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tv   [untitled]    September 25, 2010 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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ok. results. in israel is available in. her children receive a. very warm welcome back it's. a soyuz spacecraft to successfully landed in counting down the international space station on its second attempt and then only a false alarm delayed the crew. on the brink of collapse the column is a current. little of the year right with they gather at a conference. so malky the recent multi billion. dead sea nations signal the beginning of the end of the true. war of words the president's speech at the u.n.
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leads to a walkout by american officials and western delegations. claim washington was behind the nine eleven terrorists. and a few moments our interview show spotlights in today's guest is that gary bald in a russian anime so with the modest touch he can seemingly breathe life into any object he's talking to right next here on our city. are. stopped going to come back.
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we'll have a rally will sell lots of beer will. they will wear uniforms that will damage is down the black man moving but very little damming the white. and they are the key to our problem our own right. and welcome to the into the show. in the studio is part of the. talking about something that brings a smile to everyone's face cartoons. is a russian made of the man who can breathe life into any object how does he do that and why his old fashioned puppets instead of three d.
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animation would be talking about this morning. one of the most accomplished russian mobsters of the two nimation gary bargain started his career as an actor after the most good puppet theatre hired him as a director the little character has grabbed gary's attention he soon moved to the main soviet could choose to you to become a director and animator and that's where he. discovered his talent has made over a dozen of had too many missions many of which have received awards in russia and abroad he now runs his own car to studio and says it allows him to be free up in his fantasies and strange it may seem but gary still sticks with good old puppets and plasticity rather than high tech animation. just hello mr borden thank you for coming to our program. first i would like to ask
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you about your cartoon technique when he was told to use the traditional technique of hand drawing to make cartoons so it's not what you meant classical animated cartoons that are similar to the disney films pushtuns ever think that's why it is you give up a traditional technique at some stage and switch over to unconventional trains like that matches nails and clay. the thing is that i started with classical animation as you said but then i invented the technique i used in the conflict my film about matches in when i understood that i had invented that even in this right here as i realize that i wouldn't trust it to anybody in that i should do it myself and when i did it myself with my phone stop motion much more interesting than just drawing cartoons over the swiss thing is that disperses of making a hand drawn carts units long involved in many people and steamships therefore it's hard for me to control the entire process but in stop motion there are only three
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people involved a camera magically a cartoonist and i that's all of course the technique has changed still in studios produce more cartoons these days of i remember when my sister and i were small kids strongly preferred hand drawn closer. motion cultures were more for adults. children of my generation it was washed only drawn called susan of course will disney cartoons were the best is the situation different now. i think so it doesn't change that view. no i don't claim audited but i have to change it should be a special wonderful stop motion cartoon. because it tells more about can you explain what never looks nice on paper. but is because he's a three d. character at this is amazing isn't it to be in here requires a three d. presentation as was initially designed the feeling was that it's impossible to draw a ship because it looks ugly yes he's flat his flats an ugly finish the thing is
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when children watched a good stop motion film they thought it was hand drawn there is children's perception of a cartoon anyway even though our viewers may dislike least you can you can issue that we need to cross this bridge and make them like it if we succeed in making them interested we consider that to be arbitrary. may be wrong but i think that the soviet union and russia where news of unconventional animation like claymation and so on was to leave it there are no many countries actual experiment that would stop motion for example there was a man by the name of park in bristol in the u.k. which photo was a because nobody could make less ago courses better than disney. no that's thought it actually never answered my mind you're the first person to whom it occurred right now there's a polaroid showing that why do i think to be crazy a favorite material is in its. clays one of my favorite materials because i also
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work with the wire and the matches and then i had a cartoon called the banquet where we have a table with a real forks knives and wine glasses moving around without human characters i've tried various techniques but place closer to hand drawn animation that's easy to work with it's easy to produce on the usual and brisk movements that's why i prefer clay to shoot it because it's it is there is someone in russian or foreign in. nation considered to be your teacher your guru. when you watch because not in any mation but to me there are three giants charlie chaplin federico fellini and won't disney like up in someplace that warship them but to me they're the best give me a summer well i'm not surprised you have mentioned disney and yet they have them which is hard to find a cartoonist who wouldn't mention disney he's leading edge by the way surprisingly only disney didn't drool he didn't make films he didn't read music for his cartoons
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in fact he was a businessman no he could draw but in addition to other things he was a cartoonist you know he could draw but he didn't draw his own cartoons you know but he was brainy one actually he was a producer yes he was a producer but also he was a very smart person with a director has to be smart but he was smart and he knew so much about people that he could portray any person the way he did the bench after bush claymation became different kinds good but it's different. so you think what will disney studios have been producing since disney's death is not as good studios by the way what was the last concert introduced by disney. busted i don't remember which one was the last but i can see that the lion king you were in there must have been after his death of course he had long been dead by that time the lion king is somewhat reminiscent of bambi is. the long history he schools or to what these new
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d.v.d. then there are other cartoons i don't think the lion king is anywhere near a band they know and king is vulgar whereas diverse well that's what you say. all right. let's talk about something else. in this so it's times one freedom was considered a non-existent. new experiments with a lot of animation. in the present there of market relations that in the kind of lunch everything is considered from the standpoint of money if the bill was to you think it would be possible to work the same way today for your . i don't know what the look up at the this is a tough question there were for sure we're doing today there is no censorship on the one hand but on the other hand there is no money what that helps they so. both director and producer i have to consider these things you know in the past we said
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we need films but i'm sure today we make a product but that with products you need to make them attractive to people but i try not to think about it but that was just i try to do the same thing i did in the soviet period things that i care about and that hopefully viewers carry. however in my elitist project. duckling i try to combine incompatible things as a tour zero it's both commercial success and artistic values you who go to there's an interesting thing i'd like to talk about what is said that no matter who awards you know trying to work the way you like like wish that doesn't mean that there's a certain financial independence that you enjoy in that frees you from worrying about the commercial success of what you did you know i don't have such financial independence. even during new soviet period really valued in the cheeriest my
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ear freedoms went on this idea that you should rule freedom from what from viewers from the interests and preferences seem to say i don't care i do what i want you don't have to watch if you don't want to and i don't wish to know these are your words not mine and you know he's going as far as freud actually i'm just asking you don't want to if you don't want to is not you know measured at their shoes you know it's not like consider my viewers yep i want it but my inner freedom means that i make films about things that are. are important to me i don't care about fashion fashion means nothing to me from my work on things that i care about. you are treating as an actor if you're an actor as on the right i am. hopeful is that so much of an actor or you today of course i'm still in there but do you play your characters so you have to play yes i play for each of my characters tricycles so these are all the rules and you play them i would have never played these many
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roles in the future which through the ugly duckling alone has more than four hundred characters you know i play them all up that will come when i set tasks for animators. those roles with accuracy up to each music and persists or should they all have to be acted according to the task i would do just so that to be in oxford and i did it so you want to be one and i became one to take no i mean the real one for your own face out there did work out for you what happened. i worked at a theater for four years or so you did play in a theater i did i played in the future and i did all kinds so for other things but later i realized that there was something inside me that i hadn't been aware of to express it i had to try writing and. you don't regret it you never became a hero any cooling or a denny de vito do you know it's for a moment i have fun maher thing you know i enjoy my war but i feel that i really belong here says aggy that was one of the most titled.
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russian animated cartoons spotlight the movie that shortly go right to break so stay with us we'll continue this interview less than a minute and go. her . her.
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this history still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal. the song.
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to the global economy. welcome back to the spotlight i'll do you know of and just to remind you that my guest in the studio today is gary biden who is one of the most renowned russian animated cartoon makers. this spring but the what mr barton let's finish the subject of you take makes another that's probably had like says kay about the music
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that they're called tunes use all sorts of music but it seems to me that music is always very important to you and i read somewhere that you were listening to music all the times you were working on the window saying with that do you always work like that and does not use it for you personally. you know i had a cartoon i made with the wire to kill it received a poem dorian khan had no music at all but generally i like music even more than animation so when i'm working on the duckling for example the reason. the young lee duckling turns into a swan beauty swan the kind of sub swan means that swan lake didn't it was a really cool swan lake. yes i began looking for what he had to offer to fit in with that story i found several themes from the not crack purchase then emeril in composers have
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a range to musical. performance of your session he agreed on condition that i don't do stuart tchaikovsky score so i told you my love take kolsky as much as he did but you libretto come straight from understands book right there are no notes that was the only thing left from understand is the duckling turning into a swan that's all the rest is mine. so you do change the libretto of this role did him in music a load of it all of the music of the libretto but you can change it as much as you . and i did without any hesitation and how much does do it all himself. and in told her anything she knows purely a classical rendering general knowledge was an arranged tchaikovsky we had twenty seven numbers twenty five were arranged things while dates to last ones were original tchaikovsky scores and it was in the impression you get is that here at those pieces specifically for me and this is what i saw. the orchestra recorded
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music it was a brilliant job keeping to the music healy key wrote the lyrics and these were performed by some of the best actors like constantine reichen their mentor good. svetlana step chin cut. himself who did the porn and all the. let's hear more now from spotlights he and they did me the. cut to an instead of a concert the moscow house of music has decided on an unusual open into its new season the ugly duckling is not just any cartoon the soundtrack. one like and not correct recorded by the national feel are more nick ocus truck because they were recorded the music for the cartoon i conduct of the orchestra which is my usual job but when i dub the animal rooster it was gary barden the director of the film who conducted the whole process. he knew exactly each word and each movement of his characters from the very beginning until a very end so i just had. the full length cut to news this stop go and
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imation in russia this kind of animation has always been considered more sophisticated with the dominance of computer technologies on screen hand made characters appear to possess special interest. for kilos of clay and feathers were turned into the four hundred characters at this very tame it took gary pardon the director six years to make them talk and walk finally it's down to audiences to say if the magical then a nation works for them and if clay characters are able to compete with computed contra fox. scores it's ok let's talk about your latest work what. took you six years and interest and later in one of your recent interviews. you said that the cartoon. was to an extent your response to the growth of xenophobia for would be in
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a strain if you said you wanted to show that any person can turn out to be totally different from what they initially seem to be even they're used to it although with six years ago you already wanted to speak out against those things this problem existed six years ago you were an eight or nine years ago i made a cartoon called at the janet interest of same issue it's a ten minute film. music but when the work was over i realised that hi i haven't covered this subject sufficiently when there is more to be said on the sure my son who is a fictional film director developed a subject in his film russia eighty eight it's also about xena fall beyond your profession so i thought that in this country where naziism is tolerated where skinheads can march in the streets and people think it is. no but i must talk about these things to children and curling up so like so they never despise a person because they are different to you or your work i hate it when people scorn
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immigrants this must not be happening in russia. this means you're not a free person to say you are free and yet you're sending this for the serious social and political message that i'm not free from society but i'm free to express my views the way i see things it's where you should. you showed your film it look her know that i know it was a success are usually used you have was it realistic says or did you expect anything else. well i'm looking forward to it being shown in russia of course judging by locarno reactions to the world premiere that we had i wasn't accepted by the critics remarkably well let me be modus to see that it was accepted remarkably well when you need it in another confirmation is the fact that the foam has been invited by around thirty world film festivals you don't like film festivals it seems to me you're easily offended you or do you think so not at all which they did
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with said make if they do something you don't like you don't talk to them anymore yes that's true and that's normal normal but why but you know if there is there are so what i've said is that you know they share anything else you know it's my knee injury you're the same i'm sure you don't visit a house where you're not welcome to you know that sold out their other houses or used other festivals that may dislike an office of your caliber there are many directors that are highly unpleasant people and as a rule they're not very good natured people well i don't want to go into detail there are people of this kind so why rule it out for myself. so writes rules that you said not so long ago that the ugly duckling could have only been made in russia . but i do think still. over here well you know for example i travel to to switzerland. simply and i was thinking why we know russia had so much of a loss to feel switzerland has much less of it people over there are simply living
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source people over here are in agony and ask themselves why are we that way and then philosophy springs up but in principle i wouldn't have done it over the years because they're kind of living is weary quiet and that's their way generally the best of them let's let me give you some statistics regarding your home that's said there were four hundred plus characterise seashores more to mentally frame after frame have had their one hundred and seven thousand frames in the. sensations of screen time in three days of filmmakers process took six years why do you have so unwilling to use computer technology after all even in your technique you can use computers to finish the frame got to the leap you don't have to work on the menu it will be the same thing sure some live with no no it wouldn't have the differences that he'll soon when tiriel culture and it's handed me because that and i like it yet that i like him because i trust what i see on the screen when it's real stuff
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but if it's orange has to be a real irony if it's a mood in has to be real buddhist as a viewer i trust real things more than something immediate to look like are in or would it mean what do you how would the computer reason. i don't have anything against it if one day i feel i want to use the computer all do so not because someone expects me to but because i wanted myself let me ask you one more question . well i think i know the answer but i don't know if you're willing to give a frank answer what see today we have three d. called students from test take breath taking creative and of course children are crazy about them what's your attitude to that she meets want to can attract museum uncork at least for now demo day when you go against it you know i'm not against it but i value. cinema for all other things for instance when i watch the closing scene off studio lights where the formally a blonde girl in the us the troops charlie chaplin's hands are going to recognize
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a scene and he has a flower between his teeth and he's smiling it's a black and white movie but i await much more ha koroma holiday for example he again it's a black and white not always she's leaving any closing scene. no special glasses no three d. just great cinema pure and simple and it makes your heart beat or to the sword so for me it's so foreign music and if you tell it to the person who comes in does a story that will make your soul sore is just wonderful with me but it was so foreign. to in a larger goal thing simple tools and nothing more expressive about space and i'm not sure thank you very much for being with us and just to remind you that my guest today was gary barlow one of the most titled russian animated cartoon makers and that's it for now from all of us here if you don't have your sales spotlight or
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have someone who lied to you think i shouldn't tell you next i'm just up at spotlight will be back with offers that comments on what's going on in and outside russia until then stay an hour to take.
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news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. corp to rule the day.


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