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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 6, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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watching this show and discussing its content should not be an act of bravery. the conservative movement is making sure you know it is. if it feels cold all of a sudden, that gives you a little shiver, it is supposed to. that's how they roll. shutdown showdown. still no progress from congressional leaders as the clock ticks towards a potential government blackout. too little too late? libyan rebels lash out at nato forces for not doing enough to protect civilians. and close call, what caused intense hours on board the international space station. i'm lynn berry. those stories and more are straight ahead. this is "first look" is msnbc.
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today we begin with budget breakdown. the clock is ticking on the nation's expiring budget as congressional leaders fail to agree on a proposed spending plan that would keep the government up and running. for more on this, we go to nbc's tracie potts. good morning. >> lynn, good morning. they missed the 72 hour dead line, but at this point, the bottom line is trying to come up with an agreement. more negotiations at the white house today with a advise bring upset president. >> we can't have a my way or highway approach. >> reporter: he says democrats have agreed to $73 billion in budget cuts. >> the white house is proposing cuts that are par beyond things
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that we would imagine. >> reporter: but now they're back and forth over what to cut. the tea party standing firm and things don't look good for a deal by friday. sgh we've bent over backwards. >> if we don't get agreements in the intervening time because of politics or whatever, at least in 2012 they'll have a real choice. >> reporter: the republicans oou new budget for next year cuts over $4 trillion in spending, but the budget office says we'll be upside down for almost another 30 years. >> rich get richer, they get tax break, the poor get poorer, they lose programs that are life an death to them. >> reporter: those on medicare would pay more. doctors could get less and the poor could lose coverage. but first, this year's budget in a stalemate. and the president says no more extensions. speaker boehner majority leader reid had a private meeting hate yesterday, both sides described it as productive, but still no deal. well, this morning there's a rare bit of positive news from
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japan's damaged nuclear plant. crews at the facility appear to have sealed up a crack that was allowing radioactive water to pour into the sea. still, the plant is far from out of the woods. officials there have not yet ruled out the possibility of other leaks. meanwhile, a new assessment by the nuclear regulatory commission is raising concerns that threats in japan could, quote, persist indefinitely. according to the "new york times," among the worries, whether pouring water on nuclear fuel in the absence of a functioning cooling system can be sustained. yesterday, president obama used the recent middle east turmoil to make a case for israelis and palestinians to make peace. meeting israeli president perez at the white house, mr. obama said that the region's uprising is, quote, more urgent than ever to find a resolution to the israel/palestinian conflict.
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meanwhile, a new group of israelis have formed a new group of peaceful agreements. the group hopes it will encourage netanyahu to break the deadlock oig. back here residents in the nation's south remain without power this morning after violent storms pounded the region with tornados, hail and lightning yesterday. the storms were part of a fast moving system that cut a wide swath from the mississippi river across the region to georgia and the carolinas. at least nine people were killed including several who died on roads by downed trees and power lines. the national weather service has confirmed eight tornados among the two dozen reported. the hunt is on for a brazen gunman in kentucky after he executed two gas station robberies back to back. the clerk at the first incident was not hurt. unfortunately, things became violent during the second robbery.
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the suspect shot that clerk in the leg before taking off with cash. the victim is expected to recover. well, new york's rockaway beach is not normally used as a landing strip, but the pilot of a single engine plane had no choice. the aircraft experienced what the pilot called a rough running engine before the emergency landing. the pilot and two passengers were able to walk away without receiving any medical treatment. finally, english adventurer richard branson was in california to unveil his single person submarine. he wants the vehicle to travel to the deepest depths of the earth's oceans. it will be piloted by chris welsh later this year in the pacific ocean and their goal is to descend to 36,000 feet. now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is nbc meteorologist bill karins.
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>> it's well documented you don't going up in the air. >> i don't like 30,000 feet under the water, as well. i'm good here on dry land. >> exciting for someone else. as far as today, we're not watching severe weather, squaju cold chilly spring morning. bundle up. windchills are in the 20s in fr buffalo all the way up through new england. at 28 in boston. and even the big cities themselves are in the low 30s which means the suburbs are even colder. so it's going to be a typical spring weather pattern for the east coast. chilly mornings. afternoons a little bit better. we should be dry for most of today. the most spine for areas of the mid-atlantic and northeast will be this morning. later this afternoon, these clouds and a little bit of this light rain going through wisconsin and michigan will
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arrive. so philly and new york could have light rain right around sunset possibly moving in. as far as the forecast in the middle of the country, a little more interesting. the warm air is returning up through texas into areas like kansas city. just north of that warm front is where the light rain is found this morning. most of it has been in southern minu minnesota draping down through madison and milwaukee. eventually it will all push into detroit, too. chicago maybe a shower, but most of it should stay to your north at least early this morning. so temperatures as we mentioned, it's cool all the way down to atlanta at 42 this morning. and if anyone's wondering, the forecast pot masters down in augusta looks ideal. it will be in the 70s or 80s right in to the weekend and dry weather. so perfect conditions for watching it on tv or maybe even for the players themselves. so today's forecast, nice and simple. southeast cool morning. nice afternoon, sunshine from florida through areas of tennessee down to louisiana. texas looks good.
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just that little area of light rain that will be in the southern great makes. and anyone traveling to the west coast kind of cooler in l.a. and san francisco, but it's nice. no real big snow forecasts, no winter storms. no severe weather. a nice quiet wednesday. >> all right, bill, thank you. well, the fed sits tight. there's chips and then there's chips. and a new way of shouting out for a beer at the ballpark. your first look at this morning's business headlines are straight ahead. coming up, a new champ is crowned in women's college hoops and a surprise that brought kemba walker to tears. you're watching "first look." ♪
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welcome back to "first look." here are some of your top headlines this morning. the head of libya's rebel army is accusing nato of being too slow to order air strikes in the country, essentially allowing gadhafi's forces to slaughter residents in the city of misrata.
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nato claims the air strikes have not slowed since it took over from the united states last week. debbie schultz has been tapped to be the chair of the democratic national committee who will succeed tim kaine. he announced he's running for virginia's open senate seat in 2012. after a firestorm of criticism, wisconsin governor scott walker has reversed the promotion of the son of an influential lobbyist to a high ranking state job paying more than $80,000 a year. democrats complained the appointment of the 27-year-old who has limited experience and no college degree amounted to cronyism. and a potential crisis was averted in space after an old fragment of a chinese satellite threatened to fly close to the international space station. normally, nasa would move the iss out of the way. but it was discovered too late.
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it missed the space station by a little more than three miles. >> and now here's a look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 12,393 after shedding six points on tuesday. the s&p lost a fraction. the nasdaq inched up two. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo, the nikkei fell 31 points. but in hong kong, the hang seng added 134. it was another quiet day on wall street. minutes from the fed's latest meeting failed to move markets. basic materials companies got a boost from speculation that the cost of commodities will continue to rise. aluminum maker alcoa rose nearly 3%. newmont mining added 4. kb home builders lost 4% after a disappointing quarterly loss. national semiconductor soared 71% and lifted the tech sector thanks to texas instruments' plans to buy the chipmaker for $6.5 billion.
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a chip deal of a different kind. diamond foods is buying pringles from procter & gamble for $1.5 million. apple dipped due to a rebalancing next month. microsoft, intel and cisco climbed 1%. a potential federal anti-trust probe into google's search engine dominance dragged its shares 3% lower. five executives at transocean, the company that owned the rig at the center of last year's deadly gulf oil disaster region are now donating their more than $250,000 bonuses to a fund for the victims' families. the decision comes just days after transocean issued the bonuses for what it called a year for safety.
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thirsty fans can now use twitter to tweet their beer order from their seat at the mariners stadium. how did no one think of this before? brilliant. coming up, game winning singles and a hero's welcome for the huskies. plus, march madness comes to an end as the ncaa crowns the women's national champion. your first look at sports is straight ahead. you could get arrested for that you know. it's not what you think. look. there was a time when a company like that would envy us. little outfit. it's almost quaint. all these years we had something they could never have.
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welcome back to "first look." >> sports, last night in indianapolis, irish eyes were crying after texas a&m took home their first women's national basketball championship. here's fred roggin. good morning. four games in the big leagues went to extra innings last night, but ladies first. we'll begin with the women's ncaa championship. off to indianapolis. texas and notre dame, danielle adams was a forced to be reckoned with down low. tyra white nailed a huge three in the final minutes to put the aggies up by five. the once all-boys school texas a&m won their first national championship in women's basketball, 76-70. to the diamond, the a's squandered a five-point lead but appeared to be in the lead in the tenth to put oakland back on top.
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but no lead was safe in this one. escobar hit his first home run of the year. blue jays rallied to win it, 7-6. to new york, the twin completed a come back in the 10th. minnesota rallied from 4 down to win it 5-4 in ten. nationals, donny murphy ripped an rbi single into the gap and that scored the winning gap. florida won it, 3-2. do you see a trend here? royals and white sox needed extras. tied at six in the 12th. royals have won four straight in their final at-bat. they beat the white sox 7-6 in 12. finally, back to college hoops, the uconn huskies returned home to a hero's welcome after winning the national championship monday night. and kemba walker's jersey was retired. a memorable day capping off a
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memorable run for the huskies. that's your "first look" at sports. i'm fred roggin. s as football fans try to figure out why there's not money enough to keep everyone happy, the lockout heads to the courtroom. the next step in what could be a long legal battle. kurt gregory has more. >> reporter: today's court hearing will mark the first time representatives for the nfl players and owners have met since the lockout was imposed more than three weeks ago. >> we worked hard. we didn't reach an agreement obviously. >> reporter: with nfl stadiums and facilities padlocked, players have been forced to work out on their own, not knowing what the immediate future brings. >> we still have to do all the things that you would normally do. so i welcome the challenge.
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>> reporter: while it's possible the judge can grant a preliminary injunction to end the lock squout, a decision likely won't come today and could take weeks. meanwhile, the nfl's coaching staffs will continue to evaluate talent and prepare for the nfl draft. one event that will take place beginning april 28th regardless of the nfl labor situation. at least one nfl head coach remains hopeful. >> in time they'll tell us we can go back to work and we'll be fine. >> reporter: but at this point, nobody really knows when nfl players will be back on the field. a football future that could become clearer soon. kurt gregory, nbc news. and now for another quick look at the weather, here is bill karins with your weather channel forecast. >> a chilly morning. it won't be a bad day, just a little colder than people would like this morning. windchills are in the 20s, temperatures in to the 30s.
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and even below freezing in areas of new england. should be a good amount of sunshine this morning. clouds will increase. already a hint of that over by pittsburgh. don't count on a lot of sunshine there. and if you're in pittsburgh and possibly buffalo, bring that umbrella with you. you'll probably need it this afternoon. some of the hill country could see snowflakes. so it's a chilly air mass. into the evening hour, areas like albany could see showers. i think we're dry during the daylight hours new york and philadelphia, but later tonight after dark is when we should see some showers moving in. those showers are now moving new areas like detroit, all of southern michigan you need your up brmbrella this morning. the rest of the country looks pretty nice. especially in the southeast. enjoy. >> all right, bill, thank you.
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welcome back to "first look." last night jimmy put perspective on just how low scoring college basketball's championship game was. >> uconn beat butler 53-41. in one of the lowest scoring ncaa championship games in history. haven't seen anyone in college have that much trouble scoring since me. many gamers are asking for
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refunds on the new nintendo 3ds because it causes headaches and dizziness. some gamers became so disoriented, they accidentally wandered outside. everything's in 3d. this is awful. political news, the white house said president obama will not focus on full-time campaigning for a long time. yeah, he wants to wait a year or two before he gets serious about it just hilike he did with bein president. >> tonight he welcomes jennifer garner and paul simon. that's welate naturight with ji fall fallon. angelina jolie was in tunisia, appealing for increased aid for the people there who fled the libyan conflict.
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she spoke with several families of refugees. harvard announced comedian and massachusetts native amy pohler has been selected as this year's senior class day speaker. when appointed teen ambassador for raising awareness for teen pregnancy prevention, bristol palin said if she could prevent one girl from being pregnant, she would feel a sense of accomplishment. on that job in 2009, she earned more than $250,000. finally, john wayne's iconic eye patch from 1969's "true grit" is going up for auction. other items for auction, wayne's cap and boots, his driver's license, passport and am ex card. how much would you pay? >> i'm embarrassed to say i
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think you know more about john wayne than i do. >> i'm a little bit of a western expert, bill. you learn something new about me every day. put that there in your note pad. i'm lynn berry and this is "first look" on msnbc. but stay tuned, "way too early with willie geist" starts right now. president obama tells congress it's time to start acting like grown ups and get a short term budget passed before the government shuts down. the question is have republicans and democrats resigned themselves now to the fact that our country is going to go on a little hiatus? all this to say nothing of the long term budget. in the proposal from paul ryan, republicans are calling historic and democrats are calling cruel to grandmas and sweet little children. the question is if these people can't agree on a budget to fund the government for the next six months, how can they fix the problems over the


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