part
11:27 am
of what drives us all forward. >> jocelyn benson, madame secretary, any minute now officials in georgia are expected to have results of a recount conducted by hand. joining me now nbc news now correspondent priscilla thom thompson. what can we expect and when? >> officials yesterday told us that we would get a result of this audit around noon today. we have been in touch and they have said there are no issues causing this delay if seems like they under estimated the time it
11:28 am
would take to get it out. the result vs. to be ses have td at the state level. there is county certifications. but, while the state is working on that, i want to give you a look at what the counties are doing and step out of the way here. we're here in cobb county where they're preparing to send out absentee pal lots for that run off election. they're thinking through the logistics for those preprecinct. these election works are back hard at work so far in the state. more than 680,000 absentee ballots are expected to out ahead of that run off. but the remaining 150,000 are coming from the counties.
11:29 am
katy? >> priscilla thompson, thank you for that. georgia is in many ways the icing on the cake for joe biden that already had enough electoral votes after pennsylvania to take the white house. still ahead a coronavirus outbreak hits capitol hill. more lawmakers testing positive for covid-19. others are quarantining. first up, europe is declining and we are surging. what they're doing right and why we can't seem to get it right here. we can't seem to get it right here here? nah. ♪ introducing the all new chevy trailblazer. here? nope. ♪ here. ♪ when the middle of nowhere, is somewhere. the all new chevy trailblazer. making life's journey, just better.
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here is what we know about the coronavirus. cases on the rise in nearly every state and surging, most, in states like iowa and the dakota that's have delayed or avoided mask mandates and business closures. on the testing fronts, americans are waiting on long lines if is only expected to get worse as folks try to get tested before the holidays. and the smithsonian announcing they're closing all of their museums on monday until further notice. that including even other museums in washington dc. the united states and europe have approached the second wave
11:33 am
of the coronavirus. and profoundly different ways. for the first time in months new infection rates appear to be falling. there is similar warning signs. both saw a uptick starting around the end of summer. both face the same changing about lockdowns and schools closing. joining me now from lont london is keir simmons. across the european union there seems to be a lot of coordination for how to get things under control acknowledging that there is a lot of movement between people in that union. >> yeah, i think that is right. and borders have been closed. i think a lot are saying they
11:34 am
don't think they are handling this well. the battle against the coronavirus is a marathon not a sprint. so when europeans relax for the holidays we could seizely see another surge. that being said europe has focused on clothing bars, restaurants, and hotels with evidence that they are super spreader locations. at the same time leaders have kept schools open. take a listen to the prime minister of britain and the prime minister talking about j they're making what is a political decision. >> schools and universities are staying open. >> we will not let our
11:35 am
institutions -- also, of course, that if you close schools is makes it harder for people to work. there is also been a successful furlough scheme, support for people, not able to go to work, but this is a long winter. ? austria they have now closed schools and all of us here bracing ourselves for the possibility that they could have to close schools against in other places. >> let me ask you about the scheme and people getting the mustn't and the financial support they need. how are governments in europe funding that? they are borrowing, and that is a problem of the future, but for
11:36 am
now it is a question of life support. but there has been lots of problems, katy. because they unlocked the lock down they didn't announce that they would extend that scheme to support workers unless it was too late for many businesses and they have given people their final notices. it has not been perfectly handled in many places. many people are struggling, but this has been an effort to try to support people. . the challenge is that they don't know how long it will last while the bills for governments keep ratcheting up. >> the difference that we're seeing in london and europe is that they're making every effort to keep all of their schools open unlike in new york city where schools closed already again. >> yeah, here in chicago is the perfect example.
11:37 am
we just stopped indoor dining, but no one has been to school in person all year. america's value system is business over schooling and we have seen that across the country. 's problem is a patch work of laws. here in kpig nearly everyone is wearing their mask. there is a mask mandate. in louisville, kentucky nearly no one is wearing their mask. in wisconsin almost no one is wearing a mask. and then you have the politicalization of it. the governor of florida saying that nothing will force him to put a mask mandate in. you have other governors that disagree wildly on that. you have a public health crisis that is being approached from a point of politics.
11:38 am
it is a very different system and i just want to say that the size of the united states doesn't necessarily -- europe is huge. you have coordination between the countries it is possible, it is just something that america has chosen, at least for now, not to do, katy. >> cal, you're the perfect person to talk about this. you report from the united states, you are from london and eventually you'll get to see them again. thank you, i appreciate it. stay with me, my colleague is here with another move that the white house made to exacerbate the trauma experience of separated parents and kids. first up, is help ever coming your way. . g your way i guess i look pretty... ridiculous. [ chuckles ] no one looks ridiculous, bob. progressive is always here for you with round-the-clock service. just so you know, next time,
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throw a wrench in the gears of government. that is if the partisan standoff was not already in the way. the senate wrapped their business early and went home yesterday. chuck grassley tested positive, and rick scott went into a quarantine after potential coronavirus exposure. the senate leaves behind a log jam. cash strapped states, businesses, a pleading for federal help. a list of all of the things included. senator gillibrand is joining me. there is a lot of frustration and anger directed an congress right now and directed at the senate among americans who desperately need the help, who can't pay their bills. what do you as a member of the senate say to them right now?
11:44 am
>> well i understand. i mean it is outrageous that people are without an income right now. many people are unemployed and unemployment insurance runs out at the end of the year. mitch mcconnell has been unwilling to negotiate for a long time now. he was unwilling to negotiate the package that they put together in may. speaker pelosi went back to the table, lowered her officer and he would not negotiate. he keeps putting in poison pills to make it impossible, and the american people are suffering. now more than ever as covid spikes across the country we need mitch mcconnell to get back to washington, get a seat at the table. attack to senator schumer and the white house and come up with a common sense solution to give
11:45 am
resources to our cities, states, and families. >> i was talking to a new jersey mother yesterday. thee is now facing a choice of whether or not to raid her retirement, her savings for the future, or up root her two boys, and move in with friends. i asked her what she wants congress to do and she said this is not a partisan thing, she said if they need to lower the amount of money they are asking for, then they should do it. it there room for the democrats to come to the stable more? do you see this as only a problem among the republicans and mitch mcconnell. >> there is always room for more common ground, but we continue to make offer after offer and
11:46 am
senator mcconnell doesn't believe. he wants liability production at all costs. when you have blanket liability protection that looks like what we saw at the meat packing plants. they had to go to work, stand shoulder to shoulder, and covid went through the meat packing facilities like fire. we don't want to revisit that that is unfortunately the poison pill that senator mcconnell keeps insisting on. we're in the season of the holidays. people are not traveling. they are not doing the big dinners they would usually do. they want to protect their loved ones. that is the loving thing to do but mitch mcconnell is unwilling to just come sit with us and
11:47 am
come up with the five or six things that we can all agree on. this is a time of giving and accurate tuesday, so maybe that will give republicans a measure to talk about as we move forward. i just wish they could do it without the poison that harms people. >> you were talking about their plan to distribute the vaccine. i know the administration was asked if they had been in touch to talk about this since the biden team will take over, and will be in charge of distributing that vak even. and chris murphy tweeted about it, and they said they don't have any plans to talk to them. why not? did you ask why not? >> we did. and the call, people were pretty
11:48 am
frustrated on that call. we're losing time. the incoming biden administration needs time to get up to speed to make sure they can hit the ground running on day one. president trump unfortunately is sour grapes and has been unwilling to do the basic things that every president before him as done in a transition. and that is directing his administration to allow for the incoming administration to be briefed. to be briefed on the status of covid, on the cdc's work, the fda's work. and so it is fairly outrageous and frankly, beyond understanding that this administration is so fully head in the sand that they cannot see the truth that president trump lost this election and they have to allow the normal van
11:49 am
suggestion of power to be seamless and efficient and he is unwilling to allow it. it is shocking and it is worrisome because the truth is every day that passes that vice president biden doesn't get access to that information it just means his administration will be that far behind the eight ball. >> it is amazing to think they have not spoken to them about the distribution of a vaccine that americans need, the country needs, when they that they are charging it. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. thank you for joining us on what the white house denied for spratted parespra separated parents and kids. separated parents and kids introducing fidelity income planning.
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we look at how much you've saved, how much you'll need, and build a straightforward plan to generate income, even when you're not working. a plan that gives you the chance to grow your savings
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and create cash flow that lasts. along the way, we'll give you ways to be tax efficient. and you can start, stop or adjust your plan at any time without the unnecessary fees. talk to us today, so we can help you go from living. new exclusive reporting from nbc news details another way this white house denied basic services to separated parents and children rejecting a deal to offer them mental health counseling. according to an administration official it was steven who prevail prevailed, he squashed it, as in stephen miller. i'm joined by the author of "separated," jacob soboroff. jacob, according to your reporting this wasn't agreed upon by everybody in the administration.
11:54 am
there were those in doj who said we should be giving these parents and children counseling. what happened? >> virtually everyone katy, wanted to compensate the children who were ripped apart from their parents deliberate and for the purpose of scaring other families, except for stephen miller and the white house counsel's office at the white house itself. if i could back up for a second. we talked about before how deep and profound the trauma is these children faced. the american academy of pediatrics calls it government-aided child abuse. this lawsuit was filed on behalf of the kids to get them psychological help, and their parents, for the extreme duress they've been placed under. talk to any psychologist and psychiatrist of what these kids
11:55 am
went through. it is truly horrifying. this settlement negotiated in los angeles at the 11th hour they pulled the plug based on sources who have knowledge of exactly what transpired that we talked to at the white house. >> i want to read a little bit of the article. the white house killed the deal to pay for mental health for migrant families is the title. many children thought their parents deliberately abandoned them. the longer the trauma goes on the more severe the consequences. we had a deal and then they came back and said no. >> rosenbaum was one of the attorneys for the young children. an important point to underscore is the delay, 500 of the 5500
11:56 am
have been contacted by this organization to get mental health services. the delay was many months, i think half a year before the settlement fell apart and the judge ordered the government to provide these services. now we know why it only got worse and worse for these children. you can point a finger directly at the trump white house and stephen miller according to sources. >> it is abhorrent that 666 kids have not been reunited with their parents because the government can't find them. jacob soboroff, thank you so much for joining us. that's going to do it for me. if you're going outside, wear a mask. if you're staying inside, ayman mohyeldin picks up our coverage. e due to afib... ...not caused by a heart valve problem.
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good afternoon, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin in new york. president trump appears to be trying a new tactic to stay in the oval office. he's called two local officials in michigan in charge of certifying county results. he's also invited michigan republican law makers to meet with him at the white house. in a minute we'll speak to measu measure's lieutenant governor. meanwhile the


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