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tv   The Katie Phang Show  MSNBC  August 13, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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including hepatitis. if you have hepatitis b, do not stop taking biktarvy without talking to your doctor. common side effects were diarrhea, nausea, and headache. if you're living with hiv, keep loving who you are. and ask your doctor if biktarvy is right for you. this is the committee thank shall live in new york city. we have lots of cover in a lot of questions. let's get started. the mar-a-lago warrant unsealed. we have new details on what federal agents found in donald trump's home. and a potential crime being investigated. also look at the surge in violent rhetoric online. dangerous threats against law enforcement, filled by conspiracy theories and mistrust of the fbi. thanks to republican politicians. plus the big vote in the house on the inflation reduction act and whether the president biden string of victories will give democrats a fighting chance in the midterms. congressman steve cohen is
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here. and later, first of his washington d.c.. and now texas governor greg abbott is blasting dozens of migrants to new york city. all of that and more is coming up. happy saturday morning, to i'm cory confident for katie fang. we have special -- of the fbi warrant and all of the twists and turns from this week of nonstop news. let's go sort of with what we know so far, a federal judge in florida until four documents telling us more about the mar-a-lago search. they show that fbi agents have covered 11 cents of classified arguments, including some that were top secret. according to those documents, the search was a part of a probe connected to three laws, including the espionage act. and to protect national defence. trump was asserting that everything that he had with the classified, however the law cited in the search warrant and
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the search warrant to be classified for it to be a crime. earlier in the, week and we see -- now trump received a federal grand jury subpoena, for sensitive documents for us president. nts for us president. >> pivotal questions remain. what happens next in the probe? is the doj focus on just trump or potentially others in the circle? and are the defenses that trump has offered so far likely to stand up in a courtroom if things get that far? this morning i brought a panel of experts to help make sense of it all. barbara mcquade is a former u.s. attorney and msnbc legal analyst. david is the state attorney at -- and joel reuben is a former deputy assistant secretary of state and nuclear weapons policy expert. welcome into all of you and thank you for being here this morning. we actually start with nbc's gary graham back in washington d.c.. more on those documents and the reaction to all of this.
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>> -- let's talk about with the fbi seized and sort of what we do know and let's get to what we don't know. they collected 27 boxes and 11 sets of classified information from mar-a-lago. i have a search warrant and receipt for property receipt right here. includes -- the fbi took execs -- roger jason stone junior. info regarding the president of france, a number of leather bound boxes of documents. it also included three boxes that contained secret documents, three boxes that contained confidential documents. and at least five boxes that contained top secret documents. it does not get a whole lot more secret than top secret. the world of people that have that sort of clearance is very small. the washington post is reporting -- and nbc news is working to confirm -- the classified documents related to those nuclear weapons possibility was among the items that the fbi agents were seeking when they went in there on monday. if accurate, the documents would of course be in the top
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secret range. but we don't have yet is the unsealed affidavit. it's still sealed in the court system. for those not familiar with that is and what it means, to get a search warrant, you need an affidavit saying, wet you -- need to get in there for, why you want to get into mar-a-lago, what you think is there that you need to get immediately. and the fbi fill that out. we have not yet seen that. you can't get a search warrant without filling out a document like that. but how is this all playing out in the real world? this is something that president trump has been watching very closely on every investigation of his and really every news story that is related to, how is it playing out the real world? we want to show you this poll here from morning consult and politico. almost half of respond say the search of mar-a-lago was conducted because they believe there was evidence he committed a crime. 39% say the search was conducted mostly to damage trump's political career. and 37% say they disapprove of the fbi's actions. cory? >> interesting cold air, and yes, that affidavit would certainly provide some key details on what the department
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of justice is looking at. -- gary grumbach, live for us in washington. thanks, gary. thanks for leading us off. joel reuben, let start with you. the washington post standing by is reporting that the fbi was looking for, at least in part, nuclear documents, citing people familiar with the investigation. nbc news has not come from this independently. now whether or not these documents relate to anything nuclear, how big of a threat to national security is this? to have top secret classified paperwork at a former presidents home, which also happens to serve as a popular resort for guests? >> it's great to be with you. and it's never okay for boxes of stolen secrets for -- that's a no no. all of us who receive grants in government services, in multiple administrations -- frame that you cannot take it with you. you cannot just walk out of the door with sensitive materials and put it in your attic and say, look, here it is. i have stuff i can show, show
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people. and who knows what he is doing with those documents. but beyond that it's also unsecured. and this is critical. classified materials are held in secure locations in government facilities, full stop. they are not brought to ones home with a padlock. that is not how it worked. and the people walking to mar-a-lago for the past year plus our oftentimes foreign. we don't know where they come from. we don't know where they're there. we don't know where they're walking. and so the ability of them to access information that has our top secrets is deeply distressing. and then of course the questions are opened up about what donald trump was fine to do that information. did he show it to people? did he use it potentially, for getting support, contracts? relationships? business? who knows. a lot of dangerous questions here are now on the table. >> it does. it opens a labyrinth of questions here. it is astonishing, to put it in
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those terms. barbara mcquade, let's talk about the word classified. trump is already claiming that the papers in question were, quote unquote, declassified. if that's true with this change anything in terms of the doj probe, especially if we are considering the three laws known to be used to carry out the search? >> no. this defense will fail because the three laws that say selected to put on the search warrant don't require that the documents be classified. i think until we saw that unsealed search warrant on friday, we expected that they would charge the statute that we used for general petraeus and sandy berger, which does require the mishandling of classified x formation. instead, they require only one charge of government records, another charge related to national defence. and another concealment of records when the government comes calling for them. now those require classification declassification. that's a defense they will fail. i think this is going to be an incredible shape shifting defense. we've already seen several iterations of this from, forced
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denying that he had them and then accusing the fbi of planting certain evidence and now it's the classification. i look forward to what is hearing what's next. but it seems likely that this one is going to fail. >> there was also one point in there and which he had a certain amount. but now we are finding there is more here. oh, wait, i forgot i had a few with me in my home. >> david ehrenberg, i want to play you something that stephanie ruhle's guest said late last night -- >> i would not be surprised, by the way, if they're actually trying to fingerprint some of these documents to determine who touched them and win. because we are dealing with government employees here who probably have fingerprints on. file so who has touched them? who has seen them? that's part of the damage assessment. but also we are so focused on trump that i think the aim instigations, definitely, has to include others who were conspirators with them. he can't have done this all alone and it's unlikely that he packed all those boxes, kept them in wherever they were at mar-a-lago.
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in someone had to have knowlede of this. and i think they're looking at other people as well. >> dave, what is your take on that, whether investigators could be looking at others and trump's circle? >> i the agree with that. and i think trump will try to make someone into the fall guy. be careful, mark meadows. i think the investigation is just beyond donald trump. i think trump has to be worried about them all within mar-a-lago because there is a reason why they got a search warrant. they had someone on the inside who knew that trump was allegedly lying about the possession of these documents. and knew where it was located inside that safe. here's the other troubling thing. based on the statutes cited, that mole may have also told the feds that trump had destroyed documents. so, it's not just that trump possessed documents, but that that secret source may have observed trump destroying the documents, which is another crime altogether. and so yeah, he's got a lot to worry about, because the one thing you know about donald trump, he values loyalty above
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everything else, even though loyalty, to him, is one way street. >> it does seem to be eroding at this point, at least some parts of his inner circle. >> barbara, i want to be crystal clear about this. we cannot say for sure that trump is being investigated for espionage charges. all we can say is that investigators are using the espionage act, as well as to other laws, as the basis for the search. but with that said, just how serious is it that the espionage act is even being cited in these court documents? and what is the potential penalty for that? >> the espionage act is no doubt a very, very serious crime. but you are right, the name can be misleading. because it encompasses a whole range of activities. for example, this is the statute that was used to charge the rosenberg for selling secrets to the soviets, for which they received the death penalty. and that is part of the espionage act. but it can also be as simple as having in your home national defense documents that you know don't belong to you, that are so sensitive that they could
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cause injury to the united states or they could help a foreign adversary -- and that you know that, and yet you have them outside of the place they are supposed to be. it could be as simple as that and i think at this point we should presume that that is the level. but the one part of this that is very important is, it requires that the documents not just be classified, not just be pertaining to the national defense, but that they are so secret, the nature of them, makes it clear to the person that possesses them, that they could damage the united states national security or help a foreign adversary. and that is very important part. that part of, it the lowest part, is punishment by up to ten years in prison. >> i want to expand on something that barbara just said, joel. some people might hear classified documents and think, oh, it's not that big of a deal. you worked in the state department. you are aware of the international picture. how likely could it be that other adversaries of the u.s. could try to get documents if they knew that they were stored at a place like mar-a-lago? >> 100% likely.
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>> okay. >> i just want everyone to understand, every single thing that comes into the presidents in pox, every day the president receives material from across the inner agency, that means all the agencies that work on national security issues -- state department, defense parliament, intelligence committee, you name it. every single thing that he receives is extremely valuable to foreign governments, foreign adversaries. and allies, to boot. you want to understand, what the president's thinking. what is the u.s. planning? how is the u.s. thinking about responding, potentially, to a chinese invasion of taiwan? always serious? but we actually defend taiwan? or that just a bluff? how about with france? speaking to the president of france, what do we know about emmanuel macron? what could donald trump potentially want to use, this leverage against an ally like that? everything, every single article is extremely valuable. >> and we already know of instances were people of trying to break into mar-a-lago. certainly, and if a case of breaking in their than it would
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be to try to get through congress or the white house, specifically. okay, dave, with the last few seconds we have here, i want to know, if after you have read the court documents, if you have any other takeaways from this investigation? have any other t>> i know that o accept that donald trump has broken norms. but what we have learned is that a federal magistrate judge and and that -- because of a law donald trump signed. that specifically came about
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because of the hillary clinton email scandal. trump raised the penalty in the aftermath of that. barbara, i will have you give us final reaction to that. >> interestingly enough, that is not one of the charges filed at the moment. at least, charges used on the search warrant. because that one does require classified information. but the declassification defense, i think, feels anyway. because the president alone cannot declassify documents. so, ultimately, if there were charges in this case and indictment it could include that charge and irony of ironies it makes it not no longer a misdemeanor but a felony punishable by five years in prison because donald trump demanded and signed that into law. i call that karma. joel and irvin thanks for joining, us the rest of your panel this morning, thanks for starting us off. stick around, we have more questions for you coming up. including the fbi's mar-a-lago search, isn't close of donald trump's only legal worries and you won't go through all of them and ask our walls closing in on him. later this hour, president biden is on a serious winning
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coverage at the unsealing of the fbi search warrant to use in the unprecedented search of donald trump's florida home. we have talked about the legal implications of the new information that we have learned. let's dig into the political and strategic side of things. attorney general merrick garland has been known to stay out of the public, i gave it to the long ill justice department norms. it will be really the rideau except we will prompted an on the podium on thursday, his decision to move to unsealed his court documents already looms large. here's part of what he said, defending hours department does its business. >> much of our work is by necessity conducted out of the public eye. we do that to protect the constitutional rights of all americans and to protect the integrity of our nation.
4:20 am
>> already people will be the -- but the ball back into square weather to reveal the documents to the public or not, let's bring back my panel now. former u.s. attorney and -- barbara mcquade and state attorney palm beach florida, palm beach county florida darren aaron. thanks for both of you guys coming back in. they've let start with you here. mary trump says that her uncle donald trump was outfoxed by merrick garland and the department of justice. she says ag is playing chess and trump is playing checkers so do you agree? >> totally, i think a lot of us omer garland an apology, i thought maybe it did not have the stomach for this fight but it clearly showed he was made for this moment. what he did with getting through, as i like to say on the positive terms. and he is the og because he turned it all on its head. he put trump in a box with his move, he forced trump to push
4:21 am
for the unsealing, the release of these documents. he did not want to, remember he had the ability to do so from the beginning, any new prosecutors of by different set of rules. he thought that merrick garland would say nothing in maryland when he did was, you force trump not only to acknowledge and accept the release but the alternative would have been worse to try and obstruct it, and i would have the shortest offenses, and really put him in a pickle. and so now, we are left with the fact that it is the part of justice that is more transparent than donald trump. and so, yes donald trump did not want to be in the situation, the stuff that came out is damaging to him, especially the fact that he is being investigated for espionage. >> you know even if merrick garland had not made this move originally, you put the belong, enough that's exactly what happens. barbara, what do you make of this, his reaction, correlates reacted to unseal these documents. would you have made the same move? >> yes, i think that trump forced his hand and they're all
4:22 am
kinds of analogies but the one i like is jiu-jitsu. using somebody's offensive move against him. and i think donald trump did count on the vacuum that the justice department operated. it was not a trump reversed raise this in the justice department would have got about this quietly and nobody would have known that the search had been executed. trump, raise it the best defense is a good offense and engage in a lot of bluster and i think one of the things that forced mary garland's hand was so many people were picking up on this. we were hearing all kinds of political leaders talking about all this is prosecuted in this conduct. gestapo tactics that biden had weaponized department of justice against a political opponent. and if they remain silent in, that i think it would've created some real damage to the public perception of the fbi. in fact, we've not the attack on thursday, in a cincinnati, fbi office by a man who came into the office with a gun. a nail gun and then the salt
4:23 am
rifle. and so it may have been that that caused merrick garland to sit all, right enough is enough, i need to make a statement here. what he did was so shrewd i think because as he said repeatedly, doj is norms and it's important to and hear those norms especially in moments of crisis. -- he said we speak only to the court, filings i will not talk about the case but i will unseal the documents that you can see the court filing. the public could be assured that we are doing here is lawful and, the easiest thing in the world to do? to do nothing when somebody violates align somebody like donald trump or you know there will be a political firestorm. when they did hear a stand, tall knowing that there would be political firestorm. an exercise their duty to protect the national security of the united states. so merrick garland wanted to show the world that no, we are not abusing the power here, we are exercising our responsibility. >> i want to dive deeper here into the political violence that this type of rhetoric and
4:24 am
upbringing about. -- we will touch on that in a little bit as well. anybody at home, watching interest in an, at least a crime cause we have more coming on that. they've regarding this political gamesmanship that is happening, are you surprised with donald trump's history of prolonging legal battles? that he did not fight the unsealing? i know you mention that he really was in position where he could not at this point. >> he, couldn't if you tried to fight the unsealing, it would've made him look like a hypocrite, remember his side's been saying where is the transparency? well you got transparency, this was radical transparency for prosecutors. barbara is, right merrick garland went as far as he could. he went farther that anyone expecting him to do. inside, doing now we see the search warrant and we see the inventory. the key bit of information that we don't see is the affidavit. and there's a reason for that
4:25 am
because that would give way the sources, not give away the ghost and although there are news organizations out there, they are now suing to try and get that after david, it will not be released by the court. kudos to merit garland because he proved and he was as the depth of this whole political gain than donald trump. that's amazing from a guy who comes from the judiciary who is always strive to be seen as a political. not a lot of us open a policy. >> let's take a macro view here now with the investigation but other legal troubles that trump is dealing with right now. justice, weak on top of the fbi, search a court will congress could see his taxes. when trump pleaded the fifth hundreds of times in the new york civil case, a judge denied a motion to dismiss this criminal case against the trump organization. oh and that is not to mention that the former cabinet officials have been meeting with the january six committee. and the investigation in fulton county, georgia is still ongoing. barbara if you remember in trump's legal team, which issue
4:26 am
here be the most concerning to you? >> boy, it's horrible but i think the one that my concern me the most is the investigation that's occurring in fulton county, georgia. not one seems to be moving at a very rapid clip. and we have visibility into that case only because, as a state prosecutor, finding it is required to go to the court to get orders to subpoenas and out of state witnesses. it's up for that, reason there's public records for the grand jury. and it's a lot of, west issues going after everybody and she's bringing him in to find out what happened. they're the other thing about that in the investigation is it's a little easier to get your arms around it. it's the scope of it necessarily is limited to activity occurring in or affecting the state of georgia. unlike the justice department which is sprawling and and that involves, members of congress and seven states and all kinds of people. harris is a bit more finite, and she's moving at a rapid clip. that's well now i can certainly and in fact, the other thing
4:27 am
about that is as a state charge, even if donald trump ultimately take the white house or an ally does, he cannot pardon me himself for a state offense. >> there we, have it barbara and david thank you for coming back cobb with us. -- coming, got the party that claim to stand for lawn or a day -- when new conspiracy theories targeting the fbi are raising concerns about more political violence. and what makes this far-right rhetoric so dangerous in the first place, we will discuss after the break. after the break. ♪♪ still fresh ♪♪ in wash-scent booster ♪♪ downy unstopables woman tc: my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here. doctor tc: ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. man tc: my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. son tc: mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. song: a1c down with rybelsus® anncr vo: in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than the leading branded pill.
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[singing] oven roasted cooold cuts cooold cuts during guns in this, morning that potential for more political violence, following the fbi search of donald trump's mar-a-lago estate. and a dangerous rhetoric from him and his allies, listen. >> the fbi and the department of justice are going to give trump a fair and impartial firing squad. >> the doj resembles that gestapo more than a justice eking agency. we are ready for battle. >> i think every american
4:32 am
should be upset about this, you should never use the justice department on a political ram like this. >> to another box of the material they took from mar-a-lago, they will not put things in those boxes to entrap him? >> we those are some of the attacks against the fbi and department of justice. but for those lawmakers and other people who are talking on the air, their new would agents were looking for a trump's home. they tried to undermine trust in the justice system. from an environment for political violence. and in fact just hours after that news if the search broke, users on pro trump all four years were calling for violence. ask questions like what does the shooting start. and then on thursday unarmed man in body armor tried to breach an fbi field office in cincinnati. that man who was killed by officers was reportedly at the u.s. capitol on january 6th and head post of the trump social network about wanting to kill fbi agents following the mar-a-lago search. all right so for more on all of, this we are joined by intelligence extremism and disinformation analysts.
4:33 am
christopher goldsmith, christopher thanks for being in today. january 6th demonstrated how easily those tensions can boil over into devastating political violence. and i'm telling you collin, the l.a. times asking bluntly, will the republican party trigger another round of january 6th style violence? christopher, what do you say? >> well, ricky shiffer who is the name of the navy and army reserve veteran who attempted to shoot up an fbi headquarters in cincinnati over this week. he was motivated by the big lie. he was motivated by trump's rhetoric and the republican party's leadership rhetoric. kevin mccarthy, the man who wants to be the speaker of the house was talking about how the fbi is essentially becoming a rogue agency in their minds. now what comparisons to get the drop oh and things like, lauren bro burt have said about the fbi, not makes it so that these
4:34 am
republicans, these trump ads and these maga people think that they are patriots and that it becomes their patriotic duty to stand up against an authoritarian government. when in fact, we have seen i think very measured moves by the department of justice. by merrick garland, who have explained like listen, this is what we are here for, this is what we are looking for. we were doing it quietly and this was an 18 month investigation. and everyone is getting due process here. what the republicans are advocating for is that the fbi should in fact be a wing of the republican and the maga party. that is simply not the way that a democracy works. and now mr. schiff, or recently deceased maga terrorist and the just one. it was one of millions of
4:35 am
americans who left facebook and for the most part, left twitter in recent years. and now exists online, almost entirely in far-right echo chambers. be truth social, president trump social media, empires that he is trying to build or gab or telegram. they are no longer seeing the other side dissenting voices. their friends and family. they are just seeing radicalize people. >> there are studies done just about how much the political violence has increased in the trump era. and just how tenfold over that it passing kristen. what that means for people moving forward not just for people trying to do their everyday jobs and office but also for elections and coworkers. it all trickles down, christopher not only lawmakers who are fanning the flames against the department of justice either. take a listen to this from a fox news host.
4:36 am
>> this is a witch hunt. this is a stall and hunt. they are going after a former president of the united states, so he is looking. he is looking, he is looking for a crime in search of evidence. anything that they can find on trump, and the thing that they can hang on him. >> is that your professional opinion that fox or face consequences following, to allow distance is information on their air? >> so fox news is bad but think about what's breitbart did this week. they published the unredacted version of the warrant with the names of fbi agents. one day after this crazed maga terrorist ones and tried to shoot up an fbi building. fox news, breitbart, jack kissed soviak, in other disgraced navy veteran who now works for fringe platforms and websites. they are all trying to get fbi agents killed. full, stop that is the goal.
4:37 am
they are trying to foment violence among the maga base against fbi agents which is absolute lunacy about you know, we all should expect this now from the republican party. they have spent years waving that you know ridiculous, black and white fly with a blue strike in the middle saying blue lives matter. and then going to january 6th and beating cops with those very flags that were fashioned with spear tips on the end. this is what the republican party has become. it is not libertarian, it is not the freedom caucus, they are the party of anarchy and totalitarian all at once. these contradictory political philosophies are entirely built around the cult personality and the whims of one man, donald trump. >> very quickly, we have a few seconds, left base understudy of the far-right movement, what more needs to be done to stop
4:38 am
this authoritarian lurch. >> nothing i'm most concerned with is things like fox news, alternative social media platforms created for neo-nazis like gab, being in the hands and being on a television, on military bases. there are thousands of service members who are every, day being indicted with this information that is meant to turn them against a very country that they are meant to serve. the shining example of why troops who are reservist are doing right now, tulsi gabbard and sat in for the white nationalist, tucker carlson on fox news last night and talked about how the american people, she uses the phrase we the people need to stand up against the intelligence community and their security state. she has a top secret security clearance, she's an army reserve and she's lieutenant colonel and she is a part of that intelligence committee. that is what we are facing
4:39 am
right now is an active, insurgency being fermented by fox news, breitbart and the rest. >> christopher goldsmith, thank you for your time and fascinating interview. he is an intelligence extremism and disinformation analyst. all right coming up a tale of two presidents from president biden's winning streak to donald trump's worst week since leaving office. it's been a big week for both of them, talk to congressman steve cohen about what this could mean for the midterms next. next d me felt more energy in just two weeks. uhh... here, i'll take that! yay!!! ensure max protein, with 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar enter powered by protein challenge for a chance to win big! ♪ ♪ this is the moment. for a treatment for moderate-to-severe eczema. cibinqo — fda approved. 100% steroid free. not an injection, cibinqo is a once-daily pill for adults who didn't respond to previous treatments.
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to exercise more, to be more social, to just relax. and eating healthy every single meal? if only it was this easy for us. welcome, back this by the fbi's
4:43 am
mar-a-lago sir sucking up most of the oxygen this week, president biden is celebrating some big wins after more than a year setbacks. house democrats gave final approval to the inflation reduction act which lowers health care, cost raises taxes on some large companies, combat climate change and reduces the deficit. president biden this at the sign the bill into law next, week he posted a video touting its passage but called out republicans who unanimously voted against the legislation. >> every republican and the congress voted against the bill. every single republican against lower prescription drug prices, against lower health care cost, against the fair tax system, against tackling the crime acquires, has lower energy costs and good paying jobs. and by the way the process, we reduce the deficit as well. this is a historic moment. the democrats sided with the american people and the republican side it was special interest. that's the choice we face.
4:44 am
>> meantime, the inflation reduction act is not biden's only when. in june is on the first major gun safety bill passed by congress in nearly 30 years. recently, he announced the u.s. killed al-qaeda's leader after a two decade man hunt and gas prices have plummeted to an average of less than $4 a gallon. joining me, now democrat congressman steve cohen of tennessee. congressman, welcome in and do you agree with members of your party who say that democrats are making a come back here? do you think that these are tangible signs of your party, might have been upperhand or at least a little more momentum going into the midterms? >> well we have momentum and i don't know i think we are still kind of ways to go because the presidents numbers have been so low but it's unfortunate because the president has done a splendid job. the republicans just message will and they have done that over the congressman they do that well as a national party and you know of president biden came out and said something that he liked trump, who once thought donald trump was a great guy and they return against donald trump.
4:45 am
they will do the opposite of what biden and the democrats want without thinking. you can't think that marjorie taylor greene and lauren boebert have independent, political minds. they are just attack the opposite leads and they eat the same food in the same channel, the come out barking. >> you know you mentioned biden's approval rating, and the poll shows that biden's approval rating got a boost this week up four points from may. it does still remain low at 40%, as americans struggle to pay for almost everything with this crippling inflation. what more do democrats need to do? >> well i guess we just need to continue delivering the message of what we delivered on. you have a lot of deliverables that go after the american people and the transportation bill which was bipartisan and it's important and get closer to the market and people to where they want to go. passed a tremendous accomplishment. earlier, and the relief bill was tremendous accomplishment. they get people back to, work
4:46 am
schools open. president biden has done a phenomenal job. his legislation package, this congress and the package of the democrat, nancy pelosi interaction where we'll be right up there with the package and fighting -- well ask when we had great momentum in the 60s. after the assassination of john kennedy, the effort to bring about civil rights. and authorities when we were covering from the depression. this has been phenomenal work and outside in congress and people have to understand that and i think that they will. i cannot believe that the american people are susceptible to the propaganda that republicans are putting out about so many things, including this raid at mar-a-lago. i wouldn't say, rate it's not a. raid it's the execution of a service word. properly executed search warrant issued by a federal judge, based on probable cause. and the probable cause was that the president, former president of the united states had materials, had no right. two classified or unclassified,
4:47 am
those with the properties of the united states of america, the property of the people. he had -- stolen, that he is a common thief. way -- of his prime at mar-a-lago. and for him to say that, all they have to do is ask, they did argue that they just undo to do is ask. as notably does. takes your property and then says, it's his and that and said i had to do is come to him and get on your knees and ask. that's the way that he treats somebody, that's the way it has been a doesn't understand the quality of a marriage to treat a wife or maybe treat children. i can't imagine ivanka, of honor whoever they are had any kind of a decent opportunity to have justice, to have fairness in their household. donald was a bully and that's why -- is a bully. the american people have seen it and eric, marriage karlyn is an outstanding individual, he will do the right thing and do justice. the jewish religion is about
4:48 am
justice, he did justice just like his friend robert casten ended. and he showed. it >> congressman, let me ask you this we have been talking about biden's wins, it's really hard to speak about biden's wins and then being on a roll without also talking about the fact that there is so much going on with trump. it kind of naturally the conversation always goes there, so is it going there with republicans, i'm sorry with americans as well? is the biden good news being lost and all of the trump bad news in our americans, really paying attention to that? >> i don't think, so i think people are paying more attention to trump but the fact is that trump is the -- liable to be the opponent. if not, it will be a trump-like person if trump of influence. the american public needs to see that this man is evil. he is truly evil. he is a thief, he is a liar and he is a con man. he ex carl parker looked like a
4:49 am
monk. that is why we think in memphis as colonel parker, but you know people have to realize who trump was and what he is. he is of, course you cannot trust him with anything. rudy allen used to make a joke a long time ago, when nixon left the white house, he said the secret service had to counter china. we'll, guys not have to count the top security clearance documents. it's even worse, this makes nixon look like a bible boy. we are in a time that is unbelievable. the worst person in the world has been called by former msnbc host, was president of the united states. it's unbelievable, we have awakened a nightmare. it's a nightmare. >> it's amazing to think that those documents could've been walked out of the white house and it's taken this long to find out exactly what the former president took. all right congressman steve cohen, we will leave it there. fascinating conversation, thank
4:50 am
you for being in with us this morning, we have more questions for you so we will have to have you back on. coming up, new york city mayor eric adams is slamming greg abbott over his decision to bus migrants from the southern board into the big apple. let the latest on the controversy that one called this human trafficking after the break. trafficking after the break. the break. look professional. ♪♪ even if you don't feel it. meta portal. the smart video calling device... - right on time! - of course. that makes work from home work for you. so, shall we get started? open. it's a beautiful word. neighborhoods "open". businesses "open". fields "open". who doesn't love "open"? offices. homes. stages. possibilities. your world. open. and you can help keep it that way. ♪♪
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4:53 am
75-year-old is on a ventilator this morning after being airlifted to the hospital and undergoing surgery. -- russia was stabbed twice including in the neck when a man rushed the stage where he was about to give a lecture and the 24-year-old suspect is in custody. they say is motive remains unclear rushdie has faced outs for years ever since mrna leaders called for his death over one of his books. stay with msnbc for the latest developments. let's head down to new york city where dozens of migrants arrived yesterday from texas. if it's governor greg abbott begin turning migrants to new york for the first time just last week. he is already boston's to washington d.c. over the last several months. new york city officials say the late notice has made it a challenge to provide housing to both homeless new yorkers and asylum seekers. so for more on all of this and nbc news correspondent george who's in new york city for us. george, how is new york managing the situation and what's the situation like at the southern border as well? >> good morning, here is the
4:54 am
thing about all of, this process could arrive at any moment here at quarters already making this all the more challenging. as you mention it's already putting acute strain on resources here in the city. when the bustles of asylum seekers arrived, many of them arrive disoriented, confused and many of them not knowing that they were going to come to new york city. some of them a robin with faulty paperwork, they get people harder for them to know where they are going. the other problem was as you mention, sheltering all of these people, some of these of course have the right to find shelter here in the city, some may be wondering the city is working hard to make sure these people are not just wandering the streets of new york city. and of course we have a lot of people are arriving with families, that is a huge concern for the resources here in the city. you mention questions about the, border it has been a very busy time at the border making all of this even challenging. i want to get this number, right them and border protection reported 241,000 crossings for the month of may. highest ingle month total in year league for years.
4:55 am
really stressing how brave the situation is here. cory? >> and to find out many of these people being bused are not even aware of what is going on of the situation, or where they are at. that is especially concerning and george texas governor abbott is facing criticism from some people who are saying it's a political stunt. >> governor abbott is well aware of some of the criticism he has been receiving, a few days ago going on television, comparing himself to dirty harry. the new york meter arms here, go ahead and make my day over some redirect about sending some people here from new york to threaten his reelection campaign. a lot of political football back and forth. here are some more the comments made by the mayor, take a listen. >> he is a anti-american governor that is really going against everything that we stand for. if it ancestors were treated the way that he is treated,
4:56 am
these asylum seekers and migrants, and he would not be where he is right now. >> governor abbott not laboring attack on the biden administration, attacking the mayor, sending that he is committed to sending more busloads of asylum seekers here to new york. and as you, know it is the families of these asylum seekers and the asylum seekers themselves, that are caught in the crosshairs. >> this is like at the start of a very large and looming problem, george thank you. a quick programming note for, us today former trump attorney michael cohen joins ali velshi to discuss the latest on the fbi search at mar-a-lago and the recently on -- watch velshi today at 8 am on msnbc. today at 8 am o msnbc. msnbc.
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fang show, katie will be back tomorrow at 7 am eastern. velshi starts right now. velshi starts right now. hey good morning to you, it is saturday august the 13th. i'm ali velshi and we began this morning with donald trump and tire disregard for democracy. and national security of the united states, and to do that we need a short but important history lesson. going back just to february of this, year when federal agents and the national archives and records administration collected 15 boxes of documents. and they filled former president had taken with him to a tropical florida gu r


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