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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  July 4, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. a convicted murderer awaits his sentence. >> life in here is kind of like purgatory. you're in between. >> another inmate turns up with a pair of black eyes. >> as we said [ bleep ]. so i laid into him. >> and the one place in the entire jail where drama is seldom in short supply. >> you know me, bitch. you know me. >> all homosexual inmates are required to be classified as
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protective custody. it's not optional. >> i don't understand women. they're so complicated. man! orange county is known for its spectacular coastlines and tourist attractions. reality television has also contributed to the county's image but it's far more complex than any of that. >> well, it's probably not the
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real housewives of original county. >> few people know that better than orange county sheriff san dran hutchens. among other things, she runs orange county's other gated community. the original county jail. >> it's dynamic. every day is a bit different. so you constantly have to be re-evaluating that, and the folks working the housing areas are very astute at identifying problems early on and that's the key. >> you're dealing with a population that doesn't want to be there. they're not necessarily there with people they like. they're probably facing some very challenging times in their lives. >> the greatest challenge for many inmates in the orange county jail is uncertainty. unlike prison inmates who have already been convicted and sentenced for crimes they've committed, most jail inmates stand charged with crimes and are still working their cases through the court system. the process can take years. so some try to make their jail
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cells home. >> this is the living room right here. where we keep the books and the magazines and trash. this is the kitchen. where we eat and everything. this is the bathroom, the washing machine/shower. birdba birdbath. >> with such close quarters deputies constantly monitor inmates for signs of conflict. >> once you come inside, things are much more intense because you're not out on the streets. you can't be 20 miles from somebody who may like you or may not like you. you can be one or two sectors or you can be next door neighbors. there's nowhere to run you're in jail. we need to know who gets along with who today. knowing as much as we can helps the safety of the jail. that's our ultimate goal. >> that attention to detail has worked out well for weston krueger and brandon scotto. they've spent the last eight months together and their conflicts rarely go beyond
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cards. >> it's not trump. >> yeah, it is. >> club is trump. >> you clubs is trump. you don't have clubs. >> see that? i got to watch. >> put it back. >> krueger has seemingly adjusted to a peaceful life in jail, but his life on the outside was dedicated to fighting. he made his name as a mixed martial arts cage fighter. >> came natural being a big guy. left-handed. "the natural" double jointed right shoulder, i just had a right cross that would put down anybody. i connected with the right spot on the chin. i used to love to fight. >> i got those basically when i was fighting in reno. when you would fight, sometimes you would take about six weeks to heal. but now harm and heal makes a lot of sense now too, you know? i mean, because i did a lot of the harm out there and now i'm
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here to heal. >> a few weeks earlier, krueger was convicted of robbing and murdering the owner of an orange county liquor store. according to witnesses, he shoved the 100-pound man so fiercely, that he flew through the air before striking his head on the ground resulting in a five-inch crack inis skull and ultimately his death. >> i tried not to hurt the guy. unfortunately he died. but i was trying my hardest not to hurt the guy. i didn't strike him or anything like that. >> store footage captured only the beginning of the incident. >> what happened was i was drinking my with my home boys and went next door to the liquor store and i bought some cigarettes. and i decided to steal a pornographic magazine and take it back to the bar with my friends. owner saw me take it. so he accused me of it, you know, and we basically i said i didn't do it, you know. >> krueger lifts his shirt to convince the store owner he's not hiding the magazine. he then walks out of the store
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and soon after, the owner follows. >> we got outside the store. i turned around, i took the magazine here's your magazine. i don't want anything more to do with you. i kept running and he kept casing me. i turned around and pushed him, you know, and he never got back up. he hit the ground and hit his head. died two days later. >> under california law, even an accidental death during the commission of a felony is considered murder. krueger's jury took less than a day to find him guilty. >> i'm responsible for main's death. i know i do have to have some time. i don't think it should be the rest of my life, you know? and but what's not really for me to decide either. >> krueger faces as much as 25 years to life. until his sentencing hearing, he will remain at the oc jail. >> it's kind of like purgatory. you're in the in between.
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till you know what your future is about, you're stuck. have you no idea what's going to happen. i'm not going to be going to camp snoopy or anything like that. i'm going to prison so i'm just trying to get ready for that, get in shape. >> his preparation for prison includes an unusual workout routin routine. >> ever have a cellie you can trust like that before? >> no. >> have you ever been an exercise ool? >> it's like riding a bull. >> brandon scotto helps krueger prepare for prison in more ways than just being added weight for his workouts. he's been to prison before and has knowledge to share. >> pretty much my whole life i've been in. my total time i've been out is probably not even a year. i was out three months before i
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got this charge. >> this time, scotto was found in a stolen truck with a bag of tools. >> i was coming down off of meth. i fell asleep in the vehicle and i guess the guy who owned the vehicle passed by and called the cops and saying my truck's right here and they come guns drawn and pulled me out. >> as a member of a white supremacist group, he says he knows about prison violence. >> a little bit more violent. there's going to be things i need to do. if i don't, there's going to be consequences. i'm not going to let anything slide that needs to be taken care of. >> even though krueger isn't affiliated with any racial gangs, he believes that going to prison might make it necessary for him to join one. >> to stay alive and survive, i got do what i got to do, you know. you can't be on your own, can't fly your own white flag.
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especially with me being oh big. i'm going to be a big flag myself. that's kind of scary. you know? >> but for now, the orange county jail provides a safe haven and until the men leave for prison. >> but yeah, we've been in here for eight months now, me and him. not one fight yet. >> on the other side of theo lacy in one of the jail's protective housing units, things are considerably less harmonious. >>. >> casper, come here.
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for most inmates, life in jail is a somber experience, full of seemingly endless days, long nights, and the constant fight against boredom. but in one of the orange county jails protective housing units known as mod q, things are much
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more lively. >> that's my [ bleep ] right here. >> that's my home girl. that's my [ bleep ]. whoo! that's mine. whoo! come here, show your [ bleep ]. >> mod q houses a variety of protective custody inmates, including a high percentage of homosexuals. >> all homosexual inmates are required to be classified as protective custody. it is not optional. they will have to be protective custody inmate in a protective custody housing location. that's for their own safety because there will be a potential victim due to the fact that they're homosexual. >> some of the inmates in this mod are not just homosexual, but choose to live as women. a few have begun the process of surgically transforming their bodies. >> when you enter the orange county jail system, if you are in the process of having a sex change, let's say, if you still have your male genital parts, you are considered a male and
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you will be housed there, whether or not you have breasts or, you know, it is what is below the belt that counts. >> although there are many big personalities in mod q, one inmate has actually earned the nickname drama. that inmate is markus cash. >> markus is probably our most flamboyant inmate. every time he comes out of the cell, it is almost a show, the way he walks, the way he talks to you. >> ready for my close-up? >> he's very flamboyant. and exaggerates his movements and speech quite a bit. so that draws a lot of attention to him. >> well, is, i like to dance on the dinner table out there, like, when i'm not supposed to. i scream a lot. i'm always, like, yelling out my doors. yeah, so i guess that would make me drama, you know. they're always writing me up,
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always like coming on my speaker. what are you doing, cash? i guess drama. don't piss me off, girl. you know me. you know me, girl. >> at 21 years old, cash is on his eighth trip through the oc jail. this time after being caught with a batch of stolen credit cards. >> well, i was really drunk one night. and me and my friend decided to, you know, let's go shopping and we got a bunch of credit cards and we went to stores and we bought -- we tried to buy $700 worth of gift cards, you know, and that didn't fly, you know? 2:00 in the morning, drunk, you know, what are you kids doing in here? so, yeah. >> during his latest stay in jail, cash has met someone special. the object of his affection is rocky brett, who is currently serving a year sentence for drug possession and dealing. he goes by the nickname casper. >> the name is casper. i'm going to get a tattoo casper that goes right here. i'm going to get a tattoo. it is going to be really cute. >> this right here amounts to about two weeks of
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correspondence, even though she lives two cells down from me, these are about two weeks worth of accumulated material here. >> i love him. >> it is always -- they're always nice to get mail in here, even though we don't always get mail from the outside. sometimes some of the best mail you get comes from somebody you care about. >> exactly. >> you know. >> i really love him. i know, it is horrible. but it is going to be -- i don't know because i'm scared of love, you know. and jail love. jail love. this is, you know what i'm saying? you don't want to meet somebody, you know what i'm saying? you know, you want to meet someone on good terms, you know. we're here in jail, we're criminals, you know? i love you, baby. >> do you guys get to touch at all? >> yeah, sometimes we do. we do all the time. >> when she comes over here, she puts her hand underneath the door and we hold like this. but sometimes when you get lucky, she'll come out here and -- >> they open the door sometimes for us. >> they open the door when she's in day room or i'm in day room
11:17 pm
or i'm getting a visit, i'll walk outside, we'll get a little cuss and a hug in. >> yeah. it's cool. i don't know. i wish it was more, you know, but i'm in jail. i didn't come to jail, to, like, fall in love but i did fall in love, you know. it sucks. >> in mod q, the relationships are absolutely different than from other mods because in other mods you got this high intensity, ultra type a gang politicking atmosphere going on. and in a mod like mod q, it is more like love triangles going on. a lot of drama. it is big time drama mod. >> cash and casper's romance began when they were cell mates. but that led to a case of cabin fever. >> we got into fights constantly. and the deputies in here, they just had enough of it. we threw coffee in the cell, we threw milk cartons at each other, we were throwing around soups at each other. it just escalated out of control. >> cash and casper are now in separate cells.
11:18 pm
and are required to take their two-hours of communal day room at different times. but that hasn't made the relationship any less volatile. >> why are you mad at me? >> i was observing cash because i knew that he would be down there trying to be a showoff and try and be a drama person. so i observed him and i watched him hug another several inmates down there. so he knows the rules, he's not supposed to do that and he did that. and the consequences are me usually not talking to him for the rest of the day. >> as casper knows, ignoring cash is more easily said than done. >> baby, come here. i love you, sweetie. come here. casper, casper, come here. why are you being crazy? because i [ bleep ] wanted to [ bleep ]. i gave him a hug. get over it. casper, are you serious? come here.
11:19 pm
please, baby. are you mad at me? >> why do we go through this every time? >> don't be mad at me. >> we go through this every time. >> don't be mad at me. >> you know i just told you what was up, you know? >> i know. >> you want to go there and hug and schmooze on whoever you want and feel like it. >> i'm sorry. can we get over it? >> that's how it is every time. every time you do something wrong, i messed up, can i get over it, can i get over it? why don't you go get those rules i wrote you. >> okay, i'm sorry. no giving, sharing, trading or selling of any personal items including receiving of any things other inmate gives to you and, yes, including cellies. no holding, hugging, touching, kissing, playing like you're about to engage in any activity such as anything listed above
11:20 pm
the shoulders results in severe consequences. >> exactly. >> i didn't read all of these. >> you didn't read it all? >> i only got to the beginning and then i stopped. >> what does it say on the bottom? >> you're not going to talk to me. >> the harshest consequences. >> you always, like, complain about the little things, okay. >> the little things that count. if you haven't realized it. >> i understand that, and i'm sorry. >> oh! >> okay? >> i guess. >> i love you. >> i don't understand women. they're so complicated. man! coming up -- >> does the other guy look the same as you? >> no. >> two orange county inmates reach their boiling points. >> a horrible fight. sam higgins? you have frequent heartburn, right?
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at the theo lacy facility in southern california's orange county jail, cell mates weston kruger and brandyn scotto not only live together in a small cell, they even take their one
11:24 pm
hour daily rectime together. but scotto is taking rec a little easier due to swelling around the eyes. >> you look different from the last time i saw you. >> got in a little altercation. >> a little one? >> yeah. big bully. >> a big bully came after you? >> yeah. >> big bully swinging? >> yeah. >> does the other guy look the same as you? >> no. >> how does he look? >> better. >> like most inmates who get into fights, scotto won't say who blackened his eyes. >> just a little damage, would rather not speak on it. it is in the past. it is over. that's all. >> a few hours later, scotto was given orders to pack up his possessions and move to a new cell. >> my partner confronted the inmate with the injuries and during his interview, he was able to identify that his cell mate was the perpetrator of that assault.
11:25 pm
he actually admitted that he and his cell mate weston kruger had gotten in a fight. he had told us that the fight was over a disrespect issue. he was trying to watch tv from his cell, which is a challenge because you can't always hear the television from your cell. and his cell mate was in the rear of the cell, shouting through the vents to someone else. a common way that inmates communicate. >> he's a pretty loud dude. i told him once before, keep it down. yeah, yeah, yeah. still talks, still loud. look, bro, be quiet when i watch tv. that's when he said [ bleep ]. that's when i got off the desk and started laying in to him. the minute he did that, i drew the line and doesn't matter how big he is, how small he is, i just needed to draw that and get that off my chest to let him know this is what's up. and it's sad. we went off like 20, 30 seconds and then stopped, shook hands, there ain't no problems no more. from that point on, he was quiet when i was watching tv.
11:26 pm
>> the two men are moved to holding cells until authorities can find new housing assignments for them. >> we'll bring each of them down, talk to them. if it's necessary, we'll place separation orders so neither one sees the other one again. there is a certain boiling point with inmates where, you know, if you live with somebody for a certain amount of time in a very close proximity, tensions can rise and something as small as somebody not being quiet at the appropriate time can lead to something like this. >> over in mod q, markus cash, also known as drama, has reached a boiling point of his own. >> you're not locking these doors. >> he's gotten into a dispute with his boyfriend's cell mate. >> you're not [ bleep ]. [ bleep ] you. >> the fight landed cash in isolation where he's locked down 23 hours a day. >> i think cash got a little jealous and he thought that i was screwing around with my new
11:27 pm
cellie, which is totally not true. and one thing escalated to another, cash threw an orange in here, my cellie walked out, words were exchanged and cash threw the first punch and my cellie threw the next punch. after that, next thing, food trays were thrown everywhere and they just lasted about five minutes on the tier. it was a horrible fight. >> i don't like to fight. but, you know, i have to talk [ bleep ]. but if people are going to start something, like i will take it to that level, you know? without a doubt. >> where did you learn how to fight? >> i don't know. jail. jail. >> he'll be there for ten days. maybe he'll realize what he did wrong and now we'll be separated and won't be able to talk to each other, won't be able to correspond by mail. >> i'm going to go finish my dinner. i love you, baby. i'll see you soon. love always. i miss my baby. like, he's all i think about in here. yeah. it sucks.
11:28 pm
my heart. >> i don't want to be so self-centered anymore. i'm really self-centered. it is all about me and my drama. i put my boyfriend through a lot. he's always in the mix of my drama and he always has to, like, take my side. >> with him, it is a constant problem because he's young, he's energetic, and he likes attention. so those are the biggest worries i have to face day to day with him. all i can hope for is that cash learns his lesson when he comes back out and realizes that this time apart, it hurts kind of both of us. >> in the meantime, cash sees at least one other benefit to isolation. the jump suits. >> the red is really hot. i love it. it is like red. i love red. >> coming up -- >> two men are locked in a cell and somebody has injuries, there's obviously been a fight. >> jail officials decide what to do with kruger and scotto and markus cash returns to mod q.
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i'm lynn barry. while the sexual assault case against dominique strauss-kahn in new york may be unraveling, he could be facing an attempted rain charge in france. a young french writer says he tried to rain her during an interview in 2003 and she'll file charges on tuesday. a second day of deliberations in the casey anthony murder trial begins tomorrow morning. the jury is considering a first degree charge in the death of her 2-year-old daughter caylee. now back to "lockup." due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. for many inmates, life at the orange county jail in southern california is one long wait for their cases to be
11:33 pm
decided in court. privileges are few, and inmates are only allowed minimal possessions. but with time on their hands, they often find creative solutions to everyday problems. jared petrovich has been here for five years now, on a murder charge to which he pled not guilty. what is it? >> it is a sewing needle, to sew your clothes with or pants. you just file it down. it is not quick, it takes -- got to have patience. you have to make a string. make a quick one real quick. ♪ got your string now. you got your string now, your needle.
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it is real easy. you don't have to take your -- you just get the quick stitch going, you know? i made this beanie, but i took the arms off my shirt. it is kind of big so you got to fold it up. >> while pret trovich is still waiting the start of his murder trial, weston kruger has already been convicted of murder the owner of a liquor store after being caught shoplifting. >> this is just the beginning of my struggle. this is still just the beginning. >> kruger is awaiting sentencing. he faces up to 25 years to life. >> it is almost torture, like chinese water torture, something like that. i don't know. until you know what's going to happen, you really just -- you can't move forward with your life. so you're basically just stuck in this nothing, you know?
11:35 pm
>> but now, he has another problem. >> hi, kruger. come on out. stand on the yellow line. go ahead and walk down to my partner. you're going to make a right-hand turn and go to number one. >> all right. >> orange county jail authorities want to question him about allegedly assaulting his cell mate, brandyn scotto. >> they told me to come down here. they rolled my cellie up, i don't know what's going on. now i'm down here. so i don't know. i'm not sure. don't know what's going on. i'm assuming because he got attacked or whatever. but i have no idea. >> since altercations like this rarely result in the filing of new criminal charges, it will be up to deputy grover to determine what happened and how to prevent further problems. >> so what was happening up in your mod? >> what do you mean? >> we came up and talked to you, something had happened, something was going on. what had happened? >> the only thing i can think of is my bunkee had a couple of
11:36 pm
black eyes. >> tell me about that. >> i can't really talk about it. >> we kind of talked about it a little bit before this and we had a little bit of an idea. do you want to elaborate on that at all? not at all? okay. fair enough. at some point you're probably going to be served with another jail violation. it's going to be for fighting in jail. >> oh, wow. >> obviously you and your cellie had an altercation at some point. nobody is deemed the aggressor yet, nobody is deemed the victim yet. two men are locked in a cell and somebody has injuries. there obviously has been a fight. so it is not the end of the -- not the end of the world for you. >> i understand. >> you should get your notice of violation. sergeant will call you out, conduct a hearing, hear your side of the story. if you're found guilty, he'll issue punishment. >> okay. >> during our investigation, weston kruger still to this day denies that there was a fight or any involvement in a fight with his cell mate, brandyn scotto. >> if kruger is sanctioned for fighting, his punishment will
11:37 pm
most likely be five to ten days in isolation. but without a clear determination of who started the fight, jail officials could also decide to sanction brandyn scotto and because he has a past record of violence when he was in prison, he could be transferred to a higher security housing unit. >> scotto, come on in. a few for malties before we get started. what is the last state prison you were in? >> folsom state. >> what level? >> level three. >> while you were there, did you get any 115s, 128s, writeups there? >> no. >> what writeups did you get there? >> riots. >> i was in a riot at folsom. it kicked off with the blacks. they had stingers on the yard, to warm up your coffee. i knew ahead of time it was going to happen. i filled my tumbler up with baby oil. when it popped up, the stingers heated up the baby oil, slung them on the blacks.
11:38 pm
faces peeled off, all pink underneath, burned them. >> what else? >> there is a lot of other mutual comments. >> where at? >> roscoe. >> roscoe also? when you say a lot of, what are you thinking? two, three? give me a number. >> six to seven. >> six to seven. okay. what else? >> that's about it. >> that's about it. okay. >> basically what is going to happen now is we'll flex you up to a level two inmate. you'll probably be down here until i can get you a house. you may need to spend the night here. >> okay. >> you may go to theo lacy, it's just at this point wherever the rooms are going to be. >> okay. >> thank you. >> fair enough. good luck to you. >> thank you. >> while scotto will be moved to a higher security level, markus cash, after serving ten days in isolation for fighting with his boyfriend's cell mate, has just been moved back to mod q. >> i just got back, like,
11:39 pm
seriously three, four hours ago. i just got here. so, of course, everyone is banging on their doors, screaming my name, you know? i'm a star here. yeah. i'm crazy. >> not only is cash grateful to be out of isolation, he's especially happy about the location of his new cell. >> i'm so excited, my husband is next door. i'm really excited. i'm really excited. >> hey, you can hear me on the speaker? you're the one for me. >> i know, baby. you're the one for me. you're my one and only. >> yeah. >> at first i thought they would keep us separated, but she came back and they put her in the same day room group as me and everything. so it is something to look forward to, and you know, maybe we can spend some more time together and things will work out. >> while jail regulations prohibit intimate contact among inmates, cash and casper say they find ways to steal moments together. >> i'm not going to implicate myself in any jailhouse
11:40 pm
misconduct or anything, but i'm just saying what could be done if you were an inmate in here. if you were to mess around with another inmate, you could take a shower with an inmate. >> the shower would be the best way, the shower. g like it. magnificent, isn't it? with progressive, it's easy to cover all of your favorite rides. progressyve has truck insurance? number one in truck and motorcycle. is that a golf cart? yep. we0also cover rvs, boats, atvs. qnything0else i can help you with? can i take a ride? you need a ticket -- i'm first1 and that's by thu water slide. okay. no running. oh, dear. save on all!your rides. now, that's prógressive> call or click today.
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according to orange county jail officials, they house 32 inmates per every one deputy who works there. the national average has been reported as 14 inmates to 1. >> squat down like a catcher, cough. again. >> and with a total population of 5,000 male and female inmates, keeping everyone safe is no simple task.
11:44 pm
but in one particular housing unit, mod q, deputies don't deal so much with sudden outbreaks of violence as much as they do sudden outbreaks of passion. >> i always got to be next to my man. >> you're my man. >> you and everybody else's man. >> oh, my god! >> i've been working out. look. >> if they were in general population, they definitely would have some drama and, you mannerisms are. >> we need to put some chopsticks in her hair like this. she'll be like a geisha. >> right. i'm happy. don't you like it here? >> there is going to be relationships going on, maybe from the streets that continue on in here. they might be in different cells and they'll just talk to each other through the cells or whatever. but sexual relationships not too prevalent but any type of physical contact that does
11:45 pm
occur, it is a violation of jail rules and we do enforce that. we don't know what's going on out there. it could be an assault taking place. it could be consensual. we have to respond so it is just not allowed. >> the latest relationship on the mod is between markus cash, who goes by the nicknames drama and fendi. >> i love you. >> i know. >> and rocky brett, or commonly known as casper. >> we keep to ourselves. we just walk around down there. worse trouble we get into is touching each other, holding hands or get caught kissing or something like that. other than that, we keep it cool in here. we try not to piss the deputies off too much. the deputies have their boundaries and we have ours. if we overstep our boundaries, we get in trouble and stuff. >> but the two inmates recently put those boundaries to a test. >> yeah, we were in the shower. it was awesome. >> i have my hand right here as
11:46 pm
a minor jail rule violation. there is a staff copy and inmate copy. and this particular inmate committed a minor jail rule violation. he jumped in the shower with another inmate during the day room, which is a big no-no. you're not authorized to enter a shower when it is already occupied by another inmate because in another mod, that could really get you hurt, real bad. he's going to get five days, if he does it again, he'll get a major. inmate that he jumped in the shower with, they were in the same day room group, and now they'll be separated to separate groups to prevent that from happening again. cash, you're being written up for a jail rule violation, a minor, because earlier you got in the shower with the other inmate. that's -- here that's a big no-no. unauthorized movement was the violation. >> oh, my god. >> and you have -- you do have the right to appeal any discipline, all right? >> i don't want to sign. >> you don't want to sign either? did you want to call any
11:47 pm
witnesses? >> yeah, i'll call witnesses. cell six and eight. >> cell six and eight. which inmates? colon and i don't know the other one's name. >> i'll find out who he is. basically you're going to refuse to sign, but i'm going to give you your copy, all right? you're given five days loss of day room, and i'll let the sergeant know you want to appeal this, all right? here you go. >> all right. >> before any sanctions are handed down, inmates have the right to have their witnesses questioned about the alleged violation. >> cash is calling you as a witness. i need to get a statement from you, all right? based on his earlier jail rule violation. i'm just opening this hatch so we can hear each other better. what do you have to say about what happened? >> what is he charged for? >> not a criminal charge, a minor jail rule violation. >> what did he do? >> he got in the shower with
11:48 pm
another inmate. >> oh. i think he didn't know he was in there. that somebody was in there. >> are you sure? that's it your statement? >> yeah. >> okay. all right. >> yeah, he didn't know anybody else was in there. >> all right, thanks. >> you're welcome, sir. >> can i call one of you guys as a witness for what happened earlier? >> yeah, i'm the witness. >> do you want to tell me what happened earlier? >> they both got in the shower together, you know? doing their thing, you know? >> that's it. they got in the shower together? all right. that's good enough for me. >> i heard this, man. >> all right. >> since cash's witnesses perhaps unknowingly confirmed the rule violation, cash not only lost his appeal, but the five days of day room privileges. officials also decided it would be best to separate him and his boyfriend, casper.
11:49 pm
>> all right, close the door behind you. open the door. all the way over here. >> this is crazy. >> casper was moved down to first floor and in with the cellie who he immediately recognized. >> you guys better get along. >> can i get a grievance form? >> sure, we'll bring one to you, yes. >> all right. >> what's going on? >> i told him, i'm not getting along -- i don't get along with this inmate. >> why? >> we had problems from the street. we're from the street. we don't get along. i told the cops right now. and watch -- >> you got to go home. >> what's up?
11:50 pm
>> another mod, we're going off intelligence we get from all kinds of gang counterintelligence. it is hard to get intelligence like that from these guys unless you talk to them, like a counselor one on one and find out who they're not getting along with. >> he's not a homosexual inmate. >> i'm not with that stuff. >> he's not homosexual. >> they might very well get along together, but that's his way of trying to get out of moving to that cell because he really wants to be up there in that group. rows )
11:51 pm
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after violating jail rules by sharing a shower with his boyfriend, markus cash, rocky brett, aka casper, has been moved to a new cell.
11:54 pm
his new cell mate asked that we not use his real name, but did permit us to use his nickname, big daddy. casper claims that he and big daddy have a past history that could lead to violence. >> we've had problems from the street. we're from the streets. we don't get along. >> the jail takes inmate claims of potential violence seriously. and in this case, there is an easy solution. >> we're going to -- you can't be in the group upstairs. obviously, you can't be sell mates with him. there is an empty cell upstairs, cell four, he's going to cell four now. >> he's going to cell four. >> he's going to cell four. you'll have your own cell all by yourself. you cool with that? right now, what i want you to do, you're going to come out and you're going to sit in the day room, all right? >> all right. >> you're going to have a seat. you're going to chill out at the table. >> he wants to talk to you. >> you want to talk to me? all right. >> they're going to pull me out here right now anyways.
11:55 pm
>> can you guys back up a little bit? i'm going to open this door. what's your name again? >> brett. >> go ahead and have a seat right there at that table. yes, so we're moving this inmate into a cell where he's compatible with a cell mate and he'll have his own cell and we're going to figure out where -- who to move where later on. >> in order to keep casper separated from cash, deputies decide to move big daddy to the upper tier. and big daddy is none too happy about the move. >> he disrupted me, got me bounced around, got me bounced out of my cell while i had my own program going and bounced me up here. you know what i'm saying? it ain't cool. because he want to play shower games with fendi. he know he ain't supposed to be doing that. he know that. >> big daddy told us he's not gay but is in protective custody because of gang ties. he also says he's anything but a gay bash area, but confirmed he
11:56 pm
did have it out for casper. >> he know i ain't got nothing against homos. >> they did the right thing because i was going to beat the [ bleep ] out of him, seriously. i was going to beat his [ bleep ] in the cell. only me and him in there. you close the door, it is just me and you. you could scream, holler all you want to. by the time they get there, it will be too late. real talk. he know what he did on the street. he know what it is with me and him. he know he crossed boundaries by coming into my cell. he kind of like violated my privacy in a sense. he running around here with fendi, doing things he ain't got no business doing, disrupting the program in the jail setting, period, you know? and it is really starting to irritate me. if me and him cross paths, i'm going to try my hardest to knock all his teeth out of his mouth. that's just how i feel. as long as he stays far away from me, he will go home in one piece. like i said, i ain't got nothing against homos.
11:57 pm
it is what it is. but i do got something against casper. >> back downstairs, casper is still agitated and refuses to enter big daddy's former cell. even when he's no longer in it. >> i'm not moving until the sergeant comes in here and talks to me. you're going to drag me out of here. this is [ bleep ]. >> i'm going to let you pass right now as far as a major or anything, but if i write you up on a major, you're going to go to the hole. you don't want to do that. >> i know. for now, just go cool off in your cell. we'll get a hold of the sergeant, all right? >> all right. i expect the sergeant to be here tonight. >> all right. >> right now i basically used some verbal judo. i talked one guy into moving upstairs who initially didn't want to move upstairs and i talked him into going into a cell who really didn't want to be in that cell at all. basically, he wants to talk to his sergeant. we'll get a hold of a sergeant. and no one's life is at risk at this point. he's in his cell all by himself. so basically he solved the situation for now. >> you know what, in the end,
11:58 pm
this is all that matters. and he's right upstairs. if they separate me, i'll write him letters. there's no stopping our relationship. when he goes home, i'll call him on the pay phone. you can't stop it. he can be a million miles away, be in the hole, it don't matter. don't matter. >> there is a much more somber drama in the isolation unit where weston kruger is serving ten days as a sanction for fighting with his former cell mate. but he still denies any involvement. >> it has to happen in a blind spot. it was a cell, a blind spot. he got attacked. but i'm not going to start pointing fingers. that's not my job, you know? >> he's already been convicted of killing a liquor store owner, who was trying to stop him from stealing a pornographic magazine.
11:59 pm
a former mixed martial arts fighter, kruger shoved the man with such force, he cracked his skull on the sidewalk. yesterday, the court handed down kruger's sentence, 25 years to life. >> it definitely sucks, bad. it is crazy. i still don't understand how i can get murder for that, you know? they're making a big deal about how big i am, how small he was and trying to make it seem like it was a murder, instead of manslaughter, which it wasn't, you know? and i don't know, throwing away the keys is not the answer. i don't get that. but there is hope still for me. i just hope i can run into some people that can keep my mind off it for long enough. i hope i'm not stuck in a cell like this forever. i hope i'm around people that we can all lean on each other in some way, you know?


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