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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  August 6, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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hello, everyone, i'm alicia menendez. this hour, the president and and his party on a roll.
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the entire senate will be in a vote-a-rama. the next phase of passing key legislation called the inflation reduction act. if it is passed, it is a big win for the american people, addressing not just inflation, but climate change and drug prices. also, this hour, republicans and the conspiracy theory contest at cpac in texas. it's another sign the gop is no longer the party of reagan. a new face off in florida, an elected prosecutor stands up to ron desantis's extreme agenda targeting reproductive care and more. that prosecutor now suspended is here. and later, truth prevailed against alex jones war on truth. shock jock forced to pay the price for lies about the sandy hook massacre. but, will it stop him? this is american voices. we begin this eke with a potentially historic week in washington, as senate democrats
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push for deliver on keeps is that the biden agenda. a live look at the senate floor right now, as senators debate the inflation reduction act, also called the ira. this is no small task. opposition from republicans, senate democrats have to stick together to pass the bold piece of legislation in an evenly split 50/50 senate. legislation, as it stands right now would lower prescriptions your costs, click taxes for corporations and fix the deficit. there it is, a 55 -- is losing steam. the use credit more than half 1 million jobs last month, strong growth and far better than expected. the unemployment rate now matches the 15-year low before the start of the pandemic. the biden administration is on a roll creating jobs, there is a new sign that extreme laws
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and republican led states could become job killers. eli lilly, one of indian's large suppliers says that the states new abortion restrictions workforce. indianapolis-based drugmaker is considering moving jobs out of state. this is a blow to india's economy, at the state passed a new law on friday banning most abortions. if kansas taught us anything this week, voters don't want republican lawmakers making medical decisions for the families, even in conservative states. whether it is reproductive freedom, lowering the rights of caucus, we are finally doing something about the climate crisis, democrats are working to provide solutions to issues that americans care about. today, a massachusetts senator and markey talk to nbc news about the importance of delivering results for voters. >> i think this clematis, combines with the dobbs case and the abortion case and gun issues, the republicans are controlled by the nra, all of
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it will energize, especially people in our country, to show up in very hard numbers. it is going to be a political price that the republican party is going to have to pay. >> joining me now to discuss, molly jong-fast, contributing writer at the atlantic. msnbc political analyst and republican congressman david jolly and jennifer carson reporter for the 19th. david, i have to ask you first, a new moment poll finds that 50% of voters want democrats to control congress ahead of the midterm elections. that's a six point gain from may, when voters preferred republicans in charge. what do you think is driving those numbers? what do they have to do to sustain those numbers? and is there actually room for them to grow those numbers? >> yeah, there are. the council for democrats right now is keep doing what you are doing. if republicans continue to spiral into conspiracy land and the events of january six are
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reminded to the american people, fresh on their minds, democrats are now delivering results. this is been a fantastic week for joe biden. the senator markey's point, if democrats are heading into november saying, look, we created a minimum tax for billionaire corporations that had been paying zero taxes, we created the ability to negotiate drug prices down. and then alicia, if we see what's perhaps has been the peak of inflation, we're certainly seeing gas prices start to come down. the voters in november are going to vote really on one seminal question. which, is do we believe we are going in the right around direction. and if you look at where democrats are taking the country this week, they would say we're going in the right direction. that's why that gap is getting close. >> there's a work missing from democrats, there's also some swing back we are seeing to what republicans have pushed for themself. whether it's an indiana, where you have one of the states largest employer saying, look, we're going to have to move our operation out of this state given what we are seeing on the state when it comes to
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reproductive care. or whether it's what we saw on in kansas, which may not be language about abortion specifically that they lead with. but they were talking about government mandates. and about whether or not you want the government in your personal decision. did republicans miscalculate this? >> yeah, i think they caught the car. the dog caught the car. and roberts had been worried for a long time but if they overturned roe it would, you know, create shockwaves. and i think a lot of us have this bias towards minimal city, so at the time, we didn't realize quite how big a deal this was. i mean, i actually always thought this was huge. and i think there are a lot of people in this country who do not like having a right they've had for 50 years taken away. and you see that with kansas. the number of women who registered after the dobbs this is an impound 70%.
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it was a huge number of women and i think ultimately, there are a lot of really angry women here. and these are a lot of really angry suburban women to. the other thing is, it was called a value them both. which compared a -- to a fully grown women. and even with that language, it still got voted down. so i do think ultimately, it really is a loser for the republicans. >> i want to talk about the tension between the party and some of the groups that they consider a part of their base. you report for the 19th quote, within two days of the dobbs decision, the antiabortion group national right to life committee drafted model legislation that would criminalize those helping people self manage abortion, including by providing them information online. south carolina republicans have already pushed a bill to ban sharing abortion information on internet. i want you to tell me two things, jennifer. talk to me about the strategy
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from the antiabortion groups, and then the possibility that they are really getting out ahead of where republicans want to be. this has been a strategy from very conservative and, at this point, mainstream republican groups for a very long time. which is what led to dobbs being heard before the supreme court to begin with. and we're seeing legislation like this. personhood is being baked into so many things. the idea that fertilized eggs our people. and that anyone who is helping someone even get information about abortion care is somehow contributing to the death of a person, as a result of that. and, this is, again, historically something that has been intrinsic to their messaging and the strategy. like you said, i think we are seeing pushback on the idea. i think that's what we saw in kansas. i think people are, as this awareness grows about the scope
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of the restrictions and with and restrictions on peoples rights and access, not just a health care but to information, and to providing people information, i think that increasingly going to be an unpopular message. i think people don't think about what it means to put things online or present someone a link that they found on google and if that means that something that is suddenly illegal, i think we're going to see resistance to that idea of information sharing of access information as being part of these abortion restrictions. >> as we're sitting here talking about all this push and pull, we have breaking news from capitol hill. if we can pull up that view of the senate floor. the senate is deadlocked 50/50 on the motion to proceed on the inflation reduction act. this is exactly we're expecting as our understanding. we're now waiting for vice president harris to come and break that vote. david jolly, it occurred to me that in as much as this is critical vis-à-vis climate change, and as much as it is important talking about the cost of prescription drugs,
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perhaps the most important thing here, david, it's proving that congress can actually get things done. you think about the distrust have in institutions. the movement forward is a big part, or would be a big part of the win here for democrats. >> yeah, it would be. it merit something that joe biden does not often do. which is take a very public victory lap and make sure that the american people understand what has been done here. look, the democratic party, not unlike the republican party had differences within its own caucus. from the progressive plane to the call it the manchin and sinema vote that finally came along on this one. a lot of progressives, i know doesn't contain everything that they had hoped. but there are real winds here that you can communicate easily to the american people. and look, joe biden right now is not getting a fair shake. so this is the moment where democrats and joe biden, the white house, need to get out there and sell this to the
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american people. because, they've had a great month. you can go back to infrastructure you can go back to the murder of the al-qaeda leadership, to the pact act, to the chips at. there are a number of things that democrats have done. but this, bill is so easy to communicate. you had billions dollar corporation that paid nothing last year that now will have a minimum tax. you have the ability to negotiate to have drug prices lowered. these are real winds. >> jennifer, before i let you go, because you've done some exquisite reporting that i do want to go back to. because you have these efforts to make sure that people cannot get information on abortion access, how that are advocates pushing back? how are they making sure people who have the information they need to manage their own health care? this is a big part of abortion advocacy and partial return now. people are realizing, think about the internet and the
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search, the online search, right? it is a huge part of access among active easy and activism. it is about investigating -- thank catch up to what we are seeing on the side, in terms of real strategic investment and paid google ads and to strategically plan your content online, so that it is maximized to turn up in google search results and really trying to promote things through organic search by having activist groups work together to organically click on high quality medically accurate embedded, informative sites and access to things like abortion. trying to get people to again call crises pregnancy centers, these often religiously affiliated antichoice places that are saying that they provide prenatal, maternal health care, but are usually,
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again, religiously affiliated and are there to dissuade people from accessing abortion. they are asked people to go to these places and asked them whether they provide abortion, because they usually advertise online that they do and i leave on issues on the site, leave a a preview, leave a google view, let people know at they provide the services that it says and what their experience there. they see that work. it is an effective mechanism to help people gain access to search. >> jennifer, thank you for bringing us the reporting. molly and david, you are sticking with me. again, breaking news in the u.s. senate, 50/50 deadlock on a vote to proceed on the inflation production act. the vice president now needed to break that the dock, we are going to keep an eye on the senate floor for developments and bring them or to. also ahead, florida governor ron desantis suspense an elected prosecutor for taking a stand against his 16 policies. i will speak with the prosecutor stay attorney, and you warn. but first richard louis who's
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standing by. let's look at the other big stories we're watching this hour at msnbc. richard? >> thank you, alicia. presidential biden has the negative for covid-19 this morning. doctors say he continues to feel very well since experiencing a rebound case of covid this week. the white house says that the president will continue to isolate until he tests negative a second time. that is tomorrow. actress and haitian is in critical condition, after a fiery car accident on friday morning. hatch reportedly crushed her car into a house after speeding through a los angeles suburb. the actress was hospitalized with severe burns, but she is expected to survive. and a first in the two and a half century history of the united states marine corps. michael eat langley was promoted to four star general, the first black man to hold this distinction. langley has been a marine for 37 years and committed troops in afghanistan, somalia and okinawa. american forces will return at the break. stay with us.
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down in texas? it is him, the former president. nothing out of the ordinary in his speech, do not worry, we are not bringing you his comments live from the can's conservative political action conference in dallas. but you should know, he won the cpac straw poll. and as usual, his stolen election claims front and center. the tip of the conspiracy iceberg at cpac this year. with panel such as, you are next, the rise of the
7:19 pm
democratic gulag. cpac is giving a platform to far-right figures around the world. >> the woke left now controls the democrat party, the entire federal government, the news media, academia, big tech, hollywood, most corporate boardrooms, and now even some of our top military leaders. >> it is the english speaking countries that have got this terrible, virus. worse than anywhere else in the world. this is -- this is a marxist attempt to break western civilization. >> mother jones says quote, a decade ago, cpac came under fire for featuring white nationalists on a panel. today, such views have arguably moved center stage. molly jong-fast and david jolly are back with me. molly, it seems it's getting more more wild. but when they invites a dictator as an example of good
7:20 pm
leadership, it's hard not to take notice. what does this say about the state of the gop? >> they like viktor orban because he has got a lot of trumpy features. he's a power hungry dictator, he doesn't believe in democracy. you know, he's kept his job for a long, long time. and i think he is a model for a lot of these republicans. but they also have nigel farage who is the father of brexit, which was another very self defeating nationalistic cause. which is ultimately really given the british economy a lot of economic problems. they basically sanction themselves. so i do think that these kinds of nationalist movements are part of the whole trump manifesto. and the idea here is to get the base excited. and to really push the sort of new ideas and new culture war tropes. >> david, nbc asked cpac
7:21 pm
attendees about their pick for president in 2024. i want to take a listen to what they said. >> trump all the way. yeah. you know, i don't think anybody can pull it away like he can. not desantis, not pence -- >> definitely not pants. >> if donald trump don't win, i'm gonna pray that god will just end it. i am very adamant about that. >> listen, whenever we get sound like this, i want to be clear, this is a sampling. but, it's still people who showed up at a conference wanting to hear from dictators that, you know, a few years ago was seen as sort of the mainstream of the republican party. i think this is now the mainstream of the republican party. it's still a move from where it was. >> alicia, look, i do think the take away from this particular cpac on france, as they embraced and celebrate viktor orban, it's a reflection that
7:22 pm
america's conservative movement has embraced the great replacement theory that tries to shoot around black people. orban called it 2024, the fight for western civilization between western europe in the u.s. against the world. that is racist, that is something the american conservative movement now owns. as to the presidential straw poll. look, it's still donald trump's party. but i do think what has happened in the past six months is going into this year, if donald trump got into the 24 gop nomination race, i'm not sure anybody else would get in. i think now is going to be a crowded field. i think desantis after november's as he's running, he'll do say with embracing trump. he'll say, if voters choose trump i look for to support him. i don't know if pence gets in if trump is in. but i think you'll see three or four republican candidates get in. but they're not there to challenge trump or trumpism. they're not the liz cheney, larry hogan wing of the party. that wing is dead. but they are willing to give it
7:23 pm
a shot because they have to mount that race now, should donald trump not ultimately be a candidate. i think it's gonna be a competitive gop nomination in 2024, even if donald trump runs. >> molly, a convicted capitol rioter is protesting the january 6th investigation at cpac. he spent hours pretending to cry in a constructed jail cell on the conference floor. i mean, the whole thing, molly, is performance art. it's almost strange to watch them just indulge in actual performance art. because it means, they are admitting it is what it is. >> the whole idea here that conservatives are victims. they are the real victims. even if they have done crimes they are the victims. and you saw this with marjorie taylor greene earlier on cpac. she said that the real victim of the alex jones, sandy hook thing where he harass these families and made their lives
7:24 pm
horrible and lied about sandy hook was actually alex jones. so, this is a whole sort of way to look at the world that is completely self pitying. and it's all about would other people have done to you. and for some reason, this resonates with the gop base. and they get very excited about that. and so they love this idea that they are the true victims. and i think it goes to, you know, they feel very oppressed and put upon. and they are not getting their share. and this is a way to sort of own that grievance. but, if they were actually oppressed they would not be like that at all. i think it's very performative thing. >> >> molly, david, as always, thank you so much for being with us. next, the florida prosecutor taking a stand against an extreme agenda. the governor suspended him over it. andrew warren is with me next. you are watching developments on the senate floor, where just
7:25 pm
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violation of one of the most fundamental principles of our democracy, that the people and the voters get to elect elected officials. i have been arrested twice to serve a state attorney. after the state attorney and then it will. crime is done, we are protecting peoples rights. we have fought so hard for public safety and justice. the governor thinks he can do a better job. then he should run for state tierney, not president. >> that was tempest top prosecutor, andrew warren, blasting ron desantis. ron desantis is suspending warren, after warren and prosecutors across the country
7:30 pm
signed a pledge saying they would not pursue criminal cases against those seeking abortion care or gender transition treatments for minors. according to desantis, this was a violation of warren's duty. >> when you flagrantly violate your oath of office, when you make yourself above the law, you have violated your duty, you have neglected your duty, and you are displaying a lack of confidence to be able to reform those duties. >> but as axios points out, when suspending warren, desantis didn't point to any specific wrongdoing or failure to prosecute, just policy interpretation. >> it is also worth noting that no cases have been brought to warren's office on either abortions or gender transition care. on top of that, florida has not enacted laws criminalizing gender transition treatments for minors. and yet, here we are. andrew warren joins me now, he was a democrat elected to his position by florida voters
7:31 pm
twice. and you, what is the suspension actually about? >> alicia, you are just talking about how stone elections, and for the past few years, we heard all this talk about stolen elections. you want to see an election that was actually stolen, look no further, because the governor is trying to steal the position of state attorney for the people in hillsboro county. this is a violation of the most sacred trust of our democracy. this is the erosion of our freedom. this is not a political issue. it does not matter if you are a democrat, republican or libertarian, they should outrage everybody, everybody. because if the governor can pick who he wants to be in positions, then elections have no meaning anymore. that is not what america is all about. >> florida officials have spoken out against what desantis says set. congressman charlie crist running to replace desantis had
7:32 pm
this to say. >> a good man was attacked today, andrew warren, by the governor of florida, and and probably unconstitutionally. this kind of activity on behalf of our governor is not new, but it is awful and it needs to stop. >> it's not just chris, the nonprofit. the floor association of criminal defense lawyers called the move politically motivated and a lawful. obviously, some debate whether the governor can legally suspend you. what are you doing to chances decision? >> all this happened so quickly. i was actually overseeing charging to 39 year old cold cases when this happened. they came, took me out of my office, and armed deputy told me i need to leave the building right away. i could not gather meetings, could not talk to my staff, i could not even look at the order that this was based on.
7:33 pm
so, we are going to fight this for sure, but right now, we are exploring legal options to figure out the best way to do so, but i am allies outrages everybody. if i want election, okay. if the house bexar county did not want me to serve them anymore, okay. but the governor does not have the right to steal peoples votes away, and that is exactly what has happened. >> i want to back up to your decision to sign this pledge in the first place. was russia? >> these were valued statements. as an elected official, i believes it is important to me to speak up on issues important to what i do. i am not a partisan speaking out on every single issue. people in my community know that, but i have let my voice to issues that are important in the criminal justice. here, i signed on to a statement that said that criminalizing private medical decisions made between women and doctors is not good policy, and it is not a good use of prosecutorial resources. that is what this is about. the irony of this is that i am not being punished for what i have done, i am being punished for something i set. last i checked, that was
7:34 pm
protected by the first amendment. >> and yet, you understand the state and ecosystem that you live in. when you are signing this pledge, did you anticipate and expect a stab response on the governor? >> no, of course not. the governor likes to talk about the rule of law, he's violating the most fundamental rule of law, that your vote matters. he is criminalizing what i am trying to do. he is punishing me for things that i am saying. as you pointed out one of the bases in the executive order is about gender affirming health care. that law does not exist in florida, it is not even exist yet, so i am being punished for not enforcing a law that is not on the books. it makes no sense whatsoever. this is political theater, but it is actually worse than that, because it is a dangerous precedent to set to discourage public officials from speaking out publicly. >> we played some sound from you at the top of this interview, and you referenced
7:35 pm
governor desantis running for president. it struck me because we came out of a conversation about cpac and the fact that there is likely to be a crowded field going into 2024. governor desantis, first among them. what do you think about that? what do you want people to know as they, consider him as a potential presidential candidate? >> i think it to look at will as up into the state of florida. so many laws have been passed by the government that have been held to be unconstitutional, from the anti protests bill passed to voter restrictions, amendment for issues, challenges to congressional -- turnout will as happened with redistricting. the governor likes to make a big splash, go talk about it, and not care what happens. the most worrisome thing is that he is ignoring what
7:36 pm
matters most to floridians. our economy, our health care, our education, our criminal justice, our environment, things that voters actually care about. instead, he's putting on this big political circus for whatever's aspirations are. >> it strikes me that this story is in some ways a microcosm at the moment that we find ourselves in, and i wonder, when you zoom out, this is not just about you, it is not just about hillsborough county, it is not about florida, it is about the state of democracy and united states. what it tells you about the moment that we are living in? >> absolutely, he is trying to overthrow a free and fair election in the state of florida. this is not about the governor suspending one elected official. this is not about me, this is about the governor trying to overturn democracy in the state
7:37 pm
of florida. again, if elections no matter, just have the governor appoint every person and every elected to the position of the state of florida. just like russia does, just like china does, that is not democracy -- >> and you, i am sorry, i had a break in with you. i believe that we have vice president harris making her way to the senate floor. she is right there. she is there to break this 50/50 vote on the motion to proceed to the consideration of the inflation redemption act, what we have been watching all day. let's listen in. >> madame, madam president -- >> the majority leader -- >> i call up amendment 51 for, as modified with changes at the desk, and i ask that it be reported by number. >> without objection, the clerk will report. >> senator from new york, mr. schumer, proposes as men went 9549 as modified. >> madam president --
7:38 pm
>> the junior senator from vermont. >> madam president, i call up my amendment 50 to 10. >> the clerk will report. >> senator from vermont, mr. sanders for himself and mr. merkley, proposes amendment number 50 2:10 to amendment 50 to 1 94. >> madam president, i would ask -- >> we will continue to watch the action on the floor, as vice president harris enters the chamber, and we will bring that to you as it happens -- she has already broken the deadlock. we just missed that, as we were bringing it to you. we will continue to watch action now, as they move into vote-a-rama. next, wnba star brittney griner sentenced to nine years in a russian prison. i will talk to a founder of a group pressing to bring her home about what happens next. plus, alex jones forced by a jury to pay sandy hook parents nearly $50 million, but will
7:39 pm
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our weightless formula with 1/4 moisturizers is effective and kind to skin. leaving you feeling instantly dry and confident. you are watching the senate floor, where just moments ago, vice president kamala harris came to the floor to vote yay and break the tie on the motion to proceed on the inflation reduction act. we are now watching the beginning of debate, debate that is expected to go along into the night. julie tsirkin telling us that senators arrived on the senate floor with suitcases, in preparation for this vote. we will continue to keep our eye on the debate. the rationale, and we knew this was coming, but wanted it, it was still a shock. wnba star brittney griner sentenced to nine years in a russian prison. a reminder, griner was caught with traces amount of cannabis oil when going to airports security.
7:43 pm
griner calls it a mistake, apologized, said she never intended to break the law, nine years, unless the u.s. and russia can reach a great deal to bring her home. my next guest is working furiously to make that happen. jotaka eaddy is the founder for women for women black women. thank you for being here. you have been advocating on kindness behalf for months, calling on the biden administration to do more, do you feel that your pleas are being heard? >> i think that the president has made it very clear that this is unacceptable, that he and his entire administration is working on this every single day, and all of the women, the black women, we stand with president biden and vice president harris and making sure that they do everything they can to help bring britney griner home safe and sound. you know, as you stated at the top of the segment, when we all heard nine years, that is
7:44 pm
simply outrageous. it is simply inhumane for her to be condition to such a sense. we heard from britney herself that she never intended to make a mistake. it is our hope that there will be some compassion and some grace for britney, and that russia will listen to the united states government and everything that they are offering and make a deal to bring britney griner home and any other american that is wrongfully detained. >> jotaka, i think it is fair to say that griner sentence is not a major surprise. i wonder if, purposely, it loses closer to a resolution? >> i think it was still outrageous. it was hurtful and painful to hear, nine years. but also, this is the russian courts. we have seen this before. i do think now that there has been a sense, that perhaps, we are in a better position now that this part of the trial is
7:45 pm
over, that russia will now focus on negotiations with the united states government. of course, much of this is not public, and may never be public, but it is my hope that the russian government will take serious the very generous negotiations that this united states government, led by president biden and vice president harris has put forth. it is not just more than 100,000 black women and leaders and 270,000 americans that have signed a petition that we are with bg, the wnba player association. but worldwide, there are so many people who i firmly believe that it is time to bring brittany home. we are praying for brittani and her family. we hope that you get some soon. >> but paul whelan and brittney griner be swapped for russian prisoner viktor bout. as our audience knows, bout is
7:46 pm
a convicted arms dealer known as the merchant of that. he's serving a 25 year sentence in u.s. federal prison. he talked me a little bit about the asymmetry of trading him for a professional basketball player who was caught with trace amounts of drugs? >> you know, i think anyone looking at this will say, is this really a fair trade? ultimately, for us, i am just at a place, and i think millions of americans are at a place, where we really want to see brittany and paul whelan and all americans wrongfully detained, able to come home. i am not going to comment on the negotiations. again, we don't know everything being said, but what it is that we will do is keep advocating, lifting up britney's name and encouraging the administration and supporting them, and doing what it can to make a deal with russia to help bring brittany, paul whelan and all americans that are wrongfully detained abroad home.
7:47 pm
brittani deserves that, paul whelan deserves that, and quite frankly, it is the america thing to do. >> jotaka eaddy, as always, thank you so much for being with us. next, it is a big number. alex jones order to nearly $50 million for peddling conspiracy theories, but, of course, the big question, will it stop the lies? president of media matters is with us next. and a look at the senate floor, where right now, up to 20 hours of debate on the inflation reduction act are underway, after vice president kamala harris broke a tie on a motion to proceed. we will bring you any big developments, as they happened. for people living with h-i-v, keep being you. and ask your doctor about biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete, one-pill, once-a-day treatment used for h-i-v in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights h-i-v to help you get to and stay undetectable. that's when the amount of virus is so low
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he is not going to stop. they will not stop, unless you stop him. >> the lawyer representing the parents of a sandy hook victim asking in jury in texas to punish conspiracy theorists alex jones, and they did on friday. they order jones to pay more than $45 million in punitive damages. the price for jones claiming that the sandy hook shooting was a hoax, stands at $50 million.
7:52 pm
will it stop the far-right's shock jock and those like him from peddling lies in the future. we want to bring in angelo carusone, the president of media matters and andy kroll, a reporter from politico and author of a death on the view street -- andy, $50 million, it's a lot of money, what have we learned about alex jones financing there in the trial? >> we learned that infowars is enormously lucrative, more lucrative than any of us realized until he was forced to talk about it under oath. jones, himself, top lawyers and the judge in this trier old down in texas involving the parents of the sandy hook victims, that the revenues of infowars and his companies are worth $70 million, which can only leave us with the impression that the work he does, if you can call it that, the products that he pedals, is enormously profitable business model. >> it strikes me angelo, we
7:53 pm
always ask this question, why do people believe disinformation? but people fall for desist remission and engage with conspiracy theorists? i don't think we sufficiently asked the other part of the question, who is benefiting, right? who is making money off of selling people these lies? >> yeah, it's really probable. misinformation is not only humble and dangerous, you can make a lot of money peddling it. especially if you can push out outrageous death. let's not forget that rush limbaugh had a 400 million dollar deal which did not include any of the sponsorships on top of it. he was a notorious liar that would go out there and attack people in similar ways and petal conspiracy theories. this is part of the right-wing echo chamber. that is why you're seeing adrift, everything turning to infowars now, in part, because it keeps audiences engaged and is highly profitable. >> angelo, do you think this stops him? >> i think it is a real -- texas has a cap of $750,000 in defending committed --
7:54 pm
decide to go to the texas supreme court, but let's also keep in mind that there are 200 cases out there there are also waiting this bankruptcy think the play out. i think it will uncover and expose a lot about his finances. it will take more than one decision to disband all the disinformation economy, but this is a big disruption for it. >> andy, this is bigger than just alex jones. it is an entire economy. your sense on how others are watching this and interpreting how what is happening, and how it changes their actions? >> it is hard not to see these rulings in texas and the price tags attached to them, as having some deterrent factor for the other conspiracy theorists, disinformation merchants out there. lord knows, the economy seems to be growing in the age of qanon, stop, covid denialism, the list goes on and on. this ruling, the two jury rulings, when they sent a message to all the people aware
7:55 pm
that, there is a fire wall for truth, still in this country. it may take years of bowing in court to get to a trial, will happen with daniel heslin and scarlet lewis, the parents of jesse lewis, killed and sandy hook. but there came a point where the judge said in this case, mr. jones, this is not your show. you cannot keep lying because he believed something, it does not make it true. you have to tell the truth. he was forced to tell the truth, or something as close to it as possible, and i think that is a positive outcome and a point forward towards how to hold people accountable in the future. >> we had some of that sunday and he just referenced, take a listen. >> you believe everything you say is true, but it is not. your beliefs do not make something true. that is what we are doing here. just because you claim to think something is true, does not make it true. it does not protect you, it is not allowed.
7:56 pm
you are under oath, that means things must actually be true when you say them. don't talk. >> angelo, i only have about 30 seconds left. we also know that the january six committee wants these tax. i wonder if that will help people tie together the alex jones conspiracy of this and what we have seen from members of the gop? >> without a doubt, i think that will have a big deterrent effect too. there will be a lot of people -- there is a straight line between alex jones program and tucker carlson's program. there is cross pollination there. there will be a lot of people that had their interactions with him exposed. this is with the gop is doing. they are organizing power on what used to be considered the fringes. that is alex jones's room. >> angelo, andy, as always, thank you both so much. we will be back with more american voices. as we head to break, another look at the senate floor, where debate is now underway on the inflation reduction act. after the vice president broke the deadlock on a motion to proceed. the latest as we learned throughout the night right here
7:57 pm
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