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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2010 3:30am-4:00am EST

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news that we cannot see ballance erupted on the streets of moscow and st peters but as a rally to remember a russian football killed in a brawl turned bloody. protests sweeping around debt ridden europe as the u.k. approves of dollars in tuition fees and on and from its tougher austerity measures economists say the single currency is still doing. so for plain republic of kosovars counting ballots in its first parliamentary poll for the seven minority. regions the. packers have been targeting companies which have stopped processing donations to wiki leaks still allowing money cost to race in groups. up next it's
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the second part of our report on the rise of christian fundamentalism in america and the off the mouth of the nine eleven attacks. mythology. for the advancement of religious ideology. is i feel highly inappropriate. because i think from a place where warfare is very very real and has very real consequences. being an officer from strategic air. means that we understood that a very bad day could result in a nuclear holocaust. that's a reality that we live with every day and when you do live with that reality every
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day and you take some small part of responsibility for that and for trying to make sure that that doesn't happen every day then you become. i would say rather put out with people who would trivialize these kinds of dire consequences for the world. in order to. a particular religious perspective. now from member station. colorado. thank you very much. people who brought up the plains. the issues that we brought forward that there was the institutionalization. academy that is to
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say that. their position. as air force officers as faculty members as air officers commanding. advanced and senior cadets. to engage in and to inform others that the only appropriate way that they could resource their spirituality was from if you will conservative christian evangelicals. the commandant of cadets general engaged in rhetoric and for a bit and commanders guidance which talked about how people resourced their spirituality. he equated militarism of conservative christianity with.
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expected the attitude that he expected. when you're eighty years old. because our. earth. is one. big. crowd. yeah there are great. people in the military whether they be chaplains or staff or people in the military . articulate a religious perspective which says if you are not born again you are going to hell
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if you do not you jesus in this way then you are going to hell what you are really saying to that person is not. your life and your existence is also less to value than someone who embraces this idiology the etiology of the conservative christian. for all that is all they all are. live that while the authors. head off. while we have. several hundred. scary. this is. where all those crews are no. christian military. our world was traced for.
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over three hours well it all is your. hello i'm major don't retire our debt collector campus crusade for christ military ministry vision of campus crusade military ministries to transform the nations of the world military says we're. still finding just like the revival in the army in northern virginia eight hundred sixty two sixty three there's incredible numbers about a thousand a month i mean the recruit training camps that are coming. in and many more recommitting why is that. clears a man's head you know to using this particular point in time to purify those
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individuals in the military as they go to do our bidding. and also providentially to purify our nation. the spring is essential for even. the lord's eventual zation. to be extremely powerful not only in the local community but when the national level have a. reach these organizations oh there is in there or scores of these organizations in the holy spirit also interest in influencing as well as the.
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is america. you know. all the way from genesis to revelation you see that god does have opinions about nations if god is pleased with the government he rewards it and. if he's not pleased with the government he withholds the blessing and. withholds his favor on that government so do i believe god has his hand on america yes do i believe god will continue to have his hand on america i think that's up to us and do i think it would be wise for us to do the things for god to continue having us and on america i think that would be what.
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you choose to police force members in saddam hussein. seeming cool and shouldest to have fools taken of this and have those photos published. to make up that some kind of publicity if it which projects to the rule that a christian american or me is in abilene and islam a country and performing christian rituals in the palace of the former dictator of that country the former islamic dictator of that islamic country i think says very concerning and disturbing things and then for the military to tout that to put into law that activity or into a war that chaplain. the designation air force temple in the year is is mind boggling to me quite frankly. in the military the kinds of
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extreme training that you go through are not justified by saying after all these are matters of life did. not. the same kind of justification is used in in christian fundamentalism in terms of say there is this kind of altar with close knit warfare going on so i am willing to commit myself fully to be sufficient principles just as i myself to this rigorous military life which justify a certain kind of intensity and radical the goals of my nation or the goals of god almighty god almighty will make sure that. does the will of the song from god has fulfilled through the action of this nation
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. but you know nine eleven changed everything for the united states of america and changed things in the world. so as we train our soldiers to fight the war on terrorism the spiritual nature of this is very important it is very important at this point in time when our nation is on here in this terrorism threat they are moving fabric. tightly together so that we are able to fight this war on terror only. we've got to bend our knee as a nation we've got to repent as a nation and we've got to start heading in the right direction as soldiers troops and their families have an incredible influence over culture at large we take in the sons and daughters of america and we bring them into the military forces and they are mentally transformed they are physically transformed and in god's
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providence they can be spiritually transformed if we can influence the military for jesus christ we can influence nations regions and continents for jesus christ. i want you to understand. god's love for your. heard the voice of god. and i can see god. in everything. and i pray they will be comforted by a power greater than any. spoken to the ages in song twenty three. even though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death. the evil. for you are with me. during this time when our nation is at war it is especially thrilling to hear that over one thousand young people accept christ every month at our u.s.
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basic training locations in the united states and that future leaders our military are being read and disciples at the academies and are o.t.c. detachments and operation locations around the world i am impressed with your goal to change colors and that's for christ. as we move forward together and helping to rebuild the great commission let me encourage you to continue fighting the good fight as you seek to bring face to the foxhole hope to the home front and carry the message of christ to the ins of the earth.
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thank you god. if. he will have to apologize to sodom and gomorrah. and the world. to be looking to alert. earthquakes war rumors of wars we're living in the final day before he turns. could overtake you sooner than you think all you have to do is turn on the evening news to understand that a cataclysmic drama is about to be the theater world of prayer you and i
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are living right now. in the days of the fulfillment of bible prophecy a day that prophet. jeremiah could only look forward to. the key to. making disciples. teaching. compromising the message of jesus christ. sure of drugs and divorce of homosexuality and pornography and satanism and suicide and incest and we're all the slimy shaking this is not progress later when john. what we are experiencing as a nation is poplog breath. plus with the shock wave of the violence spreading through the middle east up to warfare all prophecy of armageddon what ominous signs convince these people that the end of the old is a pox. on
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a lot of christians are convinced that the apocalypse may be coming soon take a look at the rapture index on the world wide web so gentleman from books to blogs to the back pews the buzz it's all about the end it's our lives though i need to start taking care of unfinished business and telling people that i love them and i'm sorry for all the evil things i've done well i think that would be a good start. as you watch this i can only imagine fear the superior. this is being with you in the business. the fact that you are watching indicates that you have been left behind. nine eleven was a wake up call to america suddenly now we realize we're vulnerable and that fear can lead many people. we believe that god has raised up america
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to be a tool in these last days to get the gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth. bible has taught for over twenty five hundred years but the focus of the world would be on the middle east and the nations that are in conflict today are the very nations that are talked about the bible twenty five hundred years ago the first book we wrote was called left behind as the syrians were trying to make sure that people accept jesus while they have an opportunity so they do don't be left behind and the interesting thing robin is that all across america in fact around the world many people are calling on the name of the. save because there's no alternative either accept jesus or you're going to go through a terrible time but mom often says better get right better get right in these times and that we're living it intuitively in the heart of every human being is the desire to live after death and we have the answer it's not from our words but from the bible and we're just fictionalized that made it so popular it just caught up it
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has caught on over sixty million worldwide gentlemen always a pleasure to have been here and for your insight really do appreciate it.
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it's true. that. i. i should have. don't like reading. stories. complaining we haven't found weapons of mass destruction of course we have to stop . the war with islamic fascists pick up working also. now it's
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anyone's guess as to whether we'll find stockpiles of w m d's before the polls find the right to soften your constitution. dear friends until moshe's calms down with two stone tablets from per se we. start with. the first and most important principle that i want to risk. america is defined by its relationship to god. responsibility for think about this he gave us the us already has been over this
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earth has made we're really hammers and then when the fall of that we lost that the resurrection of jesus christ we gain back story once again. cares so much about the story that even read the law with his finger. legal for you. to read sure. i get a little bit more of the shoes. but they lack a shawl. well you just go back and freak show. where this breaks out just little to jesus. history's going to write about us. they're going to say who are the christians who are the leaders when the train went off the tracks sixty dollars cursed culture or their eyes are going to say who are the christians the
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moms and dads the people who voted people into office the right on the office. when they saw the train was about to go off the track they're also fly by i mean they said wow i thought i was. folks he was stout heart. because. we're close we're very close to what he's found us and raising gentlemen is men and women like you all over america will put christian citizenship i took the top of the list of your responsibilities then shoop very soon we will be able to come back to washington congratulate each other and know what shirt that we have done our duty and that we have given our children a shining sea otter ill.
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dr james luther might have this professor at harvard divinity school. told us that when we were his age he was then close to eighty we would all be fighting the christians. the warning given to me twenty five years ago came in the moment pat robertson and other radio and televangelists began speaking about a new political religion that would direct us efforts at taking control of all institutions including mainstream denominations in the government it stated goal
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was to use the united states to create a global christian empire. was hard at the time to take such fantastic rhetoric seriously especially given the buffoonish quality of those who expounded it but i don't see warned us against the blindness caused by intellectual snobbery. it was not a man to use the word fascist like today it was in germany in one nine hundred thirty five in one nine hundred thirty six and worked with the underground and the nazi church known as the confessing church led by dietrich bonhoeffer i don't see also reminded us that american intellectuals and industrialists openly flirted with fascism in the one nine hundred thirty s. mussolini's corporatism which created an unchecked industrial and business aristocracy appeal to many american industrialists at the time who saw it as an effective counterweight to the new deal. adams finally told us to watch closely but
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the christian right did to homosexuals. he has seen how the nazis had used values to launch state repression opponents it were days after he took power in one nine hundred thirty three imposed a ban on all homosexuals and lesbian organizations. i don't swarmed us the gays and lesbians would be the first social deviants singled out by the christian right. and we would be the next.
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katie said you are how do you want do you want like setting a library or do you want do you want presidential order. or do you want what do you want when you go on air.
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hunger for the full story we've got in first hand the biggest issues get a human voice ceased to face when the news makers.
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