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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 5, 2014 11:00am-11:11am JST

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hello. you're watching "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. people in northeastern japan started their saturday with a jolt. a magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit eye watt ta prefecture. it was an after shock of the massive temblor that struck in 2011. the earthquake hit miyako city at 7:42 a.m. on saturday. officials at the agency say it was 49 kilometers beneath the pacific ocean off the coast of
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iwate. they say the quake measured 5.9 on the intensity scale of 0 to 7. no tsunami warnings were issued. the strongest quake since a 7.2 struck in december 2012. the quake on saturday temporarily suspended services of the tohoku train line. leaders are keeping a close eye on north korea's probe into its abductions of japanese nationals. they say they may send officials to check on the investigation. leaders in pyongyang announced they'd formed a special committee. members will investigate the fate of abductees and other missing japanese thought to be in north korea. the country's envoy for normalizing relations with japan son il ho said they have authority to investigate all government institutions. the japanese government responded by lifting some of its sanctions.
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leaders will keep a close watch on the investigation. they're expecting the north koreans to issue their first report in late summer or early fall. they'll establish communication channels with north korea and they'll consider whether to send a team to interview sources and visit relevant locations. iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki is vowing to seek a third term in power. he's defying a chorus of critics demanding he step down. some iraqis blame maliki for allowing sunni insurgents to gain ground across the country. militants and government forces have been fighting since last month. troops are trying to retake the northern city of tikrit. insurgents there are fighting back. the battle has reached a stalemate. sunnis and kurds are urging maliki to resign. both groups accuse him of making the sectarian confrontation worse by favoring shias. maliki issued a statement on state tv. he said he will never give up
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his candidacy for the post of prime minister. the first session of iraq's new parliament was adjourned tuesday just hours into its first session. members couldn't agree on how to form a government. mourners at a funeral for a palestinian boy in east jerusalem have clashed with israeli security forces. dozens have been injured in the violence. the 16-year-old boy is believed to have been killed in retaliation for the kidnapping and murders last month of three israeli teenagers in the west bank. thousands of palestinians attended the funeral after friday prayers and then marched through the streets. some threw stones at security forces. the israelis responded with tear gas. violence between the two sides have also flared in jerusalem's old city.
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now the latest on the soccer world cup. germany and france went to brazil in hopes of repeating their past victories. they faced off in a quarterfinal match in rio de janeiro. the german defender scored the opening goal in the 13th minute. he headed the ball off a left side free kick. france and germany both fought to score in the second half but neither got through. the frenchman nearly equalized in extra time. the german goalkeeper managed to hold him off. germany held on to their 1-0 lead right up to the final whistle.
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the day's other action involved two teams from south america. host country brazil took on another powerhouse, colombia. the brazilian captain opened the scoring in the seventh minute. the defender extended that lead in the 69th minute. he converted a 35-yard free kick into one of the most spectacular goals of the tournament. colombian james rodriguez scored a penalty kick in the 80th minute. still the colombians couldn't catch up. the brazilians beat them 2-1. brazil next faces germany. the germans are through to the semifinals for the fourth world cup in a row.
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the brazilians are through for the first time since 2002. but they'll have to play without their star forward naymar. he's out for the rest of the world cup with a back injury. heil's team doctor says he'll need at least four weeks to recover. james rodriguez scored for the sixth time this tournament. he pushed himself further ahead in the goal rankings. people in brazil are not just celebrating soccer. 200,000 are expected at a festival of japanese culture and cuisine. japanese brazilians are hosting three days of festivities. they've been doing this annually for the past 16 years, and they've seen their festival grow into the biggest japanese event outside japan. food fans can try regional smesht specialties. some of their
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favorites are lightly roasted bonita from kochi and salted herrings from hokkaido. >> translator: i came because i want to try the kind of regional japanese cuisine we can't usually eat. >> visitors are getting a taste of traditional japanese music. anyone wearing the national football strip of japan or brazil gets into the festival for free. here's the three-day weather forecast for select cities.
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japanese who survive the tsunami three years ago have said a musical thank you to donors in taiwan. they hosted a concert using a piano that represents what some say is a miraculous recovery. ♪ the japanese wanted to thank people in taiwan for sending over $200 million in donations. they found the piano in the gym of a school that got hit by the tsunami. the instrument was covered in mud and damaged by sea water. a tuner restored it to its original state. people began calling it the miracle piano. taiwanese pianist huang
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yu-hsiang has a personal connection with the region's recovery. he visited last december. and he delighted people in taiwan by playing a jpapanese children's song. >> translator: the way the piano sounds and its keyboard are just like new. i found it very easy to play. >> translator: our thoughts are always with the disaster survivors. we'll carry on supporting them. >> that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo.
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