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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 30, 2014 8:00am-8:11am JST

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welcome to "newsline." nato has accused russia of violating ukraine's sovereignty. the secretary-general swept aside russian denials. >> it is now clear that russian troops and equipment have illegally crossed the border into eastern and southeastern ukraine. >> russian forces are supplying weapons to separatists and engaging in operations.
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he accused the liters of defying diplomatic efforts for a peaceful solution. put said he is disappointed by the support the united states has given the ukraine government. he said they are behind ukraine's political turmoil. he criticized western governments for putting pressures on countries that don't agree with their policies. putin said ooh crepian authorities should begin substantial talks with the pro-russian separatists. the leaders of the separatists say they won't negotiate with t the ukrainian government. they spoke with the media. >> translator: our goal is to defeat the poroshenko administration. >> he admitted russian soldiers
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are joining them. he said they are all volunteers. the separatists are pushing back against a government offensive. they took control of a town near the border with russia on thursday. the ebola outbreak in west africa has crossed another border. government officials in senagal say it has passed there. officials warned authorities they lost track of a student who was likely infected. they said he disappeared three weeks ago and may have entered the area. officials found him in a hospital in the capital. the student had not told hospital workers he might be infected. health officials are trying to track people who have come into contact with him. the world health organization
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reports over 3,000 confirmed or suspected ebola cases. neighboring countries are on high alert. indian prime minister na ren dra mod did i led his party to a victory in the may election. it was the first change of power in a decade. a meeting between modi and abe is scheduled for monday. abe plans to host a private dinner for them in kyoto before the summit. modi's key to revitalize the
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economy in its worst growth in more than a decade. he views japan as a coup business partner for his country. he expressed india's willingness to join japan. they are concerned about china having more influence. security is likely to be high on the agenda when they meet.
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modi is hoping to obtain cooperation for a nuclear energy pact that will allow india to use japanese technology. he wants to discuss a planned high speed train network for india. chinese prosecutor are punishing a company they believe sold expired meat products to fast food chains. they have given police permission to arrest six executives. the firm is based in shanghai. prosecutors say staff committed food safety violations. police held executives just after the scandal came to light. they can detain suspects before making a formal arrest. the u.s. food supplier osi group is the parent company. representatives say they will continue to cooperate with chinese authorities. members of a u.n. community
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are trying to tackle ethnic discrimination in japan. the u.n. committee on the elimination of racial discrimination took its first look at japan in four years. members say they are concerned about the spread of hate speech against korean residents on the internet and in public speeches. they are criticizing japanese authorities for not properly investigating and prosecuting people who fuel ethnic hatred. >> you need a comprehensive law on racial discrimination. that is the most important thing. >> a u.n. panel on basic human rights urged japan to ban hate speech last month. people are celebrating a break through.
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now they are shipping to indonesia for the first time ever. farm officials offered sampled at a supermarket. customers had a taste. one bought peaches that cost more than $13 each. >> translator: it's delicious. very fresh and sweet. i have eaten food from fukushima abroad, and i'm not worried about its safety. >> fruit farmers have been hit hard by import restrictions in hong kong and taiwan. they have high hopes for sales in indonesia because the economy there is growing. here is the three-day weather forecast for selected cities.
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hello kitty is the world
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famous made in japan cartoon character that has become an icon. there was an article with the title, hello kitty is not a cat, eliciting surprise from media across the united states. the u.s. newspaper broke the news tuesday in an article about a forthcoming exhibition to mark the 40th anniversary of the creation. the article quoted an anthropologist as saying that hello kitty is not a cat but a little girl that walks and sits like a two-legged creature. it adds that the girl has a pet of her own. the bbc was part of a big media respon response. it reported it's a british school kid who lives outside london. the company that created it says hello kitty was modelled after a cat but she's completely personified as a girl. that concludes this edition of "newsline."
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thank you for joining us. welcome to "cool japan" where we introduce cool japanese culture. >> it's something essential for human beings to survive. just like you. >> like me? >> yes. tod today's theme is salt. >> it's an essential ingredient. >> people are cutting back on salt these days. >> let's get started. this is "cool japan." >> narrator: these days


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