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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 6, 2014 4:00am-4:11am JST

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hello and welcome to nhk "newsline". 46 indian nurses that successfully returned to their home country after being caught up in a fierce battle between islamic militants and government forces in iraq. a special civilian flight on saturday brought the nurses home to the city of kochi in southern india. their arrival and reunion with family members was broadcast live on television. the nurses were working at a
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hospital in a northern iraqi city of tikrit when the violence intensified. indian foreign ministry officials say the nurses were captured by an unknown group. government negotiators worked through diplomatic channels and local parties to eventually secure their release. >> i'm so happy, i tell my children and they were so very happy. >> the indians work in iraq and therefore friends and relatives are paying close attention to the escalating conflict. >> people living in china's uyghur region are marking a somber anniversary under tight security. they're remembering anti-government riots that took place five years ago. chinese authorities deployed police officers in armored vehicles on saturday around local markets. they've also stationed troops at a communist party building in
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the city center. they say nearly 200 people were killed in 2009. ethnic uyghurs staged a rally that turned into a series of riots. uyghurs make up half the population of the region and they've grown increasingly frustrated with the widening income gap with the china majority, the han. >> translator: even intelligent and skillful uyghurs have a hard time finding jobs because of discrimination. >> chinese authorities have been dealing with escalating violence in urumqi. they blamed islamic separatists on attacks on a railway station and a market and have vowed to crack down on religious extremists in what they call a fight against terrorism. negotiators trying to seal a free trade deal for the asia
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pacific are launching a fresh bid to iron out the differences. they are meeting in ottawa to discuss sticking points such as tariffs. negotiators from the japan and united states and ten other countries gathered on saturday for transpacific partnership talks. they'll discuss the removal of tariffs and look at rules to protect intellectual rights or pharmaceutical patents and planned to review preferential treatment for state owned firms. the chief negotiator said his government wants to wrap things up quickly. >> this meeting in ottawa will be crucial to determine whether the parties can reach a deal before the end of the year. >> but he warned it will be a
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challenge to overcome some disagreements. negotiators want to resolve most differences around the table but they have agreed political issues should be left to governments. north korean leaders are taking steps to show their probe into the fate of abducted japanese nationals is serious. they've laid out their investigation plan and are calling for cooperation from their counterparts in tokyo. >> negotiators in pyongyang announced they have formed a special committee. they'll investigate the cases of abductees and other missing japanese said to be in north korea. >> translator: the purpose of a special committee is to investigate and clear all problems related to the japanese abductions this year. the team has an unprecedented amount of power. >> the country's envoy for
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normalizing relations with japan, son il ho, said they have the authority to investigate all government institutions. he's calling for the two nations to share necessary information. he says the probe will require reciprocal interviews and trips to japan. son says the visits are needed to speak to relevant people and see pertinent places. analysts say his request is in response to one made by the japanese government to send a delegation to the north to check on the progress, and they say leaders in pyongyang are trying to show that their probe is credible. past investigations have revealed that a set of remains returned by north korea were not those of an abducted japanese national. leaders in tokyo are keeping a close eye on the north's investigation, even after they decided to lift some of its sanctions. they're expecting north korean officials to issue their first report in late summer or early
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fall. and they'll also establish communication channels between the two countries. officials in japan are investigating an unusual mystery. criminals have swiped thousands of metal name plates from bridges and tunnels. many of the signs are made of brass and indescribed with the names of the builders and date they finished the work. officials in april noticed that name plates have gone missing in western japan. they started to look in other places and found the thieves have made off with more than 2,000 name plates in eight prefectures and say the signs are worth about $900,000. officials in some local governments have gone to extra lengths to deter the culprits. they have bolted plates down and
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welded them in place but they say it's made little difference. investigators are struggling to work out who's been taking the plates and what they want with them. now to the world cup in brazil, the host country took on another soccer powerhouse, colombia, in a quarterfinal match. in the seventh minute, neymar booted the goal in and found diego silva to open the scoring. defender david luiz extended the lead. he converted the 35-yard free kick, one of the most spectacular goals of the play.
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colombian scored on a penalty kick in the 80th minute. but the colombian squad couldn't catch up, losing by a score of 2-1. the brazilians will move onto the semifinals, but that is without their top player, neymar. he collided with a colombian defender in the second half. and he suffered a fractured vertebrae. brazil said he will need at least four weeks to recover from injury. >> translator: it's sad for brazil. >> translator: he's an important player for the team and for the country. >> neymar will be sidelined for the rest of the tournament. >> translator: our team will win
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the world cup for neymar. we will create even stronger ties among our teammates. >> in the day's other quarterfinal match, germany beat france by a score of 1-0. brazil will now meet germany in a semifinal. up next, the world weather forecast. and that concludes this edition of "newsline."
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on behalf of our team, thank you for staying with us. a community caregiver is doing the rounds of elderly people who live alone. a man lives in a room filled with piles of newspapers he's collected. he's suffering from dementia, but he's not aware of his condition.


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