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tv   [untitled]    September 10, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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this is more a region is economically and socially one of russia's better developed provinces the region has a significant scientific and industrial capacity that will realize its full potential after the construction of the. park can tell ya he has completed the i.g. parco has r. and d. projects in the spheres of automotive construction aerospace and oil chemistry high
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tech data center furbished with cutting edge servers and communication equipment will be constructed at the core of the park the project has been personally approved by prime minister vladimir putin the federal government is planning to allocate sizable funding for the parks construction investors will be given benefits such as property tax exemption low land rental prices and other preferences of the samoa region government is open to mutually beneficial cooperation we invite investors to participate in existing projects and we are ready to give a hand of fulfilling your projects and growing your business in this small region. new arena for new ideas president had better tell the global policy forum and that beat us should be jealous about russia's proposed new security treaty with europe that could help everyone. south assessments have been lighting candles across the
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republic to mourn seventeen victims of a suicide car bomb attack on thursday which the painter was already taking place. and off he investigated favorably growth and ease law in america the number of contacts in the nine eleven terror attacks increasing despite claims the media appeals and sentiment. news from russia and around the world this is r.c. with me us above all about thanks for joining us and we start off with the global policy forum and get us lot of the web dmitri medvedev has been sharing his thoughts on both domestic and foreign policy the russian president said the u.s. should overcome what he described as jealousy towards moscow's proposed new european security deal and he also rebuffed criticism of democratic standards in his country as you can see in that child was there. the bottom line. presently bed
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of speech was that time has come not just to talk not just to criticize each other but time is to find global solutions three main topics dominated today's discussions democracy modernization and efficiency very simple things very simple ideas but how to achieve them there is indeed no consistency on that and the question is whether there should be consistency over that every country should go its own way russia's president russian president dmitry medvedev take on that is that nothing is very straightforward these days and this is what the forum is about as for the central topic democratization and democracy experiences around the world diversified experiences the heated argument was about what is democracy in the first place and where it can be described with some adjectives and indeed the many like young which were open democracy and democratic institutions are
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intensively developing and russia and present in bed have said he personally wouldn't want to live in another country in a country which would have chosen another way to go to church he said listen i strongly disagree with those who say there's no democracy in russia and that there's authoritarian tendencies here it's not true that russia is a democracy beyond any doubt it's young it's immature it's still not perfect and experience but it's a democracy nonetheless there's a way to go but we're ready to work on it in some countries democracy is being imposed but it doesn't work that way and we've seen many examples of that again presently that is promoting the idea of a new european security architecture presently betty for saying that because european security institutions are unsustainable and that they should evolve to reflect present realities so what he is suggesting is to adopt a new european security treaty but he nevertheless trust that there are certain obstacles on the way to. go. there what we need to create an institution that will
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bring together nato and non nato members and other structures my us counterpart president barack obama never avoids discussing this issue he does not say that is harmful or unnecessary but i would suggest that among our american partners a certain jealousy exists with regard to this idea however it is necessary to rise over this josee and try to look the truth in the eye without the creation of the system the world will not be able to survive we can help each other here of course when talking about global security journalists didn't miss an opportunity to ask the president about what he thought on the iranian nuclear issue by far one of the hottest topics on the international news agenda presently bet its side russia will help iran to find its place in the world it will be in the framework of the international law russia will appear not seen huge to cooperate with the wrong usually by the much. reporting back and new york university professor craig calhoun
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says that while current agreement of a new european security framework is a discussion which is absolutely vital to begin but which could take him to comply . i don't think that there has been a resolution about the proposal for the new european security security treaty but i do think that there is now a relationship of mutual respect between president medvedev and president obama and between the two countries and that includes the other european countries that would have to be partners to any sort of agreement so in my view the discussion has to continue possibly for years before there is a resolution the disaster would be if any country breaks off the discussion and refuses to keep this process moving forward because we do need to reach an agreement and a new framework. as well as the serious business the forum has some light hearted debates to contest south australia so that all fast. there are people who have been there for dissipating this for they've been to
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a lot of forums and they're sort of used to this and so whether outside of the plenary sessions or sometimes even in the player such as you see them laughing you see them agreeing to disagree especially when it's a very very sensitive topic and when all that outside you're talking to them about politics they prefer to talk about how beautiful their country is or how much they like russia perhaps or how much i'd like to visit moscow and so these things come out and one other thing is they've been career diplomats career politicians are are academics and they always tell me you know one thing that big younger generation should do is they should do a better job of doing it because talking and talking and talking so hopefully after this would happen and of course we have italian prime minister silvio berlusconi misinformed about the topic that he was supposed to talk about so basically he went out there and just started to improvise which. was not very willing. to discuss
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issues for the. administration which is the speech the room. to the moderates. in this presentation. to discussion here so well after all the serious talk and. the protests are planned some of them will be participating in activities planned for them so there will be more fun. and also the forum the seventy four year old eternal prime minister announced he's throwing his support behind it is to try to his country aiming to prone to every human life to one hundred and twenty years and may sing lead him at peace and afterward silvio berlusconi's idea seems to interest the fifty seven year old russian prime minister. we will leave until we're one hundred twenty years don't see yes but you have to bear in mind that this is the average launch expectancy is still the leaders live much longer. still we would still be prime ministers when we are one hundred twenty no i'm not sure that's
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possible the job of prime minister which is you won't believe me i haven't had a single day off this year either the prime minister speech and have had much time to rest recently either so. i have some ideas about a couple of days of joint holistic talk about it later. a big global policy forum is now over but on saturday there will be more live coverage from fiji that's when the city moves into politics mode and begin celebrating its millennium and also he will be following it for you of course. when the news is not enough. when it's something really crucial what you want to get down to brass tacks. special coverage. this time the latest news from the. policy forum live broadcast special guest discussions on the law in the modern state in
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providing security and stability of the present day world. question more on the. in other news this hour says day's deadly terror attack in north assess here overshadowed president vet of timing he told me saying there's no point being soft with the terrorists responsible they must be destroyed the republic has been holding an official day of mourning for the seventeen victims of the car blast which have become at all central market bombing carried out that also injured over one hundred sixty people some of them children and amber of those hurt are now being treated in moscow hospitals and three suspects have been detained of the car which contained evolve has been identified because he's actually had choice of the reports now from the deck of cards where the first pails have been held. to lives hand in hand interrupted at the moment when yes i'm on my man and her toddler grandson no one knew where children at that lady got across central market they see
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the boy was quarreling with his brother about writing their bike so grandma promised to buy a little allure a new one a moment later their dreams were wiped out by the blast. we were the markets i went into a shop was my mother wife in tucson stayed outside and then an explosion i rushed out and saw all four of them on the ground i lost two of them my son who died was one and a half years old my three year old son is now in surgery doctors are fighting for his life there were a lot of people in the market stair is fine. and yes in my meadow most every morning before go into the market their day rafik i felt sick and stayed home yes and went alone just held grapes and never came back. as a father and his one and a half year old son who died and this is his wife she was injured. and this is the woman who died. twenty years ago when life in georgia became difficult for ethnic
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as a reason like many in her village quiet and hospitable yes a man packed her things and headed to logic of cars her small family makes their leaving from selling fruit and vegetables and a year ago moved closer to the central market used to work closely to show other ones to the selling grapes another was selling limiters she was hazaras through them who hold the hood but she was badly injured solo it was ripped off her chair diabetes and they couldn't stop the blood. crying over the last many people and logic of course refused to believe the blast really happened the main question for many remains why you go. these are barbarians monsters not humans these people have neither nationality nor humanity or decency and i think it was deliberately planned to bring this tragedy to the republic this is the sixth time something like this has happened in the choose big holidays to cause racial hatred but they want to achieve it. grief and sorrow has united the people and logic of
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cause russians a satans ukrainians and other is all bring flowers to the scene and donate blood to help the injured. the glass is cracking under the feet of those who come to the gates of the central market. echoes in the out just choice interrupted only by those claiming to know a pair in the area people try to stay closer to each other as if this close this can help them to live through all the tragedy in. our scene from political us. our website features all of our top stories today and here's a taste of all time live right powerhouse hit on. by downtown russian police tracked down a gang of happiness for blackmail internet teases with a virus and demand the fee to revise it letting up to ten million dollars in just a month. from riches about ground to underwater a sunken ship loaded with paintings commissioned by catherine the great. it's to raise from its resting place on the sea but at
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a cost of about hundred million dollars and you can find enormous amount of the stories that also you don't call. despite international outrage a u.s. pastor has threatened to burn the koran on the anniversary of the nine eleven attacks says he's nearly postponed and not counseled his plan they passed a small church in florida said his destroy a copy of the muslims holy book on the anniversary of the terrorist atrocities unless the planned construction of a mosque near ground zero in new york is relocated and he has been harshly criticized across the world with the u.s. president barack obama saying it puts the lives of american troops at risk meanwhile new figures in the u.s. a rise in the number of converts to islam. has made americans has recently become
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muslims. it's the call to prayer and it's answered by more than a billion muslims all over the world including caitlin billings a twenty two year old american who was raised christian converted to watch here the first of ramadan my mother. she was afraid that i was going to marry someone who would be. she was crying a lot of thought that i was returning her by changing my religion to something that she didn't know about backtrack almost a decade ago to nine eleven today our fellow citizens our way of life. our very freedom came under attack in a series of deliberate and deadly terrorist attacks president bush waged a war on terror targeting extremists muslims who are labeled as terrorists many americans like caitlin billings remember that time in the united states very well i
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was fourteen when september eleventh happened so i didn't really know what was going on if that really was you know people thought it was so i believe just like everybody else but as billings got older she decided to find out for herself and her investigation led her to the mistah a center a mosque just outside of washington d.c. that has become a haven for many americans like billings who have found allah a new poll found that almost forty percent of americans believe that muslims should carry identification card despite that twenty thousand americans every year decide to convert to islam convert say they don't regret their decision at all it's a choice that they must think about every day around the world since nine eleven muslims have battled bands of their religious clothing profiling in airports and discrimination in their everyday lives after joining our class to learn more about islam carl dodge also decided to become a muslim one of the big jokes that i've always made is before i actually set down the class an open microphone everything i knew about islam i had learned from
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c.n.n. and when it comes to the mainstream media the depiction of converts can be somewhat extreme that pakistani officials have arrested adam gadahn this is the american born spokesman for al qaeda fox's work first there was john walker lindh the californian who converted joined the taliban and then did up fighting with them in afghanistan and then more recently it was jihad jane the blond haired blue eyed convert who allegedly recruited people to wage violent jihad and for many american muslims like dodge and billings the portrayal of converts is disturbing if those upset me a little bit because there's a lot of preconceptions people have been until i actually took the time. i'm to open up around and see what was written you know that was my only impression of islam as what i had seen on t.v. and in the united states they say a culture of islamophobia just doesn't make sense it's a rights of proper religion that's what this country was founded on just had
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somebody asked me the other day is also are you against america now and it's like ok. i'm a you know u.s. veteran as well i served in the u.s. navy and so i do believe in this country no matter what unfolds around her billing says she's proud to be a muslim if no one in the world wants to talk to me and my friend i saw. a happiness that might not make sense to those around her. three assure you there are tea annandale virginia. a huge gas explosion has killed at least four people and destroyed mobile searching homes in california residents had to flee from flames after the blast in a neighborhood south of san francisco a local utility company can funds that the ruptured section of one of the pipelines caused the inferno they've since turned it off to stop the flow of gas but firefighters are still working to contain the blaze. marks light has kind of
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village in southern italy after heavy rain breaking about every response that's going to a five year old woman is missing after the coffee pot or she was working was swept away the rain has eased but i have the you will have a downpour those are predicted in the coming days. mexico had its bloodiest day in two days as drugs gang violence claimed twenty five lives in the town on the border would be united states most of those showed were deliberately targeted but for the dead were killed after witnessing a shootout the violence wasn't progress where more than small funnels and have died in the last two years alone and almost thirty thousand people have been killed in drug related violence across mexico so it's a crime down launched by president felipe calderon forget about. us and our top story the global policy forum that's taken place in the russian city of garrus love featuring prominently at the event where dmitry medvedev splines to modernize russia and also he spoke to the president's press secretary and attended to look over at the fore.
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a year ago president reagan published his vision for the future of russia to fill us in on what progress has been made i know we're joined by his press secretary not that it's a makeover that i do thank you very much for doing it. but. in his article go russia published last year the president named corruption as one of the biggest problems slowing down the country's development according to some figures it's volume which is around half of the u.v. g.d.p. what's changed since then. did a year ago in his article go russia president made a bed of gave a detailed and unflattering account of the situation russia is currently in it was not unflattering in the meaning of critical of that previous period and previous achievements no on the contrary they were giving credit but it was stated that the model of development russia had chosen and pursued until now is no longer viable
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the president named a number of reasons that stand in the way of the country's development corruption was named as a major reason for delay in development it is true that now competition is possible until we have a well built and up to date judicial system until we combat corruption and have fair unbiased courts and on as an unbiased law enforcement personnel and without all this it will be hard for russia to secure a good place on the global scene oh sue both in this article and his other speeches the president said that the task of combating corruption is quite challenging regrettably illegal nihilism is typical not only of some layers of our society in the first place of it law enforcement agencies which have greatest problems with graps in and of the bureaucratic machine it is generally typical of the whole society and most of the people every one of us has ideas that are far from ideal about how various issues must be settled the brightest example we always mansion is the dealings with traffic police officials and there are quite
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a few examples like this. therefore naturally the task to overcome corruption is set for more than one two or even four years it requires much more time because it requires not only some changes in largest lation introducing more rigid rules for state officials businesses and courts but first info most it requires a change in the public opinion on this things obviously it will take time but nevertheless many steps have been made over this year to start implementing the ideas outlined in the president's article i remind you that since last year the state officials are required to publish their tax return reports both for themselves and for their family members. in addition to that the anti-corruption council had by the president as active a number of amendments to the entitled option legislation have been adopted i'd like to recap where not expecting immediate results it would be strange to expect them right now it is obvious that it is a long term scheme which will continue and which will remain
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a priority on the president's agenda. russia is one of the biggest oil producers in the world but there has led to an economic dependency is there anything else that can take the place of petrol dollars. the president said that the country's dependence on oil and gas industry and oil prices has become devastating for our economy of course such a large country with such a large population and such a large number of open social issues should not build its economy and its economic expectations purely on the global oil and gas prices it would be a strange and unhealthy dependence that is why the president brought up the subject of modernization and the necessity to switch to new innovative economic development patterns in order to have other major so it is for our budget than merely oil and gas we have made good progress over this year first of all large projects such as skulk of i have been launched last year it was just an idea while today. it's
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a food scope legal project with clearly defined tax preferences and with a clearly defined team it's overseas partners are adding in number it has been joined by such global companies as cisco and nokia and we could be saying that this project must become to some extend the agile nothing produces and show how the economy can be built and how money can be made in other ways rather than by oil and gas moreover and number of decisions have been made to support small and medium sized businesses in the aspect of innovative technologies and we hope that this measures will yield results and the taxes turned in by the small and medium sized businesses will no longer be earned on the processing or resounding of goods but on innovative projects. thursday's blast in which you've got grass the two attacks or more schools metro in more chin various incidents in the south of russia have made this year very uneasy many people lost their lives what's being done to fight
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terror. the president believes that modernization is impossible without solving that problem despite the fact that we had a number of serious terrorist attacks this year in which unfortunately many people were killed our law enforcement agencies have been quite effective for instance they managed to arrest several people who were behind the most serious terrorist attacks incidentally i'd like to point out that this is an improvement because in the past security forces rarely were able to capture terrorists alive so now a number of terrorists have been arrested and interrogated the terrorist organized the blasts in the moscow metro have all been killed. so this work is going on all the time perhaps it's not that old this at times but it is definitely a priority simmo tanny asli this story it is way to improve the social economic situation in the north caucuses as you know alexander who are born in was appointed the president's authorized representative in the region and at the same time has
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the rank of the deputy prime minister his main job is to attract investors to the north caucuses and to create jobs there we hope that this measures will ease social tensions that terrorists often take advantage of. it was right across the world for that region across russia tested the whole country this summer taking many regions by surprise who is to blame rescuers see they're not responsible for preventing forest fires forestry officers claim we don't have the money to deal with all of them is enough being done to prevent such disasters in the future. the situation with wildfires this year was very serious and unfortunately it did not only destroy buildings but killed many people too which of course is the worst outcome of these fires show that local authorities in many places were not ready to protect people issue warnings they also showed that there is a serious shortage of equipment necessary to fight the fires we will draw out
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necessary conclusions from this the president prime minister and government by working on this there is a mutual understanding that the measures that were taken were not enough and there needs to be a more systematic approach to this work the president recently held in meeting where this issues were discussed changes could be made to forestry legislation so that our forest would be better protected from fires we need to define responsibilities of local and federal authorities because unfortunately in many cases the main reasons for tragedies were negligence or failure to follow fire safety regulations there were no fences and necessary buoys in the forest which led to the rapid spread of fire also this natural disaster show that we need to get better more modern equipment in many places they still use fire trucks from the nine hundred thirty s. they're totally outdated and all respects of course we need to have the latest equipment so that this never happens again. for the both of them. judging by their
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comments a lot of people who read the president's vision expressed skepticism about reforms to the country's political system how can you make people believe change is possible what guarantees can you give. us. the president talked about it in his article modernization in russia has usually taken place for some harsh measures just think about the reforms of peter the great or stalin's modernization it was in no way democratic it was done through totalitarian means many people felt victims of this modernization so it is a big question whether or not the end justify the means that is why and he's article the president talked about how difficult the path of modernization was if we want to do it now in the developed democratic society of course as he rise in his article mordant society requires a mordant political structure.


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