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tv   [untitled]    January 5, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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children dow see about a thousand murders by the end of elementary school five two hundred thousand violent acts by the age of eighteen from movies television shows to video games to children. twenty four hour news channels ration is now the team's every day formulate a stable industrial in. those flooded for shakespeare those while those who say. if you think about it while it was a good artistic and journalistic future put most of the violence to see what i call. god came down from heaven and stop.
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there amen a mormon in a pretty what. makes the pill easier to swallow. everybody was coming. to british science some time to. market. to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get
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a human voice face to face with the news makers. if you just joined us a very warm welcome this is. in moscow top stories now more than four hundred people remain stranded. for a fleet of ships was imprisoned in ice almost a week ago a rescue mission is underway in the bay of sunken. struggle to find employment under siege as the economy fails to pick up despite easing its blockade women are often forced to take up hard labor to provide for their families. and many american
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muslims say they're fighting a daily battle against prejudice. in the u.s. . and the queues authorities of. against it's i'll be back with another update in fifteen minutes from now in the meantime the u.s. says washington will pull all of its troops out of afghanistan by twenty fourteen quote come hell or high water well he sat down with the afghan foreign minister to find out if the country will be ready to stand on its own two feet by then that interview is next on. afghan foreign minister thank you very much for being with us today my pleasure mr
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foreign minister when soviet forces withdrew from afghanistan you have been publishing a resistance journal for eighteen years what did you and your compatriots expect for your country's future back then was usually afghanistan wanted to be free independent and sovereign country to be friendly with its neighbors region and have his own destinies that are on her and get something good if you want it and that's something that afghans always will how would you describe the state of your nation as of today afghan people have been at war for the last fifty two years since nine eleven two cards and one when international community came to afghanistan to liberate afghanistan from different of the taliban. afghanistan is fierce in term of destroying just. the record for thirty years in the ward a country which solidly was poor current militias been completely destroyed for the challenges the rebuilding the country giving the normal life toward people who are
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our children go to school to have a health care target you cation. death is what you're trying to do now with or prince british defense chief general sir david richards said that nato should prepare for another thirty forty years to stay in afghanistan which makes and mockery of their plans transition in two thousand and fourteen why do you think nato changed its strategy and do you think its strategy defeating the tribal opposition was right in the first place number one it's not a tribal position it is a fight against terrorism and extremism and to try. chief in this troubled people are the first victim of the terrorism which had been killed. to date of two thousand and fourteen african proposal president karzai is the first inaugural speech in the second term said that afghanistan should take the responsibility of its own security starting by two thousand and eleven and if an issue by two
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thousand and fourteen that's been proposed and i dropped it in london and kabul conference by international community and that's been concretized and had that summit in lisbon that's a real things that afghanistan should be in the hands of afghans and the security afghanistan is the responsibility of the afghans so starting by two thousand and eleven and finishing by two thousand and fourteen the afghan national security forces will be in charge of security of afghanistan and the remaining force of international community need to another's will be supporting force not a fighting force how is the russian efforts to help the russian effort to work to help the war effort perceived in kabul i think russia is the great country. in the world is a great partner of afghanistan in the region and we seek the support and cooperation of russia for peace and security in afghanistan because the security in
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afghanistan the stability of afghanistan is not only for afghanistan it took effect disability and security after region including russia so wonderful are a product of our foreign policy to fight against terrorism and extremism and stability of afghanistan in the region is a region of cooperation because the fight against terrorism and extremism is not only individual afghanistan it is a regional issue so if you cannot find a solution in addition to a solution for it we'll be in deep trouble because that will continue and take longer time is nato presence threatening your internal security in relation to your immediate neighbors who we have. being working through the worm to sure assure our neighbors that the presence of new to a life force in afghanistan is for security and stability in afghanistan for the fight against terrorism and extremism is not directed against any other country and so far you have kept that reassuring gordon it would be neat to have your regional
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cooperation as i mentioned to to defeat terrorism extremism kabul has very good relations with washington and with tehran just like russia is your government in a position to mediate between obama's and ahmadinejad's perspective administrations and maybe are you afraid of the repeat of the iraqi scenario when a war is waged just to satisfy a american demands iran is a great country a nuclear neighbor of going to stand with whom we have a long historical dilution and we are seeking and having good dilution reviewed on united states afghanistan which are fighting terrorism and helping afghanistan a lot we see the relation between you danny the united states in the benefit of afghanistan and the benefit of the region under the same time we don't want to pay the price of the problem but you don't do it sir you told the un general assembly and i quote you to complement our efforts towards eliminating poppy production who
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wish to see greater action to counter smuggling of precursors into our country and to reduce demand and consumption of drugs in other countries as of today over two and a half million russians are addicted to afghan heroin this is where mr why has your administration and your allies failed to tackle the poppy production first of all the poppy production in afghanistan have to result of thirty years of war and lawlessness and despair of the afghan people who do new tomorrow he's going to be alive for not you know security for their future. secondly when you came to our back to afghanistan in two thousand and eleven to two thousand and one two thousand and two don't have any institution to fight it no police no judicial system no army and in that will take time before you can put. in place but the fight against not quite dick is also one of the priority of afghanistan because afghanistan will be a first for that suffer first before you die that will suffer from it then you are not taking the benefit off that because demand produced by the traffickers will go
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outside afghanistan and not stay in afghanistan so definitely it is there it is a major fight that we are in a good conduct this fight cannot be done by afghanistan alone we need support of international community we need the support of the regions by enforcement of law by us mentioned a precursor which are not produced in afghanistan is proof outside afghanistan and came inside afghanistan we will do our things our job to deduce and eliminate poppy cultivation afghanistan but also a role in the region should do did it forced to reduce the demand because because because the demand the production of poppies there so it's a common effort commonly for reducing the cultivation giving too far out of afghanistan the alternative which they would accept to to grow something poppy defiler so cultivate puppy have any viable alternative in the region of afghanistan
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which are under control of the afghan government which have been able we have been able to give a can give us that has not has been very positive seen that in two important problems of afghanistan which has been traditionally poppy growing hard in the south in the east and by the north when some project has been delivered irrigation project alternative. culture the production of culture of what we are going to do significantly. why are there areas which. did as in security in your not in full control of course the production has been increased so more and more the security will come and do syria and more and more the african government will become in control listen this is going to be popular quality experience that we have another part of afghanistan mr foreign minister the outside world gets an impression that you and your government colleagues are only save within kabul called pounce and unable to travel across your own country isn't this send
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a signal to taliban that there may be a winning. i don't know what's the impression of the outside world i'm inside afghanistan i traveled practically all programs this myself and we are pointing all to govern ourselves the district chief or so of small pockets of course afghanistan are still not under the control of the afghan government but the majority of afghanistan is lewd and controlled by the central government of afghanistan i think that's a perception which we do not share with them sir his forces have been accused of building black prisons in your countries where your citizens have been illegally detained and tortured. her the widely documented military excesses against your countrymen and like you sure president has been an issue an issue that has created tension between united states and afghanistan there are two three issues that has created tension and it was the issue of detainees big issue of civilian casualties . of the night raids in the house this issue's has been discussed the very
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frank and friendly manner i think we are in the right part to solve soon in the beginning of two thousand and twelve afghanistan will be charged off between it's all about afghanistan at the beginning of this of this. taking charge of pretty nice and we're working with our lives to reduce the minimum of any need. desir really uncarved you but also issues off my feet that should be done by afghan national security forces more and more afghan forces would be in charge off to come but less than this would be describing the problems to actions have taken place since to nato led invasion both sat fraudulent with the rigging with results published only two months after the poll what do you say to those who claim when you and your allies are planning an unsustainable political system afghanistan a democratic system afghanistan after thirty years off war and lawlessness no
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government practically were different kind of government has now system to democratic process is taking root as you know you cannot make democracy in one day in your country especially in a country did you know war for fifty years so i think that there are probably going to be problems and i think the problem on election is not only in a specific when afghanistan a lot of countries even more developed countries have a hard problem in their direction but the process is going on and there are people . leaving a democracy that's the reason people are complaining millions of people in a very difficult condition of security when to vote a lot of women for the first time in afghanistan or will know in the election to be men a lot of priests it's a deal of good news with afghanistan where afghanistan cannot be switzerland or
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sweden in nine years mr foreign minister thank you very much for this interview and i wish you and your people every success in achieving peace and democracy in your country.
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just. this. from. the official. from the. video. feed with the palm of your.
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four hundred people remain strong. russia's far east coast after a fleet of ships was imprisoned and we could go the rescue mission is underway in the. girls in the struggle to find employment in a land under siege as the economy fails to pick up despite israel's blockade and are often forced to take up all of labor to provide for their families. and many american muslims say they're fighting a daily battle against prejudice is not a phobia still going strong in the u.s. attorney is of the nine eleven they accuse authorities of failing to stop.
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immigrants. from mean less than fifteen minutes from now in the meantime next with the latest from the school and i'm drawing you've got the perfect sport for both of us at the moment maybe we do like our tennis and the beach of course and something we can't do in the winter here but there is a new sport indoor beach and it sounds perfect doesn't it and it is taking off in russia. the rest of the sport. hello there you're watching the sport at least the headline. another night you head to the k. . climb to the summit with victory over truck goal. in the english premier league.
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of. the top of the shelves seems to be changing every day at the moment to god who are the leaders after they. on wednesday with a brace to. see. just behind time when you. come from behind twice but eventually. became a. race to see. well there was also a big night of football in the english premier league second place the as manchester city travel to arsenal city. away since ninety five but time would open up a five point. nine to the top. and
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meanwhile his defender. training. was a result of a bad tackle but how do already. know the match tonight fourth place everton and chelsea. caught on to the lot there's still time to. this premier league is strange because that is that either there is a lot of ballance and games is very difficult now or maybe united that a lot of difficulty to win the game against west brom there were a little bit lucky and soulful disease and i think that we. have been off to to come back to fight for the title the glop is not.
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well this is the top of the table at the moment mentioned ninety three points clear with a game in hand over city following that two one win on tuesday then is also followed by spurs chelsea and sunderland. one new face we won't see in the english premier league is one thing say their strike is heading back to brazil and is in talks with is having time club. where it's reported he is a back to sign a deal like he's had expressed an interest in signing the form will footballer of the year. using skill and i let's talk cricket we're england are on course to win the ashes series down under a hundred from alice to cook and putting the tourists in charge on day three of the final test in sydney could finish just eleven short of a second double century of the series while you. hundred fifteen to help england to four hundred eighty eight to seven innings lead to two hundred eight england had already done enough to retain the ashes before the test in sydney and he needed
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draw through when the season right. well the tribunals of the three pakistan cricket is accused of spot fixing is going ahead on. an i.c.c. anti corruption hearing and they were alleged to have bowled predetermine no balls is certain stages of against england at lord's last summer all three deny wrongdoing but if found guilty they could face a life ban may be shared with the last six days. action man from e.m.b.a. where the revival of the new york knicks has been one of the main stories of the season and they've just beaten the league's hottest team in the san antonio. just overwhelmed with. chandler had a season high thirty one the absence of a new life. and this is not even a sick. close down the stretch leading m.v.p. candidate stoudemire putting the home club on eleven with three and
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a half minutes to go probably the biggest free end of the season for new york and six six in the eastern conference standings. your sport managed to tell you season just gets underway there are a number of exhibition towards taking place at the moment one such event is in taiwan and it features former greats andre agassi maris safran as well as the current world number ten mikail youzhny will usually last tasted success to not tell you about the malaysian open as he claimed his seventh career championship now the twenty eight year old russian is hoping to add more consistency to his gang to try and stay in the top ten. to be difference between the fourteenth. and you really need to grab every my throat to show hundred percent some type of scope and sometimes. i think of. trying to play all year a little bit more good system. but i guess i'm usually
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a fellow russian or stuff and will play alongside each other at the exhibition tournament saffren don't might be a bit rusty he retired after the two thousand and nine tyrus masters and he's currently busy helping the russian the limping prepare for london twenty twelfth for the winter things that i'm doing right now and it's almost you know with the sports writers are already present before you can grow slowly because me too also became worse prison where russian from the russian story. along. very far away from where we want to be. now russia has had its share of tennis recently but it is hoping for a bit of success in a new form of the game beach tennis and the country's cold climate isn't exactly ideal but the russian tennis federation is keen to promote it as only coffee right now expects. the western part of russia is not your typical place. especially in winter when it's minus ten. could only be found on the pavement.
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however that hasn't stopped in st petersburg holding a christmas tournament. this force was born in northern italy over thirty years ago particularly in rivendell a place the world's top beach tennis players still call home today a resort holiday maker has already seen a pair of people hitting a tennis ball with a wooden paddle on the beaches well it's now an official sport with established rules or regulations one that's gaining popularity in colder places like russia as well as many of the city only started playing beach tennis in st peter's back we only have four rockets in four people now take a look at how many people are in hand for the eighth inning which many people are curious to get to try and find it fan and that's what we're doing we have huge numbers of people who wish to try out the techniques because it's family because it's easier than tennis well fun or not beach tennis is starting to attract at
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least from its much older sibling regular tennis while it's on the three years old in russia drastically as an infant stage the country's national teams are already competing for top honors on the international scene county dominated by you know its least outstanding results are tough to beat alexander did manage to accomplish in two thousand and nine by winning silver at the european championship there is not a scrappy little italians have this for fifteen years now so they are obviously the leader. only been doing it every year or support and we haven't had the opportunity obliterated he lives in moscow for instance we only have outdoor facilities of sounds good but it's a great thing that we now have an indoor facility in st petersburg but we can't keep treating winter took up as they were making each tennis official in russia is a major push towards advancement into the masses will be enough to make it popular in the biggest con fan or much of which is covered by snow six to nine months out
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of the year all this the not as this new sport requires some infrastructure investment to adjust to the harsh climates in russia and make any headway in international tournaments and this is where private capital comes to the rescue namely a former athlete himself and now a successful entrepreneur. who founded a beach sports center in st petersburg look at some of these sure present us because we originally ran a food business and our first profits were spent on providing for our families and to maintain a decent standard of living today luckily we don't move forward at the we don't need to aggressively survival and what we'd like to do is find a way to do business on the areas of personal and professional with all that together business. and fun too why not st petersburg has always been on the forefront of change in russia and each tennis is one fun example the city is now the center of the sport during the color season the russian language although large
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the cold can still provide a natural habitat for beach tennis not only in souter's cities like tsotsi but in st petersburg as well as this all but you could also hold the beach tennis doesn't require that much investment in infrastructure where we are the go finland is just not northern italy where you can easily set up beach tennis grounds in the summer you don't even think big on the other hand what you see here is in a way revolutionary most of petersburg has had a history of revolutions and this is a new revolution that has happened if you see some of beach sports in the countries northern capital. well said the revolution indeed russian tennis players like dennis when i don't even get a coffee cup and maria sharapova to name just a few have already made a name for themselves in their regular games will there be colleagues follow suit and make russia and major player in this sport well the abundance of tournaments in twenty eleven will make that evidence room on cost for an artsy st petersburg. who
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now has a tennis revolution indeed likely our own man didn't put his trunks on there that is the sport the weather is coming up next. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around flushing. we've got the future are covered.


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