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tv   MSNBC Prime  MSNBC  May 6, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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committed are democrats and congress are to indicate. >> yeah, i was as a democrats, got caught flat-footed but so they were lied to by some of these justices who publicly said that roe v. wade was settled, clearly now it seems they think otherwise. apologies, me again, we've run out of time but i'm sure this conversation we're gonna continue to have in the days, weeks, and months ahead. meagan hatcher-mays, we brian fallon thank you for joining us this evening and that is all in for this week. i'm ayman medina, don't forget you can watch my show amen every saturday -- right on msnbc. stream new in original episodes on fridays on peacock, msnbc prime with my friend ali velshi starts right. now good evening my friend, it's great to see you it's been a long time since we've done this together. so, you have yourself a great weekend, but you work the weekend, have a good night. >> >> my work week starts
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tonight. thank >> you for home for joining us, happy friday we're wrapping up this first week of msnbc prime which airs at this hour on tuesday to friday now, rachel's gonna be back here hosting the rachel maddow show at this time on monday night. let's get to tonight, let's start here when germany was defeated at the end of world war ii, the germans had to sign something, and official document basically saying we surrender. and this is it. this is the document that they signed in 1945, it reads quote, the german high command will at once issue orders to all german military, naval and air authorities and to all forces under german control to seize active operations at 2300 hours, and quote. 20 301 ours is 11:01 pm central european time on may 8th. so, on a may 8th, 1945, crowds went to the streets in the
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united states, united kingdom to celebrate the victory over germany. may 8th is celebrated to this day among western islands of world war ii as the eve day, victory in europe day. that is this sunday, may 8th, v dates also mother's day, so don't forget to call your mom. but you will note, that in that german surrender documents from 1945 at the end of it, the official end of with 11:01 pm, 20 301 military time central european time on may the 8th. but in eastern europe, in this union, that was after midnight that was already may the 9th. so, to this day in the former soviet union in russia, they celebrate victory day, that's what they call it there on may the 9th. and boy do they celebrate it. >> this is a special edition of nbc nightly news with tom brokaw now, according to from
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moscow leaving residents in moscow are now the russian people were still celebrating their victory in world war ii. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> snow sided every russian military, the parade was a reminder of this country still formidable firepower. 9000 soldiers followed past the new war memorial, -- 250 military vehicles, including tanks, artillery, and rocket launchers. thousands of spectators seem to enjoy this tribute to russia's past military glory. even the president clinton and the other western leaders boycotted today's parade, president nelson wanted his countryman and the rest of the world to know that russia's military remains a vital part of this proud nation. >> that was 1995, the 50th
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anniversary of the allied victory over germany, the russians had every right to throw a huge celebration of that victory, they still do every year. soviet union lost far, far more soldiers and civilians in world war ii than anyone else. 27 million people. but did you catch tom brokaw's they're saying that in 1995, president clinton and other western leaders blockade of the russian parade. they boycotted it because at that moment, on that day, may 9th, 1990, five victory day even as russia celebrated its heroic victory over germany 50 years prior, russia was deep into a brutal scorched earth campaign in the breakaway province of chechnya, in fact the very next segment in that nightly news broadcast from may 9th, 1995, was from chechnya. it's impossible to watch it now and not see nearly word for
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word an image for image the parallels to today. >> -- bombed out ruin. it took moscow's army six weeks to blow it to betts, now russia soldiers patrol the city and most of the surrounding countryside. at night check in fighters -- positions in the mountains. thousands of civilians died here, were crews still find bodies in the rubble, one of grozny's farmers cemeteries is reserved for the unidentified. the graves are marked only by numbers. >> more than half of grassi's florida thousand people have returned since the fighting stopped here three months ago, but he since founded city almost totally destroyed. 90% of grozny's villains are uninhabitable, there's no gas or electricity. people were collecting water from puddles until the international red cross began -- >> the city's 90% destroyed, no gas or electricity, people
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drinking from puddles, that was grozny on victory day in 1995, on the eve of this victory day this year it describes the ukrainian city of mariupol were the last ukrainian troops in that city were held up in a giant steel plant that's been the sight of ongoing battles with russian forces for days now. that's it, you're looking at it, the azovstal steel plant. hundreds of civilians trapped in that plan, ukrainian officials say at least 50 more women, children, and elderly people were evacuated today. and those who have been evacuated this week, have told of enduring harrowing sees the plant, sheltering underground bunkers in constant bombardment from russian forces. elsewhere in mariupol, russian flags are being held in the streets, soviet era monuments are being restored, even the roadsides are being changed from ukrainian to russian. meanwhile the regional
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government of the eastern province of luhansk is warning that russian forces are preparing a major offensive against a pair of cities there in the next few days. there's a sense on the ground that russian forces are trying hard to achieve something that putin can call, victory in time for victory day on monday, whether that's a final takeover of mariupol, or some other military gain in the east, leaders across ukraine including the mayor of the capital city of kyiv are warning of the potential for increased missile strikes on monday. they're urging residents to avoid large gatherings and is a great deal of apprehension among the ukrainian and western officials about what vladimir putin might be planning for this year's victory day. he was officials have said, putin might formally declare war on ukraine that day which would signal and even larger mobilization of russian war machine. so far putin as insisted that russia's activity in ukraine are only a special military
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operation. indeed and somewhat ironically you can go to prison in russia for calling it a war. the kremlin says it has -- but monday will no doubt be an opportunity for russia to make a show of military might, as it does every victory day. russia's defense ministry says vladimir putin will speak monday on red square in front of a parade of troops, rockets, and intricate continental it -- is gonna be a flyer over of jets, as they're always as bombers and even russia's so-called doomsday command played, which carry russia's top brass in the event of a nuclear war, basically just remind everybody that they are actually prepared for a nuclear war. the fact is that vladimir putin does not have a lot to -- this victory day for all the very real death and destruction-esque oz by any measure. putin's invasion of ukraine hasn't been a success thus far, in fact the new york times
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reports tonight that in countries northeast ukrainian forces are now going on the offensive, using western provided weapons to try and drive russian troops back from two key cities. speaking of western help, you may recall that yesterday anonymous u.s. officials told nbc news that when ukraine managed to sink the flagship vessel of russian black sea fleet last month, it was american intelligence that help ukraine locate and target that ship. well apparently president biden spoke with top intelligence and defense officials today and told them, leaks like that about u.s. intelligence sharing with ukraine, are counterproductive and need to stop. i'm meeting that was then promptly leaked again. one or vladimir putin may be planning for russia's victory day on monday, the biden ministration is laying on its own counter program, today president biden signed a new 150 million weapons package for ukraine. providing artillery, munitions, radar and other equipment.
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on sunday, biden's gonna be virtually with g7 leaders and meeting that will also include ukraine's president, in an event specifically timed for the eve of victory day. you remember it used to be the g8, russia used to be the eighth member of it, they were booted out. for the invasion of crimea. on monday itself biden's gonna sign the new lease app that, congress passed and it's gonna speed up the process for sending weapons and other aid to ukraine. again, there's just not a lot for vladimir putin to celebrate on victory day this year. which is a increasing the anxiety in ukraine and amongst its allies, about what vladimir putin might do the change that. joining us now is -- the former ukrainian minister of defense, cofounder and chair of the security think tank center for defense strategies, andré it's good to see you, thank you for being with us again. look, there's a perception
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among western intelligence officials that vladimir putin may do something to commemorate may nine, not just because that might be something that would be expected in russia, but because of how poorly this war has been going. what are your thoughts on this? >> well, first of all obviously it's been going poorly that's a fact they couldn't reach any serious strategic objectives. same with many operational objectives we, they failed. the fact that we started to the comfort of that which means that -- and so on. it doesn't mean that there of affective and achieve results. so, the fact that this has been going to parade and now they're going to show an event where there is equipment and so on, it actually doesn't mean that they're effectively fighting. and obviously, that's an
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embarrassment so they need to probably do something about that and that's what these arguments are. >> do you have, does it matter this whole talk about whether russia and putin may declare war on ukraine, this is a weird thing right ukrainians, every ukrainian i spoke to while i was in the country, when we are both in the country thought that this was a war. they're also very clear that this war basically started in 2014. does this matter this business a bit being a war or not being a war for putin's purposes? >> i remember talking to you when you are in -- and this is a war already, this is a war where russia was all their capability, so the fact that they do declare, they don't declare doesn't matter for us. we're already in a war zone. >> despite vladimir putin's need for some victory, whether it's before or after may 9th, russia's moving slowly in eastern ukraine, there is some sense that this is just a continuation of failed strategy
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in the battlefields, there's some sense and it's been this way for some weeks that the regrouping for something, and there's been warnings particular in luhansk that they're ready for a massive offensive, what do you know and think about this? >> there's already been for a couple weeks, and yes they are. they're trying to do this, the problem is that they cannot complete that success so far, at least -- but this whole new plan, whether it's an offensive has been ready for some time. so if they were -- if they were successful they'd be successful for sometime. so, this is not happening according to -- but it's tough, i'm not done it's a very tough time right now in eastern ukraine. >> let's explore that a bit more, the spirited morale of the resolve of ukrainian both the military and the people, the president it's all been remarkable and to some degree even surprising to the west who didn't know much about this. but it's hard, and if this
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becomes a protracted war, the advantage lies with russia, it's bigger, it's got the ability to conscript people, what happens if you would hire still talk about this in six months? >> two thanks, first of all, consequently people means brings-ing in the walls of inexpensive and -- so, one of the key [inaudible] of this war is that numbers which are physically the size of the proficiency and the size of it. we they understand we and finding the forces which ukraine has taken in the last eight years, showing that this is way more effective and way more productive. so, if russians are bringing more than 2000 soldiers of course it's gonna be -- it's not gonna kill us. but, but, retracted war is something -- because this is not where we want to go, we want to assemble
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critical mass with capabilities, again [inaudible] as soon as we can. so, not interested in a long war. >> i want to ask you about mariupol and the, azovstal steel plant. a lot americans it'll be reminiscent of the alamo, it's a last stand whether the ukrainians are able to prevail in that plant, they're surrounded by russians. what do you know, we don't know much about mariupol, right? we get a rim information from the red cost whether they're evacuate people with a western junior let's operating out of there. we have images like the one you're looking at from time to time, what can you tell us about mariupol? >> well, there is no ukrainian journals are either, this is a living hell to be honest. mario poll is a horrible place right now, it's 99% destroyed, our forces are -- and obviously they're doing everything they can, but they're outnumbered, unspeakably and it's extremely
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tough situation for folks. the fact -- it's already absolutely remarkable. it's just astonishing. the fact that there's still [inaudible] mariupol. and as they're bombing them as we speak as remarkable as well. and i sincerely hope we that all civilians and that they somehow we still can get to the -- the victory over russia. it's just a matter of. time >> these images that are being shown on the screen next to you, are historic and that i think will be remembered for all of time when we talk about this war in the end. the resolve of the ukrainian people in the people in mariupol have sustained this assault and this attack for going on two months now, it's remarkable, andre good to see you again. thank you for being with us. good >> to see you again. >> ukrainian minister of defense -- we've got much more to get to tonight up next the silence
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we're hearing from most republican politicians this week after the leak supreme court opinion that would overturn roe v. wade, and why democrats think this issue is gonna help them. simone sanders joins me next. them. simone sanders joins me next simone sanders joins me next ♪ limu emu ♪ and doug. ♪ harp plays ♪ only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. (emu squawks) if anyone objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace.
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shame on you. >> i know if you can hear that with all the yelling but she was doing the oprah thing, you're a murderer, you're a murderer that was new hampshire -- sues in the lima's yesterday shouting abortion rights protesters from the steps of the new hampshire state house calling the murders. and while that's how loud some of the republicans parties are -- about abortion. much of the party is oddly silent, political points out today that president trump that's usually would use take credit for anything, has yet to take credit for roe evident demise, he's pretty much doing clarida business insider asked -- senators this week about their views on abortion in cases of rape and incest, most of them wouldn't give a straight answer. this week the national republican senatorial committee distributed this three-page memo of talking points to the parties incumbent and candidates, the tone is shockingly defensive. they tell candidates to
6:23 pm
drastically downplay -- saying quote, republicans do not want to quote through doctors and women in jail. do not is capitalized. i should note as a sort of fact check here, that the republican trickle straight legislator in louis as diana, avenged a bill this week after the leak that would classify abortion as homicide, and allow prosecutors to bring criminal cases against women who end a pregnancy. as the saying goes, watch what they do, not what they say. abortion is gonna be a front center issue for this year's midterms, not just because it's a wedge issue, because every race from u.s. senate to state senate seat those elected officials are about to have more power to decide reproductive law than they have had since 1973. lots of u.s. senate races but in -- the democrats are the most at risk of losing a seat, nevada, arizona, new hampshire and georgia all of those incumbent
6:24 pm
democratic senators have come out loudly in defense, very clearly and loudly defensive reproductive rights this week making abortion rights not just the central issue of their campaign, but also one of the main differences between themselves and their opponents, so apparently they don't wanna talk about this stuff. as for the president fits into all of this, my calling simone sanders sat down with force later jill biden, and asked her about the issue this week. >> as a mother and a grandmother, what would you say to young women right now, particularly young women who are upset about the possible erosion of their ability to make decisions about their own bodies? >> well, i guess the first thing i would say is how shocking it was when we heard the news. and joe when i got the call that it had been lakes, but the the president matters, the election the president because he's the one who puts the
6:25 pm
justices on the court, but if this goes to a state level, our state legislators are going to matter to. so, people need to get involved. >> joining us now is the simone sanders, she was bernie sanders press secretary into thousand 16, senior adviser to joe biden in 2020, and a spokesperson and senior adviser to vice president kamala harris, and now she is a member of the msnbc family, or new shows simone premiers tomorrow at 4 pm eastern right here on this network, simone good to see you my friend, thank you for being with us. >> great to see you, ali, i'm great to be here and i'm so excited. >> i want to ask you about this silence the sounds of silence from republicans i had thought the republicans could be incredibly loud about this five decade old wedge issue the idea that they have finally succeeded eminently, potentially in overturning roe it's been a central issue, why
6:26 pm
the quietness? >> look, ali, i think the quietness is because even though at a number of folks who are dedicated to electing republicans to congress, united states senate house of representatives, they know that throw women in jail, by throwing doctors potentially in jail, finding people up to $10, 000, or $100,000 in some cases as one of the trigger laws that are on the books, at least in one of the states in this country, it seems extreme. because it is, it's not popular and i think that we haven't talked enough about the criminalization of women who are seeking the health care that they need and i'm so glad that you made it very plain for your viewers tonight, because that is in fact the point and it's not that democratic women don't want to be thrown in jail, ali, or republican diminishes women period. i think that's it issue that cuts across political affiliation. >> and you know, it might be
6:27 pm
that expression the dog that cut the car, -- upholding the 61% of the say that abortion should be legal in all or most cases, only 30% said that it should be illegal. this does not appear to be the best idea for them to be running on if ever. >> yes, that's to say the least. they think abortion being legal constantly pulls, above 60% in polls if you look at the average of, is what is true, let's just talk about what is true, you showed that clip at the beginning from new hampshire state representative, people do not necessarily want what they view as overreaching, right. but everyone understands people across the country for the last 50 years, that abortion has been legal, roe has been quote unquote set a lot of you will -- talk about something called lobbying settled i encourage people to read that draft opinion because i've never heard of settled right before, which is interested in -- but i do think that this is something folks are paying
6:28 pm
attention to, and in my opinion, ali, it's a gateway drug for lack of a better term. first it is the ability of women to make decisions about their own bodies, that it is voting rights, then it is loving, the case that the fight that white people can marry black people and vice versa. if you think i'm being dramatic, i encourage people read that draft opinion by justice alito he signs at all, the right to privacy it's all in. there >> and he also cites this idea that abortion, casey and roe v. wade were not enumerated in the constitution which means are not constitutional rights. that's a strange thing to say, because we are used to, and accustomed to and grow to appreciate rights that are just not written into a document was written in the 1700s. >> well, ali, that document was written it wasn't written for you and i, the we the people in the constitution only really applied at that time two white
6:29 pm
men who own land. you could be a white man yet to go a man that own land, obviously the wee overtime has expanded but i think it's very dangerous for us to be talking about the quality and right serena -- and because again, it wasn't written for you and i. >> there's a lot of things that are missing, we played a bit of an interview that you had with the first lady, jill biden, i believe you're gonna have it on your show tomorrow, what else do we have on that interview? >> yes. so, the first lady is actually in eastern europe right now, she's in romania, she will be going to slovakia believe tomorrow and then on sunday she is going to visit the slovakia ukrainian border where she will meet with refugees and families and in her words, she will stand with ukrainian families on mother's day. she also talks about her legacy as first lady, so we'll hear that tomorrow particularly that she values -- i think her comments about her independence juxtaposed to wear a lot of women in this country feel we are right now, with
6:30 pm
potential rites being a rotated, barely 50 years back i think it's absolutely fascinating at the oh people doing enough for. pm >> simone so good to have you, so good to have you here on msnbc we wish you great luck and good fortune and of course i will be crossing you in the halls other if things go well, we will be cross each other too much because that means we're both not sticking around too long. good to see you my friend, good luck. and we'll see you on tv tomorrow afternoon, 4 pm eastern, symone premiers right here on msnbc. at 4 pm tomorrow, and new episodes mondays aunties tuesdays on pickup. coming up next hillary clinton warns about why overturning roe, friends so much more as i symone was just saying that reproductive rights. we can be joined by the historian ruth -- stay with us. an be joined by th an be joined by th hiorstiainancial plan. stay with us visit to find your cfp® professional. ♪♪
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incredibly dangerous, and it is not just about people a woman's right to choose about much more than that, and i hope people now are fully aware of what we're up against because the only answer is at the ballot box to elect people will stand up for every american's rights, and any american says look, i'm not a woman this doesn't affect me, i'm not a black, that doesn't affect me, i'm not gay, that doesn't affect me once you allow this kind of extreme power to take hold, you have no idea who they will come for next.
6:36 pm
>> former democratic hillary country warning that many rights we enjoy as a society not necessarily individually are at risk, if the supreme court overturns roe v. wade, concerns echo that of -- a plaintiff in the landmark -- passages cage that established same-sex marriage as a constitutional right. when asked about justice samuel, -- obergefell said quote, i'm terrified i really can't put any more simply than that, i am terrified. -- getting that decision that this is specific to a woman's right to an abortion and really shouldn't be used on marriage equality. i don't believe that whatsoever because so many of the things he says in this decision opened the doors to using those arguments against marriage equality, and where does it stop and quote. and where does it stop. well the supreme court's draft decision on reproductive rights has brought fear, republican
6:37 pm
led states appear more emboldened to go after other rights, missouri is one of the 13 states with a so-called trigger law that would outlaw abortion the minute row the wait was overturned, without anybody doing anything, but it could also criminalize contraception, 2022 more talk about criminalizing contraception because under the law the definition of a child's life would begin at conception. texas having already defectively banned abortion within its borders now wants to challenge another different supreme court ruling, which states that all children should have a constitutional right to a free public school education, regardless of their immigration status. we're seeing a wave book bans across the country amid concerted efforts to curtail free speech in schools, lawmakers in more than two dozen states have drafted 250 voting bills with restrictive provisions according to the brandon center, and federal
6:38 pm
appeals a court reinstated florida senate bill 90 that would risk drop boxes and make it a legal to help people register to vote. -- as people, why would that, be -- secretary clinton people now are fully aware with their up against joining us now is ruth benji had a history professor at new york university, she's the author of strongman, mussolini to the president. -- a lot of your influences the way i think about things because you drop on history the parallels in history but two moments we've seen, there may be some people in america that agree with it or not that say this is an isolated matter, that the canceling of roe v. wade or a particular brooke ban is an isolated matter, or a particular voting rights restriction is that isolated matter. but on the spectrum, from a rollback of roe v. wade to book bans on the other side you are an expert on democracy and the
6:39 pm
taking away of rights, how do you look at this? >> yeah, thanks for having me on. i want to repeat something that hillary clinton said because it's backed up by history. and that is she said when this form of extreme take power, takes hold you can't predict who they're gonna come after next. and the tragedy of the authoritarianism is not only country after country. i know it's not gonna happen here, armand casey is strong, we're not gonna have a cool. but when it did start to happen and people didn't see a warning sign, or they thought it wasn't gonna multiplied them, exactly what hillary clinton was saying. now we're at the point where we're starting to lose our rights, and it's all related because the floor tirade-ism is about control, control of speech we have bands as you mention, bans on what we can say and what we could control
6:40 pm
of our bodies, control of sexuality, it's about taking away our right to decide or future, and that's with voting. so, control of mind, a motion, bodies it's all one thing. and that's why we shouldn't see any of these measures as you know something that doesn't bother us. >> but do you say to people that say it's a discreet matter, i believe in all these other rights, i believe that abortion is wrong. i don't support all these other things, how do you make them understand that a vote for this or, political support for this endangers other rights? >> because these things are never taken in isolation, in fact you know the policing of sexuality always evolves the history of authoritarianism going after women, even stalin who was supposed to be communism and gender equity, he
6:41 pm
banned more shun. and also policing sexuality so you always have another perennial strongman target is gay people. and it's very reliable throughout the whole century and it's no accident that the gop is driving off to budapest, and that mike pence attended this pro demographic summit of war -- in hungary. there he said openly, he abortion rights would be appealed and so it goes with the re-modeling of the population to have -- we only want certain kinds of things. and so, all of this if you study the history of these things and how they link together, how propaganda links to the social policies, you see that it's all related. >> there's a particular allotting thing that surprised many of us, with the texas ban which other states are trying to emulate, artillery productive rights been rolled back the state has empowered citizens to help enforce that
6:42 pm
law in a thing that feels very vigilante like, it's not just that citizens are empowered to do the work that we think law enforcement would do. but that they can target people who are not actually the participants in the activity. they can go after drivers, whoever help somebody -- that too has remarkable shades in authoritarian history. >> it does, i've been tracking this for a long time. i'm very dismayed that it's coming to task more and more because if you're trying to wreck civil society, and ruin the horizontal bonds that are behind us, together as citizens what do you want to do you not only have people who work for the state like stephen -- and all kinds of law enforcement the best thing is to empower citizens to inform on each other and incentivize them in this correction. so, the texas bill you know it gives $10,000 to somebody, not only --
6:43 pm
provides abortions but assists in them, in that process. and in florida, governor desantis through election quote security office, and he has a tip line, so you can report quote election fraud. so, there is all these measures and it's very disturbing that republicans are passing to set americans against each other, put them in positions of being informers, or even vigilantism which could lead to physical political violence. >> ruth, you have an important book called strongman, mussolini the president, which i would've hoped for largely irrelevant in a book that -- students of history but unfortunately are all now students of history and it's important and relevant, thank you for being with us again. truth bend yacht, professor of history at new york university. coming up next the safe symbol solution for women who assume will not likely be able to
6:44 pm
obtain an abortion, it's one that many politicians are trying to buy this one might be exactly that they can do to stop. exactly that they can do t exactly that they can do t stop ♪♪ ♪♪ this is the sound of nature breathing. and this is the sound of better breathing. fasenra is a different kind of asthma medication. it's not a steroid or inhaler. fasenra is an add-on treatment for asthma driven by eosinophils. it's one maintenance dose every 8 weeks. it helps prevent asthma attacks, improve breathing,
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6:48 pm
the bill, allowing the state to charge people who have abortions with homicide. the bill allows criminal homicide charges for anyone who aids and abortion. it also changes the state
6:49 pm
definition to a person to include any fertilized egg, potentially, criminalizing things like in vitro fertilization, and certain forms of contraception. beyond that, the law would allow the louisiana legislature to ignore court rulings that it disagrees with. the measure was approved in a seven to vote, just two days after the supreme court draft decision, to overturn roe v. wade leaked. perhaps, it was the most extreme piece of legislation to arrive in recent days. but, it would not be the last, or the most deviously creative. on thursday, the tennessee governor, bill lee, signed a law that increases the criminal penalty for distributing medication abortion through the mail, or, through telehealth. it makes providing medication for abortions a felony, poet punishable by a 50,000 dollar fine. the only exception was for prescriptions made by a doctor in person. the new law, particularly, notable. medicated abortion is posed to become a major battlefield the
6:50 pm
if roe v. wade is knocked down as it's expected to be. in 2020, medicated abortions have accounted for less than half of all abortions performed, in the united states. take a look at this chart. their popularity has increased, since the start of the pandemic. the pills do not have to be taken in, a clinical setting. patients can take them in their own homes. they are discreet. it is a five-day course of medication, mailed, in an ordinary, unassuming envelope. every reason to think, this option may come increasingly popular in a post row united states. add to the fact, last year, the fda allowed the medication to be prescribed, via tele-health, and distributed by mail. in december, the agency made that covid era rule permanent. it's no wonder, 19 states, many of which have these trigger laws on their books, ban the use of medication via telehealth. this abortion medication, by telehealth, or require the patient, receiving the medication, to be in the same
6:51 pm
room as the provider, when taking the pill. talk about control. a new battleground, in the fight over reproductive rights, one that is potentially about to become even more contentious, and important. joining us now, is kristie, a d.c.-based certified nurse midwife, who worked with a variety of organizations, related to telehealth abortion, and prescribes the abortion pill, in that capacity. miss, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> watch, i put the chart up about the steady increase in the use of medicaid abortions. help us understand why it has become more common among people seeking abortions, and talk about this with the safety of the patient. >> it's obviously a safe option. what's research is as safe as the clinic for medication abortion. the increase, in the usage rate,
6:52 pm
and had a lot of different factors to it. some being, they had no idea that this would be an option, before now. now, we are seeing more coverage of it. that, and the additional fact that is more accessible, and the fda is moving the rent. so, we don't have to do in-person dispensing anymore. >> there's this issue of states that are talking about regulating this, or regulating it. it leaves us relatively easy to get around, given that is something that can be mailed to someone. how would that affect you, or others like you, in states where it is restricted, if the state said you can't do this? >> great question. i'm in six states, and only serving in those six states. i would not be able to start prescribing into other states, at this time. however, there are bills being introduced. for example, connecticut just signed their bill. i think it is hp 514, that is putting protections in place,
6:53 pm
and over state lines in this manner. it was an eight access, and in march of 2018, who is an austrian-based doctor. they prescribe these pills, in all 50 states. they were able to bring on u.s. clinicians with the changes, but she is going to continue to prescribe the pills, into all 50 states, regardless of scotus decision, because of her international standing, and the fact she can follow all of her legal, and medical requirements, with where she's based out of. >> with the pandemic, then every time there was something that there is a medication, or vaccine that was in short supply at the beginning. in the next few weeks, and months, want to supreme coast for roe v. wade, there is a likelihood that we will see a surge, and people seeking medicaid abortions. are you thinking about that, planning for it, and what do you think the preparations for that look like? obviously, there needs to be more supplies, and more access to people like you.
6:54 pm
>> we are, already, seeing a huge decrease in demand for the services. i can go into numbers a little bit, if you like. but, i can't speak for the manufacturers, however, i believe that they've seen this coming, and they've been preparing for it. everyone that i have spoken with, says, they are not anticipating a shortage. we did see that, early in the pandemic, however, how would they do it in that time? >> with these conversations, people are being aware of this, in the circumstances, and otherwise weren't aware of this, which is part of a growing trend. >> prior to as the eight, it's a lot with the services, but not that much. as of september 1st, i think that has picked up significantly. >> thank you for joining us, thank you for letting us know about something that so many people do not know about. kristie is a satisfying certified nurse, midwife, and worked with a variety of organizations, related to
6:55 pm
telehealth, and dedicated abortions. we appreciate your time tonight. we will be right back. ate your time tonight. ate your time tonight. we will be the world needs you back. i'm retired greg, you know this. people have their money just sitting around doing nothing... that's bad, they shouldn't do that. they're getting crushed by inflation. well, i feel for them. [baby spits out milk] i'll get my onesies®. ♪ “baby one more time” by britney spears ♪ good to have you back, old friend. yeah, eyes on the road, benny. welcome to a new chapter in investing. [ding] e*trade now from morgan stanley. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60.
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made to do anything so you can do anything. rachel is back on monday, with the rachel maddow show. i will see you monday morning, for my show, velshi. we will talk with the former ukrainian president, petro cora shank oh. you have no doubt, it was ukraine that is going to pin this war. but with rebuilding ukraine,
7:00 pm
and what they look like. back on tuesday, for msnbc prime. don't forget, if you set to dvr msnbc prime, from tuesday, to friday. time now for the last word, and my friend, alicia menendez, filling in for lawrence tonight. if you are confused about time changes, you saw alicia, on tv, at 5 am this morning. so, don't be puzzled. it's the same day, and you are doing a second show, 15 hours, whatever it is? >> someone tweeted at me, who do you think you are velshi? i've it's or government to. >> you too, have a good one. >> a new poll, confirming, the extreme republican majority on the supreme court is way out of step with the nation. 66% of americans, supporting roe v. wade, and the constitutional right to have an abortion. red state republicans, pushing for more extreme anti choice legislation.


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